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Playlist of Bulgarian cuisine

  • Cooking Music - Playlist 2020


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    Cooking Music - Playlist 2020:
    00:00 Fly Me To The Moon – The Cooltrane Quartet & Nenei
    03:31 Love You Inside Out - Beluga's Trio & Shelly Sony
    07:13 Roads - Urban Love & Ivette Moraes
    10:06 Everywhere - Eve St. Jones
    13:07 Talking In Your Sleep (Bossa Nova Mix) - Ituana & Groove Da Praia
    16:55 The Lady In Red - The Cooltrane Quartet
    20:42 Take It Easy - Jamie Lancaster
    23:58 One Of These Nights - James Farrelli & Ituana
    27:11 Jamming – Groovy Waters
    29:56 Missing - Herbie Garrett, Krister & Mayla Da Viola
    33:24 Crazy - Celso Mendes & Lua
    37:07 You Really Got Me – George White Group, Nikki Ocean & Groovy Waters
    39:41 Pink - Les Crossaders & Mandy Jones
    43:09 Fortunate Son – Stella Starlight Trio
    47:03 Sunday Morning (Acoustic Mix) - Dalbani & Herbie Garrett
    50:00 Perfect Strangers - Nikki Ocean
    53:27 Take My Breath Away - Flora Martinez
    56:58 I Just Wanna Stop - Michelle Simonal
    59:21 Hold On My Heart - The Cooltrane Quartet Feat. Luca Giacco
    01:04:20 Back Down South - Stereo Dub Feat. Karen Souza
    01:07:04 When The World Is Running Down - BossArt Ensemble, Os Alquimistas & Natascha
    01:10:07 Losing Grip - Stella Starlight Trio Feat. Cassandra Beck
    01:14:18 Back To Black - Eve St. Jones
    01:18:24 We Belong Forever (Bossa Mix) - Urban Love
    01:21:03 Good For You - Style Project
    01:24:43 I Like You – Brazil XXI Feat. Luca Giacco
    01:28:46 True – The Moleskins, BossArt Ensemble & Brazilian Jazz Cuts
    01:32:51 Big In Japan - Banda Do Sul Feat. Isa
    01:37:12 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World – James Farrelli
    01:40:53 Fever - Amazonics
    01:44:59 I Remember - Don & Gene, Groove Messengers & DJ Style
    01:48:28 Without You - Bellestar & Francoise Sanders
    01:51:46 Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Dinah Eastwood
    01:56:16 More Than I Can Bear - Luca Giacco
    02:00:14 Cryin' - Sarah Menescal
    02:03:33 Would I Lie To You - Eve St. Jones
    02:07:15 Best Of You - Dual Sessions
    02:11:47 Our Day Will Come - Brazil XXI Feat. Sixth Finger
    02:14:30 Go Your Own Way - Nova Bossa Ltd. Marvin Natalie Renoir
    02:17:17 I Only Wanna Be With You - Eve St. Jones
    02:21:05 Behind Blue Eyes - Amazonics Feat Michelle Simonal
    02:25:08 Little Lies - Luca Giacco
    02:27:09 Lanterna Dos Afogados - Sarah Menescal
    02:29:59 Say Say Say - Eve St. Jones

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  • Баница част 2


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  • Happy bar & grill||best European food||Bulgarian,Greece food


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  • Summer Street party 2012 - Bulgarian food


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  • Bulgaria food-experience


    Neromacchiato presenta :
    L'aperitivo Etnico -
    Giovedì 21 Marzo
    destinazione Bulgaria

    COduo Audio-video experience
    start 20:00

  • How to make easy Bulgarian biscuit cake


    Easy and step by step... just 20 min

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  • Открытие яхтенного сезона в Болгарии -2019 г.


    Русско-Болгарский яхтенный клуб - открытие сезона 2019 г.
    Русский Яхтенный Клуб Болгарии (марина Сарафово, Бургас)
    Мы предлагаем:
    - услуги по подбору, доставке и регистрации любых плавсредств.
    - обучение яхтингу, в том числе для получения болгарских национальных прав.
    - помощь в прохождении ежегодного техосмотра судна.
    - организация летней стоянки и зимнего хранения.
    - предсезонная подготовка и ремонт корпуса и двигателя.
    - аренда и прокат яхт и катеров.
    - летние путешествия на яхтах и зимний отдых на кемперах.

