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Playlist of Aamir Zaki

  • Coke Studio Season 10 - Aamir Zaki Tribute


    Coke Studio Season 10
    Episode 4
    Aamir Zaki Tribute

  • Aamir Zaki - Tumhari Aankhon Mein HD



    Director: Hamad Khan
    DP: Faraz Iqbal, Hamad Khan
    Production Manager: Rafay Mahmood
    Gaffer: Zeeshan Ahmad
    Makeup: Adnan@Nabilas
    Post: Manduck Collective
    Edit: Hamad Khan , Mohammad Saqib

    Special Thanks: Nabila, Imu, Nasir Tehrani

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  • Love - Aamir Zaki


    Love - Aamir Zaki

  • Aamir Zakis Last Jam with Gumby


    Aamir Zaki (April 8, 1968 – June 2, 2017) was a guitarist-songwriter and composer from Pakistan.
    He was known for his melodic phrasing, feel, and tone. Amir Zaki's first music video 'Money' was aired for many weeks Pakistan's first ever pop chart show 'Music Channel Charts'. The program was directed and produced by Yasir Akhtar and executive producer was Ghazanfer Ali. After that Amir's debut album Signature was released in 1995, and Zaki was awarded a gold disc by Soundcraft UK for it. It was primarily an instrumental album with two English and one Urdu song. His second CD release Rough Cut was an English album, with a Tabla and six string bass Rhythm section, featuring Hadiqa Kiyani on vocals.

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  • Remembering Aamir Zaki | Ayesha Omar x Shallum Xavier | Mera Pyaar


    Ayesha Omar and Shallum Xavier are working on a new song together, and mid-way they realise that 2nd June 2019 marked two years since we lost the most renowned and influential guitarist of the Pakistani Music Industry - Aamir Zaki.

    In the middle of their jam, watch Ayesha and Shallum take out a moment to remember Aamir Zaki with their spontaneous rendition of his 1995 hit “Mera Pyaar”.
    Also, don’t forget we’re on the lookout for good lyrics. Get your creative juices flowing and you could probably end up giving words to our music!
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    Edit: Amal Nadeem Alam
    Production: Incision Films
    Directed by: Ayesha Omar

    #AyeshaOmar #ShallumXavier #AyeshaxShallum #AamirZaki #MeraPyaar #Vlog

  • Bhula Dayna Amir Zaki


    Greatest Guitar player for Pakistan.
    (in my opinion)

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  • Mera Pyar - Aamir Zaki.


    The Ultimate Guitar Maestro!.

  • Amir Zaki- Mera Pyar


    one of the best tracks by amir zaki, a talented pakistani singer and guitarist. this is not the original video, just a slideshow

  • The day she left - Aamir Zaki


    Artist: Aamir Zaki
    Track: The day she left.
    Album: Signature (1995)

    No copyright infringement intended. Sharing music among fans, not making money.
    No copyrights claimed.

    Aamir Zaki (April 8, 1968 – June 2, 2017) was a Saudi born Pakistani guitarist-songwriter, Zaki is considered by many as one of the most influential guitarists in Pakistan's history.

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  • You Need That Fire by Aamir Zaki


    Best instrumental ever by great guitarist Mr Aamir Zaki

  • Amar - Aamir Zaki feat. Sophia


    Amar - Aamir Zaki feat. Sophia

  • Mera Pyar - Amir Zaki ft. Hadiqa Kiani


    THE best guitarist from Pakistan who passed away in 2017. This is a rare song that he recorded with Hadiqa Kiani.

  • You need that fire - Aamir Zaki covered by Ovaisophy


    Me playing live this amazing piece of music by Aamir Zaki called ‘You need that fire’ from his album Signature.

    You can follow me at

  • Aaj Sun Ke Tumhara Naam - Aamir Zaki & Maha Ali Kazmi


    Aamir Zaki and I worked on this song years ago. Unfortunately, it remained a work in progress. I'm dedicating this song here to the memory of Pakistan's greatest Musician ever, the guitar maestro Aamir Zaki. Aamir Zaki (April 8, 1968 – FOREVER).

    Guitars, & Music Producer : Aamir Zaki
    Vocals: Maha Ali Kazmi
    Composition & Lyrics: Aamir Zaki
    Special Thanks to Mubashir Admani

  • Aamir Zaki Signature 1995


    Aamir zaki who is legend himself, his music and guitar tunes drives the world crazy!!!

