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Playlist of Action Shifts Your Prespective

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    Action Shifts Your Prespective


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    Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me


    Music video by Taylor Swift performing You Belong With Me. (C) 2009 Big Machine Records, LLC

    New single ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) available now. Download here:

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    Thrift Shop on iTunes:
    The Heist physical deluxe edition:
    The Heist digital deluxe on iTunes:
    The Heist on Amazon:
    The Heist in-stores NOW!



    Directed By Jon Jon Augustavo, Ryan Lewis, Ben Haggerty
    Produced By Hollis Wong-Wear, Tricia Davis, Zach Quillen
    Lead Grip: David Herberg
    Grip Assistants: Josh Marten, Jay Neilson
    Stylists: Annie Murphy, Alex Nordstrom


    Written by Ben Haggerty
    Produced by Ryan Lewis
    Featuring Wanz
    Additional vocals by Brooklyn Grinnell
    Scratches by DV One


    Goodwill Outlet
    Value Village Capitol Hill
    Red Light Vintage
    Fremont Vintage Mall
    Northwest African American Museum

    Sara Stapleton, JR Ewing and Inner City Empire, Faisal Jaswal, Clay Davis

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    Theory Hazit & Toni Shift - Concealed Sorrow music video @illect


    Sensitive subject matter. Read background & lyrics at and

    The song Concealed Sorrow appears on Theory Hazit & Toni Shift's album Modern Marvels available now on Illect Recordings.

    Media and Radio inquiries:

    Inspired by a true story of pain, hate, and loss, Concealed Sorrow goes a little deeper than your average rap song. The latest video from Kentucky-born rapper Theory Hazit captures all of the emotion wrapped up in one of the deeper cuts from his recent Modern Marvels release. The track, which is based on a real life incident witnessed as a youth by now-pastor and university professor Dr. Tony Campolo, is told from the perspective of a bullied, undefended, and forgotten high school youth who ended up taking his life after receiving the brunt of horrible actions from his classmates.

    I wrote 'Concealed Sorrow' hoping that the church would listen, watch, and perform the love of Christ to all that struggle, says Theory. Perhaps this message is just what the culture needs -- a wake up call to begin standing up for the downtrodden and outcasts of our society. At the very least, Concealed Sorrow should serve as an eye opener for anyone who thinks that bullying and hate are minor issues. Family members, friends from high school, and co-workers also inspired the song and short film. I pray that Christians would step up and be as we are called.

    Theory Hazit has always had a knack for combining dope rhymes with a unique storytelling ability rarely found in today's hip hop and there's no better evidence than this latest single. The video, directed by Donald W. Martin Jr., paints a picture of the pain that so many feel while addressing the lack of helping hands reaching out from the Christian community. This song is definitely a cry for help, a cry for God, and a cry for his people.

    Performed by Theory Hazit of Scribbling Idiots
    Directed by Donald W. Martin Jr.
    Produced by Jeff Prahl
    Cinematography by Jordan Nakamura

    Nicholas: Cameron Zink
    Bullies: Donald Martin, Jarvis Greiner, Austin Witthun, Austin Coffey
    Friends: Hanna Martin, Jerod Maclaughlin
    Nicholas' Dad: Josh McGowan

    Additional credits
    1st Assistant Director: Hannah Martin
    Casting Directors: Jeff Prahl, Abby Hersh
    B Camera Operator: Josh McGowan
    Gaffer: Jerod Maclaughlin
    Key Grip: Jarvis Greiner
    Grip: Jed Saba
    Make-up: Catherine Eide
    Editing and Color Grading: Donald W. Martin Jr.

    Special Thanks
    The Morvan Family
    Biola University

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    The Shift Function - Aparillo Tutorial



    A gourmet 16-voice FM synthesizer, crammed with cutting-edge dsp, tailored for unison sounds with incredible sonic variation.
    Made in cooperation with sound designers and producers to provide sonic events unheard of.

    Download Demo here:

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    Nas - Got Yourself A Gun Uncensored HQ Sound LYRICS


    Woke up this mornin', you got yourself a gun, you got yourself a gun..
    Yo I'm livin' in this time behind enemy lines
    so I got mine, I hope you (got yourself a gun)
    You from the hood, I hope you (got yourself a gun
    you want beef I hope ya (got yourself a gun)
    And when I see you I'ma take what I want
    so you tried to front, hope ya (got yourself a gun)
    You ain't real, hope ya (got yourself a gun)

    [Verse 1]
    My first album had no famous guest appearances
    the outcome, I'm was crowned the best lyricist
    many years on this professional level
    why would you question who's better?
    the World is still mine, tattoos real
    with God's Son across the belly, the boss of rap
    you saw me in Belly with thoughts like that
    to take it back to Africa, I did it with Biggie
    Me and 2Pac were soldiers of the same struggle
    You lames should huddle, your teams shook y'all feel
    the wrath of a killer, 'cause this is my football field
    Throwin' passes from a barrel, shoulder pads, apparel
    but the Q.B. don't stand for no quarterback
    every word is like a sawed-off blast
    'cause y'all all soft and I'm the black hearse
    that came to haul y'all ass in
    it's for the hood by the corner store
    many try, many die, come at Nas if you want a war.


    [Verse 2]
    I'm the N the A to the S-I-R
    and If I wasn't I must've been Escobar
    you know the kid got his chipped tooth fixed
    Hair parted with a barbers preciseness
    Bravehearted for life, it's -
    the return of the Golden Child, son of a blues player
    so who are you playa? y'all awaited the true savior
    puffin' that tropical, cups of that Vodka too
    Papi chu', tore up, wake up in a hospital
    Throw up? never, 'member I do this through righteous steps
    you Judists thought I was gone, so in light of my death
    y'all been all happy go lucky, bunch of sambos
    call me Gods Son, with my pants low
    I don't die slow, put them rags up like Petey Pablo
    this is Nasdaq dough, in my Nascar with this Nas flow, reppin'
    hit the record sto', never let me go, get my whole collection.


    [Verse 3]
    It's - the - return of the Prince, the boss
    this is real hardcore, Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit's soft
    sip criss, get chips, wrist gliss, I floss
    stick shift look sick up in that boxsta Porsche
    with the top cut off, rich kids go and cop the source
    they don't know about the blocks I'm on
    and everybody wanna know where the kid live, where he rest at?
    where he shop at and dress at?
    know he got dough, where does he live?
    is he still in the bridge?
    does he really know how ill that he is?
    got all of y'all watchin' my moves
    my watch and my jewels
    hop in my coupe, dodge interviews like that
    It's not only my jewels, ice anything, plenty chains
    Look at my tennis shoes, I iced that
    Who am I? the back twister, lingerie ripper
    automatic leg spreader, quicker brain getter
    keepin' it gangsta wit' ya


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    Meditation music to end negative mind: POSITIVE ENERGY meditation music, namaste music


    When we start to have negative thoughts, it's hard to stop them. And it's much easier said than done to shift your focus to positive thoughts. But it's the only way, especially if you want to avoid going down a path that is painful and unnecessary.
    Here are ten things I did to help overcome my negative thoughts that you can also try:
    1. Meditate or do yoga.
    One of the first things I did was head to a yoga class. It took my focus away from my thoughts and brought my attention to my breath. Yoga is also very relaxing, which helped ease my mind. Yoga helped me stay present to my experience so instead of jumping to what could happen, it brought me back to the now—the only moment, the most important moment.
    2. Smile.
    I didn't do much of this during the weekend, so I literally had to bring myself in front of a mirror and force myself to smile. It really does help change your mood and relieve stress. I also felt lighter because it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.
    3. Surround yourself with positive people.
    I called a friend who I knew could give me constructive yet loving feedback. When you're stuck in a negative spiral, talk to people who can put things into perspective and won’t feed your negative thinking.
    4. Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive.
    For example, instead of thinking, “We are going to have a hard time adjusting to our living situation,” think, “We will face some challenges in our living situation, but we will come up with solutions that we will both be happy with.”
    5. Don't play the victim. You create your life—take responsibility.
    The way I was thinking and acting, you would think I was stuck. Even if our living situation becomes unbearable, there is always a way out. I will always have the choice to make change happen, if need be.
    6. Help someone.
    Take the focus away from you and do something nice for another person. I decided to make a tray of food and donate it to the Salvation Army. It took my mind off of things and I felt better for helping someone else.
    7. Remember that no one is perfect and let yourself move forward.
    It's easy to dwell on your mistakes. I felt terrible that I acted this way and that I wasted our weekend. The only thing I can do now is learn from my mistakes and move forward. I definitely don't want to have a weekend like that again.
    8. Sing.
    I don't remember lyrics very well and it's probably the reason that I don't enjoy singing, but every time I do sing I always feel better. When we sing, we show our feelings and this provides an amazing stress relief.
    9. List five things that you are grateful for right now.
    Being grateful helps appreciate what you already have. Here's my list: my cats, health, a six-week trip to Asia, a new yoga class that I'll be teaching, and for my mom's biopsy coming out clean.
    10. Read positive quotes.
    I like to place Post-It notes with positive quotes on my computer, fridge door, and mirror as reminders to stay positive. Also, I'd like to share with you a quote by an unknown author that was shared in a meditation class that I attended:
    Watch your thoughts, they become words.
    Watch your words, they become actions.
    Watch your actions, they become habits.
    Watch your habits, they become your character.
    Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.
    Happy positive thinking!

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    Become a Better Musician by Changing the Way you Practice


    How to become a Better Creative Musician- Most musicians can improve faster by changing their approach to practicing. Taking a pause away from your instrument to answer questions related to your vision, goals, and then creating action plans will likely help you become a better musician faster. Find the full questionnaire and road map for you here:
    To get direct feedback from me, connect here:

    The biggest barriers I see for musicians are connected to self-awareness, focus, and planning.

    the gap between where we are and where we want to be is often related to things better attained away from our instrument
    The choices of what we focus on to learn music are infinite, and so the solution isn’t to try to learn every musical skill or perspective. Rather, hone in on specific skills and problems, in the right order, in alignment with a vision for your entire life.

