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Playlist of Apocalypse

  • Apocalypse - Cigarettes After Sex


    Apocalypse - Cigarettes After Sex

    from Cigarettes After Sex LP:



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    recorded December 2015 in Brooklyn, NY

    Written by Greg Gonzalez
    Greg Gonzalez - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
    Phillp Tubbs - keyboards
    Randy Miller - bass
    Jacob Tomsky - drums

    Recorded by Greg Gonzalez
    Mixed by Rocky Gallo
    Mastered by Greg Calbi

    Cover photo by Ryan Zoghlin
    Cover design by Randy Miller

    Released on Partisan Records on June 9th, 2017


    You leapt from crumbling bridges watching cityscapes turn to dust
    Filming helicopters crashing in the ocean from way above

    Got the music in you baby,
    Tell me why
    Got the music in you baby,
    Tell me why
    You’ve been locked in here forever and you just can’t say goodbye

    Kisses on the foreheads of the lovers wrapped in your arms
    You’ve been hiding them in hollowed out pianos left in the dark…

    Your lips,
    My lips,

    Go and sneak us through the rivers,
    Flood is rising up on your knees
    Oh please…
    Come out and haunt me
    I know you want me
    Come out and haunt me

    Sharing all your secrets with each other since you were kids
    Sleeping soundly with the locket that she gave you clutched in your fist…

    When you’re all alone
    I will reach for you
    When you’re feeling low
    I will be there too

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  • apocalypse - cigarettes after sex


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    Apocalypse - Cigarettes After Sex

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  • Midranger - Apocalypse NCS Release


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  • NIVIRO - The Apocalypse NCS Release


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  • Dwayne Ford - Rumors Of Apocalypse | Epic Vocal Hybrid Music


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    Music by Dwayne Ford
    From album: ''Legend VIII'' 2019

    Dwayne Ford:
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    artist: Aku 悪
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  • WINGS OF APOCALYPSE | Epic Powerful Orchestral Music Mix - BEST OF EPIC MUSIC | @Eternal Eclipse


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    Artwork by zhihui Su

    More from zhihui Su


    00:00 Chosen One
    02:22 Habringer
    05:04 Twilight Huntress
    07:25 Revelations
    10:46 Unchained
    13:28 Inferia
    16:12 Oathkeeper
    19:43 Wings Of Apocalypse
    22:15 Shadows in the Sea
    25:49 Mirage
    28:33 Almost Heroes
    31:44 Shield of Justice
    35:05 Ride of the Revenant
    38:06 Seventh Element

    (Animation / VFX created by me Pandora Journey)


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  • Apocalypse


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Apocalypse · Nati Dreddd


    ℗ 2194247 Records DK

    Released on: 2020-07-03

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • A Beautiful Soundtrack for the Apocalypse - The Expanse


    A Beautiful Soundtrack for the Apocalypse - The Expanse

    This is an original composition for the dark creepy movies inside my head.

    Composer: Greg Dombrowski

  • The Doors - The End Music Clip


    The Doors - The End (Full) Apocalypse Now (1979) Music Clip

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  • Spitfya - Apocalypse


    ???? Spitfya - Apocalypse
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    [Genre: Dubstep]

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    Artwork by: VincentBisschop

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  • Schecter PT Apocalypse demo & review!


    00:00 Rock/metal riffs
    01:34 Review part 1
    06:54 Clean picking
    08:08 Review part 2
    08:42 Broken-up clean coil-split tones
    09:57 Review part 3
    10:14 Progressive/alternative metal riffs
    11:56 Review part 4
    14:15 Melodic solo leads

    Thanks for watching this video! Please like this video and hit subscribe along with the bell. Also follow SDS at:

    The signal flow was as follows:

    -Schecter PT Apocalypse
    -Helix Rack/Native (for all the guitar and bass tones + effects)
    -OwnHammer Impulse Responses
    -Steven Slate Drums 5.5 (Terry Date Expansion)
    -Cubase 10.5 pro

    Find the OwnHammer (r)Evolution IR's here:

