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Playlist of Career Soldiers (band)

  • Career Soldiers - The Suburbs are Coming Down


    American Street punk band
    Dedicated to FfRr€€€NnnKkKyyYy

  • career soldiers-from the heart


    form the heart at long beach the vault 6/28/08

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  • Jake Loban from Career Soldiers skateboarding


    Some footage of Jake Loban from Career Soldiers skateboarding.



    LAST LA SHOW w/Homesick Abortions, Sayaka, & onewordsolution

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  • Military Music Careers - UNT Music Entrepreneurship Departmental


    Military Music Careers - UNT Music Entrepreneurship Departmental
    Gerald K. Ebo Jr, Gunnery Sergeant
    Musician Placement Director, United States Marine Music Program

    October 31, 2018

    University of North Texas
    College of Music
    Career Development and Entrepreneurship in Music

    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @UNT Music Entrepreneurship

  • career soldiers bass cover - this generation...


    off CS' album loss of words.

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  • The Killers - All These Things That Ive Done


    The Killers at Glastonbury 2019. Listen to the playlist now -


    Music video by The Killers performing All These Things That I've Done. (C) 2005 The Island Def Jam Music Group

    Watch more:

    About The Killers:
    The Killers are a Las Vegas-based four-piece who formed in 2003, featuring the talents of singer/keyboardist Brandon Flowers, drummer Ronnie Vanucci, guitarist Dave Keuning and bassist Mark Stoermer. The band has received countless accolades for their artistic achievement, including multiple Grammy nominations, American Music Award nominations, MTV Video Music Awards, NME Awards and more.Their first album, Hot Fuss, was released in 2004 to worldwide acclaim.The album contained the singles “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me,” in addition to the anthemic song “All These Things That I’ve Done,” which has since been referenced by the likes of U2 and Coldplay.The band toured for two years straight behind Hot Fuss, playing more than four-hundred shows, and eventually returned to Vegas to begin to work on the follow-up album with legendary producers Alan Moulder and Flood.The result, a love letter of sorts to their hometown entitled Sam’s Town, was released in 2006 and spent forty-two weeks on the Billboard Top 200.A b-sides collection entitled Sawdust was released in 2007, followed by their third studio album, Day & Age, which was released to widespread critical praise in 2008, anchored by massive single “Human.”The Killers released Battle Bornin September 2012, which saw them expanding their world tour into countries they’ve never visited before, and finally were honored to perform at the world-renowned Wembley Arena, one of the most monumental and significant shows of their career.After a decade of making music, in November 2013, The Killers released a “Best Of” collection, Direct Hits, which featured two incredible new songs alongside classics from the band’s revered catalogue.The band, who have sold over twenty-five million albums worldwide, and headlined all of the world’s top festivals (Coachella, Lollapalooza, Glastonbury), released their newest studio album, Wonderful Wonderful, in September 2017, where it landed at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart the week of its release, as well a stopping the charts in the U.K. and Australia. The album is the band’s fifth consecutive number one in the U.K., and Brandon Flowers’ seventh U.K. number one overall.

    Connect with The Killers online:

    #TheKillers #AllTheseThingsThatIveDone #Remastered #AlternativeRock #OfficialMusicVideo #Indie

  • Time Stand Still


    On January 7, 2020, the music industry lost a giant. Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist for the band RUSH, lost a three and and a half year battle with glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer. Neil will forever be one of the most influential rock drummers of all time. Over RUSH’s 40 year career, his drumming and thoughtful lyrics have been part of the soundtrack to millions of lives around the globe, and his passing has created a huge void.

    When SFC Tim Whalen heard the news, he was shocked and saddened. As a lifelong RUSH fan, he felt compelled to do something to honor Neil and the band that has meant so much in his own life. He immediately knew the song “Time Stand Still” would be the perfect choice.

    SFC Whalen relfects, The lyrics to this song have always resonated deeply with me, and they show Neil’s heart. I wanted to showcase the deep humanity he had in his writing. The song is about life moving too fast, due to both things we can control and things we can’t, and the desire to hold onto something just a little longer. This is such a universal message, whether it be children growing up too fast, a loved one dying, or a soldier leaving home wondering if they’ll ever see their family again.”

    Neil Peart
    September 12, 1952 - January 7, 2020

    “Time Stand Still”
    Music by Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson
    Lyrics by Neil Peart

    Produced and Arranged by SFC Tim Whalen

    SFC Chris Rettig - Vocals
    SFC Tim Whalen - Vocals
    MSG Dan Roberts - Piano
    SFC Zack Pride - Bass
    SFC Matthew Evans - Violin I
    SSG Patrick Lin - Violin II
    MSG Holly Watters - Viola
    SSG Aaron Ludwig - Cello

    Recorded and Mixed by SSG Michael Willis
    Video by SSG Artie Bowman and SSG Clark McDaniel

  • Career Soldiers bass cover - no regrets


    No Regrets from Career Soldiers' album Loss of Words.

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  • Armed Forces Medley by the West Point Band


    A patriotic compilation of all five U.S. military service songs, performed by the soldiers of the West Point Band at an Independence Day Celebration on July 8, 2017. Armed Forces Medley arranged by Ken Whitcomb, featuring Master Sgt. MaryKay Messenger.

  • Jake Loban - Charlie Daniels Band - Long Haired Country Boy


    This song is always so fun to play! The simple ones are the best. Charlie Daniels Band Long Haired Country Boy.
    For this recording I used a Shure SM7B on vocals, and an AKG C414 XLS on my acoustic guitar. Both mics were plugged straight into an Apollo Twin from Universal Audio and recorded live at the same time. Enjoy!

  • Ian McLagan & The Bump Band - Live from Germany


    Local Austin bands / Austin music scene. Ian McLagan and his Austin band performing on Ohne Filter in Germany. A high-quality video produced by Geman public TV station SWF. Ohne Filter was a 45-minute live television program featuring international pop and rock groups. It became one of the most popular German television music programs. It has featured Deep Purple, the Allman Brothers, Jethro Tull, and many others.

    Earlier in his career, Ian McLagan played with the British band Small Faces, and with Rod Stewart. He has accompanied many famous rock groups on keys. He has since relocated to Austin Texas, and plays locally. This song is an older one; the band also has a much newer CD out with fresh original material.

    Check out Ian McLagan:

    local Austin bands Austin music scene ATX 512 Texas band TX

  • Right Before Your Eyes By America With Lyrics


    Right Before Your Eyes By America With Lyrics

    Every day I sit beside you
    On the bus to madison avenue
    Work in the big gray store
    With the revolving doors

    You don't even know my name
    I guess that I'm to blame
    Don't know the right things to say
    So I pretend away

    That I'm rudolph valentino
    Pull up in my limousine
    Oh, won't you come in out of the rain
    Things'll never be the same

    And then just like greta garbo
    You stare like there's no tomorrow
    And you'll know what I'm thinking of
    Right before your eyes I fall in love with you

    Do, do, do ...

    Today I'm done with games (today I'm done with games)
    Gonna ask you for your name
    Say I've been watching you
    I even know what you do

    Maybe today I'll tell you (maybe today I'll tell you)
    I've found the nerve to sell you
    On a guy like me
    Who wishes that he could be

    Your rudolph valentino
    Pull up in my limousine
    Oh, won't you come in out of the rain
    Things'll never be the same

    And then just like greta garbo
    You stare like there's no tomorrow
    And you'll know what I'm thinking of
    Right before your eyes I fall in love with you

    Do, do, do ...

    Right before your eyes I fall in love with you
    Right before my eyes you'll say you love me to

    Rudolph valentino
    I pull up in my limousine
    Oh, won't you come in out of the rain
    Things'll never be the same

    And then just like greta garbo
    You stare like there's no tomorrow
    And you'll know what I'm thinking of, oo

    Do, do, do ...

