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Playlist of Cassettes

  • Cassettes-Engtin nge ni dawn


    Lengzem hla kan neih tam berah kan kawppuite hi thil tha leh mawi bik nen sawi kawpa, chawimawi an ni tlangpui a- mahse, ka ngaihtuah chian hian keini aia tha zawk leh tling zawk an awm teuh laia kan inthlanga kan inhmangaih bik tlat lai hi a ropui lai niin ka hre ve tlat a, chu chu he hlaa tihlan kan tum ber pawh a ni.
    Cassettes band te hi thawhpui an nuam em em a, tin, recording kan tihna Kings & Prophets a recording ka tih Vawikhatna a ni bawk a- ka tan chuan experience ropui tak a ni a, nidangah kan thawh ho leh ngei ka beisei a- duhsakna ka hlan ve ve e...
    Video siamtu Zoking chungah kan lawm tak meuh meuh...
    This is for you Queen- I inhriat kha...
    Tin, he hla hi kan phalna la hmasa lo chuan lo reupload lo turin kan inngen nghal e...min lo zahder ve hram hram teh u...

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  • Cassettes: EVERYTHING You Know is a LIE!


    ???? CASSETTE LABELS ????

    Fluance RT85 Turntable:
    LP - 120X Turntable:
    Record Cleaning Kit:
    Carrying Case:
    Klipsch Speakers:
    Yamaha Receiver:
    Pioneer Subwoofer:
    Record Needle:
    THICK Cork Mat:
    Surge Protector:
    LED DeskLamp:
    Inner Sleeves:
    Outer Sleeves:
    Anti-Static Brush:
    Record Shelf:
    3M Dual LOCK:
    Velcro Cable Ties:


    ???? LET'S TALK ON CAMEO ????

    ???? VINYL SHIRT ????

    ???? MAIL ME RECORDS ????
    Jarrett New
    P.O. Box 753
    Manchaca, TX 78652

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    Business Inquires -

    Royalty Free Music

    DISCLAIMER: This video is for grown ups. The description may also contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support.

    Keep Spinning That Vinyl!

    #cassette #cassettes #cassetteplayer #vinyleyezz

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  • TOP 10 Most Valuable CASSETTE TAPES In My Collection


    Cassette tapes?? Valuable? Yes! Some are. I love cassettes...and have been collecting them for many years. Here's a few that sell for amounts that might surprise you.

  • Cassettes - Inkar


    The official Cassettes Inkar music video.
    Directed, Shot, and Edited By - Reuben Lalmalsawma
    Director's Assistant - Momosapien
    Cast - Samuel Liansanga & Hlimpuii
    Contributing Footage - Buanga Rose-i pa Sailo

    He video hi phalna la loa Channel danga post emaw lyric video siam lo turin kan in ngen a, ti lui kan awm chuan a tul ang a hma lak a ni ang.

    Follow Cassettes:

    {Shot on Sony A7R3 with Tamron 28 - 75 f/ 2.8 and Sony 50 mm f/ 1.8}


    Lênghermawi, ka zilh ka hau che
    Tihtauhna tur khawp erawh a awm lo
    Aw Lênghermawi, ka kam chhuakte'n
    I thinlung an tingui em ni?

    Di Valmawi, min hau min zilh
    Titaua lunghnur tur chuan min ring lo la
    Ka di Valmawi, i kam chhuakte
    Hmangaihna vang an ni ka hria e

    Ka ta i ni ka voh tawh che
    Hmangaihna vanga zilhhauna
    Ka ka atanga chhuak a nih paw'n
    Ka di, huat tur a awm lo ve

    He kan vangkhaw zauvah hian,
    Nang chhing zo awm lo
    Rinawmna kan tiam kha
    Vawng zel ila

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  • The Cassette Tape Revival Is Pointless


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    Cassette tapes are once again catching fire! Not in the sense that your tape player's burning from chewed up tape, but because people seem to think buying cassette's is somehow cool. It's really not, kiddos. Watch the video to find out about what all is going on.

    ►Watch more Rants:

    ►Thumbnails by Infinity on Hannah:

    ►Intro riff by Rob Scallon:

    #Cassette #Vinyl #Rant

  • Cassettes - Engtin Nge Ni Dawn? ????


    I do not own any of the footage used in this clip or the music, as I am responsible of editing only. All right reserve to their owner????
    ENGTIN NGE NI DAWN? Unofficial Lyrics Video ???? ????


