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Playlist of Alan Doyle shows us how

  • Alan Doyle | Bully Boys | Juno Songwriters Circle


    Alan Doyle performs 'Bully Boys' for Juno Songwriter's Circle.

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  • Memorial Day/Canada Day 2020, Alan Doyle


    Come Out With Me, Alan Doyle Quartet (St. John's Memorial Day/Canada Day) 00:00
    I've Seen A Little, Alan Doyle Trio (National Canada Day Together Evening Show 04:00
    Share The Land - Alan Doyle, Serena Ryder, Sheepdogs, Sarah McLachlan, Radio Radio, et al (Finale, Evening Show) 08:34

    This video focuses on Alan's back-to-back Memorial Day/Canada Day performances - the first song with his Beautiful Beautiful Bandmates Cory Tetford, Kendel Carson and Todd Lumley, the second song with Cory and Kendel, and the third and final song with a constellation of brilliant Canadian stars.

    Both of these show can be (and should be, because they're both wonderful) seen in full by following these links:
    St. John's Canada Day show
    Canada Day Together

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  • Alan Doyle | Come Out With Me | Juno Songwriters Circle 2019


    Alan Doyle performs 'Come Out With Me' for Juno Songwriter's Circle 2019.

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  • Come Out With Me Tour, 2nd Leg , Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Beautiful Band, Kitchener


    Come Out With Me/Somewhere In A Song/Testify/Ordinary Day/I've Seen A Little

    Selections from the Kitchener ON Centre In The Square gig, 2nd show of the 2nd Tour Leg of Alan's Come Out With Me Tour. - gives a glimpse of some of the brandly new changes being debuted on this tour leg. February 21, 2018

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  • Alan Doyle - Its OK


    Original version of It's OK appears on Rough Side Out:

    From Alan: Gathered the gang for this message of hope for everyone. Spread it around, would you? Might be just the thing someone needs to hear today. p.s. I miss these Beautiful Beautiful people more than I can say.

    Alan Doyle
    Kris Macfarlane
    Shehab Illyas
    Cory Tetford
    Kendel Carson
    Todd Lumley
    Matt Kelly

    Engineered by Cory Tetford (CTM) & Alan Doyle (Skinner's Hill Studios)
    Mixed by Cory Tetford (CTM)
    Video by Shehab Illyas (Skylab Productions)

  • The Alan Doyle Trio join Barenaked Ladies, Flynn Theatre, Burlington VT


    1,2,3,4 - AD Trio & Ed Robertson
    For You - BNL & Kendel Carson
    If I Had A Million Dollars - All Hands (beware Monster Bass! - I was right next to speaker)

    The AD Trio (Alan & two of his most Beautiful Gypsies, Kendel Carson and Cory Tetford) opened up for BNL at the Flynn Theatre in Burlington VT. And it was just as much fun as everyone expected it to be. Gotta love these two bands together! April 29, 2017

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  • Take Us Home , Alan Doyle Band, Centre In The Square, Kitchener ON


    Show-closing song on a triumphant first night of Alan's cross-continent (and across the Pond) So Let's Go Tour, in support of his just-released - and utterly awesome - second solo album. Republic Of Doyle fans will recognize this song of Alan's as the one which closed both show and series of that top-ranked CBC-TV program. January 21, 2014

  • Alan Doyle - Bully Boys


    Alan Doyle live from Canada's New Year's Eve: A Countdown to 2018

  • Alan Doyle & The Chieftains , Lukey/Lukaloney & Rant And Roar, St. Johns, Newfoundland


    Performing the song they recorded with Great Big Sea back in 1998 (which can be found on their Fire In The Kitchen album, as well as in the classic GBS video), Celtic-music icons The Chieftains are joined by Newfoundland's (and GBS's) own Alan Doyle during the second show of the NL stop of their Irish Goodbye Tour, plus Alan takes a solo spotlight turn during the evening's finale with yet another classic NL (and GBS) tune. Arts & Culture Centre, St. John's, Newfoundland. October 27, 2019

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  • Singing For President Barack Obama: Alan Doyle, Tim Baker, Shallaway Choir at Mile One, St. Johns


