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Playlist of BIG SHOT (Vs. Spamton NEO)

  • Deltarune - BIG SHOT Remix Vs. Spamton Neo


    It feels weird going back to Deltarune after 8 months of Friday Night Funkin'. I don't think any of us were expecting another chapter this year or anytime soon, but I'm happy it came. It was just what I needed to take a break from FNF.
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    #deltarunech2 #spamtonneo #retrospecter

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  • Deltarune Remix SharaX - BIG SHOT


    Hey gang! Deltarune Chapter 2 has been released so that means I'll be back to my old remixing shenanigans~ (^・ω・^ ) Spamton became one of my fav characters in this chapter alongside the Queen, so I thought I'd start with one of his themes first! Which song are you interested in me remixing next?~ (~‾▿‾)~

    ???? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????! ▼

    ???? ???????????? ???????? ???? ????????????????????????????????! ​▼

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    ☠️???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????!☠️

    ????►???????????????????????????? -
    ????►???????????????????????? -
    ????►???????????????????????????????????????? -
    ????►???????????????????????? -
    ????►???????????????????? -
    ????►???????????????????????????? -

    ???????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????!????
    ????►???????????????????????????????????????????? - ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???? ???????????? ????????????, ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????! |
    ????►???????????????????????????????????? - ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???? ???????????? ????????????, ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????! |
    ✦ ▬▰▬ ▬▰▬ ★✦★ ▬▰▬ ▬▰▬ ✦

    ???? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????! ▼
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    #sharaxundertale #sharaxdeltarune #sharaxofficial #sharaxmusic #sharaxsongs #sharaxtracks

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  • Deltarune Chapter 2 - THE BIGGEST SHOT Spamton NEO Theme Remix


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    This song is a damned earworm. I hope you like this rock/metal rendition of BIG SHOT from Deltarune!

    #Deltarune #BigShot #Spamton #SpamtonNEO



    ONLY TRUE [[BIG SHOTS]] WILL [Like and Subscribe]] FOR MORE [[Scrumptious]] CONTENT!!


    Hi! Been a while since my last actual remix, huh? And I know I said I had this whooole schedule to attend to and I actually made a lot of progress until the unthinkable happened: Deltarune Chapter 2 DROPPED!
    Of course, after meeting the [[outstanding]] Spamton, I NEEDED to remix his songs. So despite breaking my own rules and going off agenda, I hope you enjoy this double remix! …It took a month.


    Deltarune by Toby Fox and his team.
    NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A and BIG SHOT also by Toby Fox
    Spamton Voice Acting from Alex Rochon on Twitter
    Other voices in video by myself :)




    (don't mind this trying to boost myself in search algorithm lol)
    UNDERTALE's parallel story, DELTARUNE. Meet new and old characters in a tale that steps closer to its end, chapter by chapter. Dodge bullets in nonviolent RPG battles as you listen to funky, funky music. Try Chapter 1 and 2 for free... now!!! More chapters in development!!!
    #Deltarune #DeltaruneChapter2 #Deltarune2 #Spamton #SpamtonNEO #BigShot #BeABigShot #jevil #TheWorldRevolving #Sans #Megalovania #Pacifist #Pipis #AlternateRoute #SaltRoute #Salt #Remix #Music #VideoGame #RPG #Undertale

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  • DELTARUNE: Chapter 2 - Big Shot! NITRO Remix


    Special thanks to my friendo shinkonetcavy for the help! enjoy!:
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    Soundcloud Version:

    #NickNitro #DeltaruneChapter2 #SpamtonNeo



    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS

    BIG SHOT · Toby Fox

    DELTARUNE Chapter 2 (Original Game Soundtrack)

    ℗ Materia Music Inc. under exclusive license from Royal Sciences LLC

    Released on: 2021-09-17

    Producer: Toby Fox
    Music Publisher: Materia Collections (ASCAP)
    Composer: Toby Fox

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    More of my Deltarune remixes:

    This is a remix of BIG SHOT, Spamton's extra/secret battle theme from the game DELTARUNE using Touhou instruments. It is a game by Toby Fox, creator of Undertale, who recently released a new chapter for the game. This is Deltarune Chapter 2. Hope you enjoy!

