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Playlist of BEHEMOTH

  • Behemoth I Loved You at Your Darkest LP Stream


    Behemoth I Loved You at Your Darkest is out NOW!!!!
    Stream/Buy at
    (Orange retail version is the copy being streamed, support your local record store!)

    North America, buy at Indiemerch:

    SIDE A
    01. Solve
    02. Wolves ov Siberia
    03. God = Dog
    04. Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica

    SIDE B
    05. Bartzabel
    06. If Crucifixion Was Not Enough...
    07. Angelvs XIII

    SIDE C
    08. Sabbath Mater
    09. Havohej Pantocrator

    SIDE D
    10. Rom 5:8
    11. We Are the Next 1000 Years
    12. Coagvla

    Vinyl Features:
    + 2x12 45 RPM Vinyl (Opaque White with Gold Splatter)
    + 12 Double Pocket Old Style Gatefold Jacket (Tip-On Style)
    + Hot-Stamped Gold Foil with Spot UV Gloss
    + 12x12 24-Page Color Booklet with Black Tracing Paper
    + Limited to 300 Copies

    It doesn't get more blasphemous than this, declares Behemoth mastermind Nergal, about the band's album, 'I Loved You At Your Darkest'. While it certainly seems an unlikely title for a black metal band, its origin might surprise fans even more than the words themselves. It's a verse from the Bible, Nergal reveals. It's actually a quote from Jesus Christ himself. For Behemoth to use it as the basis of our record, it's sacrilege to the extreme.

    A crushing salvo of black metal majesty replete with hellish riffs, thundering drum cannonades, and soaring liturgical choirs reminiscent of classic horror cinema, 'I Loved You At Your Darkest' is the group's most dynamic record yet: extreme and radical on one hand, but also more rock-oriented than any other Behemoth release.

    U-Turn Audio turn table:

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  • Behemoth - The Satanist


    Behemoth's The Satanist LIVE from Messe Noire. New Live DVD & Blu-Ray Available April 13. Pre-order here:

    Polish black/death overlords BEHEMOTH have announced to release a brand new live DVD/Blu-ray entitled Messe Noire on April 13, 2018.

    Messe Noire includes the band's victorious shows in Warsaw, Poland on October 8, 2016 and Brutal Assault 2016 as well as The Satanist cinematic archive featuring all official videos associated with the band's globally successful record of the same name.

    The release will be made available as limited earbook edition including the DVD, the Blu-ray and the CD, as well as DVD/CD resp. Blu-Ray/CD digibooks. The vinyl versions contain the Warsaw gig and will be available on silver, gold (Nuclear Blast Mailorder exclusive) and black vinyl.

    See all formats below and pre-order now at this location:

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  • Behemoth - Bartzabel


  • Jon Rice - Behemoth - Ov Fire and The Void


    Jon Rice - Behemoth - Ov Fire and The Void. Filmed at the 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO on August 2, 2017.

    Visit Behemoth at:

    Visit Jon Rice at:

    Our Website:

    Our Facebook:

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  • Behemoth - I Loved You at Your Darkest full album


    01 Solve
    02 Wolves Ov Siberia
    03 God = Dog
    04 Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica
    05 Bartzabel
    06 If Crucifixion Was Not Enough
    07 Angelvs XIII
    08 Sabbath Mater
    09 Havohej Pantocrator
    10 Rom 58
    11 We Are the Next 1000 Years
    12 Coagvla

    All rights goes to Behemoth

    #behemoth #ilovedyouatyourdarkest #fullalbum

  • BEHEMOTH - Conquer All


    Official Music Video for Conquer All by Behemoth
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  • Behemoth O Father O Satan O Sun!


    The Satanist
    Numero de Pista: 9
    Año: 2014

  • Behemoth - Ov Fire and the Void


  • Behemoth - Demigod HQ


    Band: Behemoth
    Genre: Death Metal
    Country: Poland


    00:00 Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth
    04:40 Demigod
    08:14 Conquer All
    11:44 The Nephilim Rising
    16:07 Towards Babylon
    19:30 Before The Aeons Came
    22:30 Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis)
    26:12 XUL
    29:28 Slaves Shall Serve
    32:33 The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor

    Bonus Tracks:

    41:02 Until You Call On The Dark (Danzing Cover)
    45:26 Entering The Pylon Ov Light