    Where I Belong Alan Doyle 00:00
    Shine On Alan Doyle & Shallaway 06:46
    Ordinary Day Alan Doyle, Tim Baker, Shallaway 11:31

    Are we in the mood to sing a song for the President of the United States? - Alan Doyle

    What an awesome night at Mile One Centre in St. John's, as some of Newfoundland's brightest luminaries opened up for the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. November 12, 2019

  • Goin Home, Alan Doyle & Scott Grimes, Philadelphia So Lets Go Tour show


    (w. songwriterly intro) Scott joins Alan during his gig at Philly's World Cafe to sing a song the two of them co-wrote after the Boston Marathon bombing two year ago. April 30, 2015

  • Alan Doyle Surprises wedding


    Alan Doyle surprises wedding guests. Great guy

  • Alan Doyle | Ordinary Day | Juno Songwriters Circle 2019


    Alan Doyle performs 'Ordinary Day' for Juno Songwriter's Circle.

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  • Always Worth The Wait: Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Beautiful Band Make It To Banff


    Dream Of Home (off-mic) Alan 00:00
    Greeting and Wave Over Wave Alan 03:55
    Come Out With Me (post-soundcheck 1st verse) AD Quartet 09:43
    Wayward Drummer Climbs Onstage (Where Are The Drums?) Kris + AD Quartet 12:37
    Sea Of No Cares AD Quartet 13:38
    Boston & St. John's Alan 18:38
    Georgia (crowd request) Cory 24:16
    Run Runaway AD Quartet 31:47
    I Am A Sailor Alan and Todd 35:14
    Ordinary Day AD Quartet 40:55
    20 Songs If They Love Me (I Gotta Go Go Go) Alan 45:04

    A Montana winter storm, a slow border crossing, and a tour-bus breakdown (the 3rd such of this Winter 2019 Come Out With Me Tour leg) were no match for Alan's determination to make it to his nearly-sold-out gig in the Eric Harvie Theatre at the Banff Centre. Racing across the Alberta prairies into the setting sun, documenting their progress via tweets that were being followed by the crowd patiently waiting at the venue (and at the nearby pubs) for their delayed arrival, Alan and his BBB swept into Banff around 9 pm and the show began around 9:30, two hours later than the original start time and worth every single minute of that wait. And then some. Having to leave part of their gear behind in order to make it at all, they put on an intimate, stripped-down, acoustic show featuring the Alan Doyle Bus Breakdown Quartet (Alan, Cory Tetford, Kendel Carson and Todd Lumley) - no bass or drums, though Kris MacFarlane did make it briefly up onto the stage in search of his drum kit. It was a show played with heart and soul and every single of bit of energy these weary travellers had left to offer, an energy that was given right back to them by all the folks (and even with the lengthy delay on a weeknight, nearly every seat in the sold-out house was still full, until everyone stood up to dance, that is) who had come to sing along and share an evening out with them. There was so much heartfelt gratitude at the end of this night, when Alan performed his brand new song, that there were some eyes in that house that did not remain dry, onstage and off. February 21, 2019

  • Alan Doyle - Somewhere In A Song


    Alan Doyle plays his song, Somewhere In A Song, LIVE in our studio.

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  • Alan Doyle - Where I Belong


    Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea performs his solo song Where I Belong as part of Rootstock 2011 in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, August 28, 2011.

  • Rough Side Out Tour Opening Night , Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Beautiful Band, Moose Jaw


    We're Gonna Love Tonight (tour debut) 00:00
    Anywhere You Wanna Go (tour debut) 03:49
    Kitchen Party At The Piano: Somewhere In A Song, w. intro 07:20 / It's OK (Dollar A Day) (tour debut) 13:29 / Old Black Rum 17:25
    Great Big Sea Singalong Medley: Consequence Free (just a snippet of) 20:55 / End Of The World 21:09 / Paddy Murphy 22:40
    We Don't Wanna Go Home, w. intro (tour debut) 26:15
    Encores: What The Whisky Won't Do, w. Kelly Prescott (tour debut) 31:41 (big sitting-back-down camera bobble) / I've Seen A Little, w. Kelly and Mitch Jay (3 axes!) 35:28 / Ordinary Day, w. Kelly and Mitch 40:05
    Show-Closer: I Gotta Go (Alan solo) 44:19 (one more sitting-down bobble)