    He Lyric Video hi a hla neitu hnen aṭang phalna ka la hmasa lo a, siam an lo phallo anih chuan min lo hrilh se, ka lo delete/remove ang ????
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

    #cassettes #lyrics

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  • A Short Film About Cassettes - You Need To Hear This


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    Though the advent of CD and MP3 inevitably replaced its significance, the last few years have seen the cassette tape make an unexpected comeback. In the first of three short films, 'You Need To Hear This' celebrate its invention by meeting up with Jen Long, founder of cassette-only record label Kissability, and Brian Shimkovitz, DJ and founder of blog Awesome Tapes From Africa, to explore what drives their enduring love for the cassette tape.

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    Featuring song Eastern Connection by Don't Wait Animate


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  • ayokay - Cassette


    Listen to Cassette everywhere now:

    Amazon Music:
    Apple Music:

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    #ayokay #Cassette #Vevo #Electronic #VevoOfficial #audio

  • Compact Cassette Series - The Best of 80s B


    Recording of a cassette player and real timing (not loop) compact cassettes (tapes) .
    0:13 - Live is Life - Opus
    4:12 - Brother Louie - Modern Talking
    7:49 - Big in Japan - Alphaville
    11:38 - Comanchero - Raggio Di Luna
    14:43 - Self Control - Laura Branigan
    18:43 - You're a Woman - Bad Boys Blue

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  • Cassettes-Engtinnge ni dawn


  • Roll The Tape! A Video About Cassettes


    Here's our short film about Cassette Tapes! Hope you like it :-)
    Find out more about our Tape & Valve Mastering here:

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    Doctor Mix is our Online Mixing, Mastering and Music Production service. We proudly serve major record labels, independent artists, and film/tv/advertising agencies since 2005 and we’re recognised as one of the most successful online music studios today.
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    Rin aiin a darh a kalo dah mai????

    Hetianga siamna chang ka neih theih phahna hetiang chiah lova lo renix hmasa tu Umama chungah ka lawm hle ni. ????


  • Jesse Cassettes - Miss Cassettes


    Jesse Cassettes

    Digital Album:

    Anime: Non Non Biyori

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  • Rim risk - Cassettes


    Charity Rock Concert @ Zotlang

  • Audiophile Pre-recorded Cassette Tapes


    In this video we explore the main audiophile, high fidelity cassette tapes and recordings, the main labels and hi-fi processes as XDR, Hx-Pro and the best composition for audiophile grade cassettes.
    Other audiophile labels signaled by the community:

    - Advent (Anders Hammer )

  • Cassette Best Hits เพลงดัง ยุคเทป เพลงดังยุค80 เพลงดังยุค90


    #เพลงดังยุค80 #เพลงดังยุค90

    ไม่อยากพลาด Playlist เพลงฮิต กด subscribe Grammy Big Official :

    ฟังแบบเต็มอิ่ม 50 เพลงได้ในอัลบั้ม MP3 Cassette Best Hits

    สั่งซื้อได้ที่ Boomerang Shop โทร. 02-711-2227

    00:05 พริกขี้หนู - ธงไชย แมคอินไตย์
    03:27 พลิกล็อค - คริสติน่า อากีล่าร์
    06:59 ฝากเลี้ยง - เจตริน วรรธนะสิน
    10:29 กลับดึก - ใหม่ เจริญปุระ
    13:25 โอ๊ะ...โอ๊ย - ทาทา ยัง
    17:18 ไม่รัก...ก็บ้า - มอส ปฏิภาณ
    21:17 กะโปโล - นิโคล เทริโอ
    24:23 หลับสบายไหม - โบ สุนิตา
    28:04 ว่างเมื่อไนมาอีกนะ - นัท มีเรีย
    32:27 รอ - มาช่า วัฒนพานิช
    36:36 เขียนไว้ข้างเตียง - นันทิดา แก้วบัวสาย
    40:46 ทอฝัน - สินจัย หงษ์ไทย
    43:46 ปาฏิหาริย์ - กบ ทรงสิทธิ์ รุ่งนพคุณศรี
    47:48 แค่นี้...ก็พอ - เปเล่ ธัญญรัตน์
    50:54 ทนได้ทุกที - ตั้ม สมประสงค์ สิงหวนวัฒน์

  • Cassette culture: know & choose the best audio cassettes and tape decks!


    This video focuses on the main aspects related to audio compact cassettes and on some hints on how to choose a good tape deck. Cassette culture and the analog revival started by vinyl is getting bigger. Now is the time to go back to this mistreated media and start to explore the potential of TAPE!