    I can't disclose what OwnHammer IR's I used yet but I can say that they are very special and exciting! Once they are released (which will be very soon!) I will probably make some videos on the guitar tones with Helix Native. Hope you enjoy the video! Cheers! :)

  • Cigarettes After Sex - Apocalypse Arabic Sub


    الأغنية تتحدث عن أحباءٍ ليس مقدرًا لهما أن يكونا معًا. أحبّا بعضهما البعض منذُ أن كانا صغيرين، لكن حدث شيءٌ ما للفتاة يبدو أن والديها إنتقلا لمدينة أخرى ولم تستطع حسم قرارها ما إذا كانت ترغب بالبقاء مع الفتى أو لا، في نهاية المطاف تركته ولكنها مازالت تكنُ مشاعرًا له ياعزيزتي لديكِ موسيقى في داخلكِ، أخبريني لِمَ؟ يقصد بالموسيقى هنا مشاعرها له و الحيرةُ التي سببتها له، تركتيني كيف لكِ أن تُكنِ مشاعرًا لي؟ اُحْتجزتِ هنا منذ مدةٍ طويلة و كلمة الوداع لم تعدْ مألوفة بالنسبة لكِ أتألفين كلمة الوداع؟ هل ستودعيني وداعًا أخيرًا و تنهين كل شيء؟ الفتاة غارقةٌ في دوامة أفكارها و مشاعرها هل ستحسم قرارها و تودعه أم لا؟. تعطين قبلاتٍ على الجبين للمُحبين الملتفين حول ذراعيكِ، كنتِ تخفينهم في آلات البيانو المجوّفة المتروكة في الظلام عند رؤيتها لآلة البيانو تحضرها ذكراهم عندما كانوا معًا، آلة البيانو أصبحت مهجورة و مجرد ذكرى كعلاقتهم.
    وهو الآخر لم يستطع تخطي حب طفولته شفاهُكِ، شِفاهِي، نِهاية العالم أيّ أنه من المستحيل لهما أن يلتقيا من جديد رجوعهما كنهاية العالم غير معلومٍ متى سيحدث. اُخرجي و هرّبينا من خلالِ النهر اُخرجي من هذهِ الدوامة و احسمي قرارك و كافحي لِحبك للفتى. مياه النهر فاضت إلى أعلى ركبتيكِ مياة النهر هنا ترمز للعقبات التي تقف بطريقهما و كيف أنها أعاقت رجوعهما تعالي و طارديني، أعلمُ بأنكِ تريدينني يقصد بالمطاردة هنا أن تأتيه بأحلامه و تسكن بِداخله عوضًا عن مُلاقاته وبعدها يبدأ بالتحدث عن طفولتهما و القلادة التي أهدتها إياه..

    - القناة مُخصصة لِترجمة الأغاني، قد لا تكون الترجمة صحيحةً أحيانًا، لذا إذا لاحظت أخطاءً قُم بتصحيحها و سأكون شاكرةً لك كثيرًا.

    Twitter - faire_lamour
    Instagram - noraclxy

  • Apocalypse


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Apocalypse · Bossa Combo

    La Meilleure Sélection, Vol. 1

    ℗ 1999 Minimarc Records

    Released on: 1999-06-26

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Goody Grace - Apocalypse


    Goody Grace - Apocalypse (Cigarettes After Sex Cover)


  • FREE Uk Drill Type Beat 2020 - Apocalypse


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  • Apocalypse - Hip Hop Underground Instrumental | Old School Boom Bap Type Beat | Base De Rap


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  • « Lapocalypse selon Jean » - Le Nouveau Testament / La Bible VF


    « L'apocalypse selon Jean » (ou Révélation de Jésus-Christ) - Le Nouveau Testament / La Bible VF

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    Retrouvez cette vidéo dans les playlists suivantes :
      - La Sainte Bible :
      - La Bible :
      - Révélation de Jésus-Christ :
      - Le livre des Révélations :
      - L'évangile selon Matthieu :
      - L'évangile selon Marc :
      - L'évangile selon Luc :
      - L'évangile selon Jean :

