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Playlist of Anuel AA

  • Pop 2019 Hits, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith


    Pop 2019 Hits, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith

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  • James Blunt - Youre Beautiful


    Stream or download the new album 'Once Upon A Mind':
    Get tickets for the tour here:

    © 2005 WMG
    You're Beautiful (Video)

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  • Ricky Martin - Shes All I Ever Had


    Ricky Martin's official music video for 'She's All I Ever Had'. Click to listen to Ricky Martin on Spotify:

    As featured on Ricky Martin. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:
    Google Play:

    More from Ricky Martin
    La Mordidita:

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    She's all, she's all I ever had.
    She's the air I breathe.
    She's all, she's all I ever had

    #RickyMartin #ShesAllIEverHad #Vevo #LatinPop #OfficialMusicVideo

  • Chemba Chemba | Malayalam Movie Songs | Nellu


    All Time Hits of Malayalam Movies Songs - One Stop Destination for Your favourite Superstars & Blockbuster Movies.
    Watch Only on Biscoot Malayalam Movie Songs.

    Listen Chemba Chemba Malayalam Movie Song From Movie Nellu (1974).

    Chemba Chemba
    Singer : P Jayachandran, Chorus, Manna Dey | Lyrics : Vayalar | Music : Salil Chowdhary

    Cast : Prem Nazir, Mohan Sharma, Jayabharathi, Prem Navas, Prabha, Latheef, Santhi, Sumithra, Ranichandra, SP Pillai, Sankaradi, Bahadoor

    Status Released on 23-08-1974
    Director Ramu Kariyat
    Producer NP Ali
    Banner Jammu Films International
    Story P Valsala
    Screenplay KG George, Ramu Kariyat
    Dialogue SL Puram Sadanandan
    Lyrics Vayalar
    Music Salil Chowdhary
    Singers KJ Yesudas, P Susheela, P Jayachandran, P Madhuri, Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey
    Cinematography Balu Mahendra
    Editing Hrishikesh Mukherjee, MN Appu
    Art Direction Baby Thiruvalla
    Design SA Nair
    Distribution Jammu picture circuit Release

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  • Макс Покровский. Ногу Свело! Ночной экспресс от 13.09.2019


    Живая музыка и задушевные истории от звезд. Гости программы – Макс Покровский и группа «Ногу Свело!». Ведущий программы – лидер группы «Несчастный случай» Алексей Кортнев.

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  • Adele - Set Fire To The Rain


    Buy/Listen 25: Buy/Listen 21: Buy/Listen 19: Follow Adele on: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Subscribe to the Adele VEVO Channel - Visit -

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  • Grease - High School Musical Summer Nights


    Summer Fun music video with slideshow of few pictures and lots of new animations. The song Summer Nights from Grease is the background music, with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens featured. *Note: The video is called Summer Fun.

    This was recorded with VideoStudio 11.

    LYRICS from Grease:
    Summer loving had me a blast

    Summer loving happened so fast

    I met a girl crazy for me

    Met a boy cute as can be

    Summer days drifting away, to oh oh the summer nights

    Well-a well-a well-a huh
    Tell me more, tell me more
    Did you get very far?

    Tell me more, tell me more
    Like does he have a car?

    She swam by me, she got a cramp

    He ran by me, got my suit damp

    I saved her life, she nearly drowned

    He showed off, splashing around

    Summer sun, something's begun, but oh oh the summer nights


    Tell me more, tell me more
    Was it love at first sight?

    Tell me more, tell me more
    Did she put a fight?

    Took her bowling in the arcade

    We went strolling, drank lemonade

    We made out under the dock

    We stayed out 'till ten o'clock

    Summer fling, don't mean a thing, but oh oh the summer nights


    Tell me more, tell me more
    But you don't have to bragg

    Tell me more, tell me more
    Cause he sounds like a drag

    He got friendly, holding my hand

    She got friendly down in the sand

    He was sweet just turned eighteen

    Well she was good you know what I mean

    Summer heat, boy and girl meet, but oh oh the summer nights

    Tell me more, tell me more
    How much dough did he spend?

    Tell me more, tell me more
    Could she get me a friend?

    It turned colder - that's where it ends

    So I told her we'd still be friends

    Then we made our true love vow

    Wonder what she's doing now

    Summer dreams ripped at the seams, but oh those summer nights

    Tell me more, tell me more

    Hope you enjoy this short video!

