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Playlist of BEHEMOTH

  • O Father O Satan O Sun!


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    O Father O Satan O Sun! · Behemoth

    The Satanist

    ℗ 2014 Metal Blade Records Inc

    Released on: 2014-02-04

    Music Publisher: SONY ATV PUBLISHING

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Behemoth - I Loved You at Your Darkest full album


    01 Solve
    02 Wolves Ov Siberia
    03 God = Dog
    04 Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica
    05 Bartzabel
    06 If Crucifixion Was Not Enough
    07 Angelvs XIII
    08 Sabbath Mater
    09 Havohej Pantocrator
    10 Rom 58
    11 We Are the Next 1000 Years
    12 Coagvla

    All rights goes to Behemoth

    #behemoth #ilovedyouatyourdarkest #fullalbum

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  • Behemoth I Loved You at Your Darkest LP Stream


    Behemoth I Loved You at Your Darkest is out NOW!!!!
    Stream/Buy at
    (Orange retail version is the copy being streamed, support your local record store!)

    North America, buy at Indiemerch:

    SIDE A
    01. Solve
    02. Wolves ov Siberia
    03. God = Dog
    04. Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica

    SIDE B
    05. Bartzabel
    06. If Crucifixion Was Not Enough...
    07. Angelvs XIII

    SIDE C
    08. Sabbath Mater
    09. Havohej Pantocrator

    SIDE D
    10. Rom 5:8
    11. We Are the Next 1000 Years
    12. Coagvla

    Vinyl Features:
    + 2x12 45 RPM Vinyl (Opaque White with Gold Splatter)
    + 12 Double Pocket Old Style Gatefold Jacket (Tip-On Style)
    + Hot-Stamped Gold Foil with Spot UV Gloss
    + 12x12 24-Page Color Booklet with Black Tracing Paper
    + Limited to 300 Copies

    It doesn't get more blasphemous than this, declares Behemoth mastermind Nergal, about the band's album, 'I Loved You At Your Darkest'. While it certainly seems an unlikely title for a black metal band, its origin might surprise fans even more than the words themselves. It's a verse from the Bible, Nergal reveals. It's actually a quote from Jesus Christ himself. For Behemoth to use it as the basis of our record, it's sacrilege to the extreme.

    A crushing salvo of black metal majesty replete with hellish riffs, thundering drum cannonades, and soaring liturgical choirs reminiscent of classic horror cinema, 'I Loved You At Your Darkest' is the group's most dynamic record yet: extreme and radical on one hand, but also more rock-oriented than any other Behemoth release.

    U-Turn Audio turn table:

  • Behemoth - The Satanist 2014 HQ Audio


    1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel 00:00
    2. Furor Divinus 04:42
    3. Messe Noire 07:49
    4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer 11:55
    5. Amen 17:30
    6. The Satanist 21:19
    7. Ben Sahar 26:54
    8. In the Absence ov Light 32:28
    9. O Father O Satan O Sun! 37:26

    The Satanist es el décimo álbum de estudio de la banda polaca de blackened death metal Behemoth. El álbum fue anunciado el 31 de mayo de 2013.1 Fue publicado el 3 de febrero de 2014 en Europa por Nuclear Blast y el 4 de febrero de 2014 por Metal Blade Records en los Estados Unidos.

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  • Behemoth - The Satanist


    Behemoth's The Satanist LIVE from Messe Noire. New Live DVD & Blu-Ray Available April 13. Pre-order here:

    Polish black/death overlords BEHEMOTH have announced to release a brand new live DVD/Blu-ray entitled Messe Noire on April 13, 2018.

    Messe Noire includes the band's victorious shows in Warsaw, Poland on October 8, 2016 and Brutal Assault 2016 as well as The Satanist cinematic archive featuring all official videos associated with the band's globally successful record of the same name.

    The release will be made available as limited earbook edition including the DVD, the Blu-ray and the CD, as well as DVD/CD resp. Blu-Ray/CD digibooks. The vinyl versions contain the Warsaw gig and will be available on silver, gold (Nuclear Blast Mailorder exclusive) and black vinyl.