    It requires answering questions about Why and What, as opposed to How to practice.

    There are tons of great teachers who can teach you how to do a lot of things

    But these are mainly helpful if you know what you are practicing for.

    if you fall anywhere outside clearly demarcated lines , you get to be responsible for Designing and Deciding your path. The path you architect needs to be flexible, subject to change over time as your priorities in life change.

    It’s also about designing outlets for Doing Music/Teaching in the world. When the things you want to do musically don’t conform to experiences you’ve had (such as playing in an orchestra), you need to experience new things. To experience new things, you need to somehow create the opportunity. This is why often a career-shift or some kind of business-type (sales) activities are critical to gaining the musical skills you want. When you do the gig, the experience will give you feedback about what you need to work on to be better the next time.
    write answers to the questions below.

    Why do you want to get better? For that matter, why do you want to do music? (Hint- it could be partly what you want to contribute, and partly what you want to receive for yourself from it

    What does it look like for you to be a better musician (or teacher)?

    Do you need/want to make money with music or not?

    in what ways/contexts do you want to make/create/perform/teach/share music? For what events, in what configurations, in what ensembles, with whom, for whom? How frequently?

    Why is it important for you to realize or achieve the vision you have written down?

    What will you receive through this, and what will you contribute, and to whom?

    Identify Specific Projects and Goals
    A project could include a performance , recording, completion of an arrangement or composition... Projects can jumpstart you into honing in on some goals and action plans.. Consider how each potential project would fulfill you or make you otherwise feel if and when you complete it.
    Goals need to be limited, specific, measurable, and attached to deadlines.

    Make a long brainstorm list of specific skills that you want to improve such as…

    Musical (Interpretive)- Improve clarity of articulation, improve connectedness of lyrical passages, improve accuracy of rhythmic execution in specific passages…

    Musical (Creative)- Compose a piece in a specific style or form, improvise over a specific progression or groove. Internalize a specific scale or harmonic sound. Develop rhythmic vocabulary in a specific context…

    Ear Training-

    Brainstorm as many specific skills you would like to work on, Then pick 2-5 things MAX to work on for a minimum of 2 weeks. Spend at least 80% of your practice time on only those goals.

    Mark Your Calendar
    Mark your calendar with times when you will work, and on what

    If you practice 10 new skills every day you will probably not progress on any of them. I find it’s better to pick a focused amount of material such as “practice melodic minors for six months”, then hitting diminished, whole tone, major, and pentatonic scales every day…

    Accountability: Declare your commitments to someone else. For more accountability, pay someone to listen to you when it is all finished at an audition or lesson.

    Support: If you have friends who are up for it, ask them to come practice specific things with you. Or submit videos of your work for them to hear/witness your progress.

    Playing for enjoyment and practicing are different things. Make a distinction between when you are doing one or the other. If you sound good, you’re probably not practicing.

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    Arctic Monkeys - Four Out Of Five


    Arctic Monkeys - Four Out Of Five
    Taken from the new album 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino', available now globally.
    Buy & listen:

    Follow Arctic Monkeys:
    Apple Music:

    Follow Domino Recording Co:

    Directors: Ben Chappell & Aaron Brown
    Producer: Rob Leonard
    Production Company: FRIEND
    Exec Producer: Luke Tierney
    Production Manager: James Greenall
    Creative Director: Edwin Burdis

    Primary shooting location: Castle Howard, Yorkshire

    PA: Grania Howard
    1st AD: Billie Hallows
    Runner: Charlotte Simpson
    DOP: Stuart Bentley
    Focus Puller: Steven Gardner
    Loader: Mark Bull
    Camera Trainee: Charlotte Croft
    CCTV: Dave Williamson
    Camera Car Driver: Christopher Bates
    Grip: Steve Manningham
    Gaffer: Lee Martin
    Electricians: Vinny Cowper, Vinny Singh & Jamie Priestner

    Genny Op: Craig Cowper
    Production Designer: Mark Connell
    Art Director: Max Lincoln
    Art Assistant / Props: Dec Hardy
    Props / Construction: Ben Greenwood
    Projection: Lester Dunton

    Wardrobe Stylist: David Nolan
    Make-Up: Lou Howard
    Hair: Tom Bushnell
    Horst Master: Mark Atkinson

    Germany Location Manager: Jens Geibel
    Editor: Matt Cronin
    Post House: Time Based Arts
    Post Producer: Sean Ewins
    Scanimate: Dave Sieg
    Matte Painting: Dave Gibbons

    Assistant Buyer - Alyssia Kremin
    Camera - Panavision
    Film Dev - Cinelab
    Coveralls - G Woodall & Sons
    Vintage Cameras - Golden Age TV
    Electrician - Rav Sing
    Runner - Sarah Lamb


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    Apocalyptica Paavo Lötjönen - Over 1500 Shows Step By Step


    Despite the success which includes millions of sold albums and over 1500 shows Paavo Lötjönen has kept his feet on the ground. He is enjoying the ride small steps at a time and believes that this is one of the secrets why Apocalyptica is still going strong.  He is not afraid of living fully and his true passion is to be connected with the nature skydiving, windsurfing alpine skiing on the back country and so forth.

    Join us as we talk with Paavo about:

    - How was Apocalyptica based
    - What type of instruments he played when he was young
    - How was he raised in a classical music family
    - How much does physical condition effect playing cello
    - Shifting energy through music
    - How does it feel to travel many weeks with the band

    19:47 What kind of an impact success has on Paavo
    23:03 The importance of focusing on the present

    24:12 How Apocalyptica has stayed together over 20 years

    28:08 Tour life after getting children

    32:24 One big rule that Apocalyptica has before the shows

    The power of the mountains

    37:00 Nervousnes and the control over it
    How he overcomes his fear of performing

    46:00 You can't fool the audience

    49:37 Alpine skiing as his biggest passion
    Power of the mountains

    55:00 Best part of being a successful musician

    56:50 Is it good to follow your passion

    Find Paavo and his music:




    Surfer Of Life is made to serve you to get inspired and find a different perspective in life. We give you exiting and inspiring stories of people who reveal their secrets of success. How they cope with fear, anxiety and difficult situations and how they get most out of their lives. This is a podcast were you find ideas, methods and solutions to live healthy, strong and happy.

    Inside Action: We also experiment different learning techniques ourselves and do some crazy stunts as well!

    Don't miss our episodes and Inside Action clips, hit subscribe!




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    OK Go - The Writings On the Wall - Official Video


    Website |
    Instagram |
    Twitter |
    Facebook |
    Store |

    For dozens of exclusive behind-the-scenes video clips from the set, visit

    Buy the EP now on iTunes:


    Listen, I know it's been hard, you know it's no different for me.

    We're less than a zero-sum game now, and baby we both know that's not how it's supposed to be.

    The writing's on the wall — it seems like forever since we had a good day.

    The writing's on the wall, and I... I just want to get you high tonight. I just wanna see some pleasure in your eyes.

    And I go too hot, and you go too cold and we both fall apart.

    and you bring your mind to rest against mine, but the mind has no say in affairs of the heart.

    The writing's on the wall — it seems like forever since we had a good day.

    The writing's on the wall, and I... I just want to get you high tonight. I just wanna see some pleasure in your eyes.

    Even if it's the last thing that we do together.

    Created By for OK Go
    Directed by Aaron Duffy, Damian Kulash, Jr. & Bob Partington
    Production Co - 1stAveMachine
    Exec. Producer - Cheri Anderson at SpecialGuest
    Exec. Producer - Sam Penfield at 1stAveMachine
    Producer - Garrett Fennelly
    Creative Consultant - Mary Fagot
    Director of Photography - William Rexer
    Production Designer - Ethan Tobman
    Wardrobe Designer - Ciera Wells
    Color - Ricart + Co -- Seth Ricart
    Audio - Dig It Audio -- Jeffery Seelye

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    Who Are You Anyway - Squiid


    World Music
    (BPM 173)
    Who Are You Anyway - Squiid

    Music Epidemic Sound

    You will find here the best unknown music from music libraries such as Epidemic Sound.
    Those songs are NOT copyright free!

    You have to get a license from them to be allowed to use their music in your videos!

    Please click the links below and read their terms to get informed about their license conditions.
    #dance #worldmusic #drumnbass

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    Canibus - The Green-Eyed Monster


    This is a Poet Laureate Infinity (PLoo) fan-made mix.

    Vocals - CANIBUS

    Beat - Oskar Mike

    CANIBUS - FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE 1, 2 & 3 - Available at


    Biological parasites are controlling your mind...

    May whatever it touch receive hallowed light, we can find...

    Captain Coutts altered the sequence of neuropeptides...

    One day, sitting down, reading books in class,
    I care if I make history, study the past,
    I told myself: “add your name”, just ignore the fools,
    But it drives me insane, think of high-school rules,
    Yo, I like to play music… This ain’t nobody…
    Me and my friends… We sound so sloppy,
    The center of attention, we always be laughing,
    They call me “Band Captain”… So what the fuck happened?
    I’m done, next level… Now you graduated,
    We train for a career I don’t want, but I made it,
    You can take this job, politics, started hating,
    The leaders lies integrated, left me dehydrated,
    I built a miserable citadel that make me invincible,
    A promotion to President testing “The Peter Principle”
    A lyrical inimical days of future past,
    Do you know? Life is life. This supposed to be a blast!