  • Marshmallow alone


  • Live Stream New Zealand Countdown Fireworks New Years Eve Auckland 2020 #NYE2020


    [ Live Stream] New Zealand Countdown Fireworks New Years Eve Auckland 2020 #NYE2020
    [ Live Stream] New Zealand Countdown Fireworks New Years Eve Auckland 2020 #NYE2020
    [ Live Stream] New Zealand Countdown Fireworks New Years Eve Auckland 2020 #NYE2020

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  • Gaming Music 2019 ????Best EDM Music Trap - Dubstep - House ???? Gaming Music Mix


    ⚡ Magic Spotify:
    ???? Magic No Copyright Music & USAGE POLICY:
    ⚡ Magic Instagram:
    ???? Submit DEMO to Magic Records :
    ???? Contact us:

    00:00 RUD - Spectacular (Magic Release)
    02:49 3rd Prototype - After the Storm [NCS Release]
    06:22 Dreameater - Sarah de Warren - The Voices (Magic Release)
    09:26 ROY KNOX x Tim Beeren - Save Me (Feat. Svniivan) [NCS Release]
    12:45 Coopex - Say It Now (Magic Release)
    15:47 Marin Hoxha - Good Times (feat. Tara Louise) (Magic Release)
    19:29 Edwince & Svniivan & Mitchell Martin - Euphoria (Magic Release)
    22:47 3rd Prototype - Blue [NCS Release]
    25:33 Ericovich - On My Way (Magic Release)
    28:03 Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor - Everyday [NCS Release]
    31:27 Sneaky Ollie - Ain't Been Feeling Right (Magic Release)
    34:28 ROY KNOX - I Wish [NCS Release]
    36:40 WTCHOUT x Jewels - Tell Me (Magic Release)
    39:42 Falling North - Olympia (feat. Harley Bird) (Magic Release)
    42:35 Romen Jewels - Heaven (feat. Aloura)
    45:19 JURGAZ & QV!N - Pure (Magic Release)
    48:32 Heather Sommer & Uplink - Chance On Faith [NCS Release]
    51:15 Kovan & LaCrème - Miracle (feat. Daimy Lotus) [NCS Release]
    54:23 XØ SELF - dR3ÄMS (ft. ARZE) [NCS Release]
    56:57 Convex - Home Soon (feat. Micah Martin) [NCS Release]


    Gaming music
    Gaming Mix
    Best Gaming Music
    Trap Music
    Trap Mix 2019
    Trap and Bass
    Magic Music
    Trap Remix

  • All 7 Chakras Healing Meditation Music


    This Track Features Music based on Indian Classical Raaga for Each Chakra, with the Root Note Frequency at the Resonating Frequency of Each Chakra. Starting with Root Chakra - The Muladhara - The Foundation of All Chakras and moving all the way up to Crown Chakra - The Sahasrara. Each Chakra music is roughly around 7 Mins Long.

    This entire month we will be posting a new chakra meditation music and chants everyday.
    SUBSCRIBE using the link below for your Daily Chakra Meditations and updates on the new uploads.

    i. Chakra Sleep Meditation Series ending with peaceful Morning Mantra starting with Root Chakra
    ii. Special Request Video for Root Chakra Healing Meditation Music - Extended Version.

    ♫ WATCH YESTERDAY's VIDEO - Crown Chakra(Sahasrara) Healing Meditation Music :


    1. Root Chakra :Healing Meditation Music Starts at 00:00
    Sanskrit Name - Muladhara
    Associated Raag - Shyam Kalyan
    Root Note Frequency - 256Hz
    Color - Red
    Location - Base of the Spine
    Function - It governs over our physical energies, giving us a sense of safety and security with other people and ourselves.

    2. Sacral Chakra : Healing Meditation Music Starts at 07:15
    Sanskrit Name - Svadhishthana
    Associated Raag - Yaman
    Root Note Frequency - 288Hz
    Color - Orange
    Location - In your lower abdomen, about one to two inches below your naval.
    Function - The Sacral chakra is about feeling and sexuality. When it is open, your feelings flow freely, and are expressed without you being over-emotional.

    3. Solar Plexus Chakra : Healing Meditation Music Starts at 14:28
    Sanskrit Name - Manipura
    Associated Raag - Bhimpalasi
    Root Note Frequency - 320Hz
    Color - Yellow
    Location - At the navel or slightly above the solar plexus
    Function - Manipura is considered the center of dynamism, energy, willpower, and achievement (Itcha shakti), which radiates prana(the life energy) throughout the entire human body.

    4. Heart Chakra : Healing Meditation Music Starts at 21:58
    Sanskrit Name - Anahata
    Associated Raag - Ahir Bhairav
    Root Note Frequency - 341Hz
    Color - Green
    Location - In the central channel of the spine at the heart
    Function - It is associated with the ability to make decisions outside the realm of karma. In Anahata one makes decisions or follows one's heart based on one's higher self, not the unfulfilled emotions and desires of lower nature.

