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Playlist of BoBa ft. Joss Stone

  • BoBa ft. Joss Stone - Eritrea


    A perfect song for valentine's day. On our 136th country, we visited Eritrea and met up with the group BoBa and performed the Kemey’Leki’ song in the local language Tigrigna. There is something special singing about love and if you're one of those people counting down the days and someone is always on your mind. This love is meant to be. Love and music really is the universal language. Watch the video and see what you think!

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  • Zeritu ft. Joss Stone - Ethiopia


    Just simply brilliant!!! We met up with the lovely Zeritu from Ethiopia and her fellow musicians, the experience was fun, engaging and all-round fantastic, Zeritu really does put on a good show. With her phenomenal vocals, singing about political issues, this song certainly causes us to think, and makes us consider our own purpose in life. After all, the greatest luxury is being free. Watch, listen and see what you think. We hope you enjoy!

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  • Nancy Agag ft. Joss Stone - Sudan


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Nancy Agag from Sudan.

  • Asher Otto ft. Joss Stone - Antigua


    Antigua, wow, what a treat it was to meet up with the lovely Asher Otto and her fellow band members. A really uplifting song which would jump start anyone's day. Her style of music has been influenced by Jazz, contemporary and RnB. We sang a beautiful song about missing home, which we can all relate to at some point in our life's. If you want a happy moment, be sure to watch and listen to these wonderful vocals. Thanks for having us, it was an amazing experience.

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  • Avicii Boba


    Eritrean African version of wake me up (Avicii)

  • Teety Tezano ft. Joss Stone - Cameroon


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with a singer called Teety Tezano in Cameroon.

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  • Palestine Child


    Provided to YouTube by Awal Digital Ltd

    Palestine Child · Nocturnal Heresy · Nocturnal Heresy

    Forgotten Warrior

    ℗ Galactica Records

    Released on: 2016-09-28

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Willis and the Illest Reggae band ft. Joss Stone - Bahamas


    On our last bit of the Total World Tour, we met up with the incredible Willis and the Illest Reggae band from the Bahamas on a desert island all to ourselves. Flying over the tiny islands on a seaplane looked magnificent, once on the ground singing a song called Truth Search, a song about acceptance and fighting for what you believe in, had a great feel-good vibe to it. Music can help in all kinds of situations and it is possible to also find solace in music, this song definitely proves that. We feel really blessed to have collaborated with some wonderful people.

    Thank you for having us & thanks @transislandairways for the lift in the seaplane.

  • Boba


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Boba (Acoustic) · Jason Chen


    ℗ 2019 Jason Chen

    Released on: 2019-11-07

    Composer Lyricist: Jason Chen
    Songwriter: Jason Chen

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Sahra Halgan ft. Joss Stone - Somaliland


    This beautiful soul was a delight to meet. Sahra Halgan from Somaliland is a very special person. Her songs, in a pure and authentic musical form, show the world of the Somaliland people; their sufferings and joys. She champions the sovereignty of her country, fighting for stability and against violence. Watch our collaboration and discover the beauty of her music.

  • BoBa Pro Trailer Oct, 2017


    Eritrean Musical Band BoBa Pro Concerts trailer. 2017

  • Who Are BoBa ? Music Documentary


    BoBa are a young and dynamic band taking the Eritrean music scene by storm. They are destined to take Eritrean music to the global stage.
    Using traditional instruments, rhythms and beats in innovative ways, merged with the raw talent of the musicians and a dedicated team of managers makes this band the creators of a new era in Eritrean music.

  • Boba


    Provided to YouTube by Soundrop

    Boba (Acoustic) · Ernie Wong

    Boba (Acoustic)

    ℗ 2019 Ernie Wong

    Released on: 2019-12-11

    Composer Lyricist: Jason Chen

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Bill Aka Kora ft. Joss Stone - Burkina Faso


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Bil Aka Kora from Burkina Faso #JSTWT

  • Maysa Daw ft. Joss Stone - Palestine


    In beautiful Palestine, we met with up with the indie musician Maysa Daw. We feel so privileged to have had collaborated with her. The song we sang 'Come With me' A love story about Maysa and her lover living on different sides of the border, dreaming about going on a journey and being free together for a moment. Borders shouldn't get in the way of true love, so sad for this to happen. Thank you for a lovely heart-felt song, it really does give you the goosebumps.

    Have a listen and share if you wish

    Team Joss x

  • Kya Loum ft. Joss Stone - Senegal


    Another day another collaboration in Afica. This time we met up with the delightful Kya Loum and had a little jam looking over a Senegalese bay.