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  • Behemoth I loved you and your darkest Full Album


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    Download Here:


    Wolves ov Siberia
    God = Dog
    Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica
    If Crucifixion Was Not Enough...
    Angelvs XIII
    Sabbath Mater
    Havohej Pantocrator
    Rom 5:8
    We Are the Next 1000 Years

  • Behemoth-At the Left Hand Ov God


    Behemoth-At the Left Hand Ov God

    O, Serpent and Lion!
    I invoke Thee!
    Inside the shrine called life
    By the seven wonders
    By myriad mortals
    That gone
    And are to come
    Outside desert ov restriction
    In act ov rebellion
    On the sea ov motion
    Stability ov matter
    By serenity, strength and beauty
    By the mighty chant ov every breath

    In serpentine dance ov blood cells
    In simplicity ov spells
    Divine names, meta-games
    I greet Thy presence

    Oh Snake! Thou art God!
    Coiled underneath my throne
    With Thee I reunite
    With blood we make this covenant
    Myself I redefine
    Look in and above:
    There is more than the flesh
    Look careful and Thou may see
    The unextinguished flame
    The nectar ov Thy rage
    I taste from the cup ov fornication
    And woman by my side
    And scarlet is her skin
    She's eager to rise
    And so eager to please

    Another day
    Another eternity gone
    And on the stairway to salvation
    I walk alone among the falling stars
    Looking for company
    Where art Thou?
    Oh, lacerate ones!

    [Bass Lead: Orion]
    [Lead: Nergal]
    [Lead: Seth]

    Arise! my sweetest friend
    Or be forever fallen
    We have finally arrived
    From prison ov this life
    To Kali's womb
    Down to the earth
    As angels ov almighty god-
    'Tis our last fall
    To touch our mother whore
    The harlot ov the saints
    That spits on the rotten cross
    Incinerate the icon
    The symbol ov all loss
    To stand straight
    At the left hand ov god

    Samael! be Thou my ally!
    Join me among the bright hosts
    Wondering neither way ov light
    Nor darkness
    Ov which seed
    Sprouts dispassionately
    In the summer ov my life

  • Behemoth - As Above, So Below


    Behemoth - As Above, So Below

    I've seen strange signs on my way
    Silent shadows
    Dancing shapes
    And angels fallen on the earth

    Face up
    And look here
    When the root ov thy cannot reach

    Art thou Nephilim child?
    Are ye looking for thy Elysium?
    Here among the living trees?
    Among the fading stars, varibility ov forms?

    Sometimes love, sometimes sadness ov things
    Sometimes rapture, and wine o sabbath
    Sometimes hatred, divine rage
    And 93 rears,no limit ,beyond the sin-gilgolem

    Ye taught me the secret words:
    Protect thy Daimon

    Why, why whisper thoughts
    But might is raised
    When conjurer of seasons
    Hums the song....sorrowful ,joyful
    Night is eternal
    and day is eternal
    with runes ov life
    And runes ov death
    as above, so below
    Now it's time ov the Beast

  • SVDDEN DEATH - Behemoth


    VOYD Vol. 1 available to stream/buy now:
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    VOYD Vol. 1
    01. SVDDEN DEATH - Castles
    02. SVDDEN DEATH - Rise
    03. SVDDEN DEATH - Behmoth
    04. SVDDEN DEATH - Gates of Hell (feat. MurDa)
    05. SVDDEN DEATH - Break 'Em Down (feat. Samplifire)


    → The Dub Rebellion

  • BEHEMOTH - Bartzabel playthrough


    'I LOVED YOU AT YOUR DARKEST' is out now: Subscribe to Nuclear Blast: / Subscribe to Behemoth:

    'I Loved You At Your Darkest' is out now on Nuclear Blast (EU) and Metal Blade (NA).

    Nuclear Blast:
    Apple Music:
    Amazon MP3:


  • THE SATANIST OF WARSAW: Blasphemy, Cancer & Behemoth | Metal Album of the Decade


    #Behemoth's #TheSatanist is Loudwire's pick for the #MetalAlbumoftheDecade. @grahamwire traveled to Poland to spend a day with #Nergal, discussing the musician's battle against censorship, cancer and the government.

