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Playlist of Asher Otto ft. Joss Stone

  • Asher Otto ft. Joss Stone - Antigua


    Antigua, wow, what a treat it was to meet up with the lovely Asher Otto and her fellow band members. A really uplifting song which would jump start anyone's day. Her style of music has been influenced by Jazz, contemporary and RnB. We sang a beautiful song about missing home, which we can all relate to at some point in our life's. If you want a happy moment, be sure to watch and listen to these wonderful vocals. Thanks for having us, it was an amazing experience.

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  • Asher Otto - Home featuring Atlantic Rowers Team Antigua


    Hi guys, I had the pleasure of spending a day with the wonderful crew of Team Antigua, before they set off on their epic race rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.
    Please join me in helping them raise funds to create the marine park of their dreams, to stand as a legacy to their tremendous achievement and be a source of pleasure and education to Antiguans and visitors alike for many years to come. For further information please check out their website;

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  • Asher Otto - Come For Me


    Hi guys!! Here's the first single from my self titled debut album! Come for me. Thank you so much for watching, hope you like it!
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    Directed and Edited by Lawson Lewis
    Producer: Paddy Prendergast for Asher Otto Entertainment Ltd.
    Anderson Andrew
    Kevin GK Fredrick
    Jay Rainey, Jack Rainey.
    Drone Footage: Kelvin Christopher
    Camera Assistants:
    Jamaine Semple
    Anderson Edgehill
    Alicia Ward
    Playback: Eddi Prendergast
    Music Production: Kimdale Mackellar, Torsten Stenzel, Jack
    Lighting: Jack Prendergast

    Many thanks to:
    Dr. Howell
    Sarah & Tony Bolton
    Asher's wardrobe: Tameka Jarvis-George
    Sterlings Jewelers
    Bert Kirchner
    Rayburn Generator Services; Alex Rayburn, Teddy Lewis
    Townhouse Megastore
    Lava Entertainment International; Martin Mansoor, King.
    Melinda Fletcher
    Tavia Hunte and the Shiva Dance Group
    Danijha Simon and Vega Armstrong
    Zahra Airhall and the Antigua Girls High School
    Eutha Meade and the Vitas Mas Troupe
    Daniel Charles and the Stilt Walkers
    Johnny Tookay
    Justin Nation
    Ray Stewart
    Okeane Tyrell
    Kirkland Richards
    Tukanda Telemanque
    Clem Telemanque
    Naydene Gonnella
    Danya Gonnella
    Paul Bennett and Lynton Gore
    Tony Meyers and Garfield 'Puff' Whaul
    Itchyfeet Band, Past & Present
    Antigua & Barbuda Airport Authority; Edward Gilkes, Marcia Lake
    Qi Xuanya, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation
    Bernadette Sherman & The Big Banana Restaurant Group
    All the Airport Red Caps
    SDS Security Services

    All of our friends who acted as passengers until the early hours!

    Please visit
    Album available on iTunes:

  • Willis and the Illest Reggae band ft. Joss Stone - Bahamas


    On our last bit of the Total World Tour, we met up with the incredible Willis and the Illest Reggae band from the Bahamas on a desert island all to ourselves. Flying over the tiny islands on a seaplane looked magnificent, once on the ground singing a song called Truth Search, a song about acceptance and fighting for what you believe in, had a great feel-good vibe to it. Music can help in all kinds of situations and it is possible to also find solace in music, this song definitely proves that. We feel really blessed to have collaborated with some wonderful people.

    Thank you for having us & thanks @transislandairways for the lift in the seaplane.

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  • Gaby Moreno ft. Joss Stone - Guatemala


    A truly captivating experience, when we met up with the delightful singer Gaby Moreno from Guatemala in 2016. Gaby's music comes from the heart and you can sense this in the song. Her voice is a joy to listen to, we did smile a lot. There was something unique about singing in a jungle, especially a song with emotions. Thanks a million for having us. Hope everyone enjoys the collaboration as much as we do.