    You feel like… You’re an inch from being dead,
    Pinch your leg, instead… You’re just living in my head,
    Jealous again… The Boston Visionary Cell bled,
    Plenty new rhymes, review and recommend, that never ends...
    I bust-busta rhymes, but I cuss-customize the chopper,
    Would you put it ALL on the line, hip-hopper?
    As filthy as the collar of a dirty grave robber,
    I got Captain Coutts versus Green-Eyed Monster,

    They say “when in Rome”, beyond Thunderdome,
    In an ordinary world, yeah, I ran back home,
    A change is beginning, time reversed waves,
    Circular motion, I’m familiar with John Campbell ways,
    If work equals “X”, and money equals “Y”,
    Then “Z” must be negative piece of the pie,
    Warehouse night shift, who need a new fix?
    Baby Driver forklift, motherfucker, let it rip!
    Too easy… Really, I said who’d believe me?
    There’s no challenge, are you high? Smoke out like Lil’ Weezy,
    The effects quite subtle, we work inside the bubble,
    Cogs in a wheel, a victim to pyramid puzzle,
    I don’t need a crew lead, I have super-vision
    I don’t want nothing from you, not even your position,
    Focus on hip-hop, and the Law of Attraction,
    Total satisfaction, this is poetry in action,


    We shouldn’t keep fighting, kicked, punched and biting,
    Quoting my favourite inventor, talking thunder and lightning,,
    Second Round Knockout was just aimless entertainment,
    The spin-off from the press, try to hurt one of their favourites,
    Watch ‘Deep Blue Sea’, I got away nervously,
    A lone shark circles me, it’s gonna have a word with me,
    Dolphin phone screen calls, radioactive residue,
    I declined, cause I’m familiar with what greed can do,
    An impossible profession… Explain the lesson,
    Introspective perspective, keep checking your direction,
    The message said “we should meet somewhere clandestine”,
    I briefed the committee, they told me to stop testing,
    Countdown start timing, yeah, it was odd.
    I did it for my brother, this mission inspired by God,
    Inspired by the suffering, it must have been, who was it then?
    The ripper, Captain Coutts, one of the ‘Mystery Men’,


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    Troye Sivan - HEAVEN ft. Betty Who


    Buy, Download or Stream Heaven ft. Betty Who by Troye Sivan taken from the album Blue Neighbourhood:
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    Official Website:

    [Verse 1: Troye Sivan]
    The truth runs wild
    Like a tear down a cheek
    Trying to save face, and daddy heart break
    I'm lying through my teeth

    This voice inside
    Has been eating at me
    Trying to replace the love that I fake
    With what we both need

    The truth runs wild
    Like kids on concrete
    Trying to sedate, my mind in its cage
    And numb what I see

    Awake, wide eyed
    I'm screaming at me
    Trying to keep faith and picture his face
    Staring up at me

    [Chorus: Troye Sivan]
    Without losing a piece of me
    How do I get to heaven?
    Without changing a part of me
    How do I get to heaven?
    All my time is wasted
    Feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh
    So if I'm losing a piece of me
    Maybe I don't want heaven?

    [Verse 2: Betty Who]
    The truth runs wild
    Like the rain to the sea
    Trying to set straight the lines that I trace
    To find some release
    This voice inside
    Has been eating at me

    Trying to embrace the picture I paint
    And colour me free

    [Chorus: Troye Sivan]
    Without losing a piece of me
    How do I get to heaven?
    Without changing a part of me
    How do I get to heaven?
    All my time is wasted
    Feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh
    So if I'm losing a piece of me
    Maybe I don't want heaven?

    [Bridge: Troye Sivan]
    So I'm counting to fifteen
    Counting to fifteen, counting to fifteen
    So I'm counting to fifteen
    Counting to fifteen, counting to fifteen

    [Chorus: Troye Sivan]
    Without losing a piece of me
    How do I get to heaven?
    Without changing a part of me
    How do I get to heaven?
    All my time is wasted
    Feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh
    So if I'm losing a piece of me
    Maybe I don't want heaven?

    Written by Troye Sivan, Jack Antonoff, Alex Hope, and Claire Boucher. Produced by Jack Antonoff.
    Directed by Luke Gilford

    We have always been here. we will always be here. this video is dedicated to all who’ve come before me and fought for our cause and those who now continue the fight. in dark and light times, let’s love forever. love, troye x

    Music video by Troye Sivan performing HEAVEN (C) 2017 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.

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    Tilt-shift Photography


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    Starting with the Finnish


    David and Colin welcome the flagship back with one less game than they thought they'd be discussing. Postponements, the power of Jimmy Bell, Helsinki all feature as well as a look ahead to Rugby Park on Wednesday.

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    Mike Delinquent Project ft Wiley | Wiggle Music Video: SBTV


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    Following on from the success of his collaborations with Mikill Pane and Lady Leshurr; Mike is in the studio completing his long awaited album and has now teamed up with legendary UK rapper/producer Wiley for his latest release Wiggle (Movin' Her Middle) released 2nd February on Bad Boy Records.

    Wiggle (Movin Her Middle) contains elements of House & Garage, with a combination of a deep rolling bassline and jackin' influenced beats to create this tune. Wiley comes with an exquisite verse and hook line, lyrically descriptive in an experience about an attractive lady 'moving her middle'.

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    Statik Selektah - Nas Is A Key Point In My Career & How A Leak Almost Ruined It


    Official 247HH exclusive interview with Lawrence, Massachusetts based DJ/Producer Statik Selektah, where you’ll hear about how Nas is a key point in his career and how a leak almost ruined it. Check out how in this #247HHEXCL
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    What is 247HH? is your devoted site to celebrate everything about Hip-Hop culture from an exclusive content perspective. We feature exclusive interviews and behind the scenes from mainstream, underground, and future Hip-Hop stars. We have also featured DJ's, producers, managers, tastemakers, music executives, models, athletes, and fashion designers. We get to the essence of the individual, and bring you inside their world. Artist such as Ludacris, Jadakiss, Bun B., Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, E-40, J. Cole, MGK, French Montana, Kevin Gates, Ghostface Killah, Lupe Fiasco, David Banner, G-Eazy, Trae Tha Truth, The Clipse, Pete Rock, Little Brother, Huey, The Game, DMX, and many more.

    Music Bed Produced By: Slot-A
    Intro Music Produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox

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    The Emotional Pain Body - Eckhart Tolle


    Taken from 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle

    There is such a thing as old emotional pain living inside you. It is an accumulation of painful life experience that was not fully faced and accepted in the moment it arose. It leaves behind an energy form of emotional pain. It comes together with other energy forms from other instances, and so after some years you have a “painbody,” an energy entity consisting of old emotion.

    It lives in human beings, and it is the emotional aspect of egoic consciousness. When the ego is amplified by the emotion of the painbody, the ego has enormous strength still — particularly at those times. It requires very great presence so that you can be there as the space also for your painbody, when it arises.

    That is everybody’s job here — to be there, to recognize the painbody when it shifts from dormant to active, when something triggers a very strong emotional reaction. At that moment, when it does take over your mind, the internal dialogue, which is dysfunctional at the best of times, now becomes the voice of the painbody talking to you internally. Everything it says is deeply colored by the old, painful emotion of the painbody. Every interpretation, everything it says, every judgment about your life, about other people, about a situation you are in, will be totally distorted by the old emotional pain.

    If you are not there as the space for it, you are identified with the painbody and you believe every negative thought that it is telling you. If you are alone, the painbody will feed on every negative thought that arises, and get more energy. That’s why it’s become active — after it does that for a while, you can’t stop thinking, at night, or whenever it is. The painbody is feeding, and after a few hours, it’s had enough. You feel a little depleted. And then it happens again a few weeks later, or few days later.

    The painbody would feel even better if it could feed on somebody else’s reaction. Your partner would be a favorite person. And it will, if there is somebody around, or family situations. Our pain bodies love families. And it will just provoke this person, your partner or whoever it is. The painbody knows exactly what the thing is that will trigger a negative response. Then theirs says the thing that is going to really hurt you. And of course, if you are not absolutely present in that moment, then immediately you will react. And the painbody loves it! Give me more drama, please!

    Both painbodies are now awake, and feeding on each other. Then, a few hours later, or the next day, the painbodies no longer need it. They are full, they have replenished themselves. And you can look at each other and say, “What was that all about?” In some cases, you may not even remember how it all started. This huge drama started somewhere, and then one thing led to another. Wasn’t it the same two weeks ago?

    Can we be present and see if next time we can catch it at its early stage, so that we don’t get drawn in totally?

    Can we both endeavor to be present for each other, and for ourselves?

    See if we can see the first signs of the painbody — either in ourselves, or in the other. Immediately realize it, be the space for it, and if possible — even voice it to your partner and say “My painbody got triggered when you said that.”

    Often, little situations trigger enormous reactions. Be there, present for it. Your partner will find it easier to see it in you, and you will find it easier to see it in them. Whether or not you can tell your partner that his or her painbody has become activated depends on the degree to which your partner has already been taken over by it. If you catch it at a very early stage, then some remnant of Consciousness will still be there in your partner and that remnant will be hearing you when you say, “Could that be your painbody?” It has to be phrased very carefully. You may want to add, “Do you remember our agreement?”

    If there is still a remnant of Consciousness then that will be listening to you, and your partner will be able to be there as the space for his or her painbody. If there is no remnant of Consciousness in your partner, you will be talking to the painbody, and the painbody does not like to hear about the painbody. Of course, it will deny any such thing. “My painbody? Look at yours!”

    So, what do you do? Can I be the space for that? While the partner is there, be the space for that. When you are the space for something, it does not necessarily mean that you have to stay there. You can be the space, and then remove yourself. Self observation - this is why being in the body is an important part of this. Feel the inner body as often as you can. When an old emotion arises, it will be easier to be present as it arises.

    If you are present, the painbody cannot feed anymore on your thoughts, or on other people’s reactions. You can simply observe it, and be the witness, be the space for it. Then gradually, its energy will decrease.