    The original song is bitcrushed to all hell and back but I think I was able to transcribe it kinda properly. Can't get the song out of my head.

    Why does this video look a lot like ShinkoNet's videos? Well, because ShinkoNet is also me. The channel got permanently demonetized due to the associated adsense (not mine) being banned. Can't do anything about it, so I'm making that channel for portfolio works only and shifting fun content to this channel! Fresh start, eh?...

    Background art by bweepy, fantastic artist!

    MIDI Download (Please credit me if using!):

    VGMusic Mirror:

    I used MIDIFall to visualize the MIDI file. See it here!:

    #DELTARUNE #Touhou #TouhouStyle #東方風アレンジ
    This is ShinkoNet's remixing channel.
    My portfolio channel can be found at

  • BIG SHOT - Deltarune Chapter 2 OST Extended


    (Spamton Neo Battle)

  • SnowGrave Neo | DELTARUNE Genocide/Weird Route Fanmade Spamton Boss Music


    Lossless Download on Bandcamp:

    This is a semi-original fanmade boss battle track for Spamton Neo in Deltarune Chapter 2, except it is a take on the SnowGrave/Weird/Genocide route or whatever you call it. The original game is by Toby Fox, creator of Undertale, who recently released a new chapter for the game. Hope you enjoy!

    If you wanna make your own arrangement/cover, [PLEASE LINK BACK TO THIS VIDEO]!!!
    MIDI can be found here (ctrl+f Snowgrave)


    In the Weird/Genocide route, remember how Spamton Neo's battle abruptly cuts/ends just when you call Noelle?
    Well, my friend TruDev gave me an idea one afternoon - what if that fight continued?
    This track is a fan-made continuation of the battle, where Noelle half-freezes Spamton Neo with the SnowGrave spell. This is Spamton's last struggle.

    I used various leitmotifs as well as some original sections in the track. Guess where?
    You should definitely hear elements of Big Shot, Noelle's theme, or The World Revolving at least right?
    Also, i'd be stoked to see an actual fight in the game based on this. Or anything in a similar context, for that matter.

    Art: Ditchu

    Full PixelArt Image:
    Music: ShinkoNet
    Video: Netcavy Media

    #DELTARUNE #SnowGrave #Chapter2 #SnowGraveNEO
    This is ShinkoNet's remixing channel.
    My portfolio channel can be found at

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  • BIG SHOT - DELTARUNE Metal Cover by RichaadEB


    [DELTARUNE CH. 2 SPOILERS AHEAD] “BIG SHOT” from DELTARUNE metal cover by RichaadEB
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    Stream “BIG SHOT” here: [Hyperlink AVAILABLE]


    SPOILER WARNING: please play deltarune chapter 2 before watching this video i am begging you its very good and this character kinda rules [FINAL WARNING]

    this is one of the toughest covers I've ever attempted. it's so fast and complicated and messy and fast and stupid. i love it - spamton is the best!! huge shoutouts to my buddy @Ryan Lafford for assisting me with the mix and orchestral arranging on this beast of a cover

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    About RichaadEB:
    Welcome to the official RichaadEB YouTube channel! RichaadEB is a metal guitarist who records and produces various themed metal covers and originals. Most known for his fast and intricate playing, his metal covers of Undertale, Touhou, and Eurobeat songs garnered lots of attention. Fan favorites Bad Apple with English lyrics featuring vocalist Cristina Vee Valenzuela & Undertale's Megalovania are some of the most popular videos he’s posted. Notable album releases from RichaadEB include Determination, Bullet Hell, and Bullet Hell 2. On this channel you will find a variety of metal guitar covers from video games, anime, metal and more! Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications! For instant updates, check out Richaad’s socials above.

    Cinematography, Art, Animation and Editing - @NotRachelable
    Original Composition - Toby Fox
    Mix Consultant - @Ryan Lafford
    Everything Else - RichaadEB (me)

    #deltarune #bigshot #Metal #MetalCover #RichaadEB

  • DELTARUNE Chapter 2 - NOWS YOUR CHANCE TO BE A BIG SHOT 【Intense Symphonic Metal Cover】


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    Intense Symphonic Metal Cover of NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A (Spamton battle) and BIG SHOT (Spamton Neo battle) from DELTARUNE Chapter 2 OST.