    5. Throat Chakra : Healing Meditation Music Starts at 29:33
    Sanskrit Name - Vishuddha
    Associated Raag - Desh
    Root Note Frequency - 384Hz
    Color - Sky Blue
    Location - At the throat region, near the spine
    Function - It is known as the purification center of our body and is associated with creativity and self-expression.

    6. Third Eye Chakra : Healing Meditation Music Starts at 36:59
    Sanskrit Name - Ajna
    Associated Raag - Bhupali
    Root Note Frequency - 448Hz
    Color - Indigo
    Location - Directly behind the center of the forehead
    Function - Ajna translates as command, and is considered the eye of intuition and intellect. When something is seen in the mind's eye, or in a dream, it is being seen by Ajna

    7. Crown Chakra : Healing Meditation Music Starts at 44:36
    Sanskrit Name - Sahasrara
    Associated Raag - Darbari
    Root Note Frequency - 480Hz
    Color - Violet
    Location - Either at or slightly above the top of the head.
    Function - The Sahasrara Chakra symbolises detachment from illusion; an essential element in obtaining higher consciousness of the truth that one is all and all is one.


    Root Chakra {Muladhara} :
    Sacral Chakra {Swaddhisthana} :
    Solar Plexus Chakra {Manipura} :
    Heart Chakra {Anahata} :
    Throat Chakra{Vishuddha} :
    Third Eye Chakra {Ajna} :
    Crown Chakra{Sahasrara} :

    ✜ LET'S CONNECT - Meditation Music, Mantra Meditations, Chakra Healing Chants & Healthy Living Tips.

    ✜ CREDITS : Composition & Music : Dilpreet Bhatia


    Our Mission is to bring more peace and mindfulness in people's lives through Music for Meditation, Chakra Healing, Mantra

  • Измайловский парк 20.12.19. Большой юмористический концерт


    Большой юмористический концерт Измайловский парк 20.12.19
    ▶Подпишись на канал Россия 1:
    ▶Все концерты:

    В Измайловском парке собираются те, кому есть чем развеселить публику, и те, кому просто хочется посмеяться. Звезды юмора и эстрады показывают свои новые номера, исполняют песни и веселят зрителей своими репризами.

    Смотрите также:
    ???? Привет, Андрей
    ???? Андрей Малахов. Прямой эфир
    ???? Весёлый вечер
    ???? Действующие лица с Наилей Аскер-заде
    ???? Синяя птица
    ???? Судьба человека
    ???? Когда все дома
    ???? О самом главном
    ???? Пятеро на одного
    ???? Аншлаг и Компания
    ???? Юмор! Юмор! Юмор!
    ???? Петросян-Шоу

    ???? Фильмы и сериалы канала Россия

  • The Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer - Who Do You Love | Vevo


    The Chainsmokers ft. 5 Seconds of Summer - Who Do You Love (Live From World War Joy Tour)

    Anyone looking for Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall the last few years could always find them near the top of the charts. We caught up with them on their World War Joy tour in Denver, Colorado, for what was one of the most ambitious arena tours we’ve ever seen. Watch their collab with 5 Seconds of Summer, Who Do You Love, right now, and stay close to Vevo. More performances from the show are on their way.

    Watch more performances from the World War Joy Tour:

    Watch the official video for Who Do You Love:

    Watch The Chainsmokers live:

    Watch music videos by the Chainsmokers:

    Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
    Director: Micah Bickham
    Senior Producer: Maura Scully
    Senior Producer: Kyle Goldberg
    Producer: Contrast Films
    Editor: Austin Prahl
    Music & Talent: Gabby Prisciandaro & Sam Mackoff

    The Chainsmokers


    #TheChainsmokers  #ChainsmokersLive  #WhoDoYouLove  #5SoS

    Special Thanks to:
    Wob Roberts
    Clancey Sliver
    Elliot Lidard
    Amanda Hansen

  • Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me


    The official music video for “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert.

    Purchase/Stream Revolution:
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    See Miranda Lambert on Tour:

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    #MirandaLambert #TheHouseThatBuiltMe #Revolution #CountryMusic

  • Yelsid - No Me Enamoro Official Video


    No Me Enamoro (Official Video) | Music video by Yelsid / Yas Music © 2017 - Contrataciones/Booking: (+57) 304 218 3583 /

    Arte Global Internacional

    También encuentra #NoMeEnamoro en:
    Google Play:


  • David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia



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    Music video by David Guetta performing Titanium. (P) & (C) 2012 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company

  • The Music of Bliss & Howells - Brighouse & Rastrick Trailer


    DOY CD389
    Available to buy as a CD or download here:

  • L2M Music Video: Promises | Hyperlinked | Disney


    Like L2M's music? Head over to Spotify to listen to their official playlist:

    Watch L2M in Hyperlinked here:

    Keep up with the band here:

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    Get even more Disney YouTube
    Oh My Disney:
    Disney Style:
    Disney Family:
    Mickey Mouse:

    You Might Also Like:
    As Told By Emoji:
    Tsum Tsum Shorts:
    Sing Alongs:

    More Disney!