    Shot by Ola Kardynal:
    Edited by Brad Hanford
    Hosted by Graham Hartmann

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  • Behemoth - The Satanist Full album HD + lyrics


    1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel 00:00
    2. Furor Divinus 04:42
    3. Messe Noire 07:49
    4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer 11:55
    5. Amen 17:30
    6. The Satanist 21:19
    7. Ben Sahar 26:54
    8. In the Absence ov Light 32:28
    9. O Father O Satan O Sun! 37:26

  • Behemoth - Slaying the Prophets Ov Isa Drum Cover


    I recently released my personal Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and full site at with the help of my good friends in Slate Media Group. If you want to keep up with what I'm currently doing make sure to check it out and subscribe! A big thanks to Mike Starczewski and Anthony Lopardo at Slate. If you're in search of any kind of web design, branding, graphic design, or other online production, hit up Slate and tell them I sent you!

    Check out this cover of Behemoth's Slaying the Prophets Ov Isa from their 2007 album The Apostasy! This track was mixed and mastered by Ryan Taylor Hayes @ Westfall Recording Co. NY.

    After partnering up with Slate Media, I am continuing to prepare a lot of new material to be released throughout the year. If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more like these, make sure to comment, like, share, subscribe, and check for additional content!

    This video was shot with a Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera.
    Gear used:
    DW Collector's Series 5-piece kit
    Trick Pro-1V Bigfoot Pedals
    Vater Fatback 3A sticks
    Evans Drumheads
    Audix Microphones
    Roland SPD-S // RT-10k kick trigger

    Thanks for your support!


  • Behemoth - Wish


    I actually like this cover, and I'm also a NIN fan. Coming from Behemoth, this really isn't as good as their original songs, but then again, this is a cover.

  • Behemoth - Blow your trumpets Gabriel lyrics


    P.S: I do not own the song.

  • Behemoth


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Behemoth · Theodore Shapiro

    Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Score)

    ℗ 2016 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment.

    Producer: Paul Feig
    Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Chris Fogel
    Mastering Engineer: Gavin Lurssen

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Behemoth - Rom 5:8


  • Behemoth - Decade Of Therion


    Decade Of Therion


    We transgress the context of commonplacenes
    We deny normality, trample morality
    We destroy angels with sound
    We destroy angels with silence

    Currents of tantric anarchy seize our bodies
    Into the cosmic dance of four scythes
    The curtains of Absurd Theatre are raised
    Synchronicity - Mother Chaos on the stage

    Wisdom says: be strong!
    Thrilling words are spreading down the spine
    Vibrating... be strong!
    Exhausted I'm running towards the last shines of consciousness
    Which is absorbed by shadows of madness


    Here are the star and the snake servants;
    -they rise the hexagram
    Sun - in the triangle hidden ; Sight - sacred visions entwined
    And union with Nothingness body I'll find
    Strength - go along the Mars path, fighting if we must;
    Light - oh, you are Ahathoor, goddess of blue sky

    There is might of dawn, in non-quality state I remain
    Of commonness crippled time or sand - glass you don't see again
    Sigillum dei, picture of myself I'm drawing
    With life, venom and hell I'm sprinkling it
    His name is Esial, I want him more

  • Behemoth - Bartzabel - 9/4/19


    @ MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre, Tampa FL

  • Behemoths Nergal: What Love Means to Me


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    The word 'love' has appeared in the title of the two latest albums from #Nergal, so we asked him what love means to him. #behemoth #ilovedyouatyourdarkest

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  • Recording Session: Behemoth


    Some impressions from the recording of Behemoth, a track from my new album Hiraeth - check out the full version here:
    The album on Spotify:

  • Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Sun! Instrumental Cover


    My instrumental cover of O Father O Satan O Sun!, taken from Behemoth's 2014 album 'The Satanist'.

  • Behemoth - Chant for Ezkaton 2000 e.v.


    From the Ezkaton EP

  • Ancient Dinosaur Music - Behemoth


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    Ancient dinosaur music about the herbivorous dinosaur called Behemoth, a gigantic creature who lived in marshy areas. This music I composed is called Behemoth. I hope you enjoy it!


    Song: Behemoth
    Album: Prehistoric Times
    Year: 2017
    Music Copyright © Brandon Fiechter


    This great dinosaur picture is from MasPix on DeviantART. Also feel free to check out his website!

    The album artwork for Prehistoric Times is by Catmando.

  • Behemoth - Bartzabel


    Tradução PT-BR da música Bartzabel da banda Behemoth + English Lyrics.

