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Playlist of ALM Busy Circuits

  • ALM Busy Circuits Squid Salmple // Fast & powerful 8 channel audio and CV sampler in Eurorack


    **TIMING INDEX // SECTIONS BELOW** So here's the Squid Salmple from ALM Busy Circuits. It's an 8 channel Eurorack sampler that can record, mangle, modulate and playback audio or CV. It's fast and immediate with quick on the fly recording options and an easy interface that very quickly became a fast and intuitive way to work with both audio and CV. There's a phenomenal bank of samples that comes with it on the USB stick that's really well put together from a range of artists and sources. You've got 5 outputs, 3 assignable (to multiple destinations) CV inputs, 8 trigger inputs and plenty of control and options. I'd love to hear what you think about the module and the video so leave a comment and let's chat. Skip around with the timing index below if you see fit and cheers for watching!

    Website, manual, sample bank list and more -


    PLEASE NOTE - all no talking demo patches are entirely dry with the outputs just mixed on the HexMix with level, pan and EQ.

    00:00 Hello and video preview

    01:28 What is the Squid Salmple? Feature run down.

    03:43 Demo patch - bank 01 - 606 drums + lately bass

    03:52 Getting started

    05:01 Demo patch - bank 02 - 707 drums

    05:06 Channel parameters 1 - channels 1-5 (with percussion)

    08:15 Demo patch - bank 06 - 808 drums

    08:26 Demo patch - bank 07 - 909 drums

    08:30 Channel parameters 2 - channels 6-8 (with synth drones)

    10:22 Demo patch - bank 08 - CR78 drums

    10:28 Demo patch - bank 13 - R70 drums

    10:34 Muting

    11:10 Demo patch - bank 18 - Linn drum

    11:19 CV playback & mangling

    14:48 Demo patch - bank 25 - Sash M5N Beats

    15:04 The FIRST PATCH I made with the module

    17:06 Demo patch - bank 27 - Jack Mumdance drums

    17:16 Key combos (mega useful!)

    19:25 Demo patch - bank 29 - Jack Mumdance drums

    19:32 Demo patch - bank 39 - Sash Beats - jungle tapes

    19:38 Choking

    21:04 Demo patch - bank 40 - GRM Tools + Microtonic drums

    21:14 CV inputs & CV assign, attenuate + offset

    24:04 Demo patch - bank 45 - Lauren Flax chords/melody

    24:21 How to set up accents

    25:35 Demo patch - bank 51 - Sue Zuki sample bank

    25:51 How to record samples

    27:15 Demo patch - bank 52 - Dungeon Acid Domestic Percussion

    27:23 Live sampling on the fly

    29:03 Demo patch - bank 54 - NYZ Field Recordings

    29:20 Sampling CV (control voltages)

    31:02 Demo patch - bank 59 - Yamaha CS80 notes

    31:11 Demo patch - bank 64 - Russell Haswell Hordijk Benjolin

    31:17 Notes of loading & saving

    32:31 Demo patch - bank 66 - Ebcidic Cocoquantus

    32:45 Demo patch - bank 67 - Ebcidic Lyra-8

    32:53 “Poor mans delay” patch example from the manual

    34:20 Demo patch - bank 68 - Drums + Roland SH101

    34:29 Cue sets (this is simple yet powerful!)

    37:50 Demo patch - bank 75 - Andrew Duff Roland TB303 + drums

    ** THIS VIDEO WAS SPONSORED BY ALM BUSY CIRCUITS** By sponsoring the video they received a service, which a demonstration video. However they had no control over what was said, patched or used in the video.

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  • ALM Busy Circuits - workshop at SchneidersLaden


    Matthew from ALM Busy Circuits was visiting SchneidersLaden for a special workshop in August 2019! His innovative and established eurorack designs have found their way into many many modular cases. Matthew played a short performance and talked the audience through the patch he was using. This is an all ALM system - if you every wondered how this would sound like, this is your chance.

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  • ALM Busy Circuits - Akemies Castle


    Fan of FM? Then look no further than this sooooped up mega module of FM goodness. Akemie's Castle from ALM Busy Circuits brings original NOS chip Yamaha FM to modular and breaks out all the control. Unleashing the power of multi-operator digital FM without hiding it behind modules. But enough of the press release style blurb ... this thing is KILLER! An absolute machine for filthy bass, noisy percussive, softly moving chord tones and more. It's a big modules, but all those controls are great fun with manual wiggling or powerful under voltage control. Dual oscillator, 4 FM operators, chords, feedback, loads of CV input what's not to like?