    A Little Disney History: From humble beginnings as a cartoon studio in the 1920s to its preeminent name in the entertainment industry today, Disney proudly continues its legacy of creating world-class stories and experiences for every member of the family.

  • 我不等 by 法蘭 Fran





    我 要自己的未來
    為那一刻 彩排

    我不等 曇 花
    也不等 美 滿
    不希罕 平安

    我不等 造化
    也不等 陪伴
    不等你不給的 萬語千 言

    Somehow I feel so long
    有誰明白我能 等 什麼 (其實我不知道 等 什麼)
    但 也許人生就這麼差不多
    我也別 太緊張
    最後該我的 會該我

    'cause I would do

  • Sam Smith - Lay Me Down


    Listen to Sam Smith’s Complete Collection here:

    Follow Sam Smith:


    Yes, I do, I believe
    That one day I will be
    Where I was right there
    Right next to you

    And it’s hard
    The days just seems so dark
    The moon, the stars
    Are nothing without you

    Your touch, your skin
    Where do I begin?
    No words can explain
    The way I’m missing you

    Deny this emptiness
    This hole that I’m inside
    These tears
    They tell their own story
    Told me not to cry when you were gone

    But the feeling’s overwhelming, it’s much too strong

    Can I lay by your side?
    Next to you, you
    And make sure you’re alright
    I’ll take care of you
    I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight

    I’m reaching out to you
    Can you hear my call?
    This hurt that I’ve been through
    I’m missing you, missing you like crazy
    You told me not to cry when you were gone
    But the feeling’s overwhelming it’s much too strong

    Can I lay by your side?
    Next to you, you
    And make sure you’re alright
    I’ll take care of you
    I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight

    Lay me down tonight
    Lay me by your side
    Lay me down tonight
    Lay me by your side
    Can I lay by your side?
    Next to you

    Directed by Ryan Hope

    #SamSmith #LayMeDown

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  • Desde El Corazon - Bad Bunny


    Video Recording By Bad Bunny performing Desde El Corazon



  • Id Love to Change the World Ten Years After cover


    I'd Love to Change the World Ten Years After cover played to a backing track. Recorded with JamVox and arranged with Audacity. Classic song from 1971 with Alvin Lee singing and playing like a madman as usual... I spent nearly a week learning the lead and to keep my sanity I broke it up into 3 sections in the video. I'm sure I missed some notes here and there, but to my ear it sounds pretty close ~ you be the judge. I've always wanted to take a stab at this song and finally got up the nerve (deep breath at the beginning). Hope you enjoy it as much as I do... No copyright infringement intended to the original artist.

  • Bad Bunny Gets Surprised With Bunnies


    We had the opportunity to interview Bad Bunny so we decided to surprise him with actual bunnies. To watch Bad Bunny’s ‘Up Next’ Apple Music film visit:


    Pero Like
    Pero, like… You know what we mean. Weekly videos de tu vida.

    Meet the Team:

    Claudia Restrepo

    Curly Velasquez

    Gadiel De Orbe

    Maya Murillo

    Julissa Calderon

    Licensed via Audio Network
    Rise And Shine
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Tomalo Suave
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
    Push And Pull
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

    Arlene Richie/Media Sources/Getty Images
    Ozuna In Concert - San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Gladys Vega/Getty Images
    Calibash Los Angeles 2018 - Backstage
    Christopher Polk/Getty Images

    Bad Bunny at the 2017 Latin American Music Awards
    Getty Images Video/Getty Images


    Bad Bunny

  • subtitulada en español HD


    una de mis mejores bandas, una excelente canción!!

  • An American Tale - Robert Childs & Cory Band


    An American Tale by Dan Price receives a special performance as Robert Childs leads Cory Band, together with Roy Noble, Wycliffe Gordon & the Morriston Orpheus Choir on June 20th 2009 in St David's Hall Cardiff.