    Behemoth é uma banda polonesa de Blackened Death Metal formada em 1991. Liderada pelo guitarrista e vocalista Nergal, são conhecidos por fazer um death metal diferente do convencional, usando elementos musicais do oriente médio. I Loved You at Your Darkest é o décimo primeiro álbum de estúdio da banda.

    Breve significado de alguns termos na música:
    Chama púrpura(ou violeta): Na alquimia era uma essência de luz espiritual, usada para transmutação;
    Bartzabel: No ocultismo é um poderoso espírito de Marte;
    Ra Hoor Khuit: Deus thelêmico, filho de Nuit e Hadit;
    Elohim: Termo hebraico para designar divindades e poderes celestiais, em especial Deus;
    Samael: Segundo a Cabala e tradições judaicas, Samael é o Anjo da Morte, é descrito como “a ira de Deus”;
    Serafim: De acordo com a descrição de Isaías na Bíblia, os serafins eram uma ordem de anjos da Primeira Hierarquia que tinham a função de louvar e adorar a Deus;
    Hoor: Deus thelêmico, Senhor do Silêncio, uma forma de Hórus;
    Khem: Deus thelêmico, na mitologia egípcia, era um deus da fertilidade e a divindade patronal da civilização egípcia.
    Ares e Marte: Representações do Deus da Guerra nas mitologias grega e romana respectivamente;
    Thor: Deus nórdico, dos trovões e das batalhas;
    Hachiman: Na mitologia japonesa, é o Deus da Guerra e Protetor dos guerreiros;
    Mentu: Deus da guerra egípcio, também associado com Ra-Hoor-Khuit;
    Graphiel: Hebraico para o Poder de Deus, é o nome da Inteligência de Marte.


    [BR] Todos os direitos reservados para Behemoth e Metal Blade Records.
    Se você gostou, apoie a banda e compre o álbum.

    [ENG] All rights reserved to Behemoth and Metal Blade Records.
    If you like, support the band and buy it.

    Música: Bartzabel
    Álbum: I Loved You at Your Darkest
    Banda: Behemoth
    Gênero: Blackened Death Metal
    Ano: 2018

  • Behemoth - Messe noire: Live Satanist Subtitulado al español


    00:00 - 06:15 Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
    06:18 - 09:31 Furor Divinus
    09:35 - 14:10 Messe Noire
    14:12 - 20:19 Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
    20:20 - 24:05 Amen
    24:15 - 30:40 The Satanist
    30:45 - 36:24 Ben Sahar
    36:25 - 41:10 In The Absence Ov Light
    41:35 - 49:53 O Father O Satan O Sun
    50:15 - 54:44 Ov Fire And The Void
    55:29 - 59:00 Conquer All
    59:15 - 01:03:05 Pure Evil And Hate
    01:03:24 - 01:08:19 At The Left And Ov God
    01:08:31 - 01:11:50 Slaves Shall Serve
    01:12:38 Chant For Ezkaton 2000

  • Svdden Death - Behemoth


    0o0 WOW

  • BEHEMOTH: My Top5 albums by Nergal on Heavy1


    © 2019 Heavy1
    Interview: Leonor Ananke
    Images: Jean-Baptiste Lamet
    Direction: Christian Lamet

    #behemoth #heavy1tv #top5albums

  • Behemoth - He Who Breeds Pestilence


    Hey, check out my band. See my profile ;)

    I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectfull owners. I do not earn any money with this video. This video is for enjoyment purposes only.

  • Behemoth - Christians To The Lions


    Behold bastard son
    I am the evil one
    No glory to be reached
    No more thy slavery
    The passions I besieged
    Spawn terror
    Smash thy will
    Ye pale dominion fades away
    My will dominates

    And watch my star arise
    Burning up the earth
    Sun- the eye ov gods
    Threw into the space
    Watch ye moon eclipse
    Falling from thy grace
    Watch all nations cry
    All feared ov His name

    Praise the flame!
    Watch angels falling from the sky
    Praise the flame!
    I killed thy god
    My will is done!
    Thou art Lord

    Rise me! Rise me high!
    Lead thru the gates ov sun
    Rise me! Rise me high!
    Where angels do not dare to fly
    Invite to feast ov gods
    And let me drift away
    Leave flames ov infamy
    And watch me kiss the stars

  • Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Sun! Guitar Cover | Noelle dos Anjos


    [ Update 16.03.2019 ] Guys, I've started live streaming on Twitch!! Come watch some guitar playing & chill: :)

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    Happy Halloween everyone! :) First Behemoth guitar cover on the channel!! This is most likely my favorite Behemoth song, I'm super happy to be sharing this guitar cover with you.
    It was a bit hard for me to figure out all the riffs for this song. It feels like the guitars are a bit in the back in the mixing, so I had to be a little creative in some parts haha. If you want to learn it through this cover, keep in mind that this is not 100% accurate with the original, but I'm sure you can still have fun playing it.
    Hope you like it!

    | Previous Video |
    Pink Floyd Time Solo Guitar Cover

    | Gear |
    - Guitar: Schecter Demon 6 (C# Tuning)
    - Audio interface: Boss ME-80
    - DAW software: Reaper
    - Guitar VST plugins: TSE 808, Poulin SoloC Head, Poulin LeCto, Poulin LeCab 2 (God's Cab Impulses), Classic Delay Kjaerhus, Classic Reverb Kjaerhus.
    To see the exact VST Plugin settings I used in this song, consider joining:

    | Ending Song |
    Aakash Gandhi - Spirit of the Dead

  • Vinyl Unboxing: Behemoths I Loved You At Your Darkest


    Second unboxing video focusing on Behemoth's latest record I Loved You At Your Darkest. Limited edition smokey grey vinyl, signed by the band.

    Graves of the Grey - Capital Enemy

  • Behemoth - The Satanist 2014 HQ Audio


    1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel 00:00
    2. Furor Divinus 04:42
    3. Messe Noire 07:49
    4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer 11:55
    5. Amen 17:30
    6. The Satanist 21:19
    7. Ben Sahar 26:54
    8. In the Absence ov Light 32:28
    9. O Father O Satan O Sun! 37:26

    The Satanist es el décimo álbum de estudio de la banda polaca de blackened death metal Behemoth. El álbum fue anunciado el 31 de mayo de 2013.1 Fue publicado el 3 de febrero de 2014 en Europa por Nuclear Blast y el 4 de febrero de 2014 por Metal Blade Records en los Estados Unidos.

  • Behemoth The Satanist


    Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel: 0:00
    Furor Divinus: 4:40
    Messe Noire: 7:46
    Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer: 11:51
    Amen: 17:26
    The Satanist: 21:16
    Ben Sahar: 26:50
    In The Absence Ov Light: 32:25
    O Father O Satan O Sun!: 37:24

    Behemoth The Satanist All the Copyright goes to the band, the producers, people who help to create the album and to Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade Records, Mystic Production, Victort Entertainment,New Aeon Musick/Фоно/Metal Star as well as EVP Recordings, no copyright infringement intended, purpouse of this video is to help the non-english speakers to understand the music and to reach to more people, i don't own anything of this music, and i don't wish to make money out of it.

  • Behemoth - Thy Winter Kingdom


    Behemoth - Thy Winter Kingdom
    Album: From The Pagan Vastlands (1993)
    !True Old Behemoth!

  • Behemoth-Conquer All


    Behemoth-Conquer All

    Mightiest Self!
    cast out ov Thy Elysium
    with blood ov nazarene
    I write the story ov man
    2000 years is nothing
    thought it has been enough
    come forth victorious
    muting the foul angelic choirs!

    none ov thy empty gods, shall ever stand above me
    none ov thy weak brothers, shalt ever share my blood
    my awareness, catalyst, ov godhate I have spawned
    in sinister ecstasy eternally I decompose

    race ov man!
    the errors ov a wise make the rules
    ye shall see
    rather than the perfection ov the fool
    the most divine!
    I am many! among so very few
    beyond redemption, beyond the weak
    thus I beheld the truth!

    none ov thy empty gods, shall ever stand above me
    none ov thy weak brothers, shalt ever share my blood
    my awareness, catalyst, ov godhate I have spawned
    in sinister ecstasy eternally I'm decomposed

    [lead: Nergal]

    I am the pure flame that burns
    I am (ever shining) Sirius son
    I am the infinite space
    I am the most conquering One

    [Crowley said I will give you a war-engine. With it ye shall smite the peoples; and none shall stand before you. (...) Conquer! That is enough. and with Conquer All I try to extend the meaning ov these mighty words. these lyrics are about life offering me so many opportunities which are at hand. my passions and determination are unbreakable. unrestrained will has brought me to this path I walk. it's the whole world... it's the whole universe I wish to conquer. it's all or nothing. my music and words I speak are unlimited. I see no boundaries for true art. here and now. here and beyond.]