    America Biography
    The History of America
    The year 2010 marks the 40th Anniversary of perennial classic-rock favorite, America. Founding members, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell (along with former band mate Dan Peek) met in high school in London in the late 1960s and quickly harmonized their way to the top of the charts on the strength of their signature song A Horse With No Name. America became a global household name and paved the way with an impressive string of hits following the success of their first #1 single. Forty years later, these friends are still making music together, touring the world and thrilling audiences with their timeless sound.

    America's journey has found them exploring a wide variety of musical terrain. Their best-known tunes, which also include I Need You, Ventura Highway, Don't Cross The River, Tin Man, Lonely People, and Sister Golden Hair were cornerstones of 1970's Top 40 and FM rock radio. Yet beyond their impressive catalog of hits, listeners would discover there was always much more to America than surface perceptions. The combination of Gerry Beckley's melodic pop rock and Dewey Bunnell's use of folk-jazz elements, slinky Latin-leaning rhythms and impressionistic lyric imagery contrasted well with Dan Peek's more traditional country-rock leanings and highly personal lyrics.

    America's albums--six certified gold and/or platinum, with their first greatest hits collection, History, hitting four+ million in sales--displayed a fuller range of the trio's talents than did their singles. Their material encompassed an ambitious artistic swath; from effects-laden rockers to oddball medleys to soul-bearing ballads, America displayed a flawless blend of disparate genres and styles as wide-open as the great American plains.

    Enjoying massive success early in their career, America earned their stripes as musical soldiers on the battlefield amidst the excess, craziness and chaos of the 70's. The trio won the Grammy® for Best New Artist in 1972 and began
    working with George Martin and Geoff Emerick in 1974. This successful team
    went on to record seven albums and several Top Ten hits, including Tin Man and Sister Golden Hair.

    By the mid-70s, inter-band conflicts combined with an exhaustive touring and recording schedule exacted its toll on the group. With Peek's departure from the fold in 1977, his band mates rose to the challenge and carried on as a duo. Shifts in sound and direction, changes in producers and managers, and a renewed dedication to the craft of songwriting helped rocket America to the upper reaches of the pop charts in 1982 with their smash single, You Can Do Magic. During this tumultuous time in their career, Beckley and Bunnell immersed themselves in their craft, infusing a newfound maturity into their rich body of work. Their growth as singers, songwriters and musicians has continued into the present day as illustrated by landmark releases such as 2000's Highway 3-disc box set, 2002's Holiday Harmony, an album comprised of seasonal classics and live showcases, 2007's Here & Now and 2009's Live In Concert: Wildwood Springs.

  • Robbie Fulks - South Bend Soldiers On - Audiotree Live


    Robbie Fulks performs South Bend Soldiers on Audiotree Live, April 22, 2016.

    Purchase the session! We split profits 50/50 with the band:
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    Watch more sessions, music videos, and live performances at:

    Visit the band's website at:

    For our friends who live in countries where Youtube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo:

  • Victor Herbert - March of the Toys, from Babes in Toyland


    Victor Herbert (1859-1924) was born in Dublin, educated in Stuttgart as a cellist and composer, and moved to New York to advance his career. In short order, he moved from being the principal cellist of the Metropolitan Opera to the director of the Armory Band and, in 1898, he became the music director of the Pittsburgh Orchestra. Being a performer was, however, only a sideline. His real career was as the composer of symphonic works, chamber works, and a series of 40 comic operettas. Perhaps the most spectacular and successful of these was Babes in Toyland. Written with librettist Glen MacDonough in attempt to outdo the extremely popular musical version of The Wizard of Oz then playing on Broadway, Babes in Toyland was premiered in the Grand Opera of Chicago in 1903. It was immediately embraced as a classic of children's music and continued to be performed in one form or another for three generations (it was filmed in 1934 as March of the Wooden Soldiers featuring Laurel and Hardy, and then again in 1961 with Ray Bolger and Ed Wynn). The best-known portion of the score was The March of the Toys, used in the sequence in which the evil Toymaker displays his toys for the human children who have strayed into Toyland. From the tinny trumpet fanfares at the start, through the faux-militant maneuvers of the opening march theme, to the grand peroration for full orchestra in the closing march, Herbert's March of the Toys is evocative of its time and place, but still exciting for the young at heart.


    Please take note that the audio AND the sheet music ARE NOT mine. Change the quality to a minimum of 480p if the video is blurry.

    Original audio:
    Original sheet music:

  • Emilio Guerrero Y Charro Band Mix


    Emilio Guerrero was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in April of 1948. Emilio's musical career started
    while he was attending Wynn Seal Jr. High in Corpus Christi. Emilio and a group of his friends put
    together a band and started playing around town at private parties, record hops, and what kids use
    to call jives. After graduating from Roy Miller High School in 1967, Emilio joined the U.S. Army and
    was shipped to Ft. Polk, LA for basic training. While stationed at Ft. Polk, Emilio and four other
    soldiers from New Jersey and New York formed a vocal group that began singing at the NCO club
    on base. The band even won second place in a talent contest sponsored by the base. In 1968
    Emilios musical career came to an abrupt halt when he and two other soldiers in the group were
    shipped overseas. In June 1970 Emilio returned home after being Honorably discharged from the
    Army and got his musical career started again. Instead of singing though, he started playing
    keyboards for several local bands. He played with the Johnny Canales Band, Los Lemans, and
    finally with T.J. & Company. Emilio got started back singing by accident. One night the singer for
    the band did not show up and Emilio was asked if he could fill in. Emilio agreed. From then on he
    became one of the bands singers. In 1977 Zeke Saucedo (guitar), and Sam Deleon (keyboards),
    convinced Emilio to start his own band. In 1977 with the help of his brother Leonard Guerrero to run
    sound, Zeke and Sam, Charro Band was born. The bands sound was influenced by jazz since the
    majority of the band members belonged to the Del Mar Jazz Band at Del Mar College in Corpus
    Christi.The group was most influenced by the groups, Tower of Power and Chicago.

    The band started playing parties, weddings, and some local clubs in town. In 1978 the band caught
    the eye of Supremo Records' owner Oscar Serrato. The band released approximately nine albums
    from 1978 to 1988. Emilio Guerrero and Charro Band Volume I, became the bands first album.
    The band recorded with other labels such as Hacienda and Cara Records. The band then started
    playing in Houston, Galveston, The Valley and West Texas. In July of 1980 they performed at the
    Texas Jazz Festival held in Corpus Christi, TX. The first local Chicano group to play the festival. In
    1981 Emilio decided to relocate the band to San Antonio, the hub of Tejano Music. The band
    continued playing around Texas and even toured in Florida and Ohio. In 1989 the band decided to
    call it quits. It was time to move on in life. That year was the last chapter on Emilio Guerrero and
    Charro Band. Part of the band went back to Corpus Christi while Emilio stayed in San Antonio.
    Emilio wrote some of Charro Bands biggest hits like, Estoy Cansado, Corozon Enamorado and
    several others. Emilio along with his brother Leonard, were very much involved in the producing
    and mixing of their albums. His brother Leonard moved to Houston where he is working as a
    Medical Technician at one of the local hospitals. Emilio went to work for the Bexar County Sheriff's
    Office as a Deputy in the early 90's. Emilio is currently working for the San Antonio Park Police
    Bike Patrol Division,where he has been since 1995. Emilio has been married to his childhood
    sweetheart, Hedy Martinez for 40 years. They have three daughters, Ann Marie Cantu, Esther
    Santos and Lorraine (Rainy) Guerrero. They also have four grand daughters, Madeline and Viola
    Cantu and Taylor and Meagan Santos.

