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Playlist of Boston Blackie (guitarist)

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    Chuck E Weiss - Boston Blackie from Red Beans And Weiss - April 2014


    From the album 'Red Beans And Weiss', as performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Standard YouTube License.
    Chuck E. Weiss: Lead Vocals
    Tony Gilkyson: Guitar
    J.J. Holiday: Slide Guitar
    Michael Murphy: Piano
    Will MacGregor: Bass
    Cece Worrall-Rubin: Baritone Sax
    Nick Vincent: Drums
    Don Heffington: Percussion
    and featuring Johnny Depp: Guitar

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    The Hu 3058 Yuve Yuve Yu


    The Hu - Baltimore MD - 9/28/2019 : Yuve Yuve Yu

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    THE BOSTON BLUES PARTY Remastered Part 2 of 3


    If you've viewed the 1st part & read the description, than you have an idea what you're looking at here. Part 2 is the live cuts from Ted Harvey & Jimmy D. Lanes gig at Johnny D's in Somerville, Ma( just north of Boston) from December 9, 2000. Part one sets you up to see just how Houserockin' Ted Harvey really is here in part 2. It's the 1st time lead guitarist Jimmy D. Lane had ever played a set using no bass player, which is known as Chicago style blues. The backround information is primarily found in parts 1 & 3, but part 2 has the meat of the live jam. The Boston Blues Party was written, produced, filmed, edited & directed by Keith McDonald & Thom McDonald, & was remastered at K-MAX Studios in association with Homegrown Video 2013.

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    LIQUID COURAGE and Blackie covering Gold Dust Woman


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    Strat-off Fender Custom Shop vs Macmull Custom Guitars with Steve from Boston #TGU18


    Find the Macmull here -

    and the Fender here -

    Steve from Boston and I plucked out two of our favourite strats from Thomann and jammed and talked about why we liked each one. It was not easy to pick a winner

    Donate to the channel here -
    Official T-shirts here -

    Find me on social media here:

    Facebook -
    Instagram -
    Twitter -

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    BOSTON - February 7 & 8, 2009 Northeast Motorcycle Expo, Bayside Expo Center - Featuring: Robin McAuley (MSG), Jani Lane (Warrant), Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.), Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses), Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper), Brent Woods (Vince Neil), Brian Tichy (Ozzy), Robbie Crane (RATT).

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    False True Lover - Ryan McGiver, Blackie OConnell, Conor Keane, Vishtèn


    Celtic Spring Caravan Tour @ Chollerhall, Zoug, Switzerland, March 2013

    Ryan McGiver - Lead vocals, guitar
    Blackie O'Connell - Uilleann pipes
    Conor Keane - Button accordeon
    Pastelle LeBlanc - Piano accordeon, bass pedal, vocals
    Pascal Miousse - Fiddle
    Emmanuelle LeBlanc - Whistle, feet percussion, vocals

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    Ryan McGiver, Blackie OConnell, Conor Keane & Vishtèn @ Chollerhall, Zug


    Finale tune set @ Chollerhall, Zug, Switzerland
    Celtic Caravan Tour

    Ryan McGiver - guitar
    Blackie O'Connell - uilleann pipes
    Conor Keane - button accordeon
    Emmanuelle LeBlanc - whistle, foot percussion, jaw harp
    Pascal Miousse - fiddle
    Pastelle LeBlanc - piano accordeon

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    W.A.S.P._Heavens hung in black


    The Untouchables Hard Rock Club_Jevnaker, Norway (15.08.2011)

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    Journeyman Promo Video Final


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    BOSTON - February 7 & 8, 2009 Northeast Motorcycle Expo, Bayside Expo Center - Featuring: Robin McAuley (MSG), Jani Lane (Warrant), Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.), Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses), Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper), Brent Woods (Vince Neil), Brian Tichy (Ozzy), Robbie Crane (RATT).

