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Playlist of 7 Seconds

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    Youssou NDour - 7 Seconds ft. Neneh Cherry


    Youssou N'Dour's official music video for '7 Seconds' ft. Neneh Cherry. Click to listen to Youssou N'Dour on Spotify:

    As featured on The Best Of Youssou N'Dour. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:
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    More great 90s videos here:

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    Boul ma sene, boul ma guiss madi re nga fokni mane
    Khamouma li neka thi sama souf ak thi guinaw
    Beugouma kouma khol oaldine yaw li neka si yaw
    mo ne si man, li ne si mane moye dilene diapale
    Roughneck and rudeness,
    We should be using, on the ones who practice wicked charms
    For the sword and the stone
    Bad to the bone
    Battle is not over
    Even when it's won
    And when a child is born into this world
    It has no concept
    Of the tone the skin is living in
    It's not a second
    7 seconds away
    Just as long as I stay
    I'll be waiting
    It's not a second
    7 seconds away
    Just as long as I stay
    I'll be waiting

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    7 Seconds Away ~Youssou NDour & Neneh Cherry~


    H/M Prats
    We need someone to fund our videos.
    Song: 7 seconds away
    Singers: Youssou N'Dour and Neneh Cherry
    Life with too much money.

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    DiDo - & Youssou NDour - 7 Seconds


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    ERA - 7 Seconds


    The ERA's new album The 7th Sword is available on pre-order:

    Follow ERA:
    Official Site:

    Lead vocals: Racha Rizk, Mim Grey
    Music and lyrics by Neneh Cherry, Youssou N’Dour, Cameron McVey, Jonathan Sharp

    Video director: Eric Levi
    Production: UNREEL

    Music video by ERA performing 7 Seconds. (C) 2017 Pueblo Film Trading Ltd

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    7 SECONDS - Walk Together,Rock Together 1985 FULL ALBUM


    1- Regress No Way
    2- We're Gonna Fight
    3- In Your Face
    4- Spread
    5- 99 Red Ballons
    6- Remains To Be Seen
    7- Walk Together, Rock Together
    8- How Do You Think, You'd Feel
    9- Strenght
    10- Still Believe
    11- One Of Touch
    12- Drug Control
    13- Bottomless Pit
    14- This Is the Angry, Pt. 2-New Wind-We're Gonna Fight [Live]

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    Youssou NDour / 7 Seconds Ft. Neneh Cherry / Subtitulos en Español



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    7 Segundos - Youssou N´Dour,Neneh Cherry


    7 Segundos - Youssou N´Dour,Neneh Cherry.
    ¿Te parece bien que te quiera nada más una semana? No es mucho, ni es poco, es bastante. En una semana se pueden reunir todas las palabras de amor que se han pronunciado sobre la tierra y se les puede prender fuego. Asi te voy a calentar con esa hoguera de mi amor quemado. Y también el silencio. Porque las mejores palabras de amor están entre dos gentes que no se dicen nada.

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    Youssou N Dour Feat. Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds


    Un Muy buen remix de este gran tema noventero

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    7 Seconds


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    7 Seconds · Youssou N'Dour · Neneh Cherry

    The Guide (Wommat)

    ℗ 1994 Sony BMG Music Entertainment

    Released on: 1994-05-20

    Associated Performer: Youssou N'Dour feat. Neneh Cherry
    Percussion: Mark Robertson
    Keyboards, Violin: Sacha Skarbek
    Producer: Booga Bear
    Producer: Jonny $
    Composer, Lyricist: Cameron McVey
    Composer, Lyricist: Jonathan Sharp

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    The Crew - FULL ALBUM


    7 seconds!

