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Playlist of Bulgarian language

  • Frozen - Let it Go / Bulgarian language version / HD


    Let it Go performed in Bulgarian by Nadezhda Panayotova

  • You know youre Bulgarian when...


    Song: Svetlio and The Legends - Let me da te love you

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  • Songs on 16 Slavic Languages - Russian, Polish, Serbian, Bulgarian etc.


    0:14 Russian
    1:55 Ukranian
    3:26 Belarusian
    5:07 Rusyn

    6:38 Slovak
    8:02 Czech
    9:36 Upper Sorbian
    11:06 Polish
    12:45 Kashubian

    14:06 Bulgarian
    15:32 Macedonian

    17:14 Serbian
    18:53 Croatian
    20:09 Montenegrin
    21:34 Bosnian
    22:58 Slovene

    Slavic languages
    Indo-European family

    East Slavic (Russian, Ukranian)
    West Slavic (Polish, Czech, Slovak)
    South Slavic (Serbian, Bulgarian)

    Speakers ~500 million

  • Studio One 4 Tuts - TRAP WITH SAMPLE pt.1


    Първо видео с микрофон, извинявам се за кофти звука. Следващите ще бъдат по-добри, обещавам :)

    SAMPLE: Leon Ware - Rockin You Eternally

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  • Various Artists - Into the Unknown


    Watch the full “Into the Unknown” sequence in 29 languages from Disney’s Frozen 2 featuring the original song written by Academy Award winners Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez.

    See Disney’s Frozen 2 in theatres now. Get your tickets here:

    Into the Unknown performed in:
    English, Castilian Spanish, PRC Mandarin, Swedish, Hungarian, Danish, Sámi, German, Icelandic, Bulgarian, Mandarin Taiwan, Estonian, Norwegian, Serbian, French, Russian, Italian, Greek, Polish, Korean, Flemish, Vietnamese, Thai, Latin Spanish, Kazakh, Hindi, Japanese, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese

    Idina Menzel, AURORA, Gisela, Weina Hu, Annika Herlitz, Füredi-Nagy Nikolett, Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg, Marianne Pentha, Willemijn Verkaik, Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir, Nadezhda Panayotova, Cai Yong Chun, Hanna-Liina Võsa, Lisa Stokke, Jelena Gavrilovic, Charlotte Hervieux, Anna Buturlina, Serena Autieri, Sia Koskina, Katarzyna Łaska, Hye-Na Park, Elke Buyle, Tiêu Châu Như Quỳnh, Wichayanee Pearklin, Carmen Sarahí, Gulsim Myrzabekova, Sunidhi Chauhan, Takako Matsu, Katja Sirkiä, Taryn


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    Why was Elsa born with magical powers? What truths about the past await Elsa as she ventures into the unknown to the enchanted forests and dark seas beyond Arendelle? The answers are calling her but also threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she'll face a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In “Frozen 2,” she must hope they are enough. From the Academy Award®-winning team—directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez—and featuring the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2” opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.


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    Music video by Various Artists performing Into the Unknown (In 29 Languages) (From Frozen 2). © 2019 Walt Disney Records

  • Ivana - Skitam se in language !!!!


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  • Radio podcast sample


    This improvised radio podcast was made for giving an example how side-chaining compression works with voice and music

    Work done:

    Voice recording
    Voice restoration
    Voice processing
    Audio effects
    Audio mixing
    Voice and music bed side-chaining

  • American REACTS // Bulgarian Music


    Moving into untouched territory, hello Bulgaria! Let's take some time to check out some of the talented musician Bulgaria has to offer! Don't forget to like and subscribe!

    Musicians Mentioned:
    -Gery-Nikol feat. 100 KILA
    -Krisko ft. Slavi Trifonov

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  • J chosle my eis and count to ten


    Аранжимент - Попкорн София/България/
    Arrangement - Popcorn Sofia / Bulgaria /
    Броя до пет -Кавър от Паша Христова

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  • Biz - Petrunko


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  • Stella and Alvar are singing in bulgarian language


  • East of the River: Bucimis


    The joy of Chanukah is reflected in the rich and varied musical traditions celebrated throughout the world. WQXR brings some of the diverse sounds of the season to The Greene Space for its annual Chanukah party.

    Returning favorites East of the River play haunting Medieval music of the Mediterranean as well as traditional Middle Eastern melodies

  • kingdom song 150 Bulgarian language - Бъди готов да помогнеш!


