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Playlist of Aamir Zaki

  • Coke Studio Season 10 - Aamir Zaki Tribute


    Coke Studio Season 10
    Episode 4
    Aamir Zaki Tribute

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  • Aamir Zakis Last Jam with Gumby


    Aamir Zaki (April 8, 1968 – June 2, 2017) was a guitarist-songwriter and composer from Pakistan.
    He was known for his melodic phrasing, feel, and tone. Amir Zaki's first music video 'Money' was aired for many weeks Pakistan's first ever pop chart show 'Music Channel Charts'. The program was directed and produced by Yasir Akhtar and executive producer was Ghazanfer Ali. After that Amir's debut album Signature was released in 1995, and Zaki was awarded a gold disc by Soundcraft UK for it. It was primarily an instrumental album with two English and one Urdu song. His second CD release Rough Cut was an English album, with a Tabla and six string bass Rhythm section, featuring Hadiqa Kiyani on vocals.

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  • Aamir Zaki on the Drive Thru


    On the last day of his visit to Karachi, Wes Malik met up with oneof the most prolific guitar players in Pakistan, the man himself, Aamir Zaki.

  • You Need That Fire by Aamir Zaki


    Best instrumental ever by great guitarist Mr Aamir Zaki

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  • AWAZ Janeman live feat. Haroon, Faakhir, Amir Zaki & Gumby


    A mindblowing performance of Awaz live in concert in Manchester, UK. Featuring Haroon, Faakhir and the late great Amir Zaki on guitars and Gumby on drums.

    Filmed, Directed and edited by Waseem Mehmood (OBE)

    Singer Haroon discovers lost AWAZ live concert video featuring Amir Zaki and Gumby.
    Haroon discovered an old dusty Beta tape in his store when he was cleaning it out. Upon checking the footage, Haroon was stunned to discover a lost Awaz live concert video. The concert took place in Manchester, UK in front of thousands of screaming fans over 20 years ago. In the video Awaz band mates Haroon and Faakhir are performing along with a live band that features the late guitar legend Amir Zaki on guitar as well virtuoso drummer Gumby on drums.
    The priceless video was captured in 1997 by award winning director and producer, Waseem Mehmood OBE, during an Awaz tour of UK cities. Waseem had sent the tape to Awaz in 1997, but following the break up of Awaz in 2000 the tape had been misplaced and forgotten.
    Waseem said “I remember I only had three cameras but it looks like a 6 camera shoot because I got my camera team to run around the stage and through the audience like crazy, to capture every angle possible.”
    Haroon said “I was stunned to find this footage. It was amazing to see the wild energy and synergy Awaz had on stage. We were so young and it was all so thrilling. Faakhir and I have not performed live on stage together since 1999. I’m also grateful to Waseem. He captured a beautiful moment in Awaz’s history.”
    The energetic performance is Awaz at their live best. Haroon said “The audio you hear on the video is the raw live two track audio with audience screams and all.” In the video you can see the late Amir Zaki showing off his skills as he plays some amazing guitar riffs, Gumby meanwhile plays a fiery drum solo. Said Faakhir “We were these guys in our early 20’s writing songs, making music videos and touring the world. It was very exciting.”

    Haroon added Special thanks to the Darr family of Rolex Books for putting on this amazing Awaz tour of the UK.

    The song Janeman was the first ever Pakistani/Urdu/Hindi music video on MTV Asia. It was the break through that helped catapult Awaz to fame in the 1990’s. Awaz was formed in Islamabad by Haroon and Faakhir and joined by renowned guitarist Asad Ahmed for the release of their debut album Awaz Vol. 1. Awaz went on to have multiple hits including Watan Kahani, Kon Thi Haseena, Jadoo Ka Chiragh, Main Na Manoor Haar, Mr. Fraudiay, Ay Jawan and more. Awaz performed sell out shows all over Pakistan and around the world.