  • Hickory Wind: American String Band Music


    Hickory Wind performs Soldier’s Joy, Mississippi Sawyer, Little Beggar Man, Rainfall, Hungry Hash House, Chitlin’ Cookin’, Orange Blossom Special, Moonshine Girl, Shakin’ Down the Acorns, Turkey in the Straw, At the Wednesday Night Waltz. The film is narrated by John Walsh. William Culley was the film’s Director, William Lowell was Asst. Director, and Dominick Agnello was Technical Director. A production of the United States Information Agency, this film dates to the early 1970s, and Hickory Wind was based in West Virginia's eastern panhandle.

    Band Bio from CDBaby.Com (where you can find their music on CD)

    The band Hickory Wind formed in late 1972/early 1973 in Morgantown, West Virginia. Original band members Sam Morgan, Bob Shank, Pete Tenney, and Glen McCarthy, all students at West Virginia University, were joined in May 1973 by lead vocalist Mark Walbridge. The Hickory Wind sound jelled during the summer of 1973, when the group was the 'house band' at the Coolfont Resort in Berkeley Springs, WV. During that first summer, the band also played their first college concert (at Frostburg State College, now Frostburg University, MD), their first festival (at Watermelon Park in Berryville, VA), and performed on a hay wagon at Antietam National Battlefield. While at Coolfont, the band became acquainted with Washington, DC-based FCC lawyer Bobby Baker (not that Bobby Baker), who expressed an interest in managing the group and bringing their unique old-timey sound to Washington, DC.

    In the Fall of 1973, the band moved to Washington, DC, and began to play regularly on the DC club circuit. In early 1974, in their first serious concert appearance, they opened for Doc Watson at Lisner Auditorium. Later that year, they recorded their first album, At The Wednesday Night Waltz, for the Adelphi Label. In 1975, they recorded their second album, Fresh Produce, for the Flying Fish label, and made the first of two European tours for the US Information Agency, bringing their unique blend of Appalachian and Celtic music to Iceland, Spain, Romania, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Austria, Tunisia, and Portugal. It was also during this period that they began working with the Stone County booking agency out of Denver, Colorado. Through their association with Stone County, they toured regularly with performers such as John Hartford, John Prine, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

    In 1976, they appeared at the legendary festival, Stompin' '76, in Galax, Virginia, sharing the bill with John Prine and Bonnie Raitt. The year 1976 also saw a return to Europe with their second USIA-sponsored tour, taking them to Austria, Hungary Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Greece. In early 1976, original bassist Glen McCarthy left the group, and was replace by bassist Dave Rice, a former member of The Heavy Metal Kids.

    Unfortunately, Fresh Produce was not the strong follow-up to At the Wednesday Night Waltz that the band needed to advance their career to the next level, and while the band worked diligently on their 3rd album during 1977-1978, they struggled financially. The band's sound was developing from traditional Appalachian folk music to an Appalachian style more reminiscent of the seminal English Celtic rock bands Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span. For the first sessions for their third album, Crossing Devil's Bridge, also on Flying Fish, the band hired Fairport Convention drummer Dave Mattacks, and when original fiddler Pete Tenney left the band in late 1977, multi-instrumentalist Sam Morgan took over on fiddle, allowing the band to add a full-time drummer, Hank Pittman.

    This personnel change signaled a new era for Hickory Wind in which the band was transformed from an acoustic string band to an Appalachian folk rock ensemble. Not satisfied with the 'Dave Mattacks' sessions recorded at Bias Studios, the band went back into the studio, producing the final tracks for Crossing Devil's Bridge themselves, in collaboration with engineer Nick Koumoutseas, at No Evil Multimedia Studios in Washington, DC.
    Unfortunately, the more than 2 year gap since the release of Fresh Produce had taken its toll financially, and the group disbanded virtually on the eve of the release of Crossing Devil's Bridge.

  • Emmylou Harris with The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Mary Danced With Soldiers


    Mary Danced With Soldiers first appeared on The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's album, Will The Circle Be Unbroken 2 released in 1989 as vinyl and 1990 as cd. Emmylou added it to her boxset, Songbird which consists of her favorite songs along her career. Enjoy!

    Official Website:

  • The Trews - Highway of Heroes feat. Kid Rock Lyric Video


    New album Time Capsule, featuring Highway of Heroes with Kid Rock available now!

    Message from the band: Back in 2011 we were asked to redo our song Highway of Heroes for an American TV show that wanted to use it in one of it's scenes.
    The scene involved the flag draped casket of an American soldier returning from combat. We felt it would be appropriate to break the song down to it's core, just piano, vocal and a little bit of violin, to really drive home the somber feel reflected in the scene. It also made sense to us to tweak the lyrics so that they better reflected the reality of an American soldier. So a dozen became a hundred, a hundred became a thousand, Ontario became Ohio and 'true patriot love' became 'the dawns early light'.
    We've always said that this a song is for all troops who make the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe in and didn't feel it had to be specific to one country.
    Around this same time we were crossing Canada with Kid Rock to promote our Hope and Ruin album. We got to know each other pretty well on that tour and when we cut this version of the song we asked him if he would be willing to lend his voice to it. He agreed so we sent him the session and he laid his voice in there. It worked out really well and we'd always planned on releasing it but were just looking for the right time. That time is now with the release of Time Capsule which is a retrospective of our career thus far.
    We hope you dig it.

    More from The Trews


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    Lyric animation by Mallory Brayman

  • Celebrating Jon Lord - The Rock Legend Soldier of Fortune


    Feat. Steve Balsamo, Sandi Thom and Micky Moody

    Order now: 2CD The Rock Legend: | CD The Composer: | DVD: | Blu-ray: | Box-Set:

    On April 4, 2014, some of the best-loved musicians in the world assembled at the Royal Albert Hall to pay tribute to one of the most-missed musicians of them all: Jon Lord. “Celebrating Jon Lord” will be released as 1CD – The Composer, 2CD – The Rock Legend, 2DVD, Blu-ray, Box Set and Download on September 26th, 2014 on earMUSIC.
    All product configurations feature individual cover artworks.

    The Box Set features – besides the Blu-ray, 1CD The Composer and 2CD The Rock Legend – an exclusive T-shirt, a two-sided reproduction of an excerpt of Jon Lord’s original, handwritten music score for “Sarabande” - signed by Paul Mann as well as a 20 page reproduction of the evening’s original show program.
    On top and as a real collector’s item, the box set also includes two very special 7-inch vinyls: the first featuring the hypnotic live version of Deep Purple’s classic “You Keep On Moving” with Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Micky Moody and on the B-side “Soldier Of Fortune”, both taken from the 2CD – The Rock Legend.
    The second 7-inch vinyl stands in the tradition of Deep Purple as it includes the band’s touching live version of “Above And Beyond” originally from the no 1 album “NOW What?!” and here included in the magic Sunflower Jam 2014 live performance – a song dedicated to and inspired by Jon Lord. The B-side is dedicated to Lord‘s “Fantasia”.

    Divided in two parts – the first focused on the classical music compositions, so dear to Jon Lord, and the second featuring a crescendo of emotions going through some of his highlights as a rock musician – the concert gave fans a chance to relive Jon Lord's remarkable and extensive musical career, remembering music from Paice, Ashton Lord, Deep Purple, his later classical compositions and everything in between – all in aid for the charity organization The Sunflower Jam.
    The 83-piece Orion Orchestra performed, conducted by Paul Mann and accompanied by bands and artists such as Deep Purple, Paul Weller, Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Rick Wakeman, Rick Wakeman, Miller Anderson, Steve Balsamo and many, many more.