    ✍️ original track #1: Toby Fox - NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A
    ✍️ original track #2: Toby Fox - BIG SHOT
    ???? transcribed, arranged, and produced by Michał FalKKonE Sokołowski
    ????️ thumbnail by Nyrallia
    ???? art by Rena


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    software I use for:
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    #Deltarune #FalKKonE #MetalCover #SymphonicMetal #Cover

  • BIG SHOT feat. Windows Remix vs. Spamton NEO from deltarune chapter 2


    Now's you chance to be a big shot. Are you ready to download [[Hyperlink Blocked]]??
    Soundcloud -

    tags: anime op anime song anime remix anisong manga anime analysis seasonal anime dj-jo anime dubstep anime house anime trap anime lo-fi anime electronic nightcore remix manga anime ost spamton neo big shot deltarune chapter 2 now's your chance to be a big shot
    Music is free to use as long as you credit me via Youtube link!



    [[BIG SHOT]]!
    [[BIG SHOT]]!!!
    [[BIG SHOT]]!!!!!!!!!

    Not exactly a halloween track but I'm still counting it as one.
    Spamton is super creepy. I love him.
    Deltarune Chapter 2 didn't have many bangers, but this is definitely one of them.

    Art used in the Video:

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  • BIG SHOT - Piano Tutorial


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    Learn how to play BIG SHOT (from Deltarune Chapter 2) by Toby Fox on piano with this Synthesia piano tutorial! Please enjoy!

    #TobyFox wrote this awesome theme for the #DeltaruneChapter2 boss battle against #SpamtonNEO!

    This piano arrangement of BIG SHOT (from Deltarune Chapter 2) is fantastic to play! You can learn it with our #SheetMusicBoss Synthesia #PianoTutorial or from our official Sheet Music Boss sheet music at the top of the description!

    Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
    Edited by Samuel Dickenson
    Rendered with Embers ????
    Produced by Andrew Wrangell & Samuel Dickenson

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  • BIG SHOT From Deltarune Ch.2


    zip (wav+mp3):
    keygen: [Hyperlink Blocked]
    Genre: Spamcore

    Check Deltarune:

    はい みなさ  n
    こんniち わ? ワタ94で  su!!!!
    みな dieすき[[ナンバーワn 破壊的コ
    かめりあでsu!!!! !! !

    [[ビッグ!!!]]なりミックス 聴くますか!!!!
    いまが チャソス!
    [[BIGの力]] の リミツクスで
    アnタも [[BIG]]に!!

    HI     EVERY     !! IT'S
    [[Number 1 Wrists&Arms Breaker999]]
    CAMELLIA HERE!!!!!!!

    [[BIG SHOT!!!]]
    [[BIG SHOT!!!!]]
    [[BIG SHOT!!!!!]]


    #Deltarune #DeltaruneChapter2 #BIGSHOT


    * Original composition by Toby Fox
    * Original song BIG SHOT / [[BIG]]の力 from Deltarune (Chapter 2)

    * Remix by かめりあ / Camellia

  • Deltarune - BIG SHOT Spamton NEO


    Download my remix here --

    Artwork credits:

  • BIG SHOT - Deltarune: Chapter 2


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    I really hope you enjoy the videos!

    God bless! Take care! ROCK ON!!!

  • Big Shot - Otamatone Cover


    It's time to be a [BIG WAH]

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  • Deltarune Chapter 2 - BIG SHOT 16-bit; SNES; Mega Man X style


    Watch all the way through to see all the animation!

    Check this out on Spotify and Apple Music!

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    Tenshi (Animation) -
    ShinkoNet/NetCavy (MIDI base) -
    MetatronLives (Voice Lines) -

    #DELTARUNE #SpamtonNEOBossBattle #TobyFox

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  • BIG SHOT | Deltarune Orchestral Cover


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    ➤ Extended version (without vocals):

    With the greatly anticipated release of Deltarune Chapter 2, here is an orchestral arrangement for the secret boss, Spamton NEO (Big Shot), originally composed by Toby Fox, as well as a short musical analysis below.