    Check out the Dinky's Taiko (I mention it in the video) HERE -

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  • ALM Busy Circuits - Pamelas NEW Workout



    Oh Pamela ... how beautiful you are, you're latest workout giving us modular geeks all we could have dreamt of and more! Gate, LFOs, stepped random, random skipping (of gates, of LFOs, of ANYTHING!) delay, swing, offset, phase, width / skewing, euclidean parameters (not just for gates but for LFO cycles too!) slop / humanise, saving everything, syncing like a trooper ... I could go on. This is ace, grab a cuppa and strap in for a tour of Pamela.



    - what is Pamela’s NEW Workout
    - building a patch with drums, riffs, random and modulation

    06:24 - LFOS

    - delaying & swinging
    - randomly skipping LFO cycles
    - euclidean LFOs
    - looping / locking modified LFOs
    - influencing phase with CV inputs

    15:08 - ENVELOPES

    - patching a drum sound
    - width control of release time


    - stepped random
    - looping random sequences
    - attenuating, offsetting, tuning
    - creatively influencing melodies
    - non destructive euclidean editing

    21:33 - CREATING BEATS

    - timing divisions
    - phase offset for beat placement
    - flams
    - swing
    - random skipping
    - slop “humanize”


    - gate on start
    - gate on stop (reset)
    - always on (run signal)
    - always off
    - syncing other devices with always on / run signal


    - clock input
    - PPQ / PPQN
    - run and reset inputs

    32.54 - CV INPUTS

    - assigning CV over various parameters
    - attenuating incoming CV
    - offsetting incoming CV
    - CV input monitor

    36:35 - EXPANDERS

    - Pexp-1
    - Pexp-2
    - syncing Elektron Analog Four via MIDI out.

    If you've liked this video of Pamela's NEW Workout from ALM Busy Circuits here is the mentioned Elektron Analog Four jam video -

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  • AKEMIES TAIKO — Walkthrough & Space Beats


    More space jams on my side channel!
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    Busy Circuits:

    ★ WATCH MORE ★

    Understand FM synthesis in 4 minutes:




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    Equal 7
    Danne Farrell
    I Ride My Bicycle
    Stanley Powers
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    Samuel Costa
    Nick Simmons
    Yoav Landau
    Peter Vermeychuk
    Ryan Mitchell
    Guido 'gheedough' Gautsch
    Emilio Vasquez
    Silver Iron
    Yahali Gottlieb
    ADdam lolz
    Angel Mesta
    Jamaal Curtis
    Edmon Cruz
    herrnn radidgumpu
    Leon Schutte
    Ian Kim
    florencia la rica
    Alex Bowers
    James Paul Walker
    Yamen Mouhanna
    Pijus Pijus
    Nick Johnson
    Nicholas Taylor
    Ethan Lim
    Benjamin San Souci
    Marc Froehling
    Kristopher Charles
    Kynarro Aetone
    Maximus Olenik
    AJ Berg
    Aithne Callahan
    Keshav Krishnan
    Tim Koulaev
    Julian Lyn
    Damon Oliveira
    Karol Hojka
    Jay Logan
    Ben Adshead
    Timothy McLane
    Alexander Heale
    Rhys Huntley
    Jack Morris
    Hamish Garner
    Tobias Gurdan


    If you're new here, my name is Andrew Huang and I'm a musician who works with many genres and many instruments - and I've also made music with many things that aren't instruments like balloons, pants, water, and dentist equipment. For more info visit my website:

    You can also stream and download my 40+ albums and EPs at or check out my other videos at

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    AKEMIE'S TAIKO — Walkthrough & Space Beats | Andrew Huang

    Andrew Huang

  • ALM 010 Busy Circuits OAx2 Review Eurorack Modular. All features Shown


    ALM 010 O/A/x2 Full Review. Eurorack Modular Busy Circuits Attenuverter Mixer Test. Clickable Index Below in Description.
    See the ALM -010 patched as a eurorack modular mixer, as a eurorack modular dual channel Attenuator Inverter with DC Offset.

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    Busy Circuits: ALM 010 Eurorack Modular Review
    Video Index
    00:00 Introduction - Overview

    02:46 DC Offset At Output
    04:12 Attenuverter (with a DC Signal at Input)
    06:34 Attenuverter/Boost (with an AC Signal at Input)
    09:32 Output Voltage Range

    10:35 Processing an LFO Signal - PART 1/2 (Here we build a patch and find a limitation/problem that can be solved using the ALM-010)
    13:57 Processing an LFO Signal - PART 2/2 (Here we use the ALM-010 to add control over our Pitch Voltage)

    18:32 Using the ALM-010 to have control of 'Transpose' and over and 'Additional Sound Parameter'. PART 1/2 (Patch Build)
    19:37 Transpose + CV Control. PART 2/2 (Patch Use)

