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Playlist of Brian Burns

  • the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald by brian burns


    by cowboy

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  • Brian Burns - Ive Been Everywhere


    I've Been Everywhere (In Texas) is Brian Burns' remake of the Geoff Mack classic. Video produced by Allen J. Oliver.

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  • Brian Burns - Gimme A Ride To Heaven


    Brian Burns - Gimme A Ride To Heaven - 2002 album - Angels & Outlaws ~ written by Terry Allen ~

  • Brian Burns - Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.wmv


    Written by Gordon Lightfoot, Brians adds an extra demention... NO COPYRIGHT infringements meant

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  • TMC Texas Icons: Brian Burns with Gary P Nunn & Bobby Rambo - Angels & Outlaws


    Texas Music Cafe proudly serves the cooking of Brian Burns. Here he slowly warms Angels & Outlaws to a simmer amid 18 strings of country sweetness cooked up by friends Gary P Nunn and Bobby Rambo tear tinged solos.

    Follow Brian's music using the links below.

  • Brian Burns with Gary P. Nunn & Bobby Rambo - Lucy & Desi


    We here at Texas Music Cafe notice that when we write songs, no famous people show up to perform them with us. Maybe we need to write songs as well as Brian.

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  • Brian Burns - Southside 2020-01-08


    Video: Louise Elfvengren - LLS Recording

  • TMC Texas 2Fer: Gary P Nunn & Brian Burns


    Texas Music Cafe proudly presents this stellar lineup with Bobby Rambo playing leads for legendary Texan Gary P. Nunn singing Rocking Chair (That Don't Rock No More) written by Waco area songwriter Rickey Cardwell (who we recently featured). They wrapped up their live show that night with a traditional Texas tune when Brian Burns (who we also recently featured) broke into Will the Circle Be Unbroken for this very sober crowd who go ahead and enjoy it anyway without cold beer or barbecue in a place that has the nerve to paint the word Cafe on the sign out front (even though that word actually means coffee which you also couldn't get there without calling ahead). Y'all understand?

  • Brian Burns - Nothin To Say


    Brian Burns - Nothin' To Say (Austin vs Nashville) -
    - download song at -

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  • Well of the Blues - Brian Burns with Gary P. Nunn & Bobby Rambo LIVE @ TMC


    Honestly, I didn't know who Brian Burns was when he came to perform in our old Waco studio along with very well known Gary P. Nunn. Over the course of the approximately 90 minute live show that followed, Brian would turn me into a fan who's never forget his name.

    It made an impression on me that Gary was obviously very familiar with Brian's songs. You'll notice Gary mouthing the lyrics to the verses and only joining Brian on the choruses. A songwriter who gains the attention and respect of well established musicians in their genre merits notice.

    Want to sing it with him? Restart the video and scroll down a bit.

    Brian Burns – Well Of The Blues
    Amoeba man, he runs from hot, wraps up from the cold,
    Old evil man, he worries a lot 'bout how he's gonna save his soul,
    Easy man, maybe he like whiskey, silly girl, maybe she got caught,
    And old lazy bones, maybe he stays home, saw more than he sought.

    The well of the blues - oh, it never runs dry.
    It never gets full enough of whiskey and rye.
    The well of the blues...

    Preacher man bad-mouths the bottle and Mama pours it down the drain.
    Old grandpa likes to keep it within reach, it eases his favorite pain,
    And all year long old teetotallers' songs would echo grandpa's fall,
    But on the holidays everything's okay, even judges forget the laws.


    Well, there's natural-born winners and losers out lookin' for the old time
    They get the Indians' luck, the burnin' cup, stuck with a whiskey still
    Till it fills the head and makes the bed spin like a wildcat drill,
    Borin' a hole down deep in your soul that only a bottle can fill.

    Find more Brian Burns music online at the links below.

  • Desperados Waiting for the Train


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Desperados Waiting for the Train · Gary Grammer & Gonzo de Casa · Brian Burns

    Luckenbach! Compadres!

    ℗ 2006 Palo Duro Records

    Released on: 2006-01-01

    Music Publisher: World Song Publishing/warner Chappell Music

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • TMC Presents: Dont Tell Mama Im a Guitar Picker - Brian Burns with Bobby Rambo & Gary P Nunn


    Texas Music Cafe dishes up a triple Texan treat featuring one of the state's finest singer songwriters Brian Burns. This 1990's taping at our Waco studio was a hoot and holler we all recall fondly.