    00:00:00 « Chapitre 1 : Messages aux sept églises d'Asie » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:04:27 « Chapitre 2 : Lettres aux églises : Ephèse, Smyrne, Pergame et Thyatire » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:10:19 « Chapitre 3 : Lettres aux églises : Sardes, Philadelphie et Laodicée » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:15:06 « Chapitre 4 : Le trône de Dieu » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:17:56 « Chapitre 5 : Le Christ est digne d'ouvrir le livre scellé » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:21:00 « Chapitre 6 : L'ouverture des six premiers sceaux » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:24:45 « Chapitre 7 : Les cent quarante-quatre mille » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:28:26 « Chapitre 8 : L'ouverture du septième sceau / Les quatre premières trompettes » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:31:08 « Chapitre 9 : Les trompettes du cinquième et sixième ange » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:35:26 « Chapitre 10 : Le petit livre » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:37:51 « Chapitre 11 : Les deux témoins / La septième trompette » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:42:12 « Chapitre 12 : La femme, le dragon et l'enfant » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:45:39 « Chapitre 13 : La bête qui monte de la mer et la bête qui monte de la terre » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:49:32 « Chapitre 14 : L'agneau / Les jugements de Dieu » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:54:02 « Chapitre 15 : Les sept anges et les sept fléaux » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:55:52 « Chapitre 16 : Les sept coupes de la colère de Dieu » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    00:59:45 « Chapitre 17 : La chute de la grande Babylone (1ère partie) » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    01:03:47 « Chapitre 18 : La chute de la grande Babylone (2ème partie) » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    01:09:05 « Chapitre 19 : Les noces de l'agneau / La seconde venue du Christ » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    01:13:33 « Chapitre 20 : Satan et le jugement dernier » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    01:16:56 « Chapitre 21 : La nouvelle Jérusalem » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse
    01:22:06 « Chapitre 22 : Le dernier message de la Bible » - Les Voix de St-François de Grasse

    Abonnez-vous à la chaîne « Le Nouveau Testament dans La Sainte Bible : Les évangiles et l'apocalypse »

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  • ACCEPT - Zombie Apocalypse



    'TOO MEAN TO DIE' is out now via Nuclear Blast.





    Video by Ingo Spörl /

    #accept #toomeantodie #zombieapocalypse

  • playlist; you fell in love during an apocalypse



    ???????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????;
    since that cursed day, you have wandered aimlessly through the destroyed streets of your city, looking for resources to survive in this apocalyptic world.

    having run out of food and shelter, you continued your way to the surrounding towns when you met the one who would be your traveling companion and so much more.

    you continued your journey across the country for months until you finally came across a new city built by other survivors. you finally found a place to stay together for the rest of your life.

    - ♡
    0:00 ; radioactive cover by madilyn bailey
    2:51 ; answer by ateez
    6:31 ; impossible year cover by emma hamel
    8:59 ; can't help falling in love cover by tommee profitt
    11:50 ; when the darkness comes by colbie caillat
    16:02 ; losing you by wonho
    19:00 ; live like legends by ruelle
    22:36 ; the end of all things cover by joelholmqvist

    - ♡
    thanks for listening ♥

  • NIVIRO - The Apocalypse NCS 1 HOUR


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    NIVIRO - The Apocalypse 1 HOUR
    NIVIRO - The Apocalypse 1 HOUR LOOP
    NIVIRO - The Apocalypse 10 HOURS
    NIVIRO - The Apocalypse Extended Version
    NIVIRO - The Apocalypse Bass Boosted Version

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  • Nightcore - The Apocalypse


    Nightcore - NIVIRO - The Apocalypse
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    ???? Artwork by 千夜QYS3
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  • Lovebites - The Apocalypse


    Video taken from Summer Sonic 2019. But since the audio was quite poor, so I take the audio from Battle In The East concert. As you know any clips from Battle In The East were just an instant world wide blocked.

    Yes I know the video quality is also poor, I really need to have ADOBE Premiere to edit and merge this kind of video.