    What a night at the Mae Wilson Theatre! What a way to open a Tour! GBS classic songs, Alan Doyle solo tunes, Newfoundland every single song from Alan's excellent just-released Rough Side Out EP (he did do Paper In Fire, though I didn't video it this time)! All done with his awesome Beautiful Beautiful Band, and also with ace singer/songwriter Kelly Prescott (backed up by the impressively skilled Mitch Jay) opening and sharing the stage for the encores. All cheered on by an enthusiastic, nearly-sold-out (quite the feat during the Scotties Tournament) crowd. Can't imagine a better way to begin what is clearly going to be a special tour - attendance at which is highly recommended if at all possible. (Rough Side Out EP available here: ) Moose Jaw Culture Centre, Saskatchewan. February 19, 2020

  • 1,2,3,4/Old Black Rum, Alan Doyle Trio, Lower Deck Pub CCMA Weekend Pop-Up Show


    A brand new Alan Doyle song about whiskey, a beloved classic GBS song about rum - each done on one of the most venerable stages in Canada. Crazy fun times on a grand night during CCMA Weekend in lovely Halifax, Nova Scotia. August 12, 2015

  • Alan Doyle - Come Out With Me


    Music video by Alan Doyle performing Come Out With Me. © 2018 Skinner's Hill Music Ltd, under exclusive license to Universal Music Canada Inc.

  • Alan Doyle Trio w. Kendel Carson & Cory Tetford, Shine On/Were Gonna Love Tonight, Bud Stage @ Home


    Two beautiful songs with the (socially distanced) AD Trio for the Budweiser Stage broadcast (hosted by Tara Slone, this also featured a set from Blue Rodeo), plus a brief sweet interview with Alan at the end. So wonderful to hear these voices - and to see these faces! - together again. Feels like Hope and a Promise for the future when Alan's Rough Side Out Tour can resume with his full complement of Beautiful Beautiful Bandmates. August 2020

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  • Alan Doyle - Take Us Home


    Take Us Home appears on So Let's Go, available for purchase @ This song was featured on the final episode of Republic of Doyle. Follow Alan on Twitter - and Facebook -


    This is my hand
    Take it now it’s yours to keep
    These are my eyes
    Look into them and you’ll see
    How a rainbow needs the rain
    Or it will never shine again
    It’s the same for you and me

    These are my footsteps
    Falling surely next to yours
    This is the moment
    That we’ve been waiting for
    It’s our story now to tell
    Raise the curtain, ring the bell
    And open up the doors

    Hey, altogether we will be
    We’re forever you and me
    Hey, the sun will show us where to go
    Love will give us heart and soul
    And take us home

    These are my arms
    Come to them when you’re cold
    This is my shoulder
    Rest your head and dream of home
    For there’ll nights and there’ll be days
    It seems a long, long ways away
    But we’ll make it now I know

    This is my song
    It’s the only one I know
    This is my heart
    Take it with you when you go
    I wanna thank you for the show
    No one wants to dance alone
    I’ll see you down the road

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Gypsies w. Ed Robertson, BNL Silverball Tour, Prince George


    Last night at Prince George's CN Centre was the first opening set of the first Canadian show of Barenaked Ladies' Silverball Tour...and the first opening set for Alan with his amazing Beautiful Gypsies. It was an awesome night all around. Here, Ed joins Alan and his Gypsies on the song Alan and he co-wrote, and which can be found on Alan's So Let's Go album. October 19, 2015

  • Alan Doyle shows us how-to-play Boston and St. Johns


    'Boston and St. John's' is one of the most requested songs Alan Doyle gets from fans!

    So, naturally, he was excited to show us and the viewers how-to-play it on guitar!

    Don't forget to tell us what you'd like to see next in the comments!


  • What are you at, Alan Doyle? | 22 Minutes


    Alan Doyle stops by 22 Minutes for a song and a laugh with Alan Doyle!

