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Playlist of CLA MixDown – Plugin Overview with Chris Lord

  • CLA MixDown – Plugin Overview with Chris Lord-Alge


    Get inside tips from Grammy-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Urban, Muse) on how to finalize your mixes with his signature mix buss plugin. Learn more:

    In this video Chris shows you how to:

    - Combine the plugin’s mix buss compression, EQ and console overdrive options
    - Properly set gain reduction with CLA MixDown
    - Set CLA MixDown to the ‘sweet spot’ that captures most closely how Chris himself normally processes his mix buss, vs. driving the plugin harder when needed

    Music: “Peace and Freedom” by IVO

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  • Plugin Review: Waves CLA MixDown | LoudBox Music


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    Waves CLA MixDown:

    Song: Falling into pieces - Katrin Hammerschmidt

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  • Mixing with - Waves CLA MIXDOWN - Plugin Overview


    Hows it going folks. Had some fun today checking out the brand spanking new CLA MIXDOWN from Chris- Lord-Alge and Waves.

    I love me some drums so tried the plugin on the drum buss of a mix as well as the master fader to see what this badboy can do!

    Have a look and see what you think.

    You can grab a copy of the demo over at waves:

    And be sure to swing by my Facebook!

    Music by Pmx -

  • CLA MixHub Explained – Tutorial with Chris Lord-Alge


    Watch how Grammy-winning mix legend Chris Lord-Alge uses the CLA MixHub plugin to mix a song. In this video, Chris gives us a tour of how the plugin is set up while demonstrating his mixing workflow. Learn more:

    In this video:
    1:12 – Parts & Features
    2:25 – The 4 Bucket Views of CLA MixHub
    2:39 – Drums Bucket: Kick & Snare
    3:24 – CLA Tip: Equal Mix Treatment
    4:24 – CLA’s Bucket Setup
    6:09 – Vocals Bucket: Workflow Demo

    Music: “The Jester” by Badflower
    Written by Badflower
    Produced by Noah Shain

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  • Chris Lord-Alge: Mixing True Analog Sound with CLA MixHub


    The legendary Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day) demonstrates why the CLA MixHub, his signature Waves channel strip plugin, is the truest analog in-the-box sound available, combining modern aggression with vintage musicality. Hear more:

    Music: “Two Ways”
    Performed by Tempt, Composed by Tempt & Victoria Gross
    Label: Better Noise Music

  • Waves Event with Chris Lord-Alge - Part 3: CLA Vocal Plugin


    For more Waves Plugins:

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  • Live Event with Chris Lord-Alge - Part 4: CLA Guitar Plugin


    CLA Guitars:

  • Mixing Masterclass: Secrets of the Mix with Chris Lord-Alge


    In this webinar, producer & mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Muse) opens up a session and shares some of his mixing secrets while taking questions from live viewers. Watch more from CLA:

    0:00 Intro
    2:26 Prepping your mix and ‘setting it up for success’
    15:34 Mixing vocals; first 5 things to do to get the vocal to sit in the mix
    32:34 Mixing drums; getting the drums and the bass to sit together
    40:52 Gain staging: how to balance your tracks before processing

    Song: IVO, “Peace & Freedom”

    This masterclass originally streamed live Oct 28, 2017 as part of the Waves #OpenSessions series.

    Watch more Open Sessions:

    Special thanks to White Noise Lab studios:

  • Live Event with Chris Lord-Alge - Part 2: CLA Drums Plugin


    CLA Drums:

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  • Get a Great Vocal Sound with One Plugin – Quick Mixing Tip


    Whether you’re mixing in Pro Tools, GarageBand, or any other DAW, here’s how you can quickly get a studio-quality vocal sound using the CLA Vocals plugin. Learn more:

  • Introducing CLA MixDown – The Ultimate Mix Buss Plugin


    Created with Grammy-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Muse), CLA MixDown captures Chris’s signature mix buss compression and EQ chains to help you finalize your mix. Learn more:

  • WAVES CLA MIXDOWN Plug-In - Demo / Review - Frosting for your Mix - Guitar/Recording Discoveries #43


    #wavesCLAmixdown #homerecording #guitardiscoveries
    Todays Guitar Discovery is also a Recording Discovery! Do you want to put a national-quality finishing touch on audio mixes from your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)? All it takes is some subtle Bass, Treble, Glue (Compression) and Drive (Console Distortion).