  • Behemoth


    Provided to YouTube by Reprise

    Behemoth · Static-X


    ℗ 2007 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.

    Assistant Engineer: Assen Stoyanov
    Assistant Engineer: Brian Arias
    Assistant Engineer: Jason Gitlitz
    Mixer, Producer, Recorded by: John Travis
    Lead Guitar: Koichi Fukuda
    Drums: Nick Oshiro
    Masterer: Tom Baker
    Bass Guitar: Tony Campos
    Backing Vocals: Tony Campos
    Rhythm Guitar: Wayne Static
    Producer, Programmer, Vocals: Wayne Static
    Writer: Static X

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • SVDDEN DEATH - Behemoth


    SVDDEN DEATH - Behemoth (Hi I'm Ghost Flip)

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  • Behemoth - Nergal corpse paint time lapse



  • Playing Metallica, Behemoth, Within Temptation on Twitch! | Noelle dos Anjos


    Playing some songs, singing and making art on Twitch! This is a compilation of some of the best Twitch moments on March 2020 on my Twitch channel. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Behemoth - Angelvs XIII


  • Behemoth- The satanist


  • Wolves Ov Siberia - Bass Cover and Tabs - Behemoth


    Wolves Ov Siberia bass cover and tabs - originally by Behemoth.

    Tuning - C# Standard [C# F# B E]

    Back to something a bit heavier with another Behemoth track from their 2018 album, I Loved You At Your Darkest.

    A few riffs to remember in the bass of this song. Nothing too difficult but down picking it all may take some practise to build up the muscle stamina. Start with alternate picking if you're struggling.

    Questions and comments below as always! Enjoy!

    For those curious - video and audio are recorded separately, it results in a better video for everyone ????


    My Patreon is now LIVE! You can support the channel from as little as $1 per month and can change the amount you have pledged at any time. You can start and stop being a Patron at any time too. All support is greatly appreciated! Thanks ????


    You can find some of my original music here! It's free to stream and currently a 'pay what you want' download! I appreciate any and all support!

    Or search for Shadow Mantra on Spotify / Apple Music / Deezer etc

    #behemoth #tabs #metal

  • Behemoth - Making Of Evangelion


    Evangelion is the ninth full-length album by Polish extreme metal band Behemoth. The album was released on August 7, 2009 through Nuclear Blast Records and on August 11, 2009, through Metal Blade Records in the USA.

    The album title refers to the Good News in Christianity; the message of Jesus Christ.

    “ Evangelion comes from a Greek word ‘Spreading the word of God’ or ‘spreading the good news’…oh well, you already know that we love to play with the meanings and symbolism. We’re here to show you our interpretation of what Evangelion really is. ”
    — Nergal[14]
    The album's cover artwork is a depiction of The Great Harlot of Babylon, the figuress of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

    “ The picture is of The Great Harlot of Babylon riding the seven-headed beast. Saints bow before her in worship whilst the tablets of the Ten Commandments lie broken at her feet. It represents our vision and the interpretation of the New Testament parable where the “Whore of Babylon” is a symbol of rebellion and resistance against God. ”
    — Nergal Recording and production
    In January 2009, the band was in the final stages of the songwriting and rehearsal process for the album. Behemoth entered Radio Gdańsk studio in Poland to begin work on the album on February 16, 2009. The band managed to tap Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames, Dark Funeral) to produce drums on the record. Bergstrand used some unconventional techniques—a big room for the drums to create ambience and 22-channel recording for a more organic and natural sound.

    In March they were close to finish recording the guitars, with help from Wojciech and Sławomir Wiesławski from Studio Hertz. Within five days they completed three songs and laid down three rhythm guitars on each side, after which they worked on the bass, solos and vocals simultaneously.

    The band also managed to tap Colin Richardson to mix the album. The band had tried to book him before for their previous album, The Apostasy, but he wasn't available then.