    22:30 Front Panel Layout
    24:13 Dual LEDs: Polarity + Intensity

    25:33 2 in 1 Mixer - Example using the ALM010 as a Mixer

    29:16 ALM 010 Hardware Look & Conclusion

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    Questions? Suggestions? Write in the comments below to discuss…


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  • Akemies Taiko ALM Busy Circuits // Baseck


    Taking this New Akemies Taiko for a spin! I'm a big fan of Akemies Castle and Dinky's Taiko so I've been really looking forward to the release of this one :) I was just going to post a short clip of this, but loved bumping it with the sub, so I decided to put the whole 5min piece up. Maybe I'll rock another vid to show off other features like using it as a synth voice.

    All the sound you hear is coming from Akemies Taiko, dry without any effects. It is being sequenced with MFB SEQ-01, Make Noise Pressure Points, and some random from Qubit Nano Rand, and Make Noise's Wogglebug.

    Demo/Features Video is at:

    IG/Twitter @busycircuits

    connect with me @baseck

  • ALM - Dinkys Taiko


    Possibly my favourite drum module the Dinky's Taiko from ALM Busy Circuits. A great 12 bit digital drum module with noise and oscillators sections and CV for nearly everything. You can expand your drum sequences with accent and choke inputs as well.

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  • ALM - Akemies Taiko & Pamelas New Workout


    A special time with a special duo.
    Akemie's Taiko:
    Pamela's New Workout:

    Other modules:
    ALM - S.B.G
    4ms - Dual Looping Delay
    2hp - Freeze
    Expert Sleepers - Disting

    These were the modules that finally pushed us over the edge. Get used to modular. Thanks ALM.

    We're on Patreon!
    Audio uploads with each demo, jams, etc:

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  • Quick Tip: Snare Drum Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Patch Tutorial


    Here is a quick tip showing one way to make a snare drum on a eurorack modular synthesizer.

    You will need:
    - a trigger source (clock or sequencer)
    - two envelope generators (snappy exponential ones)
    - a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) with a sine wave output
    - a noise generator
    - two VCAs (voltage controlled amplifier)
    - a mixer

    The patch:
    - trigger source to trigger input of both envelope generators
    - envelope generator 1 output with short decay to VCO 1v/oct input
    - envelope generator 2 output with longer decay to VCA CV control for both VCAs
    - VCO and noise output to inputs of VCAs
    - VCA outputs to mixer inputs
    - mixer output is your snare drum

    A snare drum is made of two sounds, a tonal part and a noise part. Here we made the tonal part by using a sine wave oscillator with a short decay envelope modulating the oscillator’s frequency. The noise part is made with a white noise generator. These two signals can then be mixed together and run through a VCA with a longer decay envelope.

    To change the sound you could change the tuning of the sine wave or filter the noise. You could also adjust the envelope modulating the pitch of the sine wave and how much it affects the pitch. Adding distortion, saturation or compression to a snare can also improve the sound.

    Modules used (left to right):
    Make Noise Maths:
    Make Noise STO:
    ALM MCO:
    Soundmachines LS1:
    Intellijel Quad Att:

    #PerfectCircuit #QuickTip #Eurorack

  • ALM Busy Circuits Quaid Mega Slope and MCO Updates // Synthfest 2018


    It was great to see Matthew from ALM Busy Circuits at Synthfest 2018 and get an update on some of his new modules. Both the Quaid Mega Slope and the MCO are coming along soon with the Quaid offering some mega modulation possibilities and the MCO a tonne of wavetable tones with sub and PWM/mod over the waves in a small and cheap package. More info on these from the Superbooth video I did with Matthew earlier in the year here -

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  • ALM Akemie’s Castle Dual FM Oscillator


    The ALM Busy Circuits Akemie’s Castle is a dual VCO that utilizes Yamaha IC’s to achieve 4 Operator digital FM. Each of the module’s operators features independent waveform sections, a frequency multiplier, and both manual and remote level controls. Each of the operators can be combined in various ways across the oscillator sections, which can be further combined with independent feedback control settings on each VCO. All of this combined produces an incredibly wide range of available sounds.

    Available here:

  • ALM Busy Circuits Interview


    Go order a Pamela's NEW Workout at

    and check out the full range of ALM eurorack modules over at

    We took a bit of time out at Superbooth to talk with Matthew Allum, boss man at ALM Busy Circuits about Drexciya, eurorack, his design process and Cluedo.

