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Playlist of Brian Eno

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    Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon


    From the album Thursday Afternoon. I used some old time-lapse footage of clouds and made it into a video painting, similar to what Eno originally had in mind. If you get a chance, check out his original ones. They're fantastic.

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    Brian Eno - New Space Music


    Wonderful piece by Brian Eno

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    Brian Eno - An Ending Hour Long Version


    Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent), original version not remixed, just extended to an hour long for more listening pleasure. Enjoy

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    A Guide To BRIAN ENO


    Here is my guide to the sonic alchemist that is BRIAN ENO, one of the most important and influential artists in music.

    I hope you all enjoy it, make sure you discuss your thoughts on Eno in the comments!




    Link to buy ‘The Equatorial Stars’ -


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    Brian Eno - Like I Was A Spectator


    'Like I Was A Spectator', a brand new track by Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno from ‘Apollo – Atmospheres & Soundtracks – Extended Edition’. The video was created using rare N.A.S.A. footage.
    Order now:

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    Brian Eno - Textures Full Album, 1989


    Brian Eno - Textures (Standard Music Library, 1989)

    01. 00:00 - Soft Dawn
    02. 02:16 - The Water Garden
    03. 05:06 - Shaded Winter
    04. 08:22 - Suspicious
    05. 12:34 - Ozone
    06. 14:14 - Landscape With Haze
    07. 18:19 - Mirage
    08. 21:37 - River Mist
    09. 26:09 - Constant Dreams
    10. 30:06 - Dark Dreams
    11. 33:12 - Black Planet
    12. 36:03 - Night Thoughts
    13. 39:39 - Travellers
    14. 43:31 - Evil Thoughts
    15. 45:27 - Darkness
    16. 46:49 - Jungles
    17. 48:45 - Sanctuaries
    18. 50:21 - Menace
    19. 52:06 - Suspended Motion
    20. 55:48 - The Wild
    21. 1:00:09 - River Journey

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    Brian Eno Another Green World Full album vinyl LP


    Brian Eno's 1975 ethereal masterpiece presented in a non-modified recording of E.G. Records vinyl LP. All efforts were made to realistically reproduce the natural vinyl stereo LP sound, so record levels were restrained and album noise is present.


    Side One:
    1.) 0:00 Sky Saw
    2.) 3:26 Over Fire Island
    3.) 5:17 St. Elmo's Fire
    4.) 8:20 In Dark Trees
    5.) 10:50 The Big Ship
    6.) 13:51 I'll Come Running
    7.) 17:45 Another Green World

    Side Two:
    1.) 19:17 Sombre Repiles
    2.) 21:40 Little Fishes
    3.) 23:09 Golden Hours
    4.) 27:15 Becalmed
    5.) 31:09 Zawinul/Lava
    6.) 34:09 Everything Merges with the Night
    7.) 38:11 Spirits Drifting

    Much classic vinyl has been re-issued in recent years and may be currently available.

    Realize, all of my vinyl LPs are 20 to 37 years old. Recorded from antique source equipment. Album noise is naturally highest at the beginning and end of each album side. Hope you enjoy my posts. Subscribe to my channel. More classics to come. Support the greying artist! Seek out the best listening experience of classic rock and roll, live vinyl!

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    Brian Eno - Discreet Music HQ


    Brian Eno
    Discreet Music
    EG Records


    01. Discreet Music - 00:00
    02. Fullness of Wind - 31:34
    03. French Catalogues - 41:30
    04. Brutal Ardour - 46:50

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    Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music For Airports FULL ALBUM


    Time-stretched version of the album 'Ambient 1: Music For Airports' by Brian Eno.

    'Music for Airports' was the first of four albums released in Brian Eno's 'Ambient' series- a term which he coined to differentiate his minimalistic approach to the album's material and the products of the various purveyors of canned music.

    The music was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent to diffuse the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal. Eno conceived this idea while being stuck at Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany in the mid-1970s. He had to spend several hours there and was extremely annoyed by the uninspired sound atmosphere.