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    Blackie Lawless & Chris Holmes @ Bailey Brothers, 1988/1989 #2


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    Blackie Geer, Sister Morphine


    Blackie Geer, Sister Morphine

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    今回はZOOM G3Xn を使ってプレイしました。メサブギーのアンプシュミレートとキャビネットを使い、ブースターとしてチューブスクリーマーもプラス。ワウもクライベイビーのモデルがあったので使いました。

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    The Whiskey And Blackie Way


    A baby blues song to Jesus for New Years

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    Macmull Custom Guitars | Guitar Talk | Guitcon 2017


    Gear used:
    We use Triad-Orbit stands for our videos exclusively:
    A huge shoutout to Henning aka Eytschpi42! Without him, GuitCon would not have been possible!
    Check out his channel here:

    A guitar brand from Jerusalem: Macmull Custom Guitars has a special recipe to create their boutique guitars!

    Interesting bits and pieces:
    0:00 Macmull Heartbreaker & Macmull S-Classic | Playing & Jamming

    from 2:05: Talking
    3:31 Amit R. Sadras, Tal Macmull - Founders of Macmull
    4:23 Do we need another boutique guitar company?
    5:26 Comparison is key
    7:20 It's a piece of art for us!
    7:33 Usage of old woods
    9:16 Pickups are wound in-house as well
    10:32 Pickup wiring secrets
    12:10 Matching of all the components
    13:13 Trust your heart

    Twitter: @thomann

    Visit our blogs:

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    Chris Holmes Interview Former W.A.S.P. Guitarist


    Chris Holmes Interview with Jason Saulnier february 12, 2015.

    Chris Holmes is a heavy metal guitarist and songwriter who grew up in La Canada, California. Holmes started his musical career in the Pasadena, California area in the late 1970's and early 1980's. He is best known as the lead guitarist of heavy-metal band W.A.S.P. Holmes was a member of W.A.S.P. first from 1982 to 1990, and again from 1996 to 2001.

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    Expensive Guitars


    Valuable guitars at the Dallas Guitar Convention.

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    Vintage Guitar Parts Tell A Story Part Of a Chapter in Anothers Life by Eddie Vegas


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    Israel Portnoy - Far Too Hard *Macmull Live Sessions*


    Israel Portnoy - Far Too Hard *Macmull Live Sessions*

    Sruli Portnoy is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Manchester, UK who now resides in Israel. Sruli has a particular soft spot for blues/soul music, enjoy

    Learn more about Macmull Real Vintage Tone:

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    G-Shap Guitars presents: Stallion Guitars, model ST


    G-Sharp Guitars introduces Stallion Guitars, Val Ventro shows the comparison of a Fender 62 custom reissue Stratocaster and the new Stallion ST model. Comparison made to the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Assembled setup and handpainted in the US. As of May 2016 this guitar comes in Tweed hardshell case and sells for $390.00 plus tax or shipping. Call G-Sharp guitars (913) 352-6366 Prices subject to change.
    Copyright © 2016 G-Sharp Guitars LLC, all rights reserved.

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    Chris Holmes. Sleeping .The Diamond, Mansfield,Nottm- 03.05.2018.


    Chris Holmes Mean Man. Live The Diamond,
    Sutton In Ashfield,Mansfield,Nottingham- 03.05.2018.
    Sleeping (In The Fire) from the awesome 1984 W.A.S.P Album.
    Chris Holmes- Guitar/Vocals. Pascal Bei- Bass.
    Kevin Van Raiser- Guitar/Vocals. Stephen Jackson- Drums.
    Filmed Steve Russell.

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    1. Blackie Lowless (W.A.S.P.)Interview in Moscow
    2. SLAYER, KISS, ZYKLON - new
    3. No Comment Tarja Turunen in Moscow

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    LandauMichael Landau Live in Boston, Aug 11, 2012


    Live and Up-close

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    Playing an Eric Clapton owned 1964 Gibson


    Hello! I am a guitarist from Mendoza, Argentina (The Andes Mountains and great Malbec red wine).

    This video is from a show in Guernsey Island (UK) with Ukulele virtuoso Taimane Gardner. I am playing a Gibson SG Melody Maker from 62' or 64' that Eric Clapton owned and played, before he sold it an an auction in the mid 90's to the owner of this venue (for Clapton's drug addiction center).


    Instagram: @marzianimusic
    Facebook: @Marziani

    The Martian's Playground album available in Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

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    Old Slewfoot


    Blackie & the Rodeo Kings

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    Global Onslaught talks to Chris Holmes


    Kevin Oakes again brings us an exclusive interview with former guitarist and legend Chris Holmes during his UK Tour.

