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Playlist of Best Export Settings

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    Best EXPORT Settings on Adobe Premiere Pro - HIGHEST QUALITY


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    BEST EXPORT SETTINGS For Music Videos | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial



    In this tutorial I show you the BEST settings for exporting completed music videos. Make sure you get the full quality out of your videos. ENJOY!

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    Best Export/Render Settings in FL Studio 20 Export Sounds Muffled


    🎧 Learn FL Studio best practices through my courses:


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    In this video, we discuss how to export with the best audio quality settings in FL Studio.

    I teach you best practices and the difference between .WAV, .FLAC, .MP3, and .OGG. (The history behind how these audio formats came be to be is actually really interesting.)

    By following these FL Studio high quality render settings for .WAV and .MP3 you will learn how to export audio that doesn't sound muffled or sound different from your original project.

    We discuss all the settings on FL Studio's export window like the tail leave remainder, and when you'd like to use the other options, the output format like when would you use a .WAV over .MP3, the quality settings such as HQ for all plugins and disable maximum polyphony, and applying dither to your master.

    Dither is a very confusing topic when exporting your master track in FL Studio, so please watch the video close. Long story short, when in doubt, dither! (Whenever you change bit-depths, you should dither. FL Studio operates in 32-bit floating point. When yo export a .WAV file to 16-bit, you should apply dithering.)

    Finally, we talk about exporting with effects on your master and individual inserts. (Just enable the options.)

    In terms of high quality exporting in FL Studio, exporting audio is really simple.

    16-Bit 44.1kHz is standard CD quality.

    It's what we've listened to for many years.

    24-Bit just comes down to noise floor. It doesn't mean high quality. (Don't listen to the myths.)

    At the end of the day, the listener of your music is probably enjoying it at 16-bit 44.1kHz .WAV, or at a lossy compressed 256kbps .MP3.

    If you're worried about your export sounding different and muffled from the original FL Studio project, this probably comes down to your own mixing and mastering skills.

    Mixing is a major skill, and requires a lot of practice; mastering even more so.

    If your master is being SLAMMED into your limiter, there's your problem.

    By following these export settings, and using best practices in your mix and master, you will be able to export extremely high-quality audio to be uploaded to Distrokid, iTunes, Spotify, and even Soundcloud.

    The awesome thing with audio is it isn't even close to as complicated as exporting video.

    With video, there's SO MANY SETTINGS!

    With audio? It's simple. Do you want .WAV or .MP3?

    It really is that simple.

    It does get a little bit more intricate, but for the most part, .WAV 16-bit 44.1kHz when uploading to be distributed, and 320kbps .MP3 when sending via email to friends.

    Simple as that!

    In addition, I always love shortcuts.

    For .WAV export, use CTRL + R

    For .MP3 export, use CTRL + SHIFT + R

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    How To Export With The Best Settings | Logic Pro X


    *** OUR FREE EBOOK 11 Key Music Production Skills IS OUT NOW! *** Click the link to download your free copy.


    How To Export With The Best Settings | Logic Pro X

    In this episode we take a quick look at how to export your track from Logic Pro X with the best settings for uploading and sharing your music.

    We cover what format is the best and the difference between some of the parameters such at Bit Depth and Sample Rate as well as why it's ok not to use dithering or normalisation.

    Rory @ Hyper Production


    Hyper Production // Your complete guide for Music Production Techniques, Tips and Tricks to make your music the industry standard.
    We cover Logic Pro X, Ableton live, Mixing, Mastering, Arranging, Editing, Composition and MIDI Programming.









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    Best MP3 Export Settings in FL Studio 20 - Tutorial 29


    Hello Everyone
    Here i present my another tutorial on Best MP3 Export Settings in FL Studio 20.

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    Comment below the topics related to music production and Djing, I'll make sure to cover all your queries.

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    How To Get The Best Sound Quality From FL Studio


    This quick tip tutorial will show you how to export your projects with the best possible sound quality. If you're exporting to a CD you need to use 16 bit. If you're exporting for streaming services and other digital mediums, use 24 bit.

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    How To Export WAV & MP3 Files In FL Studio


    In this tutorial i show you how to properly export your audio for listening purposes and get industry standard WAV & MP3 files in FL studio. I also show you how to prevent your mixes fromm sounding bad after exporting in FL Studio.