    Бъди готов да помогнеш! (karaoke)
    kingdom song 150 - lyrics from

    own pics used



  • The Bulgarian Voices Angelite - Gaidine Sviriat


    Band: The Bulgarian Voices Angelite
    Album: Angelina
    Genre: Folk / Worldmusic / Voice / Choir /
    Coutry: Bulgaria
    Year: 2013

    Get it here:



    The Bulgarian choir waves its magic. They produce sounds of the most peculiar vocal timbre, almost as if it was not produced by the human vocal apparatus at all but by an instrument from some foreign corner of the world. They glissando, shout and embellish,
    combine crazy rhythms, stack their voices to form audacious chords. And suddenly the folklore clich... cracks. Archaic sound-worlds from far-distant times are what one listener thinks he has heard, another a - marriage of avant-garde and the medieval. Both are talking about the same unique choir of twenty women: The Bulgarian Voices - Angelite.

    NEW CD: »ANGELINA« JARO 4310-2
    The album presents an opportunity for professional ethno-music speculations and analysis but the main idea is to share with the listeners the pleasure of the music. Each song brings its own touch or colour to the kaleidoscopic picture, which reveals the musical atmosphere and temperament of the Bulgarian folklore. The variety of performances highlights the remarkable singing qualities of the 20 singers -- a polyphonic instrument in the hands of their conductor and soloists -- successors
    of ancient art of singing. One of the unifying musical elements in this project is the rhythm. The Bulgarian folkmusic is famous for the abundance of irregular, asymmetric measures -- dubbed by Bela Bartok the Bulgarian rhythm.

    Many of the songs on the album are built on such a meter and rhythm base. The sound of the drum in Bulgaria is a symbol of the feast and of dancing horo (round chain dance). We can hear it in some of the authors' arrangements, performed by one of the best Bulgarian percussionists -- Stoyan Yankulov.

    In the mosaic structure of the program cohabit contrasting in their characteristics -- solo, choral and in some of them instrumental accompaniment. The folklore, ancient and modern, is present with elegant balance between tradition and modern approach. Choir and soloists pursue strictly the respective region, local style and musical dialects. They recreate the patterns of the old musical folklore in a mode close to the old traditions from the different regions.

    A musical surprise in this album is a song taken from the folklore of an ethnic group Karakachani (nomad mountain shepherds) who live for ages in Bulgaria. The singer, performing the song is one of them by birth.The traditional melody is harmonized by instrumental accompaniment. The compositions of Zdravko Manolov Tapan bie and Georgi Petkov Ochi, ochi, Gaidine sviriat, show the individual approach of the authors of closeness or remoteness to the original traditional song. Erke, mori, Erke - a traditional song from the Shope region is arranged by Georgy Petkov into multi-voice choral version with perceptible Shope discordance. The drums emphasize complex rhythmic formulas and fragmentation into irregular measure of 12/16.

    Within the wealth of colors in the program, two songs stand out for their styles -- they are the works of Theodosii Spassov, recognized as the best kaval player in the world. His two songs in the program, written specially for this project, reflect his view of the world -- concentrated, playful, noble, heart-felt and natural.

    The remarkable Bulgarian composer Ivan Spassov uses in his compositions aleatory technique with overlapped polyphonic patterns.
    Creatively developed, from the roots of the traditional song Leilinko, kuzum pilianze springs a creatively developed musical work with free, irregular harmony and soft sonority. This is one of the last songs of Ivan Spassov, written at the end of his path of life, specifically for The Bulgarian Voices - Angelite. The music reveals the philosophy of the author relating to the universe and eternity.

    The last song of the album is the end of a journey, which starts in the distant past and ends in our days. A journey in which one can experience the power of the folk art, feel the bond between generations and learn about the millenary Bulgarian music history.



    La Traviata Verdi (live) - OFELIA HRISTOVA - Violetta 'Sempre libera (In bulgarian language)

  • Who Sang It Better : Lil Nas X - Old Town Road


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  • Dj Bobo speak Bulgarian language LIVE


    Dj Bobo speak on Bulgarian language in concert Area Armeec Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

    DJ Bobo:
    ▒ Facebook:
    ▒ Instagram:

  • The Bulgarian Voices Angelite - Dragana I Slavei


    From the Film A Bird Is Singing - The Film has been produced in Norway, Poland and Bulgaria in spring 1993 by Potocka. Original soundtrack available on double CD Melody Rhythm & Harmonie.

