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Playlist of Bulgarian cuisine

  • Banitsa by Bella Hristova


    Banitsa is one of my favorite Bulgarian foods and I made this video for Desiree Ruhstrat's blog, Fiddler's Favorites.

    Recipe below:

    1 packet phyllo dough, thawed (for this recipe I used about 10 13x18 sheets)
    5 eggs (save 1 yolk for glazing)
    1 - 1 1/4 cup Bulgarian yogurt, or any plain yogurt
    ~ 6oz feta cheese
    2 tbsp butter
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    2 cups wilted chopped spinach (optional)
    Salt to taste

    1. Lightly whisk four eggs plus one egg white in a large bowl. Set the fifth yolk aside.
    2. Add in the yogurt, salt to taste, baking powder, feta and spinach, if using. Keep mixing after adding each ingredient.
    3. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. A springform cake pan can also be used for shape (10”). Depending on the size of the phyllo sheets, you may end up with more or less rolls than this recipe.
    4. Open phyllo packet only once everything else is ready. Spoon out a ladle of the mixture at the top of the long side of the phyllo sheets in a wide line. Brush the rest of the sheet with melted butter. Take the top two phyllo sheets and roll towards you. (Spraying with an oil spray as you roll is optional.)
    Once rolled into a log, place on cookie sheet seam side down, and roll into a tight spiral.
    5. Repeat 3 - 5 more times with remaining mixture, connecting the end of the previous log with the new one, spiraling outward.
    6. When finished, mix remaining butter with egg yolk and brush the top of the banitsa with the eggy/buttery mixture.
    7. Bake at 375F for about 45 minutes, or until golden brown
    8. Let rest for a few minutes (the longer the better) and enjoy! Can be eaten hot, warm, at room temperature ????

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  • Bulgaria food-experience


    Neromacchiato presenta :
    L'aperitivo Etnico -
    Giovedì 21 Marzo
    destinazione Bulgaria

    COduo Audio-video experience
    start 20:00

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  • Fania Presents: Armada Fania DJ Sets - Uproot Andy


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    On Thursday, Nov 10th 2016, we were truly honored to have over 700 fans join us for the Armada FANIA Club & Pop-Store.

    All night Kenny Dope, Uproot Andy, Nina Sky and Jose Marquez gave us unforgettable performances, while fans had exclusive access and actively engaged our classic FANIA vinyl and merchandise in the Pop-Up Store. Fans were also treated to innovative Puerto Rican cuisine from leading edge pop-up restaurant, MofonGO.

    About Uproot Andy
    UPROOT ANDY is a Brooklyn based DJ/Producer and co-founder of Que Bajo, the NYC based party that helped pioneer the so called Global Bass movement with its all embracing approach to global electronic music. Originally developing his culture crossing DJ sets at the Mehanata Bulgarian Bar before beginning the Que Bajo parties, Uproot Andy's unique sound of bass heavy and melodic dance music, first began appearing outside the club on mixtapes such as Guacharaca Migration, called 'one of the best mixtapes of 2008' by New York Magazine, as well as on early releases by the Bersa Discos and ZZK record labels. Since then he has toured extensively in Europe and across the Americas appearing in diverse settings from Colombia's Carnaval de Barranquilla to New York's Central Park Summerstage to the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards in London. Andy and Que Bajo co-founder Geko Jones represented their global bass sound at the Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash in NYC and they have recently launched Que Bajo Records to release a steady stream of remixes and club edits that give the now famous party its signature sound.

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  • Somewhere Along The Way - A Bulgarian Journey


    Dove Broadcasting presents a documentary of our efforts in helping disadvantaged children in Bulgaria in partnership with Cornett Ministries and Hope Restored Bulgaria.

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  • Gypsy Jazz - Happy Hungarian, Romanian Instrumental Music Mix to Dance


    The Best Mix of Gypsy Jazz Music! Dance With Happy Hungarian Romanian Instrumental Music for Full 10 Hours!

