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Playlist of Ana-Maria Avram

  • Ana-Maria Avram - Voices of the Desert


    I decided to upload this piece with a video of the performance to get an idea how these scores are performed.
    Ana-Maria Avram is conducting.

    Just for promotion.
    Please write me a direct message if you have complaints about this upload concerning copyright issues. In that case, I will delete the video immediately.

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM : Textures Liminales - for ensemble and electronics


    live from Paris, le Centquatre, Spectrum XXI festival, 2011
    Hyperion International conducted by the composer

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  • Ana-Maria Avram - Orbit of Eternal Grace


    remembering Ana-Maria ...

    used this recording:

    Live in LSO St' Luke's Jerwood Hall, London, 21.11.2011
    with Yoni Silver, Tim Hodgkinson (bass clrinets), Stephen O'Malley (electric guitar), Steve Noble, Haggai Fershtmann (percussion), Hyperion International string ensemble. Conductor Ana-Maria Avram

    Just for promotion.
    Please write me a direct message if you have complains about this upload concerning copyright issues. In that case, I will delete the video immediately.

  • Ana-Maria Avram - Quinconce


    remembering Ana-Maria ...

    it is a recording of a revised version so the score doesn't follow the music anymore after ~ 08:00

    Cornelia Petroiu

    Just for promotion.
    Please write me a direct message if you have complains about this upload concerning copyright issues. In that case, I will delete the video immediately.

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  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Orbit of Eternal Grace


    Live in LSO St' Luke's Jerwood Hall, London, 21.11.2011
    with Yoni Silver, Tim Hodgkinson (bass clrinets), Stephen O'Malley (electric guitar), Steve Noble, Haggai Fershtmann (percussion), Hyperion International string ensemble. Conductor Ana-Maria Avram

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM : Swarms for string orchestra.


    Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra. Rec 1996

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  • Ana-Maria Avram - Winds Of The Desert


    From Ana-Maria Avram / Iancu Dumitrescu - Untitled (Edition Modern, 2008)

    Performed by Claude Delangle, Gustavo Aguilar, Ansamblul Hyperion, Robert Reigle, Tim Hodgkinson

  • Ana-Maria Avram - Anamorphosis


    Ana-Maria Avram - Anamorphosis on the untitled split release with Iancu Dumitrescu, put out on the Edition Modern label, 1998.

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Textures Liminales for ensemble and electronics.


    live in Hateiva, Jaffa, Israel, January 2011.

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  • Ana-Maria Avram - Nouvelle Axe


    Musique Action (1998)

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Chiaroscuro for three cellos


    Live in Paris, SPECTRUM XXI festival, Le Centquatre.
    Andrei Kivu, Clotilde Lacroix, Vasile Comsa. World Premiere

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM in SPARK festival, USA


    Nouvel Archae (fragment) for computer assisted voices by Ana-Maria Avram- composer, conductor, live performed in Spark Festoval Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 2008

  • Ana-Maria Avram - Incantatio for viola and orchestra complete


    Live with Poliesti Philharmonic Orchestra.
    Soloist : Cornelia Petroiu Conductor Ana-Maria Avram
    Composed in 2003, live from concert 2004. Musica Nova festival, Ploiesti, 2004

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Axis for cello and percussion


    Live in UFM, Nordica Hall in a tour made as Blodgett Distingueshed artists in residence at Harvard University. Here Axis is played in world premiere by Phil Carlsen (cello) and Gustavo Aguilar (percussion)

  • Ana-Maria Avram: PARHELION for ensemble and computer sounds


    Hyperion International ensemble in SPECTRUM XXI festival, Berlin, November 2014. Ana-Maria Avram - conductor.