    Burns grew up in central Texas and had some great influences but writes and sings with a voice all his own. This gem Don't Tell Mama I'm a Guitar Picker (She thinks I'm just in jail) is really funny, especially for those pickers among us. This song should make his mama proud is what we think.

  • TMC Chefs Special: Brian Burns with Bobby Rambo & Gary P. Nunn - Im Not a Wino


    Texas Music Cafe folks learned long ago that honky-tonk gigs require one or several drinking songs. The tune wasn't wasted on our sober studio audience. Great song.

  • Indianola


    Brian Burns' song about the lost city of Indianola, TX...washed away by 19th century hurricanes

  • TMC Chefs Special: Gary P Nunn with Bobby Rambo & Brian Burns - Just Public Domain


    Texas Music Cafe was lucky to book Gary. Few knew about our show yet and we knew we needed some better known talent to attract a bigger studio audience. To our delight he showed up with Bobby Rambo and Brian Burns.

    Each of these fellows can comfortably play a full show of their own songs. Their love of song craft is evident in the tunes they chose to play that night. Smart songwriters learn quickly about what public domain is so this song feels like it was written for songwriters.

  • Im Taking As It Comes - Bobby Rambo with Gary P. Nunn & Brian Burns LIVE @ the Texas Music Cafe


    About 20 years ago the Texas Music Cafe got together these icons of Texas country in our Waco television studio along with as big a live audience as we had ever squeezed through our doors at that point. Each of these men is a legend in their own right but their combined skills gave us a magical evening of true Texas style country music.

    Born in Dallas, Booby became a veteran singer songwriter, producer, and publisher. He has 5 Grammy nominations to his credit. Bobby played the lead guitar parts that night for all the songs Gary and Brian played. We didn't even know at that time that Bobby has already appeared in the motion picture entitled Songwriter back in 1984.

    This was the only song that Bobby sang that evening. You can see it was hot under the stage lights but we like to serve songs hot and have cooked many a Texas troubadour under them.

    To watch more performances from that special evening so long ago, visit our Cafe Menu Classics playlist. Country, Rock, Blues, Gospel, Tejano, Texas Swing, Rockabilly and even Cow Punk all occupy this playlist. Here you'll hear and see what live music in Texas was like in the 1990's and and the first decade of this millennia.

    While visiting our playlist page, don't forget to check out PBS broadcast shows from our seventh and eighth seasons or our Order Up - Recent Shoots playlist filled with performers appearing in just the last few years.

    Now in his 70's, you won't find his profiles on social media sites but you will find his songs and lyrics in most of the prime online music sites.

  • Gary P. Nunn with Brian Burns & Bobby Rambo - London Homesick Blues


    Texas Music Cafe recorded Gary's iconic London Homesick Blues live in Waco just about 20 years ago. He's being backed here by songwriter Brian Burns and guitarist Bobby Rambo. You already know the words so sing along and if ya didn't, shush now and learn 'em.

    Follow Gary online using the links below.

  • B. JEFF STONE: Lost Highway Saloon Nashville Gold Records


    B. JEFF STONE: Lost Highway Saloon (B.Burns)

  • Kyle Brian - August Burns Red - Composure


    22 years old from Seaford, Virginia!
    Currently in Los Angeles. Available for Session Playing.

    For business inquiries

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    Equipment Used

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    14 Pearl Masters Maple Snare
    6,8, and 10 Roto Toms.
    22x20 Bass Drum.

    Sabian Cymbals
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    Evans Frosted EC2 on toms.
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    Evans EMAD Heavyweight on kick.

    Pearl Hardware
    Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator Double Bass Pedal
    LP Percussion
    Roadie Gear Works Stick Bag

  • TMC Texas Icons Menu: Gary P Nunn with Brian Burns & Bobby Rambo - Couldnt Do Nothing Right


    Texas Music Cafe was incredibly fortunate that within months of creating our show, we were already booking well known talent. At the time he came to our studio, legendary Texas country music icon Gary P Nunn was already one of the best known names in country music. What we were surprised to learn is that Gary cares about songs as passionately as we do. Sing him one of your own songs and if he likes it will learn it and sing it in his shows.

