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Playlist of Black metal

  • IMMORTAL - ALL SHALL FALL music video HD


    Having just released their epic The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh DVD which shows the band live in Wacken 2007, mighty black metal icons IMMORTAL strike back with the first official music video from their latest album All Shall Fall!

    Shot in Norway by Varde Film, the video for the title track All Shall Fall features the band's full line up (Abbath, Demonaz, Apollyon, Horgh) and is the first music video the band has shot in 15 years.









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    This is a really dark, scary, apocalyptic, epic, super duper guitar battle between Black Metal and Death Metal. Satan VS Death. Who will win this fight and what do you prefer more? Which side will you choose? Death metal riffs or Black metal riffs?
    Let's begin this apocalyptic battle!

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  • The Best Of Black Metal Mix. Compilation 1.


    My favorite playlist. Dark, raw and evil. Use VPN services if some of compilations are blocked in your country. ZenMate application works great.
    00:00 - DarkThrone - Kathaarian Life Code
    10:33 - Satyricon - The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest
    16:52 - Burzum - Jesu Død
    25:28 - Immortal - Blacker Than Darkness
    29:37 - Mayhem - Pagan Fears
    35:56 - Emperor - Beyond The Great Vast Forest
    41:51 - Evilfeast - Wolves of Hyperborean Frost
    52:13 - Dark Funeral - Call From The Grave (Bathory cover)
    56:44 - Graveland - The Night Of Fullmoon
    1:02:12 - N.S.D.A.P. - The War Song!
    1:04:58 - Dark Funeral – Shadows Over Transylvania
    1:09:15 - Gorgoroth – Måneskyggens Slave
    1:15:07 - Enslaved – Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor/Prologr/Slaget
    1:28:14 - Dimmu Borgir – Inn I Evighetens Mørke (Part II)
    1:30:18 - Enthroned – As the Wolves Howl Again
    1:38:30 - Ulver – Capitel V - Bergtatt - Ind I Fjeldkamrene
    1:46:34 - Storm – Noregsgard

  • The Most Used Black Metal Stereotypes


    Some of the most used stereotypes in Black Metal!

    Andrew Baena

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    Tuning: C# Standard

    #BlackMetal #Stereotypes #Metal

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  • VENOM - 01-Black Metal


    Venom - BLACK METAL
    01-Black Metal
    02-To Hell And Back
    03-Buried Alive
    04-Raise The Dead
    05-Teacher's Pet
    06-Leave Me In Hell
    08-Heaven's On Fire
    09-Countess Bathory
    10-Don't Burn The Witch
    11-At War With Satan (Preview)
    12-Bursting Out (60min+ version)
    13-Black Metal (Radio One Session)
    14-Nightmare (Radio One Session)
    15-Too Loud (For The Crowd) (Radio One Session)
    16-Bloodlust (Radio One Session)
    17-Die Hard (12 Version)
    18-Acid Queen (12 Version)
    19-Bursting Out (12 Version)
    20-Hounds Of Hell (Outtake)

  • Waiting for Black Metal Records to Come in the Mail


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Waiting for Black Metal Records to Come in the Mail · Have a Nice Life


    ℗ 2014 The Flenser

    Released on: 2014-09-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Magoth - Anti Terrestrial Black Metal


    Country: Germany | Year: 2017 | Genre: Black Metal

    CD, LP & Digital Album available here:

    - Magoth -
    Metal Archives:

    1. Cleansing of the Ancient Spirits 00:00
    2. Indoctrination War 06:48
    3. Der Toten Gesang 11:19
    4. Mental Fortress 17:42
    5. Thorns 22:42
    6. Sola Scriptura 28:33
    7. Sheol 32:43
    8. Requiem Deus 37:10
    9. Cosmic Termination 42:26

    Upload on behalf of Magoth!