  • Nneka ft. Joss Stone - Babylon - Nigeria


    In Nigeria, we met up with an old friend Nneka and sang her song 'Babylon'. With the help of Sweet Sounds, we had a jam on a street corner of Lagos. If you like what you hear check out Nneka through her website at

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


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  • Royal Messenjah ft. Joss Stone - The Gambia


    Surrounded by crocodiles and under an almighty silk cotton tree, we shot a little vid with Royal Messenjah​ in The Gambia. Mr Messenjah wrote this song with the aim to unite The Gambia. Watch the vid to find out if it worked...

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Mario Sacasa ft. Joss Stone - Nicaragua


    Our visit to Nicaragua back in 2016 was a wonderful encounter, especially meeting up with the musician singer-songwriter and guitarist Mario Sacasa. His music is a rich rhythmic mix that reflects the musical traditions and folkloric whispers of his native Nicaragua. Sat on the Old Cathedral of Managua, known as the Catedral de Santiago in Spanish, was a rare experience and one that will remember for the rest of time.

  • João Seria ft. Joss Stone - São Tomé and Príncipe


    Spending time with João Seria from the beautiful island São Tomé and Príncipe was a real pleasure, He is just full of life and made us feel at home. We know every time, we listen to this song we'll be transported back to the wonderful time we had with João Seria, This memory definitely brings on happiness.

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


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  • Teety Tezano ft. Joss Stone - Cameroon


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with a singer called Teety Tezano in Cameroon.

  • JAHBOY ft. Joss Stone - Solomon Islands


    In the beautiful, Solomon Islands, we collaborated with JAHBOY, he sings mostly in English mixed with Patois, and every now and then he will sing songs in Pijin and other Solomon languages. We can share a lot of experiences through music which can sometimes make it easier to explain. The song is called Baby love. Watch the Full video and we hope you enjoy.

  • Tio Bang ft. Joss Stone - Vanuatu


    Check out this amazing view and this amazing guy. I didn’t even know this place existed until now! A lovely day was spent with gorgeous people in the beautiful country, Vanuatu. Tio Bang singing the song Black Butterfly was just so perfect and pleasing to the ears especially after a long day of travel, it was so relaxing. A joyful experience and what a blast we had. Missing our time here already. This is a must-watch, see what you think. We hope you enjoy x

  • Ryan Sheridan ft. Joss Stone - Ireland


    In Dublin, Ireland, we met up with the lovely Ryan Sheridan and all had a good time together, as they say in Ireland 'We had a good craic'. Ryan's a phenomenal guitarist and a passionate singer. The song we sang was about being on the road and missing home, which we all understand being on this Total World Tour. Collabs like this, however, make it so worthwhile.

    We just want to say thanks to everyone involved in this collaboration and thanks to Westland studio for letting us use their space.

  • Natalia Lafourcade ft. Joss Stone - Mexico


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with a singer called Natalia Lafourcade in Mexico, back in 2015.

  • Omara Portuondo ft. Joss Stone - Cuba


    Not so long ago, In the heart of Havana, Cuba, we met up with the
    gorgeous Omara Portuondo and the lovely Roberto Fonseca. Omara has a wide range of styles from Jazz to Son Cubano and is renowned for popularising Cuban music far and wide. In a beautiful part of the world singing a beautiful song, we couldn't have asked for more. A memory which will last forever. Thanks for having us. Have a listen and see what you think!

  • Gulzada Ryskulova ft. Joss Stone - Kyrgyzstan


    A perfect song for the Total World Tour, singing about freedom with the wonderful singer-songwriter Gulzada Ryskulova from Kyrgyzstan. Back in March, we met up with Gulzada and her friends to do a collaboration together. Her music is inspired by Kyrgyz traditions and her genre is described as ethnic music. Her voice is beautiful and one that made us smile a lot. The Song called Tolgonuu is remarkable with so many lovely lyrics.

  • Asher Otto & ItchyFeet - Uk & Europe Tour Vlog PT7


    Hi guys! The band and I traveled to the UK and Europe in June for a few shows and I wanted to share our trip with all of you! Over the next few weeks I'll be posting Vlogs from our trip. Here is part 7! Let me know if you like these types of videos and be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel for more content.