    In early May, tracking was completed and on May 12 Nergal flew to the United Kingdom to join Colin Richardson to mix the record at Miloco Studios, London.[21] Also in May, Metal Hammer was given the opportunity to listen to three fully completed songs in Miloco Studios.[22] Nergal stated that this was the most relaxing and at the same time the most creative studio session he had ever been a part of.

    Track listing
    All music composed by Nergal.

    No. Title Lyrics Length
    1. Daimonos Nergal 5:15
    2. Shemhamforash Nergal 3:56
    3. Ov Fire and the Void Nergal 4:27
    4. Transmigrating Beyond Realms ov Amenti Krzysztof Azarewicz 3:27
    5. He Who Breeds Pestilence Nergal 5:41
    6. The Seed ov I Nergal, Krzysztof Azarewicz 4:58
    7. Alas, Lord Is Upon Me Nergal 3:15
    8. Defiling Morality ov Black God Nergal, Krzysztof Azarewicz 2:49
    9. Lucifer Tadeusz Miciński 8:06
    Total length:
    Japanese bonus track
    No. Title Lyrics Music Length
    10. Total Invasion (Killing Joke cover) Jaz Coleman Geordie Walker, Martin Glover, Andy Gill 7:22
    [show]Special edition DVD
    Adam Nergal Darski – lead vocals, lead guitar
    Tomasz Orion Wróblewski – bass guitar, samples arrangement, additional vocals
    Zbigniew Robert Inferno Promiński – drums and percussion, backing vocals

    Additional musicians
    Patryk Dominik Seth Sztyber – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
    Krzysztof Siegmar Oloś (Vesania) – keyboards, arrangements
    Maciej Maleńczuk – spoken word
    Tomasz Ragaboy Osiecki – sitar
    Pawel Hulisz (Hevelius Brass quintet) – trumpet
    Piotr Kowalkowski (Hevelius Brass quintet) – trumpet
    Michal Szczerba (Hevelius Brass quintet) – horn
    Bogdan Kwiatek (Hevelius Brass quintet) – trombone
    Lukasz Gruba (Hevelius Brass quintet) – tuba
    Boris Hatefrost Kalyuzhnyy – backing vocals
    Maciej Manticore Gruszka – backing vocals
    Daniel Bergstrand – drums producing
    Colin Richardson – audio mixing
    Arkadiusz Malta Malczewski – sound engineering, backing vocals
    Kuba Mańkowski – sound engineering
    Wojciech Wiesławski – guitars co-producing
    Sławomir Wiesławski – guitars co-producing
    Jan Bryt – solos and vocals tracking
    Tomasz Graal Daniłowicz – cover design and artwork
    Ted Jensen – mastering
    Recorded at RG Studios, January 2009 E.V. - May 2009
    Mixed at Musikbox, Miloco Studios, London, May 2009
    Mastered in Sterling Studio, New York, May 2009

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  • Behemoth - Hidden in a fog


    Band: Behemoth
    Title: Hidden in a fog
    Album: Sventevith (Storming near the baltic)
    Year: 1995
    Land: Poland


    Night in the mountains comes with the fly of a raven
    Carpathians bathed in the light of the moon
    In old ruins where the dying shadows
    Are watching the shine from the stars
    Nobody remembers days of glory
    Several hundreds years passed in silence
    Not a soul has been seen here
    I am standing on a hill
    So silent is the sky
    I am drinking in the cold of this night
    Old grey wolf lying upon my foots
    Is licking the hand of mine
    It is night... in my heart
    It is moon... in my eyes
    I am hidden in a fog - my own breath
    Small village in a valley
    Sleeping in a fear, in a fear of me !
    Loathsome race of the mortals
    Magic of wolfish teeths, wings of bats
    Faithful guards of religion
    Old as the blood itself -
    - The Cult of the Undead Vampirism !
    Frenzy of lust, frenzy of pain
    She was only fourteen
    No cry has bursted from her lips
    Pity that she had to die
    But how sweet was her neck...
    It is night... in my heart
    It is moon... in my eyes
    I am hidden in a fog - my own breath
    Sometimes only my anthem of triumph
    Echoes in mountainous landscape
    Like blood from thorned open arteries
    Poison flows down the tongue
    Somewhere far away a howling can be heard
    Oh, how beautiful is the night of Transylvania !
    Frenzy of lust, frenzy of pain
    Blood is life... ETERNAL !

    (All songs added to this youtube account are ripped from personally bought cds/vinyls/demos)



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