    See all formats below and pre-order now at this location:

  • Behemoth - Demigod HQ


    Band: Behemoth
    Genre: Death Metal
    Country: Poland


    00:00 Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth
    04:40 Demigod
    08:14 Conquer All
    11:44 The Nephilim Rising
    16:07 Towards Babylon
    19:30 Before The Aeons Came
    22:30 Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis)
    26:12 XUL
    29:28 Slaves Shall Serve
    32:33 The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor

    Bonus Tracks:

    41:02 Until You Call On The Dark (Danzing Cover)
    45:26 Entering The Pylon Ov Light

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  • SVDDEN DEATH - Behemoth


    VOYD Vol. 1 available to stream/buy now:
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    VOYD Vol. 1
    01. SVDDEN DEATH - Castles
    02. SVDDEN DEATH - Rise
    03. SVDDEN DEATH - Behmoth
    04. SVDDEN DEATH - Gates of Hell (feat. MurDa)
    05. SVDDEN DEATH - Break 'Em Down (feat. Samplifire)


    → The Dub Rebellion

  • Jon Rice - Behemoth - Ov Fire and The Void


    Jon Rice - Behemoth - Ov Fire and The Void. Filmed at the 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO on August 2, 2017.

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  • BEHEMOTH - Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer -


    Order the new album 'The Satanist':
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    Nuclear Blast records:
    Amazon MP3:



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  • Behemoths Nergal: What Love Means to Me


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    The word 'love' has appeared in the title of the two latest albums from #Nergal, so we asked him what love means to him. #behemoth #ilovedyouatyourdarkest

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  • Behemoth - Chant for Ezkaton 2000 e.v.


    From the Ezkaton EP

  • Behemoth - Live Knotfest Meets Forcefest México 2019 HD


    Behemot en vivo desde el Knotfest Meets Forcefest México, realizado en el Deportivo Oceanía, el 30 de Noviembre del 2019

  • Our Enemies - Behemoth


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    [Genre: Dubstep]

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  • BEHEMOTH - Conquer All


    Official Music Video for Conquer All by Behemoth
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  • KRIMH - BEHEMOTH - Slaves Shall Serve


    I was the session drummer for polish black metal band BEHEMOTH for a couple of shows. Unfortunately, INFERNO (original drummer) was hospitalized due to appendix surgery.

    This video was recorded in Austria at Seerock Festival 2013. It was the 4th show i did with them.
    I am sorry for the poor sound quality but it was a weak PA system and a very windy day. Thats why the sound is changing from time to time.

    Enjoy and feel free to SHARE, LIKE and COMMENT this video!

    Follow KRIMH on:

    #krimh #behemoth #slavesshallserve

  • Behemoth O Father O Satan O Sun!


    The Satanist
    Numero de Pista: 9
    Año: 2014

  • Behemoth - God=Dog - DRUM COVER by Wanja Nechtan Gröger


    This is my drum cover of Behemoth - God=Dog. Also in this video: The drums only Cover!
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    This is a drum cover and drums only cover of the song God=Dog from Behemoth.
    Drum Mix by Ivan Chertov ( from Craving (
    Craving on Spotify:


    X Drum Covers Playlist:
    X Tutorials Playlist:

    X My Double Bass Pedal settings:

    X Double Bass: Acoustic vs. Trigger:


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    Blast Beat Technique Tutorial:
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    X My drumming equipment:

    ► My Zultan Cymbals:
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    ► *My Drumsticks (Europe):
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    ► *My Double Bass Drum Pedal (Europe):
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    ► *My Tom and Snare Drum Microphones:

    ► *My Drum Carpet/Rug:

    The bass drum is triggered in this video.

    ► *Bass Drum Trigger:


    If you want to see more drum videos and tutorials subscribe to my youtube channel!
    If there are any questions feel free to leave a comment!

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    Filmed by Micha Béla Gröger (

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  • THE SATANIST OF WARSAW: Blasphemy, Cancer & Behemoth | Metal Album of the Decade


    #Behemoth's #TheSatanist is Loudwire's pick for the #MetalAlbumoftheDecade. @grahamwire traveled to Poland to spend a day with #Nergal, discussing the musician's battle against censorship, cancer and the government.

    Shot by Ola Kardynal:
    Edited by Brad Hanford
    Hosted by Graham Hartmann

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  • Behemoth - As Above, So Below


    Behemoth - As Above, So Below

    I've seen strange signs on my way
    Silent shadows
    Dancing shapes
    And angels fallen on the earth

    Face up
    And look here
    When the root ov thy cannot reach

    Art thou Nephilim child?
    Are ye looking for thy Elysium?
    Here among the living trees?
    Among the fading stars, varibility ov forms?