  • Deltino Guerreiro ft. Joss Stone - Mozambique


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Deltino Guerreiro from Mozambique

  • Lianna ft. Joss Stone - Colombia


    At the beginning of our Total World Tour, Lianna from Colombia was one of the first collaborations we did. How time flies! We remember this day like it was yesterday. Lianna is one of the most versatile and fresh female voices that has found its sound in the cadence of R&B, Soul and hip hop beats. We loved collaborating with her and her fellow friends. Check out the video and the beautiful spirit she is! In the early days of our Total World Tour, we were learning a lot on the job, So apologies for the sound.

    Team Joss x

  • Chrissy Crowley ft. Joss Stone - Canada


    Here’s a lovely collaboration we made in Canada when we met up with Chrissy Crowley. Chrissy's genre is Contemporary Acoustic Celtic. With her fiddler, she makes some wonderful sounds which are both powerful and beautiful. Her talent as a player is matched perfectly by her personality. Naturally gifted, wonderfully spirited and great fun indeed. We would recommend anyone to listen to her music.

    In the early days of our Total World Tour, we were learning a lot on the job, So apologies for the sound.

    Team Joss x

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  • Bill Aka Kora ft. Joss Stone - Burkina Faso


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Bil Aka Kora from Burkina Faso #JSTWT

  • Ronnie ft. Joss Stone - Botswana


    A happy time in Botswana was had back in 2015, It was great to meet up with Ronnie. It hadn't rained for 9 months and on that day we sang a song to make the rains come, ironically it started to trickle.

    A wonderful moment for everyone. It just goes to show what a little jam session can do with some positive thoughts. Thank you, Ronnie and his friends for your warm presence. We won't forget this precious time we had with you.

    Rest in peace, Ronnie. Always loved and never forgotten.

  • Sara Jane ft. Joss Stone - San Marino


    Set in the stunning countryside of San Marino. What an experience it was to collaborate with the classical jazz singer Sara Jane and hear her incredible voice. The song we sang is about when you fall in love. This song perfectly sums up the blissful feeling of romance. If you're with someone who makes you smile, then this is the ideal song to listen to.
    Fantastic melodies from a beautiful lady.

  • Maysa Daw ft. Joss Stone - Palestine


    In beautiful Palestine, we met with up with the indie musician Maysa Daw. We feel so privileged to have had collaborated with her. The song we sang 'Come With me' A love story about Maysa and her lover living on different sides of the border, dreaming about going on a journey and being free together for a moment. Borders shouldn't get in the way of true love, so sad for this to happen. Thank you for a lovely heart-felt song, it really does give you the goosebumps.

    Have a listen and share if you wish

    Team Joss x

  • Kya Loum ft. Joss Stone - Senegal


    Another day another collaboration in Afica. This time we met up with the delightful Kya Loum and had a little jam looking over a Senegalese bay.

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • BoBa ft. Joss Stone - Eritrea


    A perfect song for valentine's day. On our 136th country, we visited Eritrea and met up with the group BoBa and performed the Kemey’Leki’ song in the local language Tigrigna. There is something special singing about love and if you're one of those people counting down the days and someone is always on your mind. This love is meant to be. Love and music really is the universal language. Watch the video and see what you think!

  • Arirang: Korean folk song ft. Joss Stone - North Korea


    Our North Korea collaboration was a little different, our focus was mainly on a song called Arirang which is well-known throughout North Korea and South Korea. The old folk song contains a gentle and lyrical melody, it is about leaving, reunion, sorrow and happiness. Nobody knows for sure, who composed it. The two beautiful tour guides Ri So Hyang and Kang So Hyon who helped look after us, did a lovely duet together and sang the song beautifully. The location was a bit impromptu but we had to improvise, so in the front, of a van, we made some music, how total world tour of us! Let us know what you think.

    Many thanks to Koryo Tours, who made this trip happen!

    Team Joss x

  • Shemmy J and the Dynamixx Band ft. Joss Stone - St Lucia


    We arrived in St Lucia and met up Shemmy J and the Dynamixx Band. These guys were great fun to be around, Shemmy J the singer-songwriter introduced us to a happy song about St Lucia, a perfect song for a perfect location. The aspiring artiste writes and sings R&B, dancehall, groovy and party soca. So much happiness in the air, an uplifting song always makes the day OK, especially hearing the catchphrase, “O-kay-lay-lay”!