  • Amir Zaki and Spoonful Jaana @ Cafe Lavie


  • Aamir Zaki - The day she Left


    Although he has always made headlines, in 1995 Aamir Zaki made another milestone in history by recording his solo album, Signature. On the first solo outing of his career the laid back guitarist has favoured a raw and impolished sound over refined glitz

  • Aamir Zaki Guitar Solos Compilation | Tribute | R.I.P Aamir Zaki 1968 - 2017


    Aamir Zaki was Pakistan's most legendary guitarist who will be remembered by the nation as one of the greatest icons.

    These are some Zaki's Guitar solos played by him live and recorded,
    may God grant him Jannah Rest in Peace Aamir Zaki 1968 - 2017

    Instagram: @alishahidig

  • Coke Studio Season 10| Naina Moray| Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali feat. Aamir Zaki


    Coke Studio Season 10| Episode 4
    Produced & Directed by Strings
    Music Directed by Jaffer Zaidi
    Traditional thumri previously performed by Bade Ghulam Ali

    A dark storm of emotions, this thumri is fueled by the thunderous arrangement of Jaffer Zaidi. Honing in on the pain and anguish that comes with the void of heartbreak, the incredibly powerful and skillful duo of Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali cascade through the contours and complexities of Raag Bhairvi. The hues of the raag are further evoked through a confluence of the ethereal drone of the sarangi and a prolific guitar solo by Aamir Zaki, exuding a sense of melancholy. Playing with the fluidity of the raag, the track is a masterful excursion that resonates with the profundity of sorrow.

    Imran Akhoond (Guitars)
    Aahad Nayani (Drums)
    Kamran ‘Mannu' Zafar (Bass)
    Babar Khanna (Dholak/Tabla)
    Haider Ali (Keyboards/Piano)
    Omran Shafique (Guitars)
    Abdul Aziz Kazi (Percussions)
    Backing Vocalists
    Rachel Viccaji
    Shahab Hussain
    Natasha Khan
    Javed Iqbal (First Violinist)
    Ghulam Abbas
    Ghulam Muhammad
    Muhammad Ilyas
    Babar Ali
    Khawar Hussain
    Ahmad Hasan
    Asif Ali
    Ghulam Hasan
    Junaid Ali
    Guest Musicians
    Aamir Zaki (Guitar)
    Gul Muhammad (Sarangi)

  • Ajj ki Raat by Aamir Zaki and Schaz


    Ajj ki Raat by Aamir Zaki and Schaz
    written and composed by Aamir Zaki
    Vocals by Schaz and Aamir Zaki
    Produced by Emu

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  • Amir Zaki- Do you really love another


    one the best tracks by amir zaki, a talented pakistani singer and guitarist. this is the english version of the same song MERA PYAR and its not the original video, just a slideshow

  • Aamir Zaki 1968-2017- Breathe In Breathe Out


    I was deeply saddened to hear about Aamir Zaki's passing. More so because he died alone. He had battled with depression and was bi-polar for most of his life, yet he left us with beautiful music and a sense of what it is to be passionate and true to your art.
    This was a song I worked on with him back in 2013 , and now in retrospect I realise the irony of the lyrics and how much they applied to him- it makes sense now that we came together for this song.
    May he rest in peace.

    Guitar: Aamir Zaki
    Violin: William Harvey
    Composition: Zoe Viccaji
    Arranged and produced by Shahi Hasan/Indus World Music

  • Aamir Zaki - A compilation


    Bichra kuch is ada k rut hi badal gayi,
    ik shaksh saray sheher ko veraan kar gaya.

    Best of Aamir Zaki at:
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  • Amir Zaki - Jana Tum Say Milnay Ka | HD


    Aamir Zaki is a notable Pakistani prolific guitar player, playing jazz, blues, classical, rock and alternative rock.

  • Coke Studio Season 10 - Naina Moray - Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali feat. Amir Zaki


    Coke Studio Season 10
    Episode 4
    Song: Naina Moray
    Artist: Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali feat. Amir Zaki

  • Amir Zaki - MERA PYAAR


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  • Aamir Zakis Guitar Piece for Asrar in Coke Studio Episode 0701


    My edit to take Aamir Zaki's Guitar Piece for Asrar in Coke Studio Episode 0701

  • Eccentrics-Mera Pyar


    Verdah Rehan Khan & Aman Hassan from Eccentrics trying out a spontaneous adaptation of the legendary Pakistani guitar maestro Aamir Zaki's Mera Pyar. Gone but never forgotten, thank you for the music Aamir Zaki . We miss you.

