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Playlist of 9 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Made Us Swoon With His Softer Side

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    Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Best Moments


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    Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal about to kiss


    Give to the gays that they want

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    Southpaw - Deleted Scene: Billys Fall


    southpaw deleted scene
    no copyright infringement intended

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    jake gyllenhaal snl music video


    horny jake gyllenhaal

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    Jake Gyllenhaal Funny Moments // Old and New 2019


    I put together a bunch of old and new interviews of Jake Gyllenhaal and his moments of just being his hilarious and weird self! Enjoy! xoxo

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    Southpaw: Fall in Love With Jake Gyllenhaals Voice


    Jake Gyllenhaal sat down with ANDPOP's Simon Mohos to talk about his upcoming flick Southpaw, his ability to take a punch, and the respect he gained for the sport of boxing.

    For exclusive content and other amazing internets, head over to

    And make sure to follow ANDPOP for all the latest in pop culture!

    And follow our host, Simon!

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    JAKE GYLLENHAAL by Cartier Santos



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    Jake Gyllenhaal was actually tased for End of Watch


    Watch Jake Gyllenhaal: Movies That Made Me in full on BBC iPlayer here

    For like 3 seconds it was out of control!. Jake Gyllenhaal was actually tased as part of his training in the LAPD for End of Watch.


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    Behind-the-Scenes: 50 Cent & Jake Gyllenhaal Southpaw Digital Cover Shoot


    Go behind the lens of VIBE's August 2015 digital cover shoot with the stars of 'Southpaw' in New York City. 'Southpaw' (starring Jake Gyllenhaal, 50 Cent & more) hits theaters on Friday, July 24.




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    الممثل الهوليوودي جيك جيلينهال أثار ضجة بسبب؟!!😲



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    The Southpaw Sessions at the YouTube Space


    Southpaw film and soundtrack out now:

    Watch Part 1 of the Southpaw Sessions:

    Watch Part 2 of the Southpaw Sessions:

    Watch Part 3 of the Southpaw Sessions:

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    Jake Gyllenhaal stans BLACKPINK


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    09/08/19 Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC


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    150902 - Jason Clarke, Jake Gyllenhaal & Josh Brolin 72nd Venice International Film Festival



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    Jack Gyllenhaal feat. Conan
    original video :

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    Demolition 2015 Best Scene Ever 720p BluRay Jakes Dance


    “Demolition” actor Jake Gyllenhaal explained his crazy dance scene throughout the streets of New York City .
    Jake's Dacne

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    How Jake Gyllenhaal Feels About Losing Out On Batman And Spider-Man Roles


    The casting process for films is often more art than science. Many actors are considered for a role that ultimately can go to only one. Jake Gyllenhaal has, at various times, been considered for the roles of both Batman and Spider-Man and, while he ended up not getting either big role, he is very much at peace with that.

    There was a point during pre-production of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 when it looked like Tobey Maguire may not be able to return due to back injuries he sustained while filming Seabiscuit. Gyllenhaal was considered as a replacement, but eventually Maguire was able to return to do the work. He was also up for the lead in Batman Begins which eventually went to Christian Bale. Losing out on roles is par for the course in Hollywood and as he says, you’re not going to get every role you go after so it’s nice to see that he doesn’t let it get to him.

    We may take some issue with the idea that there are always people more interesting or talented, however. Over the years Gyllenhaal has put together one of the more interesting collections of work in the movies, which obviously show his talent. From Donnie Darko to Brokeback Mountain to Nightcrawler Gyllenhaal seems to always be working on something interesting, and the awards and nominations he’s received for those two latter films shows that many believe he has the talent.

    In the end, his choosing to not rue missing out on the superhero roles may be because of the wide variety of projects he’s been able to do. In addition to the time commitment that these films tend to require, heavy effects movies take a while to film, plus there are the ever present sequels, would a casting director have cast the new Spider-Man in Brokeback Mountain? It’s possible he might have lost out in other roles if he’d landed one of those big parts.

    While we’d love to see Gyllenhaal take a spot in the Marvel or DC Cinematic Universe if the right spot comes along, we’re also happy to just wait and see what’s coming next after Southpaw.