    тел: +359-896 771-781;
    viber: +359-893-624-473;
    WhatsAppviber +7-921-241-00-77
    #яхтингвболгарии #арендаяхтвболгарии #отдыхнаяхте #недельныйчартернаяхте #детскийпарусныйлагерь #прогулканаяхте

  • YTN TV - Fans of Korean Culture in Bulgaria


    YTN TV made a video about fans of Korean Culture in Europe. In This part they are in Bulgaria. Here u can see the winners in cuisine competition in Korean during 23-26 of november Presian and Kristina, the rap singer Yordan Zham Nguyen, the dancers Moni & Poli, Simeon who manage the project Korean cinema nightsand helps alot for popularize the Korean Culture in Bulgaria and many many K-pop fans :)

  • Welcome to BULGARIA - Magic Lives Here


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  • Bulgarian Yogurt


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Bulgarian Yogurt · Unfulfilled Desires

    Punk Funk

    ℗ 2008 4th Dimension Media

    Released on: 2008-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • BULGARIAN YOGURT @ Gibus Club le 25/2/16


    BULGARIAN YOGURT @ Gibus Club le 25/2/16
    3 caméras
    Vidéo Canal Agité

  • Bulgarian Salad


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Bulgarian Salad · Trio SMS

    SMS Incoming

    ℗ Sheep Hill Records

    Released on: 2019-07-07

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • AMAZING street artist singing traditional bulgarian folklore song - Veliko Turnovo,Bulgaria


    Incredible voice...

  • Glenfiddich x National Geographic Bulgaria


    Glenfiddich x National Geographic promotion

  • Croatian Cooking By The Book but in a c note


    How the fuck do Croatian people fuck this up so bad

    Support Stefan on his fight on cancer once again:

  • Wroclaw na widelcu 2019


    Bulgarian cuisine

  • traditional Bulgarian folk song


    during jeep safari drivers perform a bulgarian song

  • Music and food afternoon, 28 Feb 2010


    One of our periodic music/barbeque get-togethers of our band, GREEK NIGHTS ( with our dear friends Vinnie & Vicki and Zvonko & Fiona. Musicians and partners united by their love of music and food, sharing tunes from their respective repertoires - as well as some beautiful traditional Greek, Serbian and European cuisine.



    03.03. -- Освобождение на България от турско робство ... Liberation of Bulgaria ... The term is, however, partially inaccurate, as it only refers to the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule ( Enslavement ) . . .

  • Banitsa - Ninja


    Enregistré live à la Chapelle Saint-Louis, Mtl, Qc.

    Image : Louis Rivest-Hénault

    Prise de son + mixage : François Pinet-Forcier et Samuel Carrier.

    Jo Millette - Violon
    Étienne Deschênes - Accordéon
    Dominique Poirier - Guitare
    Émilou Johnson - Contrebasse
    Cédric Boivin - Banjo

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  • The Great Balkan Cuisine


  • Best Pesach Ever! Shainfeld in MELIA


    Pesach Vacation in MELIA GRAND HERMITAGE kosher hotel in Bulgaria. Fly with Shainfeld Tours to the Golden Sands beach near Varna for an exciting, relaxed and care-free kosher vacation. Magnificent Seder, great music and Jewish cuisine, Full board - 3 meals a day with wine and drinks, and an Irish lounge open daily with free snacks and beverages.

    shainfeld tours= 03-6189999

  • Vince Panov @ the Great Balkan Cuisine




    Not all of the snacks were Macedonian I am aware!! We just bought them from a Macedonian Milk bar and thought they were, so sorry for the confusion???? Love y'all!!

    Hey guys!!!
    So in Today's video my mum and I tried some Macedonian snacks as we are going to Macedonia soon????
    Don't forget to Like and Subscribe!!
    Love you guys????
    - Jasmine xoxo????

    I post every Thursday and sometimes Sunday's
    As well don't forget to do me a favour and...


  • Gemlya - Gevretsy Main Theme OST


    Main theme music for the bulgarian animated series Gevretsy ///
    Музика към главната тема на българския анимационен сериал Гевреци

  • bg klip esen


  • Abanico 2020: Vanesa Petrova / Bulgaria / 5 y.



  • CARLOS PERÓN - Miles Of Perón


    The title track from the new album Miles Of Perón by ex-Yello member Carlos Perón, out digitally via Dig Music Norway and as a special limited edition CD edtition via Zone 30 Records from Germany!

