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Playlist of Chanel West Coast feat. Dax - "I Be Like" OFFICIAL VERSION

  • Dax - Wack Ass Rappers 2 Freestyle


    LYRICS BELOW! AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE! DAX SEASON IS HERE! Share this everywhere! Also click below and get tickets for my first tour!

    Produced by @lexnourbeats
    Filmed by: Damien.sandoval

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    #legendary #Wack Ass Rappers #itsdax

    Put a couple bitch niggas on now they talk back
    Now they pray on my fall better fall back
    Hit em whip em dismissing em all never call back
    stumble mumbling niggas wit words wat you call rap?

    Man this shit is a catastrophe
    My next bars coming up are an analogy
    Of savagery
    The blood straight thicker than water I go drrrrrrrrr FOR THE FAMILY!
    So I...
    Hit em wit a semi automatic I’m running these niggas static they bleeding I made it g g g g g g g graphic I’m killing and wreaking havoc destroying every dynamic I’m putting niggas in plastic my reach is fucking organic they broken I’m the mechanic they stole it I took it back then replaced it with something magic completely different and classic the size of the fucking planet gigantic and so galactic volcanic and so sporadic

    These Niggas tried to put boi Dax to sleep
    I go hard 24/7 days a week I’m strong they weak I put you niggas on ya feet you can’t compete todayyyyyyyyyyy
    Let em have it have it
    Want something you better go grab it grab it
    Eint beefing with niggas they average average
    Vegetarian niggas you cabbage cabbage
    Wasn’t even a friend
    They hopping Up on the trend
    They tried to put me to bed no damage damage
    Now I’m stacking the bands
    And living life on the edge
    They jealous broke and depressed
    I’m Lavish lavish
    Ya you Niggas can’t rap with me
    You ass you cheeks
    you living in a fantasy
    I tried to turn you into gold like it was alchemy
    You passed on me
    And now you fucking after me

    See I’m as good as good gets you niggas good at best my bests better than the best when my bests at rest I’m like Zion when Im Rappin niggas can’t contest these bars dunking on yo head bcuz you lack context
    You the niggas in the gym who do nothin but flex with no weight on the bar pushing off yo chest then act like you stronger then that one huge nigga in yo gym who can curl your whole weight for reps

    You crazy lazy your hate don’t phase is pays me 10x what you make daily what I made this year is equivalent to what you’ll by the time your 80 fucking wit the rhythm hit em with precision i don’t ever miss em my bars like guns no safety, put em position, then I let em diss em, then I had to kill em you tried I applaud your bravery
    How you try to play me like that
    I got the mop so it’s impossible for me to be trash
    You really thought that I would stop I’m putting niggas on blast unleash the beast
    Kamaya hu hu on yo ass
    Where you at I better see you react like Shaq
    No homo I’m finna dontai nut yo ass
    No slow mo I’m going so fast
    Fucking a bag
    Fuck it I’m mad
    Fuck it you had
    I gave you a chance again

    Janitor janitor janitor another reference
    You stupid if you think that silly word cud diminish this mufukin excellence this effortless I shouldn’t be so generous switched on niggas no Ellen degenerous say my name like destiny’s child you say it only to get relevant YOUR IRRELEVANT niggas can’t grind how I grind, shine how I shine, rhyme how I rhyme
    Youtube rapper or mainstream rapper after I drop this nigga I’m top 5
    Niggas wanna bang on my line like a tuxedo like we all got ties no beef five guys try to rap on this beat you’ll drive get stopped like A DUI

    Y’all lack originality the insecurities you tried to place upon me are what you have in actuality. Continue the hate y’all focused on me I’m focused on me that’s double my pay, plus tip, I just quadrupled my rate, then flip drop shipped in every state y’all hating on me I’m praying for you and that’s the mufukin reason you can’t be great

    They crazyyyyyyyy
    These wack ass Rappers will not phase meeee
    I am your father your my babies
    They bit my style now I got rabies

    Who get em moving like this who gets em grooving like this niggas be moving on my go
    Niggas been lying on him bitches been trying to get it
    Wiggity Wack and they all know
    Nigga it’s plain to see
    Dax nigga I’m the one the pay to see
    Finish nigfas finish niggas like A TO Z

    Fucking up a bag while Talk my shit
    I done made a couple million wit no radio hits
    Niggas say I can’t rap then what the fuck this is
    They Head bopping with a frown while they play my shit

  • Dax - ISIS Freestyle One Take Video


    (LYRICS BELOW)(SOUNDCLOUD ONLY) To celebrate hitting 1 MILLION MONTHLY LISTENERS ON SPOTIFY I did a freestlye to ISIS by Joyner Lucas and Logic! Did I kill it?