    The band broke up in 2000 and Haroon and Faakhir both went on to have hugely successful careers as solo artists while guitarist Asad Ahmed went on to found the successful rock band Karavan.

  • Coke Studio Season 10| Naina Moray| Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali feat. Aamir Zaki


    Coke Studio Season 10| Episode 4
    Produced & Directed by Strings
    Music Directed by Jaffer Zaidi
    Traditional thumri previously performed by Bade Ghulam Ali

    A dark storm of emotions, this thumri is fueled by the thunderous arrangement of Jaffer Zaidi. Honing in on the pain and anguish that comes with the void of heartbreak, the incredibly powerful and skillful duo of Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali cascade through the contours and complexities of Raag Bhairvi. The hues of the raag are further evoked through a confluence of the ethereal drone of the sarangi and a prolific guitar solo by Aamir Zaki, exuding a sense of melancholy. Playing with the fluidity of the raag, the track is a masterful excursion that resonates with the profundity of sorrow.

    Imran Akhoond (Guitars)
    Aahad Nayani (Drums)
    Kamran ‘Mannu' Zafar (Bass)
    Babar Khanna (Dholak/Tabla)
    Haider Ali (Keyboards/Piano)
    Omran Shafique (Guitars)
    Abdul Aziz Kazi (Percussions)
    Backing Vocalists
    Rachel Viccaji
    Shahab Hussain
    Natasha Khan
    Javed Iqbal (First Violinist)
    Ghulam Abbas
    Ghulam Muhammad
    Muhammad Ilyas
    Babar Ali
    Khawar Hussain
    Ahmad Hasan
    Asif Ali
    Ghulam Hasan
    Junaid Ali
    Guest Musicians
    Aamir Zaki (Guitar)
    Gul Muhammad (Sarangi)

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  • Remembering Aamir Zaki | Ayesha Omar x Shallum Xavier | Mera Pyaar


    Ayesha Omar and Shallum Xavier are working on a new song together, and mid-way they realise that 2nd June 2019 marked two years since we lost the most renowned and influential guitarist of the Pakistani Music Industry - Aamir Zaki.

    In the middle of their jam, watch Ayesha and Shallum take out a moment to remember Aamir Zaki with their spontaneous rendition of his 1995 hit “Mera Pyaar”.
    Also, don’t forget we’re on the lookout for good lyrics. Get your creative juices flowing and you could probably end up giving words to our music!
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    Edit: Amal Nadeem Alam
    Production: Incision Films
    Directed by: Ayesha Omar

    #AyeshaOmar #ShallumXavier #AyeshaxShallum #AamirZaki #MeraPyaar #Vlog

  • Mera Pyar - Tribute to Amir Zaki


    Mera Pyar - Tribute to Amir Zaki

    #MeraPyar #Tribute #AmirZaki #Music #Pakistan

    A tribute to the legendary Amir Zaki by his friends and peers from the music industry Kashan Admani, Asad Rasheed, Natasha Khan, (Mannu) Kamran Zafar, Veeru Shan, Alex Shabaz, Gumby (Louis John Pinto).
    He inspired many musicians and his legacy will always live.

    Produced by Kashan Admani at Dream Station Studios. Asst Music producer Alex Shahbaz

    Aamir Zaki (April 8, 1968 – June 2, 2017) was a Saudi born Pakistani guitarist-songwriter, Zaki is considered by many as one of the most influential guitarists in Pakistan's history.

    Zaki started out his music career with a band named The Scratch in 1987, their first album was named The Bomb, whose title track was about the Empress Market bomb blast. The song gave Zaki a little recognition. On an advice from his friend, he quit The Scratch in 1988 to form his own band, thus in process of doing so he started touring with Alamgir.

    The first mainstream musician to recognise Zaki as a teenage prodigy was Alamgir, who got in touch with him to tour India, Dubai, England and the U.S.A. After touring Zaki played on two of Alamgir's albums. Keh De Na and Albela Rahi were two hit singles with young Zaki as the lead guitarist, he played a self built Flying V guitar, inspired by his love for Randy Rhoads.

