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Playlist of Camel

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    Camel - Lady Fantasy


    Mirage, 1974

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    Camel - Live at the Royal Albert Hall Sneak Preview


    CAMEL returned to the Royal Albert Hall on 17 September 2018 for a sell-out performance. The show was video recorded for release on DVD and Blu-ray. This clip is from the line cut (mixed on the night during the show) and is a special, sneak preview of what's to come. 'End of the Line' is from Camel's flagship release 'Dust and Dreams' under their own label, Camel Productions. This moving piece of music was a trendsetter for the years following in Camel's long, distinguished history that shows no sign of abating. The full concert performance will be available soon on DVD and Blu-Ray. Watch this spot for pre-order availability to guarantee your copy.

    Featuring Andrew Latimer, Colin Bass, Denis Clement and Pete Jones

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    Camel - Rajaz


    From the album Rajaz
    ℗© 1999 - Camel Productions

    Andrew Latimer: Guitar, Vocals
    Colin Bass: Bass Guitar
    Ton Scherpenzeel: Keyboards
    Dave Stewart: Drums
    Barry Phillips: Cello

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    Camel - Camel Full Album


    Camel is the first studio album by the band Camel, released in February 1973.

    All rights reserved to Camel and affiliates.


    0:00 Slow Yourself Down
    4:47 Mystic Queen
    10:26 Six Ate
    16:32 Separation
    20:29 Never Let Go
    26:53 Curiosity
    32:50 Arubaluba

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    It Must Be A Camel


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    It Must Be A Camel · Frank Zappa

    Hot Rats

    ℗ 1969 Zappa Family Trust, Under exclusive license to Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

    Released on: 2012-01-01

    Producer: Frank Zappa
    Composer Lyricist: Frank Zappa

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Brian Mart- Camel


    Pagina oficial:

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    Khusugtun - The Camel / Хөсөгтөн - Тэмээ минь



    Зээээ... Өвөр Монголын Г.Баян найзынхаа зохиосон #ТЭМЭЭ_МИНЬ хэмээх сайхан бүтээлийг #ХӨСӨГТӨН хамтлаг өөрийн стиль, жанарт оруулан найруулж олны хүртээл болгож байгааг минь хүлээн авна уу ... 🐫🐫🐫

    🐫🐫🐫 Бид бүхэн энэ бүтээлээрээ 2 бөхтэй #МОНГОЛ_ТЭМЭЭ гээ дэлхийд сурталчлан таниулахыг хичээв... 🐫🐫🐫

    🐫🐫🐫 Энэхүү клипийг бүтээхэд гүн туслалцаа үзүүлсэн эрхэм ах Дэндэв Ширмэн болон Баянхонгор аймгийн Богд сумын засаг дарга Н. Эрдэнэ-болд , ИТХ дарга Ц. Дэмбэрэл ,Богд сумын тэмээчин Ш. Дэлгэрдалай болон нутгийн тэмээчин олон ах дүүс мөн бидний дотны найз Nyamdav Sukhbaatar Bold Chagnaadorj Tsevegjav Altanchimeg нартаа #ХӨСӨГТӨН хамтлагийн зүгээс гүн талархал илэрхийлье !!! ❤️ 🙏🏻 🐫🐫🐫

    Recorded by #White_arch_studio, Mixed by Nyamdav Sukhbaatar, Video by #Xac_Media_Entertainment

    Та бүхэн минь сар шинэ дээ сайхан шинэлээрэй ...!!!


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    Camel - Lunar Sea



    To mark Andy Ward's 65th birthday today, 28 September 2017, we are highlighting an excellent live recording of 'Lunar Sea' from the 1976 album 'Moonmadness'.

    When the band were unable to find a suitable concept to follow the success of 'The Snow Goose', they decided to do an album of songs that reflected the personalities of the individual members. The dynamic and complex 'Lunar' Sea was written for Andy who chose the title because he liked the play on words of lunar sea-lunacy.

    Andrew Latimer calls Andy one of the most innovative drummers of his time as well as an incredibly sensitive player. Peter Bardens commented in the Curriculum Vitae DVD that when he first joined the band he was especially impressed with Andy Ward and Doug Ferguson as a rhythm section describing how tight they were.