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    Untold Stories of The Divine Masculine: Unmasking his truth


    Personal Readings & Accessories:

    Cashapp Donations: $PortalofProsperity

    Instagram| Facebook| Twitter @MrsMelaninReigns


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    Half Life 2 Copied Garrys Mod



  • desc

    Scorpio shift


    Mars & Pluto rule Scorpio & are about to meet up in the sign of Capricorn. During this cycle the moon will be full in Scorpio exciting Saturn in Capricorn. Some kind of government action will bring about an emotional ending of sorts that will have a very real karmic implication bringing out what it is we truly value. Full moon on the 29th

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    Become My Patreon Subscriber!


    Want to support my work in an easy way? Consider becoming one of my Patreon subscribers!

    Patreon is a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu Plus, but for your favorite artists!

    Visit: to learn more!

    I am a musician, spiritual seeker and community leader whose mission in this life is to help co-create world peace (WITH YOU!) through the use of new media (videos/blogs), music, yoga and community-building.

    Over the years I've been fortunate enough to study and experience many different methods of personal and cultural transformation, including music, theater, yoga, dance, meditation, spiritual practice and co-elevational community-building. My passion in life is exploring the use and intersection of all of these to empower and inspire us (you & me) to change ourselves and the world for the better.



    I've always been inspired by the Buddhist practice of dana or generosity. Buddhist teachers offer their services for free to the community, and in return the community gives back what it can to support the teacher's livelihood and survival. This practice of generosity ideally provides sustenance and abundance for everyone. And if someone is unable to give, they are not turned away. You give what you can, when you can.

    I also love the idea of a Patron system, where we all are encouraged and empowered to support the artists we love so that they can create meaningful work sustainably. This encourages generosity in its own way and creative agency.

    My approach to Patreon is a combination of these two systems. Most of the work that I'm creating will be offered for free to everyone, and I am happy to receive whatever contributions are in your heart to give to sustain it.

    For those Patrons who make a concerted effort to give greatly ($30 and above a month is no joke!) I want to show up for you in the magnitude that you're showing up for me, which is why you'll receive free access to special events and a lot of behind-the-scenes content. I figure that if you're invested enough in the work to want to contribute on a higher level, then you might enjoy getting an inside look into the creative process. :)



    I think world-peace will be built on three levels:

    LEVEL 1) PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY & PRACTICE: I believe that it all starts at the personal level. Every day more and more of us are understanding that we hold the power to create cultural transformation through our own personal transformation. Every thought, word and action that we take affects the world around us, and so by aligning our thoughts, words and actions with love and compassion, healing our trauma and reprogramming our fear-based behaviors, we can create a more loving and compassionate world.

    LEVEL 2) CONNECTION & COMMUNITY-BUILDING: I believe that creating loving, coelevational connections both locally and digitally is crucial to assembling a larger culture of World Peace. Connection and community is crucial for inspiring and supporting one another through our hardships, our moments of doubt and our depressions. Only once we've created strong conscious communities based in love and compassion can we build toward larger shifts in our society.

    LEVEL 3) LARGE-SCALE CULTURAL CHANGE: The third-tier of world peace is built by leveraging the alliances and combined efforts of our activated, conscious communities toward shared goals. I foresee conscious communities from around the world banding together to embody, demonstrate and demand a new paradigm of sustainable, empowered, abundant peace for all beings.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you'll join me in transforming the world by transforming ourselves. :)

    Ben Caron
    Learn more at
    Email me at

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    Statik Selektah - Black Thought The Imperial Verse Recorded On USB Mic


    Official 247HH exclusive interview with Lawrence, Massachusetts based DJ/Producer Statik Selektah, where you’ll hear about how witnessed Black Thought record some bars on just a USB microphone.
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    What is 247HH? is your devoted site to celebrate everything about Hip-Hop culture from an exclusive content perspective. We feature exclusive interviews and behind the scenes from mainstream, underground, and future Hip-Hop stars. We have also featured DJ's, producers, managers, tastemakers, music executives, models, athletes, and fashion designers. We get to the essence of the individual, and bring you inside their world. Artist such as Ludacris, Jadakiss, Bun B., Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, E-40, J. Cole, MGK, French Montana, Kevin Gates, Ghostface Killah, Lupe Fiasco, David Banner, G-Eazy, Trae Tha Truth, The Clipse, Pete Rock, Little Brother, Huey, The Game, DMX, and many more.

    Music Bed Produced By: Slot-A
    Intro Music Produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox

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    Rezonant - Perceptual Magic


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    VA - Sangoma Sound System II by Daksinamurti & Emiel, Released 2019-02-27, Sangoma Records, SANGCD023

    Sangoma Records proudly present the second edition of the Sangoma Soundssystem saga compiled by labelheads Daksinamurti & Emiel. Inspired again by the rich heritage of our scene, we shifted our focus to Psychedelic music of the 1960’s. An exciting decade, which had a mayor impact on what we enjoy today, revolutionizing culture and giving birth to the concept of multiday music festivals.

    This release comes with 20 previously unreleased action packed tunes by our labelartists and collaborators that created some tie-dye dancefloor fillers for the survivors, children, starchildren and grandchildren of the Woodstock nation. Kaleidoscopic soundscapes to get lost in the forest - aimed to put flowers in your hair and let you jump in the mud. Sangoma Records - Turn on, Tune in and let your freak out

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    Trancentral is a channel dedicated to the trance culture and music- psychedelic, progressive, goa & trance. The music, the festivals, the parties, the DJs, the dancers, the history. It's all here!

    Tags: #Psytrance #PsychedelicTrance #Trance #Darkpsy #Rezonant

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    Statik Selektah - New Project 8 & How DJ Khaled Inspired Me


    Official 247HH exclusive interview with Lawrence, Massachusetts based DJ/Producer Statik Selektah, where you’ll hear about his new project 8 & what he learned from the notorious DJ Khaled in this #247HHEXCL
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    What is 247HH? is your devoted site to celebrate everything about Hip-Hop culture from an exclusive content perspective. We feature exclusive interviews and behind the scenes from mainstream, underground, and future Hip-Hop stars. We have also featured DJ's, producers, managers, tastemakers, music executives, models, athletes, and fashion designers. We get to the essence of the individual, and bring you inside their world. Artist such as Ludacris, Jadakiss, Bun B., Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, E-40, J. Cole, MGK, French Montana, Kevin Gates, Ghostface Killah, Lupe Fiasco, David Banner, G-Eazy, Trae Tha Truth, The Clipse, Pete Rock, Little Brother, Huey, The Game, DMX, and many more.

    Music Bed Produced By: Slot-A
    Intro Music Produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox

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    MicroLab Tutorials: Episode 2 - Software Integration


    Meet #MicroLab, the go-anywhere controller. A small, 25-key companion that comes with awesome #software to get you started, has a great-feeling keyboard, and has loads of smart design features.

    🔍 | Learn more


    🎓 | Tutorial Series

    Ep. 1: Overview -
    Ep. 2: Software Integration -

    👍 | Join Us


    📣 | Credits

    Editor: Michal Targonski
    Musician: Lena Osinska (Sonar)

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    Source material edited in homage by Nye.
    Produced by Nye.
    Written, performed, recorded, and engineered by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE.

    Now available for download:

    In honor of the long awaited fifth season of Samurai Jack, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE and his brother Nye cooked up a video that puts SEE MORE in the Samurai Jack universe...where he seems to be right at home as the titular character of their forthcoming EP, ‘SEE MORE EYE JACK’. Exploring future wastelands and cityscapes full of “watch bots”, sci-fi updated “chupacabras”, and “chainsaw-handed, fire-eyed peace droids”, SEE MORE draws biting parallels between our world and the world of Samurai Jack, where the shape shifting master of darkness, Aku’s “evil is law”.

    Coming off their last release SEXTAPE (Or My Response to Our Morbidly Underdeveloped Sex Education), this EP finds this producer/MC duo in top form, sharpening each other's talents with an array of sounds, styles, and storytelling. After creating a purple make-over of SEXTAPE, in honor of Prince, SEE MORE was honored with a Cedar Commission with cellist Eric Silva Brenneman. With that project, they blended elements of classical, hip hop, spoken word poetry, new mythologies and social allegories. It seems that some of those themes have followed SEE to this new project, where the action and sci-fi get turned up to epic, Samurai-Jack-like proportions.

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    50 Cent - Heat


    Best of 50 Cent:
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    Music video by 50 Cent performing Heat. (C) 2004 Shady Records/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records

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    Interview with Noam Chomsky — No Gods No Masters


    From the fernch documentary No gods, No Masters, A History of Anarchism (2017) by Tancrède Ramonet.

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    Sound Body Chair for Sound Healing, Meditation, and Easy Listening


    The BodySound Chair is an ergonomical sound projection recliner. Consisting of an aluminum cone amplifying device, the chair resonates sound vibrations generating a magnetic field around the body.

    Quantum Physics tells us that atoms are constantly vibrating and many vibrations, such as the Solfeggios, have unique properties for healing and meditation. The BodySound Chair delivers frequencies felt throughout the whole body.

    BodySound Chair technology positively affects individuals physically, emotionally, and mentally by virtue of two mechanisms of action that operate synergistically.
    The first is a neurophysiologic mechanism that creates profound states of relaxation and meditation.
    The second mechanism of action relates to the electromagnetic stimulation of the human energy system.

    Sound healing is
    the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health and can be transmitted to a person in a number of ways.

    Each organism has
    its own vibratory rate. Every object in the universe has its own unique resonant frequency. The human body is made up of 70% water; this makes it a very good conductor of sound. Modern medicine now uses sound waves to break up kidney and gallstones in the body.

    Every organ, every bone, every cell
    in the body has its own resonant frequency. Together they make up a composite frequency like the instruments of an orchestra. When one organ in the body is out of tune it will affect the whole body. Through the principle of resonance it is possible to use sound to bring the body back into harmony hence avoiding the need for drugs or surgery.