    INFO IN ENGLISH (Info in German further down!):

    Jazz Nouveau

    Carlos Perón's album MILES OF PERÓN

    feat. Martin Dimitrov
    Carlos Perón travelled around 2009 in Bulgaria in search of supernatural music talents. During a dinner with a typically Bulgarian national menue at the Blue Club in Sofia, the music advisor Zack Jelesoff, introducing to Carlos the composer Martin Dimitrov. After sipping some shots of Rakia, Dimitrov pulled out his MacBook and played to a round of his new compiled sound visions. The innovative kind of the music creation, made mr. Peron eager. He invited him later in one of his studios to play out together a new album. The choice fell on the Greenhal studio, in the snow-covered Eiffel at this time, near of the world-famous Nürburgring, where Carlos drives from time to time the north loop.
After an year of hardcore production, the team finally reached it's goal - a CD of 9 original pieces, called Miles of Perón.
    Now it's already out, represented by Dig Music, Norway, and people can start cleaning their ears for this high end production.
    Some epic instruments and voices were activated in the Greenhal studio, including:
    Carlos Perón: Vocals, Roland SH3A, Roland SH 101, Casio SK5, ARP 2600, Synth I AKS 80, historical handmade analogue filters, and the unique single piece creation - Golden Pharaoh Warmer
    Martin Dimitrov: Vocals, Virus indigo, Nordlead virtual analogue, Quasimidi Sirius, Quantec 2492 yardstick, analogue and digital synthesis, bass and percussions

    Guest singers and musicians:
    Sergio Gutiérrez y Sanchez: Trumpets
    Mike Henderson: Organ, Grand piano
    Azrael Neeraj: Sitar
    Ali Baba Omar: Saxophones
    Wumbo Jackson: Guitars
    Canan Sezgin Geylan: Vocals
    Yana Kamenova: Vocals
    Steff Angelova: Vocals

    Carlos Perón: Jazz is freedom and revolution at the same time and the permanent revolution helds the freedom. The style of the album Miles of Perón is called Jazz nouveau, inspired by the cuisine nouvelle from Paul Bocuse.
    To compose, arrange and mix music is like a high cookery.
    A bad mix is comparable with an oversalted plate of pasta.

    Martin Dimitrov: Jazz is the right way to encode real information into the music.
Its a life pulsation with endless possibilities..
    c. In 2013 David Lichtfeld


    Jazz Nouveau

    Carlos Perón´s Album MILES OF PERÓN

    feat. Martin Dimitrov

    Carlos Perón bereiste 2009 Bulgarien auf der Suche nach supernatürlichen Musiktalenten. Beim essen eines typisch bulgarischen Nationalgerichtes im Blue Club in Sofia, stellte der Musikberater Zack Yelesoff, Carlos den Komponisten Martin Dimitrov vor. Nach reichlich Rakia, zückte Dimitrov seinen MacPro hervor und spielte der Runde seine neu erarbeiteten Klangvisionen vor. Die innovative Art der Musikschöpfung, begeisterte Perón. Er lud ihn in später in eines seiner Studios ein, um gemeinsam ein neues Album einzuspielen. Die Wahl fiel auf das Greenhal Studio, in der damals verschneiten Eifel, nahe des weltberühmten Nürburgrings, wo Perón ab und an die Nordschleife fährt.
    Diese Instrumente und Stimmen wurden im Greenhal Studio aktiviert:

    Carlos Perón: Vocals, Roland SH3A, Roland SH 101, Casio SK5, ARP 2600, EMS Synth I AKS 80, historische Filter, golden Pharao warmer

    Martin Dimitrov: Vocals, Virus Indigo, Nordlead virtual analog, Quasimidi Sirius, Quantec 2492 Yardstick, analogue and digital synthesis, basses, percussion

    Gastsängerinnen und Musiker:

    Sergio Gutiérrez y Sanchez: Trumpets, Mike Henderson: Organ, Grand Piano, Azrael Neeraj: Sitar, Ali Baba Omar: Saxophones, Wumbo Jackson: Guitars, Canan Sezgin Geylan: Vocals, Yana Kamenova: Vocals and Steff Angelova: Vocals


    Carlos Perón: Jazz ist Freiheit und Revolution zugleich, wobei die permanente Revolution die Freiheit erhält. Der Stil auf dem Album „Miles of Perón heisst „Jazz nouveau angelehnt an die cuisine nouvelle von Paul Bocuse. Musik komponieren, arrangieren und mischen ist wie hohe Kochkunst. Ein schlechter Mix ist vergleichbar mit einem versalzenen Teller Pasta.