    So imagine our surprise when he arrived with Bobby Rambo and Brian Burns. At the time I had no idea who these men were beyond friends of Gary's. I would find out later that each of the two other men are also icons of Texas music. These fellers have left their handprints all over what has become the Texas sound that has become a country music style distinctly different from the Nashville sound.

    This song is a good example of how that sound is created. No steel guitar or concert string intros or rap sections. The absence of drums and bass creates a sparse and intimate sound of layered guitars that lends itself well to ballads and the kind of cowboy poet that Nunn is. Between these three men, they've scooted over half the boots in Texas. I'll tell y'all what, that's a lot of dang boots and probably a low ball estimate.

    Follow Gary online using the links below.

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  • Travis Letter


    Brian Burns-- Songs of the Texians

  • Along Old Fence Lines - Brian Burns


    From the CD American Junkyard

  • Bicycling In A Border Town


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Bicycling In A Border Town · Brian Burns

    Texas Unplugged, Vol. 1

    ℗ 2006 Palo Duro Records

    Released on: 2006-04-18

    Music Publisher: Brian Burns Music

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Angel of Goliad


    Brian Burns great song! With an intro by Ray Benson/Asleep at the Wheel with the Ft Worth Symphony Orchestra. The photo is not of the Angel; but the Angel of Goliad is an historic person. I used clips from the movie Unforgiven with Clint Eastwood.

  • Brian Burns Memorial pt 1


  • Brian Burns - Gallo Del Cielo


  • Upside Down


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Upside Down · Tommy Alverson

    Country to the Bone

    ℗ 2007 Palo Duro records

    Released on: 2007-10-02

    Music Publisher: Brian Burns Music

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Good Night Angelina


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Good Night Angelina (Brian Burns) · Various Artists-Boat Folk Records

    Live From Meridian Texas

    ℗ 1999 Boatfolk Records

    Released on: 2000-07-11

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Haunted Jukebox


  • Brian Burns vs Louisville 2017



    Twitter: @ontheclockBR

    Twitter: @thalhoferjoao

  • Whiskey-O


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Whiskey-O · Roger Wallace

    Live at the White Horse

    ℗ 2019 Roger Wallace Music

    Released on: 2019-04-19

    Composer Lyricist: Brian Burns
    Songwriter: Brian Burns

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • In The Music Room Studio Concert Brian Burns Audio Flashback set 1 of 2


    Once Upon A Time
    There was This Mystical Place, in Texas,
    A Destination for Singer-Songwriters
    Known for Its Tribe of Modern Troubadours
    A Venue So Unique .. A Musical Mingling
    Of Artist & Audience
    And on the evening of February 9th 2013
    Legendary Singer Songwriter Brian Burns came to play!
    Here is set 1 o 2
    In The Music Room Studio Concert Brian Burns Audio Flashback

  • Man Walks Among Us


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Man Walks Among Us · Marty Robbins

    The Essential Marty Robbins 1951-1982

    ℗ Originally Released 1964 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

    Released on: 1991-10-29

    Producer: Don Law
    Producer: Frank Jones
    Guitar: Grady Martin
    Guitar: Jack Pruett
    Drums: Louis Dunn
    Piano: Bill Pursell
    Bass: Henry Strzelecki

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Grey - The Story of The Finnmarkloppet by Brian Burns


    Each March over 1000 dogs race from Alta on the Atlantic coast through Finnmark (Norwegian Arctic Circle i.e. Lappland) to Kirkenes on the Russian border and back to Alta, a distance of over 1000 km. In 2009 Brian Burns, at the invitation of Oddvar Lampe and Arne Oddvar Nielsen, took part in The Finnmarkloppet for the first time.

    This amazing adventure inspired the song The Grey that was written by Brian Burns during the race and performed for the first time by Brian at the closing ceremony banquet in Alta, Norway.

    Violin on the recording in Umea, Sweden in May, 2009 is by Anton Teljeback and the song is available on the double single On The Road/Sandcastles released by ARISH at Kulturnatta 2009 in Umea, Sweden.