    Sound helps to facilitate
    shifts in our brainwave state by using entrainment. Entrainment synchronizes our fluctuating brainwaves by providing a stable frequency which the brainwave can attune to. By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves and it then becomes possible to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep; where internal healing can occur). This same concept is utilized in meditation by regulating the breath, but with sound it's the frequency that is the agent which influences the shift.

    Not only does it help with inducing relaxation,
    but sound also has a way of moving through areas of blockage. These energetic blockage areas can be located in our physical bodies, our subtle bodies, or both. The physical body is where we experience localized pain and discomfort. Using sound, especially lower frequencies, we can stimulate the release of Nitric Oxide, a free radical molecule that has been proven to positively affect pain transmission and control.

    Our subtle body is our energetic body.
    This body is where our life force energy exists, commonly referred to as Qi, Chi or prana. In Chinese medicine, meridian points are used to pinpoint areas that have restricted energetic flow to our physical and subtle bodies. The body is known to have thousands of these meridian lines that are mapped out through the body, in the same way we've mapped out the latitude and longitude of the earth.

    The subtle body holds imbalances and traumas
    that can eventually manifest in our physical bodies, which is why it's important to look at healing and balance not only from a physical perspective, but as a complete holistic experience that includes mind, body and spirit.

    Sound has the ability to positively affect our whole being.
    For example, a tree has rings that extend outward as the tree grows which suggests that our subtle body expands and stores our life experiences in a similar way. If we apply frequency we can help blocked energy from past experiences move toward the energetic filtration system of each chakra, so that the stuck energy can be recycled back into our life force.​

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    Peter Joseph Debates Stefan Molyneux


    Zeitgeist perspective versus an anarchocapitalist view and there many differences among them being:

    A common set of questions by Anarcho-Capitalists to Anarchists is something along the lines of ‘would you use coercion in order to prevent capitalism? And if you would does that not contradict your alleged Anarchism?’ The Anarcho-Capitalist asks this question for two reasons. The first reason is that they believe that Anarchism is the political philosophy that is opposed to coercion, rejects the state because it is coercive and consequently advocates a stateless voluntary society. The second reason is that they believe that socialism is almost always based on coercion against capitalism. Thus, their question is asking, how can one believe in coercing capitalists while nonetheless advocating a voluntary society? In this essay, I shall first assume that capitalism can exist without the state and is voluntary and answer the Anarcho-Capitalist question by arguing that there is no contradiction between advocating coercion and being an Anarchist in the sense that Social Anarchists use the term. I thus wish to argue that even if capitalism is voluntary Social Anarchists ought to prevent capitalism through, although not necessarily through, coercive means. In short, I shall be arguing that Social Anarchists should not advocate an entirely voluntary society, only a predominately voluntary society.

    Voluntary Association VS Free Association

    The Anarcho-Capitalist definition of voluntary association is derived from their definition of ‘coercion’ (or ‘force’ or ‘aggression’, the terms are usually used interchangeable by Anarcho-Capitalists). They define ‘coercion’ as the “initiation of the use or threat of physical violence against the person or property of anyone else”. Given this definition an action is defined as voluntary if the agent does not perform the act because they were coerced. Anarcho-Capitalists believe that stateless laissez-faire capitalism is a voluntary society in the sense that it is a society which is not based upon coercion. For example, Rothbard writes in ‘For A New Liberty’ that, “The libertarian creed rests upon one central axiom: that no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else. This may be called the nonaggression axiom.” In virtue of accepting this principle, “The libertarian favors the right to unrestricted private property and free exchange; hence, a system of laissez-faire capitalism.” While in ‘Man, Economy and State’ Rothbard writes that, “Agreements by individuals to make exchanges are called contracts, and a society based on voluntary contractual agreements is a contractual society. It is the society of the unhampered market.” Thus, Rothbard adheres to the non-aggression principle and consequently advocates a voluntary society based on voluntary association and contracts between individuals. Rothbard believes that such a society would be a system of laissez-faire capitalism.

    At first appearance, it can seem that Social Anarchists too believe in such a voluntary society and that individuals should be free to voluntarily associate in any given manner. Kropotkin writes that in an Anarchist society “harmony [is] obtained… by free agreements concluded between the various groups, territorial and professional, freely constituted for the sake of production and consumption, as also for the satisfaction of the infinite variety of needs and aspirations of a civilized being.” While Berkman writes that under anarcho-communism “You are to be entirely free, and everybody else is to enjoy equal liberty, which means that no one has a right to compel or force another, for coercion of any kind is interference with your liberty.”

    Some things people have said around the net on the subject include: [ perfalbion from said in response to ironcates comment If better values mean a new type of human being is coming into existence, then it seems that the voluneterist society works too without the coercive part of zeitgeist.]This is why Zeitgeist is pretty fundamentally flawed. It presumes that humans will behave like something other than humans. It presumes that some external thing telling us what we do and don't need will not lead to friction. It assumes that there will be such a fundamental shift in culture, values, and society that we wouldn't recognize ourselves.

    Don't get me wrong, there's no perfect system on Earth today. But at least the good systems we have provide people a decent amount of wiggle room, control, and ability to accumulate stuff that they like based on their own preferences. Far better to keep the good parts and find a way to address the bad than to presume that everyone's psychology will suddenly change. Particularly when the notion that they will is based on nothing more than wishing, pixie dust, and hand-waving.?

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    Rock and Roll and The Observer by Not Blood Paint


    {An Important Public Service Announcement from Not Blood Paint}
    Hello. We're Not Blood Paint and we need your help.
    This Friday night we will be appearing at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We hope that you will assist us.

    For the past year and a half, we have been conducting experiments, the results of which have been extraordinary. Still, we have not been able to shake an eerie feeling.

    After pointed investigations, we have uncovered the serious problem: we are stuck in time, encumbered by recurring patterns of thought and action. We're willing to bet you've felt the same thing. Both history and science suggest that this recurrence unchecked will lead in one direction only - a black hole, mind annihilation.

    In light of recent events, we have realized that we are at a genuine crossroads in which everyone is responsible for the direction taken. We have an opportunity to break free of current modes of operation, to reject previous models for observation and interaction. Here is a chance to change ourselves, and change each other.

    We have never viewed our shows with a sharp division between performer and spectator. After all, the role of the observer is never passive. This is where you come in. (It's so easy!)

    Yes, approach your involvement Friday night as a potentially transformative activity. Come different than you are. And while we are together, never stay the same. We ask that you constantly work to change your perspective for those 45 minutes.

    Beyond that, outwardly challenge us. Surprise us, as we will work to surprise you.

    [Here are] some possible quantum pointers for those daring enough to entangle with us in an unpredictable direction OUT of recurrence:

    1) Come dressed as something you are not, or in such a way that is counter to your self-perception. Changing your outward appearance can be dangerous. It allows you the freedom to act on impulses you may not be open to in normal circumstances. Your capacity for violence is greatly increased. In a way, it shuts off a certain sort of censor.
    We refer to this as the New Suit methodology and it is crucial to our understanding of ourselves as conduits of archetypal phenomena, as opposed to individuals with pesky egos and reality-collapsing identities. We HIGHLY encourage this.

    2) Notice internal monologues. Is there chatter in your head? See if you can consciously stop thought and assimilate the environment without comment.

    3) Be aware of how emotional states, if any, pass through your internal system during the show. Which are useful to the act of conscious awareness. Which blind you, or send you to sleep? Allow your full range of emotions to be accessible.

    4) Are you ascribing any imaginary features to your environment or the people in it? What can you know with certainty about what is happening? Try continuously shifting places in the room throughout.

    The important thing is: notice patterns of behavior and break them. If you generally dance a lot, stand in the back with your arms folded for a while. Not a dancer? Try dancing.

    Consider substances. How does this shot of whiskey change my perception of this experience? How does this drug change it? If you normally do a lot of drugs, consider not doing drugs tonight. Or vice versa or vice versa or vice versa.

    If what we're saying seems unnecessary, we welcome you to enjoy the music as music alone, or laugh at us for wearing wigs and tights. There is no obligation. Nothing is compulsory and nothing is prohibited, as you already know.

    This has the potential to refine our direction, steer us toward new territory in thought and live music. We'll continue looking for the best ways to create self-altering events, but as we say, we need your help. We'll follow-up with you in the days after the show. It's important for us to hear from you and collect your observations.

    The point is engage fully, notice patterns, break them and never get comfortable. Challenge us and each other. Wake us, out of the heavy, deep sleep.

    We will now take some time for questions.


    Friday night, around the midnight hour, we will all go to work. Manifestation of The Goldsmith is fully hinged on your participation and generous madness. We hope that you will be with us.

    Be with us.

    Be with us.

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    GRiM Barsman - Metanioa


    Published on 9 Jul 2017

    Official Music video for the 'Metanoia' Remix by Four Limbs, a manchester based Hip Hop producer.

    Video by (from Joshua Leo Dorfman Film & Photography)
    To hear our first EP and for more G.R.I.M info and material, come and check us out at the band website:


    'Sounds like these' EP and 'Progtronic' EP available on spotify now.

    Everyday…. Still on the same shit everyday,
    Pray that I’ll make it… everyday, I’d say….
    I know that I’ll make it, everyday…
    But shit don’t change,
    Still at my desk disengaged….
    I used to care… ‘Till I was like:
    ‘Yeah, yeah, look… You used it now pay!

    I drifted from mates that, everyday, was on a next ting, shit couldn’t wait
    Used to believe I was born to be great, still do, but in truth….Just not everyday….
    Days everything seems to be pisssing me off seem more frequent like everyday,
    Days anything that can, does go wrong, in every way seem like everyday,
    Till thoughts that my sense wont let me say, seep out, incensed at everyday shit…
    Should let it slide but I say shit, everyday more to regret, cant take it…
    So im blazing everyday… Hating the fiend in me, late debates
    Conscience screaming, I make mistakes…
    Deny it… know it’s the weed that’s got me late….