  • Squid Salmple, Pam in Buchla & sync modular to DJ gear with ALM Busy Circuits // Superbooth 2019


    Lots of good stuff going on at the ALM Busy Circuits booth at Superbooth 2019. First up Pamela's Discotheque takes the Pioneer DJ Ethernet protocol/standard for clock syncing DJ and makes that compatible with MIDI DIN, USB MIDI and analog clock outputs at various rates so you can reliably sync DJ gear with your modular systems. There's the new Squid Salmple which is a multichannel sampler meant to be quick and intuitive for both sampling and sample playback. Finally we can now see Pamela (of Pamela's Workout fame) in the 4U Buchla format.

    Superbooth 2019 videos -

    Thanks to our sponsors that have made these videos possible!

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  • ALM Busy Circuits MCO VCO Demo and Jam


    Sorry for the terrible terminology being used CONSTANTLY but here's a demo of the functions of the cheap and cheerful ALM Busy Circuits MCO VCO as requested by user on Reddit's r/modular board. Sorry for my big meaty mitt being in the way as well. Hopefully you get a good idea of how it sounds and how it can be integrated into a modular system. It's a lovely little unit that i use for my lead lines and pairs wonderfully with all sorts of modulation. Since you can't see it very well it might help to pull up a picture of it while watching this video

  • ALM Akemies Castle FM Synth Eurorack Module Demo


    Being a demo of the knobby FM synth holy-grail that is the ALM Busycircuits Akemie's Castle Eurorack module. LINKS + MORE INFO BELOW. If you like this vid, please consider supporting on Patreon:

    More info & Dealer Links:

    Further reading on John Chowning and FM synthesis:

    Some great algorithm 'recipe' hints (what kinds of sounds certain algorithms can make) in this doc referring to the (similar) chip in the Sega Megadrive:

    Me explaining again how the panel works (and mentioning Feedback specifically):

  • ALM/Busy Circuits - Gear Guide - Superbooth 2018


    FACT was at Berlin's Superbooth to capture the latest gear action from the three-day synth celebration.

  • Mumdance demos his jungle-inspired Eurorack filter module, MUM M8


    We visit Mumdance's studio for an exclusive look at his exciting new module.

    Mumdance’s musical influences are many, but top of the list are two things: modular synths and hardcore. He's managed to combine his love of both with his latest release, a Eurorack filter module designed with UK boutique studio ALM Busy Circuits, the MUM M8.

    The inspiration for the MUM M8 is Akai’s S950 sampler from 1988, whose unique filter sound is behind many classic jungle and hardcore records of the era. We visited Mumdance at his home studio to get an exclusive inside look at how the module – right down to the rave baggie the screws come in.

    For more on the making of the MUM M8 read our interview with Mumdance and ALM's Matthew Allum. If you want to know where to start with building your own modular synth, check out our Eurorack beginner's guide.

  • ALM Busy Circuits Squid Sample at Superbooth 2019


    Squid Sample is an 8-channel sampler with a familiar Pamela's New Workout-style interface. It can be used for sample playback from USB as well as for live sampling of incoming audio or CV.

    Animato Audio at #Superbooth2019

    ALM Busy Circuits at Animato Audio:

  • ALM Busy Circuits - Akemies Castle - Organic Organ Sounds


    Working out a new track, featuring:

    ALM Busy Circuits - Akemie's Castle doing the organ type sound along with the arpeggio thing.

    Tip Top Audio - Z-DSP processing the two outputs from Akemie's using the Halls of Valhalla card.

    WMD - PDO, TBVCA and QAAF for bassline and fadey in noise thing(?)

    Klangbau Koln - Benjolin for the master clock and noises.

    Elsewhere on the WWW:

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  • Fragment of a night session.


    Instagram : paulc0usin
    Facebook :

    ♪ HQ audio :


    Boîtiers eurorack : Intellijel - 7U Case

    Modules eurorack :
    * Intellijel — Quadratt 1U
    * 4ms — Stereo Triggered Sampler
    * ALM Busy Circuits — Akemie´s Taiko
    * Noise Engineering — Basimilus Iteritas Alter
    * Doepfer — A-138s Mini Stereo Mixer
    * 4ms — Dual Looping Delay
    * TipTop Audio — Z-DSP
    * Intellijel — Atlantis
    * Hexinverter — Red Dragon
    * TipTop Audio — ONE
    * Intellijel — μFold / uFold
    * Make Noise — LxD
    * Erica Synths — Pico VCA
    * ALM Busy Circuits — Beast's Chalkboard
    * Erica Synths — Pico Seqs
    * Tubbutec — μTune / uTune
    * Intellijel — USB Power 1U
    * Intellijel — Buff Mult 1U
    * Intellijel — Quadratt 1U
    * Intellijel — Audio I/O 1U
    * Intellijel — Headphones 1U
    * Intellijel — USB Power 1U
    * Tiptop Audio — Z8000
    * Mutable Instruments — Stages
    * Mutable Instruments — Blinds
    * Intellijel — Scales
    * Intellijel — Scales
    * 4ms — Listen Four
    * 4ms — Listen Four
    * 4ms — Wav Recorder
    * Hexinverter — Mutant Brain
    * Befaco — Burst
    * Befaco — Muxlicer
    * 4ms — Rotating Clock Divider
    * Klavis — Logica Gater
    * WMD — Sequential Switch Matrix
    * WMD — Sequential Switch Matrix Expander
    * Steady State Fate — Muton
    * Mutable Instruments — Marbles
    * Erica Synths — Pico Logic

