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Playlist of BIZARRE FOODS Special

  • Bizarre Foods - Sardinia - Visit us with


    Bizarre Foods - Sardinia

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  • Bizarre Foods Delicious Amsterdam


    Some nice foods and candy in Amsterdam my Hometown

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  • Bizarre Foods - Croatia - Dalmatian Coast


    Andrew heads to Croatia, an Eastern European kingdom straight out of a storybook. An up-and-coming tourist hotspot, Andrew still finds ancient tastes from roasted dormice and giant offal kebabs to baked rooster and grilled frog.

    Andrew Zimmern wanders the globe searching for strange and unusual delicacies. In each destination, Andrew samples the native culinary delights. However, he doesn't go in for the normal foods that tourists would be drawn to. Instead, he goes after the strangest foods that the location has to offer. He explains the taste, texture and history of all the foods he tastes.

  • Ethiopian food on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern


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  • Bizarre Foods America goes Portuguese


    Bizarre Foods America goes Portuguese

  • Bizarre Foods from Hungary - Magyar konyha amerikai szemmel


    Maybe spicy, maybe greasy, but unique, substantial and, of course, very toothsome. Good appetite!

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  • Blind Taste Test: Andrew Zimmern at Target Field


  • Bizzare Foods Delicious Destinations, May 2, 2017



  • Bizzare Foods: Greece


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  • Bizarre Foods TV Vietnam - Thực phẩm kỳ lạ Việt Nam - P2


    Bizarre Foods TV Vietnam - Thực phẩm kỳ lạ Việt Nam

  • Bizarre Foods TV Vietnam - Thực phẩm kỳ lạ Việt Nam - P1


    Thực phẩm kỳ lạ Việt Nam Bizarre Foods TV Việt Nam

  • I.K.M.A 2014 Most Bizarre/Funny MV | JAPAKO Music


    Vote for the most Bizarre or Funny video of 2014 here:

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  • The Pinoy Experience: Boodle Fight


    NOM explores the experience of Filipino Canadians growing up in Canada.

    We used the power of food, in this case, the distinctly Filipino tradition of the boodle fight, to bring together folks from all background.

    Thank you to the NOM Crew behind the video:

    Director: Kehan Fu
    Film & Edit: Kyler Tesch
    Film: Jamie Mitchelle
    Sound: Hannah Scheu

    Special thanks to our sponsor, TakingITGlobal, for helping us fund this video. #RisingYouth

    Finally, we are forever grateful to Mama Nita’s Binalot Food Ltd for having us and service us beautiful and authentic Filipino food.

  • Jimmy Food, Episode 1 - Jimmy takes on 50 Eggs


    Special thanks to Aleyse Shannon and Javier Spivey for being the best two roomates I could ever ask for!

  • The Chocolate Covered Onion with Doc, Andie, and Crockett


    Doc, Andie, and Crockett from 92.5 XTU made a trip to the Reading Terminal Market for a taste of the infamous chocolate covered onion from Chocolate by Mueller. Catch all the tasty action here!

    For more video and music check out

  • Vietsub Food Lovers Guide To The Planet-Ep3 Catch of the Day- Mẻ lưới trong ngày


  • GOURMET WEEDS- The Wild Plant Cafe in Durango Colorado


    A restaurant serving weeds in Colorado sounds bizarre but its true and its fabulous! Raw vegan gourmet food made literally from weeds and local wild plants.
    Dandelion Pesto? Cattail Bread? ...and without cooking or baking?
    Markus Rothkranz visits the Turtle Lake Refuge cafe in Durango Colorado, where the most amazing super healthy vegan raw living food is prepared using wild local plants. This video will truly inspire anyone who wants to reconnect with nature. This is true free food and medicine.

    Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook:


    Markus Rothkranz website:

    Online Health Store:

    German website:

  • So Bizarre


    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS

    So Bizarre · RJ


    ℗ Rosey Jones

    Released on: 2019-05-30

    Artist: RJ

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Getter - Head Splitter


    Support the 'Allegiance EP'
    ✚ iTunes:
    ✚ Beatport:
    ✚ Stream:

    Follow Getter:

    Director & Editor: Liam Underwood

    Design / Animation / VFX: VisualCreatures
    VaporWave design and animations: Kid Mograph
    Grime Cell design and animations: Deladeso

    Out now on OWSLA



    ANDY LLOYD / FOOD perform 'BLEED' Live at 'Samual Pepys' Hackney London in the year 2000. Featuring Andy Jones/ Guitar JIm Simpson /Drums. Gary Lloyd/ Bass. Hugh ? Birdyak /Special Effects. AndyLloyd/ Vocals Guitar..Filmed by Micky Zipp for MZ Productions. Tribute to Andy Jones. 1961-2007 WRITTEN BY ANDY LLOYD COPYRIGHT LL MUSIC '

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  • 41 Ways To Play Megalovania


    Performance #40,327 of Megalovania on my channel. Which way should I make a full cover of?