    Robert Cassard shares a remarkably easy way to add the sonic signature of hit songs using CLA MixDown — a relatively low-cost plug-in from

    The plug-in uses algorithms and settings from hit music mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge. Put it on your Stereo output bus and hear the magical difference instantly.

    Want to buy the plug-in? Do Robert a favor. Visit and purchase through this referral link:


    Learn more at:

  • Open Mix Session with Chris Lord-Alge


    Grammy-winning mix legend Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse) shares his latest mixing tips and answers viewers’ questions in this special live broadcast from his studio. Watch more free CLA mixing tutorials:

    Originally streamed on April 29, 2020 as part of Waves #OpenSessions series.

    Music: “Two Ways” Performed by Tempt, Composed by Tempt & Victoria Gross
    Label: Better Noise Music

  • Live Event with Chris Lord-Alge - Part 6: CLA Bass Plugin


    CLA Bass:

  • Live Event with Chris Lord-Alge - Part 7: The CLA Unplugged Plugin


    Visit for more info.

  • Learn Rock Mixing from Chris Lord-Alge ????⚡


    Master the art of rock mixing from the legend himself. Featuring HOURS of detailed videos taking you step-by-step through Chris’s entire mixing process, from start to finish. Mix along in your DAW of choice, get every plugin, preset, and drum sample ????️⚡

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  • Live Event with Chris Lord-Alge - Part 5: The CLA Effect Plugin


    Visit for more info.

  • Chris Lord-Alge mixing Three Days Grace


    Full series available exclusively on

    Join mixing star Chris Lord-Alge as he challenges himself to mix a track 100% ITB and have it compete with his own original analog version! At Studios La Fabrique, he takes you through the session of alternative rock song ‘The Mountain’ by Three Days Grace, revealing his methods for preparation, management and template usage within Pro Tools. Following this, CLA dives into the digital remix, while continuously reverting to the analog print for comparison. An up-close screen view of the session lets you witness every detail of Chris’ workflow as he reveals his favourite plug-ins, parameter settings, effects routing tricks, automation techniques, mix buss processing, and more.

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  • CLA MixDown vs MixCentric vs IM Pusher for EDM


    An additional test of CLA MixDown on the mix buss. This time comparing it with Greg Wells MixCentric and Infected Mushroom Pusher. No other EQ or compressor is used on the mix buss and no limiter either. The track is Forgiveness by Rolanoid. Listen on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Bandcamp and most music sites.

    My Dance and Chillout Music Productions (Rolanoid):

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  • CLA MixDown vs MixCentric vs Lurssen Mastering Console


    Trying out a demo of the new CLA MixDown plugin from Waves to see if it's worth purchasing considering I already have Waves
    MixCentric and Lurssen Mastering Console. I'm comparing all 3 plugins on the master buss testing their mixdown capability.
    No other EQ or compressor is used on the mix buss and no limiter either. Click Show More for track and artist info.

    The track is Locked In a 2006 collaboration between Rolanoid and Scott Nunan (aka Julian Maverick). Bandcamp link below. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and most music sites. This video is the radio mix.

