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Playlist of Breakage (musician)

  • No Idea


    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS

    No Idea · Ko Htett

    No Idea

    ℗ Legacy Music Network

    Released on: 2020-05-25

    Artist: Ko Htett

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Secret to Replacing Broken Violin Strings


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  • Guitar String Breaks, Not A Problem For John Frusciante!


    (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    Guitar String Breaks, Not A Problem For John Frusciante! (Brazil 1999)
    #JohnFrusciante #IfYouHaveToAsk #RedHotChiliPeppers
    Partner: @PortalRHCP - (Instagram).

  • Six Feet Of Anger - Breakage


    New song from Six Feet of Anger called Breakage

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  • Breakage - Original song live acoustic performance


    Performing my latest song live on the acoustic, it's called breakage :D

    You can check out the full version with all instruments here:
    Written and recorded by myself.

    Full lyrics and chords:

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  • Fighting Fire by Breakage


    Fighting Fire by Breakage

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  • Breakage - Over Feat. Zarif


    - Album: Breakage - Foundation

  • Matt Weidinger Breakage


    Matt Weidinger performs Breakage at the 2019 Mont Tremblant Bluesfest.

  • Broken Wrist Recovery As A Guitarist


    In todays video I go trough my experience with fracturing my wrist and recovering.

    Check out my band Vile Retribution, we have a new song out:

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  • Breakage


    Rough draft of one of our best songs Breakage

  • House of the Breakage Rising Sun


    This is a cover of House of the Rising Sun by Lead Vocalist Hunter and Guitarist Klyph of Breakage Rising




  • Breakage Rising, Live in NYC 2014


    At Mercury Lounge.

  • Breakage Rising, Live in NYC 2014


    At Mercury Lounge.

  • Anthony Lux Breakage-


    Here's the Duke's performance of breakage- from his forthcoming album The Shape of It.
    Connect with the artist's facebook page

  • Breakage rising - Warning shot, Live in NYC 2014


    At Santos Party House.

  • Breakage - Rebel Creations.wmv


    Breakage (born James Boyle), is a London, UK drum and bass/dubstep producer and DJ. He is currently signed to the Digital Soundboy label.[1]

    Video created with Windows live movie maker.

  • Came from Nowhere - Breakage


    Just a test run before we record...




  • Last Memories- After The Breakage


    good as

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  • Breakage Rising, Live in NYC 2014


    At Tammany Hall.

  • Breakage Rising Performing Unspoken Live @ Mulcahys 8/26/13


    Breakage Rising Performing Unspoken Live at Mulcahys of Wantagh NY

  • Came From Nowhere - Breakage


  • Breakage Rising - Stripped LIVE at Karma


    Breakage Rising, NY hard rock/heavy metal band performing Stripped live at Karma in Patchogue, Long Island while opening for Ill Niño.

  • Breakage Rising, Live in NYC 2014


    At Tammany Hall.

  • Came From Nowhere - Breakage


  • I.S.G. - 10 Breakage


    this is a dirty business for me and i don't care at all
    because when you're a dead man
    you've got nothing to lose and you won't
    pin this on me

    you won't pin this on me

    i have a respect for the chemistry
    i just rationalize to make things not seem
    like i make poison for money, for money

    i make poison for money

    for money
    you won't pin this on me

    you won't pin this on me

  • Puncture Kit - Guest Appearance on Ray Keiths Breakage Podcast


    Puncture Kit - guest appearance on Ray Keith's Breakage podcast. Pyro Radio.

  • Boy and Gurl - Fighting Fire


    Fighting Fire is from Boy and Gurls 4th studio album The Great Unknowing

  • Beautys in the Breakage



    (Verse 1)
    Still trying to yawn it out
    Still trying to stretch my limits without breaking
    And I know it's been a long couple days.
    But I'm still making do.

    Every time my voice deserts me, I learn something new
    You can only love yellow when you're overwhelmed by blue.
    Maybe if you ever listened, you'd know a thing or two.
    It'll take time to fix this, but beauty's in the breakage.

    (Verse 2)
    Still trying to catch my breath
    How far can I push myself and still be healthy?
    Don't want the hurt, but I want to grow.
    And I am healing. Slowly...