    Learn to play the violin with me HERE:

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    Megalovania SHEET MUSIC:

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  • Koreans try Chilli Padi, Curry Laksa and Hokkien |스페인에서 말레이시아 음식을 먹다! 쥐똥고추 도전!


    Hello, it's Blimey again! :) ????????

    Today, Jade and her guests tried Chili Padi, Curry Laksa and Hokkien in Spain!

    Do you wonder what happened with mega spicy Chili Padi?
    You might want to check it out in the video ;)

    If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to subscribe our channel for more Malaysian&Korean video!

    * Instagram @heyhey_rim @blimeyjade

    * Unauthorized communication or distribution of all videos is strictly prohibited.
    * This video is not sponsored

  • Cultural Exchange: Childhood foods from Hong Kong and Honduras


    With our Honduran and Hong Kong backgrounds as well as other (American) influences on our childhoods, Jennifer and I decided to share our favorite childhood foods with each other.

    Note: Jennifer was born in the US and raised in a predominantly Mexican community, so the foods she choose may not reflect Honduran culture precisely but rather her personal experience and interactions with Hispanic foods.

  • Best Portuguese Food GIANT TIGER PRAWNS and Seafood at Cervejaria Ramiro in Lisbon, Portugal!


  • Jennie of BLACKPINK Opens Up About Her Song Solo | Billboard


    Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK sits down with Billboard and opens up about her solo project, Solo and the support of her BLACKPINK band-members.

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    Billboard News: New Channel, Same Awesome ►►

  • Ja Ja Ja Festival 2014 - An Icelandic Food Adventure with Antto Melasniemi and Emiliana Torrini!


    The second edition of the Ja Ja Ja Festival is set to take place between the 13 – 15 November 2014 in London, and will be a special celebration marking the 5th birthday of Ja Ja Ja! Tickets:

    To celebrate this very special occasion, festival headliner Emilíana Torrini and acclaimed Finnish chef Antto Melasniemi joined forces for a culinary adventure around Iceland, and they're bringing the results of journey to the Ja Ja Ja Festival!

    Find out what happened in this mini-doc, and grab tickets to the Ja Ja Ja Festival now to taste their incredible, specially created dishes!

    The Ja Ja Ja Festival 2014 will be set in two London venues, bringing some of the finest musicians from the Nordic region along for the ride. Hear all of the artists set to play in this mix right here, and find out more at

    Full Programme:


    Thursday 13th November – The Lexington

    Asbjørn (DEN)
    Death Hawks (FIN)
    Low Roar (ICE)
    Sumie (SWE)

    Friday 14th November – The Lexington

    Rytmeklubben (NOR)
    Blaue Blume (DEN)
    Fufanu (ICE)
    Nils Bech (NOR)
    Noah Kin (FIN)

    Saturday 15th November (from 1pm) – The Great Hall, Queen Mary’s University

    Emiliana Torrini (ICE)
    When Saints Go Machine (DEN)
    Jenny Wilson (SWE)
    Highasakite (NOR)
    Sin Cos Tan (FIN)
    Byrta (FO)



  • German tries American junk food


    This is a special to my series Nighty in America where I try American junk food. Watch this series from the beginning here:

  • Vlog 127 Temple Bar food market


    In today’s vlog we have the rest of the Paddy’s weekend festivities. There is a very nice food market in The Meetinghouse square in Temple Bar every Saturday. So I thought to capture some of it for you guys. It is literally outside our window. Few years back they also built these mushroom umbrellas that keep the rain away, but they can also close them for the sunny weather.

    Then I dragged you into the Porterhouse on Saturday and Sunday nights. No music this time, just more of a “behind the scenes” stuff. Hope you enjoy it all.