    1CD – The Composer
    01. Fantasia from Sarabande
    02. Durham Awakes from Durham Concerto
    03. All Those Years Ago (with Steve Balsamo and Micky Moody)
    04. Pictured Within (with Miller Anderson)
    05. Sarabande from Sarabande (with Rick Wakeman)
    06. One From The Meadow (with Margo Buchanan)
    07. Bourrée from Sarabande
    08. Afterwards (with Jeremy Irons and Paul Mann)

    Go to playlist:

    2CD – The Rock Legend
    01. Things Get Better (feat. Paul Weller)
    02. I Take What I Want (feat. Paul Weller and Micky Moody)
    03. Silas and Jerome (feat. Phil Campbell from The Temperance Movement, Ian Paice and Bernie Marsden)
    04. I’m Gonna Stop Drinking (feat. Phil Campbell from The Temperance Movement, Ian Paice and Bernie Marsden)
    05. Soldier of Fortune (feat. Steve Balsamo, Sandi Thom and Micky Moody)
    06. You Keep On Moving (feat. Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Micky Moody)
    07. Burn (feat. Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Rick Wakeman)
    08. This Time Around (feat. Glenn Hughes)

    Go to playlist:

    CD2 Deep Purple celebrating Jon Lord
    1. Uncommon Man
    2. Above And Beyond
    3. Lazy
    4. When A Blind Man Cries
    5. Perfect Strangers
    6. Black Night
    7. Hush (feat. Bruce Dickinson, Rick Wakeman, Phil Campbell, Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody)

    Go to playlist:

    DVD and Blu-ray includes the above tracks as well as an over 60 minute documentary “Two Worlds”.

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  • 【Sapporo snow festival2019】Camp Zama U.S. Army Marching Band




  • A Soldiers Memoir PTSD Song by Joe Bachman OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO


    Joe Bachman
    A Soldier's Memoir (PTSD Song)

    Hey y'all! Here is The OFFICIAL Music Video for A Soldier's Memoir. Any of you that have been following my career know how important this song is to me! From the night playing at Sloppy Joe's in May of 2011 (the night we killed OBL), to receiving the flag flown over GTMO from our Military as a thank you for my Patritotism.... to the life-changing text message I received from Lt. Jason Duff asking me to write a song about PTSD. Making this music video with my band, SmackDab Media, my brother and fellow advocate for PTSD & TBI Awareness Tom Muffler (Professional Race Car Driver), and MOST IMPORTANTLY... US Marine Tyler Southern and US Army David Crocket has been nothing less than amazing. I have never been more proud of a song, a message, and now a video that I've helped create! I truly hope you'll share this song with everyone you know! For those of you who go to iTunes at and purchase the song, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our amazing friends at THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

    Producer - Chris Stone
    Mixed by - Chris Stone
    Director - John Fucile (SmackDab Media)
    Editor - Lisa DeAngelo (SmackDab Media)

    Written by: Mitch Rossell & Joe Bachman

    Recorded: Sony Tree Studios (Nashville, TN)
    Mixed: Blackbird Studios (Nashville, TN)

    Lead Vocals: Joe Bachman
    Backing Vocals: Chris Oz Ferrara
    Brian BDubbs Walsh

    Drums: Chad Cromwell
    Piano: Mike Rojas
    Lead Guitar: JT Corenflos
    Acoustic Guitar: Danny Rader
    Bass Guitar: Mike Brignardello
    Steel Guitar: Russ Pahl

  • How to start a music career after 30


    Some concepts and ideas on how to build your own brand and have a music career after thirty. It's not like the older days where we grew up solely depending on a record label to come in a save us. We can start our own movement and build are own brand. You just have to believe in yourself, be willing to try, be willing to fail, be willing to struggle and be willing to stick it out.

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    1????Dillie Silverado – Da Crunk Formula (Parady Dirty South Music)

    2????Dillio – The Gift Submitted Vol.1 – Starting Over (Inspirational/Gospel)

    3????Dillio – The Love I’ve Seen (R&B)

    4????Dillio – The Gift Submitted Vol.2 – Continuance (Inspirational/Gospel)

    5????Dillio - Grown

    6????Majykbox (COMING SOON!!)

  • Ben Williams: Toy Soldiers


    Amazon CD:
    Amazon Vinyl:
    Ben's Website:




    Acclaimed bassist Ben Williams delivers his sophomore album titled Coming of Age, April 21, 2015, on CD and vinyl via Concord Jazz. Continuing to implore the common elements of jazz, hip-hop, rock and soul, the young bandleader embarks on a bolder journey in this album with more music by his own hand and a reflection of his new outlook as a seasoned musician. Coming of Age for the 30-year-old Williams means playing a lively role among his peers and a vital part in the music world at large. Winner of the 2009 Monk Institute Competition, Williams cites this as a turning point in his musical odyssey, “My career as a bandleader and composer started from the moment I won,” he says. “I had this opportunity to say something—and an obligation, too.” The CD and vinyl are now available for pre-order on Amazon (CD and vinyl

    Revered by The Washington Post as “Successfully translating the musical pulse of his era into jazz,” Williams has secured a masterful selection of special guests featured on this project. They include renowned jazz trumpeter Christian Scott on the cover of Lianne La Havas’ melancholy “Lost & Found” that is draped by a string quartet, vibraphonist Stefon Harris on an original piece titled “The Color of My Dreams,” and emcee/poet W. Ellington Felton who leads the listener through “Toy Soldiers (reprise).” Williams also reconnects with American soul singer Goapele for a second collaboration with the pivotal anthem “Voice of Freedom (for Mandela).” Completing the vision is Williams band, Sound Effect, comprised of Marcus Strickland (tenor and soprano saxophone), Matthew Stevens (guitar), Christian Sands (piano and Fender Rhodes), Masayuki “Big Yuki” Hirano (synths and Fender Rhodes), John Davis (drums) and Etienne Charles (percussion).

  • Corb Lund - A Leader on Losing Control


    A Leader on Losing Control by Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans
    from Horse Solider! Horse Soldier! (2007)


    I tried my best to stop them, yes, I tried to make them wait
    And I appealed to their decency, show mercy on this day
    I issued them strong orders on pain of death and disarray
    But in the end they would not listen and raised their lances anyway

    Men of no account they were, their breeding, crude and low
    With not a trace of wisdom, grace or virtue in their souls
    Yet trained them, long and hard I did to bend them to the crown
    To act as tools of justice, follow edict handed down
    You see these were not militia men, a-fighting for their homes
    Nor fathers, sons nor husbands, sire, but foreigners on loan
    Mercenary killers, career soldiers to a man
    Lashing out with vengeance one cannot accept or understand

    I could not instill the discipline, 'twas duty to inspire
    And they responded in the end to instincts of the basest kind
    Now on my knee before you here, I drop my eyes in shame
    Albeit little consolation, take my head for I'm to blame

    Oh, so spoke a leader on losing control

  • James Blunt - No Bravery OFFICIAL VIDEO


    Stream or download the new album 'Once Upon A Mind':
    Get tickets for the tour here:

    The official video for No Bravery uses footage from James live at the BBC, and his own footage taken from the Kosovo War in 1999.

    Follow James on

  • Roy Bulkin - Soldier of fortune


    South African artist, born 16 January 1952 in Pretoria. His mother was a dancer and motivated him to take ballet lessons from the age of 6, but he later switched to Spanish dances and became a member of the dance group of the well-known radio DJ, Esmé Euvrard. He matriculated at Pretoria Boys High and had his own band, “Web”, while still at school.

    After completing his military training, he studied marketing and then found a job with a company that sold furniture and carpets. One day he visited the offices of the EMI Record Company in Johannesburg to take measurements for wall-to-wall carpeting, and had an opportunity to meet a number of great artists, including Peter Vee and Richard Jon Smith, and immediately decided that he wanted to follow a career as a singer. He approached the well-known producer, Robert Schröder, who then offered Roy an opportunity to record songs for the very popular Springbok Hit Parade series of records.

