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Playlist of Bulgaria, Sofia / Gypsy quarter

  • Gypsies sell their daughters into slavery in the territory of Bulgaria..wmv


    Gypsies sell their daughters into slavery in the territory of Bulgaria

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  • 48 hours in Skopje - Macedonia ????????


    I recently had the pleasure of visiting Skopje Macedonia - this is some of what I saw in the Capital that has risen from the ashes.

    My Twitter is:
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  • Destiny El Choclo


    Destiny Quartet El Choclo Tango
    Booking +359 898 255 197/ +359 878 746 547

    Music Angel Viloldo
    Arrangement Maurizio Abeni
    Engineer, Mixed by Marco Strеccioni ,
    Engineer (Assistant) Gabriele Conti
    Recorded & Mixed at Stone Recording Studio, Rom, Italy
    Director Vasil Stefanov
    Assistant director Stefania Stefanova
    Choreography Koselina Terzieva
    Jewelry provided by
    Styling Yana Dilova
    Make up Zoran Kocov
    Hair Parashkev Todorov

  • Le Mystere des voix Bulgares - Bulgarian choir 3 songs


    This 1990 appearance on a television program, Please don't mention the name of the host, the show or the network in comments - that's how things are found and deleted.

    Kremena Stancheva is one of the two soloists.

    Ergen Daido
    Polegnala E Todora
    Oh Susanna

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  • Gypsy wedding in Sofia - Bulgaria - 18.08.2017


    Gypsy wedding in Sofia - Bulgaria
    Krasna Polyana - 18.08.2017
    Цигански маанета огласяват цяла Красна поляна в София. Часът е 22.30.

  • Gypsy wedding in Sofia - Bulgaria - 22.06.2014


    Циганска сватба и евангелска проповед във Виетнамските общежития огласяват целия квартал Красна поляна в София от сутрин до късна вечер.

    Gypsy wedding and evangelical preaching in the Vietnam dormitories Krasna Polyana in Sofia from morning until late evening.

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  • Gypsy wedding and evangelical sermon - Sofia - Bulgaria - 22.06.2014


    Циганска сватба и евангелска проповед във Виетнамските общежития огласяват целия квартал Красна поляна в София от сутрин до късна вечер.

    Gypsy wedding and evangelical preaching in the Vietnam dormitories Krasna Polyana in Sofia from morning until late evening.

  • Sofia - Bulgaria - Krasna Polyana


    Sofia - Bulgaria - Krasna Polyana

  • Gypsy party in Balchik, Bulgaria


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  • Cinderella - Gypsy Road, Live in Sofia, Bulgaria, 15.06.2011


  • Street musicians from Bulgaria in Ljubljana, Slovenia - Mesecina, Chae Shukarie


    Gypsy street musicians from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, playing famous songs Mesecina, Chae shukarie in Tromostovje, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • ВИС БДЖ - 1995 Тъщата / BDŽ Tahstata


    BDŽ ( Bulgarian Вокално Инструментален Състав БДЖ) is an underground metal, rock and punk band established in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1995. The band consists of two principal members IGK(Fish) and DTS (Dude). Their work is mainly focused on the problems of post communist Bulgaria and the period of anarchy during the transition to democracy. Often, the lyrics strongly criticize the terror imposed by mother-in-laws and the confinement of marriage. Their first album was released in the summer of 1995 and gained immediate popularity in suburban regions of Sofia (like Student's Town (Студентски Град) and Mladost (Младост)) where the founding band members were born and grown. The name was borrowed from the Bulgarian National Railway carrier as a result of many failed attempts to reach the Black Sea and its wonderful paradise beaches.

  • Valentina, Bulgarian Gypsy Prince


    Valentina has became an international star thanks to her unforgettable performing at Music Idol, where she sang at his own way Without you by Mariah Carey.

  • Gypsies+Bear inside Holiday-Resort Elenite/Bulgaria


  • Slozna Braca in Art Hostel Sofia


    Кратка мостра от концерта на сръбския оркестър Slozna Braca в Арт Хостел.
    Small example from the concert of the Serbian brass band Slozna Braca in Art Hostel Sofia.