    All comments, shares and subscriptions greatly appreciated :-)

  • French Try Japanese Food - Food Test #1- Part 2 - by ★ Uni-T ★


    Bonjour à tous, Uni-T sort une nouvelle vidéo un peu spécial.
    Nous testons de la nourriture japonaise que nous avons récupéré au magasin Manga-T à Dijon.
    Part 1 :
    Nhésitez pas à commenter et nous dire si ce genre de vidéo vous plaît et si vous aimeriez nous voir tester d'autres choses.
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  • Mob Psycho 100 Opening


    This song reminds me so much of Thrice.


    -----DOWNLOAD IT HERE-----
    ► iTunes:
    ► Google Play:
    ► Amazon:
    ► Spotify:
    ► Deezer:

    Check out Adrisaurus:

    So this is my first time ever doing something anime related, but MAN do I like this opening. The show is really good too; It's made by the same folks that makes One Punch Man! Definitely check it out if you're not familiar

    I enlisted the help of my buddy Adrisaurus for the vocal part - She really nailed this one! Definitely check out her channel if you haven't already!

    I also enlisted the help of some friends and fans on social media for the gang chant vocals, you can see a detailed list for these awesome folks at the bottom of the description.


    -----say hi-----
    ► TWITTER:
    ► MERCH:

    Original Composition - MOB CHOIR
    Arrangement - Me & Adrisaurus

    -Arvangath VGM
    -Brian Corbett
    -Daniel Hawes
    -Dylan Siegler
    -Eddie Mercadal
    -Jaclyn Shin
    -James Shelly
    -Lei Yangsu
    -Thibault Triat
    -Travis Carte (he did the unclean vox on this too!)

    -and a super special thanks to YA BOY™ Jonathan Young for helping me out with the vocal mix, as well as Rachel E.S. for helping out with the filming!!

    Guitar - 2016 PRS Custom 24 w/ 59 Custom Hybrid & Alnico II Pro pickups
    DAW - Reaper
    Bass - Ibanez BTB1405-VNF
    Mastering - Izotope Ozone 5
    Interface - Axe-FX II XL+
    Camera - Canon Mark iii 5D w/ canon 35mm & 50mm lenses
    Editing - Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

  • The Weird Tour of China, Part III: Castle of the Apocalypse


    Part of

    The Weird Tour of China's third episode 'Castle of the Apocalypse' was filmed in an abandoned fake Disneyland theme park an hour outside of Beijing. The Tour of China was sponsored by Converse China. The video uses music from Icelandic band Sykur and the costumes are taken from a collection by Icelandic designer Mundi.
    I wanted to try and take up and coming Icelandic artists and give them exposure in such a massive country as China. The success of my project has relied heavily on generosity of others, both in the form of support with work and help on set to favours pulled and genuine kindness from the people who have interacted with me here in Iceland.
    This location is somewhat of a photographers urban legend and I was so hungry to film there before anything else of note was produced in the castle so it was one of the first places I decided on as soon as this project with Converse commenced.
    The abandoned theme park has huge relevance to me with regards to the Economic meltdown in Iceland. It represents Iceland by this overly ambitious construction which falters half way through due to over reaching ambition.The theme park look is very childlike and fantasy with a projection of excess -- entertainment for hedonistic sake. The women in the piece are portrayed as post apocalyptic -- the begrudged youth left to live in the ruins of greed - challenging all who look into them.
    Concept and Direction: Kitty Von-Sometime
    Official Photographer: Madi Ju
    Editor: Gunnar B. Gudbjornsson
    Video Grading and Post Production: Michael Todd
    Production Manager: Sally Shi
    Costumes: Tom Yong / Mundi
    Official Music: Feit by Sykur
    Friday 13 April 2012

  • Mike Adams At His Honest Weight - Wonderful To Love


    Wonderful To Love from Mike Adams At His Honest Weight off the album 'There Is No Feeling Better' out on Joyful Noise Recordings.

    Stream / Download / Purchase:

  • Seplophobia. Репетиция


  • IMAGINARY LIKE THE JUSTICE ♥ English Cover【rachie】


    ♥ Become a Patron and help choose my next cover! ♥

    Prays to Gumi that this video doesn't get claimed by EXIT TUNES tbh

    I feel super bad that my videos are unavailable in the US for the time being so while I file some (more like a lot of) disputes, please accept this cover as compensation m(_ _)m

    The art was done by an amazing /fourteen/ year old kid (14!!! can u believe) and you'd be doing us both a favour if you could follow their tumblr!!! They post super awesome art like this hshs style envy anyone?

