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Playlist of AKA (rapper)



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  • AKA - The World Is Yours


    Executive Producer: Prince Costinyo & Benza

    Directed by Alessio Bettocchi, Aka & Prince Costinyo

    DOP: Jiten Ramlal

    Edited by Alessio Bettocchi & Aka

    Camera & Lenses by Panavision JHB

    Shot in Phuket, Thailand

    Label: Vth Season

    Music video by AKA performing The World Is Yours. (C) 2017 Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd. Under Exclusive License From Vth Season.

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  • AKA - Fela In Versace ft. Kiddominant


    Music video by AKA performing Fela In Versace
    Directed by Nate Thomas

  • Snoop says rappers have the same style


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  • New rapper aka unique parichaye must watch🔥🔥😍🤘🤙


    Thanks for watching the rap
    Prob beats by Zyeq
    Fb name:űńïqüə Mđhř

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  • AKA - All Eyes on Me ft. Burna Boy, Da L.E.S., JR


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  • i love weed -- RAPPER A.K.A ANGEL


    prende un cigarrillo y disfrutala i love weed de coraza mi gente relajate fuma y olvida fuma mucha HIERVA the flow records en la produccion RAPPER.a.k.a.ANGEL en la voz ... mi facebook oficial representando EDO MEX COACALCO RAP REAL

  • AKA - Caiphus Song


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    Director: Alessio Bettocchi
    Producer: Don Design
    DOPs: Jiten Ramlal &a Kyle White
    Line Producers: Sutra Petersen, Simone Welff, Vusani Matsila
    Stylist: Nadia Omar
    Head Make-Up: Joodie Leeuw
    Venue: Avianto
    Camera & Lenses by Panavision

    Music video by AKA performing Caiphus Song. (C) (2017) South Africa - Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd, under exclusive licence from Vth Season

  • AKA becomes the first African artist to appear on WWE


    South African rapper AKA continues to push boundaries in the African hip hop scene - this time with a drama filled appearance at the South African leg of the WWE tour

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    MMS Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Presents


    Guest: AKA MADLUCK
    Camera: MMS TEAM
    Company: MMS Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

    © MMS Entertainment

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    Thankyou. MMS Entertainment.

  • Lisas best RAP aka The Pony Tail Rapper from Thailand become the Most followed Kpop Artist


    #lisamanoban #lisablackpink #ponytailrapper #girlwithbangs #blackpink

  • AKA - Jika ft. Yanga Chief


    Jika performed by AKA and Yanga Chief

    Directed by Skystar Films
    Produced by Nhlanhla “Life Of Nivo” Ndimande

    Download or stream Jika Online:
    Download or stream Touch My Blood:

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  • Americas first Deaf Rapper Chosen Pt.1


    This is a documentary about a deaf rapper Jeremy Joseph aka Chosen who actually is Hard-of-Hearing, can talk and hear little bit with his hearing aids. He is a rapper/ song writer, he can write his own bar and rap his own bars with his hands and his mouth. He will be on America Got Talents this season and he is ready to reveal his talents to the world! Please be supportive and leave a postive comment Thanks you

  • Asian Rapper from Vancouver - 英文说唱 Cloudy Tunnel aka BT - Moment for Life


    Asian Rapper from Vancouver - 英文说唱 Cloudy Tunnel aka BT - Moment for Life

    china chinese rap rapper hiphop asian zhongtv 604 vancouver canada

  • Rapper ทำไมต้องมี AKA? | ป๊อกกี้ ขี้สงสัย?


    Mindset เบเบ้!!! หลายคนคงสงสัยทำไมเฮียเราต้องเรียกตัวเองในนามของ Mindset (ในภาษาสากลคือ AKA ซึ่งย่อมาจาก also known as) ซึ่งบางคนก็อาจจะพอรู้แล้วบ้าง แต่ว่าแล้วคนอื่นๆเช่น Daboyway, Younggu, Diamond หละมันมีที่มาอย่างไร ว่าแล้วก็สงสัย... ตามเจ๊ศรีไปดูกันเลยดีกว่าจ้าาา


  • If Ares was a Rapper aka Fight For It


    Greek mythology month is still goin strong with Ares, the God of War!!! Subscribe, Comment, Like, Share!!!