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Janice ft. Joss Stone - Sweden


    In Sweden, it was of great privilege to meet up with the beautiful Janice and have a little sing-along together, the song is about never settling for less than you deserve. We should all obey this song, life is too short and everyone deserves what’s right for them. Janice' genre is a mix between R&B and Soul, what a lovely soulful voice she has. It was great to meet Janice & hang out with her. A wonderful person inside and out. Watch the full video, we hope you enjoy!

  • New Eritrean Music Seb Aykewnenye ሰብ ኣይከውንንየ Millen Hailu


    የኤርትራ ሙዚቃ ይወዳሉ እንግዲያውስ ስብስክራይብ ያድርጉን ፍታ እናርጎታለን/

  • Gamr boba


    Provided to YouTube by Takwene

    Gamr boba · محمد وردى


    ℗ 2014 Takwene Inc.

    Released on: 2014-04-02

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Fanie Fayre ft. Joss Stone - Republic Of Congo


    On our last tour, we met up with the lovely Fanie Fayre in The Republic of the Congo. The song was about her son. After understanding the lyrics, the saying 'A boys best friend is his mothers' definitely relates to this. It was wonderful to spend some time together. Great vibes all around.

    Check out the video, Please share if you like…..

    Team Joss x

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


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  • Nelida Karr ft. Joss Stone - Equatorial Guinea


    Here is a video of a collaboration with an artist called Nelida Karr from Equatorial Guinea #JSTWT

  • Jah Baba & his band ft. Joss Stone - Benin


    This is the collaboration we did with the lovely Jah Baba and his band from Benin and sang a song about how it is a blessing to have babies.
    The sun was shining and the musical sounds of Afro Jazz made the perfect vibes. Music like this really does put a smile on your face.

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Super Duper Love


    Liva Redhead (12 yrs) performs with her band “Bad Excuses” at the annual music school festival.

  • Elemotho ft. Joss Stone - Namibia


    A lovely collaboration in a stunning part of Africa. Namibia you are beautiful, indeed. We were all so lucky to meet up with the Namibian musician, Elemotho and his friends. Sat by a lake surrounded by natural beauty and the sounds of sweet melody made our day. His genre is a mix between African Acoustic Roots and World Music. A real gent and his music is not to be missed.

    Watch the video and see what you think!

  • JSTWT - Bulgaria: Joss meets with Bulgarian Fund for Women


    Bulgarian Fund for Women, definitely, yay for women. An inspiring charity we visited in Bulgaria that raises funds and gives grants to local non-governmental organisations (NGO's) working to advance women’s and girls’ rights, eliminate gender stereotypes and achieve gender equality in all spheres of life. Take a look at the video and see for yourselves the women we met dedicating their time and effort in building a world free of discrimination and inequality. It is so important that all girls and women have equal opportunities and are given the same choices as everyone else.

    For more information, please their website:

  • Das wahre Leben


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Das wahre Leben · Senait Mehari

    Mein Weg

    ℗ 2005 Universal Music Domestic Division, a division of Universal Music GmbH

    Released on: 2005-01-01

    Producer, Associated Performer, Keyboards, Programmer: Robert Hardt
    Producer, Studio Personnel, Mix Engineer: Harry Zier
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Michael Schwabe
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Matthias Strass
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Matthias Petereit
    Associated Performer, Percussion: Hans Rhomberg
    Associated Performer, Drums: Oliver Spanuth
    Composer Lyricist: Senait Mehari
    Composer: Oliver Pinelli

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Hgusat


    Provided to YouTube by Believe A.

    Hgusat (feat. Mikal Yosief) · Glodine

    Dance Unlimited (EDM)

    ℗ Vuyiseka Makapela Under License to CD RUN Africa

    Released on: 2016-11-22

    Author: Glodine
    Featured Artist: Mikal Yosief
    Composer: Zaiden

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Matibeye Geneviève ft. Joss Stone - Chad


    Last year we met up with the amazing Matibeye Geneviève from Chad, she sings about love, equality, forgiveness and peace. Her songs are usually in French, Arabic and a local language called Gambaye. Spending time with Matibeye and her friends was a real pleasure, we feel so grateful to have met them all. Thanks for having us. Check out the collaboration and share if you wish.