  • Joss Stone & Leann Rimes - Crossroads 2007 BEST QUALITY



  • Joss Stone - The Answer


    Water For Your Soul, out now!
    Amazon CD:

    Connect with Joss:

  • The Resonate Band & The One Up Band ft. Joss Stone - Fiji


    This was a good day, we met up with two different bands, a first for the Total World Tour. Introducing, The Resonate Band & The One Up Band, all from the gorgeous country, Fiji. We sang a love song about a boy longing to see his loved one and not knowing when she'll be back. The best of times was had and another great moment for the Total World Tour. Thanks for having us, you made us all smile.

    Check out the video and we hope you'll enjoy.

    Team Joss x

  • Infamous Stringduster ft Joss Stone - USA


    Here is the collaboration we did with the Infamous Stringduster from the USA. A lovely performance and one which brightened up our day. Their signature sound is a seamless fusion of All-American-bluegrass and rock. The music gives them an opportunity to bring some light in a world that can be dark sometimes. If you get the opportunity to see these guys, don't pass it up. They're brilliant musicians!

    In the early days of our Total World Tour, we were learning a lot on the job, So apologies for the sound.

  • Take Me to Church - Hozier


    Hey guys! So after getting such a great response to this song at the Heineken regatta in St. Maarten, we decided to take a small break from putting the finishing touches on my upcoming debut album and record this. I hope you enjoy, and don't forget to like and subscribe to be the first to see the upcoming releases on my channel.

    Special thank you to Kevin GK Frederick for shooting & editing the video, assisted by Justin JusBus Nation.
    Lighting by Jack Prendergast
    Sound recorded and produced by Jack Prendergast.
    Guitars: Carlos Bridge & Paddy Prendergast,
    Keyboards: Jocelyn Beldman.
    Bass: Tony Mayers.
    Drums: Garfield Puff Whaul & Darron Jonas

    Thanks to Sterlings Jewelers Antigua
    Special thanks to Sarah and Tony Bolton

  • Inti Illimani ft. Joss Stone - Chile


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with a band called Inti Illimani from Chile.

  • Binhan ft. Joss Stone - Guinea-Bissau


    A beautiful day was had in Guinea-Bissau when we met up with the lovely Binhan. His songs are about peace, love and hope, In the glorious sunshine singing together in front of a magnificent background, we sang some harmonies which brightened up the day even more. We loved hanging out with Binhan, his personality shines and his style of music is very pleasing to the ear.

    'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Asher Otto--Come For Me


  • Salio ft. Joss Stone - Georgia


    Last year in the month of July, we met up with the remarkably gifted vocalist Salio, a singer-songwriter from Tbilisi, Georgia. There was something quite special singing about love amongst a mysterious ruin which was once a fortress. A lot of people can relate to love and with the power of music, it can be easily expressed. A wonderful sound from a beautiful person. Thank you Salio for making our day a better one.

  • Joss Stone - This Aint Love - 11/5/2015 - Paste Studios, New York, NY


    Joss Stone - This Ain't Love
    Recorded Live: 11/5/2015 - Paste Studios - New York, NY
    More Joss Stone in the Paste Cloud: Stone&m=Video
    Visit Paste Magazine:

    Audio: Bob Mallory
    Video: Brad Wagner

  • Hawidro ft. Joss Stone - Egypt


    Check out our collaboration in Egypt with the amazing band Hawidro meaning “The Return” in Nubian. Their own style of music is called Afro Egyptian which is a mix of soul and North African music with a personal twist. Singing with the group about love and romance overlooking the river Nile was a wonderful encounter. The lyrics and the sounds of their instruments was something we never quite heard of before. Their spirited presence had the room in smiles.

    Watch and share if you like……

  • Asher Otto - Boom Boom


    Hi guys!!! Here's a fun video that Itchyfeet and I filmed in my studio for my new single called Boom Boom!
    Written by Asher Otto & Andrew Dorsett

    Video Directed, shot and edited by:
    Justin JusBus Nation & Jack Prendergast

    Hope you like it, and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel to be the first to hear more new music like this!

    Special thanks:
    Andrew Dorsett
    Paddy Prendergast
    Adjani Williams
    Sherwin Parker
    Garfield 'Puff' Whaul
    Jack Prendergast
    Rayel Stuart
    Sarah and Tony Bolton
    ABS Television Antigua

    Visit my website:
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  • Asher Otto & ItchyFeet - Uk & Europe Tour Vlog PT6


    Hi guys! The band and I traveled to the UK and Europe in June for a few shows and I wanted to share our trip with all of you! Over the next few weeks I'll be posting Vlogs from our trip. Here is part 6! Let me know if you like these types of videos and be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel for more content.