    Special thanks to Zero for mixing during his downtime ;;v;; ganbatte in work and life dude ♥︎

    Anyway please enjoy!! I hope you come to like this song as much as I do :^) [it's literally one of my favourite vocaloid songs in existence]

    EDIT: Yannah posted the art on their dA!!

    Credits 。.。:+*
    ▪︎ Original:
    ▪︎ Mix: Zero (
    ▪︎ Translation ref: RaineDrops (
    ▪︎ Art: Yannah (
    ▪︎ Movie and Lyrics and stuff: rachie (hi!!!)

    Talk to me~!.。.:*♪
    ❥ Twitter:
    ❥ Tumblr:
    ❥ Facebook:
    ❥ Email:

    ✿ mp3 ✿

    ✻ Lyrics ✻ (Feel free to use them!!)

    Like the future we seek, like bitter dreams, the ground below me started breaking down
    Though I believed that the dawn of tomorrow would come, signalled by the rise of the morning sun
    We can’t survive any longer living on a justice we never had
    Sadly the gods, they forgot, preoccupied on playing the judges of all mankind

    Even the past that it had had deserted it, made taboo, a complex hybrid
    Everything that they’d ever wanted was taken away
    T’was the price of a power that they’d give up any day

    “This world is so big on justice, even so I know I’ll never be saved”

    Oh but heeey, are you really giving up, baby?
    Don’t you ever ever walk way!
    Light the fire in your soul!
    (Just a survival)

    We cannot be weak for all the lives that try so hard to live, they are giving all their best and that’s what we should give!
    Even if my whole entire body breaks to bits while both my hands carry the blade of dreams
    Face the setting sun and with a steely heart, just close your eyes
    Let the winds of courage touch on every soldier here
    Engrave it - write all of the causes you’re fighting for

    At the end of their life, a person hesitated just before reaching their goal
    There’s gotta be places in life you can’t reach by just depending on sheer will alone

    Born out of revenge, a demon chased down a legend, step-by-step, filled up with vengeance
    Now living on, all fired up, forcing us to retreat, all because it was saved by the devil down at its feet

    The children up there and down here danced together eating the world tree’s leaves
    Cause you see, they left their past behind them all, baby
    Just look at how much they have thrown away
    So that they can be free…!
    (You get to burning)

    We can’t ever catch up to those lights so far up in the sky, even though they seem like they are just in our reach
    We cannot become the heroes that we wanna be if all we do is try avoid defeat
    When the morning breaks the night, it only has one wish: to see every boy and girl determined to fix this ordeal
    Engrave it - and rush to the place where it all began

    Only but one law can prevail inside this world we live in - will chaos rule the land or will your justice win?
    Rise up, it’s time to leave all of your selfish values behind

    We cannot be weak for all the lives that try so hard to live, they are giving all their best and that’s what we should give!
    Even if my whole entire body breaks to bits while both my hands carry the blade of dreams
    Face the setting sun and with a steely heart, just close your eyes
    Let the winds of courage touch on every soldier here
    Engrave it - and think of the causes you’re fighting for

    Cause the end has arrived!

    To all the protectors of the justice we believe in, it’s time to question just how strong your resolution is
    You could be avenging someone who has met their end, or maybe here supporting all your friends
    If you choose to stay, make sure you know the risks you’re ‘bout to take; if you choose to leave make sure you say your last goodbyes
    Engrave it - cause this is what we have been fighting for

  • da lat


    Mô tả

  • very important weird kinder chocolate video, please help I need answers


    abrupt ending because the camera app crashed for some reason

  • Jotaro vs Dio but with Half Life SFX


  • Worm Bitchs Theme - Howl


    Please do not scroll down to the comments if you haven't finished the story as this and all of my Worm songs tend to have a lot of spoilers.
    Art by aslovefromlies:

    Worm, written by Wildbow aka J.C McCrae is an amazing webserial about a young girl who does the wrongs things... for the right reasons. Read more here:
    The book is completed, with the sequel releasing chapters bi-weekly.

    hey wait before i discuss this theme, i made a ko-fi account!!! feel free to support me if you like!!! thank you all so much just for checking out my stuff though!!!

    yessss bitch's theme is finallyyy doneeeee, it was so hard to place her! Of course taylor's theme is in here, what kind of horrendous monster would i be to not ship the best pairing of worm? i don't really know what else to say about this one though. I guess i'll just let the music sing for itself.

    i have to go on hiatus now, uni is murdering me.
    i probably won't get skitter's theme done before the 11th of june............. im sorry...............

