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Playlist of Artful Dodger (UK band)

  • Artful Dodger - Movin Too Fast HQ MV + Lyrics


    Artful Dodger - Movin' Too Fast
    Ooh, you're moving too fast and I don't think it's right
    I'm not giving you my love tonight
    Now, ooh, you're moving too fast
    Better sit back, relax
    I'm not giving up no love tonight

    Made a sound, misunderstanding
    Boy, I know what you're demanding
    And it's time for me to let you know (mmm, mmm, mmm)
    Never be without hope to play this game
    Not too serious within the same
    Stop it please 'cos ain't no possibility
    Won't you put your dirty hands, dirty hands on me

    Ooh, you're moving too fast and I don't think it's right
    I'm not giving you my love tonight
    Now, ooh, you're moving too fast
    Better sit back, relax
    I'm not giving up no love tonight

    Beep, beep, uh-huh, a-ha, mmm, mmm
    I do not see no-one to blind me
    Not my kind, nothing does that lose me respect
    Not only one night calls, oh, no, no
    Never be without hope to play this game
    Far too serious within the shame
    Stop it please 'cos ain't no possibility
    Won't you put your dirty hands, dirty hands on me

    Ooh, you're moving too fast and I don't think it's right
    I'm not giving you my love tonight
    Now, ooh, you're moving too fast
    Better sit back, relax
    I'm not giving up no love tonight (loop)

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  • Artful Dodger - A Girl


    A great song from their 4th and final album.

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  • ARTFUL DODGER - Honor Among Thieves


    Recorded live during the 1980 Rave On Tour as part of a set of promotional videos for the band. This song is the title track from their second release (Columbia Records 1976) which was recently reissued on compact disc by American Beat Records.
    The band is scheduled to perform live at the Cleveland Agora on May 3rd, 2008. For more information, stop out at WWW.ARTFULDODGERSITE.COM

  • Artful Dodger - R U Ready


    Artful Dodger - It's All About The Stragglers, 2000

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  • Artful Dodger ft Nicole - 24/7


    The other and better version of Twentyfourseven from The Artful Dodger. Tell me what U think

  • Artful Dodger - Wayside


    Cleveland seemed to adopt this band ,so I made a slide show related to Browns and Indians.

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  • Artful Dodger - Idi Amin Stomp-Cmon Everybody


    Last two songs on their third album. I do not own the rights to this.

  • Sisqo - Thong Song


    There is something about Artful Dodger's unique production on this one that makes it still sound so good after all this time. Enjoy.

  • Artful Dodger - Gone Again


    Artful Dodger put out 4 criminally overlooked albums in the 70's. This is from Rave on and is an alcohol-soaked song about loneliness and regret. I do not own the rights to this.

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  • Artful Dodger - Think About Me


    Artful Dodger - It's All About The Stragglers, 2000

  • Artful Dodger - Its Over


  • BB Diamond - Movin Too Fast | KISS Presents


    BB Diamond nailed her KISSTORY cover of Artful Dodger's 'Movin' Too Fast' for KISS Presents.
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  • The KLF - Justified & Ancient


    The KLF - Justified & Ancient (Official Video)

    An Atlas Adventure
    Directed by Bill Butt
    KLF Communications

    Listen to Solid State Logik 1:

  • Craig David - Rewind


    Craig David - Rewind (Official Audio)
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    Inter selcta

    Hyper, hyper, hyper that's what we make ya
    Time to mash up the speaker
    Craig David, Artful Dodger
    Inter selecta [x4]

    Making moves yeah on the dance floor
    Got our groove on dancing yeah real hardcore
    From the front to the back that's where I was at
    You know, you know the Artful Dodger do it like that
    With Craig David all over your...
    DJ it's all up to you
    When the crowd go wild
    Tell me watcha gonna do

    Re-e-wind when the crowd say bo selecta
    Re-e-e-e-e-e-wind when the crowd say bo selecta-ta
    Re-e-wind when the crowd say bo selecta
    Re-e-e-e-e-e-wind when the crowd say bo, bo, bo
    When the crowd say bo selecta
    Re-e-e-e-e-wind whent he crowd say bo selecta-ta
    Re-re-e-wind when the crowd say bo selecta
    This goes out to all the DJs

    Eh, yeah
    Eh, eh, yeah (yeah) [x3]
    Eh, yeah
    Eh (yeah)

    Re-wind selecta
    Rewind se-lec-ta
    Re-wind selecta
    Re-wind selecta -ta
    Re-wind se-lec-ta
    Rewind selcta-ta
    Re-wind selecta

    Re-wind selecta
    Re-wind selecta

  • Artful Dodger - The Kids Are Alright Live


    Recorded live in 1976 at the Cleveland Agora, Artful Dodger performs a cover of The Who's The Kids Are Alright.
    For more information on Artful Dodger, stop out at WWW.ARTFULDODGERSITE.COM

  • Tina Moore - Never Gonna Let You Go


    Kelly G - Bump n Go mix

    I do not own the rights to the original recording.