    #Modular #Eurorack #Synthesizer

  • Eurorack Sync & Reset Issues


    Different clocked modules interpret their reset input in two different ways. Of course, my main two pattern generators (Grids and Euclidean Circles, both being driven by Pamela's New Workout) each used a different method, so I had to find a way to resolve them. Here's what did and didn't work, and why.

    This video was originally created for the Learning Modular Patreon supporters, and came with a long post providing more detail:
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  • Quick Tip: Rhythmic Pattern With A Eurorack Sequential Switch Tutorial


    This quick tip explains how to make a rhythmic pattern with a eurorack modular sequential switch.

    Modules you will need:
    - a sequential switch
    - a clock (for clocked sequential switches) or an LFO or sequencer (for voltage controlled sequential switches)
    - multiple sound sources

    The patch:
    - sound sources to inputs of sequential switch
    - either sequencer to voltage control input of sequential switch
    - or clock to clock input of sequential switch
    - sequential switch output is your rhythmic pattern.

    You can vary your pattern by modulating or manually tweaking the input sounds, or changing the order they are plugged into the switch in. You can leave inputs of the switch with nothing plugged in if you want spaces in your pattern. If you are using a voltage controlled switch like in the video change your sequencer pattern to change your rhythm pattern.

    You could even experiment with making melodies this way by patching multiple pitched sound sources into the switch.

    Modules used (left to right):
    ALM Boss Bow Tie:
    Klavis Twin Waves:
    Make Noise Telharmonic:
    Hexinverter VCNO:
    Make Noise Function:
    Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Micro Sequence:

    #PerfectCircuit #QuickTip #Eurorack

  • ALM Akemies Taiko & Orthogonal Devices ER-301 // Eurorack patch


    Support me and get some of my tracks here:

    As usual, recorded in one shot. No fancy video edit this time as it's just a simple patch.

    Kick, snare, and hi-hats are samples coming from the Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Sound Computer. Hats are modulated by a sample and hold coming from the ER-301.

    Pads are from the 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator sequenced by mutable instruments Peaks in secret mode. A saw wave from the ER-301 is modulating the freq inputs to dirty up the sound a bit. It's then processed by an internal VCA in the ER-301 and then the Doepfer spring reverb.

    The rest is ALM Akemie's Taiko modulated by Make Noise Rene and a sample and hold from the ER-301.

    All is clocked by TipTop Audio Trigger Riot

    Enjoy and thanks for watching! ^^

  • ALM - Boss Bow Tie


    Here's the overview for the great voltage controlled 8 step switch the Boss Bow Tie from ALM Busy Circuits.

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  • ALM Busy Circuits SMT soldering technique


    A quick iphone recording during my visit to ALM Busy Circuits HQ in July 2017. I asked Matthew if he'd give me a quick primer on how to solder SMT chips, so grabbed this video of the process.

    Recorded during my Regional Arts Fellowship. This Regional Arts Fellowship is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

    Thanks to Matthew & family for great hospitality! and for the Akemie's Castle which you can hear on my recent NYZ - DSP TRX release on Psoma Psi Phi :

  • Superbooth 2018 - ALM Busy Circuits Sampler, Wavetable Oscillator, Function Generator & Headphone Ou


    ALM not only have a new darker grey panel and coloured knob set (looking great) but new modules at Superbooth 2018 too. There's the 8 channel sampler that's quick and simple to use with a Pamela's NEW Workout style menu system. A function generator that can be envelopes, LFOs or a sequencer. Headphone output, small, simple and useful. And finally a new 6HP wavetable oscillator with sub out, PWM style FX over the wavetables and a great sound in a small space.

    We're proud to have our Superbooth 2018 content sponsored by &

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  • Natoma // Eurorack Guitar Loop Processing


    Processing a guitar loop with the modular.

    An excercise to see if I could build up a track using several instances of a single guitar loop. I recorded the loop the night before recording this video via the Intellijel Audio Interface into a pedal looper on the Orthogonal Devices ER-301.