    (Verse 3)
    I'm happy that you're around
    If you're quiet, you'll notice how the world is changing.
    When you lose your voice, you find all your words.
    It's a weird system, but it works.


    Oh, the world's not gonna change
    If everyone's shouting their mom's maiden name.
    Oh, we've got to lose our voices
    So we'll know what to say.


  • Breakage feat Jess mills - figthting fire


    Breakage feat Jess mills - figthting fire

  • Breakage Djembe


    Playing some drum n bass on my djembe to a breakage tune, its ok but i mess up at the end. Will upload some better vids soon. Peace.

  • Ernie Ball Paragdim String Breakage


    I had these strings on my guitar for 6 days. My B string went out in the middle of practice. It was really disappointing. It cost more than normal set. I love the tone of these things. They did make big difference on my tone.

  • Breakage by Came From Nowhere


    Original song Breakage by Came From Nowhere

    ABC Press and Play 11 March 2017

  • Clare Maguire Aint nobody live


    Clare Maguire live in HMV Glasgow

  • Breakage


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Breakage · Betoken

    The Ultimate Metal Compilation

    ℗ Secret Sound Records

    Released on: 2013-12-25

    Composer: Alessandro Ielo
    Composer: Augusto Casella
    Music Publisher: D.R
    Composer: Francesco Ferreri

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • gentaro breakage


    solo jam

  • How to Really Stop Breaking Strings


    A string resting on a metal saddle binds and locks the string in place. As the string vibrates, it stresses the string on a very specific point producing metal fatigue and then string breakage. Each String Saver saddle is impregnated with Teflon, the slipperiest substance on earth. The Teflon in String Savers eases the grip between the saddle and string spreading the stress over a greater portion of the string just enough to drastically reduce string breakage. Teflon is 500% more slippery than graphite and is impregnated throughout the String Saver material, so its lubricating properties will never wear out. For string breakage reduction the difference is dramatic. Strings that last and last, no matter how hard you play...we guarantee it!

  • A.E Stylez - Communication


    A.E Stylez drops new single titled Communication

    Stream and download below

    Follow A.E Stylez on Instagram

    Distributed by Create Music Group

  • Classic Breaks Mutated = Ned Rush


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  • Sonoride - The Night the Moon Fell Down from the Sky


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  • John Flynn - Kintsugi


    John Flynn performing his song Kintsugi live at Russ & Julie's House Concerts on September 28, 2017. The original studio version of the song can be found on John's 2014 album, Poor Man's Diamonds. (Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with gold, silver, or platinum.)

  • GHS Bass Guitar Boomers


    My demo of the GHS round-wound light gage five-string bass guitar boomers, and a comparison of the new strings vs. the stock Fender strings that came on my bass.

  • All These Questions - Drakeford


    This is one of the most personal and vulnerable songs on our new album. As you can probably tell by the title, the whole song is entirely made up of questions that we have been asking God over the last few years. We hope you like it!

    Filmed by Tyler Follon of Wingman Visuals

    Stream the song:

  • Vater Extended Play Drum Sticks - Winter NAMM 2018


    Order your Vater Extended Play Drum Sticks:

    The Vater Extended Play Series is an extremely durable drum stick designed by Vater's passionate R&D team that has two distinct features. The first feature is a pearl-colored, specially formulated durable finish that protects the tip and shoulder area of the stick from early chipping and cracking. The second feature is Vater's exclusive 3 Stick Shield located in the rimshot area that is highly impact resistant and 8X stronger than steel with maximum tensile strength. The grip area of the stick has the same great-feeling finish as found on all Vater Sticks. Extended Play sticks offer the optimal balance and feel of a Vater hickory stick, with advanced durability and resistance to rimshot fatigue and breakage.

  • The Code


    Provided to YouTube by Because Music

    The Code · Alewya · Moses Boyd

    The Code

    ℗ Because London Records

    Released on: 2021-03-17

    Composer: Alewya Demmisse
    Composer: Moses Boyd

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Best clean boost pedal? Lichtlaerm Audio Aesahaettr - 35db of clean boost! Demo | Review


    Lichtlaerm Audio Aesahaettr is an insanely powerful clean boost pedal that can push any amp into total breakage, with its range of 35 decibels of push! Looking for the best clean boost pedal on the market? Look no more! Absolutely transparent and clean boost pedal that any amp would appreciate being put in front. You like how your amp saturates and breaks, but don't want to color it with an overdrive pedal? This is the pedal for you! Are you extended range guitarist and want to tighten up your tone and push your flabby amps into chug fest tightness!? Look no more!