    Post-Alamgir, Aamir Zaki formed three rock groups. The Barbarians, Axe Attack and Scratch. Axe Attack was the only band that made an English album recorded in Pakistan and perhaps for that reason, all music companies refused to release it. However, some years later, the rhythm guitarist, Nadeem Ishtiaq took it to Australia where the songs made it to the radio and were well received. Back in Pakistan, the album lay forgotten. Zaki continued with his songwriting and started playing session guitar.

    In 1994, Zaki joined Vital Signs who at that time were already country's largest pop act, Vital Signs had expelled their second guitarist Rizwan-ul-Haq, and Zaki joined in his place as Rohail Hyatt, the leader of the band wanted to expand their sound, and wanted something deeper and complex like a mixture of vintage Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. Zaki performed extensively with Vital Signs before quitting the band due to band's existential crisis and not getting the equal profit of royalties. Zaki later toured with former bandmates Junaid Jamshed and Shahzad Hassan after Hyatt's exit from the band.

    After leaving Vital Signs, Zaki released Signature in 1995, an independent release, by his own money. The first batch of CDs was made in England, and Sonic released the album in Pakistan. The album was a hit, and one song Mera Pyar (Urdu for My Love) was a major hit, when asked about inspiration for the song, Zaki responded by saying,someone who doesn't exist and never will., referencing to his ex-wife. Zaki was awarded with Gold Disc for his debut album from Soundcraft UK. Zaki further released two more albums Rough Cut (2007) with Hadiqa Kiani on vocals and Radio Star (2007).

    In late 1990, music scene in Pakistan began to recede, although by the time, Zaki had a cult-following. Zaki then used to perform live songs of his original English and Urdu songs, before they were released, he started doings gigs at Karajazz Festival and Cafe Blue (Karachi, Pakistan).

    Zaki further collaborated with many artists on various tracks including collaborations with Hadiqa Kiani for her song Is Baar Milo.

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  • Coke Studio Season 10 - Naina Moray - Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali feat. Amir Zaki


    Coke Studio Season 10
    Episode 4
    Song: Naina Moray
    Artist: Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali feat. Amir Zaki

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  • Tum Mere Ho Unplugged by Saleem Javed ft Amir Zaki HD


    Tum Mere Ho Unplugged by Saleem Javed ft Amir Zaki
    Director/DOP/Post: JO-G
    Asst Dir: Faria Jameel & Meedu
    Make Up: Tabi Moazzam

  • Aitebar Unplugged - Aamir Zaki Solo tabs - Transcription by Arsalan Pareyal


    #Aamirzaki #tabs #aitebar

    One of top iconic solo from Pakistan's Pop music has ever produced!

  • Amir Zaki - Mera Pyar by Umer Farooq


    Umer Farooq gives a tribute to the late musical genius Amir Zaki by covering the forever greatest Mera Pyar.

    Video by Taimour Rashid Kalson

    #UmerFarooq #AmirZaki

  • Coke Studio Season 7| Chehra| Zoheb Hassan


    Coke Studio Season 7| Episode 2
    Produced by Strings

    Guest Musicians:
    Amir Zaki (Lead guitar)
    Sajid Ali (Flute)

  • Imran Akhoond Tribute to Aamir Zaki - Sab Aakho Ali Ali Guitar Solo & Riff



  • Living This Lie - Hadiqa Kiani & Amir Zaki - Rough Cut


    Rough Cut was the album collaboration between Hadiqa Kiani and Amir Zaki, the first full mainstream English Album to be released in Pakistan,

    Inspired by a Alternative Eastern Rock Genre, Living this Lie was the first single to be released, addressing the issues of fame and oppression of emotions.