    Apple Music:

  • Azis baked Turkish burek


    Azis baked Turkish burek in his real life

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  • Languages of the Balkans


    Languages of the Balkans

  • Summer Street party 2012 - Bulgarian food


  • Amazing Foods


    Aqua Nevis Club Hotel

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  • How to make easy Bulgarian biscuit cake


    Easy and step by step... just 20 min

  • YTN TV - Fans of Korean Culture in Bulgaria


    YTN TV made a video about fans of Korean Culture in Europe. In This part they are in Bulgaria. Here u can see the winners in cuisine competition in Korean during 23-26 of november Presian and Kristina, the rap singer Yordan Zham Nguyen, the dancers Moni & Poli, Simeon who manage the project Korean cinema nightsand helps alot for popularize the Korean Culture in Bulgaria and many many K-pop fans :)

  • 3:24

    We only subbed the song.

  • LowFilter - Bulgarian Vegetarian


    Free MP3 Download at
    booking contact:

  • Bulgarian Tea Party - Scythian at the Celtic Fling


    Scythian performs a Bulgarian instrumental tune at the Celtic Fling in Manheim, PA on Saturday, June 27, 2009.

  • Trying Bulgarian Sweets


    Don't do it. Save yourself. Run.

  • Ferizaj - Jezerc - with my son - in a Kosovo place - we go out for a picnic - Italian food pizza


    Plaese subscribe to 【BeardMan's Kitchen】 BeardMan's Channel on YouTube if you like my videos:
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    Trešā ar pusi epizode no ceļojuma. 2 džeki, 2 bābas, 4 valstis un 1 mašīna.

    Šajā daļā mēs pastāstām, kādu mēs redzējām Albāniju – mazliet noputējušu un izaicinošu!

    Paldies Jagermeister par uzmudrinošajiem dzērieniem un lieliskajām somām/ledusskapjiem, kā arī SEB bankai par iespēju ceļot droši! Tiekās jau nākamajā epizodē, kur beidzot tiekam pie siltuma un jūras!
    Video: Maija Kuzņecova
    Ceļotāji: Eduards Gorbunovs, Maija Kuzņecova, Ilva Krave un Artūrs Jablokovs

  • Bulgarian Yogurt


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Bulgarian Yogurt · Unfulfilled Desires

    Punk Funk

    ℗ 2008 4th Dimension Media

    Released on: 2008-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Bulgarian Salad


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Bulgarian Salad · Trio SMS

    SMS Incoming

    ℗ Sheep Hill Records

    Released on: 2019-07-07

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Hyperlapse HD Banitza Samsung S8+


    Banitza is a traditional Bulgarian food in the börek family prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of cheese between filo pastry and then baking it in an oven.

    The movie was made with Samsung S8+ with Hyperlapse settings. It was filming for around 10 minutes.

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  • The Bulgarian


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    The Bulgarian (Instrumental) · Lapidus

    Jacobs Island Instrumentals

    ℗ 1971963 Records DK

    Released on: 2020-05-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Wroclaw na widelcu 2019


    Bulgarian cuisine

  • Fin Bulgaria - I guess I need


    I guess I need of thrash metal no one break me
    life I have been fighting for their own deal
    I guess I need of thrash metal
    no one can beat me
    Fight life under justice a new beginning a new game
    no one can beat me
    I guess I need of thrash metal no one break me

  • ECSC #29 Bulgaria - Joaquin Estrella - If love was a crime


  • BULGARIAN YOGURT @ Gibus Club le 25/2/16


    BULGARIAN YOGURT @ Gibus Club le 25/2/16
    3 caméras
    Vidéo Canal Agité

  • Ukrainian Food on RRF 2016


    Présentation de préparation culinaire traditionnelle ukrainienne. A voir et surtout déguster en Juillet au Ragnard Rock Fest 2016.

    Sont présentées sur cette video : Dishes -Vareniki and Okroshka

    Music by Jurgis
    Sound by TA productions
    Video by Jurgis and Dmitiy Milhalakiy
    In film chefs Viktor Petrenko and Kapinus Yurii

    Special thanks to :
    Assistants Katerina Mikhalakiy and Maria Kapinus

    * l'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé

  • Illusion & Thoughts - Luna Dolina Festival - Sept 2013


    Recorded live at Luna Dolina festival, Voditsa, Bulgaria, September 2013

    For more HiHat Live goodness and bookings go to:

    and hit the like button.


  • Autumn Digging Dance


    Original music written for the quintet by Brian O'Neill, this work reinterprets the Bulgarian fall harvest rhythm, kopanitsa, in a non-folk, non-dance context.