    1. Here's Your Warning
    2. Definite Choice
    3. Not Just Boys Fun
    4. This Is the Angry, Pt. 2
    5. Straight On
    6. You Lose
    7. What If There's a War in America
    8. The Crew
    9. Clenched Fists, Black Eyes
    10. Colourblind
    11. Aim to Please
    12. Boss
    13. Young 'Til I Die
    14. Red and Black
    15. Die Hard
    16. I Have a Dream
    17. Bully
    18. Trust
    19. Here's Your Warning
    20. Spread
    21. I Have a Dream
    22. Young 'Til I Die
    23. Not Just Boys Have Fun
    24. Rock Together

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    hate5six 7Seconds - August 10, 2013


    7Seconds at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA on 2013-08-10

    Other 7SECONDS Videos:

    2014-05-18 - Brooklyn, NY -

    Other Videos From The Show:

    Ceremony -
    Turnstile -
    All Out War -
    Nails -
    H2O -
    Defeater -
    Judge -
    The Rival Mob -
    Mindset -
    Things We Say -
    World War 4 -
    Caught In A Crowd -
    Killing Time -
    Ringworm -
    Wisdom in Chains -
    Beware -
    Maximum Penalty -

    Bands Similar to 7SECONDS, computed by Sage:

    Government Issue -
    Sick of It All -
    Youth of Today -
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    Gorilla Biscuits -
    Agnostic Front -

    hate5six is a one-man operation focused on documenting live music and creating avenues for people and bands to discover one another. Become a member of hate5six and gain access to exclusive interviews, early access to live sets, apps and other bonus content:

    hate5six on IG:
    hate5six on Twitter:
    hate5six on FB:

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    7 Seconds - Old School


    First one! Release in 1983.


    Track list:

    01. [00:00] - You lose
    02. [00:38] - What if theres war in America?
    03. [01:22] - Heres your warning
    04. [02:46] - Heavy Metal jocks
    05. [03:39] - These boots are made for walking
    06. [05:27] - Boss
    07. [06:14] - Young til I die
    08. [08:23] - War in the head
    09. [09:04] - No class, no way
    10. [10:13] - Definate choice
    11. [11:11] - I have a dream
    12. [12:18] - Wasted life (ain't no crime)
    13. [13:40] - #1 rule
    14. [14:29] - Out of touch
    15. [16:23] - Red and black
    16. [17:18] - Diehard
    17. [18:11] - Clenched fists, black eyes

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    7 Seconds - Live in L.A.! The BEST of FLIPSIDE VIDEO #5


    Flipside was a punk rock fanzine published in Los Angeles, California from 1977 to 2000.

    As one of the first and longest running US punk rock fanzines, this publication extensively chronicled the world of independent and underground music during this era. Known for its highly opinionated cast of writers, Flipside evolved from cheaply printed to glossy cover. Their articles extended to coverage of the UFO phenomenon, drugs, and independent film.
    Flipside fanzine put on a Burning Man-style festival, in California's Mojave Desert at a location known as Jawbone Canyon for several years during the mid 1990s. It was much smaller and more localized than the actual Burning Man Festivals and often featured bands that Flipside put out on their own label. Special guests included Fugazi, The Offspring and Nik Turner, of Hawkwind fame.

    For several years, the publishers also produced punk rock records under the Flipside label. Bands on its own label included Detox, Doggy Style, Bulimia Banquet, Anti-Scrunti Faction, Sluts for Hire, Popdefect, Paper Tulips, Sandy Duncan's Eye, and Babyland. Some of the most sought after of Flipside releases are the Flipside Video Fanzine series released in the early 1980s which were collections of performances of punk bands such as 7 seconds, Black Flag, Agent Orange, TSOL, Social Distortion, etc.
    Flipside Records released the first Beck recordings; a split 7 with the band Bean plus the full length CD Stereopathetic Soulmanure.