    ➤ Analysis:

    BIG SHOT opens in bombastic fanfare with a motif from the track Spamton Battle, which BIG SHOT is based off of ( This motif, in wonderful Toby fashion, is heavily syncopated (off-beat) which is where it conjures most of its excitement and energy. This syncopation is similarly found throughout Toby Fox's Undertale, particularly this similarly purposed track, Power of -NEO- (

    Complementing this motif, the harmony is swirling chromatically from a minor triad (B♭-D♭-F) to a chromatic tritone triad (B♭-C-E), instilling a sense of uneasiness and instability that the tritone interval can effortlessly achieve (hence why it is named the Diabolus in Musica / The Devil in Music).

    Following the opening 8 bars (0:16), we transition to a fast energetic section utilizing Spamton's leitmotif ( at a substantially inflated tempo. Underneath this sits a new intense bass ostinato that persists largely for the entire track.

    After Spamton's leitmotif has been played in full, it is repeated (0:23) with extra melodic doublings and countermelodies in the winds, strings and mallets. At 0:28, we also hear the first of many vocal samples, here exclaiming Now's your chance to be a big shot, from which the title of this track is drawn. Spamton's life is all about the success and failure of a salesman, persistently offering others the chance to become a BIG SHOT (hence why this phrase is used).

    At the close of this 8-bar phrase (0:30), we return to another statement of the opening material, now also with the bass ostinato and drums that were previously absent.

    Following this (0:43) there is a chromatic shift from B♭ to D♭ to C to F♭ (enharmonically E). Both of these pairs of shifts are tertiary modulations (e.g. shifting a 3rd; B♭ to D♭, and C to E). The last of these chords (E) then resolves surprisingly to B♭ - a tritone away from E - once more demonstrating this use of the tritone interval throughout.

    At 0:57, we transition into a new section, though still in the tonic of B♭ minor. Here, a tenor saxophone takes the melodic role (referencing a melody from Chapter 1's The World Revolving; which is taken over by the trumpets at 1:11. This is followed by another statement of Spamton's leitmotif at 1:24, with some additional development in the 4th bar (1:30). This new development continues in the next 4-bars (1:31) through a new trumpet countermelody that is deliciously chromatic in nature.

    Our tenor sax returns at 1:39 for another solo, here outlining (you guessed it) the tritone interval (B♭-E). At the close of this phrase (1:50), all the instruments drop out abruptly and we are given a solo piano motif that is seemingly disconnected from the rest of the track. This melody is actually a direct quote from Undertale's Dummy! ( which may very well be a cheeky commentary from Toby alluding to Spamton's nature.

    Following this, we slam back in to the introductory material (1:51), now with even greater force and aggression. Then at 2:06, miraculously, we get a modulation. Up until this point, the track has largely been tethered to B♭ minor, but now we progress via a perfect cadence into E♭ minor (E♭-G♭-B♭). Clearly the track is reaching it's climax. And at 2:17, as everything slides up chromatically, we get another cut to silence with nothing but the piano playing our familiar Dummy! motif.

    Originally, the track would then repeat, but I added a little conclusion to the track should it be needed, if ever performed (good luck!)


    The score was created in Sibelius 7.5, and the audio was created in Cubase using sample libraries from EastWest and Vienna Symphonic.

    ★Game: Deltarune: Chapter 2
    ★Developer: Toby Fox
    ★Publisher: Toby Fox
    ★Composer(s): Toby Fox

    ★Software: Sibelius 7.5, Cubase Elements 7, Cubase 10, Adobe Premiere Elements 15, EastWest Sample Libraries, Vienna Symphonic Library, AmpleBass

    ★Tags: Deltarune, Chapter 2, BIG SHOT, Spamton Neo, Boss, Battle, Combat, Music, Remix, Cover, Arrangement


  • BIG SHOT Jazz Cover


    HOLY [[Cungadero]] DO I LIKE JAZZ!

    Stream this track • • •
    Sheet Music • • •
    Support my music on Patreon • • •
    insaneintherainmusic Signature 3D Printed Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece (This affiliate link supports me with your purchase!)

    Thanks to @Alex Rochon for helping me with the Spamton vocals!