  • Nightwalker - Dark Sorcery


    Country: Germany | Year: 2020 | Genre: Black Metal

    CD available here:

    - Nightwalker -
    Metal Archives:

    - Astral Nightmare Productions -

    - Worship Tapes -

    1. The Winged Shadow 00:00
    2. Invocation 05:58
    3. Black Magic Spell 07:22
    4. Dark Sorcery 14:50
    5. The Call of Mephgazub 20:43

    Upload on behalf of Nightwalker!

  • AXXEN CONNERS - Creator Became Absolute Technical Death/Black Metal


    Technical Death/Black Metal Band, New Album Coming 2016, More Links And Info Below & Thanks For Watching .
    ITUNES -

    Metal Monks / IronCobraJunky Channel 2016 .

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  • Niña de 6 años Cantando Black Metal!


  • Путь - Над гробом ветхим


    Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia

    From the Песни смерти album released in 2018

    Google Play:

    Band: Путь
    Album: Песни смерти
    Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
    Country: Russia
    Year: 2018

  • My Favourite 6 Black Metal Albums


    Hey Youtube, heres my favourite 6 black metal albums, hope you enjoy and hope to make another video soon.

    Leviathan - Scar Sighted
    Bathory - The Return...
    Venom - Welcome To Hell
    Ulver - Bergtatt
    Drudkh - Autumn Aurora
    Darkthron - Transilvanian Hunger

  • Bergthron - Durch den Nebel der Finsternis Full Demo


    00:00 Durch den Nebel der Finsternis

    I just upload limited demo albums that are at least 10 years old and that were never re-released (to my knowledge), and thus impossible to find outside ebay or Discogs. If you are member of a band and that you don't want to see your album on YouTube, message me, and I'll erase the video.

  • Burzum - Dunkelheit


    Dunkelheit by the Norwegian black metal band Burzum (Varg Vikernes).
    From the album Filosofem (1996)

  • Black Metal Instrumental Compilation I


    Dissection - Feathers Fall
    Lord Belial - Forlorn in Silence
    Dissection - Crimson Towers
    Lord Belial - The Art of Dying
    Dark Reality - Umbra Cinaris
    Dissection - No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep
    Ragnarok - Postludium

  • Angel of Darkness - Hari Akhir


    Gothic Black Metal from Sidoarjo City, Indonesia. Please support this band and take a look at their website below for more information and songs. Thank you for listening to this song and Takecare.


    2018 - All rights go to Angel of Darkness. I am only promoting this song and spreading symphonic/Gothic & melodic black metal bands to the fans of the music. If the band or record label wish for me to take this song down then please let me know and I will do so right away. Many thanks.

  • PESUGIHAN - Nyupang Pocong @Sawangan Of Darknes


    Perfome @sawangan Of Darknes (Depok)

  • Engraved - Ninkharsag Full Album


    Engraved - Ninkharsag (1993) (Black Metal Netherlands) [Full Album]

    00:00 A Chaldean Oracle
    10:18 Ninkharsag
    12:33 The Wood of Queen Ereshkigal
    17:53 The Stygian Lake

    I just upload limited demo albums that are at least 10 years old and that were never re-released (to my knowledge), and thus impossible to find outside ebay or Discogs. If you are member of a band and that you don't want to see your album on YouTube, message me, and I'll erase the video.

  • Nordicwinter - Requiem


    Free Download:

    1. The Raven's Lament
    2. As Twilight Nears
    3. Path of the Fallen
    4. Winds of Desolation
    5. Into Despair
    6. Beyond the Dusk

  • Black Metal


    Provided to YouTube by Noise Records

    Black Metal (Radio 1 Session) · Venom

    Black Metal

    ℗ 1982 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd., a BMG Company

    Drums: Abaddon
    Bass Guitar: Cronos
    Vocals: Cronos
    Producer: Keith Nichol
    Guitar: Mantas
    Producer: Venom
    Composer: Anthony Bray
    Composer: Conrad Lant
    Composer: Jeffrey Dunn

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Satu Suro - Pengasihan Tali Pocong


    Judul : Pengasihan Tali Pocong
    Band : Satu Suro
    Genre : Spiritual Mystic Black Metal
    Asal : Bogor, Indonesia

  • Bahthera - Bendera Hitam


    Symphonic Black Metal hailing from Indonesia. For more information on this band, please visit the website below. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy this song.