    This performance is featured on the World of Brass DVD BRASS & VOICES... and all that jazz (catalogue number 139) available from at

    An American Tale by Dan Price is published by Prima Vista Musikk and is available for both Brass & Wind Band (without choir & jazz trombonist) at

    For more information on Robert Childs visit
    For more information on Cory Band visit
    For more information on Wycliffe Gordon visit
    For more information on Morriston Orpheus visit

  • Alan Walker - The Spectre


    My new single Alone, Pt. II with Ava Max is out now!
    Check out the song here:

    Hope you guys like this track - it's a remake of the instrumental ”Spectre” that I released a few years ago. Some of you might recognize it as it’s been part of my live shows lately. It’s a song that I specifically want to dedicate to my core fans, who’ve been following me since the start. Excited to hear what you think, leave your comment in the section below!

    Listen to ”The Spectre” on Spotify:
    Listen to ”The Spectre” on iTunes:
    Listen to ”The Spectre” on Apple Music:
    Listen to The Spectre on Tidal:
    Listen to ”The Spectre” via other plattforms:


    Merch available at


    Video credits:
    Concept: MER
    Director: Alexander Zarate Frez & Audun Notevarp
    DOP: Alexander Zarate Frez & Lars Erik Steffensen
    Editing: Alexander Zarate Frez
    Motion Graphics & Grading: Audun Notevarp
    Lighting: Kenneth Tangen
    Choreography & dancing: Quick Style Studio (Arvin Go, David Leung, Jan Erik Santos, Jonas Storheim)

    Hello, hello
    Can you hear me
    As I scream your name
    Hello, hello
    Do you need me
    Before I fade away

    Is this a place that I call home
    To find what I've become
    Walk along the path unknown
    We live, we love, we lie

    Deep in the dark
    I don't need the light
    There's a ghost inside me
    It all belongs to the other side
    We live, we love, we lie

    Hello, hello
    Nice to meet you
    Voice inside my head
    Hello, hello
    I believe you
    How can I forget

  • Marc Lavoine - Je descends du singe


    Marc Lavoine - Je descends du singe
    Premier single extrait du nouvel album Je descends du singe (précommande : )

    Réalisateur : Benjamin Kutsko
    Texte : Marc Lavoine
    Musique : Christophe Casanave
    Les Editions du 44 / Passport Songs Music (Cat. Editions Gabriel)
    © 2012 Barclay, un label Universal Music France

  • The Christmas Song - Tony DeSare


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my family and friends. This is my now 2nd annual video Christmas song/card to you.
    Subscribe to Tony's YouTube channel -
    Follow on Facebook at

    Hope you have a great one!


  • Live Stream New Zealand Countdown Fireworks New Years Eve Auckland 2020 #NYE2020


    [ Live Stream] New Zealand Countdown Fireworks New Years Eve Auckland 2020 #NYE2020
    [ Live Stream] New Zealand Countdown Fireworks New Years Eve Auckland 2020 #NYE2020
    [ Live Stream] New Zealand Countdown Fireworks New Years Eve Auckland 2020 #NYE2020

  • Drum & Bass Shed - Kenneth Kaybass Diggs and Fred Boswell Jr. on BASS SESSIONZ VOL. 3


    Watch BASS SESSIONZ VOL. 3 here:

    Order GospelChops T-shirts TODAY!

    Check out our Amazon Recommendations!

    Kenny's Bass Cabinet:
    Kenny's Bass Amp:
    Cameras used:
    Lens used:
    Lens used:
    Lens used:
    LED Lights:


    Buy BASS SESSIONZ VOL. 3 here:

    In this scene from BASS SESSIONZ VOL. 3, Kaybass and Fred Boswell Jr. engage in a skillful drum & bass musical conversation that will inspire any musician. Directed by Gerald Forrest

    Watch GospelChops DVD's on Amazon here:

    GospelChops on iTunes:



  • Rita Guerra - Não vou Ficar


    Rita Guerra, regressa este ano com Luar é um disco que reconcilia Rita com o piano.Uma voz única e incomparável, prepara-se uma vez mais para conquistar os corações de todos os portugueses!

  • Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag - Partita Wilfred Heaton - NM 2018


    Sjølvvalgt NM brass 2017 - Partita for Band av Wilfred Heaton.

    Opptak delt med tillating frå Buss og Media og Grong Musikkproduksjon.


    Own Choice Norwegian Nationals 2017 - Partita for Band by Wilfred Heaton.

    Recordings published with permission of Buss og Media and Grong Musikkproduksjon.


    PS: Like what you hear? Support us with donations at Vipps (#24859)

  • Rihanna - Only Girl


    Get Rihanna’s eighth studio album ANTI now:
    Download on TIDAL:
    Stream on TIDAL:
    Download on iTunes:
    Download on Google Play:
    Download on Amazon:

    Music video by Rihanna performing Only Girl (In The World). (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group
    #VEVOCertified on February 16, 2011.