    The second I ran into Spamton, I got the same feeling I did when I first ran into Napstablook when I first played UNDERTALE: I LOVE THIS GUY. What a silly yet relatable character. It's so cool how many different melodies and motives were weaved into this battle theme, it's like Toby challenged himself to see just how much could get crammed into one theme! I've seen quite a few comment sections on OST uploads debating over just what motives were referenced, and what each of the references mean. Regardless of who's right or wrong in those debates, it's so cool to see people dissecting threads that tie different pieces of video game music together across the game universe of UNDERTALE / DELTARUNE. Super cool to see!

    There are so many wacky harmonies in this battle theme, which was really cool to see (and also a pain to transcribe, haha). Most of it is based around constant structure harmony in which the melody is harmonized a minor third below, regardless of what the key actually suggests. This is pretty cool in this song in particular, since most of the melodic lines imply that this is in Bb minor, while the main riff in the tune starts on an F harmonized with a D natural a minor third below it, definitely not in Bb minor. A very fun and technical song to play :)

    Special shoutout to @Alex Rochon for the performance as Spamton! I was initially unsure as to how I'd incorporate the vocals in this track, but I happened to run across his Spamton dub on Twitter, and reached out to him to contribute some vocals to this song! His contribution added a ton to the song :)

    DON'T FORGET TO [Like and Subscribe] FOR MORE [Hyperlink Blocked].

    ♫ BIG SHOT composed by Toby Fox

    ???? Twitter • • •
    ???? Instagram • • •
    ❤️ Patreon • • •
    ???? Discord Server • • •

    #deltarune #deltarunechapter2 #insaneintherainmusic

  • BIG SHOT feat. Alpharad Deltarune Metal Cover


    Deltarune BIG SHOT Metal Guitar Cover by FamilyJules feat. @Alpharad
    ▼ Now's your chance to be a big shot ▼
    (Tabs For All Parts Available on Patreon!)


    -Get this cover-

    -More Links-


    It's been crazy seeing the hype of this game continue so far after it's monsterous release two weeks ago. There was so much excitement and it's so refreshing to continue to see more covers, fan arts, and everything in a time where it seems like the general video game audience has such a short attention span for games these days. I had such a fun time seeing just how fast I could churn out a cover of Attack of the Killer Queen after the game released, but this time I really wanted to go all out.

    I originally had the thought to just do the vocals myself, but I was stressed because I had to leave this week to LA to do some video stuff with Alpharad. Adriana had the idea of how cool it would be to have him actually do the lines and I thought it really fit super well. I completed the entire song instrumental and filmed my sections at home, and then we found a set to film at in LA after I recorded his vocals and glitch edited and packaged the final song together on his kitchen table.

    We had an INSANE amount of snags though. Not only did we end up arriving to the shoot space an hour and half late, (leaving us about 20 minutes to get ALL of the warehouse shots you see), but when I tried to pack up and leave in a hurry, I twisted my knee and leg really bad. Then once I moved over the files to my laptop, they all inexpicably disappered without any prompts or anything after I begun editing the video. I spent the next 48 hours recovering the files from the SD card using various storage recovery programs and could only retrieve about half of the footage we got. Jacob also ripped his pants during this shoot and I did capture it, but it was unfortunately lost. I honestly can't believe this video made it in time, but we're all very proud of it and hope you enjoy!

    I did end up doing... some of the vocals if you listen closely! Thanks for watching!


    Proudly endorsed by:
    Ernie Ball Strings (
    Schecter Guitars (


    Composed by: Toby Fox


    Instruments Used:

    Lead Guitar: Ernie Ball Majesty Monarchy Series
    Rhythm Guitar: Schecter 7-String Multiscale
    Bass: Schecter Diamond-J 5

    Interface: Axe-Fx III
    Mixer: Makie ProFX12
    Microphone: Shure SM7B + Audio Technica AT2020
    Audio Software: Cubase 10
    Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
    Video Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH5s

    Pick up some of my equipment from Sweetwater:
    Check out my entire list of equipment here:

    #BigShot #FamilyJules #Alpharad #Deltarune #Spamton

  • BIG SHOT / Eurobeat Remix ft. @Turbo


    Lossless Download on Bandcamp:

    This is Spamton Neo's track BIG SHOT from Deltarune Chapter 2. I have created a eurobeat remix of it. It also features the eurobeat legend Turbo on the guitars. The original game is by Toby Fox, creator of Undertale, who recently released a new chapter for Deltarune that features this boss fight track. Hope you enjoy!