  • Dorina Avram - Colaj manele@ Monalisa 2018


    Dorina Avram - Colaj manele@ Monalisa 2018
    Video: 0768455687

  • Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram at Transnumériques


    a fragment of interview , a short moment of rehearsal and from the concert of Dumitrescu and Avram in Paris,centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Transnumériques festival, November 2006

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM : Voices Of The Desert


    Live recorded in Conway Hall, November 2008, Spectrum XXI festival. Hyperion Ensemble and Tim Hodgkinson ( soloist ) conducted by the composer

  • Ana-Maria Avram - Winds of the Desert version for Le Balcon and St. OMalley


    Live from Paris, St Merry Church, March 25th 2011. Ensemble Le Balcon (Paris), Stephen O'Malley, conducted by the composer.
    More info on

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM : Axe for two cellos


    live recording from St Merry Church, Paris, March 2011.
    Clotilde Lacroix and Vasile Comsa, soloists

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  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Axe for two cellos


    live recorded in London, The Warehouse, SPECTRUM XXI international festival, November 2008. David REQUIRO & Vasile COMSA (cellos)

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM : Lux Animae XII - Israel Version for ensemble and computer sounds


    Live from Hateiva, Yaffo, Israel, on 16.01.2011. with Maya Dunietz ( flute), Eran Bril (clarinet), Yoni Silver (bass clarinet), Ilan Volkov (violin), Ronald Boersen (viola), Danni Felsteiner, Adam Sheflan (doublebass), Ram Gabbai- Percussion. Conductor`: Ana-Maria Avram

  • Ana Avram-Bate inima


    Melodia:Bate inima
    Ana Avram

  • Ana-Maria Avram conducts


    Spectrum XXI Paris 2007

  • A dialoogue on Romanian Spectralism on Radio Columbia University, WKCR


    Bill Dougherty from WKCR - the FM radio of Columbia University, New York, in dialogue with Ana-Maria Avram on Romanian Spectralism. With the occasion of the festival dedicated to Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram, precursors and parallels of spectral Romanian music in Miller Theatre, Columbia University, New York, March 1-5, 2016. With the New Yorker Ensemble Either/Or conducted by Richard Carrick, Ana-Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu. Special thanks to David Shively , Richard Carrick, George Lewis and Either/Or Ensemble.

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Textures/Penumbra


    for two bass clarinets, live electronics and ensemble. With Tim Hodgkinson, Rane Moore ( bass clarinets), Hyperion Ensembe conducted by the composer
    Live from SPECTRUM XXI festival, 2009. The Warehouse, London.

  • Ana Avram si Sandu Popovici


  • Ana-Maria Avram: Metaboles for solo flute


    recorded in 1994 by Isabelle Hureau (flute) On album Artgallery, Paris, 1994

  • PFA Orchestra - Doryphories - Live at The RRBC, Bucharest


    Recorded live on January 18, 2016 at the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company, Alfred Alessandrescu Hall in Bucharest, Romania.

    Ana-Maria Avram: Conductor

    Iancu Dumitrescu: Piano
    Andreea Tincea: Voice, Electronics
    Bogdana Dima: Accordion
    Diana Miron: Violin
    Catalin Lungu: Trumpet
    Sorin Postolache: E-Guitar
    Dan Michiu Dinescu: E-Guitar
    Laurentiu Cotac: Double Bass
    Catalin Matei: Electronics
    Gili Mocanu: Electronics
    Daniel Stanciu: Electronics
    Marian Cîtu: Electronics
    Eduard Gabia: Percussion
    David Szederjessi: Percussion

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Telesma - Israel version


    Live from Hateiva, Yaffo, Israel. With Yoni Silver-Bass Clarinet, Ilan Volkov- violin, Ronald Boersen- viola, Maya Dumietz-piano, Danny Felsteiner, Shmil Frankel, Adam Sheflan - doulebasses, Ram Gabbai-Percussion, Ana-Maria Avram, conductor.
    Find the whole Hatieva concert on CD Edition Modern EDMN 1028

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Musique pour Mallarmé for piano


    soloist: Steve PANE, live in UMF, Nordica Hall, 16/10/2010.

