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Playlist of Apache fiddle

  • Apache


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  • Dance Monkey - Tones and I - Violin - Play Along Tab Tutorial


    Dance Monkey - Tones and I - Violin - Play Along Tab Tutorial

    my Tin Whistle version =

    Piano App Tutorial =

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  • Fiddles of the World. The Erhu, Morin Khur, Rebab, Rebec,Kemence, Lyra, , Hardingfele and many more!


    A tour of many of the different fiddles which have evolved across the world since the invention of the bow in central Asia. Based largely on the text of the opening chapter of my Fiddle Handbook, this video tells the story of how bowed instruments travelled both west and east along the silk road. This quickly giving rise to a fascinating range of fiddles which were soon embedded deep in the culture of people across the world.

    Among the instruments mentioned and described are the Ravanastron (Sri Lanka), Morin Khur (Mongolia), the Erhu (China), the Rebab (Persia, and throughout the middle and far east), Sarangi (India), the Kemence (the same), the Cretan Lyra, Pontic Lyra (Black Sea), Politiki Lyra (Turkey), Gadulka (Bulgaria), Lijerica (Dalmatia), Rebec, Vielle, Viola de Braccio (all western europe), crwth (Wales), Hardanger fiddle (Norway), Gourd Fiddle and Apache Fiddle (America), Raweali (Mexico), Gue (Shetland), Suka and Plock fiddle (Poland), Nyckelharpa (Sweden), Jouhikko (Finland).

    The Video includes sound clips provided specially by friends from across the world;
    Raphael Sibertin-Blanc- Kemence
    Alan yip (erhu)
    Hadi Kamali (Persian Kemence)
    Steve Blake (Gourd fiddle)
    Christine Adams (Nyckelharpa)
    Rohan Roy (Indian violin)

    To look at or buy my fiddle books, go to

    Get in touch or ask me a question;

    My website has a vast amount of information about almost every fiddle style across the world . You don't believe me? Take a look!

  • Cartoons That Will Make You Want To PRACTICE


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    S N A P C H A T: Brettybang | Eddy.Chen

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  • Rising Appalachia: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


    Watch Rising Appalachia play Resilient, Medicine and Cuckoo at the Tiny Desk.

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    Rising Appalachia's Tiny Desk Concert is charged with the roots music that sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith learned in fiddle camps as kids. Growing up in urban Atlanta and beyond, they also heard rhythms from a wider world, and their music grew to reflect new sounds and their activism. When they came to NPR, their van was packed with a bodhrán (Irish drum), an ngoni (West African harp) a huge gourd, a cello, a baritone guitar and more, including the other musicians who make up this wandering, Atlanta-based band: David Brown, Biko Casini, Arouna Diarra and Duncan Wickel.

    But American roots music sure seems to be the connecting tissue for this group. They end the set with a song Leah and Chloe learned from our mama, an old boot-stompin' Appalachian folk tune called Cuckoo, where the many worlds of American, Irish and African music and storytelling combine, and Rising Appalachia shines.


    Leah Song: vocals, banjo, bodhrán; Chloe Smith: vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo; David Brown: baritone guitar; Biko Casini: percussion; Arouna Diarra: ngoni; Duncan Wickel: fiddle, cello

    Producers: Bob Boilen, Maia Stern, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative director: Bob Boilen; Audio engineers: Josh Rogosin, Natasha Branch; Editor: Maia Stern; Videographers: Kara Frame, Morgan Noelle Smith, Maia Stern, Jack Corbett; Associate producer: Bobby Carter; Executive producer: Lauren Onkey; VP, programming: Anya Grundmann; Photo: Mhari Shaw

  • Dave Hum with The Huckleberries - Dueling Banjos


    Playing an arrangement of Eric Weissberg's Dueling Banjos from the film Deliverance at South Petherton Arts Centre, December 2008 - check out fiddle player Paul Sax at the end! -

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  • Foggy Mountain Boys - Foggy Mountain Jamboree


    Track listing

    Flint Hill Special (Earl Scruggs) – 2:47
    Some Old Day (Louise Certain, Gladys Stacey) – 2:29
    Earl's Breakdown (Earl Scruggs) – 3:01
    Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy (A.P. Carter) – 2:42
    Foggy Mountain Special (Louise Certain, Gladys Stacey) – 2:03
    It Won't Be Long (Johnny Anderson) – 2:31
    Shuckin' The Corn (Louise Certain, Gladys Stacey, Buck Graves) – 2:02
    Blue Ridge Cabin Home (Louise Certain, Gladys Stacey) – 2:55
    Randy Lynn Rag (Earl Scruggs) – 2:03
    Your Love is Like a Flower (Earl Scruggs, Lester Flatt, Everett Lilly) – 2:53
    Foggy Mountain Chimes (Earl Scruggs) – 2:16
    Reunion in Heaven (Earl Scruggs, Lester Flatt) – 2:53