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    If i took away your rights right now would you fight for it.
    If I took away your life right now would you fight for it.
    If i showed you my knife would you lean forward,
    Or would go ahead and kill me and blame me for it.
    War...streets fill with sorrow.
    Im out here dealing arms like im goro.
    blood shed for no reason,
    Mustard gas and pepper know im seasoned.
    Every season... shout out to the caveman,
    We had to kill just to live it was us or them.
    Pilgrims small pox...
    They shared food with us and we all got it.
    The british are coming for independence,
    I never seen it rain blood in November.
    The civil war came it was heated...
    ..We killed the same slaves that we needed.
    World war 2 we just rinsed and repeated,
    Same blood shed just a different world leader.
    War...Gang members shooting by they home,
    Protecting a block they’ll never own. loving every minute
    Even if you not involved you are in it.
    By default i got walls full of soldiers,
    Here to do the same thing over and over.
    Here them marching...unstoppable,
    They wont stop until you inoperable.
    I am god in this warfare,
    Me and you would never get along here.
    Yall thirsty for love
    I dont drink nothing if aint blood.

  • masih ingat dengan rapper legendaris satu ini??


    masih ingat dengan rapper legendaris satu ini?? (maggie a.k.a emgeez)


  • Rapper F*CK aka CK-wow wow live.mp4


    Hey people its Rapper F*CK aka CK's mindblowin Live performance at Phoenix Mall in hw CK killed tha crowd..nd ya'l listen up this is ma upcoming albums track...!!!..which m collabin wid ma homie MC Lil B aka Bijju...gals gt ready fo dis one cos its jus for u...!!!!!Luv ya'll enjoy it.....!!!!!!!!...:D:D

    Please watch: Yaaralli traps ghost Hunters on btv Episode 10 Season 2


  • Music - Rap Freestyle by Oflex with ADB, Mayor and Faraday


    Freestyle by Ma Hommie, Oflex (A.k.a Rapper of Life) with me as the producer(Mouth beats - beats by ADB) ... lol . Just doing Our thing.. Anything You dont like bout it? Its Freestyle; anything can happen!!!

    I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

  • Chicago rapper AKA Streetz Won’t say it Back


    New single from AKA Streetz produced by Dirty Sosa
    New single alert mixtape coming soon
    My Time Me o’clock
    Make sure to check out my other single Oh you Mad Now
    Official video for that is out now too!
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  • Awarra ft Mr.Singh AKA Rapper Singh...2014..


    Its a Gangsta Rap Awarra bye Mr.Singh aka Rapper Singh...2014 ...!!
    Mr.Singh aka Rapper Singh....

    Produced By...DOPEZONERAP

  • If Blade Was A Rapper aka Day Walker TRAV B RYAN 2019


    #blade #marvel #comiccon

    Every Superhero has feelings including Blade. This is a dope song for whoever is battling depression right now. Like and Subscribe.

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    Im in between the living and the dead,
    I got evil cravings in my head...
    Real sweat...i try to picture how my mama look and all I see is red,
    Where the sun at?
    Its suppose to burn by now,
    I never knew how,
    All these blood suckers wanna put me all down,
    Damn the city smell so all my senses heightened.
    I feel like dog on the street that cant find heat,
    Yea the homie free but I wish I had a leash.
    Atleast I know where im post to be..theres peace. I
    I cant even sleep at night,
    So I just be sharpening my knife,
    I got whistler standing behind me,
    He saw himself in me and took a liking,
    I dont understand where the night went,
    But now the sun is here I’m inviting it...
    Its standing there acting like its righteous,
    Before you was a star you was like me.
    Trynna find a spot in the universe,
    When they get too close someone always get hurt.
    Now im trying to be the one thats getting hurt,
    How come all this sunlight never work?

  • Rytmus A.K.A Best Rapper in Europe - BMF


    © Tvoj Tatko Records

  • AKA - South Africas Hottest Rapper


    Clutch a US based Magazine recently named AKA south Africa's best rapper. The rapper has been making a lot of impact in the music industry.The article goes on to say that AKA is hugely successful in South Africa and hopes to make a dent in the ever-competitive American market and flex his mic skills along side of music's hottest acts. We at VMZ wish him all the best.
    Source Video

  • If Thor Was a Rapper aka No Time To Cry


    #thor #Avengersendgame #travbryan

    Thor had a lot on his mind after Endgame. A god still has feelings. I’m not crying, you’re crying!! Subscribe and Like!!