    All of the audio sources in this track are several instances of the guitar loop. One is pitched up, one is pitched down, several are running through granular processors.

    The real heavy lifting in this patch is done by the trio of Clouds, Magneto and DLD.

    Patch Notes/Signal Flow:

    Pitched Down Guitar Loop -- Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Variable Speed Sample Player to ER-301 Channel 1/Output 1 to Intellijel 1u Buff Mult to Transient Modules 2M Mixer to 4MS DLD to Intellijel Output 1u

    Granular Guitar Loop #1 -- Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Variable Speed Sample Player to ER-301 LPF (internal filterd pink noise modulation on the cutoff) to ER-301 Channel 1/Output 1 to Intellijel 1u Buff Mult to Transient Modules 2M Mixer to 4MS DLD to Intellijel Output 1u

    Granular Guitar Loop #2 -- Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Grain Stretch to ER-301 LPF (internal filterd pink noise modulation on the cutoff) to ER-301 Channel 2/3 / Output 2/3 to Mutable Instruments Clouds (Looping Delay Mode) to Transient Modules 2M Mixer to 4MS DLD to Intellijel Output 1u

    Granular Guitar Loop #3 -- Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Grain Stretch to ER-301 LPF (internal filterd pink noise modulation on the cutoff) to ER-301 Channel 2/3 / Output 2/3 to Mutable Instruments Clouds (Looping Delay Mode) to Transient Modules 2M Mixer to 4MS DLD to Intellijel Output 1u

    Granular Guitar Loop #4 -- Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Manual Grains to ER-301 LPF (internal filterd pink noise modulation on the cutoff) to ER-301 Channel 2/3 / Output 2/3 to Mutable Instruments Clouds (Looping Delay Mode) to Transient Modules 2M Mixer to 4MS DLD to Intellijel Output 1u

    Pitched Up Guitar Loop -- Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Variable Speed Sample Player to ER-301 Channel 4/Output 4 to Mannequins Three Sisters to Strymon Magneto to Transient Modules 2M Mixer to 4MS DLD to Intellijel Output 1u

    ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout Output 1 (gate) to Mutable Instruments Stages (gate input 5) to Stages (green A/D) to ER-301 Grain Stretch VCA
    ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout Output 2 (gate) to Mutable Instruments Stages (gate input 3) to Stages (green A/D) to ER-301 Grain Stretch VCA
    ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout Output 3 (gate) to ER-301 Manual Grains Trigger Input / Sample & Hold Trigger Inputs for Modulation on Start, Duration, and Panning
    ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout Output 4 (gate) to Mutable Instruments Stages (gate input 1) to Stages (green A/D) to ER-301 Manual Grains VCA
    ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout Output 8 (random) to ER-301 Grain Stretch Speed

    Mutable Instruments Marbles X1 Output to ER-301 Grain Stretch Duration
    Mutable Instruments Marbles X2 Output to ER-301 Grain Stretch Speed
    Mutable Instruments Marbles X3 Output to ER-301 Grain Stretch Duration

    Intellijel Noise Tools Slewed Output to ER-301 pink noise modulation filter cutoff

  • Superbooth 2017 - ALM Busy Circuits Pamelas NEW Workout


    Here's Pamela's NEW Workout from ALM Busy Circuits from Superbooth 2017. Clocks, euclidean rhythms, LFOs, random etc full of all the good stuff!

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  • Equalizer in a Eurorack - Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ and ALM PE-1


    In this Video we will have a closer look at a graphic and a parametric Equalizer, and what benefits they can bring in an Eurorack system.
    The Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ is, as the names says, a graphical Equalizer with fixed frequencies. The ALM PE-1* is a parametric Equalizer and hence a bit more versatile.
    In the Video we listen to both Equalizers, and find out where you can use them in your Eurorack system.

    * I messed things up a little, talking about Pip Slope, whereas Pip Slope is another module from ALM. The correct name for the parametric Equalizer is PE-1.

    A thumbs up for the Video and of course a subscription to the SundayAfternoonModular channel are very much appreciated!

    Please note that my videos are NOT sponsored by anyone or any company. All the modules I am testing here, I have saved for and bought with my own money.

  • ALM Pamelas New Workout


    We take a look at the new ALM Pamela's workout.

    It's an all-singing, all-dancing control hub for your eurorack system. Capable of generating clocks, LFOs, envelopes and more all synced perfectly to a central BPM.

    Order one now at

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  • Formation Meet Modular Synth Makers ALM Busy Circuits


    Formation's Sasha Lewis met up with ALM Busy Circuits boss Matthew Allum to talk all things modular.