    Martin Dimitrov: Jazz is der richtige Weg, echte Information in Musik zu wandeln.
    Jazz ist ein Puls im Lebensfluss, mit endlosen Möglichkeiten.

    c. 2013 David Lichtfeld

  • Romzil - Hora Bulgara


    Almost everyone keen to travel and explore South America will pass by Romzil, no doubt swept away by the charms of its bigger Latin American siblings. True, Romzil may lack the magnificent vistas, the tropical beaches, the joyously unrestrained fiestas, the exotic cuisine and many other brilliant attractions its neighbours enjoy in over-abudance. Many might regard it as simply an anomaly in the whole American continent, a state where none of the clich&carets that countries such as Brazil or Argentina bring to mind holds true. However this diminutive state can proudly boast of a different history which helped shape a culture shared by no other country in the whole of Latin America. Romzil was one of the last areas of Latin America to be settled by Europeans, a fact which partially explains its settlement by people mainly with roots in the Balkan countries. Finding the most known places already populated and settled by others, they simply moved farther away inland and ended up settling in Romzil. Being already used to centuries of tribal feudalism, the new arrivals had no difficulty mingling with the natives and creating a new, rather diminutive and mostly peaceful state. Natives and settlers took to each other music with a passion, giving shape after some time to what was to become a true tradition: an exciting, lively blend of Balkan melodies, native South American rhythms and the occasional Brazilian touch (probably brought over by travelling Brazilian traders) which is certainly unique and definitely addictive, as most visitors would be quick to observe. A truly transcontinental mix, surpassing any marketing schemes or forced cultural marriages, which has yet to enjoy the wider international exposure it truly deserves. As a colleague pointed out, Romzilians are far too busy enjoying themselves and making beautiful music to spare the time and try to sell it to the rest of the world. This release, concentrating on the music of the celebrated Gran Maestro Don Florian Cleonio de la Mikuta y Antonescu, is just a small step in discovering one of Latin Americas best kept secrets and enjoying one of the hidden musical treasures of our little planet. G. Bandoek, Miskatonic University..
    Mastering Paul Stefanides

  • Caramelldepressing


    A worldwide effort, forging alliances in a time of crisis. Featured languages (And their respective singer's nationality) are Russian (Ukraine), Bulgarian (Ukraine), Spanish (Spain), English (English), Swedish (Swedish), Japanese (Malaysian) and Finnish (Finnish).

  • Somewhere Along The Way - A Bulgarian Journey


    Dove Broadcasting presents a documentary of our efforts in helping disadvantaged children in Bulgaria in partnership with Cornett Ministries and Hope Restored Bulgaria.

  • Adam Carter DnB Session @Sunny Beach


    MEEX On The Beach 2014
    La Bamba Club - Bulgaria

  • Belly dance in restaurant Bulgaria in Chicago part 2


  • Безнадежден случай


    Provided to YouTube by KVZ Music Ltd.

    Безнадежден случай · Богдана Карадочева · Стефан Димитров

    Безнадежден случай


    Released on: 1982-07-06

    Composer: Stefan Dimitrov
    Lyricist: Miryana Basheva
    Music Publisher: KVZ Music Publishing

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Crepe Man


  • Russian salad


    prépartion d'une saled russe avec ma chere soeur x)
    moi jdis, c'est pas rien la cuisine.
    On va pas beaucoup jennibou mais il t'étais quasiment jamais sur les videos -___-'



    Plein 1953 no. 65
    3086 EE Rotterdam
    Tel. 06 120 79 245

  • איך להכין רולדת פיצה - כתוביות #סמדריפרח


    איך להכין רולדת פיצה #סמדריפרח #מהמטבחשליבאהבה #smadarifrach
    איך להכין עוגיות טעימות מאוד במהירות
    איך להכין ריבת קומקוואט - תפוז סיני
    איך להכין חלות מתוקות לכבוד שבת
    איך להכין זנגולה
    איך להכין פשטידת בשר ירקות ואגוזים עם בצק פריך
    איך להכין עוף אורז וגזר בסיר אחד
    איך להכין עוגת סולת
    איך להכין עוגת גבינה נשנושים משפחתית
    איך להכין עוואמה - ממתק חגיגי לחנוכה
    איך להכין קינוח מהיר עם בצק עלים
    איך להכין לחמניות בטעם של פעם
    איך להכין קרם וניל / קינוח בכוס
    איך להכין קינוח פרחי גבינה
    איך להכין סופגניות לחג החנוכה
    איך להכין - צ׳ורוס של סמדר יפרח
    איך להכין קינוח אישי בכוס - עוגת קרמבו
    קינוח אישי בכוס - קצפת עם תות שדה
    איך להכין עוגת גבינה קרה עם תות שדה
    איך להכין עוגה קרה עם קרם שמנת, תות שדה ואגוזים
    איך להכין - הסופגניה המפותלת
    איך להכין עוגיות מאפינס
    איך להכין קינוח - ביס קטנטן
    איך להכין רולדה עם שמנת מתוקה, ריבת חלב ואגוזים