  • Joss visits Vanuatu Womens cricket team - Vanuatu


    We visited the Vanuatu Women's cricket team. An inspiring group of women who want to participate in a sport and not be treated differently because of their gender. They are trying to get enough funds so they can carry on doing what they love and have the chance to play in the Pacific Games. The Vanuatu government only give funding to the men's cricket team. Watch the video to find out more and if you would like to donate please visit

  • Studio Shap Shap - ft. Joss Stone - Niger


    Back in 2018, we met up with the lovely band, Studio Shap Shap in Niger. It was an unforgettable moment singing a song called Le Cheval d'Haro. The band plays so many unusual instruments such as the douma, talking drums, kindé, molo and komsa. The nature sounds and electro samples were something we had not heard before but brought us an abundance of happiness. So glad we experienced this unique collaboration with such gems. Also, this beautiful man singing the lead is the best groove dancer in Niger. Have a listen and see what you think!

    Team Joss x

  • Ryan Sheridan ft. Joss Stone - Ireland


    In Dublin, Ireland, we met up with the lovely Ryan Sheridan and all had a good time together, as they say in Ireland 'We had a good craic'. Ryan's a phenomenal guitarist and a passionate singer. The song we sang was about being on the road and missing home, which we all understand being on this Total World Tour. Collabs like this, however, make it so worthwhile.

    We just want to say thanks to everyone involved in this collaboration and thanks to Westland studio for letting us use their space.

  • Drew Dean ft. Joss Stone - St Kitts & Nevis


    We met up with the lovely singer-songwriter Drew Dean from the beautiful islands of St Kitts & Nevis, sat on a stunning beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea was the perfect setting to do a collaboration. Drew and his fellow musicians were a delight to be around, singing about love and positive vibes was a good feeling, especially being in paradise. Drew, describes his style as Eclectic Soul, he merges elements of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop & Reggae to create a unique sound. Have a listen and see what you think.

  • Ashwin Srinivasan ft. Joss Stone - India


    Many moons ago, we met up with the lovely, flautist and vocalist Ashwin Srinivasan from India. Listening to Ashwin play the flute was an incredible moment for us, with his soulful melodies and a mix of Indian classical music, it was all so pleasing to the ear. Thanks for introducing us to some wonderful sounds. It was a great pleasure to meet with Ashwin. Here is the full video, we hope you enjoy.

  • Otoufo ft. Joss Stone - Togo


    In 2017, we met up with the lovely Togolese artist, Otoufo from Togo. Her style of music is a mix between Afrobeat, Highlife and traditional Togolese music. Singing about being proud of where your from portrays a positive message and makes you feel awesome about yourself. Good times were had with Otoufo and her fellow band members. What great vibes and wonderful memories for the Total World Tour. Watch the video and see what you think!

    Team Joss x

  • Nasia ft. Joss Stone - Kazakhstan


    Kazakhstan, a wonderful country we visited. We met up with the lovely singer Nasia and her friends back in March on Women's international day. The works of jazz, funk, blues and souls are collected in her style of music and her voice is so pleasing to the ear in more than one way. The song we sang is how beautiful all of the women are, around the world. A perfect song for this particular day with an empowering message that inspires woman not to lose their inner child.

  • Etnika ft. Joss Stone - Malta


    Meeting the band Etnika was a wonderful highlight of our trip here in Malta. We were all swept away by the sweet sounds of the group. A modern folk band with songs that present a revival of old traditional Maltese instruments and a fusion with contemporary ones, made a perfect collaboration. The song we sang 'Maddalena' is about a tale of unrequited love. A song with beautiful lyrics, that feels timeless. Have a listen and see what you think. We hope you enjoy.

  • The Drop - ft. Joss Stone - Antarctica


    A really magnificent moment for the Total World Tour when we visited the beautiful continent, Antarctica, last year. It took us two days to get there by boat and we are so glad to have had the experience to come here, nothing compares to it. There were so many highlights and it really was a dream come true. Surrounded by natural beauty and some friendly penguins we could not have asked for a better setting to sing one of Leon's songs. Leon is from a band called The Drop which plays mainly Reggae, dub and roots music. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy!

  • Mario Sacasa ft. Joss Stone - Nicaragua


    Our visit to Nicaragua back in 2016 was a wonderful encounter, especially meeting up with the musician singer-songwriter and guitarist Mario Sacasa. His music is a rich rhythmic mix that reflects the musical traditions and folkloric whispers of his native Nicaragua. Sat on the Old Cathedral of Managua, known as the Catedral de Santiago in Spanish, was a rare experience and one that will remember for the rest of time.

  • Erick & the Double Jack ft. Joss Stone - Cape Verde


    In beautiful Cape Verde, we met up with the band Erick & the Double Jack. Singing a love song on a bright sunny day in a gorgeous part of the world, was a highlight of our visit. Everyone needs a bit of Joy and happiness in their lives and this song does just that. Their style of music is a mix of rock, blues, soul and afro jazz. It was great we got to have a jam with them, they were all so lovely. Have a watch and listen, see what you think. We hope you enjoy.