  • Original Dodger ft Kelli Leigh - Never Gonna Let You Go/Crazy Love Mashup


    Original Dodger ft Kelli Leigh perform a mashup of Tina Moore's Never Gonna Let You Go and MJ Coles's Crazy Love in the BBC Radio 1Xtra Live Lounge.

  • Artful Dodger - Wayside


    #artfuldodger, #wayside

  • Mis-Teeq - All I Want


    Pre order the new single from Alesha Dixon on iTunes now:

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    All I Want from Mis-Teeq's album Lickin' on Both Sides (2001) Written by band member Alesha Dixon, as well as Alan Glass, David Brant, and Maryann Morgan and produced by Ceri Sunship Evans for their debut album.

  • NATALIE WILLIAMS - This Girl Neo Soul *The Drifters, Artful Dodger


    From The 12 This Girl ESR 20T East Side (2006) UK
    From The CD Secret Garden / シークレット・ガーデン AVCD-23303 Avex Trax (2007) JAPAN
    From The CD Secret Garden ESRCD 007 East Side (2006) UK
    Produced By Drew Horley
    Written By Roger Greenaway, Roger Cook & Geoff Stephens
    Contains interpolated elements of Like Sister And Brother - The Drifters

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  • Michael Stanley Band - Falling In Love Again - STEREO


    Cleveland, Ohio's Michael Stanley Band Rocked The Midwest In The 70's And 80's. Their Biggest Hit Nationally Came In 1980...The Up Tempo Rocker He Can't Love You...A #33 Hit On The Hot 100. Here's One That Came Out The Following Year That Only Made It To #64 Called Falling In Love Again. Hear it on internet radio

  • Artful Dodger feat. Romina Johnson - Movin Too Fast HQ


    Movin' Too Fast is a single released by Artful Dodger in 1999. The single originally peaked at #187 on the UK Singles Chart, but a remix release in early 2000 sent the song to #2 on the same chart.

    The remix version was number 1 on the UK Dance Chart from March 4 to March 11, 2000.
    From Wikipedia

  • Fleur East chats to Rita Ora about her brand-new film Twist | Hits Radio


    'Twist' is a modern remake of the Charles Dicken classic Oliver Twist, set in 21st Century London. Rita Ora stars as 'Dodge', the Artful Dodger, alongside a cast including: Raff Law, Michael Caine, Lena Headey and David Walliams.

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  • Artful Dodger - What Ya Gonna Do


    Another great, great tune! from master of 2step music Artful Dodger with nice vocal of Craid David

  • Artful Dodger ft. MC Alistair - R U Ready


    Brand new website coming soon featuring Events, Videos, Radio, DJs, Record Label, Merchandise, MP3 & Vinyl Store and much much more.

  • Artful Dodger - A Girl


    A great track from Artful Dodger's 1980 album Rave On. Artful Dodger was an underrated band from the mid 70's and early 80's. They produced some excellent music. I hope you like it!

  • Artful Dodger - I Cant Give It Up


    Artful Dodger - It's All About The Stragglers, 2000

  • Artful Dodger - It Aint Enough


    1 + 1 = 2

  • INCH - The Artful Dodger


    INCH and her band performing her original The Artful Dodger during the DBS Marina Regatta at the Promontory on Sat 28 May 16.

    Vocals, guitar - INCH
    guitar - Calvin Phua (stopgap)
    Bass - Timothy De Cotta (The Warriors, The Quartermasters.. A hell lot more bands actually)
    Drums - Evan Low (usually it's Teo Jiarong but he's in Russia now so Evan Low is covering!)

    Yoooo iNCH is like. The epitome of cool. I only ever caught her acoustic sets before, this is the first time I've seen her perform with a full band. They're phenomenal!

    She played her set after The Neptune Waves, they're also extremely talented. I caught them during Disco Hue's launch. My friend Nurrisha (cool as hell, mass Comm student) really enjoyed them too!

    The DBS Marina Regatta is pretty rad. Loooots of stalls selling local-made items, my sch senior is selling self designed stickers, patches and postcards. I bought 4 stickers for $5 it's fokin WORTH it

    The slide. I dropped my laptop on my foot recently so that's a no-go ????????????... Buy drinks from outside. Seriously trust me on this. A can of Sprite was $4. like what the fuck bro but I had to act chill Infront of the cashier so they wouldn't judge me

  • Artful Dodger ft Craig David - R U Ready


    UK Garage Classics for you!