    ♦ Title : BIG SHOT / Eurobeat Remix
    ♦ Release Date : 2021-09-25

    ☯ Original : BIG SHOT - Toby Fox (DELTARUNE OST)
    ☯ Characters : Spamton Neo


    ♬ Arrangement : ShinkoNetCavy

    ♬ Guitars: Turbo

    ♬ Original Theme : Toby Radiation Fox


    ♦ Art : Ditchu

    Illustration itself:

    #BIGSHOT #DELTARUNE #Spamton #Eurobeat
    This is ShinkoNet's remixing channel.
    My portfolio channel can be found at

  • Deltarune Remix Stormheart - BIG SHOT!


    Hey! Long time no Spam & eggs (see what I did there? ;D) This time I'm back to my roots with a remix from Deltarune's newly released chapter 2! I'm so excited to get back to remixing Deltarune stuff and I already have so much planned including collaborations with remixers Skybriel, Nick Nitro, and possibly someone else if she has the time oWO ????????????

    [Mini Rant/Vent]:
    Big thank you to Skybriel, Nick Nitro and SharaX for providing feedback on this while I was working on it and providing encouragement for me to actually upload it ;v; I actually originally wasn't going to upload this because of a wave of negativity I've received on my last few uploads comparing me to friends and other remixers in the community. Honestly, we all hate that and it just makes things *extremely* awkward between us and even creates manufactured resentment in some cases. But I'm trying my best not to let that stop me from expressing my appreciation for these OSTs and to just have fun with remixing again. I've realized that my best work is usually produced when I'm just trying to have fun instead of forcing something to be perfect. Ironically those are the tracks Im least satisfied with and often end up deleting. I realize I don't need to have the mixing skill of Deadmau5 to be happy with my music. I just want it to be catchy and fun ???? After all music is supposed to be fun right?

    ⚠️ My Discord Server ⚠️

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    #deltarune #bigshot #spamton #stormheartofficial

  • Deltarune Chapter 2: BIG SHOT



    alright, here's my required deltarune cover for chapter 2. time to sleep on it again for 3 years...
    this theme slaps. the references to mettaton neo's theme are what kill me, but of course, jevil and mad dummy's themes are in there as well. oh, and Spamton himself is just really cool...and kinda terrifying. the boss fight is pretty awesome, too.


    Version with Voice Clips:

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  • BIG SHOT Dex Remix


    last 18 hours of my life has been making this start to finish god am i exhausted. on the brightside, i beat nick nitro to the punch with it. Anyways this was a fun project to work on super quick.

    BIG SHOT is By Toby fox, along with the pixel art, and character designs.

    My videos are under Creative Commons, you do not need to ask me if you want to use it for something, whether be a fangame, video, or whatever else, just be sure to credit!

    #BIGSHOT #SpamtonNeo #Deltarune

  • BIG SHOT Eurobeat Remix from DELTARUNE / Emdasche


    HEY EVERY !! IT'S ME !! [Emdasche]
    EV3RY BUDDY ' S FAVOURITE [[Number One Rated Remixer1997]]
    NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A [Big Shot!!!!! (Eurobeat Version)]

    okay enough of that :) (1997 is my real birth year though isn't that haha funny)

    im very proud of this one! lol! i think it's sick what do u guys think i can make sick eurobeat now (but for real this time i got the Good Samples + my mixing is a little better always improving always working on the important stuff). the idea is: Spooky eurobeat because A) spamton neo is a scary man(?) B) it's halloween soon and i likely will not have time to dedicate to another personal music project this month lmao. im also going to go ahead and say this is my acknowledgement of 10 years diddlydooping (making the Tunez) as emdasche which is insane this channel has irrevercably altered my life and i guess i will continue to let it alter it for me until i blow up or die hungry lmao (the latter is more likely but hey u never know keeping my options open)

    i won't be able to rn but maybe i'll do another deltarune ch2 remix sometime! so many good tunes in there . . . killer queen is my Actual Favourite but spamton was much easier to arrange lol i like killer queen too much to touch it i think . . . chapter 2 really inspired me i just love how cool deltarune is and silly it's such a good time i'll miss my pals susie & ralsei see u chapter 3 girlies ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    this one will be going up on stores as well as my last piece i think gonna do that now probably lol

    ???? download links ????

