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Playlist of Allan Holdsworth

  • Allan Holdsworth - Looking Glass - Frankfurt - HQ audio


    AH in 1997 - in stereo. Dave Carpenter (R.I.P) on Bass, Gary Novak on Drums.
    Sorry it is very slightly out of sync.
    All comments are read & appreciated, even if not replied to.
    The full concert is now on YT:

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  • Allan Holdsworth - The Sixteen Men Of Tain FULL ALBUM


    The Sixteen Men of Tain is the tenth studio album by guitarist Allan Holdsworth, released in March 2000.


    1. 0274 0:00:05
    2. The Sixteen Men of Tain 0:07:45
    3. Above and Below 0:14:10
    4. The Drums Were Yellow (Holdsworth, Gary Novak) 0:17:20
    5. Texas 0:23:18
    6. Downside Up (Chad Wackerman) 0:29:02
    7. Eidolon 0:36:09
    8. Above and Below (Reprise) 0:40:46

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  • Allan Holdsworth - How to understand his solos


    This Allan Holdsworth Solo Lesson takes a look at the scales and arpeggios he is using in a few phrases from the Sixteen Men Of Tain solo. I love Holdsworths playing and it is really interesting to try to figure out what is going on because his melodic language is pretty much unique.

    The video breaks down 4 phrases and talks about how they are constructed using different scales sounds such as Lydian Augmented and 2 different Messiaen Modes.

    Of course this is an interpretation and an analysis based on what I know about him and what I think he is playing, but if you don't agree then feel free to leave a comment!

    The entire solo is transcribed here on the #11 channel: (They are worth checking out if you are into jazz!)

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  • Allan Holdsworth Band feat. Jimmy Haslip & Gary Husband - Jarasum Jazz Festival


    앨런 홀스워스 밴드 feat. 지미 하슬립, 게리 허스밴드 Allan Holdsworth Band feat.

    Jimmy Haslip & Gary Husband - Devil Takes The Hindmost

    2014. 10. 5(Sun) Jazz Island, Jarasum Int'l Jazz Festival

    Allan Holdsworth (guitar)
    Jimmy Haslip (bass)
    Gary Husband (drums)

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  • Allan Holdsworth Group - REH Live Set 2019


    Allan Holdsworth: Aug 6 1946- April 15 2017
    Wanted to present the live session tracks together nicely. Remastered for your enjoyment by Cybersufi Digital. Enjoy the concert!
    Improved Audio 2019.

  • Allan Holdsworth Instructional Video


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  • Allan Holdsworth Trio 2010-11-09 Leverkusen, GR


    Allan Holdsworth performs with drummer Chad Wackerman & bassist Ernest Tibbs on on 2010-11-09 at the Leverkusen, Germany Jazz Festival.

    This is being posted for pure enjoyment, with no thought or hope of financial gain. I do not own the copyright in this recording. :)

  • Allan Holdsworth Talks about his Headless Kiesel Guitars


    Allan Holdsworth talks about his signature Kiesel HH Headless Guitar. These are available with a fixed bridge or a trem bridge with either 1 or 2 pickups. Allan has had Kiesel Guitars/Carvin Guitars build his signature models since 1995. The latest Kiesel HH1X is everything Allan has wanted in a guitar, the latest 2016 models include a more chambered body, high strength carbon fiber rods added to the neck and the new Kiesel Holdsworth signature pickups.

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  • British guitarist reacts to Allan Holdsworths EXTRATERRESTRIAL playing!


    Tonight I'm taking a look at Allan Holdsworth and his out of this world playing!
    Original videos -

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  • Allan Holdsworth Trio live


    Allan Holdsworth - guitar
    Dave Carpenter - bass
    Gary Novak - drums
    Poland '98

  • Allan Holdsworth - INSANE use of 4-note-per-string LEGATO & chromaticism


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  • Allan Holdsworth Where Is One cover



    Guitar: Suhr J Select Series J Standard 510
    Effects pedals:BOSS GT-001
    cable: Xotic XGC-1


  • Kiesel Carvin Guitars Allan Holdsworth Pickup Demo


    This video demos the new Allan Holdsworth pickups (KH12B and KH12N) by Kiesel Carvin Guitars while going through different pickup combinations and tones.

    HH2 Guitar:

    KH12B Bridge Pickup:
    KH12N Neck Pickup:

  • Allan Holdsworth i.o.u. Full Album HQ


    I.O.U. is the second studio album by guitarist Allan Holdsworth, released in 1982 through Luna Crack Records/I.O.U. Records and reissued in 1985 through Enigma Records. A previous album, Velvet Darkness, was released in 1976 without Holdsworth's consent, therefore making this (in his view) his first official solo release.

