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Playlist of Backmasking

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    Songs Of Satan


    investiation into backmasking , which this the technique of creating and hearing alterative sounds whne audio is played forward and or backwards

    extra tags: Bealtes - revolution number 9 (1968) led zeppelin no doubt - its my life (2003) madonna - dress you up (1985) like a prayer (1989) die another hung up 4 minutes give it 2 me she's not me day aleister crowley britney spear babay one more time gimme more piece of me mannequin radar gwen stefani - wind it up (2006) dora the explorer theme song hannah montana - best of both worlds pumpin' the party hilary duff - so yesterday jonas brothers - kids of the future (2007) avril lavigne - girlfriend chris brown - i can transform ya (2009) justin timberlake - sexy back rihanna - disturbia russian roulette lady gaga - lovegame so happy i could die paramore - misery business pharrell wiliams high school musical 2 - fabulous Hollywood records venessa hudgens - come back to me maha mantra hare krishna hare rama Freud MasterG06 obama illuminati mind control MK ultra 2009 magic magik freemason mason ritual horus evil one eye new song album god the great am stefani germanotta satan lucifer paparazzi camera decoded PrinceBowWow forever /My Love Fantasy (Fantasy Ride) the evolution of c cici ci princess harris live show Eminem PrinceBowWow interview Music Video Cool on You Robin Thicke my love w/ lyrics music video /My Love myself Magic Norman Bates Motel Takin' Back My Love Like a surgeon MISSY lloydbanks SO HARD Mama(Fantasy Ride) the evolution of c cici ci princess harris live show Eminem PrinceBowWow interview Music bad romance Video Cool on You Robin Thicke my love w/ lyrics music video /My Love myself Magic Norman Bates Motel Takin' Back My Love Like a surgeon MISSY lloydbanks SO HARD Mama I want to sing B.O.B. banks 'My Love' grodt Evolution of Dance Yearbook Ciara- So Hard Turn Me On Chris Brown , LLC elliot Disturbia Take A Bow Rihanna satanist lady gaga paramore new eyes brick by boring brick pharrell wiliams rated russian roulette so hard jay z one god radio not illuminati danger mouse lucifer 9 i love satan i speak for drugs

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    Eminem - Venom backmasking illuminati exposed


    Eminem - Venom backmasking illuminati exposed Listen to Venom (Music From The Motion Picture), out now: the hidden messages ,backmasking in the song my channel hope/christiantv

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    Rivermaya and Eraserheads backmasked songs


    The hidden message of the songs after backmasking. Backmask means backward.

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    Are There EVIL Messages in Backwards Songs?


    Are there really 'satanic' subliminal messages in songs played backwards? Today, we will put them to the test to find out if they are true...
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    Scariest Backmasking Ever


    Proof of some of the most frightening backmasking in songs by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Sublime.

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    Another One Bites the Dust By Queen Backmasked


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    RIHANNA We found love ft. Calvin Harris


    This is a great example of a backmask
    please enjoy this scary but hear-able backmask by me


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    Dora Theme Song Backwards


    I just wanted to let you know this is real. I reversed it with sound recorder and listened to it. It was real!

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    Is today's latest tween sensation, Justin Bieber, secretly honoring the Illuminati through homage to Satan and demonic tribute hidden within his music? Watch as the dangerous truth is revealed.

    The best and most accurate backmasked version on the web! All new* hidden messages, slowed down in 2 speeds for extra clarity. No other reversed version has been able to pick up these words. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED!

    Update: Check out my channel for the all new step-by-step visual/audio guide to backmasking/reversing Justin Bieber's song Baby - you'll see and learn exactly what to do to unlock the mystery behind the words.

    Is Justin Bieber Satanic or Illuminati? Evil? You decide.

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    Miley Cyrus - Wrecking ball


    Hello there stranger. I know this song came out like 8 months prior to this video, but I just couldn't let this one fly. Really hope you enjoyed, took me about three hours to make this one. Yeah, I know, three hours for three minutes of video. Well, at least I had fun making it, and I hope you have a bit of a laugh while watching it. If you watch closely you can see some pretty weird stuff too!

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    Subliminal Messages In Backwards Songs!


    Are there subliminal messages in reversed songs? Today, we put to the test some of the most popular cases of 'reported' subliminal messages in music!
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    Backmasking Songs


    Heres On Of My Backmasking Videos And Remember KEEP IT METAL!!!

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    Queen - Bohemian Rhaspody - BACKAWRDS with Lyrics


    This is an interpretation of QUEEN's Bohemian Rhapsody played backwards, by request of bumface.
    Favorite line: How easy, How easy

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    Eminem - Not afraid Reversed Killuminati message + lyrics Full HD!