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    How To Properly Export WAV & MP3 Files In FL Studio


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    *Please note that all free versions of beats are equal to a free demo and is for non profit use only. To get the full version without tags throughout the beat you must purchase it.*

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    How To Send BEATS To Rappers/Artists In 2019 - Export Settings, Tips & Tricks


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    FL Studio: Best export settings for the highest quality


    Quick and easy tutorial on how to achieve the best and highest quality sound when exporting MP3 and WAV files from FL Studio.


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    4 Best Ways to Export Songs in FL Studio


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    FL Studio | How To Export ZGameEditor Visualizer Videos THE RIGHT WAY!!! - Quick Reply #3


    FL Studio | How to export Videos made with the ZGameEditor Visualizer the right way I will show you in this Quick Reply #3.

    Here are the Links I mentioned in the video:

    How to master the ZGameEditor Visualizer in FL Studio:

    Youtube Upload recommendations:

    Imaglines forum about ZGEV sound quality:

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    Vocal Recording and Export Settings 101


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    #010 - FL STUDIO BEGINNER - Best Export Settings in FL Studio 12


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    FL Studio Best Export Setting Lossless | Highest best quality export |


    In this video I will show you how you can achieve highest best export quality for your project in fl studio 20 and will also explain about different audio formats and which to use and when to use.


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    FIX iMac 5K P3 Color / Gamma Shift issue – Premiere, VLC, Vimeo, Quicktime, Final Cut, Firefox HACK


    FINALLY A SOLUTION! Has been bothering many for years!

    An Issue with wide gamut screens (be it an iMac 2014+ or Apple-compatible cinema display) when working with .rec709 or sRGB content– it's not really a bug, more of an Apple-feature gone wrong (sounds familiar?). Apple introduced something called ColorSync a longer while back, initially meant for images (print/scan/preview) only. A shorter while back Apple broadened its functionality to cover video as well – to ensure display accuracy across all Apple devices and systems.

    That's exactly the problem: It's for Apple Soft- and Hardware only. If you are using Premiere Pro, VLC, Firefox, Chrome, Davinci Resolve or Avid – THIS IS FOR YOU! You need to trick the iMac into displaying raw rec709 values. IF YOU DO HAVE WIDE GAMUT SOURCE VIDEO (P3, .rec2020 or similar) you might want to stay away from this – or use it to check what others would see!

    DOWNLOAD ICC PROFILE HD 709-A to kind of switch off ColorSync:

    (go to DCP Course and ebook)

    You can learn a lot about color/gamma spaces and the right workflow in my FREE ebook about professional DCP mastering in Davinci Resolve 15, which is available at my website as well.

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    FL Studio: Best Mp3 Render Settings


    Here are the best Mp3 render settings for your FL Studio Track! Subscribe for more :)

    If you have a tutorial request, leave a comment or send a personal message!

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    Bounce & Export Your Mix | Mixing and Production Techniques


    The Audio Mixdown feature provides flexible option for bouncing and rendering individual stems, groups, FX and master outputs. In this video we look at exporting all your Cubase channels out into a number of different audio formats and cover some basic ground on bounce settings.

    We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you.
    Your Steinberg YouTube Team

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    HOW TO EXPORT YOUR BEATS FOR YOUTUBE | FL Studio Tutorial Tips & Tricks


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    Learn Live 10: Exporting


    Learn about the options for exporting audio in Ableton Live 10.

    Watch the entire Learn Live series:

    #abletonlive #learnlive #live10 #ableton

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    Premiere Pro: How To Export High Quality Videos


    Check out how to export high quality videos using Adobe Premiere Pro!

    ■Music Info:


    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    •Song Throughout:

    Instrumental produced by Chuki.

    ■Any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment!
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    Audacity Tutorial How to Save a WAV or MP3 File | Export Sound Format Tutorial


    For many more Audacity Tutorials...

    This Audacity tutorial shows how to save an MP3.

    To get started, drag and drop a file into Audacity for Audacity MP3 export. It can be an MP3 already if you like. Now go to the FILE menu and select EXPORT. At this point you will be asked the name of the artists, song, ect. You can put in whatever you like or just leave it out for now. Click OK.