    Lester Flatt - Guitar, vocals
    Earl Scruggs - Banjo, vocals
    Chet Atkins - Guest Artist (Rhythm guitar)
    Ray Edenton - Rhythm guitar
    Howdy Forrester - Guest Artist (Fiddle)
    Josh Buck Graves - Dobro
    Louis Innis - Rhythm guitar
    Everett Lilly - Mandolin
    Benny Martin - Guest Artist (Fiddle)
    Ernie Newton - Bass
    Jody Rainwater - Bass
    Curly Seckler - Mandolin, vocals
    Jack Shook - Rhythm Guitar
    Jake Tullock - Bass
    Paul Warren - Fiddle, Vocals
    Howard Watts - Bass
    Chubby Wise - Guest Artist (Fiddle)

  • Roy Clark - Malaguena


    Malaguena (single) - Roy Clark MP3 download
    Best Of Roy Clark, The (10 tracks album) - Roy Clark
    audio CD
    MP3 download

    July 13, 1969
    Roy Clark performs Malagueña, a now-legendary specialty of his. Written by Ernesto Lecuona (originally the sixth movement of his Andalucia Suite).

  • Audrey Hash Ham, fiddle maker, interview


    Segment of an interview with Audrey Hash Ham on growing up, her father Albert Hash, and fiddle making.
    Born in Grayson County, Virginia, Audrey Hash Ham has made her home in Ashe County for many years. She learned to make dulcimers, then fiddles, from her father, Albert Hash. Audrey says that she followed her father around from the time she was about three years old, watching the way he worked. She made her first dulcimer around 1966 and continued making them for years, working beside her father while he made fiddles.

    Eventually, with the guidance of her father, she decided to try making a fiddle. I got the fiddle done, and I was so nervous when it was done. I knew it wouldn't play. I just knew it wouldn't. I handed it to daddy, and it played. I gave the fiddle to daddy for his birthday, and he said, I'd rather have that than a brand new Cadillac.

    Today, Audrey Ham's shop is located beside her house, and she spends part of each day working there on instruments. The music itself, which has always been part of her life, moves easily with her between shop and home. She enjoys singing folk songs around the house, and she and her daughter like to harmonize with each other. All the old folk songs, we used to sing them cooking and, I mean, that's all we ever knew was to sing, she says.

    Audrey makes fiddles and other string instruments, and her work has received public acclaim. She has worked with Archie Powers, who also apprenticed under Albert Hash, and has helped a number of people get started making instruments, including Archie's son Carl. Audrey has made fiddles that have sold for as much as $13,000. She particularly enjoys carving figures in the peghead of her fiddles. Audrey has been featured in books, magazines and documentaries including CMT, Folkways and the Travel Channel.

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  • Epic Wild Western Music - Cowboys & Outlaws


    Epic wild western music about cowboys, outlaws, ghost towns, and vast prairies.

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    Wild West Music |

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    Tracklist :

    0:00 – Gunslinging Outlaws
    3:34 – Billy the Kid
    7:11 – No Man's Land
    11:10 – The Great Mountain
    14:52 – Tumbleweed Town
    18:54 – Indian Camp
    22:19 – Legends of the West
    25:34 – Apache Tribe
    28:54 – Campfire Tales
    32:37 – Night in the Prairie
    36:30 – Gold Rush
    40:47 – Ol' Mining Town
    44:07 – Cactus Desert
    47:23 – Ghost Town
    51:15 – The Old Train
    54:40 – The Oregon Trail
    58:08 – The Wild West
    1:01:37 – Rowdy Cowboys

    These beautiful pictures are from Frederic Remington (1st pic), RDS2 (2nd pic), Albert Bierstadt (3rd and 9th pics), TomaszProszek (4th pic), Ad Meskens (5th pic), Saguaro Pictures (6th pic), Werner22brigitte (7th pic), Library of Congress, fixed by Dawn Hudson (8th pic), and C. M. Russell (last pic).











    Gun sound effects were done by Grant Evans (Gunslinging Outlaws), KP, and Jim Rogers (both Billy the Kid).


    The artwork for The Wild West CD is by Saguaro Pictures.