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    My family died no time to cry.
    No time for weakness no time for pride.
    Look all the people im keeping alive,
    Ironically im dying inside.
    The lightning strikes I can hardly feel it,
    I got these wounds I can hardly heal it.
    My mother’s tomb I can hardly seal it,
    I feel my moods is so revealing.
    I been eating way too much,
    Trynna fill a void That will hardly budge.
    Sadness like my joy it be bottled up,
    There might be a storm if I opened up.
    Who’s gone lift me up, besides my hammer,
    Who’s probably easier to lift up since Im so damaged.
    Odin ain’t raise no punk cant give up no it wont happen.
    But...all of my flaws got teeth and claws and it keep on clamping.
    Im far.....maybe I can find myself in the stars....
    Maybe where theres no one else I’ll finally be a god.
    Maybe i can find myself in the stars,
    Maybe where theres no one else i’ll finally be a god.

  • JH Rapper a.k.a Karkome - Rap Hardcore



    00:00 - 01 - MUNDO
    03:35 - 02 - FUROR
    06:39 - 03 - NIÑOS DE BARRIO
    09:48 - 04 - VENENO
    12:11 - 05 - RAP HARDCORE
    15:25 - 06 - CAMINO
    18:00 - 07 - ATRAIDO (CON FRANK T)
    20:48 - 08 - COMETA (CON TRA-G)
    24:00 - 09 - 4X4 (CON LUICHIN)
    26:33 - 10 - DESCARGA (CON GITANO)
    29:50 - 11 - VISION (CON MAIK)
    33:34 - 12 - NO QUIERO LLORAR (CON PACHE)
    39:51 - 14 - MMXI (CON XZU + ARIELSCUADRA)

    Año - 2019
    Produccion - 1989Studio + Lit Studio

    @the_three_points )


  • WE Gone Blow Ft Shawn Royal AKA SS Rapper, Realla, 1Take, Lucci


  • Wizkid And Burna Boy Slams Rapper AKA Over Xenophobic | Tiwa Savage And Phyno


    Wizkid And Burna Boy Slams South African Rapper AKA Over Xenophobic | Tiwa Savage And Phyno. #Wizkid #Burnaboy #AKA

    Burna Boy Slams South African Rapper AKA Over Xenophobic

    welcome back to another videooooo

    in this video we will be discussing about

    1. wizkid respond to south africa xenophobic attack against Nigerians

    2. Burna Boy Slams South African Rapper AKA Over Xenophobic

    3. tiwa savage pulling out from DSTV event in south africa

    4. Phyno dropping new album Deal with it'

  • Rytmus a.k.a Best Rapper in Europe BMF


    Black Prince mixtape

  • Chicano Rap Chicano Rapper Kasualty AKA Kash Getting a Tattoo


    Chicano rap tattoo music video -getting a tattoo-Chicano rapper-hiphop rapper. Kasualty. Kash. We rock.

  • Sikkim rapper from west side..... aka KAEYAM........


    Pariwartan Ko Khacho
    Vocal/lyrics...AKA.. KAEYAM

  • If Hades Was A Rapper aka Believe In Me


    The god of the underworld is the god of bars!!! Wait does that mean he’s a rap god. Hmmmm. Anyway, you guys wanted me to go out the box and rap about Greek Mythology this month and you voted for Hades to be the first rapper. Without further ado here he is. Enjoy and dont forget to Subscribe, Like, Share, and Comment!!!! See ya next time.

    Check out my boy Keilan for the edits and animation

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    Dont believe in Zeus just believe in me,
    When you leave this earth you’ll be seeing me,
    I aint on the throne just to waste time,
    When you die in battle yea you all mine.
    You can say the name if you know mine,
    Its my name and my place at the same time.
    Take your soul from you body,
    I got 3 dogs all one body.
    All i see bodies...all i see is power,
    Imma make you bow even lower than you bowing right now.
    Dont be afraid you a coward...
    Dive into the flames and take a shower.
    Feasting have a my tower.
    All while you die and come back every hour.
    Wait wait you might think i like this but i dont
    Its my job see my throne leave me lone
    I am underground...I am all alone,
    I wish i had real life i can call my own.
    I dont want no brimstone i just want a rose,
    I dont got no signal so nobody call my phone.
    Im alone and its cold down here,
    Feel like the whole world is all down here,
    There expect me take care of them all down here,
    But i aint got front i really love it down here.
    What you thought man..i just made a new floor plan...put some more demons where that damn door is.
    See my black robe homie flawless, dont laugh put my staff where your jaw is. No lives no lives,
    Tell drake im the opposite of more life.
    My beginning is really the end of your life,
    Everytime you die i feel so alive.