    We wish Andy a happy birthday and celebrate this milestone with this fabulous clip and wish him many returns of the day.

    From the live DVD Moondances - Camel Live 1976-1977
    Ⓒ 2007 - Camel Productions

    Andrew Latimer - Guitars
    Peter Bardens - Keyboards
    Andy Ward - Drums & Percussions
    Richard Sinclair - Bass
    Mel Collins - Saxophone

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    Camel Never Let Go 360p


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    The Snow Goose ~ Camel


    Highlights of Camel's 1975 album inspired by Paul Gallico's Snow Goose.

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    Camel - One of These Days Ill Get an Early Night


    Camel - Rain Dances 1977 - One of These Days I'll Get an Early Night - (Bardens, Mel Collins, Latimer, Richard Sinclair, Ward)

    Guest musicians
    Martin Drover - Trumpet (B 2), Flugel horn (B 4)
    Malcolm Griffiths - Trombone (B 2, 4)
    Brian Eno - Mini Moog, Electric piano, Piano (B 3)
    Fiona Hibbert - Harp (B 3)

    Other credits

    Dave Hutchins - Engineer
    Paul Henry - Original LP sleeve design
    Bob Searles - LP illustration

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    Camel - Curiosity 1973


    Camel: 1973

    01.- Slow Yourself Down
    02.- Mystic Queen
    03.- Six Ate
    04.- Separation
    05.- Never Let Go
    06.- Curiosity
    07-. Arabaluba

    Andrew Latimer – guitar, vocals (1, 4)
    Peter Bardens – organ, vocals (5, 8), mellotron, piano, VCS 3 synthesizer
    Doug Ferguson – bass guitar, vocals (2, 6)
    Andy Ward – drums, percussion

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    Camel - Fingertips ,Acoustic


    Artist :Camel
    Song Fingertips (Acoustic)
    Album: Camelitis 2001 (Bootleg)

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    Provided to YouTube by Above Board Distribution Limited

    Camel · Facundo Mohrr and Valdovinos


    ℗ TRYBESof

    Released on: 2019-04-29

    Artist: Facundo Mohrr
    Artist: Valdovinos

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    For Today - Camel


    Camel - For today

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    The disc presented here has the following themes:

    Banda: Camel
    Título: ‘’Camel’’
    Sello: MCA Records
    Formato: Vinyl
    País: Germany
    Estilo:Prog Rock

    SIDE A
    1.Slow Yourself Down
    2.Mystic Queen
    3.Six Ate

    SIDE B
    1.Never Let Go

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    Camel / City Life


    from the album Nude 1981.
    UK. Progressive rock.

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    Camel - Arubaluba 1973


    Camel: 1973

    01.- Slow Yourself Down
    02.- Mystic Queen
    03.- Six Ate
    04.- Separation
    05.- Never Let Go
    06.- Curiosity
    07-. Arabaluba

    Andrew Latimer – guitar, vocals (1, 4)
    Peter Bardens – organ, vocals (5, 8), mellotron, piano, VCS 3 synthesizer
    Doug Ferguson – bass guitar, vocals (2, 6)
    Andy Ward – drums, percussion

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    Camel - Lies


    an amazing song from Camel's eighth album Nude, It was released in January 1981. Lies is the song number 13 on the album..

    hope you enjoy it..

    DISCLAIMER: I don't own neither the song or the photos in the videos, they all goes to their perspectives!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Camel - Ice Backing Track


    Check Ice guitar cover on this backing track!:


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    Camel - Please Come Home


    Please come home by Camel from Nude album

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    Camel - Starlight Ride


    From the Breathless album.

    There's a road that I must go
    There are short cuts that I know
    But I know that we'll make it eventually
    On a starlight ride

    There's a fire down below
    (that remains in me)
    When the chilly winds will blow
    (it will comfort me)
    But as long as we let all our feelings show
    It will never die

    Feel the magic in the air
    (On a summer night)
    See the road ahead is clear
    (Not a soul in sight) Let's take every moment and drink it down
    Like a mellow wine

    In the slipstream of the night
    (I hear music play)
    Though its road is crystal bright
    (Seems so far away)
    And it leads us from here to forevermore
    On a starlight ride

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    Camel – First Light


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    Camel - Riverman 1975


    Deliciosa tonada esbozada por estos trovadores del prog-rock, procedentes de la escena Canterbury, donde las bandas coterráneas chorrean maestría y virtuosismo.
    Esta pieza fue interpretada por el guitarrista y cantante Andy Latimer, como futuro single del tercer álbum de Camel. Idea la cual fue desechada, ya que finalmente se inspiraron en la obra literaria de Paul Gallico: 'Snow Goose', propuesta por el bajista Doug Ferguson para el nuevo disco.

