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Playlist of Breaking Bad

  • Sleepy Hallow feat. Sheff G - Breaking Bad


    From the album “DON’T SLEEP”. Out now!

    #SleepyHallow #DONTSLEEP #WinnersCircleEntertainment

    Official Audio by Sleepy Hallow - DON’T SLEEP © 2019 Winners Circle Entertainment Inc / EMPIRE

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  • Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane


    Breaking Benjamin latest album DARK BEFORE DAWN featuring the singles “Failure,” “Angels Fall,” and “Ashes of Eden” is available now!

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    Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing The Diary of Jane.

    #BreakingBenjamin #TheDiaryOfJane #Vevo

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  • Breaking Bad: Yes Sir and No Sir


    Breaking Bad: Mike about Walt and Jesse; You need a name for 'em You call 'em Yes Sir and No Sir

  • Breaking Bad Composer Dave Porter - Billboard Interview


    The composer for the heralded AMC drama talks about his time with the show and what to expect musically in the final season.
    for more exclusive artist interviews, weekly performance sessions and in-depth coverage of the world's biggest music events.

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  • Breaking Bad Theme Cover


    Currently working on a new album:
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    Equipment used in the production of this video
    (Affiliated Links are the most relevant products available):

    Headphones - Beat by Dre - Orange -
    MIDI Keyboard - M Audio Keystation 49 -
    Laptop- Leopard Pro 15.6-Inch -
    Camera - GoPro 4 Silver -
    Audio Interface equivalent -
    Rode NT1a (mic) -
    Rode NT2a (mic)-
    Shure SM57 (mic)-
    Shure SM58 (mic)-
    AKG D112 (mic)-
    Se2200a (mic)-
    Guitar amp - Roland Cube -
    Pearl Double Bass Pedal -
    Remo Ambassador Drum Heads -
    White Student Violin -
    White Student Cello -

    All Credit goes to Dave Porter

  • Hello Carol Breaking Bad - Blood Money


    Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of the contents of this video. No copyright infringement intended. All contents belong to the rightful owners I have cited. Thank you.

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  • Breaking Bad - Walter singing scene


    Breaking Bad season 3 - Walter driving and singing meanwhile an officer stop him...

  • Breaking Bads Gale sings Major Tom HD


    Gale Boetticher is singing Major Tom by Peter Schilling. From season 4 of Breaking Bad.

    Standing there alone, the ship is waiting
    All systems are go, are you sure?
    Control is not convinced
    But the computer has the evidence
    No need to abort

    The countdown starts, watching in a trance
    The crew is certain

    Nothing left to chance, all is working
    Trying to relax, up in the capsule
    Send me up a drink, jokes Major Tom
    The count goes on

    4, 3, 2, 1
    Earth below us, drifting falling
    Floating weightless, calling calling home

    Second stage is cut, we're now in orbit
    Stabilizers up, running perfect
    Starting to collect, requested data
    What will it effect, when all is done
    Thinks Major Tom

    Back at ground control, there is a problem
    Go to rockets full, not responding
    Hello Major Tom, are you receiving
    Turn the thrusters on, we're standing by
    There's no reply

    4, 3, 2, 1
    Earth below us, drifting, falling
    Floating, weightless, calling, calling, home

    Across the stratosphere
    A final message, Give my wife my love
    Then nothing more

    Far beneath the ship, the world is mourning
    They don't realize, he's alive
    No one understands but Major Tom sees
    Now the life commands, this is my home
    I'm coming home

    Earth below us, drifting, falling
    Floating, weightless, coming home
    Earth below us, drifting, falling
    Floating, weightless, coming home

    Earth below us, drifting, falling
    Floating, weightless, coming, coming home

  • Breaking Bad Main Theme | Epic Version


    Check out our epic cover of the Breaking Bad main theme as El Camino debuts today. We were over the moon when this film got announced so we did what we do best and make our own tie in for the film. Enjoy!!

    If you are wanting to use this track for your own project please email us at Provide a link to your channel and the video you wish to use and we can discuss allowance from there. Kindly note, if you use our content without permission prior, you run the risk of your own content being removed and possible action being made by YouTube!

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    Artist: L'Orchestra Cinématique
    Writer: David L. Porter
    Label: Chapel Music
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd

    Please subscribe for loads of great cover versions from soundtracks, TV shows, computer games and more! Feel free to comment with any requests. Thank you for listening!

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  • Detras de camaras Breaking Bad


    Detras de camaras (Making of) Breaking Bad

  • bad guy in the style of Breaking Benjamin


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    Video edited by Andy Rose
    Music production by SixteenInMono & Jared DInes
    Mixed and Mastered by SixteenInMono

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  • 26ixSnoopy - Breaking Bad | Pressplay



    The First Drill Album | Out Now!!



    DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in these videos are for Entertainment & Educational purposes only, and do not represent the views of any artist(s) or Pressplay Media.

  • BREAKING BAD: Gale sings Crapa pelada


    Gale sings an old Italian song in Milanese dialect..
    Taken From Breaking Bad 3x13.
    All rights are reserved to owners, no purpose of law infringement.

  • Breaking Bad MetroGnome COVER + REMIX


    ▶ Free Download :

    Logo designed by Ishaan Kumar at :

    ANYONE can use my songs for ANY of their videos as long as it's not for commercial use and be sure to drop my links in your description box. THANKS!

    I DO NOT own the rights to this song!

  • Breaking Bad Theme - played with meth lab equipment.


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    I don't know anything about making meth but a little Googling let me know that if you come across a meth lab you might find, among other things:
    - propane cylinders
    - rubber tubing
    - paper towels
    - coffee filters
    - laboratory beakers
    - measuring cups
    - buckets
    - plastic bottles
    - frying pans

    Other than the guitar, all of the sounds in this piece were produced using the items above, with minimal effects and some speed adjustments to change pitches.




    Breaking Bad Theme - played with meth lab equipment. | Andrew Huang

    Andrew Huang

  • Breaking Bad - Season 3 - Los Zafiros He Venido


    Breaking Bad Soundtrack Season 3

  • Waiting Around To Die Breaking Bad S2-E3 Scene


  • Chocolate Genius- Life


    Song feature on breaking bad I do not own song all rights go to band

  • Breaking Bad OST - Relaxing Music Compilation


    Breaking Bad Original Score
    Relaxing Music Compilation

    00:00 - Sleep
    01:00 - You’re All They Talk About
    03:19 - Alone
    06:05 - Follicles
    07:12 - Daddy Did That
    08:19 - Jane’s Apartment
    09:10 - Rock Bottom
    10:03 - Voicemail
    10:59 - At Peace
    12:15 - Blood Donations
    13:06 - Lipstick
    13:36 - 308 Negra Arroyo Lane
    14:25 - No More Half Measures
    15:39 - Pool Stunt
    17:09 - White House Visit
    19:17 - The Perfect Box

    All music is composed by Dave Porter

    Since part of this audio is ripped directly from the episodes, some background noises and dialogue are impossible to remove.

  • Breaking Benjamin - Without You


    Without you from the 4th album '' dear agony '' by breaking benjamin 2009 album .
    check out our channel for more new songs from dear agony like :-
    fade away - crawl - give me a sign - hopeless - into the nothing - anthem of the angels - dear agony - i will not bow - what lies beneath & lights out .

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  • Breaking bad – Main Theme


    Один из Лучших Сериалов!)

  • Breaking Bad main title theme COVER


    Every now and then I like to recreate/reproduce themes from movies and TV shows. This is my humble attempt to recreate Breaking Bad’s (my favorite TV show) main title theme sampling sounds from pans and trays (and banging on the wall because why not) along to the traditional instruments.

    This theme was written by the great Dave Porter. Enjoy :D

  • Breaking Benjamin - What Lies Beneath


    What lies beneath 2009 full song from the 4th album dear agony by breaking benjamin...
    the 2nd single song by breaking benjamin, it will be in stores on september 29th 2009 / 09 29 2009 .

    If u liked this song, visit BreakingBenjaminOFCL and listen to the other songs from dear agony like :-
    Fade away / Crawl / I will not bow / give me a sign / without you / into the nothing / dear agony / lights out / hopeless & anthem of the angels .. hope you like them.
    or check out our website

  • Breaking Bad Theme Extended for 30 Minutes


    I love this show and theme
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  • Breaking Bad Theme


    Music: Deux Directions - Breaking Bad Theme

  • Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony ft. Lacey Sturm


    Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing Dear Agony (Aurora Version/Lyric Video). © 2020 Hollywood Records, Inc.

  • Breaking Benjamin - Dance With The Devil lyrics


    Requested by @toughgirlist
    Sorry for waiting so long! Hope you'll enjoy it :)

  • Breaking Benjamin - The Great Divide


    Breaking Benjamin latest album DARK BEFORE DAWN featuring the singles “Failure,” “Angels Fall,” and “Ashes of Eden” is available now!

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    Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing The Great Divide. (C) 2015 Hollywood Records, Inc.

  • Breaking Benjamin - Breath - Lyrics Video



  • Badfinger - Baby Blue 1080p


    The final song played at the very end of the series finale for the greatest show ever made.