    My Dance and Chillout Music Productions (Rolanoid):

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  • NAMM 2020: Tom & Chris Lord-Alge on T-RackS and iLoud monitoring


    | |

    Live from IK's NAMM 2020 booth, brothers and top mixing engineers Tom Lord-Alge and Chris Lord-Alge are together and talk about mixing with T-RackS plugins and monitoring with iLoud studio monitors. Learn more at | |

  • Vocal Compression Shootout: CLA Classics Compared


    Musician Chris Lawson performs a classic compressor shootout on vocals with the 4 CLA Classics: CLA-2A, CLA-3A and CLA-76 Blue and Black versions. Hear the differences. Learn more:

    Waves Plugins used in this video:

    CLA Classic Compressors:

    Music: Casey Baer, “Hold On”

  • GRAMMY®-Winning Engineer Chris Lord-Alge Mixes the CLA Mix Competition Winner


    Legendary engineer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, U2, Dave Matthews Band) talks about the Waves plugins he used to improve the mix of a track by Elle and the Fury, the winners of the CLA Mix Competition.
    CLA Signature Series:

  • Do you choose plugins BEFORE you mix? CLA Mix Tip #2: Plugin Templates


    Watch Grammy-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge’s (Green Day, Foo Fighters, Muse) explain how to create a plugin template, why it’s important, and which plugins he chooses for his templates – all *before* he starts to mix. See more from CLA:

  • Chris Lord-Alge On Using Cracks


    Chris Lord-Alge gives his take on using illegally downloaded software during a recent event at his studio in L.A.

  • Mixing Carrie Underwoods Vocals - Chris Lord-Alge


    The most comprehensive and in-depth mixing series with mix legend Chris Lord-Alge! Watch CLA mix, from start to finish, the song ’Smoke Break' by Carrie Underwood. In this 2-hour video, he explains the entire process and guides you through his methods and workflow !

    Exclusively on:

  • Waves Mixdown | Chris Lord-Alge | First thoughts


    Waves Chris Lord-Alge Mixdown | First thoughts

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    4. Audio Interface: UAD Apollo

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    6. Software: Native Instruments Komplete 9, Tone 2 electra 2

    Screen Video Capture: Screen flow 6.2

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  • Waves CLA MixDown - El Plugin Perfecto Para El Mix Bus


    Waves CLA MixDown - El Plugin Perfecto Para El Mix Bus. Más videos y artículos como este aquí en:

    Aquí te enseñamos cómo usar el plugin CLA MixDown para que tus mezclas mejoren de una manera excepcional.

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    Página dedicada a enseñar todo sobre la producción y post producción musical.

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  • Deconstructing a Mix #13 - Muse - Chris Lord-Alge


    “Deconstructing a Mix” video series with mix legend Chris Lord-Alge mixing the song Survival by MUSE from scratch in his own studio in Los Angeles. Watch the entire process, explained step by step by CLA himself.
    These videos are now available, exclusively on

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  • VST Plugins: CLA Drums


    In this video we take a look at the CLA Drums plugin by Waves.

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    ⬇⬇⬇ Clique sur PLUS y a pleins d'infos utiles ⬇⬇⬇

    Aujourdhui, je vous propose un test du CLA Mixdown un plugin concu par Waves Audio, en étroite collaboration avec le célèbre ingénieur du son Chris Lord-Alge. L'interface de cet outil est sobre et épurée mais très bien pensée. Le son est très vintage, chaud, facon console analogique. Sa texture sonore rappelle notamment le son SSL. Il s'agit un plugin multi-effets à placer sur le bus master (mais aussi sur des pistes individuelles ou des bus) pour finaliser le mixage audio, à la manière du IM Pusher (j'ai d'ailleurs déja réalisé un tutoriel sur cet engin, voir le lien ci dessous). En comparaison, le Waves Pusher est plutot orienté musiques modernes (electro,trap..) tandis que le CLA conviendra mieux aux musiques accoustiques et oldschool tel que le rock, la funk ou encore le hip hop boom bap. Bref, ces 2 outils tiendront une place de choix dans votre arsenal de plugins d'effets virtuels.

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  • Masterclass CLA


    Resumen de la masterclass de Chris Lord-Alge en PKO Studios

  • When NOT to compress your tracks – CLA Mix Tip #5


    Grammy®-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse) says part of the secret to a great mix is knowing when NOT to compress. Find out which instruments are best left alone, along with how to listen properly when processing your tracks. Watch more CLA mixing tips:

  • Watch Chris Lord-Alge Mixing In Real-Time


    In this excerpt from Audio Legends 2, Chris Lord-Alge mixes snare drums in real-time.