    2014 - All rights go to Bahthera. I am only promoting symphonic and melodic black metal, discovering new bands and spreading them to the masses. I will gladly remove this video if intended by the band or record label. Thank you.

  • Coronavirus - THE END IS NEAR 2020 COVID-19


    Single: The End Is Near
    Released: 2020
    Genre: Black Metal/DSBM/Black doom
    Location: Wuhan, China

    “When i wrote “The end js near” , i wasn’t talking about the end of the human race, I was talking about something bigger...”
    -Ash Montag


    My eyes
    Burn in the fire
    of the Inferno
    My ears
    Hear nothing but
    Screams from un'anima in pena

    Dolore senza fine
    Nessun rimpianto
    un incubo vivente

    My hands
    Are heavier than

    Nothing but an
    Dolore senza fine
    Fática, every day feeling

    Dolore senza fine
    Nessun rimpianto

    Vocals- Ash Montag
    Instrumental- Henne

    Mitosis TV:


    All rights reserved go to the band & label, I do not own any rights on the audio & images in this video.

  • My Top 12 Essential Melodic Black Metal Albums


    Finally got around to doing this. I've been wanting to do this video for a while now. Feel free to post your lists in the comments and check out the links below to hear any of these albums if you haven't!

    1. Dark Fortress Tales From Eternal Dusk -
    2. Dawn Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy) -
    3. Dissection The Somberlain -
    4. Lord Belial Enter The Moonlight Gate -
    5. The Moaning Blood From Stone -
    6. Mork Gryning Tusen At Har Gatt -
    7. Naglfar Vittra -
    8. Nokturnal Mortum Lunar Poetry -
    9. Sacramentum Far Away From The Sun -
    10. Thulcandra Fallen Angel's Dominion -
    11. Vargavinter Frostfodd -
    12. Vinterland Welcome My Last Chapter -

  • VENOM - Black Metal


    Full instrumental cover of Venom - Black Metal. Recorded over Vader´s version.
    Sorry for some mistakes on drums! :/



    Band Metal From Bandung Song Kabut keabadian

  • Hesychast - Ageless 2016 Christian Black Metal


    1.Волны Смерти 06:07
    2.Discordant 04:35
    3.Trace of Breath 07:10
    4.Eye 05:47
    5.Moth and Rust 06:26
    6.Ageless 03:00
    7.Trisagion 07

  • Odious - Poems Hidden On Black Walls


    [Limited offer] Enter for a chance to win a Walmart voucher:

    Band : Odious
    Genre : Oriental/Melodic Black Metal
    Year : 2007
    Album : Mirror of Vibrations
    Track : Poems Hidden On Black Walls
    Origin : Egypt
    Metal Archives :
    Last Fm :
    My Space :

  • Melechesh - Enki black metal | folk metal | mesopotamian metal | death metal | thrash metal


    Melechesh - Enki (2015)
    black metal, folk metal, mesopotamian metal, death metal, metal, thrash metal

    Melechesh - Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
    Melechesh - The Pendulum Speaks
    Melechesh - Lost Tribes
    Melechesh - Multiple Truths
    Melechesh - Enki - Divine Nature Awoken
    Melechesh - Metatron And Man
    Melechesh - The Palm The Eye And Lapis Lazuli
    Melechesh - Doorways To Irkala
    Melechesh - The Outsiders

    This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. The purpose of this upload is for viewer enjoyment and education. Not for monetary gain.



    band indie,indi band, alternatif band, punk rock band, band indie indonesia

  • Venom - Black Metal


    Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is
    made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting,
    teaching, scholarship, education and research.