    ERRATA CORRIGE: BIAS is applied only during recording, NOT during playback.


    --- Tape in production:

    National Audio Company (good quality):
    (USA, Type I)

    Maxell (medium quality):
    (USA, Type I)
    (USA, Type II)
    (UK, Type I)
    (IT, Type I)

    Recording the masters:
    FOX (good quality, Type I):

    --- Good info sites:

    Vintage Cassettes:
    (all on the various brads of cassettes)

    Tape Tardis:
    (a lot of information on cassettes, suggestions, history and culture)

    Tape Heads:

    --- Choosing tape decks:

    (all on all Nak models)

    Cassette decks: a buying guide:
    (small but helpful)

    Steve Hoffman:

    Tape Heads:

    --- Where to buy cassettes & co. :

    Tape Line:
    (nice but nothing high quality)
    (mixed tape stuff. Nothing high quality)


    Tape Head City:
    (good for prerecorded)

    --- Indie rock bands on tape and other pre-recorded sources:

    BandCamp ( for indie productions!


    Post Pop records (label directory):
    (UK, and America labels)

    10 Cassette labels :

  • Jesse Cassettes - Love Me Girl


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    Anime: Cutie Honey Universe

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  • The Beatles UK EMI Cassettes Albums 1967-1987


    In this video we take an in-depth look at the Beatles UK cassettes - from their rare 1st issues to the last XDR versions. We also check out their sound quality to find out what they sound like and how they compare to the original UK vinyl.

    0:00 - Introduction.
    0:09 - Opening titles.
    0:34 - My first cassette recorder.
    1:06 - The Beatles films on the BBC Xmas 1979.
    2:30 - 1982: 'Reel Music' cassette.
    2:55 - Philips introduce the first cassette (1964).
    3:18 - 1967: - The 1st Beatles album on cassette.
    4:24 - 1969: Abbey Road cassette.
    5:41 - 1970: Let It Be cassette.
    6:36 - September 1970: 1st batch of EMI manufactured cassettes.
    8:08 - October 1970: 2nd batch of EMI Beatles cassettes.
    8:53 - 1st cassette release of the White Album (1971)
    9:19 - Track listing changes & randomization.
    11:26 - January 1972: Gold colored inlays.
    11:45 - Magical Mystery Tour - Germany & UK cassettes.
    14:36 - Yellow Submarine release (1974).
    14:50 - 1980's changes.
    15:16 - XDR series cassettes (1987).
    16:22 - The end of the cassette era.
    16:38 - Sound quality section begins.
    17:54 - Sgt Pepper's.. cassette vs vinyl.
    18:28 - Signal-to-noise ration explained.
    19:07 - 'Here Comes The Sun' - cassette vs vinyl.
    19:49 - 'Twist & Shout' - cassette vs vinyl.
    20:27 - 'Baby, You're A Rich Man' - German vs UK cassette.
    21:52 - 'Anytime At All' - 1985 vs 1970.
    22:27 - 'Good Day Sunshine' - 1987 (XDR) vs 1970.
    23:10 - Conclusion
    23:25 - Sign-off.

    You can now join this channel to get access to perks such as early access to our latest videos and specially recorded unboxing videos. Click on the link to find out more:

    If you're interested in buying rare & original Beatles vinyl, please visit our website:
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    Parlogram Store:
    We also operate a consignment service to help you get the best prices for your rare vinyl.

    You can also follow us on Facebook:
    or on Instagram under the username: parlogram67

    Gear used to film this video:
    Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH80/85:
    Lens: Panasoninc Lumix 25mm:
    Microphone: Rode Video Mic Pro +

    Finally, if you like classic British cars, why not take a look at out other channel dedicated to our 1968 Rover P5b:

  • K-ON!! Houkago Tea Time Cassette Tape Full Album


    01:05 Fuwa Fuwa Time
    5:35 Curry Nochi Rice
    9:13 Watashi no Koi wa Hotch Kiss
    14:53 Fude Pen ~Ballpoint Pen~
    19:20 Pure Pure Heart
    24:04 Ichigo Parfait ga Tomara nai
    28:21 Honey sweet tea time
    33:06 Tokimeki Sugar
    37:19 Fuyu no Hi
    40:47 Samidare 20 Love
    45:40 Gohan wa Okazu
    49:14 U&I

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  • Michael Cassette - Temporarity


    Release Date: 29th November 2010
    Follow Anjunadeep New Releases on Spotify:

    Michael Cassette is the infamous 80s-inspired electronic producer who chooses anonymity over publicity. He seeks refuge in his studio, basking in the bright, neon sparkle of retro synths and soaking up the warm embrace of classic analogue grooves.

