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Playlist of Blues 2.0

  • Blues 2.0


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Blues 2.0 · Fruteland Jackson

    Blues 2.0

    ℗ 2003 Electro-Fi Records & A.M.

    Released on: 2005-01-31

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Blues 2.0 - Fruteland Jackson


    Fruteland Jackson performs Blues 2.0 at the Toronto Harbourfront Blues Festival.

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  • Glenn Hughes - Blues Full Album HD


    Best sound (DTS 2.0/1,509 Kbps/48.0 KHz/16 bits, 2 Channels Stereo) & video quality in 720p (HD). Track listing:
    01 - 00:00 The Boy Can Sing The Blues
    02 - 05:32 I'm The Man
    03 - 11:21 Here Come The Rebel
    04 - 15:40 What Can I Do For Ya?
    05 - 21:55 You Don't Have To Save Me Anymore
    06 - 27:30 So Much Love To Give
    07 - 32:52 Shake The Ground
    08 - 38:59 Hey Buddy (You Got Me Wrong)
    09 - 45:10 Have You Read The Book!
    10 - 49:54 Life Of Misert
    11 - 55:10 Can't Take Away My Pride
    12 - 59:33 A Right To Live
    © All rights reserved to their respective owners.

  • 온스테이지2.0 남메아리 - Your Blues


    [아티스트 정보]
    ARTIST: 남메아리(Meari Nam)
    TITLE: Your Blues
    참여 세션: 황성환(드럼), 김현규(베이스), 신현빈(기타)

    [ONSTAGE2.0] 자유롭고 거침없는 최첨단의 재즈, 남메아리

    NAVER 문화재단

    온스테이지 인스타그램(ONSTAGE INSTAGRAM)

    온스테이지 페이스북(ONSTAGE FACEBOOK)

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  • Fruteland Jackson Blues 2.0 Live at Mojo Bones 4-30-2012


    Fruteland Jackson Blues 2.0 Live at Mojo Bones 4-30-2012

  • Blues Music - A 30 Min Mix Of Great Blues! Modern Blues Compilation


    30 minutes of FREE excellent modern Blues Music. Please enjoy and share!

    SET - LIST: 0:00 Shining Light Blues
    1:46 Front Porch Boogie
    4:33 Super Session Blues
    6:54 Mississippi Bender
    10:03 Sad & Lonely Blues
    13:01 Delta Dog Days
    16:09 Kenny's Shuffle
    18:57 Cinnamon Sedge
    22:43 Kathy's Choice
    24:41 Banjo Bangle
    25:57 Chilled Blues On Ice
    28:07 Strip Trip

    Photo credits: Feliciano Guimaraes @ link here:

    Additional Music Credits audionautix@

    Photo use via Creative Commons.Org license found here:

    Music use via Creative Commons.Org found here:

    Thanks! ~Kenneth St. King

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  • Dad Reacts To Daughters Video | Line 6 Pod 2.0 Blues Sound LIVE Band.


    A two part video today. My daughter is brand new to the tube and has a few videos up! Check this one out it may help you with your PRO Nounce I A Tion....

    Go Subscribe and help her out!!

    Also I take the Line 6 POD 2.0 to a blues band rehearsal to find a tone I like for this band.. Find out what I chose.

    Check out Harley Hutchinson Here:

    Here is the Full video!:

    My Line 6 POD RIG:

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  • Line 6 Pod 2.0 Pro Patches | Blues Pack | Playthrough


    Download here:

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    Playthrough of Choptones Blues Pack, patches pack for Pod 2.0/Pro.


    Performed by Angelo Romanazzo
    Produced by Livio Colucci

    Guitar used - Gibson Les Paul Traditional

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  • Jasper T. ft. John Crown - Broken Singers Blues 2.0 Prod. by Trox


    GET SONG HERE: or on iTunes
    Video Directed by Ryan Hills, Big Time Hype
    Song Produced by Trox
    Special Thanks: Carl and Jackie Ericson (truck owners), Teal Douville (mixing), Diego Coy (mastering), Kristian Sanford (add. camera operations), Kaeline Kine and Nicole Nakashima (hair and makeup), Afi C. Clark (script), Will Kelly (web development), Matthew Allen (fitness consultant), Maggie Tweedy (violin), Chloe Tollefson (wardrobe consultant).