    Es menester degustar este caviar sonoro, racionalizando que es una rareza exteriorizada por ellos, y que debe ser contemplada como tal; nuevamente el dromedario del desierto, nos obsequia una alhaja musical para que decore nuestros sentidos.

    Todos los derechos pertenecen a Camel.

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    Provided to YouTube by Warp Records

    Camel · Flying Lotus

    Los Angeles

    ℗ Warp Records

    Released on: 2008-07-09

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Camel - Stationary Traveller


    The haunting title track from Camel's 1984 album 'Stationary Traveller'. Recorded at the Catalyst Club on 26 June 2003, this was thought to be Camel's farewell tour, hence the DVD's title: The Opening Farewell - Camel Live in Concert 2003. Thankfully, it would not be farewell and after a ten year hiatus for health reasons the band made a triumphant return to the stage, presenting an emotional and phenomenally faithful presentation of The Snow Goose. Long may they run.

    ℗ © 2010 - Camel Productions; Camel Productions UK Ltd.

    Andrew Latimer - Guitar, Pan Flute
    Colin Bass - Bass Guitar
    Denis Clement - Drums
    Tom Brislin - Keyboards

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    Camel - First Light


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    Camel - White Rider


    From Camel '73-'75 - Gods of Light
    (c) (p) 2000 Camel Productions - All Rights Reserved

    Andrew Latimer - Guitar
    Peter Bardens - Keyboards
    Andy Ward - Drums
    Doug Ferguson - Bass

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    Camel - Mystery Tour


    From album Under Age (1969) recorded in Rome (!)

    This is not the Andy Latimer band.

    -Alex Jackson / vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
    - Dave Summer / guitar, vocals
    - Martin Fisher / bass, keyboards
    - Pete Huish / drums

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    Camel - Stationary Traveller


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    Camel - Underage



    01 Pinball wizard (The Who)
    02 Where is my mind? (Vanilla Fudge)
    03 Tin soldier (Small Faces)
    04 Forget it, i got it (Spooky Tooth)
    05 Mystery tour (The Beatles)
    06 Can’t be so bad (Moby Grape)
    07 Society’s child (Spooky Tooth)
    08 Sitting on the top of the world (Cream)
    09 Evil woman (Spooky Tooth)
    LINE-UP: Alex Jackson (Alex Ligertwood) — lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, lesley
    Dave Sumner — lead guitar, vocals
    Martin Fisher — 3 octave guitar, bass, piano, organ, harpsichord, vocals
    Pete Huish – drums

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    Camel - Hearts Desire / End Peace


    A personal montage looking at the house and location my family had shared for 34 years.

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    Camel - Curriculum Vitae DVD


    Visit the Camel Store:

    Curriculum Vitae recounts the history of Camel as told by the original band members through rare footage.

    This DVD contains performances of many classic tracks from various stages of Camel's career.

    Ⓒ 2003 - Camel Productions UK Ltd

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    CAMEL - LADY FANTASY en vivo en Chile. 01-Abril-2001


    Tema que da final al unico concierto de esta gran banda en nuestro pais en el año 2001....ojala se pueda repetir pronto!

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    Camel - God of Light Revisited


    From Camel '73-'75 - Gods of Light
    (c) (p) 2000 Camel Productions - All Rights Reserved

    Andrew Latimer - Guitar
    Peter Bardens - Keyboards
    Andy Ward - Drums
    Doug Ferguson - Bass

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    CAMEL- Survival / Hymn to her



    Hymn To Her Lyrics

    Look to the mirror
    I can tell no lies
    Time drawing nearer
    Still I wonder why
    You are the giver
    Me I never try
    Now we`re together
    Still I wonder why

    Please can you tell me
    When you`re by my side
    And when my eyes see
    Will I wonder why
    If you are with me
    I can only try
    To find the answer
    In the words that ask the question

    Why don`t we know
    And why don`t it show
    I wanna find out
    Try let it all out

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    Camel - Osaka 2016 Soundcheck feat Colin and Pete


    Sound checks are all about getting the gear set up and the sound sorted out for both the hall and on stage. It's also a chance for a bit general messing about and having some fun.