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  • Fiddle God & Goddess, Kendel Carson & Tyler Carson, Alan Doyle Come Out With Me Tour, Phoenix


    Such a special moment during Alan's sold-out Phoenix gig with his Beautiful Beautiful Band as Violinist Extraordinaire Kendel's big brother Tyler joins her on stage for some sibling violin mastery. Amazing! Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix AZ

  • I Am A Sailor, Alan Doyle , Alan Doyle Band, Parry Sound


    A passionate performance of a beautiful new Alan Doyle song - hopefully to be found on his upcoming 2nd solo album, accompanied here by the incomparable Todd Lumley. Alan Doyle Band show, Stockey Centre, Parry Sound. May 23, 2014.

  • Take Us Home, Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Gypsies, St. Catherines ON


    I wanna thank you for the show/No one wants to dance alone/I'll see you down the Road...Alan and his Gypsies closing out the 2016 So Let's Go Tour-opening show at Partridge Hall in St. Catherines FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre with grateful hearts. St. Catherines ON. January 27, 2016

  • Yankee Sailor , Alan Doyle, Come Out With Me Tour Chicago Show, City Winery


    Alan chose this True Story song (which can be found on the Safe Upon The Shore Great Big sea album, and which was co-written with GBS's Bob Hallett) for the first encore at his sold-out Chicago gig at the City Winery, a song that explains one of the reasons there's so much good in the US - it's because of all those Newfoundland women who fell in love and came home with their Yankee Sailors - while also telling the poignant tale of the fellas who were left behind. March 2, 2018

  • 25 Years! , Alan Doyle, Vancouver Come Out With Me Tour Show


    Near the end of an amazing, tour-leg-closing show at Vancouver's Centre For The Performing Arts, Alan notes the significance of the date, how it was now March 11th in Newfoundland....where 25 years ago to the day, Great Big Sea played their first gig, effectively beginning Alan's life of playing music for a living. Not many dry eyes in the house by the end of the song, least of all up on the stage. March 10, 2018

  • Ultimate Penultimate Calgary , Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Beautiful Band


    Somewhere In A Song/Sea Of No Cares/Lukey/Old Black Rum snippet/Run Runaway/1234 snippet (Kendel!)/Ordinary Day (w. Fortunate Ones)/ I've Seen A Little

    Alan called it an Epic Night at the Mighty Jube, and so it was at this second-to-last gig of the 2nd Leg of his Come Out With Me Tour, an awesome show for a packed house of singers and dancers at Calgary's massive Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Six songs from that show - plus a pair of First Lady Of The Fiddle snippets - from two vantage points. March 9, 2018

  • Laura Helps Alan Sing Take Us Home , Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Beautiful Band, Kingston


    It doesn't take much to make the skilled hands of a Master Magician. Here, Alan hits a couple of technical glitches, lyrical and instrumental, in doing the final song of the evening at the Kingston show, and he turns those glitches into a Moment of Pure Magic as he first invites Laura, an impeccably-attired-for-the-occasion gal from the audience, up to sit stage-edge and sing the first few verses of Take Us Home with him...then, when his instrument will not cooperate, he turns to his cordless mic and finishes his song all the way back and forth across the stage, singing to each and every soul present. Magic. It is always such a thrill to see a Master at work. Grand Theatre, Kingston ON. February 22, 2018

  • Where The Nightingales Sing, Alan Doyle & Band, Boy On Bridge Release Day


    Appearing on CTV's Marilyn Denis show on the day his debut solo album, Boy On Bridge, is released, Alan Doyle (backed by Alan Doyle Band members Cory Tetford, Kendel Carson and Todd Lumley) perform a beautiful version of one of that albums loveliest tracks.

  • Wave Over Wave, Alan Doyle, Saskatoon Come Out With Me Tour Show, Broadway Theatre


    A True Song for the first encore on a sold-out Tuesday night in beautiful Saskatoon. Broadway Theatre, March 6, 2018

  • Alan Doyle - Come Out With Me LIVE at SiriusXM


    Watch Alan Doyle perform 'Come Out With Me' for a LIVE at SiriusXM session at Trench Recordings in Toronto

  • Alan Doyle - Bully Boys


    Alan Doyle gets our studio moving with a LIVE performance of his song, Bully Boys.