  • ALM - Akemies Taiko


    ALM - Akemie's Taiko

    Quck jam with the awsome ALM module Akemie's Taiko - Sequenced by the Varigate 8

  • Pamelas Workout Clock Module


    Slowly but surely building my system just got Pamela's Workout!

  • ALM - Pamelas NEW Workout *Drum Jam*


    Pamela's NEW Workout from ALM Busy Circuits is killer! Really enjoying my time with it so far and here's a little drum jam with rhythms and modulation all coming out of the NEW Pam.

    More videos with this coming soon.

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  • Modor Comb Filter Eurorack Module


    Modor's Comb Filter is a voltage controlled delay which can go through ranges from very short comb filtering and flanging through to chorus effects. The module has a built in LFO for modulating the delay as well as CV inputs. The Comb Filter has stereo inputs and outputs. The sound source for this video is the ALM Akemie's Castle with modulation from the Mutable Instruments Stages and Intellijel Planar 2.

    Comb Filter available here:

    #PerfectCircuit #Eurorack #Synth

  • Building Powerful Sounds


    Demonstrating techniques for building thicker, punchier, more interesting sounds through layering and an awareness of the whole frequency spectrum.
    Handy Timestamps:
    00:51 Initial sound
    01:47 Adding low-end
    03:52 Filling out the sound
    06:00 Percussive noise
    07:27 Punch and weight
    08:55 Reverb for 'life'
    09:48 Subtle saturation
    10:33 Animating with modulation
    12:17 Summary and final sound

    Modules Used

    Top Row:
    ∿ Intellijel uJack
    ∿ Qu-Bit Chord
    ∿ Qu-Bit Chance
    ∿ Mutable Instruments Rings
    ∿ Make Noise STO

    Bottom Row:
    ∿ Doepfer A-119
    ∿ Mutable Instruments Clouds
    ∿ Make Noise Passive Mult
    ∿ Make Noise Maths
    ∿ Intellijel Buff Mult
    ∿ ALM Busy Circuits Tangle Quartet
    ∿ 000 BSDM kick
    ∿ 000 SCAT-0-logical distortion

    ∿ Listen to my music on Bandcamp:
    ∿ Instagram: @gregwht
    ∿ Twitter: @gregwht
    ∿ Website:

  • 3 Unexpected Ways To Use Filters


    Please excuse the beard.

    See more about the Tone here:

    ∿ M o d u l e s u s e d ∿

    ∿ Qu-Bit Tone
    ∿ Qu-Bit Chord
    ∿ Qu-Bit Chance
    ∿ 2hp Arp
    ∿ ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout
    ∿ ALM Busy Circuits Tangle Quartet
    ∿ Make Noise STO
    ∿ Mutable Instruments Clouds
    ∿ Intellijel uJack
    ∿ Travel case prototype by me

    ∿ INSTAGRAM: @gregwht
    ∿ TWITTER: @gregwht

  • Testing a forthcoming ALM Busy Circuits MCO on a modified Vectrex...


    [????ON!] This is how I test @busycircuits #prototype #eurorack #modules... This forthcoming ALM Busy Circuits #MCO #oscillator makes some great shapes coupled with the mighty #mumm8 #akais950 #filter both controlled by a #pamelasnewworkout @tomwhitwell’s #turingmachine (@thonksynth) and I’m sure you’ve worked out there’s some @makenoisemusic #maths #optomix & #wogglebug doing the business to get the #modifies #vectrex #oscillographics going ???????????? #modularsynth #videosynth #oscillon #bouncingball
    Shot on an iPhone 8+ with standard camera settings, no messing with anything.

  • ALM MCO & Quaid Megaslope Modules


    ALM's MCO is a digital wavetable VCO with 10 waveforms inspired by 90s hybrid synths which hard harsh aliasing oscillators. We rand the MCO through the MUM M8 filter. The Quaid Megaslope is a powerful function generator based on the function generators from the Casio CZ series of keyboards. It can be an envelope, LFO or sequencer with control over timing, shape and level for each stage. Dinky's and Akemie's Taiko create the drums and the Malekko Varigate 8+ is sequencing everything.

    MCO available here:

    Quaid available here:

    #PerfectCircuit #Eurorack #Synth

  • ALM MUM M8 Eurorack Version Of Akai S950 Filter


    This video shows the ALM Busy Circuits MUM M8 eurorack filter which is based on the filter from the Akai S950 sampler. It also has a built in VCA and sounds great when overdriven.