    Sometimes love, sometimes sadness ov things
    Sometimes rapture, and wine o sabbath
    Sometimes hatred, divine rage
    And 93 rears,no limit ,beyond the sin-gilgolem

    Ye taught me the secret words:
    Protect thy Daimon

    Why, why whisper thoughts
    But might is raised
    When conjurer of seasons
    Hums the song....sorrowful ,joyful
    Night is eternal
    and day is eternal
    with runes ov life
    And runes ov death
    as above, so below
    Now it's time ov the Beast

  • Behemoth - Ov Fire and the Void


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  • Behemoth - The Satanist Full album HD + lyrics


    1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel 00:00
    2. Furor Divinus 04:42
    3. Messe Noire 07:49
    4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer 11:55
    5. Amen 17:30
    6. The Satanist 21:19
    7. Ben Sahar 26:54
    8. In the Absence ov Light 32:28
    9. O Father O Satan O Sun! 37:26

  • Behemoth Horns Ov Baphomet


    Rise thy horns
    For I'm at one with the dark
    Divine presence ascends
    Touching the forehead ov god

    Hark! I was not, I have become
    In rapture, in vengeance, in blood
    From word into flesh
    From man into god

    Strive ever to more
    So spake the wisdom ov snake
    Hold up thyself
    Sayeth the law ov the brave

    Beyond all I am
    Let it be known
    Within my blood fire stirs
    Thee I invoke, The Unspoken One

    As the wolf among sheep yet cower I do not
    Victorious, glorious, constantly thirsting
    [ From : ]
    And as the anger fuels my heart and will
    No longer fear that which feeble men fear

    No rest for conquerors!, Legions of Typhon Seth await
    Conquering child ov Mars breathes out war formula
    Ain Soph Aur
    Protect my ways
    Enlighten my paths
    Consume me with thy rays

    I, the heart ov Tiphareth is waiting
    The centre and secret ov the Sun
    I invoke the Sothis rites, as day and night I'm reborn
    ...We shall all be one with the flames, from above...

  • Jedenasta płyta Behemotha - cały wywiad z grupą Behemoth


    Czy komuś to się podoba, czy nie, Behemoth to nasz muzyczny towar eksportowy numer jeden. Zespół jest właśnie w przededniu wydania nowej, jedenastej już płyty - I loved you at your darkest. Oczywiście, tam gdzie pojawia się Nergal wraz ze swoją świtą, tam na kilometr pachnie skandalem. Podobnie jest i tym razem. Konserwatywnym publicystom bardzo nie spodobała się okładka nowego albumu. Szerokim echem odbił się też filmik, który artysta umieścił na swoim profilu na instagramie. Nergal karmi w nim psa chrupkami w kształcie krzyża. Jednak czy muzyków Behemotha można nazwać zatwardziałymi katolofobami? Niekoniecznie. Przekonacie się o tym, słuchając naszej rozmowy z muzykami grupy.

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  • Behemoth-In the Absence ov Light


    Ever since the Devil breathes
    My steps never outweighed the gravity ov hell
    So I keep praying for rain of flaming rocks
    To foster the symmetry ov worlds
    I had a vision ov the impenetrable darkness
    Never found on either side ov the moon
    It wields composure ov my soul
    That comes as one with the odium below...

    Chant the psalm
    Non serviam
    Retrieve the pride
    Within and without

    Odrzucam wszelki ład, wszelką ideę
    Nie ufam żadnej abstrakcji, doktrynie
    Nie wierzę ani w Boga, ani w Rozum!
    Dość już tych Bogów! Dajcie mi człowieka!
    Niech będzie, jak ja, mętny, niedojrzały
    Nieukończony, ciemny i niejasny
    Abym z nim tańczył! Bawił się z nim! Z nim walczył
    Przed nim udawał! Do niego się wdzięczył!
    I jego gwałcił, w nim się kochał, na nim
    Stwarzał się wciąż na nowo, nim rósł i tak rosnąc
    Sam sobie dawał ślub w kościele ludzkim!

    I imagined the most ardent ray ov sun
    Like vulture hovering above my neck
    It burns with fever deep within my soul
    Erect in gloria to sin(k) into shame
    Oh Lord, whence came this doubt?
    Thou doth know I am all and everything
    Let loose my shackles
    Let chaos reign
    Infecting moral arteries...

    Chant the psalm
    Non serviam
    Retrieve the pride
    Within and without

  • Behemoth HARDEST Songs On Rhythm Guitar


    It's been like 15 years since I listened at Thelema.6 a LOT. Was awesome listening at Behemoth again after these past years of mine being mostly thrash/death metal.

    This is a medley of Behemoth's hardest songs on rhythm guitar. Do you agree and which songs would you add or change?