    In 1972 Roy released his first 7” single, “Lady Chauffeur”, which was written by Robert’s brother, Ernest. Roy released many 7” singles and albums after this, with six of his singles making it onto the South African Top 20:

    1. The sun ain't gonna shine anymore – 1976, #6, 10 weeks
    2. Twinkle toes - 1976, #8, 7 weeks
    3. Make her an angel – 1977, #6, 8 weeks
    4. Soldier of fortune – 1977, #16, 5 weeks
    5. Where have all the flowers gone? – 1980, #18, 3 weeks
    6. How I feel inside – 1981, #15, 8 weeks

    In 1975 Roy, Robert Schröder and Jenna Lessing formed the Afrikaans group, “Tameletjie”, and had another South African Top 20 hit with an Afrikaans version of the George Baker Selection’s song “Paloma Blanca”, which they released as “My Kleine Witte Duifie”. It reached #9 and charted for 9 weeks

    In 1977 Roy and Robert established the very successful music and production company RobRoy Music, which focused mainly on advertising jingles. Roy’s greatest success was undoubtedly the Leon Schuster album “Hie Kom Die Bokke”, released in 1995 for the Rugby World Cup held in South Africa for the first time, and for which Roy was the producer. It sold more than 250,000 copies.

    Roy Bulkin died of cancer on 19 January 1996, aged 44.

    This song was released on 7 single in 1977.

  • Crazy Lixx - Crazy Lixx Samples


    Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the hotly anticipated fourth studio album from CRAZY LIXX. The self-titled album will be released on November 7th in Europe and November 11th in North America.

    Just like every Rock band does at some point in their career, CRAZY LIXX thought it was the right time to release their Self-Titled album: the kind of album that really does the band’s name justice and that shows everyone what the band and their music is really all about. This is that album for Sweden’s CRAZY LIXX!

    Says lead singer and producer Danny Rexon, “We were discussing possible titles for the album and we didn’t really feel like any of the suggestions were quite right. Then I came up with the idea of a making it a self-titled album and we all agreed this was the right time for one. You know, bearing the very name of the band, a self-titled album does have a lot to live up to, but we all felt that this album has what it takes to represent the band as a whole, both in terms of the songs, the sound and the performance.”

    With their new album, CRAZY LIXX show their growth as a band by sinking their teeth into 11 anthemic rock songs that will satisfy both the hardcore Lixx fans, as well as all fans of melodic hard rock and hair metal in general. By combining the strategies of recording and producing the album themselves along with utilizing the mixing skills of the great Chris Laney, the band has once again returned to the bombastic sound of CRAZY LIXX’s earlier work while at the same time adding the improved song-writing and musicianship of today’s CRAZY LIXX.

    “We learnt a lot through the years, especially when it comes to the recording process and we put all that knowledge and experience to use on this album. We used many different studio settings to record different parts of the album and did not rush the recording, but made sure everything was as good as it could get. At the same time we did not want to be too nitpicking with details, I mean we’re still in the business of rock n’ roll, right?”, adds guitarist and co-producer of the album Andy Zata.

    In addition to returning to the old CRAZY LIXX sound, the band has also re-recorded fan favorite “Heroes are Forever” which was originally on the band’s first, now out of print album. “It’s this one song, that was our first single back in around 2006, that we’ve played on almost every live show we’ve done since then, but when we started to think about it, it was a song that a lot of our fans had no chance to ever listen to. The first album, ‘Loud Minority’, was released on a minor independent label, in a limited printing which has long since sold out, and it isn’t available digitally either. Still we felt that the track was one of those songs that had a really fundamental CRAZY LIXX vibe to it, so we decided to record it again and give the fans a nice treat. If you ask me, it came out way better this second time around,” says drummer Joél Cirera.

    Newest and youngest member, bassist Jens Sjöholm adds: “Being my first album release with Crazy Lixx I don’t really have any special expectations, but hearing the final result and seeing how fired up the guys are about it makes me look forward to seeing the reactions of the fans and media.”

    With the addition of Jens Sjöholm and the return of original drummer Joél Cirera, CRAZY LIXX Mk III proved to be the best lineup to date, both in concert and on record. “I think the fans will really enjoy what we’ve got in store for them with this album. Killer songs, great sound and memorable hooks combined with a bit of the twin guitar action and riff-based approach that we added to the sound on our last album,” says guitarist Edd Liam.

    “It’s really a bit of a do or die, no guts, no glory situation – after all, you only get one chance to do a self titled album, so make sure you do it good,” concludes Danny Rexon.

    “Crazy Lixx” tracklisting: Hell Raising Women; Sound Of The Loud Minority; Outlaw; Girls Of The 80’s; I Missed The Mark; All Looks, No Hooks; Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll; Call To Action; Heroes Are Forever; Psycho City; Wrecking Ball Crew.

    You can enjoy the first samples from the new album by clicking on the following link:

    CRAZY LIXX are: DANNY REXON Vocals, JOÈL CIRERA Drums, ANDY ZATA Guitar & Background Vocals, JENS SJOHOLM Bass, EDD LIAM Guitar & Background Vocals

    Guests on the album include: MATS LEVÉN (Backing vocals on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 11), TÅVE WANNING (Backing vocals on tracks 4 and 5)


  • The Associates 1st Show Pt.8 Yellin In My Ear-Maxwell Murder


    Texas Street Punk band The Associates' first show at Chapas Bar The Pit in Brownsville Texas. we started the band 3 weeks before this show so we didnt have our originals ready, but we prepared an awesome cover set for the crowd. Fun night. lots of band played. good friends, good bands, good night. check us out on facebook hit me up if you all want our Ep. Bring On The Chaos

  • I played GUITAR with ACE FREHLEY and SLASH! - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


    ➡️➡️Click here to learn more about Ace Frehley & Origins, Vol. 1:

    Check out some of the gear we used while recording this album:
    ➡️➡️Gibson Les Paul 1959 Custom:
    ➡️➡️Marshall JCM900:
    ➡️➡️Marshall 1987X 50-watt Plexi Tube Head with FX Loop:
    ➡️➡️BAE 312 Microphone Preamp:

    A little while ago, I had the incredible opportunity to play guitar for Ace Frehley on his album Origins, Vol. 1. Ace Frehley is a musician that I have looked up to for many years, so this was an amazing experience for me!

    Ace grew up in the Bronx, and was surrounded by music his entire life, as both of his parents and his siblings played multiple instruments. Over the years, Ace continued to play guitar, playing in a variety of local bands over the years, but he truly began his music career when he spotted an advertisement for a lead guitarist and auditioned in front of Gene Simons, Peter Criss, and Paul Stanley. The three men were impressed with Frehley’s playing, and named him lead guitarist of what would become the legendary band Kiss.

    As lead guitarist, Frehley was known for his frenetic, atmospheric playing becoming one of the most popular guitarists in the 1970s.

    Origins, Vol. 1 was Ace’s seventh studio album, and is an album of covers of songs that inspired and influenced the way that Ace has made music throughout his career. The tracks on this album include covers of “Spanish Castle Magic” by Jimi Hendrix, “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones, and newly recorded versions of several Kiss songs that had been written by but not sung by Frehley, like “Cold Gin” and “Parasite”.

    The album also included a cover of “Emerald” by Thin Lizzy, which Slash came and joined us on. While recording this song, There was a point where Slash and Ace were trading guitar solos. The two of them were sitting across from each other on the couch going back and forth and it was an incredible experience!

    ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
    ➡️Leapwing Audio:
    ➡️Waves MV2:
    ➡️Waves RBass:
    ➡️Renaissance Vox:
    ➡️Renaissance Compressor:

    ➡️Stealth Sonics:
    ➡️UK Sound 1173:
    ➡️$299 Kali Audio Studio Monitors:
    ➡️Apollo x16:
    ➡️Apollo Twin:

    ❤️❤️Free 3 Part Mixing Course:

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    Giveaway Winners:

    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.



    THE CURT TOWNE BAND - Let It Be” (Live At Seminole Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, FL, November 2019).