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  • Two For Texas: Alan Doyle & Scott Grimes In Austin


    Stay Alan Doyle & The BBB 00:00
    Goin' Home (w. intro) Alan Doyle & Scott Grimes 05:34

    Alan had a chance to spend a bit of time with longtime friend, fellow actor and songwriting collaborator Scott Grimes at Alan's Austin Come Out With Me Tour show at the Texas Union Theater. The first song, performed by Alan, was written by the two of them, same as the second song, which Scott came up to perform with his buddy. Always sweet to see (and to hear) them making music together February 16, 2019

  • King For A Day, Cory Tetford, Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Gypsies, Rockland ME


    There was no shortage of Cory/Crush fans at Alan's Rockland #SoLetsGo Tour show, Alan graciously granted a request that Cory accepted with equal grace. Strand Theatre, Rockland ME. May 2, 2015

  • Alan Doyle - Testify


    Alan Doyle performing at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA on Wednesday, June 6, 2012.

  • The Way You Wanted Me, Alan Doyle , Songwriters Circle, Spring 2001


    The fourth and final song of Alan's appearance on Bruce Guthro's CBC Songwriters' Circle show in the Spring of 2001.

  • Alan Doyle covers John Mellencamps Paper in Fire


    Canadian musician Alan Doyle covers John Mellencamp's 'Paper in Fire' in the National Post Music studio.

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    Produced by Jonathan Dekel.
    Camera: John Richardson, Graham Runciman
    Edit & Sound: John Richardson

    John Mellencamp's Paer In Fire, Lyrics
    She had a dream
    And boy it was a good one
    So she chased after her dream
    With much desire
    But when she get too close
    To her expectations
    Well the dream burned up
    Like paper in fire
    Paper in fire
    Stinking up the ashtrays
    Paper in fire
    Smoking up the alleyways
    Who's to say the way
    A man should spend his days
    Do you let them smolder
    Like paper in fire
    He wanted love
    With no involvement
    So he chased the wind
    That's all his silly life required
    And the days of vanity
    Went on forever
    And he saw his days burn up
    Like paper in fire
    Paper in fire
    Stinking up the ashtrays
    Paper in fire
    Smoking up the alleyways
    Who's to say the way
    A man should spend his days
    Do you let them smolder
    Like paper in fire
    There's a good life
    Right across the green fields
    And each generation
    Stares at it from afar
    But we keep no check
    On our appetites
    So the green fields turn to brown
    Like paper in fire
    Paper in fire
    Stinking up the ashtrays
    Paper in fire
    Smoking up the alleyways
    Who's to say the way
    A man should spend his days
    Do you let them smolder
    Like paper in fire

    Songwriters: John Mellencamp

  • Alan Doyle and Tim Hicks, CCMA Legends Show, Calgary


    Lovers In A Dangerous Time (Alan and Tim) 00:00 / Ordinary Day (Alan) 05:22
    Part of a wonderful evening of Canadian Country Music Awards celebration and collaboration, Alan and Tim join up for a deadly version of Bruce Cockburn's classic song, then Alan gets the crowd in the Jack Singer Concert Hall up on their feet with a rousing version of his own classic Great Big Sea song. Arts Commons, Calgary, AB September 6, 2019

  • Take Us Home , Alan Doyle Trio, Garrick Theatre, Bonavista Newfoundland


    A wedding song sent out to newlyweds Mark Critch and Melissa Royle during the first of two sold-out Alan Doyle Trio gigs at the beautiful Garrick Theatre in Bonavista, NL. August 5, 2019

  • Alan Doyle, A Newfoundlander In Canada Book Interview, CTV Your Morning


    Video for those outside of Canada. Canadians please use this link instead:

    On a promotional tour in the days just before the release of his second book (October 17) and his third solo album (A Week At The Warehouse, October 13), Alan chats with Your Morning co-host Anne-Marie Mediwake. Toronto, ON. October 11, 2017

  • Alan Doyle 9/25/2015: 27 - Take Us Home - Hartford, CT Full Show


    Full Show captured in 1080p HD (except My Day audio only), Alan Doyle & the Beautiful Gypsies at Infinity Hall, Hartford, CT on September 25, 2015 from Orchestra Row E, seat 18.
    Full show playlist here:
    Alan Doyle plus Cory Tetford (guitars), Kris MacFarlane (drums), Kendel Carson (fiddle/guitar), Shehab Illyas (bass), Todd Lumley (accordian/keys).