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Seven Romanian Folksongs from bela Bartoks collections


    this immense figure of the XX century's music,
    Hungarian composer born on Romanian territory, was equally one of the
    greatest musical anthropologists of all times. He was not only an
    assiduous collector of folklore but he had changed the very paradigm
    itself, of the musical anthropology, as well by means of the the
    methodology he employed and the unattainable accuracy of his

    The reason of this Sisyphean work can only be explained by the fact
    that Bartok saw in the folk music a genuine source of inspiration,
    renovation and originality for his own art, his « egoism » as a
    creator fully dedicated to his art explaining the energy and unique
    dedication he spent as a folk music collector.

    From the huge Bartok's folk music collections and transcriptions --
    completed by deep and extensive comments on the phenomenon - around
    three quarters have as subject the Romanian music from Transylvania :
    50000 collected melodies . The 5000 published and reviewed until the
    last days of his short live, revealed to the public knowledge a
    fascinating musical universe, of an yet unsuspected melodic and
    rhythmic richness.
    His collecting methods where revolutionary, always looking for the
    unalterableness of the source in his natural habitat. And the way he
    transcribed in European notation , with an impossible minutia,
    revealed infinitesimal and delicious details in rhythm and melody.
    As you certainly know, Bartok himself harmonized some of those
    collected materials, though proportionally scarcely compared with the
    extension of the collections.
    On the other hand, when traversing those collections, we can see that
    his entire musical universe is immersing in a sonorous world which is
    so often Transylvanian and Romanian.

    Among the most brilliant examples for the promotion of this Bartokian
    endeavour I will only remember the subtle and virtuoso violinist
    Sherban Lupu. He dedicated his energies in a brilliant way , few
    years ago, and identified every collected melody among those Bartok
    used in the Second Rhapsody for violin and orchestra. Then, he
    exemplified on the classical violin, aside the very text of the
    Rhapsody, the sources from the respective collections, with the
    indications, tempo, and all the details as provided in Bartok's

    The task, Lupu confessed, was of a draconian technical difficulty ,
    due to the complexity of scordaturas, the speed, the intonations,
    the rhythmical irregularities, all fully scored by Bartok with a
    phonographic precision. The mimicry of the peasant spontaneous art
    seemed, therefore, hard to be reproduced by a classical musician !

    On my side, being fascinated since my studentship by Bartok's folk
    music collections, I made the commitment -- without any connection
    with my work as a composer -- to bring to public light those collection
    which make the delight of the anthropologists and specialized
    scholars, but remained yet unknown to the music lovers.

    I chose Batok's own solution : I first operated a choice among
    melodies, then I organized the material into an instrumental suite. I
    harmonized and orchestrated it, reshaped it in a « composition », in
    a style appropriate with the given material, which I preserved as much
    unaltered as possible. The resulting style is sometimes near Bartok's
    own language, sometimes, because of the material, more alike Enescu's
    or Stravinsky's depending on the circumstances and needs.

    The result was therefore Two different suites, arranged for piano ( or
    orchestra and string instrument or solo piano)
    A suite of 10 melodies arranged in 7 movements, and another of 25
    Christmas carols.
    In both cases, I avoided when I choose the material, the use the same
    melodies Bartok himself employed in his music, as the challenge was
    to bring into light as many unknown collected melodies as possible.

  • Ana Maria Avram - Hyperion


    Ensemble x.y play Ana Maria Avram's Hyperion

    29th March 2019, MYO Space

    Toby Thatcher - Conductor
    Mayah Kadish - Violin
    Tim Hodgkinson - Bass Clarinet
    Yoni Silver - Bass Clarinet
    Oliver Pooley - Percussion
    Beibei Wang - Percussion
    Gwen Reed - Double Bass
    Otto Willberg - Double Bass
    Cecilia Bignall - Cello
    Alex Paxton - Trombone
    Alyson Frazier - Flute
    Jordan Bergmans - Viola
    David Zucchi - Saxophone

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Ikarus for string quartet and tape


    with IO String quartet. REcorded in COnway Hall, November 2008, SPECTRUM XXI Festival.