  • Green Paradise Laos along the mekong


    Film by Jean Froment narrated by Peter Hudson Green Paradise along the Mekong in Laos is about the forest in northern Laos and the elephants population in Laos

  • Jason McNamara got a helping hand on his latest drum solo from some special guests


  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Galeem


    Genre: [Future Bass - Trap]

    Fellow smashers, Here we go! A remix from one of my favourite game ever, it has been my greatest project ever done.
    You can use this song anywhere you want, as long as credits are given. (:

    ▪ My Social Media:

    ▪ Video Editor:

    ▪ Artwork creator:


  • Wangel @ Korea


    Part 1 of our videoblog from the trip to Korea. Eternal History is banging in the background.. We had a wonderful time!

    Listen to more music here:
    Follow us on Spotify:

    Video production: Andreas Kynde

    Label: Playground Music
    Booking: Offbeat Booking
    © 2015 Wangel


  • JoJos Bizarre Dog


    Shame on you LMAO Pics

  • Jojos Bizarre Adventure: Part 5 Special Opening


    yeh, it suck

  • Cheeses of Mexico - Caulfield


    Single from the forthcoming EP --



    Google Play:

    In remembrance of: Aljaž Gaberšek.

    Video by: Ruben Huis In't Veld of House in the Field Producties
    Recorded at: Windmill Windup
    Clothing: Made possible by the lovely ladies of Episode in Utrecht
    Special thanks to the Hucks and the Windmill Crew for featuring in our video.

    Audio by: Cheeses of Mexico
    Recording: Douwe Schravesande, Christiaan Neeteson, Berry de Snoo
    Producing: Berry de Snoo and Cheeses Of Mexico
    Mix: Berry de Snoo
    Mastering: Stephen Pettyjohn

    Cheeses Of Mexico are: Jonathan, Bob, Daniël, Jilles, Fritz

  • the sherbet fountain challenge with special guest and anthony





  • Sarah McQuaid - Slow Decay - Video by Brett Harvey


    With the help of funding from Arts Council England and Cultivator Cornwall, singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid teamed up with award-winning filmmaker Brett Harvey (Weekend Retreat, Brown Willy) for this music video/short film based on the poignant true story of Bill Conner, a father who lost his daughter and cycled 1,400 miles to hear her heart beating again in the body of its recipient. Harvey and McQuaid are both based in Cornwall, as are the actors who appear in the film.

    Brett: “I was struck by the simple humanity of the act, and the notion that we live on through others after we pass away. I had wanted to tell a version of this story for a while, and as soon as I heard Sarah’s beautiful song I knew it was the right fit.”

    Sarah: “I’m so, so glad that Brett came up with this beautiful concept for ‘Slow Decay’. It’s something I feel very strongly about, and I hope it’ll inspire anyone who’s not already registered as an organ donor to sign up.”

    Words and music by Sarah McQuaid
    from the album
    If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous
    (Shovel And A Spade Records, 2018)
    Vocals, guitar, piano – Sarah McQuaid
    Upright bass – Samuel Hollis
    Produced by Michael Chapman
    Engineered and mixed by Martin Stansbury
    Recorded in Cornwall, England
    Mastered by Sander van der Heide at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum, The Netherlands
    Mother – Mary Woodvine
    Baby Lea – Enys Val Baker
    Young Lea – Ethel Jean Harvey
    Teenage Lea – Chloe Endean
    Man – Daniel Richards
    Directed by Brett Harvey
    Transport by Emily Dobson
    Grade by Roc Sandstorm
    SFX Make Up by Michele Bromley 
    With thanks to
    Martin Stansbury
    Mae Voogd
    John Crooks
    Helen Tiplady
    Mandy O’Hara
    Melanie Gilbert
    Stella Carney
    For more information on organ donation visit: in the UK and in the USA

    The production of this video has been kindly supported by Arts Council England Grants For The Arts, using public money from the Government and the National Lottery, and by Cultivator, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, Arts Council England and Cornwall Council.

  • Madonna @ The Beatles Premiere


    Madonna: *looks at me like Wotever!* ????

  • Dom finds out the person he was having a text argument with is actually 11 years old ????


    Last Friday Dom was in a sassy mood after recieving a couple of mean messages on the text machine. So he decided to hit back and reply to this person - to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    After calling back the mum who owned the phone - it turns out he was 11-years-old!

    For more laughs with Dom, Meg & Randell, check out our video section on