    Black is the night metal we fight
    Power amps set to explode
    Energy screams magic and dreams
    Satan records their first note.
    We chime the bell chaos in hell
    Metal for maniacs pure.
    Fast melting steel fortune on wheels
    Brain haemorrhage is the cure

    Lay down your soul to the gods rock `n' roll

    Freaking so wild nobody's mild
    Giving it all that you've got.
    Wild is so right metal tonight
    Faster than over the top
    Open the core enter hells door
    Black is the code for tonight
    Atomic force feel no remorse
    Crank up the amps now it's night

    lay down your soul to the gods rock `n' roll
    metal ten fold through the deadly black hole
    riding hells stallions bareback and free
    taking our chances with raw energy

    Come ride the night with us
    Rock hard and fight
    United my legions we stand
    Freak hard and wild for us
    Give up your souls
    Live for the quest Satan's band
    Let's go

    Against the odds black metal gods
    Fight to achieve our goal
    Casting a spell leather and hell
    Black metal gods rock `n' roll
    Building up steam nuclear screams
    Warheads are ready to fight
    Black leather hounds faster than sound
    Metal our purpose in life

    Lay down your soul to the gods rock 'n' roll

  • Top 10 Favorite Swedish Black Metal Albums


    Check out links below so you can check these albums out if you haven't!

    Unanimated Ancient God Of Evil -

    10. Dark Funeral The Secrets Of The Black Arts -

    9. Morbid December Moon -

    8. Dawn Nær Sólen Gar Niþer for Evogher -

    7. Marduk Those Of The Unlight -

    6. Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark -

    5. The Moaning Blood From Stone -

    4. Sacramentum Far Away From The Sun -

    3. Lord Belial Enter The Moonlight Gate -

    2. Dissection The Somberlain -

    1. Vinterland Welcome My Last Chapter -

  • Emperor - IX Equilibrium


    Ссылки на Logos:

    - Эксклюзивный материал ищи здесь:

    Patreon -
    - Наш магазин -
    - Донат на развитие канала:

    Я тут:

    World of MP это музыкальный канал с обзорами на хард рок и метал группы, таких как Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Kreator, Sepultura, Сектор Газа и на многие другие группы. Так же на канале можно найти отчёты о разных концертах и фестивалях в Европе, русская озвучка редких роликов, коллаборации с подписчиками, поездки по европейским музыкальным магазинам, разные музыкальные аналитики. коллекционеры винила и дисков должны по достоинству оценить канал, так же на канале часто бывают женщины)

  • BELZEBUBS - Cathedrals Of Mourning


    BELZEBUBS - Cathedrals Of Mourning (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from their new album “Pantheon of the Nightside Gods” (Out April 26th) Order now!

    Hailing from the abysmal forests of the mystic North, Belzebubs has possessed a stealthy, cult status throughout their existence. Originally summoned together in 2002, the band has succeeded in creating a thrilling blend of melodic black metal, guttural growls and vivid solos, forged with progressive twists and cinematic soundscapes. Accompanied by a new drummer and a three-record-deal with Century Media, Belzebubs finally feels fit to take on the (under)world. “Cathedrals Of Mourning” is the band's first second single, taken from their upcoming debut album, “Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods”. It was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, who's also responsible for the sound of Dark Funeral’s The Secrets Of The Black Arts, Dissection’s The Somberlain and many more.


    Hubbath - vocals, bass
    Obesyx - lead guitars
    Sløth - guitars, vocals
    Samaël - drums

    Script & Storyboard: JP Ahonen & Samppa Kukkonen
    Director: Samppa Kukkonen
    Graphics & Characters: JP Ahonen
    Animation: Kalle Rantakallio, Reetta Halkosaari, Samppa Kukkonen, Anna Mikkola, Konsta Hormia
    3D Modeling: Lauri Järvenpää & Ville Lukka
    3D Animation: Kalle Rantakallio & Lauri Järvenpää
    Compositing: Samppa Kukkonen
    Sound Design: Jani Lehto
    Line Producer: Inari Halme
    Producer: Terhi Väänänen
    Production Company: Pyjama Films 2019

  • Black Metal Blues!