    MUM M8 available here:

  • 54HP Episode 4: Lo-Fi Groovebox


    On this episode of 54HP we built a lo-fi sample based groovebox case with the new Assimil8or as the sound generating core. This 8 track sampler and sample player can play back sounds as well as DC coupled CV sequences and modulation. The Assimil8or is capable of high quality sample playback as well, but features bit reduction and lo-fi aliasing options. Clock dividers and mathematical sequencers were used to trigger the samples and the Mum M8 filter adds some more lo-fi sampler character at the end of the chain.

    Let us know in the comments what type 54hp of case you want to see next.

    Module List:
    ALM Busy Circuits Pamela’s New Workout
    Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor
    Rossum Assimil8or
    ALM Busy Circuits Mum M8

    Available here:

  • ALM / Busy Circuits : Haswells Taiko


    See this movie's patch ...

  • Pams New Workout + Mum M8 Overview // Eurorack


    Just Showing off my new favorite eurorack module!
    ALM Busy Curcuits Pamela's New Workout and the PEXP-1 expander.
    I give a quick overview of all three modules i just got in the mail. Nothing formal, all for fun.

    Check out ALM's awesome site -

    // Let's Connect!
    Instagram -
    My Music (Most is free!) -
    Soundcloud -
    // Gear Used
    Favorite Headphones -
    Recorder -
    Cables -

    // Filmed with

  • Dub Techno Jam with Elektron Analog Four & ALM Pamelas New Workout


    This is an extended jam taken from a patch demoing the ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's NEW Workout and it's Pexp-1 Expander. I figured I might as well have a little jam with the Analog Four / A4 from Elektron as it's here on loan from a friend. Watch out for the full overview video coming soon with the killer (honestly it's ace!) Pamela's NEW Workout. And if you can't wait for a fix here's a beat made with the new Pam -

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  • Quick Tip: Cowbell Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Patch Tutorial


    This quick tip shows how to make a cowbell sound inspired by the famous TR-808 cowbell.

    You will need:
    - a trigger source (clock or sequencer)
    - one envelope generatorr (with exponential decay)
    - two VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators) with square wave outputs
    - a mixer with at least two channels
    - one VCA (voltage controlled amplifier)
    - a bandpass filter

    The patch:
    - square wave outputs of two detuned oscillators to mixer inputs
    - mixer output to VCA audio input
    - trigger source to trigger input of the envelope generator
    - envelope generator output to VCA CV control
    - VCA output to bandpass filter
    - bandpass output is your cowbell

    The TR-808 cowbell is one of the most distinctive of analog drum sounds, and it is a fairly simple sound to recreate with a modular synthesizer. Two square wave VCOs are mixed together and then run through a VCA. The VCA is opened with an exponential decay envelope and then run through a band pass filter.

    To get a sound similar to the 808 you can tune your oscillators to 587 and 845 Hertz. The fun thing about building this sound in eurorsack is that you can try different tunings, or even modulate or sequence the tuning of the oscillators.

    Modules used (left to right):
    SSF Stereo Dipole:
    Make Noise Maths:
    Make Noise STO:
    ALM MCO:
    Soundmachines LS1:
    Intellijel Quad Att:

    #PerfectCircuit #QuickTip #Eurorack

  • Pamelas New Workout Euclidean Rhythms _ 26


    Trying the new Pamela's workout.

  • experiments 002 | eurorack BLCK_Noir, ALM MCO, Squid Salmple, Milky Way


    Just jammin on the Endorphines BLCK_NOIR. ALM Busy Circuits’ MCO is the lead here with ALM Squid Salmple providing
    much needed 808 and 909 sounds.



  • ALM - Akemies Castle *Generative Noise*


    Here's the awesome Akemie's Castle from ALM Busy Circuits. It's a 4 operator FM oscillator power house! Based on the original NOS Yamaha FM chips you've got different operator algorithms all four operator controls exposed and loads of hands (or CV heavy) manipulation. This patch is just a generative noise jam but you get a good idea of the range of tones it can create in that field.

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  • Eurorack Minimal Techno Jam on Akemies Taiko & Dinkys Taiko with Digitakt, Plaits and Plonk


    modularsynth jam #22
    minimal techno time
    a jam mostly on alm busy circuits akemie's taiko and dinky's taiko
    I haven't played a while with the dinkie and akemie is basically always in my tracks on the bassline.
    Together the are providing and immensely tight low end, really love it.
    the fully dawless rig:
    elektron digitakt
    arturia beatstep pro
    red panda particle
    intellijel plonk
    intellijel quadra
    alm akemie's taiko
    mutable instruments tides
    antumbra knit
    akemie's taiko
    polivoks vcf
    wmd triple bipolar vca
    doepfer A-101-6 opto-vcf
    soundcraft mtk-12
    pioneer djm 500
    tascam dr40x



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