  • jazz & people of sofia


  • Dont go to Georgia by Gypsy Quixote


    Machinima from Second Life. Don't go to Georgia. My first machinima, a test run really .. needed a short song and recorded this ditty in mostly first takes. All instruments played by me. Machinima recorded at Steampunk Nouveau Island with CamStudio, edited with Wnidows Movie Maker.

  • Late night walk through the gypsy quarter in Seville, Spain


    Giaconda Scott telling us about the Duchess of Alba, the richest lady in Spain

  • Last Hope - Under the flag, live, Bulgaria, Sofia, Club 8 Ball, 20130419


    via YouTube Capture

  • Georgian Banov: Kazanlak, Bulgaria Party with the Gypsies 07


    Georgian & Winnie Banov: Kazanlak, Bulgaria Party with the Gypsies 07

    (1 of 6) Childlike!

    After our big 'Corban' meal where we fed 5,000 their favorite Lamb stew, we started having a sweet time of worship together and then Georgian preached to the sea of Gypsies gathered around the stage. The immeasurable love of God poured out from Georgian like honey as he began preaching directly to all of their hearts. At one point, a big cluster of children clung to him, repeating the words of a prayer right after him (the New Wine is so much stronger in the cluster, just look at Georgian's face).

    The altar call was sweet and the anointing was crisp -- a tangible faith arose among the people, so childlike and so pure. ...And then multiple healings started happening. As Georgian called out all sorts of illnesses and tormenting oppressions, the team members laid hands on the people responding in the crowd. I am still looking for more footage and will post it as soon as I have it. Tumors dissapeared, a little child's legs were healed (supernaturally stretched and reformed), a paralyzed woman regained instant use of her body, and someone who couldn't speak or move her mouth all of a sudden could speak. It was so hard to film in this crowded group of Holy Chaos, but at least you can see some of what went on. Wow Jesus!

    For the last 6 years now, Georgian and Winnie Banov of Global Celebration have been bringing teams of radical Jesus-loving missionaries to Eastern Europe to Party with the Gypsies.

    The Lord has done so many marvelous things, and the testimonies are endless. The lives of the Gypsies and their communities have been radically changed and consumed with Christ. Through our years of prayers and hugs, they are receiving Jesus and we are witnessing changed lives. Hated and rejected by the world, they have found love and acceptance in the sweet embrace of Christ.

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  • Devoyko Music Center Zornitca THE AMAZING KIDS. Sofia. Bulgaria. Vienna Stars. Austria


    Devoyko. Vocal group THE AMAZING KIDS. Art director: Galina Nenkova Ivanova. Music Center Zornitca. Sofia. Bulgaria. Vienna Stars 2016 by RussianAustria (Full HD). 02.04.2016. Vienna. Austria. Info:



    International Folklore, Dance and Music Festival and Competition WIENER STERNE / VIENNA STARS is traditionally taking place in Vienna, the world capital of music, a waltz, palaces and parks, twice a year: in late March and early November.

    The festival is an important event in the cultural life of Vienna with high recognition and wide geography of the participating countries. Famous Austrian and foreign cultural and art workers are invited as honoured members of the international jury.

    The main message of the XII. International Folklore, Dance and Music Festival and Competition WIENER STERNE 2016 / VIENNA STARS 2016 is the search for new talents, Vienna’s Stars among young talents of the world, establishment of international friendly and creative contacts, enrichment of the multinational culture on the basis of mutual respect for the cultural traditions of all the countries and nations of the world, promotion of young arts in all its manifestations such as folklore, dance, music, theatre, as well as promotion of different cultures, sharing experiences and creative achievements between the participants from different countries.

    Participation in the XII. International Folklore, Dance and Music Festival WIENER STERNE 2016 / VIENNA STARS 2016 gives an opportunity to perform in the best concert halls of Vienna and to demonstrate creative results to the audience in Vienna! The brightest stars of Vienna take part in the GALA CONCERT OF THE VIENNA STARS WINNERS!!!