    C Global Onslaught 2014 All Rights Reserved

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    Buddy Lucas - Searchin


    From '' Buddy Lucas / Edna McGriff ‎-- Searchin' / Mr. Lee ''
    Label: Bell Records -- 54
    Format: Vinyl, 7, 45 RPM
    Country: US
    Released: 1957

    A Buddy Lucas - Searchin'
    B Edna McGriff - Mr. Lee
    Written-By -- Emma Ruth Pought, Helen Gathers, Jannie Pought, Laura Webb, Reather Dixon

    Distributed By -- Pocket Books, Inc.
    Published By -- Tiger Music
    Published By -- Progressive Music

    Publ. by:
    A. Tiger Music.
    B. Progressive Music.
    Distributed by Pocket Books, Inc.
    The five writers of track B is the complete group The Bobbettes.


    Searchin' is a song written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller specifically for The Coasters.
    It was released as a single on Atco Records in March 1957, and topped the Rhythm and Blues Chart for twelve weeks. It reached #3 on the national pop singles chart.

    Although the Coasters had previously done well on the R&B charts, it was Searchin' (along with Young Blood on the flip side) that sparked the group's rock and roll fame.

    Singer/songwriter Paul McCartney chose Searchin' as one of his Desert Island Discs in 1982.
    McCartney performed the song with The Beatles during their audition for Decca Records on 1 January 1962.

    The song is featured in the 1999 Warner Bros. animated movie, The Iron Giant, the musical revue Smokey Joe's Cafe, and the 1999 biographical film October Sky.

    The song

    The lyrics, written by Leiber, use vernacular phrasing.
    The plot revolves around the singer's determination to find his love wherever she may be, even if he must resort to detective work.
    The song's notable gimmick was in citing specific law-enforcement figures from popular culture, such as Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chan, Joe Friday, Sam Spade, Boston Blackie, Bulldog Drummond, and the Northwest Mounted Police (The Mounties).
    The vocals of the Coasters' lead singer Billy Guy are raw and insistent.
    Driving the song is a pounding piano rhythm of two bass notes alternating on every second beat.

    The theme of the song is searching for love:

    Well, I'm searching
    Yeah I'm gonna find her

    The refrain is simple variations of this phrase

    Gonna find her, yeah ah, gonna find her

    The track was recorded in Los Angeles on 15 February 1957; the backing band comprised Gil Bernal (tenor sax), Mike Stoller (piano and arrangement), Barney Kessell (guitar), Ralph Harrison (bass), and Jesse Sailes (drums).

    Cover versions

    The song has been covered by:
    The Beatles,
    the Grateful Dead,
    The Hollies,
    Wanda Jackson,
    Neil Sedaka,
    and The Spencer Davis Group, among many others.

    Jim Croce included some of the lyrics in his version of Chain Gang.



    (Gonna find her)
    (Gonna find her)
    (Gonna find her)
    (Gonna find her)

    Yeah, I've been searchin'
    've been searchin'
    Oh, yeah, searchin' every way which a-way
    Yeah, yeah
    Oh, yeah, searchin'
    I'm searchin'
    Searchin' every which a-way
    Yeah, yeah
    But I'm like the Northwest Mounties
    You know I'll bring her back someday.

    (Gonna find her)
    (Gonna find her)

    Well, now, if I have to swim a river
    You know I will
    And a if I have to climb a mountain
    You know I will
    And a if she's a hiding up
    On a blueberry hill
    Am I gonna find her, child
    You know I will

    'Cause I've been searchin'
    Oh, yeah, searchin'
    My goodness, searchin' every way which a-way
    Yeah, yeah
    But I'm like the Northwest Mounties
    You know I'll bring her in some day
    (Gonna find her)
    (Gonna find her)

    Well, Sherlock Holmes
    Sam Spade got nothin', child, on me
    Sergeant Friday, Charlie Chan
    And Boston Blackie
    No matter where she's a hiding
    She's gonna hear me a comin'
    I'm gonna walk right down that street
    Like Bulldog Drummond

    'Cause I've been searchin'
    Oooh yeah, searchin', my goodness
    Searchin' every way which a-way
    Yeah, yeah
    But I'm like the Northwest Mounties
    You know I'll bring her in some day
    (Gonna find her)
    (Gonna find her)

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    WASP 2010 I wanna be somebody


    Live show @ De Pul in Uden (Netherlands) on november 13th 2010. 8th Song of this shortned setlist.

