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Playlist of Bad Brains

  • BAD BRAINS - I Against I


    MUSIC VIDEO. 720p 'HD' From the album 'I Against I' (1986)
    In the quest for the test to fulfill an achievement
    everybody's only in it for themselves
    when the fact of the matter is they just don't care
    to extend a helping hand to anyone else
    so tell me why, did you have to lie
    and try to make me all confused about the U.S.A.
    when the fact of the matter is you just don't care
    to comprehend or understand a single word I say
    I don't want to have I go against I
    oh let me tell you
    the same old story, no factual glory
    I against I against I against I
    and I say I don't like it, and I know I don't want it
    I against I against I against I
    almighty watching, almighty watching
    I against I against I against I
    and I say I don't like it, and I know I don't want it
    I against I against I against I
    I said who's gonna tell the youth about the drugs
    about the drugs, mugs, bugs, and the police thugs
    about the rotten stinkin' rackets and the fantasies
    around the nation, around the nations
    oh baby what you gonna do
    I tell you the truth is looking straight at you
    I got a brass continental with a 300Z, two color tv's,now a video too
    I got a rest home in Jamaica for my fantasy, for my family
    around the nation
    around the nations
    what you gonna do.

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  • Bad Brains - Bad Brains Full Album


    Artista: Bad Brains
    Álbum: Bad Brains
    Ano: 1982

    Track List:
    (00:00) 01 - Sailin' On
    (01:55) 02 - Don't Need It
    (03:02) 03 - Attitude
    (04:22) 04 - The Regulator
    (05:30) 05 - Banned In D.C.
    (07:43) 06 - Jah Calling
    (10:14) 07 - Supertouch/Shitfit
    (12:46) 08 - Leaving Babylon
    (16:56) 09 - Fearless Vampire Killers
    (18:04) 10 - I
    (20:09) 11 - Big Take Over
    (23:06) 12 - Pay To Cum
    (24:32) 13 - Right Brigade
    (27:00) 14 - I Luv I Jah
    (33:23) 15 - Intro
    (34:08) 16 - Untitled (*)

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  • Bad Brains - Rise


    Music video by Bad Brains performing Rise. (C) 1993 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

  • Bad Brains H.R. on Finding Joseph I Memoir + Reunion Tour


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    Legendary Bad Brains frontman H.R. discusses his new memoir 'Finding Joseph I' and reveals his desire to tour with the Bad Brains again.

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  • Leaving Babylon


    Provided to YouTube by Virtual Label LLC

    Leaving Babylon · Bad Brains · Bad Brains

    Bad Brains

    ℗ 1996 Copyright Control

    Released on: 1996-03-19

    Composer: Bad Brains

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Bad Brains - Right Brigade


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  • Bad Brains - Banned in D.C.


    From the self titled album.

    ROIR 1982

  • I Against I


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    I Against I · Bad Brains

    I Against I

    ℗ 1986 SST Records

    Released on: 2006-01-24

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Bad Brains - Soul Craft 1990


    16:9 Version! © Copyright ® All Rights Reserverd By Bad Brains !
    written by Miller, Jenifer and Hudson | directed by Paul Rachman

    Bad Brains - Live at the CBGB's 1982 (Full Concert)

    Bad Brains: A Band In DC (Documentary)

    Bad Brains - Live at Azkena Rock 2011 (Full Concert) ᴴᴰ

    Bad Brains - Live at Exit Festival 2010 (Full Concert) ᴴᴰ

    H.R. -- vocals
    Dr. Know -- guitar
    Darryl Jenifer -- bass
    Earl Hudson -- drums

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  • Re-Ignition


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Re-Ignition · Bad Brains

    I Against I

    ℗ 1986 SST Records

    Released on: 2006-01-24

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • BAD BRAINS - God Of Love


    © 2005 WMG
    God Of Love (Video)

  • Bad Brains - I and I Survive


    by Bad Brains performing I And I Survive. (C) 1983

    Album : Rock For the light - PVC Records (original).

  • Bad Brains - Send You No Flowers


  • Bad Brains London Astoria 29th September 1989 COLOUR VERSION!!


    Relaunched in full colour. Three tracks from the London Astoria Show 1989. More to follow soon.