  • Hillsong - Came to My Rescue


    Hillsong sing Came to my rescue off the album united we stand

  • Do all the Sidemen think the same?



    Inspiration from:

    • Sidemen:
    • Sidemen Clothing:
    Have an idea for a compilation/montage or Sidemen Saturday, let us know below!


    • Miniminter:
    • Zerkaa:
    • Behzinga:
    • Vikkstar123:
    • TBJZL:
    • Wroetoshaw:
    • KSI:

    edited by

  • Rita Guerra & Beto - Acreditar


    Letra de uma das belas musicas de Rita Guerra, esta cantada também com o Beto!

  • Enamorado - Luis Jara Ft 330am


    Luis Jara junto a 330am presentan el HIT del verano 2018 Enamorado Video Clip filmado en pleno casco histórico de la ciudad de Santiago. Enamorado ya es tendencia en YouTube . Te invitamos a escuchar esta pegajosa canción.
    Enamórate! con ENAMORADO.

    Enamorado Video Lyric:
    Lo mejor de Luis Jara:
    Comparte y escúchalo en:

    Google Play:

    Conecta con Luis Jara:


    Conecta con 330AM:

    Dirección y Cinematográfia: José Luis Canales
    Director de Arte: Sebastián Escalona
    Asistente Dirección: Felipe Andrade
    Asistente de Arte: Lía Jiménez / Felipe Torres
    Guión: Sebastían Escalona y José Luis Canales
    Producción Ejecutiva Furgoneta Films: Macarena Mena
    Jefe Producción: Jorge Bueno
    Vestuario: Arturo Varasr
    Asistente Vestuario: Viviana Hernández
    Make Up: Niki Ossandón
    Asistente Make Up: María Paz Álvarez / María José Molina
    Camara: Piero Banda y José Luis Canales
    Foquista: Milo Jiménez y Piero Banda
    Asistente de Cámara; Ángel Gómez
    DIT: Marcelo Kaczeczka
    Gafer: Jonathan Leiva
    Eléctrico: Willie Leiva
    Eléctrico: Diego Schulze
    Eléctrico: Piero Leiva
    Operador HMI: Diego Troya
    Asistente de Arte: Marco Pizarro
    Asistente de Arte: Tomás Ávalos
    Montaje y Color: José Luis Canales y Marcelo Kaczeczka
    Design: vfro
    Moviecenter: Jaime Rojas
    Lisandra Silva
    Josefina Dogorrel
    Constanza Thumler
    Felipe Ponce
    Suleyma Reyes
    Lucia Vergara
    Wilson Grueso
    Tamara Halabi
    Emilio Flores
    Fulvio Giglio
    David Nicolichi (Coreano)
    Cristobal Jara Hasbún (Niños)
    Sofía López (Niños)
    María Cecilia Medel (Bailarina)
    Jorge Risso y María Pilar
    García (Espectáculo coro abuelitos)

    Pastelería Tía Lucy
    Academia Luis Jara
    AMCYM Arreglos Florales Arturo Gonzales
    Paolo Romi
    Rosa González
    Consuelo Hernández
    Carlos Apablaza
    Francisco Gallardo (Imperio Static)
    Margarita Tapia (Academia Luis Jara)
    Alvaro Silva (Profesor Academia Luis Jara)

    Social Media
    *Produce* Productora Artística Magnolios

  • Gladiator - Now We Are Free Super Theme Song


    I combined Honor Him, Elysium, and Now We Are Free into one song.

    This was pretty simple to do, the only editing required was to blend them together and rearrange Elysium and Honor Him and Now We Are Free.

    Check out my channel for other super theme songs.

    Click on the link to see a video of my audio edtor and the transitions between songs.

  • Алексей Кортнев в предновогоднем выпуске «Ночного экспресса»


    Ведущий программы «Ночной экспресс» на телеканале «МИР» Алексей Кортнев поменялся ролями со своими гостями. Смотрите концерт группы «Несчастный случай» в предновогоднем эфире. Будет жарко!
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  • Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It Official Music Video


    Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It from Cardi B's Debut Album Invasion of Privacy available now!

    INVASION OF PRIVACY merchandise available here:

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    Director - Eif Rivera
    Executive Producer – Kareem Johnson
    Video Commissioner/VP Video Production – Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop
    Associate Director, Video Administration – Lily F Thrall
    Assistant, Video Production – Trevor Joseph Newton

  • Summer nights lyrics - Grease



  • SOJA - Here I Am


    Greetings. There are always moments at each of our festivals that end up being ingrained into our memories forever. When SOJA took the stage at The Bowl in the Monterey Fairgrounds on day 1 of California Roots V you could tell it was going to be a special night. How it ended none of us in attendance will ever forget! Here SOJA plays their amazing song Here I Am. They literally lit the stage on fire during this performance! This video and performance is dedicated to the greatest guitarist ever, Jimi Hendrix. Thank you Jimi for inspiring so many of us and for sharing all your talents with the world. If you have seen his performance at Monterey Pop in 1967, YouTube search it right now. Your music and legacy will live on forever through us and your millions of fans throughout the world. RIP Jimi Hendrix.