    Published by Rhythmspice Music
    Available on the album, Where Here Meets There

    In the same way a chef de cuisine runs a kitchen, percussionist Brian O’Neill leads a team of five musical creators who deftly collaborate on instruments foreign and domestic to form modernist delicacies for hungry, curious listeners. From the high arts of jazz and chamber music to adaptations of mid-century exotica and pop art, the quintet version of Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica renders O’Neill’s original compositions and curious adaptions of Bach, Gershwin, Shostakovich and John Adams into cinematic, layered music for armchair travelers ready to journey off road.

    * Press kit for presenters:
    * Join mailing list
    * Store, CDs, Vinyl:

    Brian O’Neill (Artistic Director) vibraphone, percussion, artistic director
    Geni Skendo: bass flute, C flute
    Jeremy Smith: hand percussion
    Brad Barrett: bass
    Tev Stevig: oud, tanbur, resonator guitar
    Filmed Summer, 2016.
    Videography by Nicholas Papps.
    Sound by John Weston, Futura Productions.

  • Aranis le 28 Avril 2013 à Soignies


    Merveilleux concert d'Aranis à la Convention Prog-Résiste 2013. Petit extrait avec Bulgarian Flying Dance de Daniel Denis.
    Et rendez vous au Rock in Opposition à Carmaux du 20 au 22 Septembre prochain pour les retrouver à nouveau.

  • ZJO feat. Matthieu Michel plays Gil Evans Porgy & Bess


    Zurich Jazz Orchestra live at Moods

    ZJO feat. Matthieu Michel plays Gil Evans Porgy & Bess

  • House of Waters - Live at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria, 2019-02-26


    House of Waters - Live at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria, 2019-02-26

    Max ZT: hammered dulcimer
    Moto Fukushima: six-string bass
    Ignacio Rivas-Bixio: percussion

    Das Trio aus Brooklyn gehört mit seinem afrikanisch-indisch-südamerikanischen Indie-Rock-Jazz zu den angesagtesten Bands im jungen Jazz. Extrem spannend, was die drei auf die Bühne bringen. Schon allein die Besetzung ist unglaublich: Max am Hackbrett, Moto am sechssaitigen Bass und Ignacio an den Percussions. Die Musik von House of Waters ist beides, komplex und trotzdem leicht zugänglich. Kategorisieren können und wollen sie ihre Musik nicht. Vor allem möchten sie gute Musik machen. Und dabei gibt es für sie keine musikalischen Grenzen. „Das letzte D´Angelo Album oder Kendrick´s Butterfly… das war nicht nur Rap, oder Hip Hop, oder Jazz, oder Soul – es war alles. Es war amorph. So wie die Zukunft sein wird.“ Um zu verstehen, was sie wirklich transportieren sagen sie: „Kommt in unser Konzert – dann wisst ihr es.“ Dieser Aufforderung sollte man unbedingt folgen! (Quasimodo, Berlin)

  • Accordion and Clarinet music at Crepes a Go Go


    Some users have been asking for videos of me and the clarinetist playing live. Even though we play at Crepes a Go Go weekly, no one ever records us (at least, no one that we know).

    Two weeks ago the clarinetist's wonderful fiancee (they get married in four weeks!!) recorded us playing a Jewish song Kol Dodi. This is the last part of the song. The song started in Cm and modulated to Dm. In this last part, we bring it up from Dm to Em! How exciting!

    The cafe is Crepes a Go Go, at 18 Yorkville, in Toronto, Canada. A wonderful place!




  • Répétition à lécole de musique andalouse Mezghena de Montréal


    Répétition fin de session de printemps 2016 à l'école de musique Andalouse Mezghena de Montréal, programme Sika.
    L'école qui est située à Montréal, donne des cours de musique arabo-andalouse pour adultes et enfants, débutants et avancés.

  • Aeneas ayia napa


    My work place in bulgarian lang

  • J.C. to all bulgarian fans


    Dog Eat Dog live in Sofia - 14.05.2014 @ club Mixtape 5
    more info -



    Gypsy Trio - Happy (Pharrell)
    More videos:

    Gypsy Trio and special guest perform a live acoustic cover of Happy (Pharrell.) Filmed live in Nice France by LIVE on the street

  • Rafael Aragon - Aza Djouka


    Rafael rafiralfiro Aragon is a latin/arabic rooted french musician born and raised in parisians downtown and suburbs. Aza Djouka is his newest track in the same name EP released by Babylon Records.