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    Jake Gyllenhaal Tribute 2015


    My tribute to Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal Full interview 2015 The Southpaw Sessions Round 1 with


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    #Southpaw Eminem & Jake Gyllenhaal Premiere Red Carpet


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    Hot dance. Jarhead


    Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Holeshot - Discography


    1. Cement (0:00)
    2. New Candle (2:35)
    3. Elementary (4:05)
    4. Chalk Board (6:06)
    5. Path Train (7:56)
    6. Tow Truck (10:24)
    7. Wool Cap (12:07)
    8. Hood (14:06)
    9. Black Cross (15:47)
    10. Pasture (19:11)
    11. Red Tape (21:11)

    Jason - Bass
    Heim - Guitar
    Kirk - Guitar
    John - Drums
    Bill - Vocals

    Recorded at Sweetwood Sound - 1995
    Engineered by Alap Momin

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    Adorable Jake Gyllenhaal as Billy Hope


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    Amazing acting from Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany from the movie Stronger


    This is why I think Jake is becoming one of the best actors of this generation - In the movie Stronger Jake delivers such emotion to his role portraying the story of Jeff Bauman, an ordinary man who captured the hearts of his city and the world to become a symbol of hope after surviving the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

    I love this scene as Jake and Tatina really capture the emotion of the true grit and emptiness Jeff would of been facing.

    WARNING: this clip contains elements of blood and gore that may not be suitable for some of you, so viewer discretion is advised

    I don't own the rights to this video - Lionsgate
    Roadside Attractions own the rights to the movie

    I just really wanted to upload this as I truly love this scene

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    Beware Jake Gyllenhaal Music Video - Death Grips


    Beware - Death grips Uni Coursework

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    The Southpaw Sessions Round 2 with Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal


    Watch The Southpaw Sessions Round 2 with Eminem, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Joe Levy at the YouTube Space in New York City.

    Southpaw film and soundtrack out now:

    Watch Part 1 of the Southpaw Sessions:

    Watch Part 3 of the Southpaw Sessions:

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    Me and Phil fucking shit up


    Jake G. And Phil C. Ripping that shit up

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    Jake Gyllenhaal Southpaw Grimmy BBC Radio 1 2015


    Jake Gyllenhaal chats to Grimmy about Southpaw on BBC Radio 1 June 2015

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    Jake Gyllenhaals Hips Dont Lie


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    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Holeshot · Kelley Kelley


    ℗ 2015 Y SOul Music Co.

    Released on: 2008-08-26

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    ♫ How Tall Is Jake Gyllenhaal? ♫


    ♬ Music: || ||

    How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal

    If you stood him up against a wall
    And with a pencil made a tiny scrawl
    Just above his head, what would you call
    The number from the ground to that mark

    I found his answer unsatisfying
    Every guy I know is always lying
    Like even me I’m always trying
    To say I’m 5’8” when I’m not

    ● Contact:

    ● Tumblr:

    ● Instagram:

    ● Twitter:

    ● Call my Google Voice: (510) 402-6081

    ● Hire Me:

    ● Keep track of what song I'm on:

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    Southpaw Red Carpet Interview: Jake Gyllenhaal


    Live Nation Emily hits eOne Films' Canadian red carpet premiere of Southpaw. In this short clip, she chats with Jake Gyllenhaal about the music he listened to while training for the role of Billy Hope. Stay tuned for the extended version of her chat with Jake and don't forget to catch Southpaw in theatres on July 24!

    See a short clip from Emily's chat with Rachel here:

    Watch trailer here:

    Follow & tweet Live Nation Emily on Twitter here:

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    The Southpaw Sessions Round 3 with Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal


    Southpaw film and soundtrack out now:

    Watch Part 1 of the Southpaw Sessions:

    Watch Part 2 of the Southpaw Sessions:

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    Holeshot - Sick Mick Music Video


    Video played at the end of Blokesworld Best Of Vol.2 featuring Sick Mick by Holeshot.

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    Holeshot - Compilations & Unreleased Tracks


    1. Hood - Music Does A Body Good Compilation - 1992
    2. Tag You're It - Step On A Crack Vol 2 Compilation - 1993
    3. Can't Decide - (Unreleased Track for Reservoir Records} - 1994

    Jason - Bass
    Heim - Guitar
    John - Drums
    Dave - Vocals (Tracks 1 & 2)
    Bill - Vocals (Track 3)

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    Prince Of Persia - Video Interviews With Jake Gyllenhaal And Gemma Arterton


    We talk to Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton about the making of new movie 'Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time', plus Arterton's history of being in dodgy bands and whether Gyllenhaal could play Kurt Cobain.