    For more info on Alan Doyle check out:

  • Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Beautiful Band, Pool Deck, Rock Boat XIX


    Come Out With Me 00:00
    Now Or Never 04:22
    Ready To Go 08:13
    Can't Dance Without You 11:50
    Sea Of No Cares 15:32
    Sociable! 20:30
    Bully Boys 21:11
    Lukey's Boat 24:53
    Paper In Fire (Anal Yodel intro) 29:00
    I've Seen A Little 34:49
    Anal Yodel Shirt Modelling w. Trevor 38:50
    Ordinary Day 40:31
    Wave Over Wave 44:26
    I Am A Sailor 49:03
    1,2,3,4 (Whiskey, Whiskey) 52:50

    Most of Alan Doyle & his BBB's deadly wicked pool deck gig on the Rock Boat on a sunny February day sailing aboard the Norwegian Pearl in the Caribbean. I suppose it could get better than this, but it's hard to imagine how. Somewhere Off The Coast Of Florida, February 4, 2019 (Don't fret...a bit blurry only for the first minute or so.)

  • Alan Doyle - A Week At The Warehouse


    Music video by Alan Doyle performing A Week At The Warehouse. (C) 2017 Skinner's Hill Music Ltd Under exclusive license to Universal Music Canada Inc.

  • The Night Loves Us


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    The Night Loves Us · Alan Doyle

    So Let's Go

    ℗ 2014 Skinner's Hill Music Ltd, Under exclusive license to Universal Music Canada Inc.

    Released on: 2015-01-20

    Associated Performer, Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar: Alan Doyle
    Associated Performer, Vocals, Guitar, Programmer: Thomas Tawgs Salter
    Associated Performer, Vocals: Donovan Woods
    Associated Performer, Vocals, Keyboards: Todd Clark
    Associated Performer, Vocals, Fiddle: Kendel Carson
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Joe Zook
    Producer: Thomas Tawgs Salter
    Composer Lyricist: Alan Doyle
    Composer Lyricist: Donovan Woods
    Composer Lyricist: Todd Clark

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • I Am A Sailor , Alan Doyle w. Todd Lumley, Cleveland Come Out With Me Tour Show


    An impassioned first encore song from Alan, in response to an online request, at Cleveland's awesome little Music Box Supper Club, the 7th show of the Come Out With Me Tour. February 27, 2018

  • The Night Loves Us, Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Gypsies, Massey Hall, Toronto


    Performing the second single release from his second solo album, So Let's Go - an excellent song which charted in the USA, the first time in his career - Alan and his wonderful band make it abundantly clear that Toronto's famed Massey Hall stage is exactly where they belong, while opening up for Barenaked Ladies at the Home Show of their current Silverball Tour. November 12, 2015

  • Laying Down to Perish - Alan Doyle Lyrics


    Song: Laying Down to Perish
    Artist: Alan Doyle
    Thumbnail: John Turner, Fishermen at Sea

    To read the real story, go to

    Or just read it here:

    Alan: Great story – true story - that happened on Fogo Island, which is a small island on then northeast of Newfoundland. And on the northeast of that island, there is nothing but ocean and wind and cold until you hit Greenland. In 1917, four guys went out on the ice and got stranded and they realized because of the wind and fog that they were never going to get back in. And they were terrified – we suppose – that their wives and family would never know what had happened to them. So they took one of their mariner’s tools, a wooden-handled gaff, and they carved ‘laying down to perish’ in it along with their names and sent it adrift figuring it would eventually wash ashore and be found by the families, which it was. I thought that was one of the most selfless acts I’d ever heard of. So I wrote the song about it.



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