    International Folklore, Dance and Music Festival WIENER STERNE 2016 / VIENNA STARS 2016 is determined for soloists, ensembles and groups of young performers from different countries of the world. This year the International Folklore, Dance and Music Festival WIENER STERNE 2016 / VIENNA STARS 2016 brings together more than eleven countries.

    The organizers of the International Folklore, Dance and Music Festival VIENNA STARS: Info:

  • Live gypsy music lausanne


    Band playing gypsy music in downtown lausanne

  • Bulgarian Bulge


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Bulgarian Bulge · Don Ellis

    The New Don Ellis Band Goes Underground

    ℗ Originally released 1969. All rights reserved by Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    Released on: 1969-07-07

    Arranger, Producer: D. Ellis
    Vocal: Patti Allen
    Producer: A. KOOPER

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • House of Sofia...


    Sofia Lewis

  • Balkansi Band - Zhok


    Balkansi, meaning from the Balkans, is a Sydney-based group playing traditional music from one of the richest and most diverse musical regions in the world. Spanning countries such as Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, the songs are drawn from Gypsy and Jewish traditions and are typical of the music played at weddings and major holidays. Balkansi play in what they describe as “village style” - a high-energy interpretation of these traditional songs that aims to get the audience up and dancing.

    The members of the band include Tamara Auer on Violin, Ben Lomnicki on Clarinet, Nick Hagan on Guitar, Dom Kennelly on Bass, Bonnie Stewart on Drums, and special guest vocalist Sarah Arnold.

    We play authentic Klezmer & Balkan music which is perfect for Jewish weddings & barmitzvahs, parties, events, fuctions, celebrations, and folk festivals.

    Performing both outdoors and indoors.

    Lane cove nov 2

  • Herrentrio - Out of Jazz Musicians Head


    Session Trio Steffan Melko drums
    Vincent Schwengler guitar
    Daniel Bergau bass

  • Concierto de Romani Chave 5


    Musica Zingara

  • Street Jazz Musicians in Zaimovs Garden


    March Sunday: Free Jazz in Zaimov's Garden in Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Offroad Trip Bulgaria - Haskovo - Aida 12.01.2019 - 4


  • Cimbalogh Trio and Szkojáni Charlatans in New Orleans


    Cimbalogh Trio

    Kalman Balogh - cimbalom, Robert Lakatos - violin, Csaba Novák - double bass

    Szkojáni Charlatans
    Szickán - Accordion, Vocals, Percussion Kjartan - Violin, Brács, Vocals, Dance

    New Orleans 2014 - Always Lounge

  • A Jew From Hungary


    A Documentary About my Family Holocaust Survivors. that also knew to laugh and to love.
    English subtitles
    כשהייתי אומרת שהורי מהונגריה תמיד צחקו ,איגן מיגן חפטע פליגען ..... חשבתי שהעבר שלהם לא השאיר
    עלינו סימנים...זה פלא, נס, שאנשים שעברו את התופת ההיא הקימו משפחה נורמלית, פשוט נורמלית
    יפור אישי, אך ללא ספק מייצג קבוצה גדולה של ניצולי שואה שבחרו להמשיך בחיים נורמליים והצליחו בכך

  • Marconi Jazz Band - Aint no Sunshine Progetto Sofia


    Serata di beneficienza - Hotel Caravelle - Pesaro 18 settembre 2015

  • Tom Panich drums - Stara Zagora and Kazanlak, Bulgaria


    Tom drumming in Stara Zagora and Kazanlak, Bulgaria during a missionary trip to minister to the Gypsies with Georgian Banov of Global Celebration.
    August 12, 2004

  • Concierto de Romani Chave 7


    Musica Zingara

  • A. Selalmazidis | Ysaÿe | Sonate No. 3 Ballade | 7th International Competition for Young Violinist


    Ysaÿe: Sonata No. 3 Ballade
    Изаи: Соната №3 Баллада

    7th International Competition for Young Violinist
    VII Международный конкурс юных скрипачей