  • Junaid Aslam - Mera Pyaar || Rock Version || Amir Zaki ||


    For MP3 Download :

    Produced by : Junaid Aslam
    Music : Junaid Aslam, Akshay Upadhyay
    Guitar Parts : Navjot Kumar
    Audio Producer : Akshay Upadhyay

    Original : Amir Zaki

    Snapchat: junaid-aslam

    For all business/booking enquiries please email

  • Aamir Zaki - Tumhari Aankhon Mein HD



    Director: Hamad Khan
    DP: Faraz Iqbal, Hamad Khan
    Production Manager: Rafay Mahmood
    Gaffer: Zeeshan Ahmad
    Makeup: Adnan@Nabilas
    Post: Manduck Collective
    Edit: Hamad Khan , Mohammad Saqib

    Special Thanks: Nabila, Imu, Nasir Tehrani

  • Mera Pyar


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Mera Pyar · Aamir Zaki


    ℗ 2000 Aamir Zaki

    Released on: 1995-09-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Bhula Dayna Amir Zaki


    Greatest Guitar player for Pakistan.
    (in my opinion)

  • The Day She Left


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    The Day She Left · Aamir Zaki


    ℗ 2000 Aamir Zaki

    Released on: 1995-09-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Aaj Sun Ke Tumhara Naam - Aamir Zaki & Maha Ali Kazmi


    Aamir Zaki and I worked on this song years ago. Unfortunately, it remained a work in progress. I'm dedicating this song here to the memory of Pakistan's greatest Musician ever, the guitar maestro Aamir Zaki. Aamir Zaki (April 8, 1968 – FOREVER).

    Vocals: Maha Ali Kazmi
    Composition, Lyrics, Guitars & Music Produce: Aamir Zaki
    Special Thanks to Mubashir Admani

  • Money


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Money · Aamir Zaki


    ℗ 2000 Aamir Zaki

    Released on: 1995-09-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Aamir Zaki - The day she Left


    Although he has always made headlines, in 1995 Aamir Zaki made another milestone in history by recording his solo album, Signature. On the first solo outing of his career the laid back guitarist has favoured a raw and impolished sound over refined glitz

  • Aamir Zaki - Guitar Solo Compilation | Tribute | R.I.P Aamir Zaki 1968 - 2017


    Aamir Zaki was Pakistan's most legendary guitarist who will be remembered by the nation as one of the greatest icons.

    These are some of Zaki's Guitar solos played by him live and recorded,
    may God grant him Jannah Rest in Peace Aamir Zaki 1968 - 2017

    Instagram: @alishahidig

  • Aamir Zakis Guitar Piece for Asrar in Coke Studio Episode 0701


    My edit to take Aamir Zaki's Guitar Piece for Asrar in Coke Studio Episode 0701

  • Mera Pyar - Amir Zaki ft. Hadiqa Kiani


    THE best guitarist from Pakistan who passed away in 2017. This is a rare song that he recorded with Hadiqa Kiani.

  • Mera Pyar - Aamir Zaki.


    The Ultimate Guitar Maestro!.

  • bhula dena - Aamir Zaki


    Simply love this song...with Time everyone will forget about You...thought of making a Slideshow of it...
    About the song its by Aamir Zaki who is one of the extremely talented Musician of Pakistan,his Sweetest songs tell his Saddest thoughts,Bhula denais soulful,Simple&has beautiful Words,which revives the memories of your Broken heart...

    Aamir Zaki is certainly the pioneer of Jazz Music&the only Jazz musician in Pakistan& has played in many International Jazz Festivals abroad,he plays his magic on an Acoustic&Electric guitar& is equally amazing with the Bass guitar.


  • Amir Zaki - Jana Tum Say Milnay Ka | HD


    Aamir Zaki is a notable Pakistani prolific guitar player, playing jazz, blues, classical, rock and alternative rock.