    Songs in order of appearance:

    - Slaves Shall Serve
    - Christians to the Lions
    - Towards Babylon
    - The Act of Rebellion
    - Typhonian Soul Zodiack
    - Heru Ra Ha
    - Slaying the Prophets Ov Isa
    - Daimonos
    - Demigod

    I'm currently available for guitar lessons, comment or email me at

    - Audio Production / Mixing
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  • Behemoth - I Loved You at Your Darkest ALBUM REVIEW



    I Loved You at Your Darkest is a solid blackened death metal album that's occasionally marred by Behemoth overextending itself, or treading the water it waded with The Satanist.

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    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

  • Behemoth - Lucifer


    I love you! I love you more than Jesus! [Lucifer, The Prophecy]

    Jam ciemny jest wśród wichrów płomień boży,
    Lecący z jękiem w dal -- jak głuchy dzwon północy --
    Ja w mrokach gór zapalam czerwień zorzy
    Iskrą mych bólów, gwiazdą mej bezmocy.

    Ja komet król -- a duch się we mnie wichrzy
    Jak pył pustyni w zwiewną piramidę --
    Ja piorun burz -- a od grobowca cichszy
    Mogił swych kryję trupiość i ohydę.

    Ja -- otchłań tęcz -- a płakałbym nad sobą
    Jak zimny wiatr na zwiędłych stawu trzcinach --
    Jam błysk wulkanów -- a w błotnych nizinach
    Idę, jak pogrzeb, z nudą i żałobą.

    Na harfach morze gra -- kłębi się rajów pożoga --
    I słońce -- mój wróg słońce! wschodzi wielbiąc Boga.

  • Behemoth - Bartzabel


  • Behemoth - Bartzabel - 9/4/19


    @ MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre, Tampa FL

  • Behemoth


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Behemoth · Theodore Shapiro

    Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Score)

    ℗ 2016 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment.

    Producer: Paul Feig
    Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Chris Fogel
    Mastering Engineer: Gavin Lurssen

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Behemoth - Chant for Eschaton 2000


    Mother Khaoz on Stage - Live at Mystic Festival 2001

    Pure Black/Death Metal!


  • Behemoth - God = Dog, Øya Festival 2018 &


    All hail extreme metal! The preeminent Polish provocateurs put on an epic, blistering, eye-scorching performance, which is all the more impressive considering Nergal’s effort to maintain his energy levels. Behemoth is bringing it in peak form in every way, and fans of darkness everywhere will want to indulge. Even a PDtv camera operator gleefully reveled in being splattered with blood during the show. Thank you to our sponsors Øyafestivalen, Innovasjon Norge, Visit Oslo, and Comfort Hotel Grand Central for making these live performances possible. August 9, 2018.

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  • Drum Teacher Reacts to Inferno - Drummer of Behemoth


    Marthyn Jovanovic's analysis of Inferno - Drummer of Behemoth - playing Slaves Shall Serve.

    I hope this observation on how Inferno plays helps you figure out for yourself which of his skills at the drum kit would be interesting for you to practice.

    This song is the copyrighted property of his owner(s).
    Fair use allows repurposing content for educational, critical, and commentative purposes.

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  • BEHEMOTH - Bartzabel playthrough


    'I LOVED YOU AT YOUR DARKEST' is out now: Subscribe to Nuclear Blast: / Subscribe to Behemoth:

    'I Loved You At Your Darkest' is out now on Nuclear Blast (EU) and Metal Blade (NA).

    Nuclear Blast:
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  • SCARY!! BEHEMOTH - God=Dog | Hijab Metal Reaction


    First time listening and watching Behemoth. The music is acceptable in my ear tho.

    Watch Behemoth - God=Dog :

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    #melsickscreamoannie #HijabMetalReaction #Behemoth

  • Behemoth - Ov Fire and the Void both guitars


    This is my guitar cover version of the incredible atmospheric Behemoth song: Ov Fire and the void. I use an ESP LTD HEX-7 Nergal signature guitar.
    All right belongs to the band: Behemoth

    If you like it, check out my other guitar covers:
    Kataklysm - The Black Sheep:
    Pantera - Slaugtered:
    Carach Angren: There's no Place like home:
    Opeth - Sorceress:
    Behemoth - Daimonos:

  • Behemoth - Bartzabel


    Behemoth - Bartzabel (cover)
    I Loved You at Your Darkest, 2018

  • Behemoth - No sympathy for fools / Ada cover


    Always so happy to share our work with you guys! Some of you possibly expected something from the new record - not that I'm not a fan, but no sympathy for fools is a very first behemoth song I've heard in my life and that's how I became a fan. So I decided to go with it!
    Hopefully you'll enjoy the vid. Feel free to share your thoughts and subscribe to this channel for more guitar playing!