    Formados en el año 2013 en Jacksonville, FL, y con una corta carrera discográfica, THE CURT TOWNE BAND ha apostado por defender el southern rock con una visión contemporánea en perfecta armonía con sus referencias clásicas. Muy activos en concierto junto a grandes bandas e involucrados como opening-act de la más reciente Gira de Despedida “Last Of The Street Survivors” de LYNYRD SKYNYRD, cerraron su presentación en South Florida durante el pasado Noviembre con una versión de este clásico, aunque su repertorio es básicamente original…

    . Curt Towne - Lead guitar, vocals.
    . Barry Rapp - Lead vocal, keyboards.
    . Greg “GT” Thompson - Bass, vocals.
    . Michael Cansler – Drums, vocals.

    Formed in 2013 on Jacksonville, FL, and with a short recording career, THE CURT TOWNE BAND has opted to defend southern rock with a contemporary vision in perfect harmony with its classic references. Very active live with great bands and involved as opening-act of LYNYRD SKYNYRD’s Last Of The Street Survivors Farewell World Tour, they closed their performance in South Florida during last November with a cover of this classic, although their music is basically original...

    MSV Prods.

  • Larry Keel Experience @ Pisgah Brewing Co. 8-25-2017


    Larry Keel is described by music critics and reviewers as the most powerful, innovative and all-out exhilarating acoustic flatpicking guitarist performing today. Keel has absorbed the best lessons from his Bluegrass family upbringing, both sides deeply steeped in the rich mountain music culture and heritage of Southwest Virginia. From there, he has always integrated that solid musical grounding and natural-born talent with his own incomparable approach to playing amplified, acoustic guitar and composing original music. He's also got a knack for choosing interesting and appealing material from all realms of music with guts, whether it's a tune written by a fellow song-writer/musician friend, or a surprise cover from any number of musical acts all over the map. The combination is pretty irresistible, and has earned Keel the highest respect and billing among the top acoustic and jam rock musicians alive, and some now gone: Tony Rice, Chris Thile, Steve Martin, Tim O’Brien, Vassar Clements, Sam Bush, Del McCoury, John Hartford, Bill Monroe, Peter Rowan, and Danny Barnes to name a few. And his fierce, high-spirited energy also appeals to young rockers, jammers and alt-country pickers and fans who are equally drawn to Keel’s blazing guitar power, the deep rumbling voice, his earthy and expansive song-writing, and his down-home-gritty-good-time charm. Keel convenes and collaborates with JamBand and Rock giants Greensky Bluegrass, Infamous Stringdusters, Yonder Mountain String Band, Keller Williams, Jorma Kaukonen, David Nelson, Little Feat, Railroad Earth, String Cheese Incident, Fruition and Leftover Salmon, amongst others.

    Keel has a variety of musical formats he presents throughout the year; look out for his core band The Larry Keel Experience (featuring award-winning and highly accomplished Jared Pool on mandolin and penetrating vocals, and wife Jenny Keel with her rock solid bass lines as well as tenor vocal harmonies), Larry Does Jerry (Keel performing the music for Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead), Larry and the Smokin’ J’s (featuring Jon Stickley, Jay Starling and Jared Pool), Keller Williams and the Keels, and steady swirl of pairings with Keel and Drew Emmitt, Andy Thorn, Danny Barnes, members of the Del McCoury Band, Steep Canyon Rangers, just to name a few. Of note for early 2017 is Keel’s top billing at New York’s Carnegie Hall, where he will headline along with Al Di Meola, Stefane Wrembel and Stochelo Rosenberg at the Django A Go-Go concert, celebrating Django Reinhardt’s influence on the world of guitar music.

    Throughout his career, Keel has released 15 albums and is featured on 10 others. The most recent release, March 2016, is EXPERIENCED, an entirely original work that showcases Larry’s and banjo virtuoso Will Lee’s exceptional songwriting, singing and jaw-dropping instrumental performances, accompanied by Keel’s equally talented wife Jenny Keel on upright bass and harmony vocals. This Americana Radio charting album exemplifies the raw sophistication of Keel’s progressive acoustic style, and features musician-friends who appear as guests on various tracks of Experienced; the artists include Sam Bush, Del McCoury, Peter Rowan, Keller Williams, Jason Carter (Del McCoury Band), Mike Guggino (Steep Canyon Rangers) and Anders Beck (Greensky Bluegrass). Quotes about Keel and his music from these artists themselves capture the essence of what this album and Keel’s artistry represents:

    “Larry Keel is a triple threat… songwriter, guitar player, entertainer. He can do it all.” — Del McCoury

    “Larry is a true original, be it traditional, progressive, improv.. he does it all, and with such joy. I love jamming with Keel. Enjoy the music. Larry does.” — Sam Bush

    “Larry is the yin and the yang.. he will break your heart with a waltz, but he can also scare the hell out of you in the next song. He plays on the edge.. no, strike that- he creates genius guitar solos while staring over the edge and laughing maniacally.” — Anders Beck, Greensky Bluegrass

    For Keel the musical mission is always clear: to let natural ability, finely-honed skill, honest emotion and fearlessness connect the playing and singing to audiences, to entertain and to thoroughly enjoy the experience of creating and sharing in music.

  • Col. John R. Bourgeois - The U.S. Marine Band: A Witness To History


    Colonel Bourgeois’ career with the United States Marine Band spanned nine presidential administrations, from Eisenhower to Clinton; he became its director during the Carter administration. Because the Marine Band has engaged in diplomatic missions around the world, Bourgeois and its other members are unique witnesses to history. In this video, Col. Bourgeois shares some of these stories.

    Read the blog:

    Find the Bourgeois Editions here:

    Created by J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.
    Produced by David Giardiniere, Mark Patterson & Ron Allen
    Filmed by Rocco Richardson, Tim Sugrue & Frank Guardino
    Additional footage provided by: United States Marine Band Archives
    Edited by Rocco Richardson
    Interviewer: Ron Allen
    Featuring: Col. John R. Bourgeois
    Music in video:
    Semper Fidelis:

    Slavic Farewell:
    Alexandrov Ensemble: Moscow Nights
    Richard Wagner: Tristan und Isolde, Prelude to Act III

  • Mydolls - Soldiers Of A Pure War


    Mydolls - Soldiers Of A Pure War

    A band from Houston, Texas. This track is from a recently released double CD retrospective - A World Of Her Own - on Grand Theft Audio (GTA 066). The band originally released two singles and a mini lp, and the double CD gathers these together with unreleased demos and live tracks in brilliant collection of 80's new wave/punk.

    line up:

    Bass -- Dianna Ray
    Drums -- Jorge Reyes
    Guitar, Vocals -- Linda Bond
    Guitar, Vocals - Trish Herrera

    The album is available at:

    more online...


  • Metallica - Turn the Page - Cover performed by Aussie Soldiers


    Turn the page cover performed at the showcase for the end of the ARRTS program. This program is a 4 weeks course for injured Australian soldiers. I have never sang before nor played guitar on stage. The band is made up of fellow military colleagues. I hope I did the song justice. It represents all the time away from my family and also turning the page on my injury and moving on with my career. Thanks to the guys in the music stream ARRTS 15.2.(

  • Naked Raygun- Soldiers Requiem


    I DONT OWN THIS!!!!!

    Along with Husker Du, Naked Raygun was one of the first U.S. post-punk bands of the early '80s that merged melodic influences with punk/hardcore. Formed during 1981 in Chicago, IL (and largely influenced by such art-punkers as Wire and Gang of Four), the group contained several different members during its ten-year career, including leaders Jeff Pezzati (vocals), Marko Pezzati (bass), Eric Spicer (drums), and, early on, future Big Black member Santiago Durango (guitar).