    Since emerging with Shadow's Movement in 2007, he has become a revered force amongst electronic music lovers. DJs like Eric Prydz, James Zabiela, Laurent Garnier and SOS have all lauded his unique ability to transform past musical memories into moments of contemporary club magic. Disco blogs and dance music bibles (Mixmag, DJ magazine and iDJ) have given him glowing reviews, while Anjunadeep continue to celebrate him as their most unique and promising studio talent.

    Both reassuringly familiar and assuredly fresh, Michael Cassette's Temporarity is the perfect blend of uplifting 80s sounds and ultra-clean production sensibilities. A complete and cohesive journey, it begins on the progressive cosmic boogie of My Name Is Michael Cassette before sweeping into the familiar synth-disco bliss of Shadows Movement. A cover of Miami Vice's iconic soundtrack Crockett's Theme is like a smooth, sugary shot of Floridian sunshine to the ear, while vocal moments like Through The Windows and Nevermore touch on the classic 80s tradition of classy synth-pop.

    There are progressive club sounds found in the bittersweet glow of Magneta Sunset, the uplifting Zeppelin and the hypnotic flutters of Kilimanjaro, while forthcoming single Ghost In The Machine released in November alongside a Spirit Catcher remix is another Michael Cassette classic in the making. Showing off the producer's versatility, the album closes with the sombre Tangerine Dream-esque electronica of the emotive Funeralia.


    1. Michael Cassette 'My Name Is Michael Cassette'
    2. Michael Cassette 'Shadows Movement'
    3. Michael Cassette 'Crockett's Theme'
    4. Michael Cassette 'Through The Windows'
    5. Michael Cassette 'Magenta Sunset'
    6. Michael Cassette 'Ghost In The Machine'
    7. Michael Cassette 'Pangaea'
    8. Michael Cassette 'Nevermore'
    9. Michael Cassette 'Kilimanjaro'
    10. Michael Cassette 'Carpe Diem'
    11. Michael Cassette 'Zeppelin'
    12. Michael Cassette 'Funeralia - Farewell To David'
    13. Michael Cassette 'Memories' (90's Piano Mix)

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  • How to relubricate your stuck cassette tapes


    In this video we learn how to restore the lubricant in audio cassette tapes and obtain perfect transportation free of wow and flutter issues


    (choose your own. Better if silicon based and of the dry type). Here are two different examples:

    3M silicone lubricant 08877 wet version:


    (again, search for a crapy model on ebay and pay it cheap!). The one I used is the Aiwa TP-Vs480

    Just make sure they are made of 100% cotton

    Considering the fact that, reasonably, a lot of people have doubts about this process, here is some evidence in support of the existence of this issue, the fact that all tapes have lubricant, and of the possibility to use a re-lubricant process for magnetic tape (just remember to use a dry cotton swab to absorb the lubricant that may have not been absorbed after a while).
    Here you will find a selection of scientific papers explaining the issue and how it is a standard procedure to relube tape (even NASA does this!). I have underlined a few crucial passages in the papers:
    Preservation Commission:
    - (here is the official article:
    Here is an article of a lab that is relubing its cassettes:
    This is a page of a famous audio engineer:
    This is a page of a company that sells its high quality tape lubricant:

  • Restoration of Antique KENWOOD Cassette Deck X 76 | Restoration and Metal


    Watch the restoration of an antique KENWOOD Cassette Deck X 76 rescue sound equipment. In this video I am repairing a X76-generation cassette deck from KENWOOD, a famous Japanese audio label. I accidentally discovered it on a drive along the banks of a river. Kenwood's audio equipment was amazing, they miraculously survived their electronics so well. I have restored the cassette deck to the original state and it is now in full working order.

    Please share on facebook and on all your other social networks if you find my video interesting and meaningful. Feel free to leave your comments.

    Have a nice day
    All details about my channel:

  • New Love Cassette


    Provided to YouTube by BWSCD, Inc.

    New Love Cassette · Angel Olsen

    All Mirrors

    ℗ 2019 Jagjaguwar

    Released on: 2019-10-04

    Producer: Angel Olsen
    Mixer: John Congleton
    Producer: John Congleton
    Composer: Angel Olsen
    Lyricist: Angel Olsen
    Composer: Ben Babbitt
    Music Publisher: Ben Babbitt Publishing Rose After Rose / ASCAP
    Music Publisher: Horus Elder / BMI, administered by Ribbon Music

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Blank Tape: Electronic Cassette Culture


    A short film about the new wave of DIY labels, producers and artists who've found a home for experimental electronic music on cassette.