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    Breathless Snow Goose album full version movie


    Breathless is a Japanese CAMEL tribute band.
    It is a live performance in 2001 at Silver Elephant (Kichijoji).

    The Great Marsh
    Rhayader Goes to Town
    The Snow Goose
    Rhayader Alone
    Flight of the Snow Goose
    Fritha Alone
    La Princesse Perdue
    The Great Marsh

    With story teller who tells the story of SNOW GOOSE.

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    A Christmas Camel


    Provided to YouTube by Absolute Marketing International Ltd

    A Christmas Camel · Procol Harum

    Procol Harum

    ℗ 2018 Bucks Records Limited

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Camel - Moonmadness - Aristillus


    Camel - Moonmadness - Aristillus

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    Camel - The Snow Goose


    Artista: Camel
    Título: The Snow Goose
    Álbum: The Snow Goose
    Fecha de Lanzamiento: Abril de 1975

    Se trata de animal llamado en inglés Snow Goose, (especie originaria de Cánada), llevado hasta Inglaterra por causas solo imaginables y herido de bala recientemente. Su plumaje es blanco, excepto por el negro en las puntas de las plumas de las alas. Podemos oír de nuevo (0:41 a 0:45) la frase musical insinuada en Sanctuary, pero ahora como parte de un bello episodio que será importante después... lo llamaremos Tema del Ganso de la Nieve. Interludio: Ayudado por Fritha, Rhayader cura al ganso y lo bautiza como La Princesse Perdue (La Princesa Perdida). A partir de entonces, y por invitación del hombre, la chiquilla se vuelve un visitante frecuente del faro para ver al ave.

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    M/V 다섯 - Camel / Official Music Video


    다섯 (Dasutt) - Camel. Official Music Video

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    Fat Freddys Drop The Camel ft Alice Russell Live At Astoria


    Sun is gonna shine again, Alice Russell on the mic for The Camel with Fat Freddy's Drop live at Astoria, London in 2007. Rio Hemopo & Parks Brent on BVs.
    The Camel featuring Alice Russell was originally released on Freddys second studio album Dr Boondigga & The Big BW.

    Follow Freddy's at:

    Upcoming Tours:



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    Aldebert - La dame aux camel lights



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    CAMEL, Nimrodel/The Procession/The White Rider, 1974, Prog-Rock Classic.


    Awesome track from one of the greatest Prog-Rock bands of them all-CAMEL, taken from their fantastic 1974 album MIRAGE. A Homage to the novel 'Lord Of The Rings', very spacey with lots of synths, moogs, dreamy guitar solos & nice vocals.They had the lot & should of been a lot bigger than than are now. Fans of this track should check out UK Space Rock band ''OZRIC TENTACLES''-they are awesome!!!

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    Long Goodbyes - Camel


    Long Goodbyes

    Down by the lake
    A warm afternoon
    Breezes carry children's balloons
    Once upon a time
    Not long ago
    She lived in a house by the grove
    And she recalls the day
    When she left home...

    Long good-byes
    Make me so sad
    I have to leave right now
    And though I hate to go
    I know it's for the better
    Long good-byes
    Make me so sad
    Forgive my leaving now
    You know I'll miss you so
    And days we spent together

    Long in the day
    Moon on the rise
    She sighs with a smile in her eyes
    In the park
    It's late afterall
    She sits and stares at the wall
    And she recalls the day
    When she left home

    By Camel

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    Camel - Manic


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    Camel - Sasquatch


    Camel (c) 1982
    From the album The Single Factor

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    Eric Johnson - CW/Camels Night Out - 5/4/19 Dallas International Guitar Festival


    (Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)
    Eric Johnson - Guitar & Vocals, Kyle Brock - Bass, Tommy Taylor - Drums
    Filmed & Recorded on May 4, 2019 at the Dallas International Guitar Festival



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