    Hey guys,
    I made a little video from the song Eminem not afraid reversed, also known as Backmasking Its a method that artist sometimes use to record songs to bring a secret message to other people. Sometimes you can hear it clearly and sometimes it a bit blurry. If you think i am wrong just post the right lyrics piece and perhaps i take it in and put it on the video :)
    Se feel free to comment and subscribe :)

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    Highway to Hell Backwards Backmask


    EDIT NOTE: i know that yahweh is hebrew and not latin. i made a mistake. chill. the first time someone pointed it out wasn't any different than the other hundred times ive been reminded. it's more annoying than the guy in this video:

    Everyone knows about Stairway to Heaven's backwards talk about the devil, right? Well, I thought that since Highway to Hell is pretty much the opposite of Stairway to Heaven I should see if AC/DC snuck anything into their song like Led Zeppelin did. Watch and check out what I got out of Highway to Hell in reverse.

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    Lil Pump - Gucci Gang backmasking



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    wowowee backmasking


    ill made this video to prove to all of listener or wowowee suporter that thier had a backmasking song....

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    Revolution 9 Backmask ~ Played Backwards ~ The Beatles


    Satan Look At Me Satan, Dawning The Dawning
    The Beatles are affiliated with the Illuminati!! Secret Satanic message revealed when played backwards!!!

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    Bienvenue sur ma chaîne
    Ce jour je parle du Backmasking ou Backward Masking !!!

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    les analyses et courtes citations justifiées par le caractère critique,

    L'utilisation de très courts extraits de clip rentre dans le cadre légal d'une utilisation dite équitable. Cette vidéo respecte la règle d'exception de critique / Avis
    Les extraits et les images n'ont pour but de servir que de base et faire découvrir le groupe de la vidéos

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    Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group

    Backmask · Mindless Self Indulgence

    Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy

    ℗ 1999 Elektra Entertainment for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.

    Producer: James Galus
    Bass: Vanessa Y. T.
    Writer: Euringer
    Arranger: James Galus

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Michael Jackson backmasking - secret messages -


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    Mundo by IV of Spades


    This video clip is for educational/entertainment purposes only. Denouncing of the original song is not intended. Peace! :)
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    Backmasking is a recording technique in which a sound or message is recorded backward onto a track that is meant to be played forward. Backmasking is a deliberate process, whereas a message found through phonetic reversal may be unintentional.

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    Empty Spaces Backmasked Pink Floyd


    I know this is old and most of you probably know about this but I made this because in other vids you can barely hear the secret message. To hear it better I used audacity and deleted the right channel of the audio because the message is in the left channel of the audio. When most people reverse this song its hard to hear the message because they have both audio channels. The right audio channel was only instruments and the left audio channel had vocals and some instruments.

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    hawak kamay reverse song by geordan


    totoo yan kaya be careful sa mga songs ahh

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    Dziwny Jest Ten Świat Backmasking


    Mój pierwszy Backmasking proszę o wyrozumiałość i łagodne ocenianie.

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    Nirvana - Radio Friendly Unit Shifter


    Egad, that's horrible. Well sir... avoid that pothole if you can!

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    Pesan Mundur Peterpan - Bintang di Surga 2004


    [Viewer Discretion]
    Apakah yg terdengar bila Lagu Bintang di Surga diputar mundur?

    Simbolisme (Jika direverse):
    -0:41 Ariel mati terlebih dahulu, 1:07 kemudian hidup kembali
    -1:19 Wanita pergi krn ketakutan
    -1:32 Checkred floor pada taxi (transportasi lintas dimensi)
    -1:33 SWAT membebaskan Ariel sbg Devil
    -3:28 Lukman membawa mangsa wanita kpd Ariel sbg Devil
    -3:38 Wanita mulai berfantasi dgn Ariel sbg Devil
    -4:32 Gambar Vampir pada kaos Reza
    -4:38 Semua tawanan Teroris Ariel adalah wanita (refleksi dari fans Ariel Peterpan yg kebanyakan memang wanita)
    -4:47 Ariel sbg Teroris atau sbg Devil?
    -5:20 Bintang di Surga / Surga di Bintang

    Captions: CMIIW
    Katakan hei katakan
    katakan saya ini setan
    hat lihat lagi mreka manusia bego
    akan urus mreka manusia ksetanan
    kita terbagi dan
    bukan karna kita ingin
    hitam menyatukan kita
    dia suka sekale

    [Bacmasking merupakan suatu metode untuk membuat serangkaian kata di dalam sebuah lagu jika lagu tersebut diputar mundur. Metode ini sangat populer di kalangan artis Amerika untuk memberikan suatu pesan secara tidak langsung dalam lagunya. Unsur pembentukan kata secara mundur ini dapat didukung dari lirik yang telah ada ataupun dari musik lagu tersebut. ]