  • Bad Brains-Pay To Cum


    1.31 of bliss

  • Bad Brains - How low can a punk get


    Bad Brains - How low can a punk get From the CD Rock for Light........Enjoy

  • Bad Brains - Dont Bother Me


    Bad Brains' Don't Bother Me taken from the record Black Dots

  • Bad Brains - Live at Azkena Rock 2011 ᴴᴰ


    [Intro 0:00] 0:08 - Attitude 2:36 - Right Brigade 5:30 - Szilinon(Sailin On) 7:43 - Regulator 9:23 - Jah Love 14:55 - Give Thanks and Praises 17:36 - Universal Peace 20:33 - F.V.K. 22:00 - I & I Survive 29:32 - Banned in D.C. 32:26 - Soul Graft(Soul Craft) 35:27 - I Luv I Jah 41:57 - At The Movies 45:35 - Re-Ignition 50:26 - Pay To Cum 52:19 - I Against I

    Filmed at the Azkena Rock Festival, Campa de Mendizabala, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain 2011

    H.R. - vocals
    Dr. Know - guitar
    Darryl Jenifer - bass guitar
    Earl Hudson - drums

    Bad Brains - Live at the CBGB's 1982 (Full Concert)

    Bad Brains: A Band In DC (Documentary)

    Bad Brains - Live at Exit Festival 2010 (Full Concert) ᴴᴰ

    Bad Brains - Soul Craft 1990 (Videoclip)

  • Bad Brains - Big Take Over - Bass Cover - Archie Farrer


    Thanks to the new camera angle, you get to enjoy my stupid face!
    This is my cover of Big Take Over by Bad Brains
    Played with a plectrum on an Ibanez SR705 through a Boss ME-20b, recorded directly onto my PC using Audacity software, filmed on an iPhone 4s and edited using Windows Movie Maker.

  • Bad Brains - Live at CBGBs, NYC, NY, December 1979


    The Bad Brains debut night at the CBGB's. Footage taken by GoNightClubbing, Ltd. I don't own any of this.


    Don't Need It (not recorded? missing?)
    Jammin At The Atlantis -song playing

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  • Bad Brains Attitude


    Some commenters are not displaying a positive mental attitude so I have disabled comments.

  • Dave grohl on how Bad Brains influenced him and Nevermind


    Dave Grohl talking about Bad Brains album Rock for light, how rock drummer Earl Hudson influenced him and Nirvana's Nevermind record.
    Songs features:
    - Redbone in the city, We Will not, How low can a punk get? by the Bad Brains
    - Stacked actors By the Foo Fighters
    - Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana.

  • Bad Brains - I Luv I Jah


    I Luv I Jah from Bad Brains' 1982 self titled album

  • Bad Brains - Pay To Cum


    All materials presented on this channel are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners, and are subject to use for
    Informational purposes only! Support the musicians, buy their music!

  • Into the future- Bad Brains


    01 - Into the Future
    02 - Popcorn 2:43
    03 - We Belong Together 5:56
    04 - Youth of Today 7:35
    05 - Rubadub Love 11:01
    06 - Yes I 13:36
    07 - Suck Sess 15:05
    08 - Jah Love 16:59
    09 - Earnest Love 20:35
    10 - Come Down 23:49
    11 - Fun 25:15
    12 - Maybe a Joyful Noise 29:03
    13 - MCA Dub 33:46

  • Bad Brains - Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, 28th May 1987


    You may know this gig from the famous The Youth Are Getting Restless but this is something different. SBD recording with few songs dropped from Youth and few extra banters. I don't know why, but it is missing Rock for Light and Right Brigade played just after I, but you can find it easily on official album. Anyway enjoy and hail to the mighty Bad Brains!

    0:00:31 Intro ????
    0:01:27 I
    0:03:55 House Of Suffering
    0:06:00 Daytripper / She's A Rainbow
    0:11:01 Coptic Times
    0:13:38 Sacred Love
    0:17:12 Re-ignition
    0:22:27 Let Me Help
    0:24:21 Youth Are Getting Restless
    0:28:29 Return To Heaven ????
    0:31:29 Banned In DC
    0:33:55 Sailin' On
    0:35:49 The Fearless Vampire Killer
    0:36:51 Secret 77 ????
    0:41:28 I Against I ????
    0:44:35 At The Movies
    0:47:31 Revolution
    0:52:04 Live Life ????
    0:56:08 Promised Land ????
    1:01:05 Pay To Cum
    1:03:33 Big Takeover

  • Randy Blythe on Bad Brains, Staying Sober, Slayer Tour + More


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    Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe talks with Graham Hartmann (@grahamwire) about his recent performance with Bad Brains, the importance of staying sober, touring with Slayer and more!