    Relevant hashtags:

    #wildwest #western #cowboys #wildwestmusic #westernmusic #outlaw #cowboymusic #guitarmusic #wildwesternmusic #wildwestern

    ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~

  • Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers - Long Gone John - Winterhawk - 1990


    Red Knuckles - acoustic guitar, Wendell Mercantile - electric guitar, Waldo Otto - steel guitar, Slade - bass. Alonzo Otto - fiddle. Manager - Colonel Mel
    12 of 13

  • Song for Tom Petty


    Premiering on American Songwriter, Song for Tom Petty is the 1st single from Amigos, the 3rd full-length album from The Satin Cowboy & The Seven Deadly Sins. Amigos is set to release this summer.

    Silas Hite - Vocals, guitars, accordion, drums, percussion
    Sam Nelson - Backing vocals
    Vito Gutilla - Fiddle
    Paul Morin - Upright bass

    Written by Silas Hite
    Recorded, Mixed, & Produced by Silas Hite
    Mastered by Hans DeKline

    All Rights Reserved 2020

  • Bluegrass Christmas Medley | The U.S. Army Bands 2015 American Holiday Festival


    Recorded from The U.S. Army Band's 2015 American Holiday Festival at DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC, December 4-6, 2015 | Bluegrass Christmas Medley, arr. MSG Michael Brown| Joy to the World; Children, Go Where I Send Thee; and Christmas is Near | SFC Dean G. Woods, guitar . SFC Marlisa D. Woods, fiddle . MSG Michael J. Ford, harmonica . SFC Kristopher C. Armstrong, string bass . CW5 (ret.) Charles Vollherbst, banjo

  • Pata Pata - The Muses


    Stream The Muses here:


    For Bookings: Contact Morgan Ross - UMG Live - +27 083 444 3431 / +27 011 722 0582

    Filmed at Salt + Stone by Matt Marinus from Dream Canvas Productions

    #TheMusesZA #PataPata

  • Steel Guitar Rag


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Steel Guitar Rag · Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys

    The Essential Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

    ℗ Originally Released 1936 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

    Guitar: Herman Arnspiger
    Guitar: Sleepy Johnson
    Steel Guitar, Composer, Lyricist: Leon McAuliffe
    Banjo: Johnnie Lee Wills
    Drums: Smoky Dacus
    Piano: Al Stricklin
    Bass: Joe Ferguson
    Fiddle: Bob Wills
    Fiddle: Jess Ashlock
    Saxophone: Zeb McNally
    Tenor Saxophone: Ray DeGreer
    Trumpet: Everett Stover
    Producer: Art Satherley

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Ghost Riders in the Sky - steel guitar


    6-string, C6 tuning (high to low) E, C, A, G, E, C. 1950 Gibson Century 6 lap steel, Peavey Nashville 112 amp. My web site:

  • Neil LeVang - Ghost Riders In The Sky


    On the Lawrence Welk Show. Check out the Organist's expression. priceless.

  • Western Music Cowboy Song My Pony and Me The Terry Family


    Western Music Cowboy Song My Pony and Me The Terry Family.
    Now Available on iTunes
    This is a western cowboy song written and sang by Bob Terry . Along with Johnie Terry on Bass and Chance Terry on Lead Guitar. This is a Recording from The Western Music Show . Cowboy Campfire Tales held at The Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo many of the best western performers in the country play at Cowboy Campfire Tales. is adding a western music catagory section to its westerns movies web site .

  • Cor Steyn - Now is the Hour - Play Fiddle play - Tennessee Waltz


    Cor Steyn and his magic Organ, Folge 3 (1964) (Imperial Records)
    English Waltz Medley:
    - Now is the Hour
    - Play Fiddle play
    - Tennessee Waltz

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    Nini Rosso - Il Silenzio:

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  • DIY Spike Fiddle Erhu, Rebab, Morin Khuur, Goje


    Prehistoric spike fiddle made of a gourd,deer hide, leather, and wooden dowels /broomsticks

    Last year's GoT Ending Predictions * Euron Greyjoy's Pact with White Walkers * are Being Confirmed in Leaks! Season 7 Theories revisited!


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  • Neil LeVang Wild Dog


    This is how I remember dad, chopping away at his Fender King Rhythm guitar. He is great! Joe Livoti is no slouch either!

  • Anthony Belvado and the Apache Fiddle Tradition


    An interview with Anthony Belvado, an Apache Fiddle maker who is helping keep this Apache tradition alive in the 21st Century. I produced this video for the Musical Instrument Museum's special exhibition I am AZ Music for the state of Arizona's Centennial.

    Visit the MIM's website:

  • APACHE FIDDLE, the wood that sings.