  • Apocalypse


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Apocalypse · Jackie Evancho


    ℗ 2016 JE Touring, Inc

    Released on: 2016-04-18

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Mardelas/「Apocalypse」Music Video(full version)


    ◎国内ハード・ロック/ヘヴィ・メタル・シーンを代表する女性ヴォーカリスト、蛇石マリナ率いるMardelasの『Mardelas Ⅲ』に続く、約一年ぶりにリリースする新作!

    ◎本作は蛇石マリナ(Vo)、及川樹京(G)、弓田“HOT”秀明(Ds)、本石久幸(B)の4人のメンバーに加えて、LIGHT BRINGERのキーボード奏者、現在はソロ・キーボーディスト/作曲、編曲家としても活躍中のMaoがスペシャル・ゲストとしてレコーディングに参加!!


    ◎タイトルの『Ground ZERO』には“グラウンドゼロ=爆心地”、1stアルバムからバンドのイメージとしてシリーズ化されている「魔界都市新宿」の崩壊というコンセプトが込められており、アーティスト写真には荒廃地を背景に4人のメンバーが佇んでいる構図が描かれているほか、戦場で生きる戦士達を彷彿とさせる新衣装も印象的である!!

    ◎本作のリリース後は東京、名古屋、大阪でワンマン・ツアーが決定しており、新作同様Maoを含む編成で各地を廻る予定のほか、秋にはロンドンで行われる日本のHM/HRバンドのフェスティヴァル、“METAL MATSURI”への出演も決定しており、勢いを更に加速する今後のMardelasの動向にも目が離せない。

    Mardelas, fronted by female vocalist Marina Hebiishi who represents Japan’s hard rock/heavy metal scene will release their latest catalog since Mardelas III one year ago!

    The long-awaited release features special guest Mao (LIGHT BRINGER, currently solo) on keyboards in addition to the normal 4-member line up of Marina Hebiishi (Vocals), Kikyo Oikawa (Guitar), Yumida “HOT” Hideaki (Drums), and Hisayuki Motoishi (Bass).

    This special line up of five infuses melodic, & head pounding metal that sets it apart from previous releases!

    The EP title “Ground Zero” represents the collapse of the world, and centers around “Devildom City Shinjuku Kabukicho” which has been the image of the band since their debut 1st album. The cover art shows the destruction of the city with the four members of Mardelas rising above the ashes in new stage wear reminiscent of the new world warriors who live through this battlefield.

    Mardelas One-Man tour has been scheduled for Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka following the release of this EP with special guest Mao. Mardelas will also be performing at Metal Matsuri in London this October 2019.

    Keep your eye on Mardelas as they continue to battle through “Ground ZERO”!!

    Mardelas [Ground ZERO]
    2019.5.22 Release

    蛇石マリナ(Vo)/ 及川樹京(G)/ 本石久幸(B)/ 弓田“HOT”秀明(Ds)
    [スペシャル・ゲスト] : Mao(Key, LIGHT BRINGER, Fuki Commune, etc)

    KICS-3799 [定価 ¥2,400+税]

    [Track-listingka] :
    01. Time of Tribulation (Music: Mao)
    02. Apocalypse (Music: Kikyo Oikawa / Lyrics: Marina Hebiishi / Arrange: Kikyo Oikawa)
    03. Cleopatra (Music: Kikyo Oikawa / Lyrics: Marina Hebiishi / Arrange: Kikyo Oikawa)
    04. Outsider (Music: Marina Hebiishi / Lyrics: Marina Hebiishi / Arrange: Kikyo Oikawa)
    05. Redline (Music: Marina Hebiishi / Lyrics: Marina Hebiishi / Arrange: Kikyo Oikawa)
    06. Coma (Music: Marina Hebiishi / Lyrics: Marina Hebiishi / Arrange: Marina Hebiishi, Kikyo Oikawa, Mao)

    Produced by Mardelas


    ◆Mardelas music is now available around the world on YouTube Music, please visit the below,

    [METAL MATSURI] (ロンドン公演)

    [出演]Mardelas / Mary’s Blood / Unlucky Morpheus / Bridear, etc
    [More Information]:


  • Apocalypse


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Apocalypse · Heylu


    ℗ Heylu Music

    Released on: 2020-12-18

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Apocalypse Orchestra - The End is Nigh. Full album HQ extended


    Read the description to see the full track list The End is Nigh

    1. 00:00:02 The Garden Of Earthly Delights
    2. 00:08:38 Pyre
    3. 00:15:12 Flagellants' Song
    4. 00:23:35 Exhale
    5. 00:30:55 Theatre of War
    6. 00:39:42 The Great Morality
    7. 00:47:15 To Embark
    8. 00:50:04 Here Be Monsters

  • Apocalypse - The Correspondents


    This track is taken from The Correspondents Who Knew EP. Made in support of Extinction Rebellion, a socio-political movement with the stated aim of using civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance to protest against climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse.

    “This is an emergency and for emergency situations we need emergency action.” – Ban Ki-Moon, former UN Secretary General

  • Felukah - Apocalypse


    Official music video for Apocalypse by Felukah

    Directed by Edoardo Ranaboldo

    Editor - Edoardo Ranaboldo
    Cinematographer - Joshua Eichenbaum
    Production Designer - Vince Sanchez
    Stylist - Giselle Manzano
    Assistant Director - Lola Newman
    Colorist - Elizabeth Chan
    Assistant Camera - Nathan Bailey
    Music Produced by Hansolo Beats & Mostafa Zaghloul

    Executive Producers - Jasper Aaron & Mostafa Zaghloul
    Associate Producers - Alec Ginsberg, Robert Bond, Anna Levy

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  • Anna & the Apocalypse Cast - Hollywood Ending


    Anna & the Apocalypse Cast's Hollywood Ending is available now!
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  • Anna And The Apocalypse - I Will Believe


    The ‘Anna And the Apocalypse’ soundtrack is available now!
    Listen HERE:

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    #AnnaAndThe Apocalypse



    My original song, APOCALYPSE takes me in a truly pop direction for the first time and was debuted on Billboard 4/19/16. Also a special thank you to my costar Logan Rowland. Check him out on the Musical Theater scene.

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  • Slow Dancing Through The Apocalypse


    Provided to YouTube by Amuseio AB

    Slow Dancing Through The Apocalypse · Ill-Advised Poetry

    Slow Dancing Through The Apocalypse

    ℗ Mailbox Music

    Released on: 2020-05-01

    Music Publisher: Copyright Control
    Music Publisher: Copyright Control
    Music Publisher: Copyright Control
    Composer Lyricist: Jesse Hunter Short
    Composer Lyricist: Eric Racy
    Composer Lyricist: Christopher Woods

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Philip Pentacle - Animal Chamber Apocalypse Beat


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    Intro Video by Placer Studio:
    All Rights Reserved By The Original Artists and Labels.

  • Unicorn Heads - Keys to the Apocalypse


    Original music by for the YouTube Audio Library. This music is free to use in your own YouTube videos! Find the music in the YouTube Audio Library in the Creator Studio! Search Unicorn Heads.

    Written, produced and mixed by Connor O'Sullivan for Unicorn Heads and the YouTube Audio Library.

    Find original Unicorn Heads music to use in your YouTube videos free-of-charge in the YouTube Audio Library in the Creator Studio!

    Photography by Jeff Sheldon from Unsplash.

  • X-Men Apocalypse Soundtrack - 02 The Transference by John Ottman


    I do NOT own anything in this video. Music is composed by John Ottman.

  • Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse · Ultimate Spinach

    Behold & See

    ℗ 2013 Iris Properties, Inc.

    Released on: 2013-05-21

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Courtyard Apocalypse


    This is a non-profit, fan-based edit of 'Courtyard Apocalypse', composed and conducted by Alexandre Desplat, produced by Alexandre Desplat, Conrad Pope, Peter Cobbin, and Gerard McCann, and released by WaterTower Music in 2011.

    Please support the official release.

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  • Taint - Apocalypse


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    Single Apocalypse taken from the upcoming Looking for myself EP. Follow us and stay tuned as more is coming!