    Audio Legends is the most comprehensive course ever released in the industry featuring hours of Chris’ mix prep technique, real-time mixing, and detailed mix technique explanation. With the Audio Legends Chris Lord-Alge course, you get the multi-track session in your own DAW format along with all of the plugins used in the class.

    Get the course here:

  • Recording Phil X with Chris Lord-Alge at Capitol Studios


    We are proud to present the first ever video on tracking with star engineer Chris Lord-Alge!
    Hosted at studio B of the world-famous Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, Chris Lord-Alge tackles a recording session with rock band TheRealPhilX & The Drills.

    Our detailed footage of the experience shows every step of the process – live space considerations, microphone choice and placement, instruments, amplifiers, DI boxes, Neve 8068 console setup, signal routing and processing, gain staging, phase correction, headphone mix creation, recording the band live, adding overdubs, production and arrangement, level metering, monitoring, and finishing the rough mix.

    Aside from sharing invaluable technical knowledge, Chris Lord-Alge imparts the reasoning behind his practical and efficient workflow, while advising on how this approach can be adapted to other environments and equipment.

    Become a MWTM pro member and gain access to 500+ interviews and more than 300 hours hands-on production, mixing, recording and mastering tutorials. Access exclusive webinar sessions, free plugins and special deals from your favorite plugin manufacturers:

  • Puremix Mentors | Mixing | Using Creative Vocal Delays With CLA | The Spin Fader


    Puremix Mentors | Mixing | Using Creative Vocal Delays With CLA | The Spin Fader

    Puremix Mentors CLA demonstrates using creative vocals delays. In our mixing video with him, you get to see a spin fader. He also explains how you can do the same thing in Pro Tools.

    Read our free blog going further in depth here:
    Learn More:

    In this excerpt from the video Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Lifeboats, Chris sets up a spin fader for a delay throw to fill in space in the vocal phrase, then automates the throw on his SSL console.

    In our blog article, we go on to explain three alternate methods to execute creative delay throws.

    Read The Blog:

  • Waves CLA Drums - The Definitive Guide


    The Definitive Guide on how to use the Waves CLA Drums plugin. We'll look at the interface, analyze what it actually does, and mix a full drum track. TIME CODE BELOW ⬇⬇⬇

    The Chris Lord-Alge Drums plugin is basically a channel strip made just for drums. It has separate modes for each drum: Kick, Snare, Toms, Overhead Mics, Room Mics, and COWBELL! The Cowbell mode is for cymbals, hi-hat, bells, anything like that.

    Each mode has custom EQ shapes and compression that work perfectly for each type of drum. Watch the 'How it Works' section to see the difference between the EQ shapes of each mode.

    One thing to note is that the CLA Drums plugin is meant for the multi-track of each drum, meaning the combined track of all the Snare mics, the combined track of the overheads mics, etc... You could of course use it on the single mic tracks, but there is no mono to mono plugin. The CLA Drums plugin is available as a Stereo or Mono to Stereo plugin.

    Mixing with the CLA Drums plugin is quick and easy. Select the proper mode, adjust a few faders, and you're done. Once you understand how it works, you can mix a full drum kit in about 10 minutes.

    ????Save an EXTRA 10% on all Waves plugins and bundles


    0:00 - The Interface
    11:56 - How it Works
    23:30 - Mixing Drums

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    How to Install Waves Legacy/v9 Plugins with Waves Central

    Waves Eddie Kramer Drums - The Definitive Guide

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  • Introducing CLA MixHub: Your Mix. Evolved.


    The first plugin of its kind, CLA MixHub captures the smooth console workflow and rich analog sound of legendary mixer Chris Lord-Alge. Mix up to 64 tracks – all from the same plugin window – using modeled channel strips from CLA’s console. Learn more:

    Music: “The Jester” by Badflower
    Written by Badflower
    Produced by Noah Shain

  • How To Use: CLA Vocals @MattMontanez


    Waves CLA Vocals! The CLA Vocals plugin by waves is just about perfect. It gives you the ability to EQ, Compress, and add effects all in one. I will go in depth so you can understand how to use the waves CLA Vocals plugin by Waves and also hear what it does to your track! Get a great sounding tone with your vocals and get them to sit right in your mix.