    To buy this pedal go to:

    00:00 - Intro
    00:22 - Introduction
    01:11 - Guitar Chain Explained
    01:24 - Pedal Demo
    10:24 - Final Thoughts - Review

    Hi, my name is Petar, and welcome to my channel Petar Makes Noise - where I post videos of gear demo and reviews related to either guitar or audio production in general and many other awesome things :)

    Follow me on my Instagram:

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    Or if you like to follow my private life a bit:

    If you have any questions, or just want to talk to me, just leave a comment, write to me on Instagram, or here in the channel directly. I'll try to answer as soon as possible.

    If you are interested, here is the gear list I used when recording this video:

    Guitar: Caparison TAT II (with Bareknuckle Juggernaut in the bridge, and Dimarzio Liquifire in the neck) and tunned to Drop C
    Amp: Laney Ironheart 60 with Torpedo Captor
    Pedals: Lichtlaerm Audio - The Key and The Gate (Noise gate pedal), Lichtlaerm Audio Aesahaettr
    DAW: Cubase Pro 9.5
    Audio Interface: Audient ID 22
    Strings: D'addario NYXL 11-64
    Camera: Fuji X-T3 with kit lens
    Microphone: Rode Video micro

    #lichtlaermaudio #aesahaettr #cleanboost

  • Liam Bailey - Breaking


    Music video by Liam Bailey performing Breaking (Live in Session). (C) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment

  • Inquiry into Music Streaming Tom Gray, Colin Young & Tom Frederikse


    Inquiry into Music Streaming (Pt1)

    In the last couple of months the UK Governments, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee have been looking into the way that streaming platforms and large record companies manage payments to songwriters, musicians and performers this is a series of videos of the meetings held by the DCMS Committee

    Tom Frederikse Partner, Clintons Solicitors
    Tom Gray Founder, #BrokenRecord Campaign, and vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Gomez
    Colin Young Streaming auditor and accountant, CC Young & Co

    Link to other Videos in the Series:

    0:15 IJC Intro
    3:44 Chair Intro
    4:52 Q1 In terms of how revenue is distributed between platforms and industry and artists, are the proportions, in your opinion, fair?
    6:49 Q2 Further on recoupment, a book author gets an advance, Is it different in music to that?
    7:41 Q3 When we talk about the industry share between artists and record labels, Are the distribution revenues fair between those two pillars?
    11:33 Q4 how recorded music is licensed to streaming platforms? How is it different from physical sales or radio? How have recoupment deals affected how revenues from music is distributed to all
    the parties?
    13:35 Q5 It is cheaper to distribute the music, the economics are still the same as they were in the past. Is that a fair summation?
    14:03 Q6 What recourse do artists have if they feel as if they are being ripped off
    15:48 Q7 Can you tell me about the #BrokenRecord campaign and what the main concerns are with record streaming?
    17:53 Q8 “Why should we be bothered about whether they have a good record deal or not?” But what you are describing affects people on very modest incomes who are not getting any share out of streaming. Is that a fair point?
    19:25 Q9 What is “equitable remuneration”? and what benefits it would bring?
    23:02 Q10 ER, Radio Play and money getting through to musicians.
    25:32 Q11 what is your response to the objections that the record industry has put in to this proposal, first that streaming is not broadcasting; secondly, that it might in some way go against our treaty obligations as the United Kingdom; and thirdly, that it might stifle industry growth and
    32:31 IJC Outro

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  • Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry


    Chords at end of video, I just like playing and singing it like this and didnt find anyone else do it this way. Hope it is enjoyed and please feel free to make a SONG REQUEST in the comments.

    Oh and don't forget to like and subscribe if you wanna hear more.

    There is another version on this channel in regular tuning if you have a guitar and want to play along without this major retuning hassle down to C F A# D# G c. If you do retune lower always start with the thinnest strings first to reduce added tension and avoid string breakage. For best results use GUITARTUNA app on iOS and GooglePlay app stores (FREE!)

    #Acoustic #SaveTonight #Cover

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