  • Ana-Maria Avram : Quatre Etudes Orphiques


    for female voice, bass clarinet, clarinet, percussion and live electronics.
    Live from Paris, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, November 2007.
    Spectrum XXI festival. Second edition.
    Janet PAPE (voice ), Tim HODGKINSON (bass clarinet), Matei TEODORESCU (clarienet), Gustavo AGUILAR (percussion), Ana-Maria AVRAM (live electronics, conducting)

  • Harry Halbreich in dialogue with Ana-Maria Avram on spectral music


    Harry Halbreich in preambule at the Third Spectral Music Festival SPECTRUM XXI in La Belladone, Brussels. A conference about spectral music: roots and origins, tendencies, influences and more. A fascinating dialogue with Ana-Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu. November 2008. More on spectral music in Roumanie, Terre du Neuvième Ciel - a book of interviews you can read on

  • Either/OR Ana Maria Avram - Quatre etudes dombres


    March 3, 2016
    Margaret Lancaster
    Either/OR Romanian Spectralism Festival
    Miller Theatre

  • ANA-MARIA AVRAM: Nouvel Archae


    ANA-MARIA AVRAM - voice; National University of Music Bucharest, December 21, 2010

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM Chiaroscuro for 2 groups of percussion


    Steve Noble, Haggai Fershtmann ( percussion) conducted by the composer
    Live in Paris, Le Centquatre, 11.11.2011, Spectrum XXI festival

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Nouvelle Axe for string quartet


    played by iO string quartet ( New York). Live recording from concert.
    Composer, pianist, conductor, born in 1961 in Bucharest, Romania.
    1980-1985 - she accomplished studies of composition at the Superior National Conservatories in Bucharest.
    1992 DEA of musical aesthetics at Sorbonne Paris
    1994 Great Prize of the Romanian Academy

    Since 1988 she is a Member of Hyperion Ensemble from Bucharest - group of composers and interpreters representing a new, experimentalist and innovative direction in Romanian music, she realized a lot of European tours, as well as conductor and composer.

    Her music incorporates the outward semblences of abstraction of archetypal sound, achieving its full development in the synthesis of electroacoustic and instrumental sources.
    Her main works are : « Threnia I-II », « Orbit of Eternal Grace », for orchestra and soloists, « Ekagrata », « Swarms », « Seconde Axe », « Ec-Statoc Crickets », for chamber orchestra, « De Sacrae Lamentationem », « In Nomine Lucis », for large orchestra, « Zodiaque I-IV », « Notturno I-II », « Labyrinthe I-III », « Signum Gemini », « Ikarus I-IV », « Traces, Sillons, Sillages », « Doryphories », « New Arcana », « Ascent », - electronic & instrumental music, « Archae », « Metaboles », « Axe », « Quatre études dombre », « Ikarus-Kronos Quartet », « Assonant I-III » - instrumental and chamber musics, « Horridas Nostrae Mentis Purga Tenebras », « Novel Archae » - computer assisted music.

    Her music is published by Edition Modern, Electrecord, Editura Muzicala, Artgallery, ReR Megacorp, Musicworks, Bananafish..

    Her music was performed in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Stanford, in Vienna (in the Wien Modern Festival in 1992 and 1994) at Paris (several times at « Radio France » and « Theatre de la Ville ª), in London (at Royal Festival Hall) Nancy, Allicante, Lisbon, Baden-Baden, Darmstadt, Moscow, Belgarde, etc.

    Her works has been commissioned by prestigious ensembles such as Kronos Quartet (San Francisco) « 20 Jahrhundert » from Vienna, soloists from lOrchestre National de France, orchestras as Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra, Romanian National Orchestra, Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra, LOrchestre de Chambre de Roumanie, etc.

    « On the Abolition of the Soul » - a Radio France commission was released on a double CD- Radio France, as an anthology of Prix Italia since 1949.