    Had a great time, but cannot entirely get rid of the feeling that Blackie didn't enjoy it at all. Setlist was shortned with 4 songs (including the Hellion medley). Could it be that he was disappointed by the low attendency ( show wasn't sold out. Capacity is about 650 people)? Or was it somthing else?

    Anyway the other musicians also gave a hell of a show. It was difficult to film them, because of their constant movement :-) .

    We were glad to be there!!! The music is fantastic.

    Blackie Lawless (Vocals, guitar)
    Doug Blair (Lead guitar and backing vocals)
    Mike Duda (Bass, backing vocals)
    Mike Dupke (Drums)

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    Lawrence Arabia performs Apple Pie Bed live at Waterloo Records in Austin, TX


    Lawrence Arabia performs Apple Pie Bed live at Waterloo Records in Austin, TX

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    Entrevista Blackie Lawless y Chris Holmes de W.A.S.P. Disco Cross 28-01-1997


    Entrevista Blackie Lawless y Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.) en el programa de radio Disco Cross el 28-01-1997 , realizada tras el concierto de la banda, en La sala Caracol de Madrid, el 27 de enero de 1997. Esta grabación de cassette, está digitalizada por mí y no pertenece a ningún club de fans, por lo que su autoría sería falsa.

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    Pearl Jam - It Rains On Me


    Written by Tom Waits & Chuck E. Weiss
    Performed by Eddie Vedder at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach diring Pearl Jam 2008 US Summer Tour

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    Red Hot Chili Peppers - I Could Have Lied - Boston, MA


    My Twitter:
    Official soundboard audio with footage from the crowd.
    Audio recorded and mixed by Jason Gossman. If you want the FULL SHOW, visit
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
    Powered by
    All Rights Reserved - Red Hot Chili Peppers and Warner Music Group

  • desc Interview - Chris Holmes


    Tento rozhovor vzniknul 17/10 2015, den po koncertu Chrise Holmese a Mean Man v Praze. Z tohoto koncertu také pocházejí ukázky.

    This interview was conducted on 10/17 2015, day after Chris Holmes & Mean Man show in Prague, Czech Republic.

    Hudební magazín vznikl v roce 2002, od té doby prošel řadou změn, po nichž se ustálil v současné podobě. Základ magazínu tvoří čtyři žánrové sekce:

    1) Rock a Pop

    2) Metal

    3) Jazz a Alternativa

    4) Blues a World Music

    V rámci redakčního plánu se věnujeme psaní hudebních aktualit, pozvánek na koncerty a festivaly, z nichž poté vydáváme reportáže doplněné o vlastní fotografie (samostatně vychází u nás navíc i fotoreportáže), publicistické články, recenze alb a rozhovory s osobnostmi z hudebního světa.

    Ve svém zaměření se snažíme podporovat talentované mladé kapely, vybrané festivaly a kluby tak, abychom čtenářům pomohli rozšířit představu o současné hudební scéně.

    V případě, že byste měli zájem nás kontaktovat, poslat tiskovou zprávu o chystané hudební události z oblasti našeho žánrového rozpětí, umístit u nás reklamu či dokonce pro nás psát nebo fotit, můžete tak učinit na e-mailové adrese Budeme se vám snažit co nejdříve odpovědět. Těšíme se na případnou komunikaci a zajímavé náměty.

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    The Hu live The Great Chinggis Khaan


    Live in Boston @ Paradise Rock club September 23rd, 2019

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    The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu @ The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT 2019-10-02


    The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu @ The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT 2019-10-02

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    RANT & RAVE - Finishing touches on my last two strat builds


    Just a look at my last two Strat builds.

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    2172 - Searchin - Coasters cover - vocal & acoustic guitar & chords


    Guitar chords and lyrics are HERE:
    Capo 3

    This was #3 in USA in 1957.