    For more information:

  • The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE - Dumba


    Concert from Iceland 2005 - from the DVD Passion & Tales
    For more information:

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  • Various Artists - Hakuna Matata


    Watch Hakuna Matata performed in 28 languages!
    From Disney's The Lion King playing in theatres now. Get tickets here: 🦁

    Watch all The Lion King music videos here:

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    Hakuna Matata performed in English, Norwegian, Serbian, PRC Mandarin, Hebrew, Greek, Swedish, Korean, Hindi Croatian, Brazilian Portuguese, Flemish, Bulgarian, Italian, Latin Spanish, Taiwan Mandarin, Icelandic, Japanese, German, French, Polish, Cantonese, Russian, Danish, Romanian, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, and Vietnamese

    Director Jon Favreau’s all-new “The Lion King” journeys to the African savanna where a future king is born. Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub’s arrival. Scar, Mufasa’s brother—and former heir to the throne—has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba’s exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his. The all-star cast includes Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Nala, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa and Billy Eichner as Timon. Utilizing pioneering filmmaking techniques to bring treasured characters to life in a whole new way, Disney’s “The Lion King” roars into theaters on July 19, 2019.


    Celebrate the release of The Lion King and play the Disney Hits Challenge - now featuring JD McCrary (Young Simba) from the film plus two new songs from the soundtrack! JD walks you through the experience - just ask Alexa to play Disney Hits Challenge!

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    Music video by Various Artists performing Hakuna Matata (In 28 Languages) (From The Lion King). © 2019 Walt Disney Records

  • Uniquely stupid, even funny song about BMW


    Man, some guys just shouldn't be given microphones and pc's ...

  • Kafal Sviri - Trad Bulgarian, arr Peter Liondev


    Stella Nova
    Nelson College for Girls
    The Big Sing 2015

  • Let It Go - Behind The Mic Multi-Language Version


    Available now on Digital HD and Blu-ray
    Get the Frozen soundtrack on iTunes -
    Get the Frozen soundtrack on iTunes -

    #Frozen #LetItGo #Vevo

  • JSTWT - Bulgaria: Joss meets with Bulgarian Fund for Women


    Bulgarian Fund for Women, definitely, yay for women. An inspiring charity we visited in Bulgaria that raises funds and gives grants to local non-governmental organisations (NGO's) working to advance women’s and girls’ rights, eliminate gender stereotypes and achieve gender equality in all spheres of life. Take a look at the video and see for yourselves the women we met dedicating their time and effort in building a world free of discrimination and inequality. It is so important that all girls and women have equal opportunities and are given the same choices as everyone else.

    For more information, please their website:



    Как да си направим СуперТрап като Боро ?

    Първо, извинявам се за амплитудите в нивото на звука, ШСНУЧ :)
    Второ...няма. Гледай и коментирай.

    Иначе, евала на Боро Първи и екипа зад албума, в Бг няма много такива.

    Аудио версия:

  • Oratnitza - Beginning


    Intro track from the album Folktron (2015)
    Director: Bogdan Darev

  • The mysterious tribal music of Sephardic Jews - Kondja mia


    Yamma Ensemble - Global Hebrew & Jewish music: traditional & original
    Lyrics & music sheets, support
    FB -
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    Spotify -

    Kondja Mia - My Rose
    lyrics & composition: traditional Jewish Sephardi-Turkish
    arrangement: Aviv Bahar


    Talya G.A Solan - lead vocals
    Aviv Bahar - kopuz, back vocals
    Yonnie Dror - duduk, clarinet, back vocals
    Nur Bar Goren - percussion, back vocals
    Avri Borochov - double bass, bendir, back vocals

    recorded live By Marko Gurkan at Kicha Studios
    mixed by Avri Borochov
    Director of Photography & Editing: Zohar Ron -
    dress: Dodo Bar Or
    styling Talya: Julie Ardon


    ~ קונג׳ה מיה - ורד שלי ~
    מילים ולחן: יהודי ספרדי
    עיבוד: אביב בכר
    מרפרטואר שירת מגורשי ספרד, קהילת יהודי טורקיה

    טליה ג. סולאן - שירה
    אביב בכר - קופוז, שירה
    יוני דרור - דודוק, קלרינט, שירה
    נור בר גורן - כלי הקשה, שירה
    אברי בורוכוב - קונטרבס, בנדיר, שירה