    -No copyright infringement intended. Made without profit.-

    No. Title
    1. The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun) 5:52
    2. Where Is One 5:38
    3. Checking Out 3:39
    4. Letters of Marque 7:02
    5. Out from Under (Steven Robinson, Holdsworth) 3:34
    6. Temporary Fault 3:17
    7. Shallow Sea 6:04
    8. White Line (Holdsworth, Gerry Brown) 4:43

    Total length: 39:49
    LP: WEA Records P-13091 / LP: Enigma Records 2031 / CD: Atlantic CDE73252 (1985)

    Although released in 1982, Gary Husband tells me that the album was recorded in 1979. The original album on LP was release independently by Allan Holdsworth in 1982 (cat no AH-100 black sleeve with gold printing) before being licensed by Enigma issuing the album with a red cover and silver printing - later used for the CD version).
    Bass -- Paul Carmichael
    Drums, Piano -- Gary Husband
    Mixed By -- Colin Green
    Producer, Guitar, Violin -- Allan Holdsworth
    Recorded By -- Andy Llewellyn
    Remastered By -- Tohru Ohara
    Soloist, Piano -- Gerry Brown (tracks: 6)
    Soloist, Violin -- Allan Holdsworth
    Vocals -- Paul Williams (10)
    Written-By -- Allan Holdsworth, Gerry Brown (tracks: 8), Steven Robinson (2) (tracks: 5)

  • Allan Holdsworth - 1998 Warsaw


    Allan Holdsworth Trio in Warsaw 1998.

  • Best solo by Allan Holdsworth


    Allan showing us his amazing feel and outstanding technique! the solo is from the The 4.15 Bradford Executive music / Sand album (1987).

  • Soft Machine - Switzerland 1974 Official Trailer


    Album 'Switzerland 1974' by Soft Machine (Cuneiform Records)

    Purchase now @
    Amazon (CD/mp3):
    Wayside Music (CD):

    Album Personnel:
    Roy Babbington (electric six string bass)
    Allan Holdsworth (guitar)
    Karl Jenkins (oboe, soprano sax, electric piano)
    John Marshall (drums)
    Mike Ratledge (electric piano, organ, synthesizer)

    Soft Machine's 'Switzerland 1974' (CD/DVD), released on Cuneiform Records, feature Soft Machine's July 4, 1974 concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and are officially licensed from the Montreux Jazz Festival. These audio and video recordings feature Roy Babbington (electric six string bass), Karl Jenkins (oboe, soprano sax, electric piano), John Marshall (drums), Mike Ratledge - and the earliest available performance footage of guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

    [The official trailer features Soft Machine performing excerpts of Hazard Profile and Riff II.]

    For more information:

  • Allan Holdsworth - Shenandoah


    Track #13 From the Album The Best of Allan Holdsworth: Against the Clock

  • Yngwie Malmsteen & Allan Holdsworth - In the Dead of Night Guitar Solo


    A direct comparison between Yngwie and Allan playing the Solo: In the Dead of Night U.K. - U.K. The solo was of course played and improvised by Allan Holdsworth first. Yngwie played this on his records Inspiration

    Both are 2 of my favorite players and it was fun to make this video.

    Allan Holdsworth takes my vote but ill leave that to you.


  • Allan Holdsworth - Proto Cosmos


    Allan Holdsworth jamming out.

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  • Above and below - Allan Holdsworth


    A tribute to the great Allan Holdsworth
    Link for the chart:

  • Allan Holdsworth - Devil Take The Hindmost 2009


    Allan Holdsworth Trio performing at the IMAC Theater in New York on Friday May, 1st. 2009.

    Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
    Chad Wackerman - Drums
    Ernest Tibbs - Bass

    Please Visit:

  • Yngwie Malmsteen vs. Micheal Romeo vs. Allan Holdsworth


    Since my Yngwie Malmsteen vs. Allan Holdsworth video had so many views I wanted to make a new one. I chose Yngwie's most legato style played solo I could remember so I did with Micheal Romeo's. Both players say they are hugely influenced by the Master Allan Holdsworth.

    The first solo is from Yngwie Malmsteen's Album: Marching Out - Soldier without Faith
    The second solo is from Symphony X's Album: Odyssey - Frontiers
    The third solo is from Symphony X's Album: The Damnation Game - The Edge of Forever
    Fourth solo is from Steve Hunt: From Your Heart and Your Soul - Wring it out feat. Allan Holdsworth a.k.a THE MASTER

    Please buy these albums to support these amazing artists.

    Thanks for watching!!!

