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Playlist of Anasazi flute

  • Anasazi flute song, Scott August: Quiet Journey.


    Learn to Play this Flute!
    Buy this song! Song for Anasazi flute recorded live, August 2009 with images from the Grand Canyon.

    Learn How to Play the Native American Flute or

    For more information about these flutes check out Kokopelli's Flute: The Complete Guide to the Anasazi Flute by Scott August

    Listen to more at and

    Still images: Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ. by Scott August

    F# redwood Anasazi (Pueblo) flute by Geoffrey Ellis/Earthtone flutes.

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  • Foehn - Winne Clement- Native Anasazi Flute


    We went out to record a piece for kaval that day and since we had the set up there I also recorded this short piece I called Foehn for Anasazi flute on the side. This is my own modified version of one of the earliest Native American flutes ever discovered.
    During excavations in a cave in Northeastern Arizona wooden flutes were found believed to have been created between 620 and 670 A.D by the Ancient Poeblans, otherwise known as the Anasazi people.

    This original instrument, being the earliest known Native American Flute is a rim blown flute, in my opinion probably played with an oblique embouchure originally. This technique is quite challenging to learn.

    I made this easier to play version with a fipple in the back and a offset hole as a thumbhole to make the flute more easy to play and hold.

    This new modified version of the old original Native American Anasazi flute makes this amazing instrument more accessible to a wider group of people.

    It's amazing how this pentatonic major scale is rooted so deep in our systems, everybody 'get's it'.
    This makes it very natural, soothing, consoling , relaxing and easy to enter emotionally.

    *For more info on ordering my handmade flutes please visit my website:

    *Recorded by Feb. 2020 Ghent.

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  • Anasazi Flute: Silent Mystery: Scott August


    Piece for Anasazi flute with images of Canyonlands, Arches and the Grand Canyon.
    A redwood Anasazi (Pueblo) flute by Geoffrey Ellis/Earthtone flutes.

    Listen to more at

    Photos by Scott August

    Find out more at

  • Buying an Anasazi Flute


    Scott August talks about what to look for when buying a Pueblo/Anasazi style flute

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  • VIDEO 3566 Michael Graham Allen Coyote Oldman performs on Anasazi flute, July 29, 2016, WFS Conventi


    Michael Graham Allen (Coyote Oldman) performs on Anasazi flute at the World Flute Society Convention in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on July 29, 2016. Video by Leslee Tassie

  • Master Carved Anasazi Flute


    Around the year 624 AD, 2 flutes were hid in a cliff dwelling. They were discovered in 1931 by a man looking for pottery to sell to museums. The flute you are about to see and hear has been inspired by these two flutes. And is available at

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  • Native American Style Flute, Anasazi Tuning E


    The sound producing mechanism for this flute is the two-chambered fipple form (called Native American Style) developed by the North American plains tribes. It requires no embouchure in forming the air-stream, the flute design achieving that (like a recorder in many ways). Six-holed flute tuned to play the same musical scale as the Anasazi flutes, but is NOT a rim blown flute. It has a cedar block and leather tie.

  • How to play rim blown flutes


    How to get sound from rim blown flutes

  • The Anasazi Flute


    A flute lost in the corridor of time of the Pueblo People's past, comes back to sing at

    by Erik the flutemaker.

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  • Transverse Anasazi & Mojave Flutes by Raven Wing Flutes | Jonnys Flute Reviews Episode 20


    Anasazi and Mojave flutes have a very distinct and haunting quality–even beyond the sounds that we hear with our two-duct Native American flutes. I hope you enjoy these two transverse style anasazi and mojave flutes.

    I'm curious if you have any rim-blown or transverse flutes in your collection?


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    Filmed by Maria Lipford
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  • Anasazi Flute - Scott August - Chaco Mystery


    ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Improvisation on a Anasazi (Pueblo) style flute performed by Scott August recorded October 2015, Tucson, AZ. Bb Basketmaker flute with Chaco Canyon/Pueblo Bonito room 33 design (H-4563) by Geoffrey Ellis. For more information about this flute visit

    Learn How to Play the Native American Flute or

  • The Spirit within... - Pueblo / Anasazi Flute solo


    This Anasazi / Pueblo flute was born late at night in my workshop and is still a prototype.
    My rich experience with various end-blown or rim -blown flutes came to full design here.
    I hope you enjoy this peaceful improvisation...

