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Playlist of Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia

  • Money of Bulgaria. Банкноты Болгарии 5, 20, 50 лев 錢在保加利亞 2016-02-22


    Лев (болг. Лев) — денежная единица Болгарии, содержит 100 стотинок. Код ISO 4217 — BGN.
    С 2002 года курс лева привязан к евро и составляет 1,95583 лева за 1 евро.
    В XIV веке, во время правления царя Ивана Шишмана, начали чеканить монеты, называемые «аспри», на одной стороне было помещено изображение льва. Самое древнее изображение льва, как символа Болгарии, относится к 1294 году, которое было задокументировано в свитке лорда Маршала. На гербе был изображен серебряный лев с золотой короной на темном щите.

  • FORGOTTEN FORESTS - Autumns Leaf


    | recorded during rehearsal sessions in July 2009, Sandanski, Bulgaria.

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  • Miss Kittin at Loveland 18.10.14 Mediahaven ADE


  • Adriana and Fadi drum solo


    Muses show in the Firkin Crane, Cork 2006

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  • Nadi Raj live at kohinoor restaurant


    Nadia zahoor singing live at kohinoor restaurant in athens famous songs and some of her own....Zara sa jhoom loon men dance pe chance and some of her own compositions

  • UNIQU3 at Danforth Music Hall for Talent Nation Toronto - Feb. 16, 2014


    UNIQU3 is a female vocal trio that includes Vanessa Casiero, Sierra Rayman and, Alexia Casiero. The group performed Wings by Little Mix as the closing act at Talent Nation's Industry Showcase at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Canada on Sunday February 16, 2014.

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  • Burak Aziz - İçim Rahat


    Söz - Müzik: Burak Aziz
    Yönetmen: Faruk K
    Yapım: Fono Müzik

  • Hatred Barricade - Improvised Religion


    Hatred Barricade

    Genre: Hardcore/Beatdown
    Country: Turkey/Istanbul/Kadikoy

    Artwork by 126 pixels
    Recording by Furkan Utku Gerçik
    Mix & Mastering by Baran İşmen

    Balkans & East Europe Tour Dates with ALEA JACTA EST:
    15.10 Salonika, Greece
    16.10 Skopje, Macedonia
    17.10 Belgrade, Serbia
    18.10 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    19.10 Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic
    20.10 Book Us
    21.10 Book Us
    22.10 Sofia Bulgaria

    Germany 2017
    25.02.2017 End of Winter HAVOC, Zwickau

    Burn your religion

    There is nothing when you're dead
    You're a coincidence, you're not special
    Pointless prays will not be answered
    Improvised religion is serving to system

    Woman raped, people killed, weapons armed, who has the guilt, peace is exterminated
    Burn your religion
    Taken minds, too many lies, evil hearts, children cries, human is seperated
    Burn your religion
    Raising hate, stock market, exchange rate, prepared fate, life is illustrated
    Burn your religion
    Censored media, blocked idea, religion has freedom phobia, we are terrorized
    Burn your religion

    All right motherfuckers, burn your religion, burn your fucking religion, it's time to stand against the corrupted system of fucking religion

    Thanks to:
    Standball Organizations, XBear Organizations, KSC Insight, Fuck Your Fashion, Kadikoy Hardcore Crew, Bakirkoy Hardcore Crew, Salonika-Bydgoszcz-German-French Hardcore Crews and all of our friends and families who supported us.



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