    Team Joss x

  • Ghazi & The Jam Collective ft. Joss Stone - Oman


    Oman, how so much we miss you. It was a real pleasure to meet Ghazi and The Jam Collective, who we did a collaboration with back in April. The Omani singer-songwriter’s Ghazi's journey began at the age of 11 when he developed a passion for words and rhythms. He mostly sings about his life experiences. It was one of those unique experiences
    meeting up with him and his friends, we all had a blast. What joy this Total World Tour brings, from the people we meet to the songs we sing along to.

  • Lale Beknazarova ft. Joss Stone - Turkmenistan


    Joss sang the Turkmen lullaby with Lale Beknazarova who is the national singer of Turkmenistan, who sings a combination of classical and folk music. A very traditional song played with the instrument, the Dutar, made a unique and interesting sound which gave us a wonderful Introduction to Turkmen music. It was a great privilege to be around Lale and experience the sound of her voice. Watch the collaboration and see what you think. We hope you enjoy.

    Team Joss x

  • e.d.e.n Zurück Live in Senscheid


    e.d.e.n Live in Senscheid

    Alternative Weekend

  • Hind Hamed ft. Joss Stone - Jordan


    Whilst in the wonderful country of Jordan, we met with the lovely singer Hind. Who sings mainly traditional Arabic songs with a message of spreading love and peace. The song we sang is called Land & Light. The best lyrics read like the finest poetry and this is one of those songs which does exactly that. With so many beautiful lyrics, this song has the power to move anyone. We were so lucky to meet with Hind and fortunate enough to hear and singalong to her amazing voice. Thanks for having us.

  • Malkoo ft. Joss Stone - Pakistan


    Overlooking the city Islamabad in Pakistan and meeting up with Malkoo was a lovely way to spend the evening. Malkoo is a pop, Punjabi bhangra and folk singer, we really enjoyed getting to know him and collaborating together. The sound and vibrations made for some good music and great vibes! The song really does want you to get up and dance. Feel free to share!

    Team Joss x

  • Sekou Bembeya Diabate ft. Joss Stone - Guinea


    We met up with the lovely singer-guitarist Sekou Bembeya Diabate who's a national treasure from Guinea. He is best known for being the CoFounder of 'Bembeya Jazz Nationale et Internationale' which is a Guinean jazz group that gained fame in the 1960s for their Afropop rhythms. His style of music represents the very best of the Mandingue guitar tradition in West Africa. A tradition which he is passionate about keeping alive.

    It was wonderful to hang out with him and his friends and sing a song about love. A perfect moment for the Total World Tour.

  • El Foukr RAssembly ft. Joss Stone - Algeria


    We met up with the lovely band El Foukr R'Assembly in the beautiful country Algeria. Their style of music is a mixture of North African and Haussa/Tuareg music, an interesting and unique sound.
    Sat at the end of a pier we sang a sorrowful song about a living soul trying to pass on a message to their father who unfortunately had already passed away. We really enjoyed our time with them and was great to collaborate with such delightful people.

    If you like to listen to more of their music. Please visit

    'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Joss Stone - The Antarctica Song


    The frozen beauty of Antarctica brings so many joyful, pleasant and sweet memories. Experiencing the magic of the magnificent glaciers and the abundance of pristine wildlife was something very special. It was humbling to share the penguins' world and was an incredible encounter which I will never forget! In honour of this captivating place here is a song called Antarctica that I wrote while bobbing along in the waters they call the drake passage. I hope you enjoy x



    This is the Love from Africa drume for the power and given for all the world today and the more love for the world.Mady Nyanyo Addo live performance in Germany,11,04,2014 with a massive Autogram hunters Love Just for The Kids.

  • Joss Stone - Big Ol Game - Eritreia, África 2018


  • JSTWT - Finland: Joss meets with the charity, Lyhty.


    Our travels around Europe took us to Finland where we looked around an impressive charity called Lyhty, who help people with disabilities and provide them with access to certain skills in order to improve their independence.
    The charity has various projects running and one we saw, was a cafe that offers adult mentoring. The goal of the cafe is for people to help build their strengths and skills in order to gain independence. On the day, we met some lovely people who showed us the type of skills they had learned, from customer service to cooking. There was a whole range of different types of tasks to help all abilities. A really fantastic organisation who dedicate their time to help others.

    If you want to find out more about the charity visit their website on