    Visit my INSTAGRAM:


    and FACEBOOK:

    Wojtek Grusiecki - camera & video editing
    Piotr Nowakowski - sound recording & mastering
    Ada Kaczanowska - guitar

    As always, I would love to show gratitude for my patrons, who are always there to help me developing my channel and skills
    - Mus Ling
    - Bruce Hovden
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    - Patrick Hoyaux
    Thank You guys very much!

    If You want to support my work too, go to my patreon page and click become a patron. You will be able to download my covers, thumbnails, photos and you'll be posted about everything I do musically.

    guitar: ESP LTD M-1001
    Berhinger CS400 - BOSS DS-2 - BOSS NS-2 - peavey bandit 112 - Beyerdynamic TG-V35DS - presonus audiobox usb96
    TUNING: C# standard

  • Behemoth - Sabbath Mater


  • Behemoth - Blow your trumpets Gabriel lyrics


    P.S: I do not own the song.

  • Behemoth – Wolves ov Siberia – Official Music Video


    Wolves ov Siberia performed live at BBC Maida Vale for Dan Carter’s Radio 1 Rock Show. Featured on the coming ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest’ European tour edition, exclusively through Nuclear Blast.

    Recorded and filmed on October 4th, 2018.

    Video produced by Aaran McKenzie of Aaran McKenzie Films and Daniel Barnes of Volca Media

  • Behemoth @ Volkswagen Arena 2019 / İstanbul / Bartzabel


    Muhteşem bir sahne performansıydı!! Albüm kalitesinde, karanlık ve enerjik...

  • Behemoth - The Seed Ov I


  • BEHEMOTH - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel - DRUM COVER by Wanja Nechtan Gröger


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    Drums Only Version of this Cover: Comes soon...

    BEHEMOTH - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel download:
    Get the full album Behemoth - The Satanist:

    BEHEMOTH - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (Amazon Deutschland Download):
    Das ganze Album Behemoth - The Satanist (Amazon Deutschland Download):

    This is a drum cover of the song Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel from the band Behemoth. (Album: The Satanist)
    The sound is mixed by Ivan Chertov of the band Craving (
    A lot of blast beats and double bass included.

    My drumming equipment:

    My Drumsticks (US):
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    Filmed by Micha Béla Gröger (

    #nechtan #drumcover

  • Behemoth


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Behemoth · GosT


    ℗ 2015 Blood Music

    Released on: 2015-04-07

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Behemoth - Ov Fire And The Void Guitar Tutorial


    Here's a guitar lesson on how to play Ov Fire & The Void by Behemoth. I'm playing a Schecter Blackjack C7 guitar into a Fender Blues Deluxe amp. Distortion comes from a Rothwell Switchblade into a Wampler Euphoria drive.

  • BEHEMOTH working on new album!


    Stories uploaded to nergal and behemothofficial instagram!

  • In Conversation With NERGAL of BEHEMOTH


    Adam Nergal Darski of extreme metal band Behemoth stopped by our U.S. office in Brooklyn, New York, to discuss his band's upcoming new album, I Loved You At Your Darkest, and his love of wine and cola, Nick Cave, and vintage metal t-shirts, among many other things.

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  • Jon Rice | Decade of Therion by Behemoth


    VF Artist Jon Rice performs Decade of Therion by Behemoth LIVE in Boston, MA!



    #vfX55B - American Classic® Extreme 55B


    ➤YouTube (Marching):
    ➤YouTube (Concert):

  • Behemoth - Bartzabel Lyrics English - Subtitulado Español


    Any doubt, question, comment, suggestion, claim, demand will be answered.
    Alguna duda, pregunta, comentario, sugerencia, reclamación, exigencia será respondida.

    Hailing from Gdańsk, Poland and beginning their career in 1991, the band has gone through several (sub) genre changes; traditionally being labeled blackened death metal.

    The band was originally called Baphomet but changed their name as too many other bands shared that name at the time.

    The band’s lyrics are generally along occult, Satanic and thelemic themes. This courted controversy in 2007 when the All-Polish Committee for Defense Against Sects distributed a list of bands that allegedly promoted Satanism and murder in an effort to restrict the bands freedom to play in Poland. However, it never was officially endorsed.

    The band won the Polish Music Fryderyk Album of the Year (Heavy Metal) Award in 2010 for Evangelion.



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