    1nd round
    I тур

    Arsenis Selalmazidis (Russia-Greece)
    Арсений Селалмазидис (Россия-Греция)

    Second age category
    II возрастная группа

    Novosibirsk, Russia
    Новосибирск, Россия

    May, 2013
    Май 2013

  • Zap Enterprises - strollling Jazz Musicians on Train


    This is the essential strooling band to add a kick to any function

    With a repetoire of over 50 songs they play during reception and during a luncheon or dinner and are a real wow at weddings

    For More Information - Call Zap on +44(0)7831 613000

    ***No Copyright infringement intended, The music, clips and images belong to their rightful owners***

  • live performance @ art hostel - sofia


    live performance after the end of invite only party

  • Mean Flow - Poverty Christmas


    Mean Flow - Poverty Christmas

    Theofil Tsiolakakis, Keyboards, Mix, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2018.

  • Gypsy and the City


  • Belgrade buskers


    kids busking in Belgrade's tourist quarter




  • Pedro Macedo Camacho - A Vampyre Story - 07 - Where is Pyewacket


    A Vampyre Story Soundtrack by Pedro Macedo Camacho
    High Quality version -

  • The Mooche - Andors Jazz Band


    Jazz auf der Burg 2013 Lörrach Germany. Andors Jazz Band with their interpretation of this 1928 Ellington/Mills composition. Video: Niklas Gottschall.

  • Paulin Brothers Brass Band in Bulgaria & Bulgarian musicians 28.03.2013


    Paulin Brothers Brass Band in Sofia, Bulgaria 28.03.2013
    & Bulgarian musicians:
    Mihail Yossifov - trumpet
    Velislav Stoianov - trombone
    Dimitar Dimitrov - drums
    Petar Momchev - sax

  • Red Cross german concentration camp WW2, Nis, Yugoslavia


    The Crveni Krst concentration camp (lit. Red Cross concentration camp), located in Crveni Krst, Niš, was operated by the German Gestapo and used to hold captured Serbs, Jews and Romanis during the Second World War. Established in mid-1941, it was used to detain as many as 35,000 people during the war and was liberated by the Yugoslav Partisans in 1944. More than 10,000 people are thought to have been killed at the camp. After the war, a memorial to the victims of the camp was erected on Mount Bubanj, where many inmates were shot. A memorial museum was opened on the former campgrounds in 1967 and in 1979 the campgrounds were declared a Cultural Monument of Exceptional Importance and came under the protection of the Socialist Republic of Serbia.
    On 6 April 1941, Axis forces invaded the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The Royal Yugoslav Army was quickly defeated and Belgrade was captured by 12 April.[1] The country was then occupied and dismembered, with the Wehrmacht establishing the Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia[2] under a government of military occupation. The territory included most of Serbia proper, with the addition of the northern part of Kosovo (centred on Kosovska Mitrovica), and the Banat.[3] It was the only area of partitioned Yugoslavia in which the German occupants established a military government. This was done to exploit the key rail and riverine transport routes that passed through it, and due to its valuable resources, particularly non-ferrous metals.[4] The Military Commander in Serbia appointed Serbian puppet governments to carry on administrative chores under German direction and supervision.[5] On 29 August 1941, the Germans appointed the Government of National Salvation (Serbian: Vlada Nacionalnog Spasa, Влада Националног Спаса) under General Milan Nedić, to replace the short-lived Commissioner Administration.[6] A pre-war politician who was known to have pro-Axis leanings, Nedić was selected because the Germans believed his fierce anti-Communism and military experience could be used to quell an armed uprising in the Serbian region of Šumadija.[7] Unable to bring reinforcements due to the need to send soldiers to the Eastern Front, the Germans responded to the revolt by declaring that one-hundred Serbs would be executed for every German soldier killed and that fifty would be executed for every German soldier wounded. By October 1941, this policy had resulted in the deaths of 25,000 Serbs.[8] The Germans also targeted Jews, who were subjected to forced labour, punitive taxing, and restrictive decrees.[9] Jews were also registered with German authorities and forced to wear identifying armbands while Jewish property was confiscated.[10] They, and to a lesser degree Romanis, were targeted on racial grounds, although most were not killed outright. Following the start of the anti-German uprising, German propaganda began associating Jews with Communism and anti-German ideology. Executions and arrests of Serbian Jews followed.[9]