  • Badnaam Aamir Zaki | OST | Dhool


    #AamirZaki #PakMusic #Patari #PatatiMusic #Badnaam #PakOst

  • Aamir Zaki Live at Karachi Gymkhana


    Rare live footage of Aamir Zaki performing live at Karachi Gymkhana sometime in the 90s along with Shafqat Amanat Ali. Interview at the end of the video. This instrumental was probably called 'Time and Place'

  • Cheers - Aamir Zaki | Album : Signature


    Track : Cheers
    Artist : Aamir Zaki
    Album : Signature
    Year : 1995

  • kya karoon - Aamir Zaki


    One of my favorite songs so how can i not make a slideshow out of it...
    the song is by Aamir Zaki, his sweetest songs tell his saddest thoughts,lyrics are absolutely beautiful...


  • Aamir Zaki - A compilation


    Bichra kuch is ada k rut hi badal gayi,
    ik shaksh saray sheher ko veraan kar gaya.

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  • Badnaam - Aamir Zaki


  • Just the Two of Us


    Vocals: Sheldon Emanuel
    Guitar: Elijah Lawrence
    Bass: Aamir Zaki
    Drums: Gumby
    Fiddle/Vocals: Wren Elhai
    Keyboard: Mobi

  • Aamir Zaki | Taazi


    There are times when a person’s death not only affect few people, but rather millions.

    He'll be missed!

    Read the Article here:

    Listen to #AmirZaki on Taazi:

  • Denial of The Mainstream & Its Impact On Legendary Amir Zaki & Faraz Anwar


    With Apologies to Great Amir Zaki(late), Brilliant Faraz Anwar & Amazing Shahzad Hameed. You guys have no match. We value your contribution & It is just an opinion.

    A music blog about Great musicians such as Amir Zaki , Fraz Anwar and their Struggle with Pakistan Music Scene. It's an exploration of the question of why great artists like them suffer in some ways and some of them ended up badly.
    Question Here: Is It really people who did not understand & appreciate their music, the amount they deserved or is it something else?

    Let's dive into it!

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  • Aamir Zaki Signature 1995


    Aamir zaki who is legend himself, his music and guitar tunes drives the world crazy!!!

  • Be With You - Hadiqa Kiani & Amir Zaki - Rough Cut


    Be With You was the last single from the Rough Cut album and failed to become a success just like all the other singles from the album.

  • Aamir Zaki


    Aamir Zaki-mohabbat blues live feat. Gumby on drums and Khalid on bass guitars

  • Aamir Zaki | Bass Pattern | You Need That Fire | Teaching Session


    Teaching session with my student Tahniah Arquam

  • Mera pyaar by Aamir zaki


    unplugged version...

  • Jazz Night feat. Aamir Zaki, Gumby,Diego Miguel & Diaa Harb


    A clip from a local channel showing the Jazz Gig that took place sometime December 2006 in Karachi. The clip includes Jaco Pastorius's Funky Chicken with Zak on bass and Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street, Zak on guitars this time.

  • Aamir Zaki - Tumhari Ankhon Mein


    Aamir Zaki - Tumhari Ankhon Mein

    BTS Footage - Fahad Shah
    Promo Edit - Mohammad Saqib

    Director - Hamad Khan
    DP: Faraz Iqbal, Hamad Khan
    Line Producer: Rafay Mahmood
    Styling: Adnan@Nabilas
    Gaffer: Zeeshan Ahmad

  • Mera Pyaar by Amir Zaki


    This is my cover of mera Pyaar by amir zaki

  • The day she left - Aamir Zaki


    Artist: Aamir Zaki
    Track: The day she left.
    Album: Signature (1995)

    No copyright infringement intended. Sharing music among fans, not making money.
    No copyrights claimed.

    Aamir Zaki (April 8, 1968 – June 2, 2017) was a Saudi born Pakistani guitarist-songwriter, Zaki is considered by many as one of the most influential guitarists in Pakistan's history.

  • Mera Pyar - Aamir Zaki


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  • In the Loving Memory of Aamir Zaki


    It was an honor for the Sing With Aqeel show that great legendary guitar player Aamir Zaki has played guitar in season 1 before his sudden death.

  • Sahara | Amir Zaki | Taazi


    Download this song from Taazi:



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