    A little history of this flute:
    The Anasazi flute / Pueblo flute is the name of a prehistoric end-blown flute replicated today from findings at a massive cave in Prayer Rock Valley in Arizona, USA by an archaeological expedition led by Earl H. Morris in 1931. The team excavated 15 caves and the largest among them had 16 dwellings and many artifacts including several wooden flutes, which gave the site its name, the Broken Flute Cave.

    The flutes found in the cave were dated between 620 and 670 AD. They were all made of Box elder, have six finger holes and are end-blown. It is similar in many respects to a Hopi flute, which has only five finger holes.

    A detailed analysis using radiocarbon dating techniques was published in 2007. The analysis included one item from a burial pit in the Broken Flute Cave. The dating placed the artifact in the range 599--769 CE.

    In the recent years, the Anasazi flute has been reproduced and restored to the catalog of World flutes. While difficult to play in many respects, it has a rich, warm voice that spans a little over one and a half octaves.

    More informations can be gathered here:

    Recording equipment:
    iPad 3rd Generation, GarageBand, Samson Meteor Mic.

    Anasazi / Pueblo style flute in the Key of low G#

  • Ancient Anasazi Flute


    This Anasazi Flute was inspired from 2 flutes found in a cave of the Pueblo Dwellers in Arizona. It is said to be from the year 624 AD. It might have very well been the best tuned flute from all the Native flutes in the US. The Anasazi flute is a blast from the past.
    Available at:

  • Anasazi style flute: Diatonic scale & Indian classical Raga


    How to play a diatonic scale on the Anasazi style flute. Also a fun and easy scale from India.

  • Anasazi / Ancestral Pueblo Flute


    I still have plenty to learn about playing rim blown flutes, but I couldn't resist recording something on the Anasazi / Ancestral Pueblo flute. This 1400 year old instrument made it's way back to mankind thanks to reconstructive archaeology. Thank you to Mr. Mark Purtill of Anaszi Dreams for making this beautiful reproduction! Videography by Nadine Dorin

  • The Magic of the Grand Gulch Anasazi Flute - Northern Lights Flutes Bambusflöten


    Die Magie der Grand Gulch Anasazi Flöte
    Gegen 1890 fand man in Utah (USA), in der Grand Gulch, der großen Trockenschlucht, eine 2.700 bis 2.900 Jahre alte Anasazi Flöte. Als ich ein Foto dieser alten Flöte entdeckte, begann mein Herz ganz wild vor Aufregung zu schlagen. Es ist ein unermessliches Geschenk, dass diese alte Flöte die Jahrtausende heil überstand. Zudem wusste ich ebenfalls, dass gerade diese Flöte ein ganz besonderer Teil meines Herzens darstellt. Ich hatte die Verbindung von der ersten Sekunde an gefühlt. So begann ich dem Original zu folgen und baue seitdem unter anderem die Northern Lights Flutes Grand Gulch Anasaziflöte. Obgleich sie nur vier Tonlöcher hat, umfängt ihr Klang und ihre Tonskala mein Herz ein jedes Mal mit dem großen Zauber der Geschichte.
    Die Grand Gulch Anasazi Flute ist erhältlich bei

    Jürgen, Flötenbauer der Northern Lights Flutes
    Muskik und Komposition: Jürgen Hochfeld

    The Grand Gulch Anasazi Flute
    Round about 1890 a special flute was found in Utah (United States). It was the Grand Gulch Anasazi Flute made round about 2,700 up 2,900 years. When I discovered a photo of this old flute I felt my heart beat full of joy. It is an tremendous gift that this old flute safely survived the millennia. I also knew that a very special part of my heart lies in this flute. I felt the connection from the first second. So, I started to follow the original and since then I build among other things the Northern Lights Flutes Grand Gulch Anasazi Flute. Although it has only four tone holes, their sound and their scale embraces my heart every time with the great magic of history.