  • Proto Cosmos Allan Holdsworth Fusion


    My crazy solo (total improv) on Proto Cosmos written by Composer Alan Pasqua. Ultumate fusion song? Why I say that is revealed below.. I don't presume to play like Holdsworth but I do like the legato phrasing and approach.
    I’m using the crossover technique to dampen the strings. I prefer the tone of this method to using a fretwrap.
    THE ULTIMATE FUSION SONG: Made popular in the rock -fusion culture by Allan Holdsworth. He mentioned that ‘Proto Cosmos” was often the first song he performed in live shows simply because the 5 chord changes were easy to improve over. After that he and the band we’re loosened up to perform more complex material. I recommend this method to my students as well. Thx to IVORY BOAT for the cool backing track

    I used a DV MARK Multiamp for the Overdrive tone and Eventide H9 Black Hole effect in the mix. Please hit subscribe for more cool vids.
    #AllanHoldsworth #ProtoCosmos #JazzRockFusion

  • Allan Holdsworth - Devil Take the Hindmost STUDIO VERSION


    Allan Holdsworth
    Devil Take the Hindmost
    Album : Metal Fatigue

  • Allan Holdsworth HH2X Signature guitar demo by Alex Sill - Kiesel Guitars


    Alex Sill demonstrates some Holdsworth style tones on the Allan Holdsworth signature HH2X headless guitar.

    Intro song: Non-Brewed Condiment - Allan Holdsworth
    Guitar performed by Alex Sill
    Drums performed by Virgil Donati
    Bass performed by Jimmy Johnson

    This HH2X is specced out very similar to how Allan specced out his personal guitars (with the addition of a neck pickup).

    Here are the specs:
    Chambered Alder body
    Maple top
    Maple neck
    Pearl Blue finish
    Stainless Steel Jumbo frets
    Abalone Diamond inlays
    Ebony Fingerboard
    Holdsworth signature pickups
    Black Pickup covers
    Drop Shadow silver logo

    For more information on the HH2 guitar, call our custom shop experts at (858) GUITARS
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  • Allan Holdsworth with SoftWorks - Seattle 2002 Part 2


    Allan Holdsworth and SoftWorks in Seattle 2002.

  • The Chords of Allan Holdsworth Part 1


    The Chords of Allan Holdsworth Part 1

    In this episode we explore the impossible chord voicings of guitar legend Allan Holdsworth. I normally don’t teach songs but I am teaching you the chord melody to The Looking Glass of Antavachron. Some of them are very difficult to play so please don’t over overdo it. It takes time to get used to the stretches especially when there is a 2 fret distance between the 2nd and 3rd fingers.

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  • Allan Holdsworth live in Tokyo 1984 + Interviews


    No copyright infringement intended. Made without profit.

    No monetizing No ads

    Recorded, May 14, 1984 at Yubin Chokin Hall in Tokyo, Japan

    Allan Holdsworth: Guitar
    Jimmy Johnson: Bass
    Chad Wackerman: Drums
    Paul Williams: Vocals

    0:01:38 Tokyo Dream
    0:08:10 Road Games
    0:12:34 White Line
    0:19:34 Panic Station

    0:23:14 Band Introduction

    0:23:50 Interview 1

    0:26:04 Letters of Marque
    0:32:45 Home

    0:38:32 Interview 2

    0:40:48 Devil Take The Hindmost
    0:46:25 Material Real
    0:54:08 Metal Fatigue
    0:59:23 Where is one
    1:07:28 The Things You See ( When You Haven't Got Your Gun )
    1:14:47 Was There ?


  • Allan Holdsworth Trio live #3


    Allan Holdsworth - guitar
    Dave Carpenter - bass
    Gary Novak - drums
    Poland '98

  • Allan Holdsworth Band Rehearsal


    January was the start to a busy year of touring and gigs for the Allan Holdsworth Band. For the initial West Coast gigs, they played as a 4 piece band, with the addition of Dennis Hamm on keyboards. This is a short clip of some exclusive behind the scenes rehearsal footage, shot at S.I.R. in Hollywood. Virgil Donati is on drums, and Jimmy Haslip on bass

  • Allan Holdsworth - Deutsches Jazz Festival 1986


  • Allan Holdsworth: Frankfurt 86 - Preview #1


    Here's a short preview from the upcoming CD/DVD release of Allan Holdsworth Frankfurt '86 from Manifesto Records. Notice that the quality of the video and audio signal both far exceed previous versions, as we were thankfully able to retrieve the archived video master from Hessischer Rundfunk in Germany.