    Next you will give your file a name and choose the file type. You can choose WAV or MP3 (or many others for that matter). A WAV file will be a lossless sound file format. This means that the file is exactly the way it was recorded. This format has excellent sound quality, but it will be a large file. Great for professional recording projects, but not good for emailing. An MP3 is a compressed sound file format. A great deal of the sound data is deleted in order to make the file small. The result is a smaller file size with not that great sound quality. You choose what you need.

    When you are exporting as an MP3 you may be asked for the LAME encoder. I have created another video on how to install the lame encoder. A link to the video is here - How to export in audacity

    Audacity Tutorials
    Audacity is a free, easy to use sound recorder and editor. Audacity may be simple to use, but very powerful in its features.

    This series of easy lessons is meant to help solve the most common issues faced by musicians using Audacity to record their music.

    Audacity is a great educational tool for use in the music room. There are countless exciting ways to use Audacity with your students.

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    Rekordbox export, USB, and CDJ settings


    These are the settings I personally use for my USB and CDJ settings along with some explanation.

    Fun side note: when you use an Rekordbox exported USB, it'll auto-save your play history on the drive and will auto-import when you plug your USB drive in with Rekordbox so you can have a nice set list to give out.

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    FL Studio Guru | Making YouTube Videos with ZGameEditor Visualizer


    ZGameEditor Visualizer 2 | FL Studio 12.3

    Example video -

    Project used in this video by -

    Image-Line Software
    Buy FL Studio & plugins online -
    Browse our website -

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    FL Studio 20 Basic PART - 8 - Best Export Settings


    Basic tutorial part link
    part 1 =
    part 2 =
    part 3 =
    part 4 (1) =
    part 4 (2) =
    part 5 =
    part 6 =
    part 7 =


    mixing tutorial part link
    part 1 =
    Part-2 =
    part 3 =
    Part 4 =
    Part 5 =
    part 6 =
    part 7 =
    part 8 =


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    Ableton Tips & Tricks #29- Exporting the Master File


    This demonstration gives an overview and explanation of the Export Window in Live. I discuss normalization, dithering, bit depth, and sample rate.

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    prueba1bajoajustestutorialyoutube 1080p Best Export Settings for Adobe Premiere Pro CS


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    How to export files out of Logic Pro X


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    Matty Harris is a music producer, mixing and mastering engineer from Boston. As a young musician, he won several awards, most notably, the best drummer in New England. He toured with jazz, blues and calypso bands, playing bars and clubs at the young age of 14. After High School, he attended Berklee College of Music where he studied Music Production and Engineering. Learning from some of the most accomplished producers and engineers in the industry. Since then, he has worked on countless records with such artist as; Atlantic Records, RCA Records, WB Records, Kelly Clarkson, Sammy Adams, A$AP Rocky, Logic, Lil Yachty, Cam Meekins, Just Juice, Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Fat Joe, Styles P, La Coka Nostra, and many more. He worked on the Grammy Award-winning song “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson and won the 2008 Boston Music Award for Best Hip-Hop/R&B Producer. He now lives in Los Angeles where he works with artists from all over the world helping them to realize their dreams.

    Matty started his online mixing and mastering company,, with the vision of helping new artists get the same quality mixes and masters as the major label artists he works with. After realizing the advancements of technology, he knew it was time to launch his online mixing and mastering company when he no longer needed the effects of a “big room” studio to achieve high-end mixing and mastering.

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    How To Export HD Video in Edius for YouTube, Vimeo, & Facebook


    After Effects Tutorial
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial
    Edius 5 Tutorial
    Edius 6.02 Tutorial
    Edius 6.05 Tutorial
    Edius 7 Tutorial
    AVSImageConverter Tutorial
    Adobe Lightroom_Tutorial
    Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Tutorial
    Presents by-Shimul Munshi
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    Ableton HD Video Export Settings


    I've seen a lot of people having issues with exporting high quality videos in Ableton (Myself included), so I wanted to share the settings that I found. It doesn't seem to be 100% like the original, but it's way better than the results I had before. Hope this helps!