    I get annoyed, if I don’t always make a great impression,
    And I been told I could do well to control my aggression,
    The same mistakes in different ways show I don’t learn my lessons,
    But everyday I wake alive I love to count my blessings
    I beat myself up 'cos im sick of always second guesssin
    Them and myself and my emotions make the wrong stuff pressing
    But even when i feel parts off my life might need addressing
    I shake it off an' crack on and count my blessings

    Shake, shake shake it off and... crack on and count your blessings x 4

    At times i remind me to calm myself
    Can kill my own magic like I'm harming elves..
    I let me 'ave it, dramatically 'Bwarb 2',
    Delve too deep for them,
    Deep within, reasoning cant be held,
    Cant be stopped, like, cant they tell?
    Cant be shocked, What iv'e walked through was partly hell,
    Partly not, So the parts i remember well,
    Cant be lost, what i don't, i just palm 'em off because,
    Im done dwelling on dumbness and daft days,
    Past transgresses and rumness and crass ways,
    I've indulged till i felt deranged
    I've analysed till i've literally felt the pain..
    And nowt changed..Now i'm out wit' a broader view,
    More mistakes to make but can afford a few...
    Nico asked is it hard being grown up?
    I said, Dude, it is, but its worth it and your the proof...

    Whenever the wrong side of the bed is the one i wake on
    Whenever whatever it is i take on, all gets on top...
    I gotta get my shake on, there's a side of this life that i like
    Its bright, if you look at it right but i might,
    Get something minor in mind and lose sight,
    Of whats important, the awesome, the light,
    I know it can be the hardest of maths...
    Ha blessings? What, are you having a laugh?!
    Perspective'll help you relax,
    You've gotta be willing to give up on grinding the axe
    Shit, i count 'em instead of sheep,
    So follow me, dont wallow, when worries stoppin' you sleep,
    But to speak it, its easy, i know...
    I turnt to the bottle before i learnt to let it all go...
    And i know, it doesn't stay gone,
    But yo, i can always throw the brakes on,
    Get my shake on and take on any thing...
    Take in my blessings like medicine,
    See life as a game that id better win,
    Don't wanna end up a washed out veteran,
    Lost full of doubt and regretting things..
    When that great white lights the direction im heading in...

    Sooo.. I let it slide if i dont always make a great impression,
    And remember to just try and control my agression,
    And as long as im aware and care, ill learn the lesson,
    'Cos i wake up every day and get to counting blessings
    I let myself off and allow a bit of second guessin',
    Just remembering my principles and what im reppin',
    And emotionally, who's to say whats really pressing?
    So i get back on track and crack on and count my blessings

    Shake, shake it off and... crack on and count my blessings x 8

    Whenever the wrong side of the bed is the one i wake on
    Whenever whatever it is i take on, all gets on top...
    I gotta get my shake on, there's a side of this life that i like
    Its bright, if you look at it right but i might,
    Get something minor in mind and lose sight,
    Of whats important, the awesome, the light...

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    Twinflame Message: Limitless 1.25.2018


    This is a Twinflame Message and Twinflame Card Reading for the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies for the Week of Jan.25, 2018. My guides also have shared a light language blessing and clearing to open your heart space to boundless and limitless energy. I LOVE the cards that I pulled this week—it speaks volumes as to where are on the journey to union. Trust in the truth of your soul—it always knows! In love and light, EstaRa

    For more information on me and my services, and/or to schedule a Skype Twinflame Reading with this deck or information healings/clearings for you and your Twinflame, please feel free to contact me at and see my website:

    Also for the additional Energy Channelings, please check out my blog at:


    Twinflame Group Meditation
    Sunday, Feb 18 @ 4 pm EST
    This is a group meditation for twinflames. We will connect via webinar. I'd love to have you join me for a guided mediation. This is a great opportunity to ground our energy and bring ourselves in alignment together with other twinflames. The time for anchoring our physical union is now. We will use this as an opportunity to raise our frequency in love. Details for the Webinar will be provided prior to our event. Energy Exchange: $11.11

    This is the link for a recording group meditation for twinflames, including a Channel & Running Energy and Clearing.

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    Deadprez - Overstand


    Off the album Information Age by dead prez
    Is available on iTunes and amazon now!

    Are we addicted to the struggle or committed to success?
    Are we focused on the positive or holdin' onto stress?
    Not sayin' thing's perfect but in many ways I'm blessed
    Learnin' how to take the negative and flip for the best
    Everyday bring challenge, every challenge is a chance to advance
    The power is right in our own hands
    From a youth full of rage, to a wise grown man
    Here I am, life is beautiful now, I overstand

    [Verse I]
    I'm lookin' forward through my rear view mirror in hindsight
    Gotta be more than just a G if you keepin' your mind right
    Better be ready for the battle or focused on my fight
    I ain't sittin' on no sidelines watchin' them highlights
    I'ma be in the game playin' to win but learnin' from setbacks
    Strengthen my weaknesses and masterin' what I'm best at
    Power of refinement until you get right and exact
    It's all in your mind, but that depends on where your head's at
    Life is a chess match and lessons come from your mistakes
    Try not to end up in checkmate no matter whatever it takes
    Long as you're breathin' then you can be problem solvin'
    Stayin' involved, evolved, world keeps revolvin'
    For the cause be all you can from the mornin' to the sunset
    You never have no regrets
    Took the journey to the edge of your fate and then lept
    Not just understandin' but overstandin' is the objective

    {keep it open, in perspective}

    Just let me be what I am
    Take my destiny in my hands
    By my actions you can judge where I stand
    And I hope one day you'll overstand

    [Verse II]
    Change come from the inside out
    No fear, live free, let the truth ride out
    I'm steady, shakin' off the shackles of the old me
    Wakin' up daily, meditation, feelin' so free
    They hate to see you change {yeah}
    But they don't understand {no}
    Unless you see for yourself, then you won't comprehend
    The caterpillar don't care what you think about him
    He was born to be fly, his nature gonna bring it outta him
    By the struggle I was never broken, I was broken open
    I tapped into a source that was omnipotent
    Had to shift my focus to my higher purpose
    Ain't nothing weak about broke, it takes a fighter's courage
    People say they want a revolution
    But steady holdin' on the slave ideas, afraid of evolution
    In life we live and learn, it's practice, theory, practice
    Wisdom is organically grown, its not pre-packaged

    {it's forward baby, never backwards}

    [Refrain x1]

    [Verse III]
    We think we found the absolute truth
    But only to discover it's a labyrinth, we go from one maze into another
    So many chambers and angles, peelin' the onion layers
    Within it all I see the same gang, just different players
    So I rebel from the prison cell of the pigeon hole
    And dare to be myself, original
    A man lives on principles --I don't posture to be popular
    Born to be a leader not just a blind follower

    [Verse IV]
    It's family before the dollar, your priorities in order
    And like Bruce Lee say: Be the water, be the earth, be the wind and the fire.
    Elevate, take it higher
    It's instinct, fulfill your needs and your desires
    But we go to be compassionate, considerate, the people's advocate
    Eradicatin' ignorance through experience
    The more you live, the more you learn and you grow
    It has a positive effect on all the people you know

    {it's motivation}


    I hope that you will overstand [x2]

    {look at things without any opinion
    Otherwise you'll never look at reality
    Look at things without any philosophy, without any prejudice, without any dogma, creed or scripture
    Just look, without arrogance
    And see the cause of ignorance, and overstand}

    {Change is necessary to evolution
    The universe contains incredible diversity
    And you cannot experience it all within the confines of one comfortable lifestyle
    Look ahead to what you will think of your life at it's end
    You will probably not want to look back and say it was cozy and dull
    Thus, react positively to what seems to be disaster
    Remember that what seems now to be disaster may be an important step toward evolution
    And may even be identifiable as such at some point in the future
    Every great loss takes you out of a rut and starts life anew
    Be grateful for the time you had and your former happy state
    And look forward eagerly to the new phase
    Information age.

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    Re:Think Belonging: Gill Sotu and Anjanette Maraya-Ramey at TEDxSanDiego 2013


    Stepping into a collaboration of spoken word, song, music, and modern dance, Gill Sotu and choreographer Anjanette Maraya-Ramey invite you to rethink becoming, to rethink belonging, and to rethink believing. Sotu and company invite you to realize that anything is possible as long as you are not alone on your journey. A love story, a call for trust, and a claim for the legal marriage between G.I. Joe's and Cabbage Patch dolls—Sotu and friends take you on a journey worth traveling. True story.

    Poet/Composer: Gill Sotu
    Choreographer: Anjanette Maraya-Ramey
    Dancers: Julio Velazquez, Viviana Alcazar
    Singer: Cedrice Webber
    Cellist: Suzy Lee
    Pianist: Jarel Paguio

    In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

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    Mauricio Zottarelli - Upside Down Looking Up | EPK


    This record is the follow up to “7 Lives” (2009) – I have been working on it for the past 4 years, and I am beyond excited to finally share it with you all. On this page you can pre-order the album (digital and physical copies) and also access some really cool exclusive stuff you won’t find anywhere else!

    This album and the music in it have to do with those moments in life when a person feels completely overwhelmed with everything that is going on. It’s also a very personal account of the past few years of my life and things that have been going on with ME. The title came to me while thinking about how, when life feels crazy and we believe it’s “upside down,” if we “look up” searching for a solution, we are actually looking DOWN. So, I believe that in order to get out of this “Upside Down Looking Up” situation, one must change their perspective of life – be it in a person’s actions, thoughts, or reevaluating certain areas that may need change.