    Waves CLA-Vocals:

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  • Simplify Your Mix Bus: The Only Plugins You Need


    You don't need 4, 5, or 8 plugins on your mix bus!
    I'm going to show you how to simplify and achieve a clear, powerful, heavy mix with only a small amount of mix bus processing. This is all you need!

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  • Il suono di Chris Lord Alge nel tuo studio - LOGIC PRO X - Plug in utili


    Vediamo insieme come portare nei tuoi mix in home studio, il suono della console di Chris Lord Alge.
    Grazie a Waves Audio tutto questo è possibile anche a casa !

    Come sempre vi chiedo di seguire il mio canale YT.
    Come ?
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    Strumentazione utilizzata :

    Microfono - Lewitt LCT 240 Pro :

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    Monitor : Eve Audio SC2'3 :

    Waves CLA MIXHUB :


    PodCast :


  • Studio Workflow with Chris Lord-Alge


    More videos like this Chris Lord-Alge ????
    Shop Solid State Logic at Sweetwater ????

    Mitch Gallagher joins Grammy Award-winning engineer Chris Lord-Alge for a look at how he uses his SSL console in his studio. We'll discuss the benefits of mixing with an analog console vs. in a DAW, the artistry of analog workflows, and much more.

    After you watch, check out today for all your music instrument and pro audio needs! ????

    #Sweetwater #SSL

  • Plugins LIVE - Waves CLA Signature Series Bundle


    Support the stream: Testing out the Waves Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series plugins LIVE. This replay is only HALF of the original stream.

    Save an additional 10% on Waves plugins

    Waves CLA Bundle

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  • Mixing Engineer Chris Lord-Alge at NAMM 2017


    Accomplished Mixing Engineer Chris Lord-Alge joins Dan at the Reverb booth at NAMM 2017. Chris talks about being a pioneer of compression, and where we're at with the effect now. He tells us about his mixing style and which classic band he'd like to work with in future.

    Get all your NAMM 2017 coverage at:

  • Live at Sweetwater: Chris Lord-Alge, Sylvia Massy, Neal Pogue & Co.


    Come learn how the masters get their iconic sounds. Moderated by our own Mitch Gallagher, this year's GearFest Producers’ Panel includes such industry heavyweights as Fab Dupont (Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony), Rich Chycki (Dream Theater, Seal), Sylvia Massy (Prince, Tool), Kevin Killen (Shakira, David Bowie), Neal Pogue (Earth, Wind & Fire, Nicki Minaj), Michael Omartian (Rod Stewart, Donna Summer), and Chris Lord-Alge (Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood).

  • Waves Audio CLA Vocals Plugin review


    Waves Audio CLA Vocals Plugin review

    For more information:

    Music in this video Copyright © 2019 SoundKandy Studio, All rights reserved.

  • CLA MixDown - Plugin Review deutsch


    Ich werde dir diese Woche jeden Tag ein neues Plugin vorstellen, das ich für empfehlenswert halte. Los geht es heute mit einer Review von CLA MixDown, ein Plugin aus der Signature Serie von Top-Mixer Chris Lord Alge.

    Dieses Tool kannst du in deinen Mixbus laden, verschiedenen Einstellungen wie Kompression, Drive und diverse Frequenzkurven einstellen und dann durch dieses Plugin durchmischen.

    Besucht auch meinen Blog mit nützlichen Tipps zum Thema Songwriting und Mixing :

    SoundCloud :



    Just going over and talking about plugins and the new cla signature series mixdown plugin by waves.

  • Cómo Ajustar El CLA MixDown Correctamente


    El CLA MixDown se ha vuelto una herramienta sencilla, práctica y eficiente a la hora de procesar el mixbus. En este video te muestro la mejor manera de utilizarlo para que le ganes ventaja.

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