    Naked Raygun made it clear early on that they were unafraid to speak their minds (especially when it came to their personal political views, which were often from a strong and macho point of view), as proven by such confrontational compositions as Tojo and Potential Rapist off their 1983 debut Basement Screams. 1985's Throb Throb saw the group hone their sound even further (adding more melody, in addition to a more meatier and metallic guitar sound), as evidenced by the album's single Surf Combat. By this time, Naked Raygun had carved a niche for themselves with the college rock crowd and began spawning imitators back in their hometown of Chicago.

    Undeterred, the group stuck to their guns and refused to follow any set musical formula while releasing 1986's All Rise, 1988's Jettison, and 1989's Understand?, before Haggerty left the group. Naked Raygun managed to soldier on for one more release, 1990's Raygun...Naked Raygun, before calling it quits a year later. After the group's split, Haggerty reappeared as a member of Pegboy (which also included former members of Bloodsport, the Effigies, and Bhopal Stiffs) and issued three releases during the '90s, while Pezzati appeared to have disappeared from the planet, before suddenly popping up again in the late '90s with a punk trio called The Bomb.

    Because of public demand for Naked Raygun material, 1999 saw the indie label Touch And Go/Quarterstick reissue all of Naked Raygun's albums with bonus tracks, as well as the compilation Naked Raygun: Huge Bigness -- Selected Tracks From the Collected Works, 1980-1992.

    In addition, Chicago successful mainstream acts such as Alkaline Trio, Mest, Lucky Boys Confusion, Rise Against and Fall Out Boy have all cited Naked Raygun as one of their primary influences. All of these bands have paid homage, alongside critics and fans alike, to what people consider to be the most important band to come out of Chicago in the 1980s and 1990s.

    In 2006, Naked Raygun reformed to headline Chicago's annual punk festival, Riot Fest. After the success of the show, which saw a sell-out crowd of over 4,000 people, Naked Raygun decided to carry on with new releases, a Blue-Ray HD DVD documentary of their Riot Fest show and several one-off shows in different markets across the United States. Although what the future holds for the beloved sons of Chicago remains shrouded with some mystery, one thing is for certain: Naked Raygun is back and the U.S. punk scene could not be more appreciative.

  • The fanfare trumpets of the Central Band will play at the Royal Wedding 12.04.11


    The fanfare trumpets of the Central Band of the Royal Air Force will be providing musical support during the Royal Wedding ceremony on the 29th April at Westminster Abbey. The band that comprises of eight performers will be performing a composition specially written for the occasion by Wing Commander Duncan Stubbs, Royal Air Force Music Services Principal Director of Music who began his career with the Central Band in 1983. The piece is entitled 'Valiant and Brave' which is the motto for 22 squadron, Search and Rescue which Prince William is serving as a pilot. The Central Band is generally regarded to be the premier military band in the United Kingdom. It is always in great demand, undertaking more than 370 engagements a year and travelling a distance of more than 64,000 miles. The band has represented the Royal Air Force at every major military event and performed at all of the principal concert venues in Britain.



    Omega band formed by singer/songwriter Delwyn Sion
    after his previous band Hergest disbanded in 1979.
    They released only one single and one album
    before disbanding and Delwyn Sion launching a solo career.

    This vinyl rip(sorry for bad sound quality) is taken
    from original 1983's Omega's self-titled album.
    Released by Sain label.

    Bass – Bef Jones
    Guitar – Len Jones
    Drums – Graham Land
    Synthesizer – Gorwel Owen
    Lead Vocals, Guitar – Delwyn Siôn

    Written by – Delwyn Siôn
    Producer & engineer – Simon Tassano
    Co-producer – Omega
    Design – Mike Lovatt, Roger Jones
    Design Concept – Len Jones
    Photography – HTV
    Photography By – Dudley Newbery
    Record label - Sain

    Omega + other great live videos:

    Omega - Yr Ateb (1983)

    Buy Omega's vinyl lp from here (Sain record label shop)





    Heavy Metal Rock`n´Roll All Night Long!


    I do not own any of these bands or anything, just spreading the music to get them more exposure. If it's required, this video will be put down, but I hope it won't because I'm just trying to get more awareness of these bands.

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purpose such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright status that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

  • Pierce ~ Metal Soldiers


    Pierce was formed in New Jersey and released two albums on Skreamin' Skull/Skyclad Records. Their s/t album was released in 1989 and Pierce II was released in 1990. Band lineup : Dennis Chavis ~ Vocals, Billy Pierce ~ Guitar, Joey Cali ~ Bass and Tom Earthquake Doud ~ Drums. Recorded at Omega Studios, Fairwood, N.J. Engineered & Produced by Rich The Iceman Novak and Pierce. Album art ~ Paul Bonanno.

  • REZ - Every Waking Hour


    This is Track #8 from the 1988 REZ album, Silence Screams

    Listen to the whole album here -

    Resurrection Band billed themselves as Rez during this phase of their highly influential career in Christian Rock. They were one of the first out of the gate to define the hard rock genre within CCM.

    1988's Silence Screams introduces a new band member, Roy Montroy on bass, replacing original member Jim Denton. Roy gets writing credits for the music on six of the ten tracks on the album, paired with Glenn's lyrics. He obviously fit right in, easily making this band his home.

    One of the things that always set Rez Band apart was the lyrical depth. Eight of the ten songs on this album were written by an Glenn Kaiser, an ordained minister with a heart for social issues. Lyrics and messages were never an afterthought for this band, and they never skimped on the content there.

    This record started a new tradition that carried on for the next three studio albums. Namely, they started doing mainstream cover songs. Eric Clapton's Presence of the Lord gets the Rez treatment here, which is their typical hard edged Chicago blues rock. This is probably my favourite version of this song.

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    #ResurrectionBand #Real80sCCM #80sChristianMusic

  • Riot-Track 4-Outlaw



    Genre:Heavy Metal

    Album:Fire Down Under(1981)

    Riot was an American heavy metal band founded in New York City in 1975 by guitarist Mark Reale. Reaching a peak in popularity in the early 80s, the band has continued a long-running successful career.
    Riot has toured with AC/DC, Molly Hatchet, Sammy Hagar, Kiss, Vandenberg, Black Sabbath and Rush among others.
    Riot's sound initially started out as straightforward heavy metal, but since their 1988 release Thundersteel their musical direction has been more along the lines of power metal.
    Fire Down Under is the third album by New York City heavy metal band Riot, released in 1981.

    All copyright goes to the band Riot

  • 10 5/17/2014 Frank Hannon Band Sweet Southern Sound Hermiston OR


    Sweet Southern Sound
    Frank Hannon Band (with Ron Keel)
    5/17/2014 Hermiston, Oregon
    Frank Hannon - Guitar/Vocals
    Aaron Leigh - Bass/Backing Vocals
    Kelly Smith - Drums

    Video by TC

  • Ben Williams: Toy Soldiers feat. W. Ellington Felton


    Amazon CD:
    Amazon Vinyl:
    Ben's Website:




    Acclaimed bassist Ben Williams delivers his sophomore album titled Coming of Age, April 21, 2015, on CD and vinyl via Concord Jazz. Continuing to implore the common elements of jazz, hip-hop, rock and soul, the young bandleader embarks on a bolder journey in this album with more music by his own hand and a reflection of his new outlook as a seasoned musician. Coming of Age for the 30-year-old Williams means playing a lively role among his peers and a vital part in the music world at large. Winner of the 2009 Monk Institute Competition, Williams cites this as a turning point in his musical odyssey, “My career as a bandleader and composer started from the moment I won,” he says. “I had this opportunity to say something—and an obligation, too.” The CD and vinyl are now available for pre-order on Amazon (CD and vinyl

    Revered by The Washington Post as “Successfully translating the musical pulse of his era into jazz,” Williams has secured a masterful selection of special guests featured on this project. They include renowned jazz trumpeter Christian Scott on the cover of Lianne La Havas’ melancholy “Lost & Found” that is draped by a string quartet, vibraphonist Stefon Harris on an original piece titled “The Color of My Dreams,” and emcee/poet W. Ellington Felton who leads the listener through “Toy Soldiers (reprise).” Williams also reconnects with American soul singer Goapele for a second collaboration with the pivotal anthem “Voice of Freedom (for Mandela).” Completing the vision is Williams band, Sound Effect, comprised of Marcus Strickland (tenor and soprano saxophone), Matthew Stevens (guitar), Christian Sands (piano and Fender Rhodes), Masayuki “Big Yuki” Hirano (synths and Fender Rhodes), John Davis (drums) and Etienne Charles (percussion).