    How to get Video/Audio in Reverse?
    Tutorials is here:

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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    Backmasking Compilation


    Backmasking compilation with Turkish subtitle


    Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
    John Lennon - Imagine
    Yoko Ono - Kiss Kiss Kiss
    Metallica - Am I Evil
    B-52's - Detour Through Your Mind
    Eminem - My Name Is
    Pokemon Rap
    Pink Floyd - Empty Spaces
    Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
    Weird Al - Nature Trail To Hell
    Queen - Another One Bites The Dust
    Eagles - Hotel California,
    ELO - Fire On High
    The Doors - Break On Through
    Michael Jackson - Beat It
    Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
    Gökçe - Tuttu Fırlattı Kalbimi

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    Ministry - Burning Inside Backmasking


    Yeah I See the Lying Signs and Wonders.

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    The Beatles Backmasking


    Secret Beatles messages hidden in their songs. Here are a few.

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    What Do Ü Mean ILLUMINATI?


    What do you mean, Justin?
    Proof I did not tamper with the audio (other than slowing the music down):
    Explaination video:

    Now is the time for you to wake up.
    Join me.

    Finding out what Justin Bieber means.

    What Do You Mean Illuminati Message

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    Subliminal Messages Ke$ha We R Who We R


    Please read before you post comments like Get a life

    Please read that if you would like to know more about Backmasking AKA reversing a song to find a meaning.

    Video Description:
    Reverse that song brings you: ke$ha WE R WHO WE R
    Post in a comment what YOU hear and I will add it as an annotation!
    for example
    I Heard *blah* at 1:30

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    Linkin Park Songs The Truth about Backmasking


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    Songs Of Satan Backmasked Songs Collection


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    The Doors - People Are Strange


    This song used to make me cry uncontrollably as a young kid and would send me into a deep depression.

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    Stairway to Heaven


    The actual backmasking. Sick of the other incorrect interpretations.

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    Backmasking - Analisis del Fenomeno


    Analisis del Fenomeno Backmasking desde un Punto de Vista Cristiano

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    kaliber 44 nasze mózgi wypełnione sa maria backmasking


    numer 2 na płycie księga tajemnicza

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    Daft Punk backmasking


    Me and my friend find some interesting stuff in Daft Punk songs played backwards. Watch and ENJOY!

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    Mensajes subliminales, verdad o mentira, mi opinión. Backmasking


    En #Joshguitar506 te presento mi opinión sobre los mensajes #subliminales en la música y lo que se conoce como #BackMasking que es el método para insertar adrede mensajes “ocultos” en la música.

    Este ha sido un tema bastante controversial a través de los años, y acá lo discutimos sin ningún afán de ofender o dañar la susceptibilidad de ninguna persona.

    Eres bienvenido a dejar tus comentarios siempre que estos estén en la línea del respeto en general.

    1.- Queen - Another one bites the dust (al revés):

    2- Michael Jackson – “This is it” (al revés):

    3- Fito Paez – “Tumbas de la Gloria” (última frase derecho y revés)

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    Jem - Its Amazing!



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    Quebonafide ft. Wac Toja - Asceta BACKMASKING


    W intro do Ascety ewidentnie zaszyto puszczone od tyłu wokale, więc obróciłem je we właściwą stronę z myślą o tych, którzy nie są tak biegli w obsłudze Audacity.

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    Agnieszka Chylińska - Królowa łez backmasking



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    kaliber 44 usłysz mój głos backmasking


    numer 3 na płycie ksiega tajemnicza

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    Dansk floede backmasking


    Gaar i mine egne tanker.. der er ikke plads til andre.

    her er den spillet forfra+bagfra

    der er masser af hemmelige budskaber!

    Oversaettelse:Andreas,Jesper og Rasmus


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    Darling Nikki : Forwards...then Backwards


    Prince's 1984 Darling Nikki topped the PMRC's Filthy Fifteen and was the catalyst for the movement to ban offensive lyrics in songs.

    For this reason, the backmasking message of this song is particularly intriguing. The sample contains the end of the song as it was recorded, then reversed to play the backwards message. Kind of spooky!

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    3x klan zielona relacja backmasking


    numer 13 na płycie dom pełen drzwi

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    Rihanna Umbrella Hidden Messages Backmasking


    This song contains a whole load of hidden
    messages when you reverse it! You need to listen to it a few times to hear it. Plays in normal speed at first then its slowed down so you can hear it more easily.

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    Kaliber 44 - Psychoza


    po zakończeniu rozszyfrowywania tekstu przez mieseiąc miałem lęki jakbym się zjarał ,ale lęki mi przeszły lecz cały czas się boje backmaskingu... jak się w to samemu zagłębi to potrafi naprawde zryć banie !!!!



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