  • Artful Dodger feat. Craig David - Woman Trouble


    Verrryyyy Hard To found This Full Lenght Version. Only Vinyl...

  • Artful Dodger - Its A Lie


    Great song from a great band. These guys should have been bigger. I do not own the rights to this.

  • Artful Dodger - Scream


    From the Album: Honor Among Thieves
    Year Of Release: 1976

  • Artful Dodger - Think About Me Joey Negro Club Mix


    Artful Dodger - It's All About The Stragglers, 2000

  • The Singers on Tour -Instrumental mayhem Live at The Artful Dodger - June 27/2105


    Second set highlights

    1) Theme from Magnum PI/funk jam 0:00
    2) Eat my dust in the wind (country speed version) 5:30
    3) Stand up (Pat Travers Canadian classic) 10:20
    4) Thriller(Michael Jackson) 15:20
    5) Miserlou (Dick Dale) 21:40
    6) Long train running/jam 27:30

  • Artful Dodger - Twentyfourseven Radio Version


    Artful Dodger - It's All About The Stragglers, 2000

  • Artful Dodger Meets BBMak – Still On Your Side


    Artist: Artful Dodger Meets BBMak
    Song Name: Still On Your Side
    Label & Catalogue #: Telstar ‎– ADODGE3100
    Origin Format: 12 Vinyl played @ 33 ⅓ RPM
    Musical Style: UK Garage
    Country: UK
    Released: 1999

    I must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyright holder. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law.

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

  • Ian Hunter - The Artful Dodger


    From The Artful Dodger - Citadel Records 1996

    The record featured:

    Ian Hunter: Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Harp
    Darrell Bath: Acoustic, Electric & Baryton Guitars, Lead Vocals
    Torstein Flakne: Guitars, Vocals
    Per Lindvall: Drums, Percussion
    Sven Lindvall: Bass
    Robbie Alter: Acoustic, Electric & Slide Guitars
    Kjetil Bjerkestrand: Keyboards
    Dennis Eliott: Drums
    Pat Kilbride: Bass, Acoustic Bass
    Honest John Plain: Vocals, Lead Vocals
    Frode Alnaes: Guitar
    Mariann Lisland: Vocals
    Per Öisten Sörensen: Vocals
    The Vertago String Quartet: Strings

  • Classic Rock Jamming at the Artful Dodger 12-26-20


    Bluesy Dan (Bluesy Dan LP), Shawn Mallon (strat, vocals), Mark Holmberg (keys), Mike (bass), (drums) and more at The Artful Dodger.

  • Artful Dodger - Outrageous


    from It's All About The Stragglers (2000)

  • Artful Dodger - If Its Love This Time


    Yet another new song from Artful Dodger performed during their 10 year reunion at the Cleveland Agora.
    Side note: If you're wondering about Bill's strange hand signals during the first few lines, here's what's happening. Before this song the band performed Alright from the Babes On Broadway album. That song uses echo effects on the vocals. Bill's signals are telling the sound crew to reduce the echo effect.

  • The Artful Dodger


    ‘Artful Dodger’ video shot by legendary NME photographer, Andy Wilsher.

    EP out now:

    The Jacques are: Fin Jacque (Vocals & Guitar), Jake Jacque (Vocals & Guitar), Oli Jacque (Vocals & Bass), Elliot Jacque (Drums).

    Following on from the four track shock of their debut ‘Pretty DJ’ EP, memorably regarded by Clash as ‘Ray Davies at his most acerbic, Weller at his most romantic’, Bristol’s The Jacques return with a second blast of four songs and a host of festival dates throughout a summer sure to see them repeatedly on the lips of those who know that far from being dead, witty, intelligent, challenging guitar driven pop is about to have another one of those moments.

    The ‘Artful Dodger’ EP is well named, displaying four tracks that veer from the menace of the lead track that gives the EP its title through the strutting ‘Down And Out’ to the heady psyche of ‘Painkiller’ and the adrenaline rush of ‘This Is England’. If Dickens favourite urchin was in possession of a Strat (probably nicked), this is exactly the music you would expect to come from a darkened corner of his East London slums, unmistakably British and without doubt emanating a non brand controlled explosion of genuine anger, frustration and creativity, currently bubbling under the surface of many of our towns and cities.

    The Jacques position in this new explosion of youth music seems assured, recent recipients of a groundbreaking publishing deal with Faber Music, they already number Huey Morgan, Don Letts, Chris Hawkins, and Phil Taggart amongst their most vocal supporters with February’s ‘Weekends’ release scoring the band a first XFM playlist.

    The Jacques begin a comprehensive run of festival appearances with three shows at Brighton’s Great Escape this weekend. All confirmed dates are overleaf.