    While creating the vision for the album and bringing the music to life, I was incredibly lucky to count on these fantastic musicians and their beautiful contributions:

    Helio Alves (piano) - Gustavo Assis Brasil (guitars) - Itaiguara Brandão (bass) - Milene Corso (vocals) - Eldar Djangirov (keyboards) - Oriente Lopez (piano and flute) - Klaus Mueller (piano) - Mike Pope (bass) - Christos Rafalides (vibes) and Rodrigo Ursaia (sax).

    Check out the album:
    iTunes/Apple Music -

    CDBaby -

    Amazon -

    Spotify -

    Follow Along!


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    How to Play Killing Floor 2 in Third Person


    You know how after defeating Hans the perspective shifts to 3rd person in Killing Floor 2? Here's how to do that whenever you like!

    note you might need to enable console in the game settings, check them just to be sure

    Open console ' key or ` key (next to one or @)
    type 'enablecheats'
    type 'viewbot'
    type 'killpawns'


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    JIN ANGELS Fill in the Beats Contest.


    Keniter's submission

    JIN ANGELS Fill in the Beats Contest.

    This contest is not about who wins or loses, it's about spreading the Gospel via internet. You go JIN...

    Love it or hate it, please comment and rate...

    Thank You Lord!
    JIN, thanks for this opportunity to display our music;
    may God bless you for the things you're doing.


    You know I gotta say something;
    The beginning and the end, what's the difference between the two?
    I mean I'm still trying to figure it out
    I know one thing
    I'm just getting started
    You know all that stuff that happened in the past?
    I ain't even thinking about that
    It's about right now
    And it's about moving forward
    Uh, Check, Check, Yo.

    Dear God,
    I wonder can you save me
    The more it makes sense
    The more they claim that I'm crazy
    I had to be for them to see me this calm
    All reality, uh-uh, no TV sitcome
    My pure will got me stolen from grace
    Eyes closed, salty tears, all I could taste
    Fall on my knees
    Fall on my face
    They say put God first and everything else will fall into place
    So I've heard
    Wise words got me thinking
    Gotta give it time to let it sink in
    I sound confused, I know
    For what shall it prophet a man to gain the world
    Then lose his soul
    For the longest I was riding high, cruise control
    In my own mind making up the rules as I go
    I swear it's not just my imagination
    I heard a voice guiding me, navigation
    Is it the road I chose or should I check the steering
    Took a couple wrong turns, selective hearing
    Is it fact or just my premonition
    I see what's going on now, High Definition

    Nothing but lies, I was living that
    Wasted like lasiks, it took me time to get my vision back
    Learned to recognize the fakes and the true snakes
    So called friends, you know the two-faced
    All in my grill like a toothache
    Still you never find me under pressure
    Like the last drop of toothpaste
    My mission is never been more clear
    The truth is never been more near
    But I know I can't do it on my own
    So I pray you give me strength when I lift the microphone
    All I hear is Jin what happened to the old you?
    See I could explain but I would rather show you
    Word, check it out y'all

    Cause actions speak louder than words
    So it don't matter how I mix the nouns with the verbs
    New fans are glad, got annoint to my style
    Old fans wanna know what will I rap about now?
    Switch is up?
    Yo, I gots to do it
    The word is Jin's putting out Gospel music
    See I prefer to call it Change-Your-Life music
    All in hopes that one day you might use it
    Whatever they choose to label it, so be it
    I proceed it
    All I know is, I so need it
    I'm certain that I can't rap forever
    Before the curtain call I gotta get my act together

    No surprise the womb over my eyes has been lifted
    My entire perspective has been shifted
    I can't call it
    You can call it how you feel
    Call it change, call it growth
    As long as you call it real
    I am no quitter
    My journeys just begun
    You are all wecome to follow, no Twitter

    I know plenty of folks that wanna touch the gates of Heaven
    Never been to church 'cause they can't relate to Reverends
    Ain't no sense in me preaching to the Choir
    Even with scorched arms
    I'll be reaching through the fire

    I stand firm
    The enemy don't phase me
    No need to wonder...


    P.S If you will put on your headphones it will sound a lot better....

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    Statik Selektah - Termanology & I Bought Liquor And Got Show Crowd Drunk


    Official 247HH exclusive interview with Lawrence, Massachusetts based DJ/Producer Statik Selektah, where you’ll hear about a dope fan moment when Statik and Term bought liquor for the entire show crowd, find out what happened in this #247HHWTS
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    What is 247HH? is your devoted site to celebrate everything about Hip-Hop culture from an exclusive content perspective. We feature exclusive interviews and behind the scenes from mainstream, underground, and future Hip-Hop stars. We have also featured DJ's, producers, managers, tastemakers, music executives, models, athletes, and fashion designers. We get to the essence of the individual, and bring you inside their world. Artist such as Ludacris, Jadakiss, Bun B., Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, E-40, J. Cole, MGK, French Montana, Kevin Gates, Ghostface Killah, Lupe Fiasco, David Banner, G-Eazy, Trae Tha Truth, The Clipse, Pete Rock, Little Brother, Huey, The Game, DMX, and many more.

    Music Bed Produced By: @RaulSanchezBeat
    Intro Music Produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox

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    A Short Drop, A Sudden Stop


    Official music video for A Short Drop, A Sudden Stop by Call Me King.
    ...and the snow will turn to ash now available at

    Produced by Craig Owens.
    Recorded at Glass Arrow Audio.
    Engineered by Jordan DiSorbo.
    Filmed by Timekeeper Media.

    I’ve got a noose around my neck,
    But you call it a tie.
    I live my life from your perspective,
    Hoping I will arrive
    At some divine destination
    Where my destiny stops running.
    I live my life in second person.

    So do I satisfy your standards?
    Do my eyes reach too far?
    Am I worthy of life?
    Or should you just let me die?
    Can you tell me my purpose?
    What am I made for?
    I’m tired of lies

    My life’s a second person story.
    Do you know just what I mean?
    I’m captive to all your desires;
    My calling labelled as a dream,
    With no hope of coming true.
    I’m left with wishes unfulfilled.
    So come tell me of all my faults
    And I will whisper “Peace, be still.”

    I’ve got a noose around my neck,
    But you call it a tie.
    I live my life from your perspective,
    Hoping I will arrive
    At some divine destination
    Where my destiny stops running.
    I live my life in second person;
    A passenger to my own crimes.

    How quickly did you compromise your morals
    When they set you on the throne?
    And when they called out your weakness
    Did it make you feel alone?
    Did it eat at your insides
    'Til you couldn't stand success?
    And so you turned your hate on those around you,
    And made us into empty things.

    I’ve got a noose around my neck,
    But you call it a tie.
    I live my life from your perspective,
    Hoping I will arrive
    At some divine destination
    Where my destiny stops running.
    I live my life in second person;
    A passenger to my own crimes.

    You were walking in your garden filled with wonders made of dirt.
    And you called upon your father who is lord below the earth.
    And he said A screw has fallen, or a bolt has slipped aside.
    Some little thing has shifted. And the little things replied:
    I will shut my heart against you and you will not find the spring.
    I who will the thing I want not, the intolerable thing.
    I prefer my empty stomach to your empty, barren head.
    Earth and heaven both fall silent. I am stronger than death.
    Call me king.

    I’ve got a noose around my neck,
    But you call it a tie.
    I live my life from your perspective,
    Hoping I will arrive
    At some divine destination
    Where my destiny stops running.
    I live my life in second person;
    A passenger to my own crimes.

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    Decay Project - Introduction


    Subscribe us ►
    ㅤㅤDisclaimer : I know there are a lot of errors in the video and this wall of text. Please don't try to correct it. XD
    ㅤㅤThis is our first video which is not about music, and the cause of our absence lately. :P

    ㅤㅤAnyway, we are proudly present to you a sidescroller project titled Decay. The game is more like a puzzle, but there will be some action-packed levels in it. Currently, we are focusing on completing the whole game mechanic first. The game will be made of voxel graphics.
    ㅤㅤThere exists the story of the game, though. Our protagonist is Lucas, 41. He is a mechanical engineer who is facing a strange earthquake which causes everything float into the sky. Lucas is on the way to rescue his 16-year-old daughter, Leila. A month before that, Lucas and her mom went on a date. They had a severe car crash on the way back home. Leila hated him since then for being the cause of her mom's death. She had many arguments with Lucas. The last one makes Leila leave the house for an apartment room and locked herself in there. The earthquake happens on the third day after isolation. And unfortunately, her room is on the top floor!
    ㅤㅤThis is the end of the story, for now.

    The list of what we have done so far this month
    ㅤㅤ• The cube GUI : Because normal buttons and texts are too mainstream! Just spin them to the side you want and click to confirm.
    ㅤㅤ• Physics and base controls in the game : No need to explain. :P
    ㅤㅤ• Gravity trigger (transparent blue box) : It changes the gravity of any object once touches the trigger.
    ㅤㅤ• Perspective trigger (transparent yellow box) : Press shift button to shift the view and controls to another angle. This also changes gravity. Unlike gravity trigger, it only affects the player.
    ㅤㅤ• Wall jump : It exists, yes, but you can't jump on one side of the wall repeatedly to climb up because it's impossible in real life. :D

    We are making more features for this game, definitely!

    Menu ►
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    Noisysundae @
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    ㅤㅤAll our products are free and will not be sold anywhere else than sites listed above. Don't spend your money to those who steal our stuff!
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    A Path Untold - Consciousness Aqueduct - SECRET SUBTLE LIGHT LP


    A Path Untold - A Path Untold - Consciousness Aqueduct - [SECRET SUBTLE LIGHT LP] - Aligning Minds Recordings

    A Path Untold is the solo electronic music project of producer, Daniel A. Merrill, who is one half of the genre-crossing duo known as Aligning Minds. A Path Untold unlocks a new chapter in this producer’s focus, moving forward with the creation of music that defies genre categorization and captivates the imagination and heart. It explores the notion that music is a mystery to be unraveled; a path to explore the far reaches of yet untold existence.