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    Logic Pro X - Video Tutorial 03 - Sample Rate, Bit Depth, I/O Buffer, Setting up for Recording


    In this video we take a look at:

    1. Setting up for recording
    2. Adding a Guitar or Bass track
    3. Understanding Sample Rate
    4. Understanding Bit Depth
    5. Understanding I/O Buffer
    6. Changing the recording file type

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    Rekordbox: The Ultimate Guide


    Want to learn Rekordbox? Watch this video! I'll be going over hot cues, regular cues, loops, how to organize and export your tracks, and how to make the beatgrid line up with your tracks. You need to watch this if you want to play on CDJs.

    Rekordbox is great because it frees you up to be as creative as possible in the booth. Yes, there is some more prep time involved before your gig, but it pays off in the end and your audience will notice the work you put in.

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    Ableton Live 9 Tutorial - Part 7: Exporting Audio


    Part 7 of our Ableton Live 9 tutorial series is about exporting audio from Ableton Live. See the whole series:

    See the whole series:

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    FL STUDIO EXPORT PROBLEMS: 3xOsc Rendering Sounds Different | HQ



    Want to discover all my music-making strategies? Just get a copy of my BOOKS:

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    FL STUDIO EXPORT PROBLEMS: 3xOsc Rendering Sounds Different (High Frequencies are Missing) | HQ

    For this lesson, please read the article below. I corrected a few wrong assumptions.

    If you found this to be helpful, I'd really appreciate it if you could hit that LIKE button.

    If you have any questions you would like me to answer, just leave a COMMENT down below.


    To reach more people, simply share a link or video with one of your friends to introduce them to my work. That would be great!

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    ---------------------------------------- - Hardstyle shortcuts that work
    - Hardstyle
    - Rawstyle
    - EDM
    - Trance
    - Old School & Early
    - Big Room House
    - Hardcore
    - Jumpstyle

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    fl studio render
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    3x osc
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    hq for all plugins
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    fl studio export settings
    3xosc white noise
    export fl studio best quality

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    Best Render Settings | After Effects


    This is a showcase of the best render setting when exporting from after effects without loss in quality or humongous files.

    Music Credits :
    Epidemic Sounds

    Other music used in this video are under the Creative Commons license

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    How to Export your Fl studio song project as MP3 or wave File.


    How to Export your song project as MP3 or wave File.(Rendering)

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    BF3 - Adobe Premiere Pro Encoding Settings Test 1080p


    Recorded with FRAPS at 30FPS.

    Exported in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.
    It's important to disable Frame Blending by right clicking the sequence.
    Added some fast color correction with adjusted saturnation and levels.

    ** Notice the shading of the engineer mask in the corners of the screen.

    Export Settings:
    - NTSC
    - H.264
    - 1920 x 1080
    - 30 FPS
    - Square pixels
    - High profile
    - Level 5.1
    - Render at maximum depth

    - VBR, 2 pass Bitrate Encoding
    - Target Bitrate 30
    - Maximum Bitrate 30 (I recommend to put this on 15 to 20 for 10 min vids)

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    How to Export Songs to mp3 in Logic Pro X Tutorial


    More articles & videos:
    In today's video, I show you how to export, or 'bounce' your songs in Logic Pro X.

    Bouncing creates one audio file of your song, which you can then put on your iPod, burn to a CD, share on SoundCloud, or do whatever you want with. You can access the bounce window through a few ways which I discuss in the video, and you can select whether or not to normalise the file and also whether to bounce in real-time or offline (offline is fast, real-time is as the name suggests). At the end of the day it's easy to do and you won't have to change your bounce settings much at all.

    I hope you enjoyed the video, and feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments and I'd be more than happy to answer them quickly! If you like you can head over to my website for more exclusive content including exclusive videos, articles, and coming soon some courses which will accelerate your music production and bring out your passion for music.

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    Export Settings Test 2


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    Mastering Songs with Garageband 10 - Do You Need To Export First?


    In this video I FINALLY answer this question!
    Want me to mix your song?

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    How To Get Better CPU performance In FL Studio


    Is FL Studio causing your system to max out?
    Here is 10 steps to get better cpu performance in FL Studio.
    This tutorial will show you all the ways you can optimize your CPU performance in FL Studio. There's a lot of tricks you can use to reduce fl studio cpu lag.