  • Diss Vanz Virgo Thầy Dỗm - Tũm Linh aka Rapper Bố Cũ


    Thằng đệ nó diss để thi tốt nghiệp, các bạn xem góp ý kiến nè
    [Diss Vanz Virgo] Thầy Dỗm - Tũm Linh aka Rapper Bố Cũ

  • RappeR StyLe - Merhaba Hasretim


    Facebook Orjinal :

  • King Leon - Black Mi Yung AKA Rapper Lex feat. Boots Jae


    New Talent: Black Mi Yung AKA Rapper Lex. She killed it I performed the autopsy. Five minute freestyle.

  • Banjaara ft. Mr Singh aka Rapper Singh


    Mr Singh aka Rapper Singh -

  • Mumbai rapper Divine changes up traditional tune of Indian music - BBC News


    India's famed music scene is making room for a new generation, bearing turntables and a mic, instead of a sitar and drums.
    Local rapper Vivian Fernandes, aka Divine. recently struck a deal with Sony Music for his songs, which are mostly performed in Hindi.
    I can connect with every type of person in India if I rap in Hindi, from the security guard to the office worker, Divine tells BBC Pop Up.

    BBC Pop Up is the company's travelling unit that does stories suggested to them by their audience. And the story of underground music was suggested to them by a user on Twitter.

    Follow what BBC Pop Up has been up to in India and find out how to get involved at

    Produced by Matt Danzico, Vishnu Vardhan and Jaltson Chummar

    Subscribe to BBC News HERE
    Check out our website:

  • Rapper HighRolla aka Randy Dickens Locked Up Jail Call + New Sex Offender Charges!!


    Johnny Cashville calls the Rutherford County jail to find out what Randy Dickens is charged with!! Somebody pull up on this dude!! He is a pedophile,junky,piece of shit!! Here is his real address in case he bonds out:
    2620 New Salem Highway
    Murfreesboro,TN 37129
    Westbury Farms Apartments



    Russell is a rapper that started out in YouTube, when in fact YouTube was new to the public somewhere around 2005 to 2006. He lost many fans when he started changing in his rap career. He always swore to keep all his raps clean and had a fan base full of kids around his age (14 at the time) and younger crowds as well until the drastic change. While some fans like me remained loyal, others left. He later opens up for J Cole and gets signed while touring with him when he was just 17. His mother later dies, which Russell suffered a lot from. He tried taking his own life, but thanks to his girlfriend at the time I believe, saved him once she informed the police. He is best known as D Pryde or Pryde. This is the 3rd time he changes his name to Russell his real name, which I'm certain will be the last time he changes it. He changed his name to begin a new, as a new him. He still doesn't have the exposure I think he wanted, but I do think he deserves more. Russell is one the most underrated rappers I know.

  • SACAR aka. Lil Buddha ft. Uniq Poet - King of NEPHOP


    Pre-order Kabja now -

    श्री ५ full album -

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    Youtube @


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    Recorded and shot at Fuzz Studios

    Rohit Shakya (Fuzz Factory Productions)

    Shot by Manjit Lama

    Instagram @

    Copyright © YB RECORDS - All Rights Reserved.

  • 侯舜耀 a.k.a the God Damn Rapper - Money Talk


    Money Talk OUT NOW

    Music & Lyrics by 詞曲: neil_liu_, 侯舜耀

    Beat Produced 編曲, Recording Engineer 錄音師, Mix 混音, Mastering 後期處理 Video Directed 視覺 by neil_liu_

    cmu hiphop beats :

    侯舜耀 :

    neil_liu_ :