    בימוי, צילום ועריכה: זוהר רון -
    הקלטה: מרקו גורקן, אולפני קיצ׳ה
    מיקס: אברי בורוכוב
    סטיילינג טליה: ג׳ולי ארדון
    שמלה: דודו בר אור

    Kondja mia is a Jewish Sephardi song from the repertoire of Jewish community that settled down in Turkey after the expulsion from Spain in 1492

    After the expulsion of Spanish Jews, Jewish communities moved to settle throughout the Ottoman Empire who accepted them and allowed them religious freedom.
    The 15th century Spanish continued to be present but mixed with other languages.
    In this song there is Turkish influence by using words from Turkish language and by playing in rhythm (11/8) that is mainly characteristic of traditional Turkish music

    The song is sung by a young man that suffers the torments of love and swears he would never fall in love again. He is captivated by the charm of his dark-skinned lover who broke his heart.

    canción sefardí antigua en Ladino. / Sephardic Judeo Song / traditional Jewish Sephardic music.
    Canciones Sephardies de Turkey. Judeo-Español - Canción tradicional Sefardí

    ~~~ About Ladino / Sephardic language ~~~
    Ladino, otherwise known as Judeo-Spanish, is the spoken and written language of Jews of Spanish origin. Ladino was consolidated as a specifically Jewish language after the expulsion from Spain in 1492, when it came into contacts with Turkish and other Balkan languages, and adopted a massive vocabulary from Hebrew. It is also known as Judezmo, Dzhudezmo, or Spaniolit.

    When the Jews were expelled from Spain and Portugal they were cut off from the further development of the language, but they continued to speak it in the communities and countries to which they emigrated. The further away from Spain the emigrants went, the more cut off they were from developments in the language, and the more Ladino began to diverge from mainstream Castilian Spanish. Ladino therefore basically reflects the grammar and vocabulary of 15th century Spanish, but has heavy Hebrew and Turkish components.
    Jewish Sephardic repertoire, Ladino, Judeo - Español

  • 2012 Panos Kalidis-Paragnoristikame


    I do not own the rights.
    No copyright intended.
    Only for entertainment - All rights belong to the producers



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    (C) 2018 BRATЯTA

  • Pure Bulgarian Nature


    Bagpipes under the sky

  • Rehearsal I cant do it alone musical Chicago -Bulgarian language


    Silviya Filipova rehearsing for the musical Chicago.
    Acting as Velma Kelly at Sofia Music Theater, Bulgaria, 2013/2014

  • Special Agent Oso - Three Special Steps || One-Line Multilanguage Read Desc


    Special Agent Oso - Three Special Steps Multilanguage.

    1.) 0:00-0:47 - Official Russian (Thundersmall version).
    2.) 0:48-1:24 - Official Russian (version 1).
    3.) 1:24-2:02 - Official Russian (version 2).
    4.) 2:02-2:40 - Official Danish / Dansk (version 1).
    4.) 2:40-3:16 - Official Hungarian (version 1).
    5.) 3:17-3:54 - Official French / France (version 1).
    6.) 3:54-4:30 - Official Italian / Italiano (version 1).
    7.) 4:31-5:10 - Official Italian / Italiano (version 2).
    8.) 5:10-5:46 - Official Polish (version 1).
    9.) 5:47-6:26 - Official Polish (version 2).
    10.) 6:26-7:03 - Official Latino Spanish / Español (version 1).
    11.) 7:04-7:45 - Official Latino Spanish / Español (version 2).
    12.) 7:45-8:02 - Official Swedish / Svenska (version 2) [no full version].


    13.) 8:03-8:49 - Official instrumental French / France [Castilian Spanish / Español Subtitles] (version 1).
    14.) 8:49-10:26 - Official instrumental Danish / Dansk (version 1) [Episode version].
    15.) 10:27-11:23 - Official instrumental French / France (version 1) [episode version].
    16.) 11:23-12:00 - Official instrumental Russian (version 1).
    17.) 12:01-12:46 - Official instrumental Russian (version 2).
    18.) 12:46-13:00 - Official instrumental Romanian / Romania (version 2) [with Sound Effects, without Backing Vocals].