    When the Germans occupied southeastern Serbian city of Niš in April 1941, they prohibited Romanis from leaving their homes without an identifying yellow armband bearing the word Zigeuner (Gypsy). German soldiers then went through the Romani quarter and forcibly shaved the heads of all Romanis in Niš under the pretext that they had lice.The Crveni Krst (Red Cross) concentration camp was established by the German Gestapo in Niš in mid-1941.[12] It was named after a Red Cross facility located near the campgrounds. Romani men, women and children were imprisoned at Crveni Krst shortly after its creation.[15] In October 1941, 200–300 local and foreign Jews living in Niš were brought to the camp. More arrived later from towns in the Serbian interior.[12] Laws passed by the Germans that September ensured that they would be detained separately from other inmates.[14] The Germans began executing adult male inmates in early November.[12] In January, a group of Serbian Partisans attacked the camp, freeing a small number of Jewish prisoners.[16] The first mass executions occurred on Mount Bubanj in February 1942. That month, a group of inmates made an organized attempt to escape the camp. Although fifteen prisoners managed to escape, forty-two failed to do so and were killed. A second mass execution involved the shooting of large numbers of Serb and remaining Jewish inmates whose corpses were dumped into mass graves that the Germans had forced Romani prisoners to dig.That spring, the women and children detained at Crveni Krst were transferred to the Sajmište concentration camp on the outskirts of Belgrade, where they were murdered using gas vans.The camp remained in operation over the following two years before being liberated by the Partisans in 1944. Of the more than 35,000 inmates held at the camp during the war, an estimated 10,000 were killed.

  • SLIGO RAGS - “The Gypsy Mermaid”


    SLIGO RAGS performs “The Gypsy Mermaid” at El Dorado Park Nature Center (Long Beach, California) on Thursday, August 22nd 2019. This is an Irish song of the sea called “The Mermaid”, and it is preceded by a Gypsy Jazz tune composed by David Burns & Sligo Rags ... which has yet to be named. We call the whole mess “The Gypsy Mermaid”, even though that makes absolutely no sense at all, at all.

  • Blue Lotus Belly Dancers at the Downtown Bazaar - Colonial Quarter in St. Augustine, FL


    The evening at The Downtown Bazaar is free and open to the public. You get to check out what’s behind the walls of the Colonial Quarter... and you’re sure to have a captivating evening filled with fine art, unique artisan crafts, live music, belly dancers, and mystifying magic. Take a stroll through enchanted, torch-lit pathways, and you’ll likely encounter a 16th-century Spanish soldier and his entourage. Sit under the 200-year-old Colonial oak tree adorned with colorful lanterns and tiny white lights while enjoying fabulous entertainment, food, and beverages offered by the Taberna Del Caballo and the Bull & Crown Publick House. It all takes place under the stars at The Downtown Bazaar on the grounds of the Colonial Quarter, 33 St. George Street, St. Augustine, FL, from 6-10 p.m., on the last Saturday of each month.

  • Steven Greenman & Stempenyus Neshome at the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow 2010


    Steven Greenman performs with the Stempenyus Neshome ensemble at the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, Poland July 1st, 2010

    Gas Nign (Greenfidl Music 2010)
    Plea/Supplication (Greenfidl Music 2010)

    Steven Greenman - composer, violin
    Alan Bern - piano, accordion
    Pete Rushefsky - tsimbl
    Mark Rubin - string bass

  • Jazz Musicians pick up Jam Session at the best Jazz festival in europe


    Musicians playing on the Quay at 2 in the morning, after the Festival Django Reinhardt closed for the day. Samois 2012
    See part 2:

  • La Machine à Pistons play The Mooche by Duke Ellington


    La Machine à Pistons, fanfare jazz basée à Strasbourg, Alsace, France. Plus d'infos sur



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