    Click here for more:

    A film by Sam Campbell & Sonal Kantaria
    Produced by The Vinyl Factory

  • Efence - Cassette Retrowave


    Cassette and the full album Lost Future is available here:

    Soundcloud -
    Twitter -
    Facebook -

    Cassette is the 2nd single from Efence´s album Lost Future.
    Chill and relax to nostalgic 80s Retrowave

    Music genres: Synthwave, Retrowave, Outrun, Spacewave, Cyberpunk

    Join the Efence Discord Server

  • Testing Two Cassette Tape to USB MP3 Converter/ Capture Devices


    It seems pointless to make a video about cassette tapes one week before it turns 2018. But I feel it's worth it to document a bit of history.

    If the text is flashing by too fast, you can PAUSE the video.

    I got two cassette players this December 2017. They are novelty gadgets that can digitize cassette tapes. They are not high end audiophile approved hifi devices, so don't be thinking of digitizing whole libraries of rare cassettes with these.

    These are good for people who want to digitize a couple of old mix tapes or a few tracks on old cassettes. The crackles and artifacts on your tape get recorded into digital too. I think if you use this long enough, it will eventually eat your tape. The build quality does not inspire confidence. But they DO work out of the box.

    This is a long video, but I've provided timestamps here of the different topics, you can fast forward accordingly.

    00:00 Intro

    Prices are shown in 11:05.

    I try out the two devices from 00:00 to 11:09.

    00:51 - The first one, ezcap231 USB Cassette Capture Recorder converts the audio from the cassette tape (in real time, while playing it on the player) to an MP3 file and saves it into a USB flash drive you've plugged into its USB OTG (on the go) port.

    You bypass the need for having a computer as a go between for conversion.

    The tape I used was Britney Spears's 2001 album Britney.

    03:54 - The second one, Reliance/ Reshow Tape to USB Cassette Capture Converter provides a mini USB (type B) to USB Type A cable to plug into your computer.

    I've seen the same item branded as Reshow on Amazon and other places. But on Lazada it's Reliance.

    Using it, you can play the cassette in real time, and your computer's sound card will capture the audio, and input it into any audio software of your choice. Audacity, a free and open source software, is provided on a CD.

    The tape I used was Reel Big Fish's 2002 album Cheer Up!.

    07:38 to 08:08 - some pros and cons

    08:09 to 10:10 - The second device is good for people who don't have a line in port in their computer.

    But if you do still have a line-in port in your computer, and you have a working cassette tape player, you won't need the second device. You can just directly link the cassette tape player to your line-in port using an audio cable.

    I demonstrate this from 12:54 to 14:05.

    If you don't wish to see this part, you can CEASE WATCHING by 11:09. I finish trying out the two cassette tape to mp3 devices by 11:09.

    10:10 to 11:09- summary of the two devices, including how the first device splits tracks based on silence detection (but not super reliable). I also would not trust its auto-reverse function, better to flip it yourself.

    Also side by side pictures and what comes in the package.

    Bonus features timestamps:

    11:12 to 12:32 - I talk about how I used to record mp3s from my computer into cassette.

    FYI, I had to dig up an old installation file of Winamp just to do the dramatic re-enactment of how I used to record an MP3 to cassette. I'm surprised I was still able to install it. I think I am the only person to ever play Post Malone in 2017 on Winamp.

    If it seems that from 11:18 to 12:21 the video has nothing to do with the audio, you would be right. I had no idea how to make the visual aids for that part, so I just shot some cassette- tape related footage, hopefully informative.

    12:11 to 12:21 - pictures of blank tapes of varying recording lengths (30, 60, 90, 120 minutes, all Type I).

    12:54 to 14:05 - How to record audio into your PC using a line-in port. In this part, I demonstrate using a cassette tape player, but you can do this for ANY audio device with a line-out/ audio-out port - like a radio (through its headphone/ speaker port), or a turntable (perhaps you may need an amplifier), or a minidisc player, etc.

    In my dramatic re-enactment of how I would record a cassette into my computer, I used my Nature's Finest: Naughty by Nature's Greatest Hits 1999 tape.