  • Hadiqa Kiani & Aamir Zaki - Be With You


    Song: Be With U
    Vocals: Hadiqa Kiani
    Song Writer/Composer: Aamir Zaki
    Flute: Baqir Abbas
    Tabla: Arshad Ali (late)
    Mastering: Kashif Ejaz
    Album: Rough Cut
    Makeup/Styling: Khawar Riaz
    Wardrobe: Fahad Hussayn
    Post: Tauqeer @ Xperts Lahore
    HK Records
    Director/DOP: Abdullah Haris

  • Mera Pyar - Aamir Zaki


    This Channel Represents Pakistani Songs From 80s - 2000s That'll Take You Back In Time. If You Like My Channel Don't Forget To Like Share & Subscribe. You Can Also Request To Add Songs. Thank You For Visiting My Channel.

  • Aamir Zaki - A tribute


    Patari is still not over the loss of this gem. Listen to his best work at:
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  • Aamir Zaki -- Tumhari Aankhon Mein


    Download Video

  • Aamir Zaki Jazz 1


    Aamir Zaki playing jazz

  • bhula dena - Aamir Zaki


    Simply love this song...with Time everyone will forget about You...thought of making a Slideshow of it...
    About the song its by Aamir Zaki who is one of the extremely talented Musician of Pakistan,his Sweetest songs tell his Saddest thoughts,Bhula denais soulful,Simple&has beautiful Words,which revives the memories of your Broken heart...

    Aamir Zaki is certainly the pioneer of Jazz Music&the only Jazz musician in Pakistan& has played in many International Jazz Festivals abroad,he plays his magic on an Acoustic&Electric guitar& is equally amazing with the Bass guitar.


  • Amir Zaki - Bahana


  • AAMIR ZAKI ::. Coke Studio Pakistan::. Solo ::. Compilation


    Aamir Zaki is a is a shining star in the Music Industry of Pakistan. A legendary player of Blues Scales. Aamir Zaki has performed several times in Coke Studio. This video is compilation of his performance at esteemed stage of Coke Studio Pakistan. Links for the full songs are in the following

  • Amir Zaki - Mera Pyar


    Taken From Signature (1995)
    Track 01

  • Aamir Zaki - Tumhari Ankhon Mein


    Aamir Zaki - Tumhari Ankhon Mein

    BTS Footage - Fahad Shah
    Promo Edit - Mohammad Saqib

    Director - Hamad Khan
    DP: Faraz Iqbal, Hamad Khan
    Line Producer: Rafay Mahmood
    Styling: Adnan@Nabilas
    Gaffer: Zeeshan Ahmad

  • Aamir Zaki I love U Forever.wmv


    Ma inspiration 4 Guitar.............lovely man

  • Albela Rahi plays mera pyar - aamir zaki


    A cover I recorded live in Riyadh in 2018!

    Thanks for watching!

  • Mera pyar Cover by Ajaz Ibrahim - tribute to Amir Zaki


    If you like Just Subscribe / share and comment

    Vocals - Ajaz Ibrahim
    Recorded at MagicGate Studio
    #CoverSong #Tribute #Topten10 #Songs2018

  • mera pyar by amir zaki version 2


    zaki rockz ! we all know that . . .

  • Iss Baar Milo


    The new video from Hadiqa's anticiptated English Project: Rough Cut with Aamir Zaki. The 1st video is in urdu, and will be the only song on the album with urdu content

  • Spiritual & Material - Amir Zaki feat. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Gumby


    Rare track. Comes from one of his limited album.

  • Aamir Zaki - Mera Pyar


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  • Living This Lie - Hadiqa Kiani & Amir Zaki - Rough Cut


    Rough Cut was the album collaboration between Hadiqa Kiani and Amir Zaki, the first full mainstream English Album to be released in Pakistan,

    Inspired by a Alternative Eastern Rock Genre, Living this Lie was the first single to be released, addressing the issues of fame and oppression of emotions.

  • Tribute to Aamir Zaki - People are people with the Fraser Daley band


    Tribute to Aamir Zaki, the great Pakistani guitar and bass player.

    Song: People are people
    Artist: Aamir Zaki (1968 - 2017)

    Special thanks to Mr. Mike Daley and Mr. Alec Fraser for making this happen at the Inter Steer.

  • Amir Zaki at Music Days in Karachi


    Amir Zaki performs at Music Days III in Karachi, Pakistan on October 4, 2004.

  • Badnaam || Amir Zaki || Asfand Yar Acoustic Cover


    My humble tribute to the legend Aamir Zaki. Badnaam is one of his songs he composed for a Drama Serial. I started playing guitar after listening to his album Signature. He was an inspiration to me and countless others. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen

  • Aamir Zaki on the Drive Thru


    On the last day of his visit to Karachi, Wes Malik met up with oneof the most prolific guitar players in Pakistan, the man himself, Aamir Zaki.



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