    Jürgen, flute maker of Northern Lights Flutes
    Music and composition: Jürgen Hochfeld

  • Anasaziflöten: Die Anasazi Flute auf C


    Die Anasaziflöte auf C hier mit Spielbeispiel, Erklärung und Spielanleitung. Mehr auf

  • Geoffrey Ellis crafted “Basketmaker” Anasazi/Ancestral Pueblo Style Flute In Low F# Major


  • November Winds Anasazi Flute By Lex Nichols


    Anasazi flute live in Sedona AZ. From New CD Ancestral Winds By Lex Nichols.
    I am not Native American. I enjoy the music and playing these flutes. This is a Coyote Oldman custom made G# Anasazi Flute. Get one and learn to play it, you will be pleased.
    I am still learning and each time i play it I learn something New. Enjoy. Thanks Michael

  • First Look Geoffrey Ellis G# Basketmaker Flute


    First Look Geoffrey Ellis G# Basketmaker rim-blown Flute
    Made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar
    7/8 bore
    30 1/2 long

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  • EZ ANASAZI FLUTE in Bb, Cave of the Ancient Ones


    Flutes available here:
    Anasazi Flute has unique fipple design anyone can play.

  • Ancestral Pueblo Anasazi Flute and Musical Archaeologists


    Apart, but not alone! Thank you to those on the frontline of the ongoing crisis - from the UP Dilliman Archaeological Studies Program Community. Here is a gesture of solidarity from musicians of the ASP, with Christian Rodil on percussion, Dante Ricardo N. Manipon on guitar, and Ruben Claro A. Reyes IV on the Ancestral Pueblo flute - a reproduction of a 1300 year old Anasazi flute made by Mark Purtill of Anasazi Dream

  • The Anasazi style flute: The Major scale


    Lesson 2: How to play the Major scale on the Anasazi style (and Hopi style) flute

  • The Anasazi style flute: The Minor scale


    The minor scale on the anasazi style flute

  • Ancient Anasazi Flute


    From Broken Flute Cave more at:

  • Anasazi Flute Playing Obsession


    Love ya and appreciate you putting up with my Love of Anasazi Flute playing. It all may sound the same but its just a different prayer from my Heart. Peace and Love to you always dear Family. Mitakuye Oyasin. Love jP

    Anasazi G# by Michael G. Allen (

  • Wolfs Robe Plays Stephen DeRubys EZ Anasazi Flute


    Somewhere north of Sedona, AZ, Wolfs Robe finds a moment to improvise on a Stephen Deruby Anasazi flute in the key of A.

  • Improv on S August Enchanter Anasazi Tuned flute


    The drone tanpura is in B Flat, and the Flute is tuned to A# or B Flat as the fundamental note
    this is an improv on the piece by Scott August
    A Quiet Journey the original piece is here

    Scott august is an Amazing flute player if you are not familiar with him I encourage you to check out all his work
    played on an Enchanter flute by Ernest Spiritdancer Olivas the flute is in the Native American Configuration, with two chambers, and a fetish block so there is no complex embouchure to master, just blow into the flute...
    the tuning is the same as one of the anasazi flutes unearthed in the broken flute cave in by Earl Morris in 1931...
    I will do a review of this flute and discuss this further .... Thanks for watching ...

  • Ancient Anasazi Flute Sacred Grand Canyon


    An ancient Anasazi flute was found in a cave in Arizona. Paul Berensmeier (aka Kokopauli) plays a replica, measured to specifications by Coyote Oldman, so the tones are there same. Paul took this flute to secret sites in the Grand Canyon, the first Anasazi sounds there in 1400 years. This is a visual rendition of this experience.

  • VAHEL Anasazi flute


    Merci a mon ami Peter Pringle pour les arrangements et oui le chanteur des années 80 hihi.
    Merci Peter tu est un cadeaux du ciel pour moi Namasté.

  • おぼろ月夜 - インディアンフルート,Anasazi Flute



    -Palemoon Night with Anasazi Flute-
    Palemoon Night is a famous old song of Japan. The Anasazi Flute was excavated from the cave ruins in Arizona of 1400 years ago.

  • Anasazi Flute Song: Ripples on Water -a Duet


    Anasazi Flute, looped duet, by Scott August. This is a live Anasazi flute duet, created by looping the first part and then playing over it.
    For more Anasazi flute music visit:

    For information on the Anasazi flute and how to play it:

    Recorded March 12, 2010

    Flute is an Earth Tone Flutes G Anasazi flute

    Visit Scott at

  • Be Still, My Soul


    Be Still, My Soul was written by Jean Sibelius. The Anasazi (Prayer Rock) flute is in key of B flat, made by Michael Graham Allen, aka Coyote Oldman. Flute player is Nathan Tsosie.