    Latinarabia Studio, Paris Suburbs, France

  • Box Codax - Red Wine In Tunis


    Artist: Box Codax
    Album: Only An Orchard Away
    Track: 11

    I do not own any rights of this song.
    Originally released by Gomma Records.

  • Basket case


    Provided to YouTube by WM Spain

    Basket case · Judith Mateo

    Rock is my life

    ℗ 2015 warner music spain sl bajo licencia de Judith Mateo.

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • DAB+ TEST Belgium / Wallonie / Local Radio Unknown transmitter


    TEST DAB+ Radio Local 'Liège'

    48FM / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s :
    Centre FM / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s :
    Equinoxe FM / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s :
    Meuse Radio / ? :
    Mixt FM / ?
    Panach FM / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s :
    RCF Liège / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s :
    Radio + / ? :
    Radio Hitalia / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s :
    Radio Prima / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s :
    Radio Snoopy / ? :
    Trukuaz Radio / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s :
    Warm FM / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s :
    You FM / HE-AAC v1 / 80 Kbps/s : ?

  • Merle Bardenoir - Chants davant laube full album


    My music is available on

    Tracklist :
    Terra Incognita 0:00
    Bridget Cleary 3:00
    Lune Noire 5:45
    Aujourd'hui Paris 9:00
    Vent du Levant 11:29
    Cumulus 15:03
    Carrousel 19:38
    Attrape-Rêves 22:58
    La Cinquième Saison 28:57
    Pour Endormir les Démons 32:14


  • Octandre: II. Très vif et nerveux


    Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

    Octandre: II. Très vif et nerveux · Chicago Pro Musica

    Medinah Sessions

    ℗ 2012 Reference Recordings

    Released on: 2012-03-01

    Ensemble: Chicago Pro Musica
    Composer: Edgard Varèse

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Kaltersia, Albania - XXVIII International Folklore Meeting Lublin 2013 - 16.07.2013


    Kaltersia, Albania - XXVIII Międzynarodowe Spotkania Folklorystyczne Lublin 2013 - 16.07.2013 (V)
    Kaltersia, Albania - XXVIII International Folklore Meeting Lublin 2013 - 16.07.2013 (V)

  • Crepe Man


  • Onslaught - Message to the Bulgarian Fans


    Onslaught - Message to the Bulgarian Fans

  • Abanico 2020: Vanesa Petrova / Bulgaria / 5 y.



  • Ultimate Serbian Breakfast! - Tomato Steak + Coal Baked Egg + Delicacies


  • Balkan Blood - Lana Janjanin


    Balkan Blood (composed, arranged & conducted by : Lana Janjanin)

    Performed by: Nouvelle Cuisine Big Band (alias Austrian Jazz Composer's Orchestra)

    Live on 16.12.2010. @ Porgy & Bess Vienna, Austria

  • Folklorna trapeza 399 HD


    Folklore Table / Фолклорна трапеза 399 HD ( май 2017)
    week TV show/седмично предаване
    TV Eurofolk

    1. Рецепти по проект „Мултикултурният привкус на русенската регионална кухня“ – ученици от Професионална гимназия по туризъм „Иван П. Павлов“ – Русе
    2. „Юнак Георги - Джесика Стефанова – ДЮФА „Граовче“ към ОДК - гр. Перник
    3. „Танци от гатанки и песни“ - ДФА „Шарено герданче“ към ЦМДИ - гр. Търговище
    4. „Sayat Nova“- Лилит Ян – гр. Ереван, Армения

    1. Recipes of the project The multicultural flavor of the regional cuisine in Ruse - students from the Ivan P. Pavlov High School of Tourism - Ruse
    2. „Yunak Georgi - Dzhesika Stefanova – Child-youth folklore ensemble „Graovche“ at Municipal Children Complex - Pernik (Bulgaria)
    3. „Tantsi ot gatanki i pesni“ - Children's folklore ensemble „Shareno gerdanche“ at Center for Youth Activities and Initiatives - Targovishte (Bulgaria)
    4. „Sayat Nova“- Lilit Yan – Erevan, Armenia



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