    You can download this track from my Patreon page if you like.

    This track uses only notes from the A minor blues scale. Enjoy.

    My Black Metal Album

    My ABSOLUTE BEGINNER guitar course!

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  • Regnat Horrendum - Heathenland - 2018 FULL ALBUM!


    (00:00) 01. The Flame Of Purification
    (06:12) 02. Halls Of Chernobog
    (11:03) 03. Dragons Of The
    (16:48) 04. To Each His Own
    (21:10) 05. Before Belobog
    (26:11) 06. Night Of The Black Wings
    (31:26) 07. Raven And Oak
    (36:17) 08. Icebound Faces
    (42:27) 09. Worlds Of Dead Birds

    Album: Heathenland
    Country: Russia
    Year: 2018
    Genre: Pagan Black Metal
    UndergroundMH on FB:


    To Bands and Owners:
    I don't intend to jeopradize the career of the bands. I don't claim that I own any copyrights. I'm just a hardcore metal fan who likes to promote underground music.

    If you'd like me to remove the video, I'd be more than happy to fulfill your request. Please, send me a message or leave a comment below. and I'll make sure to remove the video for you.

    To Underground Bands:
    Send me a message with your band's name, genre, release/track that you'd like to be featured on the channel.
    I'll let you know after the review.


  • GAAHL Talks Being Gay In The Black Metal Scene, His Evolving Career, Things Hes Learned In Life


    Frank sits down with legendary vocalist, Gaahl, to discuss his new band Gaahl's Wyrd, the meaning of the name, working with his bandmates, where it fits in his career, feelings towards artwork, the truth about being gay in the norwegian black metal scene, what he's learned in his lifetime, and much more!

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  • 5 Black Metal Scales You Need To Know


    Here's the link to the original video on the Double Harmonic Scale:

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  • Indonesia Black metal part 1


    nama band
    01. mendiang Romo
    02. Sekar mayat
    03. cungkup getas
    04. kamar mayat
    05. riwayat
    06. mati Enom
    07. pandowo

  • Acoustic Black Metal - Trees of Salem


    This is an original acoustic piece. If you enjoyed please subscribe so I can

  • Black Metal Composition Separating Techniques from Identity


    The key to writing a good black metal song is more than just combining techniques together. This applies to songwriting in any genre. You have to build your song from the ground up based on the fundamental principles of the genre itself. This is even more important when fusion genres together and doing covers of songs in a different style.


  • Medieval Black Metal- 2 Hour Medieval/Atmospheric Compilation


    2 Straight hours of Atmospheric Black Metal music with Medieval themes or influences, as well as some Dungeon Synth.

    ♛ Tracks ♛
    1. 00:00:00 : Elffor - Ravensong
    2. 00:04:19 : L'Ordre Du Temple - In Lode De L'Asino
    3. 00:09:25 : Darkenhold - Wyvern Chant Solitude
    4. 00:16:17 : Nazgul - Impetus Quartae Lunae Novae
    5. 00:20:12 : Nocturnity - Onyx
    6. 00:26:17 : Obsequiae - Ay Que Por Muy Gran Fremosura
    7. 00:29:20 : Rivendell - Rivendell
    8. 00:35:35 : L'Ordre Du Temple - Nine Shadows Behind the Temple
    9. 00:41:00 : Osgiliath - Gollum
    10. 00:49:45 : Avathar - To the End of the World
    11. 00:54:37 : Elffor - Son of the Shades
    12. 00:59:00 : Gothmog - Blood Drips from my Sword
    13. 01:05:26 : Godkiller - Feasting the Coming of Victory
    14. 01:07:15 : Godkiller - Bren Det Hvite Riket
    15. 01:17:18 : Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times
    16. 01:25:31 : Peste Noire - Dueil Angoisseus
    17. 01:32:36 : Obsequiae - Suspended in the Brume of Eos
    18. 01:38:21 : Appalachian Winter - Winterdance
    19. 01:44:24 : Elffor - Grimmest Winternights
    20. 01:51:55 : Diamond Eyed Princess - Tüm Dralver Flöna
    21. 01:57:17 : Isengard - In the Halls and Chambers of Stardust, the Crystalic Heavens Form