  • Anasazi Flute


    Anasazi bamboo flute key A

  • Enjoying the Moment: Stephen DeRuby Eastern Cedar Low Bb EZ-Anasazi Flute


    And enjoying that moment I certainly was! With one of these flutes, how could I not? I seem to discover something new every time I pick one up. The tone is so right, and it seems to compliment the general mood of a Korean autumn particularly well.

    My website:

    Stephen DeRuby flutes:

  • Anasazi Secret Death Song


    Death Song by Anasazi Secret

    Sayota Knight: tribal drum and vocals
    Sam Madewell: guitar
    Mark Stevens: drums
    Rebecca Waine: violin

    Featuring JJ Kent: native american flute

  • “Pueblo/Anasazi Style Flute Music For Meditation and Quiet Reflection”


    Geoffrey Ellis craftsmanship “Basketmaker” Pueblo/Anasazi “Rim Blown Flute” Low F# Major.

  • Dave Benham - Serene Improvisation on an Anasazi Flute


    Recorded at Rob's Open Mics
    January 15, 2018
    Teavolve Cafe & Lounge
    Baltimore, MD

    Rob Hinkal - host

    This video was extracted from Rob's temporary YouTube posting of his recording of the event.

    Very special thanks to Dan La Porta of La Porta Sound for processing the audio to drastically reduce the hum that was on the original recording.

  • The Ancient Flute Set


    It is a good time for some creative mellow flutes inspired from the ancient flutes of long ago. The Ancient Flute Set is available at
    God bless you and stay safe. Erik the Flutemaker

  • Singing Tree Flutes: E Anasazi Native American Flute


    Check out Singing Tree Flutes' E Anasazi Native American Flute!

    Finely crafted with a variety of woods, designs and prices, these wind instruments are inspired by cultures from around the globe, as well as Miguel's creative expression.

    With over 20 years in the business, Miguel has mastered his craft, and has taken the world of flute crafting to heights rarely seen among the NAF community. We specialize in elaborate art pieces, rare designs and tunings, and custom collaborations.

    Listen to the difference and see the amazing artistry for yourself!

    Subscribe to hear more music!

    Buy Native American style wood flutes here:

    ???? Thanks for watching! ????

  • Journey of the Ancients. Anasazi style flute music with a desert in the Southwest background


    Doberstein is a dedicated flute player and flute maker that only crafts flutes for himself and only occasional gift to someone who also has the passion of the wood flute. He picks his woods from the Chequamegon National Forest. A place of beautiful conifers and deciduous forest that he frequently hikes and enjoys.

    All flutes are hand carved to make each one unique in its own way. He does not sell flutes and leaves the flute merchandising to the ones who dedicate themselves for that purpose. He also enhances his passion of flute culture by studying the literary works of Richard Payne, David Stuart, David Grant, David Roberts, and other authors of wood flutes and ancient cultures.

    As a dedicated yoga/meditation practitioner he also studies the use of flute music to deepen the meditation/yoga experience. He continues to devote himself to creating music that is intended for reflection, meditation, relaxation and the spiritual soul.

    All flutes used on this video are Anasazi design and tuned. The photography is taken in southern Utah and northern Arizona. The song used on this video Journey of the Ancients is on an upcoming music project that Doberstein is working on called Journeys. This project is generally comprised of the use of open rim flutes designed such as the ancient Anasazi, Hopi, and Mojave wood flutes.

  • Fare Thee Well - Anasazi flute solo


    The circle of life. Every journey must end and within every ending is a new beginning...
    Dedicated to Michael... fare thee well. You will be missed.

    Recording equipment:
    iPad Air 2, GarageBand, Apogee MiC.

    Anasazi / Pueblo flute in the Key of A 432 Hz

  • The Mystery-The Anasazi 1800s flute


    Anasazi flute- a haunting sound that would echo thru the canyons,

  • “Afternoon Delight” Ernest Olivas crafted Anasazi Style “Enchanter Flute” Improvisation A# Major


  • “Pueblo/Anasazi Style Flute Medicine and Immune System Strengthener


    Stephen DeRuby “ez” Pueblo/Anasazi Style Flute Craftsmanship! Low A Major.