    ? Share it with everyone you know!

    Shot by: Logan Meis
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    #isis #joynerlucas #logic #dax



    Fuck that singing shit Its back to my old ways, its no games I Eint been to sleep in like 4 days
    Niggas gassed cuz I’m spitting this propane was broke now a nigga fucking rapping in gold chains
    I eint never waste a bar on a low lame
    I work to hard to boosting a no name
    I’m profane hit nigga dome from close range I won’t change

    Killing a fucking beat like isis nah I Trynna Be a fucking terroist
    Everybody crying on the internet
    DAX IS SO MEAN what fuck do you need a therapist
    Nigga you embarrassing
    don’t you ever try to make comparisons
    I speak a different language like it’s Arabic
    Aslalakum I feel bad fo yo ass so here’s
    some money to go see yo mufukin specialist mITA DAX
    This is perfect exactly what I envisioned
    Niggas try put me down but can’t push me out of position
    I Eint perfect And fuck it you Eint different I’m a sinner you a sinner we crafted in gods image
    Who you kidding you drowning I been swimming god forgave I didn’t I’ll pillage yo whole village
    Say your prayers I’m conquering like the british touch the sky been did it I fucking got no limits
    Everybody wanna hate Dax
    Eint nobody want to state facts
    I been running shit count up my laps
    Set a world record no cap
    3 minute mile right on this track
    Why I would I look back
    When I’m first and you last
    I’m the wolf yea leader of the pack
    I cannot relax
    Please stand up and applaud or everybody in the rooms getting clapped

    This shits hereditary I got the game in fucking missionary known to murder beats I write obituaries, yes I am visionary, when I rap they think I’m cheating this is natural my brain is like a dictionary, not predictable I keep me guessing like it’s Pictionary, I see you haters you can’t hide I got peripheries, this a warm up,I see you sweating I Eint even break a sweat this fucking remix was preliminaries
    I’m the Jesus of this rap shit
    Everybody tried to crucify me in the fucking public
    Jokes on you I ressurected now I’m headed to McDonald’s cuz I’m god damn motherfucking loving it you can’t out muscle him, you cannot muzzle him, I think fast no food like Muslims, they call me Ireland cuz I do the work of two people no clones they didnt ever have to Dublin
    Who you think you fucking with
    You don’t got the right to brag thats my swag
    You cannot compute my flow cuz you lag
    Niggas try to use my flow to grow kill my name I Can’t stop cuz I’m in my bag
    I will not fall like old titties sag
    I’m up your down you zig while I zag
    Niggas try to hate on me like em trash
    You must be confused like I’m dressed in drag
    Put them in couffin sick I got EM coffin
    You should known that I was comin just like me and Hopsin
    Though that shit was Fuking LOGIC JOYNER our team or get NF like 59 on this rap games best project
    Get it me and EM, hop, logic, Joyner, NF, Royce ALL need to make a song
    Shout out tech N9ne he the goat rap legend underground king 55 shows trav put me on
    That’s what you call spiritual lyrical miracle right like I Eint really saying shit you just blinded by hate so when I’m saying it you think I Eint saying shit so what the fucking point of even saying it bitch
    I can’t be broke in cuz I’m rich
    Rap game broken I must fix
    I need a token on my mix if we made a song it would be a hit
    Fuck you saying my shit gon go platinum
    No album rapping like muscles when they spasms
    Hit em 22 times no Adam take a beat lil tecca it’s ass and hold it for ransom
    My mom says I’m handson
    Bikini bottom drip like plankton
    Niggas sitting because they can’t stand him
    Plz examine this rap game cuz I just fucked raw big dick no magnum

    Don’t play wit me rapping is what I do
    You can try to separate us but we stuck like glue
    I will murder every beat and cause terror in these streets until they scream name and let me breakthrough
    I am not the average rapper nor average dude
    I speak life into existence and make it come true
    If I’m cocky so be it don’t hate it use take it Apply it and watch yo dreams come find you


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