    Video done by Krystian Mucha
    Recording, mix, mastering and production by Wally Studio

  • Brye - Apocalypse Official Video


    Video Director/Producer/Editor: Nicki Fletcher

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    Official Website:

  • Eve of the Apocalypse


    Provided to YouTube by Roadrunner Records

    Eve of the Apocalypse · Malevolent Creation


    ℗ 1992 The All Blacks B.V.

    Producer: Malevolent Creation
    Mixer, Producer: Scott Burns
    Lyricist: Brett Hoffman
    Composer: Phil Fasciana
    Composer: Rob Barrett

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Snow Ghosts - The Hunted


    Download the single from iTunes/Google Play:
    Original taken from the debut album 'A Small Murmuration', download: or buy on CD/Vinyl:
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    [전지적 독자 시점(Omniscient Reader)] 멸망 시나리오 테마곡 ’THE ONSET OF APOCALYPSE’
    Moonstruck Album ver.

    이번 곡은 싱숑 작가님의 [전지적 독자 시점]에 나오는 멸망 시나리오를 테마로 한 ‘THE ONSET OF APOCALYPSE’라는 곡 입니다.

    • Composer | MZ(MJKIM)
    • Mastering Studio | Sonic Korea
    • Mastering Engineer | Kang, Suenghee 강승희
    • Calligraphy | 카이넬님

    • 음악의 저작권은 MZ에게 있으며, 개인적/상업적인 영상에 사용할 수 없습니다.
    -출처를 남겨도 사용이 불가능합니다.
    -이용 허락 문의에도 답변하지 않으니 양해 부탁드립니다.

    • 비공식으로 제작된 음원입니다. 2차 가공(편곡 등)을 금합니다.

    • 음악을 사용하는 영상이 보일 경우, 으로 제보를 부탁드립니다. 검토 후 법적으로 대응하겠습니다.

    ▶︎ INSTAGRAM |
    ▶︎ SITE |
    ▶︎ Contact |

    #전독시 #전지적독자시점

  • Schecter Apocalypse Review & Demo with Sustainiac & Floyd Rose C-1 FR S


    FREE video lesson and eBook - learn soloing devices, scales, tips, and tricks to dress up your scales and lead guitar playing. Plus tons of scale diagrams all over the neck!

    - Click for our FREE Jam Track Coach that has six killer jam tracks plus two FREE eBooks where we go over the tracks one at a time and diagram out all the scales and soloing strategies. Its a great practice tool from Next Level Guitar

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    Schecter Apocalypse Review & Demo with Sustainiac & Floyd Rose C-1 FR S

  • Before The Apocalypse | Efisio Cross


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    ARTWORK BY Artwork : Wladimir Jara Salazar
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    Hello family.

    I hope that you are all in good health. I’m very grateful to present you a new piece of music called «Before The Apocalypse». October has been so heavy, but thank God it’s going better now.

    In this cue, I had in heart to share a contemplation I had about the atmosphere, the rising tension in Heaven, before the Apocalypse as described in the book of Revelation in Scriptures.

    It’s an adoration composition for the Son of the Living God Yeshua, before his second coming.

    Regarding the construction of the track, I tried to combine oriental and occidental elements to describe the union between all flesh which Christ saved and love. There is no racism with Him.

    I love you all! Thank you so much for being there for me, who ever you are. I’m nothing without God and you.



  • Lambert - Sweet Apocalypse


    Listen to 'Sweet Apocalypse' -
    The Sweet Apocalypse is here! The title track from Lambert’s ‘Sweet Apocalypse’ is available now.

    Music video by Lambert performing Sweet Apocalypse. (C) 2017 Lambert, Under exclusive licence to Mercury KX, a division of Decca Music Group Limited

  • Persona 4 - Ill Face Myself


    With this remix I tried to remix the boss theme from Persona 4 in a similar style to Shin Megami Tensei IV & IV Apocalypse's soundtrack. I hope you like it!
    Original composer: Shoji Meguro
    Remix by: Dominic Ninmark

    This is just a tribute!