    It was installed at the Marine Air Terminal of New York's LaGuardia Airport for a brief period during the 1980s.

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    Brian Eno - By This River


    Here we are
    Stuck by this river,
    You and I
    Underneath a sky that's ever falling down, down, down
    Ever falling down.

    Through the day
    As if on an ocean
    Waiting here,
    Always failing to remember why we came, came, came:
    I wonder why we came.

    You talk to me
    as if from a distance
    And I reply
    With impressions chosen from another time, time, time,
    From another time.

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    Brian Eno message - Dont get a job


    This is a video of Brian Eno speaking at 'Basic Income: How do we get there?' Basic Income UK meet-up at St Clements Church Kings Square, London, 3 December 2015.

    This is the original video at basic income youtube channel -

    We wanted to subtitle the video in Spanish as well to spread the message.

    And here you have a video that we found with the whole talk Basic Income: How do we get there? Brian Eno, David Graeber and Frances Coppola:

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    Brian Eno - Neroli Thinking Music Part IV


    Brian Eno - Neroli [Thinking Music Part IV] (full album)

    There is no copyright infringement intended. If you have an issue with this, please contact me through email at

    ❏ ❐ When Dubs Cry ❑ ❒

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    Brian Eno - Third Uncle - 1974


    That's right Bauhaus fans, Eno did it first.


    What is the openVAULT you ask? It's quite simple. Music that for lack of a better analogy, has been locked away from the general public. What has happened to the musical landscape is sickening. Far too many artists go largely unnoticed. We are here to change that. To drive the point home, this will not be some best of list aka Rolling Stone. No Stairway, no Walrus, just music that should be heard. Here at openVAULT you're going to be forced off the beaten path more often than not.

    It'll be good for you, trust us.

    Every song you will hear is from our private collection, so please NO copying, downloading or reproducing these videos in any form for this is strictly prohibited. You know as in illegal, a no-no. As stated before these tunes are FOR YOUR LISTENING ENJOYMENT ONLY! We won't sell, trade, or give up any mp3s, so if you're here for that purpose please step aside, you're blocking the view of others.

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    Brian Eno-Needle In The Camels Eye HD


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    A Walk By The Lake


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    A Walk By The Lake · Axiom Of Choice

    Ambient 1/Music For Airports

    ℗ 2000 Narada Productions, Inc.

    Released on: 2004-01-01

    Producer, Associated Performer, Musicians (emi Load: Do Not Use): Axiom Of Choice
    Associated Performer, Accordion: Reza Asgarzadeh
    Associated Performer, Percussion, Producer, Co- Producer: Greg Ellis
    Associated Performer, Musicians (emi Load: Do Not Use): Saied Farajpouri
    Associated Performer, Musicians (emi Load: Do Not Use): Shahab Fayyaz
    Associated Performer, Percussion: Pejman Hadadi
    Associated Performer, Vocalist: MAMAK KHADEM
    Associated Performer, Percussion: Gilbert Levy
    Associated Performer, Musicians (emi Load: Do Not Use): Mas'oud Sho'ari
    Associated Performer, Cello: Cameron Stone
    Associated Performer, Tanpura, Background Vocalist, Harmonium, Producer, Co- Producer: David Stringer
    Associated Performer, Cello: Martin Tillman
    Associated Performer, Voices, Guitar: Loga Ramin Torkian
    Producer, Co- Producer: Mammad Mohsenzadeh
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Steven Harrison
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Trevor Sadler
    Composer, Arranger, Work Arranger: MAMAK KHADEM
    Composer, Arranger, Work Arranger: Loga Ramin Torkian

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Brian Eno - Burning Airlines Give You So Much More


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    brian eno - deep blue day


    photo: The Lady In The Water ~ by Toni Frissell

    A woman floating in the water at Weeki Wachee Spring, Florida. The image was published in Harper's Bazaar in December 1947.