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  • The Return of The Blues Brothers: Hard To Handle - 1995


    From The Return of The Blues Brothers - recorded at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on 1/24/95. Hard to Handle features Elwood (Dan Aykroyd), Brother Zee (Jim Belushi) - Look for other clips with Mighty Mack Blues (John Goodman), Sam Moore, Steve The Colonel Cropper, the Sacred Hearts Band and more!

  • Headrush Gigboard Pedalboard - Blues rig


    Rig Rocky MF available on
    Custom IR Inlcuded
    Firmware 2.0

  • Blues: Fruteland Jackson - Two Steps to Hell


    Listen to 'Two Steps to Hell' by Fruteland Jackson, taken from the new album Good as Your Last Dollar.
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  • How to Completely OWN the I to IV Chord in a Blues/Funk SOLO


    In this guitar lesson we're going to go over how to solo over the I and IV chord in a blues or blues funk style progression by mixing major and minor pentatonic scales and landing on the major 3rd of each chord at the appropriate time. We go over this by breaking down David Ryan Harris's awesome solo that does all of these things and then I CHALLENGE YOU to create your own solo using elements of the lesson and posting it to the Fretboard Adventures facebook group. Be sure to answer the questions or you won't get into the group! Here's the link:

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  • Indian Blues by Gaurav Venkateswar


    Indian Classical (Hindustani) vocal and harmonium improvisation to the standard 12 bar blues.

    Listen to my latest version, Indian Blues 2.0!

    Follow Gaurav:

  • Blues 2.0 - Fruteland Jackson 1080p HD


    The full song wasn't uploaded to YouTube (or even [for free] on the internet), so I figured I would do us all a favour and put it up. :)

    Oh what a day I've had today
    Too much work for too little pay
    Highways crowded going and comin'
    By the end of the week y'all my pockets hummin'

    I get up early
    I'm a modern day slave
    Honest hard work gonna get me an early grave
    Thousands of people all downtown bound
    Our daily lives ruled by ringing sounds

    Nine to five workin' nine to five
    And we wont get out of these blues alive
    When will it all end I don't know
    I got the nine to five blues y'all or Blues 2.0

    Tighten up that line and get back to work
    Today the boss man is a jerk gone berserk
    I'm on a crowded road that has no end
    Working for somebody else I'll never win
    If you call in sick you'd better have a bad cough
    They'll cut your benefits and lay you off
    One of these days I'm gonna do somethin' for my self
    Gonna put my timecard on the boss man's shelf

    Nine to five workin' nine to five
    And we wont get out of these blues alive
    When will it all end I don't know
    I got the nine to five blues y'all or Blues 2.0

    I never finish I just quit for the day
    I get what bulls make when I get my pay
    I'm playin'. Ketchup, I got a payday loan
    So SBC won't cut off my phone
    Cost money for my livin'
    Cost money for my killin'
    Cost money to go to the church house
    If the good lord willin'
    Never picked any cotton, ain't split no rails
    I traded in my hammer for a hundred E-mails

    Nine to five workin' nine to five
    And we wont get out of these blues alive
    When will it all end I don't know
    I got the nine to five blues y'all or Blues 2.0

    Oh what a day I've had today
    Too much work and not enough pay
    Highways crowded going and comin'
    By the end of the week y'all my pockets hummin'

    I get up early
    I'm a modern day slave
    Honest hard work gonna get me an early grave
    Thousands of people all downtown bound
    Our daily lives ruled by ringing sounds

    Nine to five workin' nine to five
    And we wont get out of these blues alive
    When will it all end I don't know
    I got the nine to five blues y'all or Blues 2.0