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    Jake Gyllenhaal | Prisoners


    Hi guys, it's Molly! This video is dedicated to my gorgeous husband Jake Gyllenhaal (husband, I can dream). I loved making this video, had to take a few breaks to fangirl, and I'm so so happy with how it turned out so I hope you enjoy it

    Thanks To Megan For Dealing With My Shit, Enjoy It Bro

    If anyone has made a video similar to this one I do not intend to steal your ideas, I just put this video together today, I haven't seen any other videos like this one so if there is one out there I am not intending to copy your video, thank you
    I do not own any rights to this song, all rights go to its respective owners. This and my other upload is for entertainment purposes only. I don't gain any profit from this video. No infringement intended!

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    Southpaw Star Jake Gyllenhaal On His Favourite Hip-Hop Artists


    Subscribe to our channel to watch more NME videos:

    The actor, whose turn in boxing drama Southpaw is heavily tipped for an Oscar nod, tells us about the rap artists that helped him prepare for his latest role.

    Follow us on :

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    Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal Edit


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    Denis Villeneuve & Jake Gyllenhaal Enemy


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    Heavens way - Hole Shot



    Heaven's way
    (Musica: Marco Paris) ©2011



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    .:: L.A. Girlfriend - Swoon


    || Taken from Neon Grey LP, February 3, 2016
    [All rights belongs to the band]:

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    CALLOUS - Crushing Demons


    Black/Funeral Doom Metal.
    Released 01 January 2011.
    First song for this project titled Crushing Demons.

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    Southpaw - Battle Cry


    Music: Angel Haze ft. Sia - Battle Cry
    Movie: Southpaw (2015)
    Boxer Billy Hope turns to trainer Tick Wills to help him get his life back on track after losing his wife in a tragic accident and his daughter to child protection services.
    Hope you enjoy!

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    Jake Loban - Solitary Blues


    Official music video for Jake Loban's Solitary Blues.
    Chasing Fire EP available now!
    Directed, filmed, and edited by Garrett Riker.

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    The Hole Shot Band


    The Hole Shot Band Singing Lynyrd Skynyrd Tuesday's Gone

  • desc

    Tea & Jake Gyllenhaal // Vlog 1


    Adventures in Brookline, MA. Join us as we visit Gen Sou En tea house, the famous CVS Pharmacy and get hyped for the new Jake Gyllenhaal movie Wildlife

    My Socials:
    IG: @xjillianfoleyx
    Twitter: @jillianfoley_
    Snap: @jiilliaaannnnnn

    Patrick's Socials:
    IG: @patrickrdot

    Subscribe and hit the notification bell so you'll always be notified when a new cover/vlog is uploaded


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    Southpaw - Official Trailer


    Sneak peek of some new stuff I've been working on in the Southpaw trailer. World premiere!

    From acclaimed director Antoine Fuqua (TRAINING DAY) and starring Academy Award® nominated Jake Gyllenhaal (NIGHTCRAWLER, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN) comes a story of tragedy, loss and the painful road to redemption… Billy “The Great” Hope (Gyllenhaal) is the reigning Junior Middleweight Champion whose unorthodox stance, the so-called “Southpaw,” consists of an ineloquent, though brutal, display of offensive fighting…one fueled by his own feelings of inadequacy and a desperate need for love, money and fame. With a beautiful family, home and financial security, Billy is on top both in and out of the ring until a tragic accident leaves his wife dead and sends him into a downward spiral. His days now an endless haze of alcohol and prescription drugs, his daughter taken by Child Services and his home repossessed by the bank, Billy’s fate is all but sealed until a washed up former boxer named Tick agrees to take the bereaved pugilist under his wing so long as he agrees to his strict ethos. Relentless and utterly committed to a fighter that thinks as much as he throws punches, Tick rebuilds Billy into a new man: one that is agile, fearsome and uncompromising in the ring while thoughtful, loving and disciplined outside of it. Now, as he works to regain custody of his daughter and mounts a professional comeback, Billy must face his demons head-on as he learns that, sometimes, your greatest opponent can be yourself.

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    Light of the world - Sandra Lomming


    a new song. I hope you gonna like it.
    Don´t forget my other ones

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    Holeshot Simple Man


    James Elswick-Vocals/Keith Holstein-Guitar/Sly Dog-Bass
    Darrell Robertson-Drums
    The All Around
    Taylor, MI 9-9-2016



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