    (Gonna find her)..(Gonna find her)

    (Gonna find her)..(Gonna find her)
    Yeah, I've been searchin'..I been searchin'..

    Oh, yeah, searchin' every which a-way, yay-yay.
    Oh, yeah, searchin', I'm searchin'..
    Searchin' every which a-way, yay-yay.
    But I'm like that Northwest Mountie..
    D A
    You know I'll bring her in someday.

    (Gonna find her)..(Gonna find her)

    Well, now if I have to swim a river..

    you know I will.

    And if I have to climb a mountain..

    you know I will.

    And if she's hiding up, on Blueberry Hill..
    Am I gonna find her, child? You know I will.

    Cause I've been searching, oh yeah, searching.
    My goodness, child, searching every which a-way, yea-yea.
    But I'm like that Northwest Mountie..
    D A
    You know I'll bring her in some day.

    Well, Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade got nothing, child, on me.

    Sergeant Friday, Charlie Chan, and Boston Blackie.

    No matter where she's hiding, she's gonna hear me comin'..

    Cause I'm gonna walk right down that street
    like Bulldog Drummond..

    Cause I've been searching, oh yeah, searching.
    My goodness,child, searching every which a-way, yea-yea.
    But I'm like that Northwest Mountie..
    D A
    You know I'll bring her in some day.

    But I'm like that Northwest Mountie..
    You know I'll bring her in some day.

    A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.

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    Chris Holmes.Wild Child.The Diamond,Nottingham-25.06.2017.


    Chris Holmes Mean Man- Live The Diamond Live Music Venue,Mansfield,Nottingham- 25.06.2017.
    Wild Child- from the awesome 1985 W.A.S.P. album- The Last Command. Chris Holmes- Guitar/Vocals. Pascal Bei- Bass.
    Thomas Antoine Cesaro- Guitar/Vocals.
    Folkert Beukers- Drums.
    Filmed Steve Russell.

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    Pixies - Live@OGR Turin


    Pixies - Lives in Turin 12.10.19 @OGR Officine Grandi riparazioni, Filmed by Biaspoint,
    Track List:
    0:10 - ST. Nazare
    2:10 - Wave of Mutilation
    4:06 - Los surfers muertos
    7:07 - Monkey gone to haven
    10:00 - Here comes your man
    13:04 - Where is my mind
    17:32 - Velouria
    21:24 - Gouge away
    26:13 - Bone machine
    29:04 - Debaser
    31:45 - Tame

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    Blackies Blues Band


    La banda que se llevó la noche del Blues en la UP. Concierto de Bienvenida.

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    GuitCon 2017: Macmull Custom Guitars Interview


    Wir haben uns auf der GuitCon 2017 mit den israelischen Gitarrenbauern von Macmull unterhalten.

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    Kiss - Deuce 27.6.19 - End of the Road World Tour - Tons of Rock Blackie Davidson


    Blackie Davidson:
    Blackie Davidson FB:
    Tons of Rock 2019:
    Tons of Rock 2018:
    Tons of Rock:


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    Battle Scar by Alex Lifeson Rush and Kim Mitchell Band 2018


    Andy Kim Christmas
    Alex Lifeson, Kim Mitchell, Peter Fredette, Blackie Jackett Jr. & Friends! for the benefit of camh.
    edited with the co-operation of 4 cameras.
    cheers!-b ♫♪ *¨*•.¸¸..★ ♪♫ ♫♪

    videography by b!||yzee - torontorox!





    subscribers and likes are very much appreciated!

    ♫♪ *´¨)
    ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨)
    ( ¸ .•´ ♫♪ ★ *¨*•.¸ ♪♫ ♪¸..

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    Sweet Home Alabama Guitar Cover


    A rocked up version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama on my VHT Pitbull 50/12. Playing on Fender American Deluxe Strat. One Minute version that I did for Instagram.

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    Special guitar


    Bro playing a Fender NOS 60's reissue - wut u thing? u like ? amazing sound!

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    Mark Mooney


    Mark Mooney (Healy Brothers Funeral Singer)

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    Chuck E Weiss Piano Bar Hollywood Jimmy Would




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