  • GOTTHARD - Feel What I Feel


    New live album 'Defrosted 2'. Order: SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast YouTube:

    Video Production: Ronnie Romero & Studios V

    'Defrosted 2' will be out on December 7th via Nuclear Blast Records.

    Get Album:
    Nuclear Blast:
    Google Play:
    Apple Music:

    Order the single 'What I Wouldn't Give (Acoustic Version)' digitally:

    'Defrosted 2' combines the pride of their lengthy career by showcasing 22 of the bands most iconic tracks as well as a sense of ambition as the band look to the future with 2 brand songs all in the same release. It provides a perfect cross section of the bands formidable career that can be appreciated by all.

    Defrosted 2 will be released as:

    -2CD Digibook
    - 4LP Box


  • Theres something about a soldier - Syd Roys RKOlians


    This was Syd Roy's first recording with his RKOlians after a 3-year recording break from his previous band, the Lyricals.

    The name came from the RKO Theatre on Leicester Square in London - better known as the Leicester Square Theatre and later the Odeon West End, which RKO took over in 1931, at which this band played after its opening). Syd apparently decided that a strong personality was needed for the band so appointed his brother Harry (and so launched his career) - Harry very soon took over the band leaving Syd as its manager.

    Eclipse records were made by Crystalate specifically for Woolworths stores.

    Syd Roy, dir; Hugo Radcliff, Charles Mead, t; Jock Fleming, Miff Ferrie, tb; Eric Lambert, Rudy Loeffleur, cl-as; Bert Edwards, cl-as-ts; Louis Rossi, Oscar Grasso, Sidney Delmonte, vn; Cyril Kaye, p-a; Tony Fones, p; Bill Tringham, g; Fred Morley, bb-sb; Lou Stevenson, d; John Thorne, v. Recorded in London, 9 March 1933

  • Sade - Soldier Of Love - TV Ad


    The wait is now over. Sony Music are pleased to announce the release of SOLDIER OF LOVE, the highly anticipated new body of work from SADE.

    SOLDIER OF LOVE, which will be released in Ireland on 5th February, 2010 - is Sade's first official studio album since the multi-platinum release of 'Lovers Rock' in 2000.

    Known for their one of a kind timeless sound, Sade have enjoyed phenomenal success both internationally and stateside throughout the span of their twenty-five year career.

    Since the release of their debut album, 'Diamond Life' in 1984, the band have seen all five of their studio albums land in the Top 10 on Billboards Top 200 Album Chart selling a total of more than 50 million albums worldwide to date.

    They've been nominated for American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and have won three Grammy Awards first in 1986 for Best New Artist, then in 1994 for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group for 'No Ordinary Love', and again in 2002 for Best Pop Vocal Album with 'Lovers Rock'.

  • Granger Smith: They Were There: A Heros Documentary


    A lot of you probably won’t remember, but around 3 years ago, I asked for submissions from Gold Star families; Americans that lost someone while serving our country over the last decade.

    The response was staggering. I received over 300 stories from my social network alone. We read every submission and carefully narrowed the stories down to 5. It was difficult to say the least.

    From these 5 heroes, I began the most comprehensive & emotionally consuming project of my entire career: a film called “They Were There.”

    A documentary not focusing on the deaths, but instead the LIVES of these heroes, the contributions they made to their communities and what they left behind, for better or for worse.

    I’m a very lucky man. I live the cherished “American Dream.” But that dream comes with a price. Freedom comes with a price, a sacrifice.

    I hope this film means something to YOU. I hope it makes a difference. I hope it encourages you that while we all should indulge the fruits of this American privilege, we should strive to LIVE A LIFE WORTHY OF THE SACRIFICE. So that all of those sacrifices were not in vain.

    So we can remember while we were here...they were there.

    They Were There: A Hero's Documentary and Motion Picture Soundtrack


  • Semper Fidelis


    Semper Fidelis is the official march of the United States Marine Corps. It was composed by John Philip Sousa in 1889 and immediately became the official march of the USMC. This is dedicated to all Marines.

    Played by your favorite, The President's Own United States Marine Band!

    This is track 1 of the John Philip Sousa album, Sousa Original, all played by the United States Marine Band.

  • The American Soldier - Großer Zapfenstreich Scaparrotti


    The American Soldier - Charles Koff / Tom Jones - im Rahmen der Serenade beim Großen Zapfenstreich zur Verabschiedung von SACEUR General Curtis M. Scaparrotti im Bendlerblock. Es spielt das Musikkorps der Bundeswehr aus Siegburg unter der Leitung von Oberstleutnant Scheibling.

  • Accept LIVE- Neon Nights - live from Cleveland


    Metal Fanzine's Ken Kitt has uploaded multi-camera video footage (see below) of ACCEPT's October 8, 2010 concert at the Agora in Cleveland, Ohio. The show, which also included performances by KING'S X and Cleveland's own SHOK PARIS, was professionally filmed and recorded for possible future release.

    A poster for the concert was created exclusively for the band by German design artist Claudia von Bihl and can be viewed below.

    If there is any American city being essential in engraving our love for America, it has been Cleveland, ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffmann previouslt said. That is where we had the first impression of being 'KINGS IN AMERICA!' I believe any rock band knows if you make it in Cleveland, you make it anywhere. And so we did.

    The live recording was done by Cleveland-based Spectrum Sound, with Tony Alberts engineering. Alberts has engineered live recordings from STARZ, ANVIL, TROUBLE, TRIVIUM, RAVEN, PILEDRIVER and JAG PANZER, to name a few.

    This was the band's second official live recording in Cleveland. In 1984 on the Balls To The Wall tour, ACCEPT recorded its performance at the Agora Ballroom for the syndicated King Biscuit Flower Hour radio program. Over the years the show has become a popular fan favorite. The original broadcast can be heard in its entirety online at Wolfgang's Vault.

    ACCEPT, in the midst of its Blood Of The Nations world tour, spent two days in Cleveland. The band paid a visit to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame during the afternoon of October 7 for a private tour and then hosted a retail in-store signing session on October 8 at The Exchange in Parma Heights, Ohio.

    Released in North America on September 14 via Nuclear Blast Records, Blood Of The Nations was recorded at Backstage Studio in Derbyshire, England with acclaimed British producer and SABBAT guitarist Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY, MASTERPLAN). The CD marks the recording debut of the band's latest addition, vocalist Mark Tornillo (ex-TT QUICK).

    Our story is this, a little over 12 months ago none of us could have even been thinking about ACCEPT, said ACCEPT manager (and Wolf's wife) Gaby Hoffmann. And look where we are now and in record time. We wrote an album, produced it, toured in 17 countries from living room size clubs to playing in front of 80,000 people as special guests for our favorite band AC/DC to headlining the Sonisphere festival. On top of all that, we had the highest chart entry in our entire career — wherever we played live. We call it a miracle!

    ACCEPT 2010 is:

    Wolf Hoffmann: Guitar
    Peter Baltes: Bass
    Herman Frank: Guitar
    Mark Tornillo: Vocals
    Stefan Schwarzmann: Drums


    Nuclear Blast USA

    Nuclear Blast EUROPE






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