  • Eunel - Bachata Blues 2.0 - DISCO COMPLETO #BACHATA 2015


    Track List.
    1 Cuando No Estas Aquí 0:00
    2 Me Enamoré 3:44
    3 Déjenme Solo (feat. Luis Vargas) 7:13
    4 Dónde Está el Amor 11:25
    5 Llora Guitarra 15:00
    6 El Destino 19:07
    7 I Keep Falling in Love 23:11
    8 Amnesia 27:37
    9 Mi Orgullo 32:10
    10 Te Amo y Te Odio (feat. Danny Xtreme) 35:35
    11 Alma de Cartón 39:15
    12 El Mismo 43:30
    13 Déjenme Solo (Solo Version)
    14 My Heart
    15 Te Amo y Te Odio (Solo Version)

  • Blues 2.0


    Provided to YouTube by Catapult Reservatory, LLC

    Blues 2.0 · Eldorado Rock

    Gin Vinyle

    ℗ 2012 Eldorado Rock

    Released on: 2012-08-30

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Mixcraft: Blues 2.0


    this is a more hardcore blues song i made

  • Lyric blues 2.0


    Basecamp - No Lyric Blues 2.0

    -Video Upload powered by

  • Buffalis Band - The Blues 2.0


    Registrazione Live in Studio - Loris Zanetti Chitarra - Gianni Bertoncello Basso - Angelo Buffalo Batteria.Registrato presso Studio Spazio55 Mogliano Veneto.

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  • Blues Scale Looking for Concert 2.0


    My former bandleader Dan St. Marseille posted this little Blues Scale Looking for a Concert during this corona time. I went and then added some interesting chords (not all inside the blues scale) to it for fun. Dan's the man. This is one of the few ways I get to play with him!

  • Eunel - Bachata Blues 2.0


    Eunel - Bachata Blues 2 ( Album Completo 2016)
    Eunel - Bachata Blues 2 ( Complete Album 2016)
    Sigeme...en ↓ #Instagram #Facebook & #Twitter ↓ #Suscribete ↓
    Instagram.: LlanderMusic

    Twitter.: @LlanderMusic

    Facebook.: Llander Leonardo


  • Barakka Blues 2.0 - Live - Mix


    Presentazione della band Barakka Blues con un collage di immagini dai live.
    I Barakka Blues 2.0 sono:
    Il capitano Claudio - Chitarra
    Lorenzo - Voce
    Giada - Voce
    Piero - Basso
    Alessandro - Batteria

    Editing Audio & Video by Lorenzo Gallo

  • Blues 2.0_Original.avi


    Composição by me, música criada para aula de edição de som.

    Ficou gostosinha, no?

    Agora só falta a animação...



  • Eunel Nueva Era Bachata Blues 2.0 EQS


    Eunel Nueva Era Bachata Blues 2.0
    Buy it on iTunes
    PRESALE 11.17.2015
    WORLD WIDE RELEASE 12.1.2015

    1 Cuando no estás aquí
    2 Me enamore   
    3 Dejenme solo feat. Luis Vargas
    4 Donde esta el amor?
    5 Llora guitarra
    6 El destino
    7 I keep falling in love (Bachatarengue)
    8 Amnesia (Salsa)
    9 Mi orgullo
    10 Te amo y te odio feat. Danny Xtreme
    11 Alma de carton
    12 El mismo
    13 Dejenme solo (Solo version)
    14 My Heart
    15 Te amo y te odio (Solo version)

  • Slow Blues 2.0.3


    Recorded on Thursday, Feb 7, 2013 at The Longhorn Saloon - 946 Phillips Ave. Toledo
    Thursday Open Blues Jam
    Rick Szempias - Harp

  • Improviso de Blues 2.0


    Improviso de Blues no tom de Ab.