    “Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” Jimi Hendrix

    Be sure to come see SOJA perform at California Roots 6 on Friday May 22nd, 2015. Please show SOJA some love as well by like and following their pages below:

    Bulldog Media/California Roots

    Please ensure you like/follow our pages below. As always, thanks for being the best fans in the world!

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  • K-Fancam 4K 방탄소년단 직캠 HOME l @가요대축제 191227


    #BTS #방탄소년단 #HOME

    More from #KBSKPOP


  • Grease With Lyrics!


    Grease, Summer Nights with Lyrics.

  • Arcangel - Me Acostumbre ft. Bad Bunny Official Video


    Arcangel x Bad Bunny - Me Acostumbre [Official Video]
    Listen on Itunes:
    Arcangel Trap Mix 2017 :
    Listen to Arcangel on Spotify:

    Escuha el nuevo video de Arcangel junto con Bryant Myers :

    Escuha el nuevo video de Arcangel junto con De La Ghetto :

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    Arcangel - Me Acostumbre ft. Bad Bunny [Letra]

    0:15 [ARCANGEL]
    Hoy me levanté del lao' izquierdo de la cama.
    (De la cama, de la cama)
    Que no quiero dramas y por eso rolo un finisito'e marihuana.
    Par de miles me busqué,
    joseando por la mañana,
    logré comprarme mi cubana.
    Me compré mi carro y mi mansión en la nación americana.
    Nací pa' ser millo, no quiero fama.

    0:46 [BAD BUNNY]
    Ya me acostumbré,
    ya me acostumbré,
    a siempre ganar como el 23
    Ya me acostumbré,
    Ya me acostumbré,
    a callarle la boca al que no me cree

    1:01 [ARCANGEL]
    Ya me acostumbré
    ya me acostumbré,
    a no importarme el precio de lo que compré.
    Ya me acostumbré,
    ya me acostumbré,

    1:14 [BAD BUNNY]
    a clavarme toa' estas putas de tres en tres.

    1:16 [ARCANGEL]
    Dejarme contarte como yo lo hacía hace 15 años atrás,
    me sentaba con Yeezy donde cabe el kilo hasta que no quedaba más.
    Luego las cosas cambiaron
    y nos pusimos a cantar,
    el mundo viajar, la funda a llegar,
    ya no había que bregar.
    No, pero si tu quiere' que te hable de droga con gusto menor yo te enseño.
    conozco'los capo' y ninguno son sapos, dominican' puertorriqueño.
    No me llevo mucho con los empleados
    por la sencilla razón de que me crié con los dueños.
    Un día un pana mío un par de millones de él me puso a contar,
    duré toa' la noche contando billetes y la mano me empezó a picar.
    Pasaron las horas y yo estaba lejos de todavía terminar,
    pa' mi que eso fue una señal,
    que luego me iba a tocar.

    2:03 [BAD BUNNY]
    Ya me acostumbré,
    ya me acostumbré,
    a siempre ganar como el 23
    Ya me acostumbré,
    ya me acostumbré,
    a callarle la boca al que no me cree.

    2:19 [ARCANGEL]
    Ya me acostumbré
    ya me acostumbré,
    a no importarme el precio de lo que compré
    Ya me acostumbré,
    ya me acostumbré,
    a clavarme estas putas de tres en tres.

    2:37 [BAD BUNNY]
    Me acostumbré a que el envidioso siempre me traicione
    y que por las botas mi nombre mencione.
    Yo siempre picheo en la mía tranquilo,
    díselo Luian que te engancho este rabo de oro en el cuello
    y ahora paso un kilo.
    Las boobies siempre estelar,
    si no me crees pregunta en el banco popular.
    Los topos de kush nunca dan regular,
    este es high star game y tú no vas a jugar.
    Dando más palos que David Ortíz,
    ando con los viles loco dentro le tiro ''aquís','
    me acostumbré a modelos con flow de París.
    Él me jodió Donald Trump,
    aceite en el vap y ya no fuman blunt,
    lo pongo a danzar kuduro como Don,
    me tocan y adelante el armaggedon.
    Gracias a Dios por el don,
    desde que firmé to's quieren coger
    pon tus balas movía'l tapón.
    Te puede' acercártele haciendo el three sixty
    y te damos tapón.