    « Romanian composer IANCU DUMITRESCU and his associate, ANA-MARIA AVRAM, leading figures in the Eastern European school of modern classical music have issued many stunning works through the years, but this is the first to be issued in America... »
    Los Angeles, sept.1999

    « Of the three CDs issued thus far, one also contains three excellent works by a pupil of his: ANA MARIA AVRAM, whose compositional style is every bit as fascinating and innovative, and is certainly a talent to look out for. .. »
    Alan FREEMAN AUDION , LEICESTER , March 1993

    « ANA-MARIA AVRAM recently composed a quartet for Kronos, and followed it up with Nouvelle Axe, peformed here by the strings of Romanias Hyperion Ensemble, who also work with DUMITRESCU. Its an uncompromising piece with a tendency to noise throughout, drawing blizzards of pizzicato, high - pitched sounds and lots of glissandos from the panoply of avant garde string effects. »
    ANDY HAMILTON - THE WIRE (49), LONDON, August 1999

    « Both Avram and Dumitrescu are convinced that if they have been able to open new doors in music, it is because they have made or found precisely those connections between musical activity and inner life that remain unarticulated in conventional musical training. This is not, however, simply a matter of theit philosophy and motivation as artists. The psychological reality if their music is directly grounded in a conception of the acoustic reality iof sound. »
    Tim HODGKINSON, Musdicworks No 71, TORONTO, Summer 1998

    « ... Works also features three compositions by ANA-MARIA AVRAM, born in Bucharest in 1961. Wonderful to hear music where textural innovations arent employed to colour pre-existing structures, but evolve form in process. On Zodiaque she plays prepared piano opposite Dumitrescu, a percussionist and magnetic tape.
    Seems like these Romanians are engaged in a similar kind of sonic research to that which resulted in the masterpieces of Giacinto Scelsi and Ennio Morricone : collective endeavour, genuine deep listenning. The results are similarly overpowering a milion miles from the tootling inconsecuence of most of what passes for New Music in the classical world. »

    BEN WATSON - The WIRE, LONDON, May 1995

  • Ana-Maria Avram London 21st November 2008


    Ana Maria Avram conducting the Hyperion Ensemble with soloist Tim Hodgkinson

  • Cornelia Petroiu in concert, with QUINCONCE, by Ana-Maria Avram


    This piece was dedicated in 2003, to Cornelia Petroiu and it was presented in premiere. thesame year. This is an excellent example of instrumental-acousmatic music.

  • Ana-Maria Avram: Septem sermones ad mortuos for ensemble and live electronics


    Composed in 2009, live recording from George Enescu international festival, 2009 edition. With the Hyperion Ensemble. Soloist: Tim Hodgkinson. Conducted by the composer

  • Ana-Maria Avram - Quatre etudes dombres


    Margaret Lancaster

    Just for promotion.
    Please write me a direct message if you have complaints about this upload concerning copyright issues. In that case, I will delete the video immediately.

  • Ana-Maria Avram: Incantatio for viola and orchestra


    with cornelia Petroiu (viola) conducted by the composer. Live recording from Ploiesti, Musica Nova festival, Ploiesti Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Ana-Maria Avram: Axe VII


    Ana-Maria Avram: Axe VII
    Kyle Motl: contrabass

    September 22, 2017
    Recital Hall, Conrad Prebys Music Center UC San Diego

    Video documentation by Caroline Louise Miller

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Quatre études dombre for solo bass flute


    played by Isabelle Hureau

  • Ana-Maria Avram: Endless burning fire for ensemble , bass clarinet and computer sound


    live recorded in London, Conway hall

  • Ana-Maria AVRAM: Chiaroscuro for two bass clarinets and computer sounds


    Tim Hodgkinson, Yoni Silver ( bass clarinets). Live from Paris, Le Centquatre, SPECTRUM XXI festival, 2011

  • SPECTRUM XXI: Andrei Kivu - Axe


    Recorded live on November 5, 2015 at the Control Club in Bucharest, Romania.

    9th Spectrum XXI Festival: Sonic Trans-Fusions

    Ana-Maria Avram - Axe (for Cello solo)



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