    ניתן לראות את כל הסרטונים שלי ביוטיוב בלינק הבא:

    ניתן לרכוש את ספרי הבישול והאפיה שלי באמזון בלינק הזה:

    קישור לדף שלי : סמדר יפרח

    להצטרף לקבוצה החדשה שלי : סמדר יפרח - סמדר יפרח - מהמטבח שלי באהבה
    שלי באהבה !

  • Romanian Traditions, Martisor, Move to Learn, Comenius


  • Bulgarian Navy Band - Tradicional Bulgarian Folklor Music


    Bulgarian Navy Band - Tradicional Bulgarian Folklor Music ; Bulgaria, Varna - 2010 - International Folklor Festival

  • Entre maman et papa/Between Mom and Dad


    Cette musique raconte un scénario familial dominical:
    -Maman, dans la cuisine, appelle Papa : ya Rizkallah...
    -Papa, comme d'habitude, n'entend pas...
    -Maman, l'appelle encore et cette fois-ci hausse le ton: ya Rizkallah...
    -Papa entend l'écho. Il rentre et se livre à un dialogue avec ma mère; parfois il entonne un monologue pour contrer celui de ma mère; parfois, tout simplement, il se lance dans un discours d'amour.

    Composition et arrangement: Imane Homsy
    Maqâm/mode: nahawand en Do/Do mineur; technique traditionnelle

    Interprétation: Le violon et le kanoun sont les principaux protagonsites de ce scénario.
    Antoine khalife (violon), Angela Hounanian (violoncelle), Abboud El Saadi (basse acoustique), Ibrahim Jaber (percussions), Ali El Khatib (percussion/riqq), Tony Anka (derbouka et percussion/katem)

  • 3 minutes and 35 seconds of roman noodles


    3 minutes and 35 seconds of roman noodles

  • A short visit to Mullixhiu


    Albanian cuisine with so much soul and love.

  • IVELINA BALCHEVA-int.fest.STEP 2 PARNASSUS.Presentations of all singers-Moscow-1994



  • adasdada


  • Bulgaarse Bruiloft


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Bulgaarse Bruiloft · Klezmagic


    ℗ 2019 Antre Music

    Released on: 2019-03-09

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Богдана Карадочева - хитове: четвърта част


    Иване, Иване - 1990
    Нова годино - 1988 (с В.Найденов)
    Агата - 1973
    Изворче мое - 1982
    Дом на брега - 1979
    Едно празно място - 2001

  • Hospitality in 4km Party Center, Bulgaria


    Hospitality in 4km Party Center, Bulgaria

    - Beer Pong в България !

  • Anne Marie Peysson - Les aubergines à la Bulgare


    Anne-Marie Peysson
    Album - Régalez-Vous ! 12 recettes en musiques
    Biram 9101 951 (1976)
    Texte et Musique : Franck Gerald



    Организиран от Националният алианс за социална отговорност (НАСО), по повод Международния ден на хората с увреждания - 03 декември.

    ПРОДУЦЕНТСКО НАПРАВЛЕНИЕ Вътрешни телевизионни продукции
    © БНТ 1, 2012

    В концерта взеха участие над 200 артисти - известни български изпълнители и гости от Полша и Сърбия. Сред тях бяха Богдана Карадочева и Стефан Димитров, Митко Щерев, Илия Ангелов, Графа, Скилър и групите БТР, Спринт, Йордан Караджов и Сигнал, Бон-бон, хор и струнен оркестър на Държавно музикално училище, Кристиян Григоров, Богдана Петрова, Михаил Ангелов, Катя Минчева, Христина Лютова, ансамбъл Чинари, квартет Славей и др. Специален гост на концерта бе балканската звезда Весна Змиянац.

    Концертът се проведе под патронажа на президента на Република България г-н Росен Плевнелиев.

    Освен от него, участниците в концерта бяха поздравени от:
    Председателя на Народното събрание
    Министъра на труда и социалната политика
    Националното сдружение на общините и други.

    Концертът цели да привлече вниманието на обществото и да мотивира всеки човек, семейство и институция за конкретен принос в подкрепа на хората със специфични потребности, за създаване на условия, гарантиращи тяхната равнопоставеност и пълноценно участие в обществения живот.



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