  • The Flute That Wrote the Song: Stephen DeRuby Eastern Cedar Low B-flat EZ-Anasazi Flute


    Here is the first of two improvisations I did with my newly-acquired Eastern aromatic cedar EZ-Anasazi flute, courtesy of the wonderful flute maker Stephen DeRuby. Stephen's brilliant mouthpiece design allows all of us embrochure challenged folks to get a real taste of the succulent Anasazi flute. The original is a rim-blown flute that possess a hauntingly deep and beautiful sound and that has gained quite a bit of notoriety for being very difficult to master. The DeRuby mouthpiece, however, is fashioned in whistle-style, which makes playing practically effortless. That said, it still requires some getting used to after only playing Native American flutes, as is obvious from hearing me squeak my way through these improvs. Fear not; I'll master the EZ soon enough! Until that time comes, enjoy my embryonic adventures on this ancient instrument reborn.

    My website:

    Stephen DeRuby's site:

  • Think... August - Pueblo / Anasazi Flute solo


    This improvisation is a tribute to Scott August.
    Therefore I´ve called it Think ... August.
    His style has influenced me greatly.
    Inspired by him, I went to my workshop late at night, to make an Anasazi style flute in the key of F#. Fortunately, my rich experience with various end-blown flutes came to full design here. It´s the largest flute I´ve ever made so far - and I have reached my limits!
    Due to its huge size, it´s very uncomfortable to play - despite thumbhole and offset
    fingerholes, but definitively worth the effort :)
    I hope you enjoy this improvisation...

    In the recent years, the Anasazi flute / Pueblo flute has been reproduced and restored to the catalog of World flutes. While difficult to play in many respects, it has a rich and warm voice.

    More informations about the Anasazi flutes can be gathered here:

    Recording equipment:
    iPad 3rd Generation, GarageBand, Apogee MiC.

  • Pueblo/Anasazi Style Flute Improvisational Music For Stressful Times - Enjoy!


    Geoffrey Ellis craftsmanship! “Basketmaker Flute” Low Ab/G# Major.

  • Anasazi Wind-On High Spirits Condor Bass Flute in D


    When I was in Canyon de Chelly, I met flute recording artist Travis Terry. Besides giving me pointers on the flute and letting me play some of his flutes, he also told me about playing in the canyon. While we were talking, the wind picked up a little. Travis told me that the spirits of those who came to the canyon before us were on the wind, and that the flute captured their voices. He of course spoke of the Anasazi people along with all the others who called the canyon home. I hope that my music gives honor to the memory of their great past. Comments are welcome.

    p.s. a big thank you to Travis Terry for teaching me a few techniques in the short time we had, and for his immense inspiration and encouragement to me in my flute playing. You Rock Travis!

  • Anasazi Flute


    Here is a short Anasazi flute improvisation I did the other day. I have had my flute for like 2 weeks now. It's a rim-blown flute, which makes it pretty darn hard to get a good sound out of (after hours and hours of practice, I can finally get the full range of the flute with out loosing the sound quality). My flute is a PVC version (key of A) I bought from Mark Purtill: My flute cost me about $50. I have seen a beautiful high quality wood versions on the net for about $600(!!!)

    The scale is very interesting as well: A, B, C, C#, E, F#, G#, A. It's like a 1600 year old jazz scale! :-)

    (From an article on Wikipedia, which I also contributed to!)
    The Anasazi flute is the name of a pre-historic end-blown flute revived and replicated today from findings at a massive cave in Prayer Rock Valley in Arizona, USA by an archaeological expedition led by Earl H. Morris in 1931. The team excavated 15 caves and the largest amongst these had 16 dwellings and many artifacts including several wooden flutes, which gave the site its name, the Broken Flute Cave.
    The flutes found in the cave was dated between 620 and 670 A.D. They were all made of Box Elder, have 6 finger holes and are end-blown. It is similar in many respects to a Hopi flute, which has only five finger holes.
    The Anasazi flute has in recent years been reproduced and restored to the catalog of World flutes. While difficult to play in many respects, it has a rich, warm voice that spans a little over one and a half octaves.



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