  • Seth ‎– By Fire, Power Shall Be... FULL EP



    Artist : Seth
    Album : By Fire, Power Shall Be... MCD
    Year : 1997
    Genre : Symphonic Black Metal
    Country : France

    1. Until the End
    2. The Forest of the Damned (Forever Lost)
    3. The Chimerical Quest

    Buy the physical release for full experience

  • Luciferi - In the Mystic Fire of Hades


    Luciferi is a Brazilian Black Metal band that released only one demo in 1994 called Thy Fullmoon Rites from which this song come from.

  • KISAH NYATA | Lagu Ghotic Black Metal Serem Dan Sadis Tentunya | SEMESTA |


    Hy guys, balik lagi sama NaaVazzT Chanel.
    Kali ini ada lagu metal Sadis nih.
    Keren parah lagunya.
    Semesta - Kisah Nyata ( Mati Suri ).
    Lagu tentang kematian tertunda.

    Subscribe+like n Share ya guys!
    Sankyuu ????????????????????????

    Tonton juga Lagu Keren Lainnya.!!!

    | Lagu Gothic Metal Habis Ditinggal Pacar |

    | Lagu Gothic Metal Dramatis |

    | Lagu Gothic Metal Perang Sedarah |

    | Lagu Gothic Metal Gerbang Kematian |

    | Lagu Gothic Metal Ritual Pembangkitan |

    Dan jangan lupa untuk Like dan Subscribe channel ini ya guys.
    Agar bisa upload lagu-lagu keren lainnya.
    Sankyuu ????????????????????

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  • 10 iconic Black Metal bands/riffs from Greece


    Pure Hellenic Madness. Greece has some killer black. This greek black metal compilation video is produced and performed by me. I do not own the songs. Owners are listed in the video.

    Check my other vids:
    10 iconic black metal bands/riffs from Sweden:

    10 Sub-genres in Black Metal:
    10 Iconic Black Metal Riffs:
    One Man Black Metal band Rehearsal:
    10 iconic black metal bands/riffs from Poland:
    The iconic 5 of First Wave of Black Metal:

    How to get Girls with Black Metal:

    How to make Corpse Paint at Home:


  • Emyn Muil - Elenion Ancalima


    Artist : Emyn Muil
    Album : Elenion Ancalima
    Year : 2017
    Genre : Epic Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal, Tolkien Inspired
    Country : Italy


    1 - Under A Silvered Star 00:00
    2 - The Lay Of Númenorë 03:31
    3 - Ar-Pharazôn 17:35
    4 - Far Umbar 24:47
    5 - Elenion Ancalima 33:03

    Please support the artists, buy their music.
    This video is for promotional use only.

  • Burnt - Isolation


    Free download:

    1. Burnt - December
    2. Burnt - Human = Virus
    3. Burnt - After all

  • Peti Mati - Gerbang Makrifat


    Song : Gerbang Makrifat
    Band : Peti Mati
    Genre : Black Metal
    Hometown : Purworejo, Central Java, Indonesia
    FB fanspage :

  • Black Metal Dubstep


    My last video Black Metal Rap was probably one of my most hated videos. I did this one after so i can recieve some more hate. Hate is what makes black metal cool. Destroy the elitists and enjoy the variety and freedom which black metal gives us. Here is some Black Metal Dubstep!

    Check my other videos:
    Black Metal Rap:
    10 Rules of Raw Black Metal:
    Black Metal tips for surviving in Forest:
    10 pop songs meet BLACK METAL:




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