    Awesome song
    Guess I got what I deserved
    Kept you waiting there too long, my love
    All that time without a word
    Didn't know you'd think that I'd forget or I'd regret
    The special love I had for you, my baby blue
    All the days became so long
    Did you really think, I'd do you wrong?
    Dixie, when I let you go
    Thought you'd realize that I would know
    I would show the special love I have for you, my baby blue
    What can I do, what can I say
    Except I want you by my side
    How can I show you, show me the way
    Don't you know the times I've tried?
    [guitar solo (Joey Molland)]
    Guess that's all I have to say
    Except the feeling just grows stronger every day
    Just one thing before I go
    Take good care, baby, let me know, let it grow
    The special love you have for me, my Dixie, dear.

  • BREAKING BAD - The Classroom Scene


    Courtesy of High Bridge Entertainment, Gran Via Productions &
    Sony Pictures Television

  • Breaking Bad POV


  • Breaking bad generator


  • The story of fake Heisenberg, Mr. Jimmy in-N-Out


  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - Movie Review


    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is essentially The Jessie Pinkman Story, with beautiful cinematography we're blessed with the conclusion to one of Breaking Bad's most beloved characters.

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    Is El Camino worth the hype?

    Thanks for watching & have a great day!

  • Leiva - Breaking Bad


    Tema con letra en el que Leiva junta su voz a una de las mejores series de la historia. Grande Breaking Bad, grande W.W. y grande Leiva.

    La espera para Monstruos mereció la pena amigos!

    Espero que os guste.


    Sigue ésta y otras muchas más canciones en Music the great communicator:

  • Skinny pete piano C.P.E. Bach - Solfeggietto Breaking Bad


    Skinny pete piano C.P.E. Bach - Solfeggietto Breaking Bad

    Breaking Bad : Saison 05 - Episode 03

  • Breaking Bad Composer Dave Porters Studio


    Dave Porter, composer for the Emmy-winning TV series Breaking Bad, shows us the synth he used to create the show's inimitable score.

  • Breaking Bad Orchestra


    An orchestration of the theme tune from the TV show 'Breaking Bad', based on the extended version from the Soundtrack. It was a bit of an experimental one as I wasn't sure how well this would translate to orchestra. I stayed faithful but added a little more oomph to it with the Orchestra.

    Download the mp3 from my Soundcloud:

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    All my orchestrations:

    FL Studio 10, Kontakt 5, Spitfire Albion, Loegria, Percussion, Harp, Orchestral Piano, SOlo Strings & Symphonic Strings, Cinesamples HollyWoodwinds, Drums of War II, CineBells & CineBrass, Orange Tree Samples Lap Steel Guitar & Cherry Bass, Audiobro LA Scoring Strings, Project Sam Symphobia II, Various private orchestral libraries

  • Breakdancing Bad | Breaking Bad Tribute


    Walter White decides to dance all over Albuquerque, New Mexico.


    Main Channel ::
    Second Channel ::

    Twitch ::
    TikTok ::
    Twitter ::
    Instagram ::
    D-Piddy as Walter White in Hazmat Suit

    Dustin Young as Jesse Pinkman (Jane's Duplex)

    Mike Villaster as Jesse Pinkman (Parking Lot Roof)

    Directing & Editing: D-Piddy
    Camera: Dustin Young (
    Driver: Mike Villaster
    Music: Keith Killgo - Crystal Blue Persuasion

    Fran & Louie Padilla
    Debbie Ball, aka The Candy Lady (
    Denny's (
    Dog House (
    Octopus Carwash (
    Twisters (
    #breakingbad #walterwhite #newmexico

  • Dave Porter - Magnet Breaking Bad SPOILERS


    Unreleased & unofficial track from the 1st episode of the 5th season of Breaking Bad.

    All main voices have been removed.

    Support Dave Porter & Breaking Bad, get the 2 score albums here:
    Volume 1:
    Volume 2:

    Customized font by Andrew McCluskey:

  • Breaking Benjamin Hopeless Lyrics


    Hopeless by Breaking Benjamin off of the album Dear Agony.