    14:04 to 14:26 - about the write protect tabs of cassettes

    If you are wondering why I used a tiny portable player when I had a photo of a proper boombox style tape deck, it's because that deck is super high up a shelf and I could not reach it. So I just took a photo of it for illustration purposes but could not actually demo on it.

    14:26 to 16:30 - minidiscs
    If you wish to hear more, please comment and I will make a separate video. If you wish to see my old minidisc collection, please look at my Flickr album here-

    16:31 to 18:07 - two very neat books on music:
    1. Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture by Thurston Moore (the man from Sonic Youth)
    2. The Boombox Project by Lyle Owerko, with foreword by Spike Lee

    background music: Christmas Rap from

  • Behind the scenes of Inkar by Cassettes


    A behind the scenes look at the Inkar video by Cassettes

  • Ali Gatie, James Nono, Cassette & Chhawrhthlapui zai ho dial dial


    Ali Gatie - If I Fall In Love
    Cassettes-Engtin nge ni dawn
    CHHAWRTHLAPUI - GT (Chhawrthlapui Fate)
    James No no - Engtia tih chi nge

  • Demagnetize your cassette/tape recorders for optimal sound


    Learn how to preserve your #reel_to_reel tapes and #cassettes from deterioration due to magnetic fields building up in your recorders...#DEMAGNETIZE!

    - Annis Han-D-Mag
    Other countries: check on Ebay!

    - Analogis simple probe Demag:
    Music: Kevin MacLeod (

  • Cassette - หมู่ดาว 「Under the stars」


    Captain M./Maieak P. & Jitravee E.

    Arranged :Cassette!
    Artist: Cassette!

    Mix & Mastered : Jitravee E.
    Drums : Panyawut P.
    Guitar : Jitravee E.
    Bass : Maieak P.
    Chorus : Maieak P.
    Keyboard :Punnatat K. , Jitravee E.
    Produced by : Cassette!
    Special thxs to : Nonnymango
    FB : Cassette
    IG : wongcassette


  • Cassette by Wavesfactory | Realistic Cassette Tape VST Plugin


    Check out Cassette |
    Check out Plugin Deals |
    Access 3.5 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial |

    In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper gives you a tour of the brand new VST Pluign Cassette by Wavesfactory. One of the most parameter packed tape emulation plugins on the market.

    About Cassette by Wavesfactory

    Great Things are Timeless
    Rewind Back in Time with Cassette

    Cassette is an audio plugin that imparts the unique character and sonic imprint of an often maligned recording medium, one that offers a sound like nothing else. This is not a tape machine, this is a time machine.

    It's in Our DNA

    An entire generation heard the music that shaped their lives on cassette tape. The Wavesfactory team grew up listening to them at home, on the car or on a walkman. They are not perfect, in fact, they are far from perfect. That’s what they love about them.

    A Love Letter to Simple Things

    This is Wavesfactory's tribute to the sound that shaped their childhood. They discovered the passion for music between quirks and random fluctuations. Watching the meters move as they sang into an old microphone. Red peaks and analog saturation. Rewind, listen again.

    No Pencil Needed

    Cassette is an audio plugin that emulates the sound of vintage cassette tapes and decks. It has been carefully modelled after exhaustive analysis of a high number of sound signals recorded into real tapes. As a result, you get the same sound and behaviour of the original units.

    Magnetic tape is not sterile media. Because of that, it will impart its own sound signature to signals recorded into it. These include a different frequency response, frequency-dependent saturation, high-frequency compression, hiss, asperity noise and much more. Reproduction systems will also induce their fingerprint: wow, flutter, random high-frequency loss, crosstalk between channels, stereo unbalances and other.

    All of these little quirks and random fluctuations have been modelled meticulously. Cassette imprints instant nostalgia, movement and analog feel all around in its path.

    Cassette has been designed to be fun, pleasant to the ear and true to the medium.

    Randomness Under Control

    There’s much more power under the hood than what you see at a first glance.

    There are 4 sections:

    Tape: I always wanted to have a modular tape plugin in which I could enable or disable each step of the processing.
    Stability: Control how the Stability parameter in the front panel works internally. Includes “randomness” in order to make things unpredictable and analog.
    Extra: More of what makes a cassette sound like a cassette. Including the innovative “Re-Cassette” parameter.
    Artifacts: Control how the Artifacts parameter in the front panel works internally. Includes “Random Snap” for simulating the tape being caught momentarily causing pitch instability.
    As you can see in this panel, Cassette uses oversampling in order to get rid of aliasing. The plugin always works at 192KHz sampling rate internally.