    Further infos:

    Copyright 2009 ARISH PRODUCTIONS
    ISWC: TO301400974
    IMRO: RO169040

  • Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy · Brian Burns

    The Best of Blasphemy

    ℗ 2009 Ann Callicrate

    Released on: 2009-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    Gregory Brian Burns SOLO

    Synthesizers/synthesizer programming drum programming photographer medicine man

  • BURNS and friends - Love me, Leave me


    Live recording of Love Me, Leave Me, from the Stockholm Sky CD release concert in Stampen, Stockholm, Sweden on October 24, 2011.

    Copyright Arish Productions 2011

  • The Long Goodbye


    The Long Goodbye written by Brian Burns is from the album Kites of Jaipur released in Sweden January 2014. The tracks lyric was written in Gorkha, Nepal in January 2012 and the music written and recorded in Stockholm in 2013.

    The video clip is an unedited clip of the sunset recorded on iPhone 6 in San Sebastian (Donostia) in August 2015.


    Brian Burns - vocals and acoustic
    Sharon Buckley - vocals
    Brian O Connor - electric guitar
    Dan Ramsten - Bass
    Tor Penten - Drums

    All rights reserved. Copyright Arish Productions 2015

    Dedicated to my friends in Nepal......I am with you.

  • Brian Burns Bass Cam


    Session Bass player Brian Burns lays down the law.

  • Stockholm Sky - BURNSmusic


    Stockholm Sky is the first single from the BURNS album also titled 'Stockholm Sky'. Release date: 01.09.2011. The song written in the Autumn of 2010 describes the bitter sweet of parting and changes thereafter. It was recorded in Freedom of Speech Recording studios in NYC, USA in January 2011. The mastering was done in Ballerina Audio, Umea, Sweden. The video is shot entirely in location in Stockholm, Sweden by Boris Soderlind.

    Copyright Arish Productions 2011

    BURNS is a registered member of STIM (SWE) and IMRO (ROW)

  • Goliad


    No one knows what Sam Houston said to his troops after the Battle of San Jacinto; this is Brian Burns' song that imagines that speech...

  • Snowflake


    Words/Music: Brian Burns
    Vocals/Acoustic: Brian Burns
    Accordion/Acoustic/Bell: Loughy
    Vocals: Sharon Buckley
    Cello: Ylva Wetterholm
    Recorded Suitcase Studios Stockholm 2019
    Engineer/Producer: Loughy

    Special thanks to
    Martin and Wirströms, Lea Carminati, Conor, Cathrin, Nova and Zeb!
    Video shot in Svanberga, Åkersberga and Romme in Sweden and in Port in France.

    Copyright BURNSmusic 2019

    STIM: 5024622 IPI: 5696743

    In memory of Gavin Ralston RIP

  • TMC Texas Icons Menu: Gary P. Nunn w/ Brian Burns & Bobby Rambo - Purty Boys


    Texas Music Cafe captured these country music masters in their prime when they were still relatively Purty Boys too. Gary's love of songcraft and clever lyrics is celebrated here.

    This performance is from roughly 20 years ago when Gary's already well established fame was a real score for TMC. We needed some big name bait on our hook to showcase all the great songwriters with little fame of their own yet. Shot live in the Waco studio of Texas Music cafe.

    Gary was just honored by the State of Texas with a lifetime achievement award as a musician. He was previously named as Texas' Official Music Ambassador. Congratulations to Gary from all his Texas Music Cafe friends.

    Follow Gary online using the links below.

  • Brian Burns Compares Classical to Flamenco


    Well known guitar builder, Brian Burns, demonstrates the differences between two of his designs, a newly strung classical and a flamenco.

  • Spur 503 - Ive Been Everywhere


    @ North Texas State Fair - Denton, Texas 08/24/2007

  • LOST IN DRIFTWOOD - BURNS and Keith Hearne


    BURNS new single 'LOST IN DRIFTWOOD' written in Ecuador whilst traveling South America in 2016 and recorded together with KEITH HEARNE at his home studios in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2016. A story of a restless spirit.....

  • Brian Burns & Dutch: Sitting on Top of the World


    25th January 2015 Bury St Edmunds Folk Collective.

  • Gregory Brian Burns DJ DRUM & BASS ANYONE?


  • Something - The Beatles - Guitar Solo - Burns Brian May Guitar


    One of my all time favourite George Harrison guitar solos.

  • Brian Burns mfl


    Brian Burns med flera spelar live på wirströms