    3:22 [ARCANGEL]
    Ya me acostumbré
    ya me acostumbré,
    a no importarme el precio de lo que compré
    Ya me acostumbré,
    ya me acostumbré,
    a clavarme estas putas de tres en tres.

    3:38 [BAD BUNNY]
    Ya me acostumbré,
    ya me acostumbré,
    a siempre ganar como el 23
    Ya me acostumbré,
    ya me acostumbré,
    a callarle la boca al que no me cree.

    (787) 743-1100 /
    Press & Media:

  • Redeemed - Lari Basilio


    Esse é um dos meus captadores favoritos para stratocaster: Five-Two, da Seymour Duncan. Enjoy!
    Redeemed faz parte do meu novo álbum FAR MORE que já está disponível:
    Plataformas digitais:

  • Earth, Wind & Fire - September


    The Maurice White story is a MUST read for any true fan of the mighty EW&F:
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    Do you remember the 21st night of September?
    Love was changing the minds of pretenders
    While chasing the clouds away

    Our hearts were ringing
    In the key that our souls were singing.
    As we danced in the night,
    Remember how the stars stole the night away

    Ba de ya, say do you remember
    Ba de ya, dancing in September
    Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day

    Ba de ya de ya de ya
    Ba de ya de ya de ya
    Ba de ya de ya de ya de ya

    Music video by Earth, Wind & Fire performing September. (C) 2012 Sony Music Entertainment

    #EarthWindAndFire #September #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo

  • Laung Laachi Title Song Mannat Noor | Ammy Virk, Neeru Bajwa,Amberdeep | Latest Punjabi Movie 2018


    Presenting first Official tittle track of much awaited punjabi movie Laung Laachi starring Ammy Virk, Neeru Bajwa, Amberdeep Singh in lead roles. The movie is set to release on 9 March 2018.

    ♪ Available on ♪
    iTunes :
    Hungama :
    Saavn :
    Gaana :
    Apple Music :
    Google Play :
    Wynk :

    Song: Laung Laachi
    Movie: Laung Laachi
    Singer: Mannat Noor
    Composition: Aman Jay
    Mix & Master: Sameer Charegaonkar
    Music: Gurmeet Singh
    Lyrics: Harmanjit
    Star Cast: Ammy Virk, Neeru Bajwa, Amberdeep Singh, Veet Baljit, Amrit Maan & Others
    PRODUCERS – Bhagwant Virk, Nav Virk
    Co- PRODUCER – Aswani Kumar Sharma.
    DOP- Sandeep Patil
    STORY, SCREENPLAY & DIALOGUE– Amberdeep Singh.
    Directed by Amberdeep Singh
    Associate Director – Vakil Singh
    BACK GROUND Score – Gurmeet Singh, Sandeep Saxena.
    CHOREOGRAPHY –Arvind Thakur, Ritchie Burton
    EDITOR – Sadik Ali Shaikh.
    COSTUME DESIGNER– Nitasha Bhateja Roy
    PRODUCTION DESIGN- Mrinal G Das, Alok Halder.
    Line Producer – Virasat Film.
    Visual Promotion – Just Right Studioz.
    Publicity Stills :- Harjeet Singh.
    DI : - Pixel D. Colourist – Santosh Pawar (santy)
    Sound Mixing :- Joe Rodrigues.
    Post Production Controller :- Varun Bansal.
    Music On – T Series.
    Worldwide distribution by – Omjee Group.

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    1. Laung Laachi Title Track
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    2. Tere Bina - Laung Laachi Title Track
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    Virgin Subscribers sms TT 10288522 To 58475
    Telenor Subscribers dial 500110288522
    MTNL Subscribers sms PT 10288522 To 56789

    3. Akhiyaan Naar Diyan
    Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53710288521
    Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116493607
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    Tata DoCoMo Subscribers dial 54321110288521
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    MTNL Subscribers sms PT 10288521 To 56789

  • Lullaby for Babies to go to Sleep | Baby Lullaby songs go to sleep Live Stream 24 HOURS


    Lullaby for babies to go to sleep Live Stream 24 HOURS long.

    Dear Parents,
    I created the Lullaby World channel in 2013 for my little daughter to help her fall asleep in the evenings. During the years I have learned that soothing slow music played for a certain period of time can greatly increase the chance of calming the babies and it's been helping many parents around the World.
    In 2019 I rebuilt the channel from the beginning to meet the new standards for creators. I hope you like my new videos and wish you all the best.

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    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Lullaby Collection:


    Animation and Music created and produced by
    © Lullaby World. All rights reserved.

  • The Tiger Lillies - Why Am I Alone


    The Tiger Lillies Punch and Judy 2004



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