    Although Allan and the chaps were plagued with technical and logistical issues here (not the least of which is that pesky Synthaxe® operating system!), they nevertheless tore it up musically, and now we're incredibly lucky to have one more of the exceedingly rare professionally-filmed Allan Holdsworth concerts to feast our eyes and ears on! Historically significant to say the least!

    The current release date remains May 29th and you should be able to pre-order on Amazon shortly!

  • Allan Holdsworth — Atavachron


    1. Non Brewed Condiment (0:00)
    2. Funnels (3:42)
    3. The Dominant Plague (9:57)
    4. Atavachron (15:43)
    5. Looking Glass (20:29)
    6. Mr. Berwell (25:05)
    7. All Our Yesterdays (31:30)

  • Allan Holdsworth- talks about his Carvin Guitars Headless signature model


    Live performance of Allan Holdsworth and he talks about his HH series headless signature model guitars the HH1, HH1X, HH2 and HH2X. These HH guitars are made by Carvin Guitars, family owned and operated in San Diego CA.

    For more information on the HH guitars give our experts a call @ 858 GUITARS (484-8277) or go online:

    To keep up with Carvin Guitars:

  • Allan Holdsworth Trio - The Sixteen Men Of Tain


    Frankfurt Jazz Festival (1997)

    Allan Holdsworth - guitar
    Dave Carpenter - bass
    Gary Novak - drums

  • Allan Holdsworth - Warsaw Jazz festival 1998


    Allan Holdsworth trio in Warsaw 1998

  • Allan Holdsworth - Devil Take The Hind Most


    Allan Holdsworth - Live at The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA, October 7, 1992.

    Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
    Gary Husband - Drums
    Steve Hunt - Keys
    Skuli Sverrison - Bass

    Thanks to Gary Fick for this footage.

  • Allan Holdsworth - Carvin booth NAMM 97


    Allan Holdsworth playing his signature series Carvin guitar at NAMM 97.

  • Allan Holdsworth- Endomorph


    Beautiful piece..

    I do not own the song or the image, fan made only. All rights reserved to the artist and label.

  • Allan Holdsworth Secret Scale!?!


    #allanholdsworth #secretscale #jazzrockfusion

    The newest lesson in the channel is all about Allan Holdsworth's use of Olivier Messiaen's 3rd Mode of Limited Transposition. The idea behind this lesson comes from Patreon Monthly Video Sweepstakes winner Raul Tizze. In the video I show examples of a couple of different fingerings and give some tips on how to juggle the notes around to hide the symmetrical sound a bit.

    Hope you guys enjoy the video!


    The Art of Scale Weaving


    Guitar Tutorials 10 Modern Fusion Licks

    Guitar Tutorials 10 Modern Jazz Licks



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  • See Me Become An Instant Allan Holdsworth Fan





    See the moment I watch this performance of Looking Glass By Allan Holdsworth for the first time. I become an instant fan!

  • How to Play Chords Like Allan Holdsworth


    Download the full TAB with all of the chord voicings in this lesson here: -

  • Allan Holdsworth - Fred - Matteo Mancuso


    Hello friends! This is just an humble tribute to one of my favorite players. I falled in love with Holdsworth music since I heard this song on the album Believe it by Tony Williams. Many thanks to my guitar buddy Daniele Raciti for the backing track, check out his channel!

    Yamaha Revstar Custom
    Line6 Helix


    ➢➢➢Daniele Raciti:

  • Allan Holdsworth and Eddie Van Halen Five GJam 1983 take1


    Allan Holdsworth and Eddie Van Halen Five GJam 1983 take1

  • Allan Holdsworth - Dodgy Boat - Steve Hunt - fingerstyle guitar cover - Jake Reichbart


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  • Allan Holdsworth Solo In Tokyo


  • Allan Holdsworth on Rockschool 1987


    Allan Holdsworth doing a short in studio demo of the Synthaxe.

  • Allan Holdsworth Trio - 4.28.09 - Water on the Brain Pt. 2


    Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
    Ernest Tibbs - Bass
    Chad Wackerman - Drums

    This is one song of their live set on April 28th, 2009 at Johnny D's in Somerville MA. It was their 3rd song during the first set, and they were still getting warmed up!!
    I recorded audio using my Edirol R-09HR with external binaural mics, and recorded video using my crappy little Canon S3-iS camera :)
    Hope you enjoy, and i hope that Allen and the venue are okay with me posting this!

  • Pat Metheny and Allan Holdsworth: More ALIKE Than You Think!


    In this episode I show how Pat Metheny and Allan Holdsworth are more alike than you think. Pat Metheny (1954-Present) and Allan Holdsworth (1946-2017) are both incredible improvisers and writers. There playing seems to have little in common but their harmonic vocabularies are far more similar than most people realize.





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