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    Brian Eno The Big Ship


    From ANOTHER GREEN WORLD © 1975 EG Records Ltd

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    Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain


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    Brian Eno Ring Of Fire


    Eno doing the great June Carter song that Johnny made famous!

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    Babys On Fire~Brian Eno


    Oh the plot is so bewitching-
    Baby's On Fire by Brian Eno courtesy of UMG
    a montage by Sam Peebles/Magical Thing 2010
    Que Viva Mexico Strike! Battleship Potemkin
    directed by Sergei M. Eisenstein The Fall
    directed by Tarsem Singh The Color of Pomegranates
    directed by Sergei Parajanov Suspiria directed by Dario Argento
    Red Shoes directed by Michael Powell
    Kagemusha directed by Akira Kurosawa
    Santa Sangre directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky

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    Brian Eno - And then so Clear


    Brian Eno - And then so Clear

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    MGMT - Brian Eno


    Brian Eno by MGMT from the Congratulations album.

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    Brian Eno - Seven Deadly Finns


    Dutch TV 1974

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    Brian Eno - Babys on Fire HQ


    Baby's on Fire is the third track from Brian Eno's 1973 debut solo album, 'Here Come the Warm Jets.'

    Featuring the very, very incendiary guitar work of Robert Fripp.

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    Brian Eno (pronounced /ˈiːnoʊ/) (born on 15 May 1948, in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England), with full name Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno[1], is an English electronic musician, music theorist and record producer. As a solo artist, he is best known as the father of modern ambient music.

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    Brian Eno - Dead Finks Dont Talk HQ


    Track 8 from Brian Eno's 1973 debut solo album, 'Here Come the Warm Jets.'

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    Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon HD


    Thursday Afternoon

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    Brian Eno DISCREET MUSIC .


    1. DISCREET MUSIC (30-35)
    Three variations on the Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel:
    1. Fullness of Wind (9-57)
    2. French Catalogues(5-18)3. Brutal Ardour (8-17)

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    David Bowie & Brian Eno - Moss Garden


    Art by Ania Witwitzka

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    Brian Eno - The True Wheel


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    Michael Brook, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois - Hybrid /1985 CD Album/


    Editions EG


    01 Hybrid
    02 Distant Village
    03 Mimosa
    04 Pond Life
    05 Ocean Motion
    06 Midday
    07 Earth Floor
    08 Vacant

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    Brian Eno Ill Come Running


    From ANOTHER GREEN WORLD © 1975 EG Records Ltd

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    Brian Eno - Stars


    Brian Eno - Stars

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    Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets


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    Brian Eno - Seven Sessions On A Milk Sea : Instant Nuclear Family


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    Brian Eno - Always Returning


    Artist - Brian Eno -

    From the album Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks [1983]
    Song - Always Returning

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    Elektronik Meditation - By This River


    Jannis Anastasakis : guitars, fx
    Deniz Angelaki : live painting

    live at Nixon bar-cinema, Athens 2012

    video by Shoot the Band :
    mastering by G.Priniotakis - ArtRacks studios

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    DIANA cover Brian Enos Here Come The Warm Jets |


    Watch as Toronto's synth-pop band DIANA perform a cover of Brian Eno's ambient Here Come The Warm Jets for Record Store Day 2014.
    --- Original post: ---

    Toronto synth-pop band DIANA took advantage of the setting and holiday to unveil a brand new cover of Brian Eno's Here Come The Warm Jets. In a great edition of Essential Albums, DIANA's Kieren Adams told us he admired Eno's ability to make pop [music] that doesn't seem confined to pop songs, and this set was the perfect place to put that philosophy into practice. (And their money is where their mouth is; singer/guitarist Carmen Elle spent a good part of the set inquiring as to the whereabouts of the Beyoncé record.) It doesn't hurt that Eno's slow-burning ambient swell fits DIANA like a glove.

    For more performances and interviews, subscribe & follow!