    Apache Fiddle, wood that sings. This is probably the best collection of Apache fiddles, all made by Robert Black in the little fishing town of Palamos, Girona, Catalonia, a long way from Apache country. It was traditionally made from the stalk of the agave plant (the plant that produces tequila liquor and sisal rope).
    June 2019

  • Apache Violin Improvisation


    An improvisational Native American Flute piece, by Dwayne B. Sapling, played to the rhythmic accompaniment of the Apache Violin (a unique instrument made from a hollowed out agave stalk).

  • The Shadows - Apache


    The shadows - Apacha. Violin version. The violin is a yamaha V5.

  • Audrey Hash Ham- First Fiddle Story


    Audrey Hash Ham tells the story of how her father, Albert Hash, made his first fiddle at ten years of age. It was Depression times, and his family couldn't afford a fiddle, but he desperately wanted one. So, he decided to make one, and one night night, he had a dream where he made a fiddle. He got up the next day and made his first fiddle. Audrey tells what he did that day.
    She also tells how she made her first fiddle and other stories of fiddle making.

  • Cornstalk Fiddle


  • Native American Composer Apprentice Project


    Grand Canyon Music Festival

  • 2018-10-27 Open Twin Fiddle Division Round 2 Finals - 2018 Western Open


    36th Western Open Fiddle Championships

  • Whistling Rufus - American Bluegrass, Oldtime & Folk Music


    Whistling Rufus – Traditional Bluegrass & Old-time acoustic music played using Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, Bass, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Dobro etc.

    INFO:WHISTLING RUFUS. AKA and see Way Down South in
    Dixie. Old Time. Bluegrass; Two-Step, March,
    Reel, Polka. USA; Virginia, West Virginia,
    Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Arizona. G Major
    {Beisswenger & McCann, Phillips}: G Major ('A' and
    'B' parts) & C Major ('C' part). Standard tuning
    (fiddle). AB (Beisswenger & McCann, Phillips): AAB
    (Brody). The tune was composed in 1899 by Kerry

    ABOUT THESE RECORDINGS: In an earlier life, when I was involved in playing folk and bluegrass music; with the help of Rick Townend and a few other musicians I recorded a set of 7 CDs with more than 70 tracks of acoustic recordings of well know bluegrass, old-time and folk tunes, these were intended as helpers for musicians to learn these tunes. They are played in easy keys, and at slowish / moderate speed so that new players can keep up. They have also been found useful as music for country dance such as Appalachian clogging where slowish versions are needed. All music copyright© Rod Smith all right reserved.

    When originally released, these were known as the “Just The Tune Series” and also included tablature for the tunes for guitar banjo, mandolin etc. I am also looking for some way to make these tabs available for download in PDF format.

    JUST THE TUNE Volume 6 tracks:
    1) Amazing Grace, Key G, 2) Bonaparte crossing Rhine, Key A, 3) Cricket on the Hearth, Key D,4) Devils Dream, Key A, 5) Katy Hill, Key G, 6) Leather Britches, Key G, 7) Lonesome Indian, Key D, 8) Rachel aka Texas Twostep, Key D, 9) Walking In The Parlor, Key G,10) West Fork Girls, Key D, 11) Whistling Rufus, Key C,

    JUST THE TUNE Volume 7 (coming soon) tracks:
    1)PellMell Key G, 2)Patty On The Turnpike Key Gmix, 3)Bluegrass Scramble Amix, 4) Fishers Hornpipe D, 5)Richmond Cotillion Key D, 6) Chinese Breakdown Key C, 7) Cindy Key G, 8) Dill Pickle Rag Key G, 9) Rakes Of Mallow Key G, 10) Kitchen Girl Key Amix, 11) Flowers Of the Forest Key A

    TABLATURE(also with melody line score): Sets of Tabs are available (Banjo-5 sting & Tenor), Guitar-various tunings, Dobro, Dulcimer. For a suggested donation of £2,(2GBP) I will email you the tabs for all eleven tunes and instruments on the requested volume(1 to 7.) these are emailed in the form of PDF files you can print out. You can donate here:

    My email is in the “about” description of this channel.
    Thanks Rod

  • Mark Williams / Fiddles On Fire



  • Old time gasconne fiddle music


    Old time gasconne fiddle music with Didier Oliver, Cathy Castet, Nicole Lestrade. The tune is passant sus la planqueta, in the occitan language.

    Villandraut, France, January 2008. After duck.

  • Skeleton Fiddler - Erin Zindle - Danse Macabre


    A clip of the theme from the classical piece 'Danse Macabre' as interpreted for fiddle and dance by Erin Zindle (of Erin Zindle & The Ragbirds). Danse Macabre is a tone poem for orchestra, written in 1874 by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

    Arrangement and choreography by Erin Zindle. Video by Cory Robinson.