  • Бухарин Blues 2.0 - ... поПлану


    г. Пенза, Sound bar Ламповая Голова - концерт гр. Бухарин Blues 2.0 видео - Косов Павел

  • Blues 2.0


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Blues 2.0 · Luther Badman Keith

    Bluesmen Are Kings

    ℗ 2015 Luther Keith

    Released on: 2015-07-15

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Tired of the blues 2.0


    Through the miracles of time and technology, John's slide track has reappeared!

    Credit for the song: Tim Flanigan. We all thank him for such a great tune!

    John Baker on vocals and slide guitar, Ed Eastwood on Strat-o-caster, Bill Reetz on guitar, Sue Eastwood on guitar, Mary Jones on Cajón, me on bass.

  • Busted Blues 2.0


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Busted Blues 2.0 · Stephanie Anne Johnson


    ℗ 2013 Stephanie Anne Johnson

    Released on: 2013-06-18

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Broken Singers Blues 2.0


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Broken Singer's Blues 2.0 (feat. John Crown) · Jasper T.

    Broken Singer's Blues 2.0 (feat. John Crown)

    ℗ 2013 Jasper T.

    Released on: 2013-10-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    Thanks d'être indulgent, mon piano est désaccordé

  • Guitarra Blues 2.0 - OnLine



    VIDEO/CURSO DE Guitarra Blues en Udemy

  • Gaby Luciano - Blues 2.0 - Estilo Chicago - / washburn con seymour dunca seth lover


    Punteando un poquito sobre una base de blues estilo chicago - espero les guste, a mi me gusto -
    como siempre, se aceptan criticas, comentarios, opiniones u/o insultos jaja, Un abrazo!!

  • I Love My Man por Mallu Magalhães


    La artista brasileña, Mallu Magalhães, tocó la canción 'I Love My Man (Billie's Blues)' el pasado mes de mayo de 2011, durante el festival Viva la Canción.

    - Contenido bajo licencia Creative Commons Atribución- no Comercial-SinDerivadas 2.0 Genérica

  • Studio Blues Ep.8 - The Cyborgs | Special Video - MusicOff


    ????????: CHITARRA ACUSTICA E COME REGISTRARLA A CASA TUA - Invito in 3 minuti
    Realizzazione a cura di Studio Blu 2.0 -

    - Articolo completo:

    Eccoci pronti con il nuovo episodio di Studio Blues; questo mese la monografia è dedicata a due personaggi davvero particolari: The Cyborgs.
    Si fanno chiamare 0″ e 1″ come i simboli del codice binario, che rappresentano l'inizio e la fine dell'uomo. Dal codice binario ha inizio l'era tecnologica, e con lo sviluppo tecnologico l'uomo, in futuro, si autodistruggerà. ZERO e UNO. Inizio e fine. Stanno viaggiando ovunque, nello spazio e nel tempo, comunicando i loro ideali attraverso il Blues, cercando di smuovere le coscienze, predicando un ritorno al passato e alla semplicità. Cantano spesso del futuro, profetizzando e descrivendo i cambiamenti della razza umana nel corso del tempo. Disordine, caos, inquinamento e ribellione dell'uomo e della natura.

    Dicono: Ci stiamo autodistruggendo, e questo è sotto gli occhi di tutti, anche se nessuno ne parla. Con la loro musica cercano di salvarci... Due uomini, una Band, il Blues... n° 0 chitarra elettrica e voce n°1 tutto il resto (sinth, piano, batteria, percussioni) Beh, quando si sono teletrasportati nel nostro studio l'atmosfera si è fatta subito elettrica...un attimo per prepararsi ed immediatamente si è sprigionata una carica di energia applicata al blues che ci ha portato in un'atmosfera nuova, una commistione tra passato e futuro ricca di fascino.

    Eccovi anche il video, gustatevelo!

    Resta in contatto con MusicOff!