    19.) 13:31-14:09 - Official Arabic (version 1).
    20.) 14:09-14:48 - Official Arabic (version 2).
    21.) 14:48-15:25 - Official Castilian Spanish / Español (version 1).
    22.) 15:26-16:05 - Official Castilian Spanish / Español (version 2).
    23.) 16:05-16:44 - Official German / Deutsch (version 1).
    24.) 16:44-17:23 - Official German / Deutsch (version 2).
    25.) 17:23-17:59 - Official Brazilian Portugal / Brazilian Portugues / Brazilian Portuguese (version 1).
    26.) 17:59-18:39 - Official Brazilian Portugal / Brazilian Portugues / Brazilian Portuguese (version 2).
    27.) 18:39-19:16 - Official Turkish / Türkçe (version 1).
    28.) 19:17-19:56 - Official Turkish / Türkçe (version 2).
    29.) 19:56-20:34 - Official English (version 1), 30.) 20:34-21:14 - Official English (version 2), 31.) 21:14-21:52 - Official English Clean Instrumental (Stereo, version 1).
    32.) 21:52-22:37 - Official - Romanian (version 1),
    33.) 22:37-23:17 - Official Romanian (version 2).

    + Bonus | 34.) 23:17-23:55 - Official Bulgarian (version 1), 35.) 23:55-24:34 - Official Bulgarian (version 2).

    The End!

  • Oratnitza - Stapil Dobri


    From the album Folktron (2015)

    Filmed at the epic ZENITH FUSION FESTIVAL, Dolen, Bulgaria
    Thank you: Gesh (edit), Binar (footage) and all other film crew members.

  • The Bulgarian Voices Angelite: Kalimanko Denko


    Summer Night Music 2002 - Spirits of Music
    Open air at the Marktplatz Leipzig, Germany

    The Bulgarian Voices Angelite

    Krassimir Kyurkchiyski – Kalimanko Denko

    Watch the full program:

    Spirits of Music is an unusual musical journey through the centuries, with stops on all continents. Inspired by their creators' different faiths, the works on the program have a strong religious background and are moving examples of the emotional power and effect of music. Internationally renowned soloists and ensembles as Bobby McFerrin (a ten-time Grammy Award winner, he is one of the world’s best-known vocal innovators and improvisers, a worldrenowned classical conductor), Nigel Kennedy (one of the world’s leading violin virtuosos), Sibylla Rubens (has emerged as one of the most compelling lyric sopranos of her day) or the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig will perform popular works from the European music tradition, encompassing Bach, Mozart and Verdi. Many magnificent examples of religious music come from artists as Kroke (playing and composing with the realm of authentic Jewish music), the Kuumba Singers (dedicated to the expression of black creativity and spirituality through song), Mari Boine (one of the most impressive folk artists of contemporary time), the Bulgarian Voices Angelite (24 women whose hypnotic chant circles the globe), Vocal Sampling (a Cuban six-man a cappella group which has been described as one of the wonders of the musical world) and the the Ensemble Al-Kindi (is currently rated among the best formations devoted to classical Arab music). With the inclusion of world music, the program will achieve a highly suspenseful juxtaposition of European and non-European music.

  • Nelly Petkova - magic Bulgarian voice


    Nelly Petkova is only 23 years old. She is Bulgarian. Do you know where's Bulgaria... see this

  • Ivan Shopov & Avigeya - Eno Lyo


    This track is only available on the vinyl edition of the album from:

  • The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE - Gospodi pomiloi


    Concert from Iceland from the DVD Passion & Tales Recorded at Hallgrimskirkja church Iceland May 2006 at Reykjavik Arts Festival.
    For more information:

  • Despina Vandi-Erota Thelei I Zoi


  • 2012 Despina Vandi-Ligo psema


  • Bulgarian Folk Music


    Bulgarian music uses a wide range of instruments. Some folk instruments are variants of traditional Asian instruments such as the Saz (Bulgarian tambura), or the kemençe (Bulgarian gъdulka). Bulgarian folk bands, called bitovi, use instruments that commonly include: The gaida, a traditional goat-skin bagpipe. The kaval, an end-blown flute is very close to the Turkish kaval, as well as the Arabic Ney. The gadulka, a bowed stringed instrument perhaps descended from the rebec, held vertically, with melody and sympathetic strings. The tǔpan, a large drum worn over the shoulder by the player and hit with a beater (kiyak) on one side and a thin stick (osier) on the other. The tambura, a long-necked, metal-strung, fretted lute used for rhythmic accompaniment as well as melodic solos. The tarabuka or dumbek, an hourglass-shaped finger-drum. Other instruments arrived in Bulgaria in the 19th century, including the accordion and the clarinet. Regional styles abound in Bulgaria. Dobrudzha, Sofia, the region surrounding Sofia (Shope style), Rhodopes, Macedonia (Pirin), Thrace, Strandzha and the Danube shore all have distinctive sounds. Some folk music revolves around holidays like Christmas, New Year's Day, midsummer, and the Feast of St. Lazarus, as well as the Strandzha region's unusual Nestinarstvo rites. The distinctive sounds of women's choirs in Bulgarian folk music come from their unique rhythms, harmony and vocal production. The tradition of church singing in Bulgaria is more than a thousand years old, and can be traced back to the early Middle Ages.