    This debut album, entitled 'Secret Subtle Light', draws upon a fusion of genre influences like post-dubstep, breakbeat, idm, deep house and ambient. Crafted over the course of two years, this collection of 9 tracks explores various styles and structures, focusing on off-kilter rhythms, haunting melodies, a strong use of organic, found-sound and ethereal vocal explorations to create an otherworldly vibe.

    Conceptually, the album is about self/collective discovery, light found within darkness, numinous experience, secrets, and the process of inward/outward illumination.

    The album is the first release on the newly established Aligning Minds Recordings label, which focuses on “electronic music crafted with an emphasis on emotional depth and personal perspective.”

    A Path Untold - [Secret Subtle Light] is available as pay-what-you-want release @

    A Path Untold:

    Aligning Minds Recordings:

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    Aion - The Road to Beritra


    You were used by him. As were many others, friend and foe alike. In his ever-thirsting bid for power the Dark One spared few, and conquered many. Each of his nicknames serves to illustrate but one of his many dark secrets. Tales of corruption and decay follow in his wake, and his ambition seems matched only by his lust for destruction.
    This is not just another Dragon Lord. This is Beritra.

    As you finally manage to stop one of his schemes, you find that the next two had already been set in motion -- all but mere distractions for his one true purpose. For every drop of blood spent on stopping one of his plans you know that triple the amount will be required for the next. And yet, you will get your chance. But first you have to suffer. You will experience great losses, and somehow have to live through many tragedies. You will have to overcome many challenges, and surpass your very limits as you turn these pains and sacrifices into a single chance at victory. But then, once all of that has come to pass, you will finally get your chance. Your chance at revenge.

    All of Beritra's themes from Aion 4.0 - 4.8, arranged in such a way that they remain faithful to order in which the events (and update patches) transpired. From the time the Dark One first stirred (4.0) to the moment where you finally managed to corner and fight him in the Drakenspire Depths (Aion 4.8): this is the path to the 4th Dragon Lord. This is the Road to Beritra.

    [00:00] Prelude: Dark Betrayal
    [01:11] The Dark One
    -- The player wakes up sometime after this point --
    [03:49] Sauro Supply Base
    [06:36] vs. Hyperion (Infinity Shard)
    [08:25] vs. Grand Commander Pashid (Eternal Bastion)
    [10:56] Invasion (4.7 Main Theme)
    [13:06] vs. Ahserion (Panesterra)
    [15:55] Drakenspire Depths
    [18:00] Last Stand
    [19:21] vs. Beritra (4.8 Main Theme)

    * = The player is absent when Beritra first stirs and attacks Katalam/Danaria (he/she is in a coma for six in-game months). The first two tracks -- Beritra's intro or announcement to the world -- can thus be considered to be from the Balaur perspective. By the time of the third track the player has woken up and begun his/her incursion against the Dragon Lord and his armies -- the remaining tracks can thus be considered to be from the player's perspective. You may notice this shift in perspective as the whole challenge theme is more apparent in the third track onwards.

    Uploaded under the fair use law.
    AION is © NCSoft. All rights reserved.

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    Skarm And Miki Hahn - Virus Latency


    If Download has already reached limit, convert youtubevidtomp3 -

    Check out this Page for Free Music/Updates -



    When your emotions control your actions
    It affects not only yourself,
    But the people around you

    A balance of emotions is important
    For a well rounded personality


    A lady from another place, another world..
    A different perspective, a shifting turn,,
    Commanding the opposite concern,
    Opening my doors and my windows, how to learn...

    interesting waves start to make me float away
    to brighter days, an unknown land where I do not command
    and as she subtly demands, and clarifies my ways..
    I feel a strong connection like I'm riding on a wave

    Chorus (Miki & sKArm)

    Feeling the Current Wave

    Stuck in this craze, Pause in this Daze, its poisonous Days

    Pulling me Underwater

    But the time is not to taint, so I withhold from this chase

    Pulling me Underwater

    Pulling me Underwater


    Now lemme say this one time for your mind...
    Now when I'm pullin she's pushin for me to climb..
    Vice verse never at same moment in rhyme,
    And we evade sunshine cause it aint the right time!

    Miki Hahn

    Heat of conversation, brings me to his destination
    Re-learning his extinction, I got a new addiction!

    Adjacency is killing me...its killing me, killing me, yeaaaaaaah!
    And now Im trying to leave, Im trying to breathe


    So I step back.. And organize my thoughts to stop the drumming
    and humming and coming of her abundant image

    Attention is Selective; I choose to move defensive,
    Caged with no leverage, always a broken sentence,
    Quote unquote, no I don't but never meant it,
    the truth is well protected with shields of pride yea I said it,
    I'm well collected, but admittinglly, addicted cause this goddess captures an angle of me, that is hidden and
    kept guarded I'm dormant,
    shocked holding a locket,
    silent informant deciding what's more important,
    Do I give back to the feeling that caused it
    mission aborted
    and the vibe that's connected,
    its infectious, I'm infected!!

    Miki Hahn

    How Can truth be so wrong
    Distorted thoughts in my mind
    I feel Iv waited this long
    But time is not on my side
    This Vibe I yearn to Prolong

    (skarm) Cant afford not to be Blind

    So I Hide...


    Eliminate the Stimulus
    Modify the Stimulus
    Or Modify the Response

  • desc

    The Decision


    I wander through the night alone
    I’ve got no tears left to cry
    Circumstance my torturer
    Do I sense a change in me?

    I can’t believe it’s come to this
    I feel my mind becoming sick
    The face of death is all I see
    My will is broken I am weak

    Anger dominates my conscious
    Revenge invades my thoughts
    A prisoner of my own perspective
    There’s nothing I can do
    (Listen to your feelings)
    My personality shifts
    (Don’t deny your rage)
    (Let me guide your actions)
    Without her I have nothing
    (Let nothing hold you back)
    And nothing holds me back

    But is this the answer after all I’ve seen?
    Will I become what I hate or be a force for good?
    I must remain strong, force darkness away
    Come to my senses, leave these thoughts behind

    No good can come of death, I know this much
    So why do I keep hesitating making my mind up?
    Will I ever have a chance to rest?
    My head is split in two, oh God it’s all too much

    The decision is mine
    I choose revenge

    All music and lyrics written, arranged, recorded and performed by Tom Lloyd-Jones
    ©Tom Lloyd-Jones 2004.

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    Day 161 of my 365 Day Trust Your Heart Challenge


    Day 161 - Try Something New

    As I was thinking about the topic today I kept coming to a dead end (creatively speaking). I just did not feel inspired. Then it hit me...try something new! I went about the creative process a little differently and now I had my topic clear as day. I applied this same thought to my musical piece as well.

    Why Try Something New? I am always hitting walls and riding out plateaus as I am trying to grow my skill level quickly. This challenge creates a necessity to get something on film each day and I end up playing it safe more often than I would like to admit. I don't want to fail in front of the camera so I go what what I am comfortable with playing. But this isn't a recipe for growth. In a way, every step of the way is an advancement, but playing it safe only keeps me in the area that I am proficient and not where I need to spend my time.

    Outside of my proficiency zone (or comfort zone) is where I am stretched the most and where I get the most tangible return on my effort. This tangible return comes, not in the form of a reward, but as a series of mini failures. The mini failures end up stretching me far more than I would be if I stuck with the less difficult pieces. This creates a challenge and It's this challenge that makes this so rewarding even though I fail more often. Long way of saying let's all try something new. A new hobby, a new practice technique, a new workout plan...etc. We will all be better for it.

    My daily poem...

    Try Something New:
    An Original Poem by Steve Seminaro

    When I get myself stuck, as I so often do
    I dig myself out of that hole when I try something new

    A break from the same old monotonous scene
    A shift in perspective, A slate that is clean

    A new set of skills awaiting my learning
    A newly found passion awaiting my yearning

    It's often so simple, right under my nose
    Though I'm often not good till my skill level grows

    But in trying the new, I then start to see
    A whole world of choices wide open for me

    So the next time you're stuck and know not what to do
    Think outside the box and then try something new

    Join me as I discover a lot about myself and about living in the now and chasing my dreams.

    I post these daily videos as a way to forcing myself to create something every day. This video is about three things:

    1. Trusting my heart! Listening to my spirit and learning to trust my instincts.

    2. Stretching myself as a musician by making something up every day. Good or bad, it gets posted. Perfection is not the key, action is the only goal.

    3. Stretching myself as a public speaker by forcing myself to say something meaningful every day. Again, action, not perfection, is the key.

    4. Stretching myself as an author and a poet by writing a new poem daily and writing a book one day at a time.

    This challenge has changed my life! Deciding to take action has had an amazing impact on my life and I encourage others to do a challenge like this of your own. Nothing short of life altering! Join me and grow with me daily.

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    The New Scoring Landscape — Guerrilla Film Scoring


    Guerrilla Film Scoring: Practical Advice from Hollywood Composers
    ✪✪✪ The book & the documentary ✪✪✪

    A straightforward do-it-yourself manual, this guide will help composers at all levels create the best-sounding scores quickly and cost effectively—without jeopardizing their art.

    By composer & orchestrator Jeremy Borum

    There is a real need for a fresh look at the modern day scoring process. Music has been used in movies, television, video games, and advertisements from the very beginning, and from the very beginning the film and music industries have been in a constant state of change. Because of shifts in styles and innovations in technology, scoring today is completely different from the way it was 20 years ago, or even just 10 years ago. The art and craft of scoring needs to be reevaluated and reexamined because, like all forms of art, it is a living thing that grows and evolves.

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    Visualizing Positive Slides in Transurfing


    Here's a tip for visualizing positive slides.

    I've made mistakes in the past with visualizing only the end goal, whereas, visualizing bits and pieces of the process toward achieving it is much easier for the subconscious to believe in, you can start with what your subconscious feels is within the realm of the possible :)



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