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Playlist of Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia




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    A couple of months back we made a small trip to a small beautiful city of Germany - Aachen. This time around we decided to make the entire video as a timelapse, i.e. entirely made of photos!
    If you like this style, please write down in the comments down below, what city would you like us to cover next?

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  • Fire Starter


    Provided to YouTube by Sonic Symphony

    Fire Starter · Sonic Symphony


    ℗ 2019 Sonic Symphony

    Released on: 2015-01-14

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Getting Away With Murder


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Getting Away With Murder (In the Style of Pap Roach) (Instrumental Backing Track) · Original Backing Tracks · DR · DR

    Karaoke Hits: Rock Hard Vol. 2

    ℗ KHM Entertainment

    Released on: 2013-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Getting Away With Murder


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Getting Away With Murder (Originally Performed By Papa Roach) · B the Star · DR · DR

    40 Super Hits Karaoke: Rock Out V4

    ℗ 2011, Digital Revolution Entertainment

    Released on: 2011-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Mysterious Flashing Lights In The Sky Above Sofia, Bulgaria 2/2


    Filmed on 17.08.2018 part 1/2

    They look like lightnings, but there was no thunder, no sound at all.

    It seems if they were on the height of lightnings they were somewhere between the Sofia Airport and the Balkan Mountain.

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  • Vlog LETS HAVE SOME FUN IN CARREFOUR Part2. #Bulgaria#USA#France#Hungary


    The Carrefour video Part2 is here, we are going to recommended some delicious souvenir for you.

  • BNT news on GDPR


    GDPR news report from Sofia, Bulgaria 24.10.2017

    The full 8 o'clock news can be watched here:

  • Walking In Paris HD ©Bob McCarthy 2012


    WALKING IN PARIS~Music: ©2012 BobMcCarthy
    Photos: ©2012 18 Hours in Paris
    Bob McCarthy, guitars, Randy Roos, bass, Jerry Leake, percussion
    from the CD Where I Live

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  • FORGOTTEN FORESTS - Autumns Leaf


    | recorded during rehearsal sessions in July 2009, Sandanski, Bulgaria.

  • Train living the station in Vratsa - Bulgaria


    Just shot a short video clip of a train that lives the station in the town of Vratsa - Bulgaria. Notice the nice graffiti on the side.Even the driver greets me ;-)

  • Walking the Street


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Walking the Street · Cafe Music BGM channel

    Coffee Music

    ℗ 2018 Cafe Music BGM channel

    Released on: 2018-11-12

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • #kripcoustic Live at @FLEA_mrkt Flea Market Kemang #4 Karpet Merah - 070413


    Performed at FLEA MARKET Kemang #4
    a three-monthly event organized by Flea Market
    070413 @ La Codefin Kemang

    We thanked U Kemang couple Nova Dhana & Pritha 'Jonova' Ayodya
    for making us played there

    Video: Nova Dhana @novadsantosa

    Our twitter : @kripikpeudeus

    Our army: @FUMAKILLAZ @Ibongdisko @fandyDFMC @emilpahlevi @dey_V_E
    #kripcoustic army: @theoesman @gerinovmedto Johnny 'Daggers' a.k.a EnjoyJohnny

    Hadi 'Petok' Ardianto @toktokpetok +62 856 888 2903

    Chrisyanto 'Chris' W. Suarna @chriskacrut +62 87887 519 091

    August 23rd 2013 @ Alun-alun Grand Indonesia
    Part of Suara Indonesia Art exhibition
    Organized by Rep Insula & Artmedium Store

    Supported by: @giftmusicstudio @space_rec
    Powered by: @KulturBlender

  • Miss Kittin at Loveland 18.10.14 Mediahaven ADE


  • Варшава пазара Б А К А Л А Р С К А


  • fidana bulgaria varna koleden bazar 2008


  • Презентация Северозападна зеленчукова борса


    Идея за създаване на зеленчукова борса в северозападна България и зеленчукови кооперативи.

  • Land Grabbing / Заграбване на земята


    Land Grabbing is a documentary film about the social and economic effects from overconcentration of land in Bulgaria.

    Usually in the public sphere it is often assumed that agricultural land is highly fragmented as a result of the way agricultural liberalization was implemented in the 1990s. This disregards the radical changes in the sector in the the last ten years, namely the processes of overconcentration of the land as an effect of EU membership and reindustrialization of production. The EU Common Agricultural Policy - CAP system supports mostly larger agricultural producers with the implementation of subsidies with a system of direct payments: the more land you possess, the more subsidies you get...

    Currently less than 5% of agricultural companies that produce mostly monocultures, control over 85% of the agricultural land and consequently the number of smaller and medium scale farmers decreased up to 65%. That's why, the Bulgarian farmer faces a real challenge for the future.