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    Brian Eno - Silver Morning


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    El secreto de Brian Eno para el bloqueo creativo que usan U2 y REM


    En 1975, Brian Eno desarrolló un curioso sistema para desbloquearse y avanzar durante los precesos creativos que con los años se ha ido haciendo enormemente popular. Se llama Oblique Strategies, y es sorprendenemente simple.


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    Roxy Music With Brian Eno - Grey Lagoons Live


    Originally titled The Bogus Man Part 2.

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    Brian Eno - River Journey


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    Brian Eno & Harold Budd - First Light


    Art by Gregg Renfrow

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    Brian Eno Live at the Holland Festival - 1999-06-20


    This is a recording of Brian Eno playing at the Holland Festival in Paradiso, Amsterdam, with the Metropole Orkest, directed by Dick Bakker, 1999-06-20. Here, he plays songs from the Shutov Assembly, and a couple others from various albums. This recording is the FM radio broadcast. It's not the highest quality, but there's nothing i can do about that. Sorry. Tracklist:
    1 Lanzarote
    2 Saint Tom
    3 Cavallino
    4 Final Sunset
    5 Markgraph
    6 An Ending
    7 Ikebukuro
    8 Triennale
    9 Alhondiga
    10 Iced World
    11 Another Green World

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    Brian Enos Another Green World | Liner Notes


    In the next episode of our new series, Liner Notes, we take an annotated look at Brian Eno's classic album, Another Green World, 41 years after its release.

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    Another Green World: An Annotated Look at the Classic Album | Liner Notes

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    Brian Eno - Lantern Marsh


    album: Ambient 4 On Land

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    Brian Eno - Late Anthropocene - Small Craft on a Milk Sea


    Download link -

    Taken from Brian Eno's new album (Small Craft On A Milk Sea) 2010.

    Brian Eno - Small Craft on a Milk Sea (2010)

    Artist: Brian Eno
    Album: Small Craft on a Milk Sea
    Released: 2010
    Style: Electronic
    Format: MP3 218Kbps
    Size: 86 Mb


    01 - Emerald and Lime
    02 - Complex Heaven
    03 - Small Craft on a Milk Sea
    04 - Flint March
    05 - Horse
    06 - 2 Forms of Anger
    07 - Bone Jump
    08 - Dust Shuffle
    09 - Paleosonic
    10 - Slow Ice, Old Moon
    11 - Lesser Heaven
    12 - Calcium Needles
    13 - Emerald and Stone
    14 - Written, Forgotten
    15 - Late Anthropocene
    16 - Invisible

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    AA. VV. No New York 1979 producer Brian Eno. Full CD


    1 Dish It Out
    2 Flip Your Face
    3 Jaded
    4 I Can't Stand Myself

    Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
    5 Burning Rubber
    6 Closet
    7 Red Alert
    8 I Woke Up

    9 Helen Fordsdale
    10 Hairwaves
    11 Tunnel
    12 Puerto Rican Ghost

    13 Egomaniac's Kiss
    14 Lionel
    15 Not Moving
    16 Size

    James Chance — saxophone, vocals
    Don Christensen - drums
    Jody Harris — guitar
    Pat Place — slide guitar

    Sumner Crane — guitar, vocals
    China Burg — guitar, vocals
    Mark Cunningham — bass, vocals
    Nancy Arlen — drums

    George Scott III - bass
    Adele Bertei — Acetone organ

    Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
    Lydia Lunch — guitar, vocals
    Gordon Stevenson — bass
    Bradley Field — drums

    Arto Lindsay — guitar, vocals
    Robin Crutchfield — organ, vocals
    Ikue Ile — drums

    Additional personnel
    Brian Eno — producer, cover design, cover photo
    Kurt Munkasci — engineer
    Vishek Woszcyk — engineer
    Roddy Hui — assistant engineer
    Steven Keister — cover design

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    how many worlds - brian eno


    brian eno - another day on earth

    re-edited video



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