  • Eternal Eclipse - Wings of Apocalypse


    A Dramatic, Suspenseful and Dark Song From Eternal Eclipse
    #EpicMusic #EternalEclipse

    Album: Wings of Apocalypse

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    ???? Image:

    First song from Eternal Eclipse here, and to start a very Dramatic and Intense, Suspenseful and with Powerful Dark Emotions. An almost non-stop extension to keep the action continuous and the enthusiasm up high.

    I rather face the apocalypse than the apoCALIPSOOOOO!!! (BRs joke, sorry friends)
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    © All music and images are copyrighted and belong to the respective owners.
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  • Pacific Rim Original Score 03 - Cancelling the Apocalypse by Ramin Djawadi


    I do NOT own the copyrights of this movie or score.

    © 2013 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved. IMAX ® is a registered trademark of IMAX corporation.
    © 2013 & ™ Legend Pictures, LLC. All rights reserved.

  • NIVIRO - The Apocalypse ⌛️ 1 Hour Loop


    Perfectly looped 1 hour version including lyrics (if available).

    ???? Song Title - The Apocalypse by NIVIRO
    ???? Genre - Electro

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    Atoms fall apart, solar flares arrive
    Buildings collapse, only a few survive

    The World as we know it will no longer be there
    Water is gone, a new era has begun

    Prepare yourself, for the apocalypse
    Prepare yourself, for the apocalypse

    The heat is scorching, forests burned up
    The sky colours red, volcanoes erupt

    The World as we know it will no longer be there
    Water is gone, a new era has begun

    Prepare yourself, for the apocalypse
    Prepare yourself, for the apocalypse

    1 Hour EDM music from the some of the largest labels including Monstercat, NCS (No Copyright Sounds) and others including independent EDM musicians.

    We offer the best EDM tracks in a one hour seamlessly looped format. Our loops are edited to remove dead space between the beginning and end of the song for a continuous experience.

    If you're looking for gaming music, workout music, exercise music and dance music or just some great songs to chill out to...check out our playlists and you'll find what you're looking for.

    Featured artists include, but are not limited to:

    Marshmello, Pegboard Nerds, Aero Chord, Vicetone, Muzzy, Au5, San Holo, Mr FijiWiji, Krewella, Stonebank, Slushii, Razihel, Excision, Grabbitz, Conro, Varien, Seven Lions, Jauz, Project 46, Gareth Emery, Infected Mushroom, Timmy Trumpet, Ephixa, Modestep, NERVO, Haywyre, Atmozfears, Fractal, Delta Heavy, Darren Styles, Kayzo, Dyro, I See Monstas, Kill the Noise, Stephen, Dzeko & Torres, Draper, Notaker, Dirtyphonics, Kerli, HALIENE, Fox Stevenson, Kasbo, Dani Deahl, Bassnectar, Getter, Nghtmre, Ookay, Andy C, Rusko, Chali 2na, 3rd Prototype, Alan Walker, Alex Skrindo, Andromedik, Axol, Beatcore, Brooks, Cadmium, Cartoon, Chris Linto, Chime, Clarx, Codeko, Curbi, Culture Code, CODE, Deaf Kev, Debris, Defqwop, Desembra, Desmeon, Diamond Eyes, Different Heaven, Disfigure, Distrion, Diviners, Domastic, Dropouts, Egzod, Electric Joy Ride, Electrolight, Elektronomia, ElementD, Fareoh, Floatinurboat, Friendzone, Futuristik, Glude, Halcyon, Inukshuk, Intro, Janji, Jim Yosef, Kasger, Killercats, Kovan, LarsM, Krys Talk, Leon Fight, Lennart Schroot, Lensko, Mendum, Mountkid, MYRNE, Netta,NIVIRO, OLWIK, Oneeva, Our Psych, Phantom Sage, Prismo, Rameses B, Raven & Kreyn, RedMoon, RetroVision, Rival, Rob Gasser, Tobu, TULE, Weero and more...

  • Apocalypse


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Apocalypse · Beluga Lagoon

    The Caledonian Fig Tree

    ℗ Indri Records

    Released on: 2019-11-11

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



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