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    ♪ soundcloud ♪

    Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin
    Effect author credits: Youlean Handheld,
    Youlean Peak Shapes -
    Youlean fLuids - Jph Wacheski
    Polar - K+OBV10U3_NINJA

    #deltarunech2 #spamtonneo #bigshot



    listen on SoundCloud:

    drip spamton

  • Deltarune Chapter 2 - BIG SHOT hardcore remix | vs. Spamton Neo


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    Sprite in the video by:

    Anyway! I wanted to make a remix for this and I felt like the best genre to go for would be a J-core/Hardcore remix so that's what I ended up doing! ^3^ This was super fun to make uwu

  • ???? Deltarune - BIG SHOT on Piano


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    ???? Difficulty in relation to previous covers: 9/10

    #deltarune #undertale
    aquare aquare aquare aqare aqare aqare aquare cover aquare cover aquarecover aquarecover square cover aqarecover aqarecover aqarecover ye I know how to write my name ye piano Cover difficulty very easy medium intermediate hard super extreme insane and whatever game music arrangement remix rock jazz sheet music download aqare mario sonic fast why the fok are you reading the tags apple juice from apple juice industry new games deltarune undertale rude buster spamton mettaton neo secret boss fight pacifist genocide kris ralsei susie thats me on the thumbnail btw insane hand reveal video with 100k views on a channel that i wanna subscribe to ピアノ アレンジメント ゼノブレイド カバー スマブラ ゲーム 音楽 リミックス

  • Deltarune - BIG SHOT remix


    Spamton Neo remix coming up!

    Hey guys, so Toby Fox decided to drop CH2 out of nowhere and it looks like Spamton NEO is the new posterchild lol. Anyway IT's great to be back with Deltarune again after 3 whole years and that means a TON new bangers from the chapter. I have 4 that I really like, but I kinda want to balance it with FnF instead of stopping it cold turkey lol. Hope you understand.

    With this one I wanted to mix in Sonic CD and JSRF elements because I LOVE the styles of those soundtracks. but I kinda put my own twist to it too obv. Anyway hope you enjoy. Also I mixed his normal theme with his neo theme.

    Original track by ➤ Toby Fox
    Art Credit ➤
    Apple music ➤
    Spotify ➤
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  • BIG SHOT feat. @Ro Panuganti - Deltarune Chapter 2 - METAL GUITAR COVER


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    An instrumental metal guitar remix / cover of BIG SHOT from Deltarune Chapter 2, featuring the incredible Ro Panuganti!

    ???? Check out Ro's channel! -

    ???? Strandberg Boden 8 Original:
    ???? Ibanez Genesis RG550:
    ???? Audio-Technica ATH-M40x:
    ???? Yamaha HS8 Monitors:
    ???? Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface:

  • BIG SHOT - DELTARUNE Ch.2 - Remix


    EVERY [Big], EVERY [Shot], EVERY [Hyperlink Blocked], ALL YOURS, KRIS.

    I finally got around to playing Deltarune chapter 2 and that sure was a blast. I played it completely blind and Spamton was one of my favourite characters. Such a funny fellow. The OST is such a gem, I'll definitely make some more remixes of it!
    Here's my take on BIG SHOT, his secret battle theme, I hope you'll enjoy.

    And as always,
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  • Deltarune Remix PhotonChaser - BIG SHOT


    NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A [[Big Shot]]

    [[Heaven]] ARE YOU WATCHING???

    Ok i'll stop. Had to reupload for Quality purposes.


    Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin Effect author credits: Polar - K+OBV10U3_NINJA

    Follow me on:

    Art by yours truly ;)


  • DELTARUNE CHAPTER 2 BIG SHOT | Trap Remix - MineDemon666


    A B O U T M Y V I D E O S :
    • Heavily edited content with narrative directly related to or about the topics in the title of videos. This includes but is not limited to edited stream moments with enough humor or relevance for an engaging video, emotional and or fun edits of media, etc.
    • I also sometimes make music that varies in genre + vlog type videos.
    • iPad Pro - Editing Software - KineMaster & CapCut
    • PS4 - Music Making Software - Dreams App

    Disclaimer - The only thing I own is the music (the beat). All images / videos / etc used belong to their respected owners.