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  • Bad Brains - I And I Rasta


    Bad Brains I And I Rasta (Live At CBGB 1982)

  • Bad Brains - Youth of Today


    Into The Future (2012, Megaforce Records)

  • Bad Brains - Shes Calling You


    Bad Brains - She's Calling You

  • Bad Brains - Thank Jah


    Album - 1995 God Of Love

  • Bad Brains - House of Suffering


  • Bad brains - The messengers


  • HR feat. Downtown Brown - BUS INVADERS Ep. 1485


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    On this episode of DTB’s “Bus Invaders”, we take you inside the touring vehicle of the reggae artist, HR (of Bad Brains), while on tour with Downtown Brown.

    Information about this video:
    Film Date - July 12, 2019
    Location - Reggies in Chicago, IL

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  • Bad Brains - Shes Calling You


    Album: I Against I
    Year: 1986
    Track: 7
    Genre: Punk Rock/Hard Rock

    Quizá letra se centra en una persona obsesionada con una mujer y tiende al acoso no violento para lograr su fin que es el de 'lograr alguna relación con ella'.

  • Bad Brains - Sacred Love


    I Against I

  • Bad Brains - Coptic Times


    Bad Brains live at Paradiso, Amsterdam 1987.

  • Bad brains House of Suffering Live florida Show proshot


    Bad brains House of Suffering
    Live florida Show proshot 1987.

  • Bad Brains 1987 Daytripper ~ Shes a Rainbow


    Bad Brains 1987 Daytripper ~ She's a Rainbow(Florida Spring Break)

  • Human Rights - Fatherless Children


    -Human Rights
    -Our Faith(album)
    -Fatherless Children(song)
    © 1992 RAILROAD RECORDS (734273499727)

    Reggae rock featuring the lead singer of Bad Brains.

    Bio/ by Sandra Brennan

    Iconoclastic, enigmatic and angst-ridden are words used to describe former front man for the punk/thrash metal group Bad Brains, H.R. (Ras Hailu Gabriel Joseph I). A devout Rastafarian, H.R.'s songs, a seamless blend of singing, rap and African chanting, demand social and economic equality and an end to oppression and racism. He got his start with the Washington, D.C.-based Bad Brains, and sang with them through the '80s. H.R. periodically left to pursue his own career, returning only to make a few quick bucks. He infused their music with his own brand of reggae rhythms, which they called rasta-core, but grew disillusioned because fans were more interested in their hardcore sound than the message of love he was trying to convey. Compared to the rough-edged, riotous energy of the Brains, H.R.'s reggae was mellower as can be heard in his late '80s album Singin' in the Heart (SST) which he recorded in between Bad Brains' I Against I and Quickness. H.R. left the band for good in 1989 and has since worked on developing his solo career.

    The OUR FAITH recordings went on to influence a worldwide audience with two European tours and three U.S. tours promoting both of the Railroad Records HR releases.


  • Bad Brains - Live @ VPRO Onrust TV - Hilversum, Holland ★1989★


    01-Interview (VPRO Onrust TV transmission 1989)
    02-With the quickness (VPRO Onrust TV transmission 1989)
    03-The prophet's eye (VPRO Onrust TV transmission 1989)
    04-I against i (VPRO Onrust TV transmission 1989)
    05-I and i survive (VPRO Moord TV transmission 1990)



    Fragment występu legendarnej grupy BAD BRAINS. Byli to pierwsi czarnoskórzy muzycy amerykańscy
    którzy zaczęli grać Punk Rocka w latach 80-tych. Ich styl okreslany jest mianem cross over. Formacja słynie równieź ze znakomitych wykonań roots reggae. W 2009 roku zespół wystąpił w Polsce na festiwalu w Jarocinie.

  • Bad Brains - Re-Ignition


    Bad Brains - Re-Ignition Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam 1987
    album: The Youth Are Getting Restless

  • Bad Brains - Black Dots


    Black Dots, 1996.

  • Bad Brains - The Man Wont Annoy Ya


    Black Dots, 1996.

  • Its A Bad Brains Christmas, Charlie Brown


    All credit for this video goes to Tad Was Here on Vimeo. I downloaded it from him so that I could upload it here simply because Youtube embeds into Facebook much better than Vimeo.

    All credit goes to Tad.

  • BAD BRAINS Destroy babylon


  • Bad Brains Banned In DC Cover


    Just me jamming to a classic track by legendary D.C.-based punk band Bad Brains.

  • Bad Brains - I


    Hardcore Punk, Washigton DC (1982)



    Bad Brains, live. Seattle Washington 1999. SUB/FRIEND/COMMENT MR. MOODY HYADD YO!