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    Whether you are an educator, artist, archivist, student or music enthusiast.
    With your support we can continue our mission.

    With recordings from more than hundred nations our Collection of Traditional Music offers a staggering diversity of our shared humanity.

    Traditional Music Channel © All Rights Reserved

  • Rauf & Faik - детство


    Official audio -

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    +7 (912) 442-58-81

    Yandex Music:

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    Съемка / Монтаж: ПЦ (

  • Oratnitza - Gano Gano


    From the album Folktron (2015) - European winter tour Jan/Feb 2016

  • WGBH Music: Bella Hristova plays a Bulgarian Ratchenitsa


    LIve in the Fraser Performance Studio at WGBH, Boston, Bulgarian-born violinist Bella Hristova plays the traditional 7/8 folk dance from her homeland called Ratchenitsa, by Bulgarian composer Parashkev Hadjiev. Cathy Fuller is the Classical New England host.


  • 2012 Kostas Mpigalis-Tora Ksexnas


  • ANDREA ft. COSTI - Samo Moy / АНДРЕА ft. COSTI - Само Мой | Concert 2008


    Download / Streaming:

    Concerts & Licensing:
    International Booking: +40741067203 - Ionut Bejinariu (
    Bulgaria Booking: +359 88 860 0040 - Megi Traykova (


    Follow ANDREA:
    Official Website:
    Snapchat: andrea_sahara

  • Accordion Bulgarian Suite Parts I & II


    Bulgarian Suite by V. Semyonov, played by Elke De Meester in 2005 at the age of 17. MusicLive-finals, Bruges, Belgium.

  • Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra - Djelem Djelem


    BGKO - Imbarca (2014)

    Robindro clarinetist - new album !
    'Balkan Reunion' (Satélite K, 2015)

    Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra was a project founded by clarinetist Robindro Nikolic and accordionist Mattia Schirosa. The project existed from year 2012 - 2015 creating great success while performing in Barcelona and most European countries. The last concert of Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra was performed at Vienna KLEZMORE festival on the 8th of November 2015.

    Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra were

    Sandra Sangiao (Vocals - Catalunya)
    Robindro Nikolic (Clarinet - Serbia/India)
    Mattia Schirosa (Accordeon - Italy)
    Julien Chanal (Guitar - France)
    Ivan Kovacevic (Double Bass - Serbia)
    Stelios Togias (Percussion - Greece)

    Vroni Schnattinger (Violin - Germany)

    This song is a tribute to one of the greatest Romani songs, sung by some of the greatest singers of all times. In some way ,  it is our inspiration for entering into the mystical world of the gipsies.
    Lyrics are written by Žarko Jovanović in Romani language, in the year 1949, but the melody already existed among Romani people of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. Some say that the original melody was of a love song and that it was known during the twenties of the last century and that Žarko Jovanović adopted it and wrote lyrics of his own dedicated to Roma people. It tells about the atrocities they suffered during World War II, and about the rise of Roma people that is about to come. It was adopted as the Romani national anthem at the first world congress of Roma people in 1971 in London.   

    'Imbarca' (Satélite K, 2014)
    'Balkan Reunion' (Satélite K, 2015)

    Vídeo realizado por Andrea Spalletti y Fabio Alvino en el Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris.

  • Pancho Vladigerov - Piano Concerto N. 3 - Bulgarian Classics


    This beautiful and expressive piano concerto was composed by the bulgarian composer Pancho Vladigerov (1899-1978) - considered one of the most important figure in bulgarian culture in 20-th century. This concerto is among his most famous works and was composed in 1937 following the romantic tradition while incorporating some bulgarian traditional music themes. My oppinion is that this work deserves more world attention and my intention by uploading this recording was to make it more popular and reach people's hearts all over the world.

    Performed by Georgii Cherkin - piano

    Symphony orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio
    Conducted by Milen Nachev

  • 2011 HD Despoina Vandi-Mouxeis Perasei


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