  • Artful Dodger - Things Id Like To Do Again


    Just a little THEN AND NOW ARTFUL DODGER slide show presentation set to their music. If you're interested, be sure to stop out at the band's official web page WWW.ARTFULDODGERSITE.COM

  • Artful Dodger


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Artful Dodger · Production Unit Xero

    Chunibyo Love Poems

    ℗ 2021 Ramon Mills

    Released on: 2021-05-07

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Blakes Boxing Day Special with Artful Dodger


    Blakes - Battersea Launch Party
    Tuesday 26th December
    7pm till 2.30am
    Join us as we launch the new Blakes Bar in Battersea.

    We have an amazing line up in store for you that will be bringing back the very best in House / Old Skool Garage / Club Classics / Kisstory Anthems

    Special Guest:
    Possibly the biggest name in garage, ARTFUL DODGER are renowned as some of the UK's finest DJ's/Producers, with hits such as Re-Rewind (with Craig David) & Moving too fast. Credited as bringing UKG to the commercial forefront, These days they are electric as ever, with even Disclosure listing them as a key influence, as well as remixing their work:

    Artful Dodger & Craig David Re-Rewind (Uk no.2)

    Artful Dodger - Movin' Too Fast (Uk no.1)

    Artful Dodger - Please Don't turn me on (Disclosure remix)

    Hosted by MC UNO

    Early Bird: £10 / 2nd Release £12 / Last Release £15
    Available from

    Blakes, 642 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 3JW

  • Artful Dodger VidMag Spot 3


    Look for our Dodger 10th Anniversary reunion interview and footage soon.

  • Artful Dodger @sofests


    Artful Dodger performing at SO:FEST Southampton 29th September 2012. Sorry about the shaky camera, I was 'moving too fast' ;)

  • Artful Dodger Sure Love 4-20-91


    here's the second acoustic number from this show entitled Sure Love

  • Gary Cox - Nickels & Dimes


    This song is part of a country demo that Gary Cox took down to Nashville. It's called Nickels & Dimes. It was recorded in Peter Bonta's old studio. For more information, stop out at WWW.ARTFULDODGERSITE.COM

    Supplemental Information:
    I finally found the email I was looking for when I uploaded this. Here's the information from Peter Bonta on the recording sessions for Gary's demos.
    Regarding Gary Cox's country stuff done at Wally Cleaver's Recording, my old studio. Steve Brigida played drums, Gary Herrewig played bass and acoustic guitar, Cox played acoustic guitar, I played keys, acoustic and electric guitars, the legendary Buddy Charleton, who's played with EVERYBODY in Nashville and spent 19 years with the mighty Ernest Tubb and the Texas Troubadours, played pedal-steel guitar (he was a neighbor and my first call session steel player, was I ever lucky, lucky, lucky!), my studio manager, (Little) Lorie Lawson sang harmonies. Those sessions were SO much fun, man oh man!

  • SupaTight Remote MegaMix 2020 - 1999 | Juice | Do Your Thing | Get Down On It


    A little medley we have remotely put together. This is for all of our clients past and present. We hope you like it!

    SupaTight is a 7 – 12 piece pop, soul & funk wedding & event band of the highest quality. Based out of London, SupaTight plays a blend of timeless funk, soul, R&B & disco. Comprised of experienced, charismatic musicians of unrivalled ability, SupaTight provides a musical journey fit for any wedding & event.

    With over 12 years performing together as a band SupaTight are as the name says SUAP TIGHT in All areas. The band boasts an unrivalled experience in event entertainment and has travelled the globe performing at destination weddings and bespoke parties from Spain to Morocco, Dubai, to Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan and beyond.

    SupaTight consists of a carefully selected crop of London’s finest musicians. All hip funksetrs, with unparalleled musical skills and performance qualities. SupaTight are no doubt one of the hottest bands in London right now.

    Available from a 7 piece to almighty 12 piece line up, the band effortlessly performs iconic tracks from the Funk, Soul, Disco, R&B and Pop genres. Band members have performed within famous touring bands and West End shows such as Rudimental, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, The Dub pistols, The Whitney Story, Motown the musical and Jersey Boys to name just a few.

    Since forming back in 2007, SupaTight has performed shows at every kind of event imaginable. When it comes to weddings, corporate events, launch parties, awards nights, Jewish celebrations or charity ball’s SupaTight have it covered. The bands unique approach to every individual event helps them to ensure every possible requirement is met. This helps to maximise the bands live performance and optimise the overall experience creating seamless and unforgettable entertainment for everyone.

    Creating authentic vibes from each genre they touch on, SupaTight band is guaranteed to blow you and your guests away! The memories we can help you create will last a lifetime and your friends will be talking about how amazing the evening was for years to come.



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