  • No Oil Paintings ft. Joss Stone - Northern Ireland


    Whilst in Belfast, Northern Ireland we met up with the band
    No Oil Paintings, their sound is described as raucous alternative guitar & banjo-driven folk, with an edge of darkness. Sat in a pub by a flickering fire, the song we sang is about the afterlife and what happens to us. Tapping into the deep stuff can be a worthwhile experience and gives us a sense of purpose, especially after a Guinness or two.

  • Zeritu ft. Joss Stone - Ethiopia


    Just simply brilliant!!! We met up with the lovely Zeritu from Ethiopia and her fellow musicians, the experience was fun, engaging and all-round fantastic, Zeritu really does put on a good show. With her phenomenal vocals, singing about political issues, this song certainly causes us to think, and makes us consider our own purpose in life. After all, the greatest luxury is being free. Watch, listen and see what you think. We hope you enjoy!

  • Nasia ft. Joss Stone - Kazakhstan


    Kazakhstan, a wonderful country we visited. We met up with the lovely singer Nasia and her friends back in March on Women's international day. The works of jazz, funk, blues and souls are collected in her style of music and her voice is so pleasing to the ear in more than one way. The song we sang is how beautiful all of the women are, around the world. A perfect song for this particular day with an empowering message that inspires woman not to lose their inner child.

  • Asher Otto - No Regrets


    Welcome back to my channel guys! I have a gift for you! This is a video for my song called 'No Regrets' that was released on my first album in 2016. Can you believe its been that long?! As i get ready to release a brand new album this year i though it would be nice to show you some of my earlier work. I hope you enjoy!!!
    Special thanks:
    Kevin GK Frederick
    Justin Jus Bus Nation
    Kelvin Christopher
    Paul Bennett
    Paddy Prendergast
    Carlos Bridge
    Kimdale Mackellar
    Alex Rayburn
    Teddy Lewis
    Kirkland Richards
    Andrew Dorsett
    Adjani Williams
    Garfield Puff Whaul
    Sherwin Parker

    Visit my website:
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  • Coconu Bwoi ft. Joss Stone - Belize


    Here's a little vid we shot with Coconu Bwoi from Belize. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Team Joss x

  • Drew Dean ft. Joss Stone - St Kitts & Nevis


    We met up with the lovely singer-songwriter Drew Dean from the beautiful islands of St Kitts & Nevis, sat on a stunning beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea was the perfect setting to do a collaboration. Drew and his fellow musicians were a delight to be around, singing about love and positive vibes was a good feeling, especially being in paradise. Drew, describes his style as Eclectic Soul, he merges elements of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop & Reggae to create a unique sound. Have a listen and see what you think.

  • Sahra Halgan ft. Joss Stone - Somaliland


    This beautiful soul was a delight to meet. Sahra Halgan from Somaliland is a very special person. Her songs, in a pure and authentic musical form, show the world of the Somaliland people; their sufferings and joys. She champions the sovereignty of her country, fighting for stability and against violence. Watch our collaboration and discover the beauty of her music.

  • The Drop - ft. Joss Stone - Antarctica


    A really magnificent moment for the Total World Tour when we visited the beautiful continent, Antarctica, last year. It took us two days to get there by boat and we are so glad to have had the experience to come here, nothing compares to it. There were so many highlights and it really was a dream come true. Surrounded by natural beauty and some friendly penguins we could not have asked for a better setting to sing one of Leon's songs. Leon is from a band called The Drop which plays mainly Reggae, dub and roots music. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy!

  • Kim Sawol ft. Joss Stone - South Korea


    South Korea, what a wonderful place. We met up with the lovely singer-songwriter Kim Sawol, her genre is a mix between Folk-Pop and Psychedelic Folk. A song about female solidarity with sweet harmonies and a meaningful message was inspiring and one we won't forget. A beautiful song by a beautiful lady, times like these, is why we do the Total World Tour. Watch the full video and see what you think!