    For those of you who prefer description lyrics:

    Here I lie forever, sorrow still remains
    Will the water pull me down and wash it all away?
    Come and take me over, welcome to the game
    Will the current drag me down and carry me away?
    Suddenly the light begins to fade

    Hopeless, I'm falling down
    Filthy, I can't wake up
    I cannot hold on, I will not let go
    Worthless, it's over now
    Guilty, there's no way out
    I cannot hold on, I will not let go

    Silent I go under, I am not afraid
    I can see the daylight shine and slowly drift away
    Safe to say it's over, sink into the grave
    There is nothing left inside but I am wide awake
    I can hear the devil call my name

    Hopeless, I'm falling down
    Filthy, I can't wake up
    I cannot hold on, I will not let go
    Worthless, it's over now
    Guilty, there's no way out
    I cannot hold on, I will not let go

    Hopeless, I'm falling down
    Filthy, I can't wake up
    I cannot hold on, I will not let go
    Worthless, it's over now
    Guilty, there's no way out
    I cannot hold on, I will not let go

    Hopeless, hopeless


  • Breaking Benjamin - Unknown Soldier HQ


    Album: Phobia

  • Badfinger - Baby blue Breaking Bad


  • Breaking Benjamin - Medicate


    the second song from breaking benjamins first cd SATURATE

  • Little Misfortune OST - Breaking Bad


    The extended version of Breaking Bad, enjoy.

    All rights belong to Isak J Martinsson and Natalia Martinsson for their sparkling game.

    Isak's Bandcamp :
    Isak's Instagram :
    Natalia's Instagram :
    Killmonday Games website :

    Morgo is watching.

  • Shift Line - Breaking Bad Delay


    We spent years experimenting and looking for the perfect delay circuit. We built a number of analog delays but all of them were not good enought for us, because a simple analog circuit clips on high level signals and it is necessary to build an overcomplicated expensive device to compensate that. That is why we built the pedal around a grungy PT2399 chip, and we developed analog filters circuit to customise its character for that BBD hot sound.

    With MODE and BRIGHT switches turned down it is similar to Mad Prof. Deep Blue Delay. Similar tone, similary about 600ms of maximum delay - classic solution for this topology.
    BRIGHT switch will increase high frequiencies on tails. Thanks to analog filtering - we have bright tails but still low noise
    MODE switch will completely turn this pedal to a noise machine. I mean NOISE. A lot of it. Up to 6 seconds of very noisy low-fi echoes after 12 o’clock delay knob. Originally we called this ‘meth mode’ and we still think thats right name for it.

    Knob Mix - Dry/delayed signals ratio
    Knob Delay - Delay time. 51-650ms for MODE off position
    Knob Feedback - Amount of delays repeatings. Pedal will oscillate on high values of feedback.
    Switch Mode - 2-position toggle switch
    Switch Bright - 2-position toggle switch

  • The Theme To Breaking Bad But Like The Nanny


    Prestige television deserves prestige television themes, and there's been no better TV show theme than The Nanny. Why waste an entire pilot setting up the premise when you can sum it up in a snappy jazz number? Enjoy my rendition of The Theme To Breaking Bad.

    Help make this more than just an expensive hobby! Donate to my Patreon

    From the album I Dunno Just Make It A Cool Font



    He's a humble science teacher in New Mexico,
    Working part time at a carwash too, he's just so low
    With a family to support so many bills to pay
    A son with cerebral palsy, 'nother kid on the way
    How could things get any worse? Well, life has an answer
    He faints out of the blue and when he comes to
    He finds out he has lung cancer

    His brother-in-law Hank at the DEA
    Shows him a drug bust video, turns out crime does pay
    Making crystal meth? Sheeet, I can do that
    All I need is a partner and a cool new hat
    Has a ride-along with the enforcement team
    Sees a former student fleeing the scene
    Approaches Jesse Pinkman with a business pitch

    Let's deal drugs together he's like Hell YEAH, bitch!

    HIs family none the wiser (what's for breakfast, y'all?)
    You better keep this under wraps (Walt you better call Saul)

    He's the struggling science teacher turned neighbourhood drug-dealing dad

    He's the killer cook with cancer
    Now he's Breaking Bad

  • BREAKING BAD THEME - The Warp Zone


    It's our Breaking Bad theme acapella, bitch.
    More Warp Zone Acapellas! ►

    Top 5 with Melvin:

    Featuring the 5 natural voices of:

    Original Theme by Dave Porter
    Arranged by Ryan Tellez
    Special help from TJ Smith:

    - The Warp Zone -
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  • Breaking Bad Season 1


    01 Breaking Bad (Main Title Theme)
    02 Negro y Azul - Ballad of Heisenber
    03 One By One
    04 Walt Bandages His Leg
    05 Zungguzungguzungguzeng (Short Version)
    06 The Peanut Vendor
    07 You're All They Talk About
    08 Fallacies
    09 Banderilla
    10 The Morning After
    11 Red Moon
    12 The Missing Piece
    13 End Credits - Season One



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