    歌詞 :
    money talk money talk 有錢就能使鬼推磨
    迷惑著眾生just like devil 鋼鐵的意志也變的脆弱
    當飛機從空中飛過 有錢人正大肆的揮霍
    為了錢踏上不歸路 債主的催促找不到歸屬
    殘酷的追逐 在這上演(慢一點) 儘管得到的是骯髒錢
    Started from the bottom 喝酒只能配著花生有錢講話才能大聲根本無視他人因為

    慾望 掙扎在 內心 深處

    窮人付不起房租 不知道該要住哪裡
    他們將日子給荒度 買了輛布加迪入家裡
    金錢數字使人尊重 尊重迫人順從
    War of money永遠的將軍
    Who cares who cares 只要能有錢要幹嘛 who cares
    追逐著名 利 不管了情 義 一發發的慶記

    -CMU Hiphop Production-

  • Fax AkA Rapper on TeamSpeak, LabRat


    Parte 2 dell'attacco rapper al server LabRat su TeamSpeak

    Fax AkA è un Freestyler che vaga di server in server alla ricerca di audience, fatto sta
    che è davvero bravo, anche su temi improvvisati.

    Per chi non l'avesse capito, tema: Politica

  • Chicago Rapper TBINACUT Shot + KIlled on Eastside of Chicago


    Rising Chicago rapper and Fly Boy Gang affiliate TBINACUT (aka TW TB) was shot and killed yesterday on the Eastside of Chicago.

    He was one of 2 people shot in the head at around 12:45 p.m. in the 7000 block of South Chappel Avenue in the South Shore neighbourhood (according to Police). Officers responding to a “shots fired” call found both of the men shot in the head & 21-year-old TB was later pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The other man, who was 24 years old and who’s identity is currently unknown, was taken in critical condition to Stroger Hospital.

    TB appeared in multiple music videos alongside FBG Duck and FBG Brick (before his recent death) and planned on seriously pursuing a career in music after his first few songs received very positive reactions from viewers. His collaboration with 2 other Tyquan World rappers named PoppieFrmTW and RichieJerk titled ‘Tyquan Way’ has amassed over 130,000 views on YouTube, and he was just starting to gain a musical following.

    Tributes to the young rapper came in via Twitter and Instagram from his family, friends and affiliates, including FBG Young.

    [Beat by Priority Beats (@DerricoPeck),

    ● Subscribe -

  • AMTV NEWS | Jozi Rapper AKA Storms Lagos.


    - #FromBaseWithLove Winners Announced!

    - Jozi Rapper AKA Storms Lagos.

    - #MTVBaseChooseOrLose Special with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan




    - เลขบัญชี 7502570236 ธนาคารไทยพาณิชย์
    นายศิขรินทร์ ช่อผูก

    - เลขบัญชี 0583271406 ธนาคารกสิกรไทย
    นายศิขรินทร์ ช่อผูก

    การรับโดเนทครั้งนี้เพื่อนำมาสมทบทุนค่าข้าว ค่าเดินทางไปกรุงเทพและค่าใช้จ่ายในการทำห้องอัด

    ขอบคุณที่สนับสนุนให้ผมมีโอกาสสร้างบทเพลงต่อไป ขอบคุณครับ 🙏

  • Joseph Simmons Jr. Rapper aka Jojo Simmons American rapper S/O Miala


    Joseph Simmons Jr. Rapper aka Jojo Simmons American rapper S/O Miala

    Follow Miala

  • My Jugni Mr Singh aka Rapper Singh


    The Original song sang by Guru Randhawa,i edited the rap part in this song with an intention of being a fan. Hope you all will like it.

    Mr Singh aka Rapper Singh -

    Rap Lyrics - Mr Singh aka Rapper Singh

    mp3 download -



    rhino the rapper

  • Nostalgia - Chance the Rapper aka Human Nature


    Get this track here!

    Deeper Than Love


    The Fly Talent Show!...

    Cover Art by Lucas Morandi

  • Stockton Rapper DeWayne Stacks aka Mr Walnut Speaks Out On Sacramento Rapper Mozzy


    - With most rap success comes respect and hate dwelling in the same venue. Yesterday via social media, a Central California rap artist by the name of Dewayne Stackz aka Mr Walnut took the internet by storm when he posted a live feed of how he feels about the musical message that Sacramento rapper Mozzy has been pushing. Although very successful with the formula that he has produced over the years several rappers are now speaking out against the hottest unknown emcee on the West Coast. Check out what Mr. Walnut has to say.



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