    If you are experiencing sound crackling or glitching, your cpu is overloading. You can increase the ASIO buffer, get a better CPU. But often it's enough to tweak every setting to get a better performance. This beginner tutorial for FL Studio will show you how to do it.

    When the cores in your CPU is throttling up and down this can create lag. I reccomend disabling this to make the CPU run at full speed all the time.

    Click here to download the core parking manager:

    If none of his helped, you'll have to freeze tracks to reduce CPU load.

    Click here to see my tutorial on how to freeze tracks:

    I'm now on patreon. Feel free to support me there so I can make more tutorials like this one. There, I also offer personal tutoring, professional feedback on your music, mixing & mastering and more.
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    00038 Best settings, export explanation & more


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    How To Export Stems From FL Studio


    This quick tip tutorial will show you how to quickly export stems from FL Studio.

    Important: When exporting stems for use in mastering or any further processing, make sure to use 32 bit float, and not 24 as shown on the screen in this video.

    If it's a final master then you can use 16 or 24 bit, but not for stems or consolidated clips for use inside a project.

    Stems are the individual mixer inserts in your project. It can be smart to export these for final mixing and mastering.
    If you made a real cool drum loop, this way you'll also have it for later projects.

    Note that this will export ALL Mixer inserts. So it's important to keep this in mind when you start your project. Make sure to work organized, label everything correctly. It can be smart to make submixes and route individual tracks to those, and use those as stems.
    For example if you have 5 different drum tracks routed to a drums bus, this bus will also be exported, so you can use just one stem called drums instead of 5 separate ones.
    Try to keep this in mind from the very start, and it will be easier when you get to the mixing and mastering stage. :)

    Also make sure to check out my other more extensive tutorials here:

    I'm now on patreon. Feel free to support me there so I can make more tutorials like this one. There, I also offer personal tutoring, professional feedback on your music, mixing & mastering and more.
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    How to Export Stems for Collaboration Ableton Live


    Here we learn how to use the export settings in ableton to export our individual tracks to send to friends and other artists for collaboration. There are many ways to do this and if you watch the entire tutorial, you will learn how to avoid the dreaded media files missing dialog.

    The Seed to Stage Academy (an Ableton Live immersive learning course) is going down April 4th-6th in Asheville, NC at the OM Sanctuary (a Hogwarts like Wizard School retreat center) If you like my teaching style, consider attending the course! Learn more:

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    How To Export Song Track Stems In FL Studio Properly!


    In this video I go into FL Studio and show you how to link each sound to an individual mixer channel, name the tracks, and export the files as high quality track stems for your studio engineer.
    I can't express how important of a process this is if you are looking to become an easy person to work with in the music production process. This is great for producers and recording artists that record their own music!
    In this video I show you the settings on FL Studio's export window and explain how they work. The goal ultimately is to have a compressed zip file of all the instruments you used as 450 kbps, 24 bit, wave files that are all the same length. That way the engineer who opens your zip file and imports the stems will see a neat, organized and quantized set of files to add their magic.
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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


    In this Tutorial, i will show you how you can export any game captured footage in 1080p 60 fps.

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    Premiere Pro CC render settings test.


    Some GTA V M3 e92 GTS drifting action.

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    Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials: Exporting


    Just a quick video on how to export with tried and true settings.

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    How to Export Stems Quickly in Cubase


    A few have asked how I go about exporting stems, hopefully this might be useful to some fellow composers!

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    OpenShot Kdenlive HQ Audio Export Settings


    last spring i tried to find out how to export with best possible Settings in OpenShot ( ) avaible for Windows , Mac and Linux )

    i found how YouTube want us to choose proper formats / codecs when we upload a Video:

    it was good help for me , but the question how to get the highest possible export setting in OpenShot for the music was difficult and i did not get the answer

    so i tried to change the 256 kb/s manually by simply clicking on 256 and write in manually 512 and it works :)

    OpenShot is really easy and cozy to work with , but sometimes it crash so it can be good to Save the project in the beginning ( especially when many photos / videos are included )

    Kdenlive videomaker is very very stable and with nice overview of the Videoproject.

    the same change is working for Kdenlive , click in the field [ 384 kb/s ] and manually change it to [ 512 kb/s ] when Exporting your Video

    Music in this video is : Medwyn Goodall - A Maidens Ring



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