  • LOOPIN THE BLUES 2.0 live promo - Paolo Demontis


    Paolo Demontis (aka Paul Demon)
    Post Modern Harmonica One Man Band live show

  • Blues Confiné 2.0


    Cette fois ci, je vous propose de voyager musicalement avec un blues confiné réalisé avec des potes et même deux personnes que je ne connaissais pas !
    L'idée est simple, j'ai gratouillé quelques accords que j'ai envoyé à mon porte Arthure en Belgique qui fait de la batterie. J'ai envoyé ç à un autre pote, Antoine à la guitare, puis on y a ajouté la basse, le piano, une autre guitare, un trombone, un saxophone et encore une guitare !!
    Le tout est passé entre les mains de Ben Aureil des studios Bellagio, j'ai fait un petit montage et boom ! C'est en ligne et on adore !! J'espère que vous aussi ! :)
    Guitares : Ben Auriel, Antoine Teboul, Mathieu Allouch
    Basse : Arnaud Clergue
    Trombone : Florent Pruvost
    Saxophone : Tom Adlib
    Batterie : Arthur Ros
    Piano : Foux (Francois Xavier)

    Mix : Studio Bellagio - Ben Aureil
    Montage : Mathieu Allouch - I Love World

    L’essentiel d’une ville, d’un lieu quand on n’y passe 24h00 à 48h00. De bonnes adresses et de belles images toujours sur un ton souriant. Vivez et partagez les meilleurs moments des escales de Mathieu Allouch à travers le monde. Plus de 35 vidéos-guide : Rio, Lima, Toronto, Bangalore, Saint-Domingue, Ile Maurice...

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  • Johnny Boris Karlsson - Mechanical Awarenss


    Thinking about collective consciousness or a former legendary tennisplayer.

  • Covid -19 Blues 2.0


  • Blues en sol mayor 2.0


    Live version of the blues I uploaded earlier this year on Youtube, the only thing is my grandad made the mistake of filming me only, but well......
    Playing that blues were myself on the keyboards, Ricardo (base guitar), Leonardo (acoustic guitar) and Hernan (Harmonica).
    Hope you like it as much as I did playing the song along with my fellow musicians.

  • Hermann Posch Blues Band & Zach Prather im dachbodenTheater 2.0


    Hermann Posch, guitar & vocals
    Zach Prather, guitar & vocals
    Constance Schlegl, bass
    Michael Strasser,drums

  • Barakka Blues 2.0 - Footloose + Faith - Live@Cluricaune


    I Barakka Blues live al Cluricaune (Bologna) il 5 Maggio 2017
    I Barakka Blues sono:
    Claudio Carata - Chitarra
    Giada Minardi - Voce & Cori
    Lorenzo Gallo - Voce & Cori
    Piero Rago - Basso
    Alessandro Vincelli - Batteria

  • Blues Jam 2.0 Lonegoose Sessions Trailer


    Freddy Faust wouldn't let the Blues Jam die!

    Blues Jam
    Sunday Nights 9pm
    Lonegoose Saloon, Downtown Huntsville, Alabama
    Formerly at the Kaffeeklatsch

  • André Hazes Blues medley


    André Hazes Blues medley

    Blues medley I've been loving you too long - I'm blue - What'd i say

  • Harley Benton, Line 6 Pod 2.0, live gig sound. | Original Blues Rock Gig


    For the first time in 10 years I did a gig without a valve amp. I am using a Line 6 Pod 2.0 and a solid state HH power amp and a Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker.

    Can you tell it is not all Tube/Valve?

    This is all the original songs we did at this show. Hit a Sub and a Like if you dig it !

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    My Facebook :

    #lne6 #modelingamp #bluestone

  • The Line 6 POD V2 Demo, Best Blues Tone Ever?


    Using my new Line 6 Pod to record a jam over a Thrill is Gone backing track.

  • The Moody Blues - Music Collections #29 UNBLOCKED v. 2.0


    If the original video doesn't play in your country, watch this unedited version without the music. Really frustrating that quiet music in the background is blocked in some countries but here ya go. If you don't live in the UK, please enjoy the better quality version prior to this upload.



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