    Toby Fox: DELTARUNE Chapter 2 OST #39 BIG SHOT -

    Art Used:
    Spamton -

    No Hit Spamton NEO Fight by JupiterClimb -

    All my music (2021 PLAYLIST) -

    Outro Song (Jolyne Theme Lo-Fi Remix by ME) -

    #deltarune #Spamton #Music

  • Vs Spamton Neo BIGSHOT Geneis Soundfont


  • #Deltarune #Undertale #BigShot BIG SHOT REMIX ~ Vs. Spamton NEO with VOCALS & DEALS


    Here's another BIG SHOT remix with a pretty fucky approach ig. More videos coming in October, spooooooky time! Spamton's themes are all bangers and I may do more Deltarune work if I find the time. If you like the animations, music, or artworks leave a sub or like! Thanks :0

    ???? Game : Deltarune Chapter 2
    ???? OST : BIG SHOT by Tobyfox
    ????️ Vocals/Remixing : Nullhart

    I deleted a lot of my old gaming videos and decided to keep this channel for my visual & music work. It'll be confusing for a while, and I'm too lazy to make multiple channels for my content, everything will be here unless I get
    [ B I G ! ]

  • Deltarune Chapter 2 - THE BIGGEST SHOT Spamton NEO Theme Remix1HOUR!


    original video by nyxtheshield



  • Deltarune Chapter 2 - BIG SHOT Remix


    I've been seeing this game a lot lately. Don't know a damn thing about it, but the boss theme is cool.

    Remix of Big Shot / vs. Spamton Neo Theme from Deltarune Chapter 2.

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  • BIG SHOT - A Famitracker Cover by Lana


    I started working on this as soon as I finished the game (aka the day after it came out lmao) and I just now finished it [owo]
    I think it sounds really good, and I decided to go with MMC5 for this one, since I haven't used it in ages.

  • BIG SHOT Spamton NEO Battle Theme | Deltarune xXtha Remix


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    I had to make a remix for my all time favourite Big Shot. The man of Pipis, himself, Spamton G Spamton.

    HOPE YOU ENJOY THE [Remix] YOU SILLY [Little Sea Sponges]

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    I will file a copyright complaint if you violate this and your channel may receive a strike.

    ‣ Check out my art and comics:

    Remixed by xXtha
    Composed by Toby Fox
    Deltarune by Toby Fox

  • Battle! Spamton NEO Deltarune ~ Pokemon Black and White 2 Soundfont Cover


    kept getting comments abt it so why not
    Credits go to ShinkoNetCavy for using their midi as a base -

    Their website -

  • BIG SHOT -Rearrangement- from Deltarune: Chapter 2



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  • DELTARUNE - BIG SHOT Spamton NEO Theme Dance Remix


    [Heaven], are you WATCHING? IT'S TIME TO MAKE A VERY [Special] DEAL...

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    Genres: #Dance #DELTARUNE #TobyFox

    My shortest release yet, but I wanted to make it pretty special. Spamton's theme is surprisingly repetitive, but Toby makes up for it by adding lots of different sounds and samples and basically going crazy. In my case, I wanted to expand the song by exploring melodies and making a truly special rendition of it.

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    ▼ Artwork by MarshuKitty:

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    DELTARUNE Chapter 2 BIG SHOT Remix Toby Fox
    Spamton NEO Theme Secret Boss Metal
    God damnit KRIS where are we

  • BIG SHOT - Deltarune Chapter 2 Perfect Loop 1 Hour Extended HQ


    No me pertenecen los derechos de la música reproducida en este video.
    Mi segundo canal:
    Que tengan un buen día!

  • BIG SHOT - Remix Cover


    Composition by Toby Fox
    Music by Vetrom

    Apple Music:

    My Patreon:

    Gameplay background by Zackinblack:

    #Deltarune #Remix #Cover

  • Deltarune Big Shot - Spamton Neo Theme 8D Audio


    puppet mettaton

    all music in this video belong to their owner/s

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  • BIG SHOT | Deltarune Chapter 2 | Piano Tutorial


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    BPM 140

    I worked very hard on this video and I hope you like it!



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