    What’s your type?

    Wavesfactory modelled the four cassettes types available. Each one delivers different sonic characteristics.

    I: was the standard and most compatible tape format. Featured a ferric-oxide coating (Fe2O3). First appeared in the 1960s.
    II: with a chromium dioxide (CrO2) formulation was introduced at the dawn of the 1970s featuring an undeniable increase in high frequency response.
    III: living a short period between the mid 70s and early 80s, the ferro-chrome (FeCr) never made it into the golden era.
    IV: metal-formulated hit the scene at the end of the 70s. Features firmer bass as well as louder high frequencies.
    Changing tapes will have an effect in the frequency response of the plugin but also in the saturation, compression, static noise (hiss) and dynamic noise (asperity noise).


  • Cassette Player that DOESNT SUCK!


    ✅ SONY Cassette Player ✅

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    Keep Spinning.

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  • French Cassettes Utah


    From the album Rolodex out 12/11/20 on Tender Loving Empire

    Directed by Vanessa Pla
    Producer: Andy Hoffman, Vanessa Pla
    Cinematographer: Andy Hoffman
    Camera Assistant: Rory Brennan
    Gaffer: Steve Griggs
    G&E : Xavier Gomez, Steve Griggs
    Set Production Coordinator: Carlos Adan Castro
    Art Director: Vanessa Pla
    Art Production Assistants: Jordan Langmore, Natalie L’Amoreaux
    Editor: Vanessa Pla
    Colorist: Alice
    Graphics: Jesus Acosta
    Drone operator: Andy Hoffman, Vanessa Pla
    Stunt Driver: Andy Hoffman

    Actor: Mack, Thomas Huerta, Scott Huerta, Natalie L’Amoreaux

    Special thanks to our mechanics Shane, Juan, and Angel

    Chad Leto for the camera

  • Introduction to Cassette by Dan Worrall


    More info:

    Cassette is an audio plug-in that emulates the sound of vintage cassette tapes and decks. It has been carefully modelled after exhaustive analysis of a high number of sound signals recorded into real tapes.

    Magnetic tape is not a sterile media. It will impart its own sound signature to signals recorded into it. These include a different frequency response, frequency dependent saturation, high-frequency compression, hiss, asperity noise and much more.
    Reproduction systems will also induce some of their fingerprint: wow, flutter, random high-frequency loss, crosstalk between channels, stereo unbalances and other.

    All of these little quirks and random fluctuations have been modelled in detail, imprinting instant nostalgia, movement and analog feel all around in its path.

    Cassette has been designed to be fun, pleasant to the ear and true to the medium.

  • Satyavan Savitri Part 1 - सत्यवान सावित्री - Kissa - Sangeeta - Rathore Cassettes


    Satyavan Savitri Part 1 - सत्यवान सावित्री - Kissa - Sangeeta - Rathore Cassettes

    Album - Satyavan Savitri Part 1

    Singer - Sangeeta

    Copyright - Rathor Cassettes

    Digital Partner : ViaNet Media

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    ♬ Sone Ki जंजीर || Superhit Dehati Folk Kahani

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  • Dehati Kissa || Sarwan Kumar || श्रवण कुमार || Swami Adhar Chaitanya || Rathor Cassette


    ढ़ेर सारे ऐतहासिक नाटक, किस्सा कहानी के लिए क्लिक करें ||
    Singer - Swami Adhar Chaitanya
    Album - Sarwan Kumar
    Lyrics : Rathor Cassette
    Music : Narad , Lallan
    Label - Rathor Cassettes
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  • Cá Hồi Hoang - Cassette


    Cassette nằm trong album phòng thu thứ hai GIẤC.MƠ.GIẤY.
    Album thứ 3 GẤP phát hành chính thức vào ngày 18/11/2017. Mua CD album tại:
    Follow Cá Hồi Hoang
    Written by Nguyễn Thanh Minh
    All Instruments by Cá Hồi Hoang

    Cassette | Official Lyric

    Ngày ra đi, để lại đôi mắt úa màu
    Ngày trở về, ánh mắt đó còn đâu
    Đường tương lai ta đi về phía trước
    Để sau lưng vai áo gầy gió sương

    Bao gian khó từ thửơ con bé thơ
    Dòng sông trôi có trở lại bao giờ?
    Nhìn từ trên cao
    Ba sẽ luôn tự hào
    Dù trong đám đông nào
    Con luôn thấy hình bóng thuở nao