    #TheRagbirds #ErinZindle #Skeleton #DanseMacabre #Fiddler #ErinZindleAndTheRagbirds #DancingViolinist #DancingFiddler #SpookyFiddle #FallFiddle #DanceStory #HappyHoloween #AllTheFeels #Fall #Bones #Costume #Autumn #HalloweenVideo #FullMoon #ebird #SkeletonCostume #FilmNoir #HalloweenMusic #HunterMoon #Instrumental #FiddleAndDance #DancingBones

  • 2018-19 PRSO Combined Orchestra: American Fiddle Medley


    arr. Bob Phillips

  • Hey Fiddle Fiddle


    SMS Orchestra spring concert



    in the latest installment of apache webisodes, the boys experience march touring and new recording

  • Ghost Riders in the Sky


    Instrumental version by Simon on violin.

  • Tim Kliphuis Trio plays The Nearness of You - Hoagy Carmichael


    Tim Kliphuis Trio plays The Nearness of You (Hoagy Carmichael) at the Fiddle Festival in Rotterdam, 27 September 2015.

  • Ellen Daly and Karson McKeown- Fiddle Set


    At fiddle club in Ottawa doing some tunes.




  • Richard Blaustein


    African American Fiddle Tune

  • All Around Cowboy


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    All Around Cowboy · Johnny Cash

    Look At Them Beans

    ℗ 1975 Sony Music Entertainment

    Released on: 1975-09-01

    Composer: L. POLLARD
    Guitar: Bob Wooton
    Composer: J. ROUTH
    Bass: Marshall Grant
    Drums: W.S. Fluke Holland
    Guitar: Pete Wade
    Guitar: James Colvard
    Guitar: Dave Kirby
    Guitar: Kelso Herston
    Guitar: Glenn Keener
    Guitar: Jerry Hensley
    Banjo, Guitar: Bobby Thompson
    Steel Guitar: Curly Chalker
    Fiddle: Johnny Gimble
    Fiddle: Buddy Spicher
    Fiddle: Marcy Gates
    Fiddle: Marjorie Gates
    Fiddle: Tommy Jackson
    Piano: David Briggs
    Piano: Earl Poole Ball
    Keyboards: Shane Keister
    Bass: Henry Strzelecki
    Bass: Joe Allen
    Drums: Kenny Malone
    Drums: Jerry Carrigan
    Drums: Willie Ackerman
    Trumpet: George Tidwell
    Background Vocal: George Cunningham
    Background Vocal: The Nashville Edition
    Producer: Don Davis

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Eskimo Fiddle Rock


    i think this is how you play it... something a fiddle band made back in Toksook Bay, with some improvising ... enjoy

  • Seri - Single Stringed Fiddle Recorded at Desemboc, Sonora State Native Americans


  • Tim Kliphuis Trio & David Newton celebrate Stéphane Grappellis Gypsy Jazz in This Cant Be Love


    The Grappelli Album is Tim Kliphuis Trio's NEW live CD!
    Go to to order, or:

    Stéphane Grappelli's music is alive and well in the hands of Tim Kliphuis and his musicians - Nigel Kennedy

    Tim Kliphuis - violin
    Nigel Clark - guitar
    Roy Percy - double bass

    Recorded in concert in Glasgow, Scotland, 29th September 2013

  • Just The Boyz feat Kal McCallum


    Canada Day in Montreal Lake 2011

  • The Biscuit Grabbers - Bull Fiddle Boogie 2011


    Wonderful track from their albumBiscuit Grabbers 2011, To order your copy, or get more information go to:

    Please watch: Jean Shephard - He Loved Me Once And He'll Love Me Again (Stars Of 50')


  • Le violon bleu


    site officiel de Marc Capuano

  • !Kung Bushmen - Bamboo Fiddle II


    from The Music of !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, Africa (Folkways, 1962)

  • Crosswind - Young Irish Music Official promotional video 2018


    Crosswind – das junge Erfolgsquartett aus dem Westen Deutschlands hat sich innerhalb kürzester Zeit zur aktivsten und meistgefeierten Newcomer-Band der deutschen Irish Folk Szene entwickelt. Mit diesem Video möchten die Musiker sich vorstellen.

    Béatrice Wissing: Fiddle, Gesang
    Mario Kuzyna: Gitarre, Akkordeon, Gesang
    Sebastian Landwehr: Gitarre, Concertina, Whistle, Gesang
    Stefan Decker: Flute, Whistle, Fiddle, Gitarre, Gesang


    Mixing/Mastering: JÜRGEN TREYZ und MANFRED FAUST
    Editing: STEFAN DECKER



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