  • Arkadiusz S - Winter Street City


    Arkadiusz S - Winter Street City (The Shoplifters Lights Out Remix)

  • Philomela flashmob HD


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  • Homenagem 2010 Sérgio Borges & CJP - Quebrar a Distância - Vânia


  • 161211 Luna - Shinsadong Flea Market



  • Самба в 7/8 - муз. Дарин Бърнев


    Academic folk choir with Veselin Koychev - guitar, Mario Stanchev - piano, Vasil Vasilev - kaval

  • Down With Sickness


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Down With Sickness · Silver Villa

    Black Heart

    ℗ 2020 Silver Villa

    Released on: 2020-04-21

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Sophia bazar


    sophia bazar

  • walking on a Pilsen street winter of 2014


  • No More Art- live MS HEDI


    Kill yourself (The Lewd) + Evil eyes
    MS HEDI on Hamburg Harbor May 2012

  • Down with the Sickness


    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Down with the Sickness (In the Style of Disturbed) (Karaoke Version) · Off the Record Karaoke

    Down with the Sickness (In the Style of Disturbed) (Karaoke Version)

    ℗ 2013 Sing It Now, Inc.

    Released on: 2013-06-12

    Writer: Dan J Donegan
    Writer: David Michael Draiman
    Writer: Michael Wengren
    Writer: Steve Kmak

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Burak Aziz - İçim Rahat


    Söz - Müzik: Burak Aziz
    Yönetmen: Faruk K
    Yapım: Fono Müzik

  • DUBAI ΜΕ ΣΥΡΤΟ ليرا ΡΟΔΙΝΟΥ مع ΣΤΑ ΕΜΙΡΑΤΑ الإمارات دبيΟι Μαχαραγιαδες Μανώληδες Κλαδος Εγγλεζος


    PART 1 في دبي وPART 2 في ATTICA

  • 25 Anos BNP Paribas Party - Rhythm Boys.avi


    25 Anos BNP Paribas Party - Rhythm Boys

  • when nobody understands you


    Artist: La Noctis
    Album: Before Anything Else

    Music by: Jorge Espinoza

    Year: 2015
    Genre: Unknown

  • Polskadots - Macedonian Song


    The Polskadots
    Macedonian song

    Live at the Tikki Lounge in Cork City
    December 2005

    Eileen Healy on guitar, vocals
    Marja Tuhkanen on violin, vocals
    Piia Pakarinen on accordian
    George Norman on mandolin, guitar, pennywhistle
    Lucia Comnes on violin, vocals



    On september 14 2007 my former friend HARRIE DE BLES died. He had Creutzfeldt-Jacob desease, an illness that only 2 out of 1.000.000 people get. So it is like hitting the jackpot in a - very wrong and disastrous- lottery.
    As I upload this clip it was 5 years ago last month that Harrie passed away.
    Next month it is 35 years ago that Harrie, me and our colleague-students (we were trained to become social workers) went a week for study to Berlin: that was in november 1977.
    To commemorate this two occurrences and in dear remembrance of Harrie I made this clip in which Harrie can be heard! As not many people knew Harrie could play the drums a little bit, and in february 1986 he and some friends of his -guitarist PETER BIJLEFELD (also a student for social work, and one of the travellers to Berlin in 1977) and bassplayer ROB GÖBEL- came to my hometown Nijmegen to jam in the rehearsalroom of the band I had in those days called Best Wishes. Harrie and I didn't see much of eachother in those days, since we more or less lost sight in 1980 when we graduated and went to live in different places. We did call and meet occasionally throughout the years..
    Fortunately I had a (mono!) taperecorder in 1986 and recorded some of our noisy jam. Not much is usable I'm afraid, but I went to work and edited this extract of music out of it in order to be combined with pictures I took in Berlin to make this clip.
    Now bear in mind that the wall was still very much there in 1977 and that it would take another 12 years before it to come down! Also very typical for that period is that the most important leaders of the Rote Armee Fraktion had recently commited suicide in the Stammheim prison and that other terrorists were wanted very intensively. Affiches with their pictures on it were everywhere. So a certain kind of 'atmosphere' was tangible in German's capitol in those days.
    I think the music & images capture some of this dark mood, which was so characteristic for the Zeitgeist of that period (Herbst in Deutschland).
    But it is of course also very nice that this little audio-recording exists, that we have this modest but vibrant and creative piece-of-recollection of Harrie who was such a nice, smart and -very!- funny person! I miss him. (When you watch carefully you can see Harrie in the last picture together with Peter: they are standing in between the soldiers that guard a monument in East Berlin for the unknown soldier and the victims of World War 2. It is a funny picture I think: as the 2 soldiers and the monument represent the coldness of the war and the system they are part of, Harrie & Peter represent youth, warmth and a certain kind of -anarchistic?- freedom ... two very different and opponent worlds are reflected in that photo)

    This recording is made on february 9 1986. Musicians are: Harrie de Bles drums, Rob Göbel bass, Peter Bijlefeld & Bas Andriessen guitar. Video Bas Andriessen october 2012.

  • На пазар по време на дъжд - Салъ пазар Истанбул 05.06.2015




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