    Và dù nếu có điều gì đó xảy ra
    Con sẽ mãi khắc ghi là
    Hãy sống, hãy sống thật vững vàng
    Một năm trôi qua
    Lại những đêm nỗi đau đến tột cùng
    Xung quanh ôm lấy bóng tối lạnh lùng
    Nhắm mắt lại để xóa nhòa cơn đau
    Rồi lời từ biệt sao đến quá mau

    Cuốn trôi đi hy vọng mong manh ấy
    Thời gian trôi con sẽ giữ lấy
    Đôi bàn tay này ánh mắt này
    Sẽ luôn ở bên con
    Cuộn băng cassette cũ
    Chìm sâu theo giấc ngủ
    Vang bao điệu nhạc
    Cho bao ước mơ
    Con sẽ giữ

  • कृष्णा जी सिंघासन बैठा | Rukmani Mangal | Rajasthani Bhajan | Shree Krishna Cassettes


    एक बार ज़रूर देखिये ट्विंकल वैष्णव का सबसे ज़्यादा देखे जाने वाला सांग ☛

    Watch Rukmani Mangal - Krishna Ji Singhasan Betha

    ⇨Song : Krishna Ji Singhasan Betha
    ⇨Album : Rukmani Mangal
    ⇨Producer : Tarun Hasani
    ⇨Director : Sajjan Singh Gehlot
    ⇨Label : Shree Krishna Cassettes
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  • Katha Jaharveer Gogaji Ka Janm Ramkaran Dhakaliya Haryanvi Katha Chetak Cassettes


    For more videos click |
    Singer - A
    Album -
    Label - Chetak Cassettes
    Producer - Sanjay Railhan (09873841308)
    Contact For New Albums - Chetak Cassettes
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    Label - Chetak Cassettes

  • Le Cassette - Arms of Mine


    Our latest track Arms of Mine
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  • KLEVGR DAW Cassette │ Bring your MIX back to the 80s - haQ attaQ 282


    Bring your MIX back to the 80's with Tape cassette emulation from Klevgränd produktion aka KLEVGR. DAW Cassette emulates regular, chrome and metal tapes, three different dolby noise reduction modes and controls for the tape quality and even tape-engine wobblyness. Saturation, noise and grit, it's all here in a tiny AUV3 plugin for iPad and iPhone.

    DAW Cassette started as a web application named WEB Cassette. LINK:

    CUBASIS 2 ►
    TINES ►

    TINES ►


    Want even more information on how to create music with your iOS device?

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  • Cassette Transport - Free tape start / stop plugin


    Cassette Transport is an audio plugin effect that simulates the sound of tape speeding up and slowing down. It also includes noises from the physical buttons and rotor of a real Cassette unit. Perfect for sound design.

    Play and stop times can be adjusted independently to a maximum of 8 seconds. This plugin is also able to sync the values to the host tempo.

    Download for free now!

    VST VST3 AU AAX for Mac and PC

  • Maluma - Borro Cassette Courtesy of Univision


    Borro Cassette ((Premios Juventud 2015)[Courtesy of Univision]) Maluma Official Live Video Listen to Borro Cassette on iTunes here:
    Borro Cassette also available here:
    Google Play:

    Follow Maluma:

    Official live video by Maluma performing Borro Cassette ((Premios Juventud 2015)[Courtesy of Univision]) . (C) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC

  • Sita Haran || सीता हरण || पॉपुलर डिवोशनल भजन 2017 || Kumar Cassette


    Sita Haran || सीता हरण || पॉपुलर डिवोशनल भजन 2017 || Kumar Cassette

    Thank You So Much By : Kumar Cassettes

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  • How to turn a cassette recorder into a tape echo


    Support what I do:

    Tape echoes are beautiful, but also very expensive. In this video I show how you can turn any thrift store 3-head tape recorder or reel-to-reel into a tape echo with no DIY skills.

    Machines used: Marantz PMD222, Uher Report Monitor 4000

  • Le Cassette - Tonight


    Le Cassette drops another classic for the retro-revival scene. These guys are unbelievable in talent!

    Left To Our Own Devices

    OUT NOW!

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  • Borro Cassette + Chantaje | Anitta + Maluma | Música Boa Ao Vivo


    Maluma canta Borro Cassette e Chantaje no Música Boa Ao Vivo.

    O cantor Colombiano faz uma participação especial no programa desta terça (02) e apresenta um medley desses dois sucessos. Anitta também dá um palinha e canta ao lado de Maluma.

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