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    7Seconds | Live in Moscow 2014/07/13


    7seconds - Live in Moscow 2014/07/13 @ Plan B club

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    Youssou NDour - 7 seconds


    Youssou N'Dour & Viviane N'Dour - 7 seconds live at Montreux

    Youssou N'Dour performing his hit song 7 Seconds with Neneh Cherry.(1994)

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    7 Seconds - Young Till I Die


    7 Seconds is an American hardcore punk band from Reno, Nevada. Formed in 1980 by brothers Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth. They continue to write, record, and tour to this day. Today 7 Seconds remains as one of the longest-lived hardcore punk bands in history. Over the years, the band has been lumped in with other bands as straight edge but members of 7 Seconds have never embraced the label for themselves.

    You waited long for 21.
    For me the fight has just begun.
    You get in clubs, drink alcohol,
    It makes you feel you're ten feet tall.
    I don't wanna grow up,
    I'm never getting old.
    I'd rather work from 9 to 5
    Than drink to stay alive.
    I'm gonna stay young until I die!
    You grew up fast, now you'll die soon.
    I'll never fucking be like you.
    You finish college, grab a wife,
    You're dead before you're 35.

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    7 Seconds - Young Till I Die


    7 seconds

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    7 Seconds


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    7 Seconds · Youssou N'Dour · Neneh Cherry

    The Guide (Wommat)

    ℗ 1994 Sony BMG Music Entertainment

    Released on: 1994-05-16

    Associated Performer: Youssou N'Dour feat. Neneh Cherry
    Percussion: Mark Robertson
    Keyboards, Violin: Sacha Skarbek
    Producer: Booga Bear
    Producer: Jonny $
    Composer, Lyricist: Cameron McVey
    Composer, Lyricist: Jonathan Sharp

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    youssou ndour neneh cherry - seven seconds away



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    7 Seconds - The Music, The Message


    Artista : 7 Seconds
    Album : The Music, The Message
    Año : 1995
    Sello : Epic / Inmortal Records / Revelations Records
    Temas :
    1 Ghost
    2 Such & Such
    3 The Music, the Message
    4 Kinda Future
    5 My Gravity
    6 See You Tomorrow
    7 Get a Different Life
    8 Talkbox
    9 My List
    10 First Ya Told Us
    11 Born Without a Mind
    12 Punk Rock Teeth
    13 Girl Song
    14 I Can Remember
    15 Even Better Plan
    16 The Kids Are United

    Todos los temas Compuestos por Kevin Seconds excepto Tema 4 Kevin Seconds / Steve Youth y Tema 16 Dave Guy Parsons / Jimmy Pursey

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    7Seconds - I Have Faith In You



    I'm sick of the blanketed statements
    Why not tell each other the truth?
    I know that the system has failed
    I ask myself, what is the use?

    But I have faith in you
    I back the things that you do
    I know you think things through
    Cuz I have faith in you

    And you never give me a reason
    To doubt solid people exist
    And I never have to feel worried
    There's no doubt when it comes to this

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    Were Gonna Fight-7 Seconds


    We're Gonna Fight-7 Seconds

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    Youssou NDour & Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds


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    Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds (Bentley Grey Remix)

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    Youssou NDour - 7 Seconds


    Youssou N'Dour - 7 Seconds (feat. Neneh Cherry)

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    7 Seconds


    Cover of Youssou N'Dour and Neneh Cherry's song 7 Seconds.

    More music at

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    Youssou NDour & Tracy Chapman - 7 Seconds


    Youssou N'Dour & Tracy Chapman - 7 Seconds (Paris)

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    7 seconds - new wind 1987



    Este disco está grabado en dos sitios diferentes y se nota en el sonido. Los temas 2, 5, 11 y 12 se grabaron a finales de 1985 en Washington DC producido por Ian Mackaye y el resto de los temas se grabaron en 1986, producidas por Ethan James.
    Además, parece ser que Steve Youth, habitual bajista, grabó la guitarra en vez del bajo excepto en los temas grabados en DC en los que estuvo al bajo.
    Este es un disco excelente. con una onda mas popera aunque sin dejar de lado la fuerza hardcore que caracteriza a la banda.
    no ahi mucho que decir, es un clasico. Mi tema favorito es el nro. 10 expect to change
    recomiendo tambien escuchar Ourselves

    lista de temas:

    1. The Night Away 00:00
    2. New Wind 02:43
    3. Somebody Help Me Scream 04:33
    4. Tied Up In Rhythm 07:27
    5. Grown Apart 09:24
    6. Man Enough To Care 11:54
    7. Opinion Of Feelings 13:52
    8. The Inside 16:16
    9. Calendar 19:22
    10. Expect To Change 21:02
    11. Still Believe 23:11
    12. Put These Words To Music 25:36
    13. Just One Day 27:21

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    Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds


    Featuring Youssou N'Dour.

    Appeared on 1994.

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    7SECONDS - Young til I Die | LIVE Moscow 2014


    7SECONDS - Young 'til I Die | LIVE Moscow 2014
    2014/07/13 Moscow, Club Plan B

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    Moonbeam featuring Avis Vox-7 Seconds


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    Were Gonna Fight - 7 Seconds


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    7 Seconds - Satyagraha


    Produced by Kevin Seconds & Oliver Dicicco
    Restless Records ©1989

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    7 seconds - skins, brains, and guts 7


    7 seconds - skins, brains, and guts 7

    1. Skins, Brains & Guts (0:00)
    2. No Authority (0:55)
    3. Redneck Society (1:46)
    4. Baby Games (2:32)
    5. Racism Sucks (2:59)
    6. This Is My Life (5:25)
    7. Anti Klan (6:32)
    8. I Hate Sports (7:38)
    9. We're Gonna Fight (8:19)

    released on alternative tentacles in 1982

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    Nomansland - Seven Seconds


    VHS rip of the 1996 by VIVA TV
    stereo audio
    Standard Resolution 640 X 480 pixels

    included in the playlist VIVA Special of the 90s:

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    7 SEGONDES se non yon jenn rapè rankontre tout chèf bann ame yo nan yon videyo


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    7 Seconde Ft GUCCI - Pouvwa Yo Pale Audio


    7 Seconde pouvwa yo pale jovenel- boulos- dimitri vorbe- patrick mousignac- moise jn charles

    se yon nouvo track ke li lage nan game nan pou kontinye avek prosesis inifikasyon an apres l fini ini 3 eme circonscription an kounyea li pase nan yon lot nivo , lap rale konsyans tout gwo potorit ki kembe peyi an nan otaj pou pemet li paka avanse

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    7 seconds - Neneh Cherry & Carlou D


    7 Seconds by Neneh Cherry/Youssou N'Dour/Cameron McVey/Jonathan Sharp. Performed live by Neneh Cherry and Carlou D together with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and the Polar Music Prize Band at the Polar Music Prize awards ceremony celebrating the Laureates of 2013 - Youssou N'Dour and Kaija Saariaho - on Tuesday August 27th 2013, at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

    The 2013 Polar Music Prize band:
    Georg Wadenius - guitar
    Ale Möller - hammered dulcimer
    Andreas Unge - bass
    Måns Block - drums
    Måns Mernsten - keyboard
    Erik Hjärpe - keyboard
    Svante Lodén - guitar
    Arrangement: Hans Ek

    Visit the world's first digital museum - the Polar Music Anthology:

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    Neneh Cherry & Youssou NDour - 7 seconds - Instrumental Cover -VS- Original Song Version Music Mix


    Multi track instrumental recording cover song version -VS- Original song version music mix Studio-Ron Home Recording

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    Youssou NDour & Neneh Cherry –7 Seconds


    deep territory - Great tracks and new releases every day !

    Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry –7 Seconds / NOVO remix

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    Youssou N'Dour

    Neneh Cherry

    Photography by Vicoolya & Saida
    500px :
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    From the album ''Grit'' (2002).
    Did you get this far
    Did you get this far, just to hurt me
    Did you get this far, to realize that you dont, you don't deserve me
    I know you, in to this and out of that in seven seconds flat
    Need you to move me
    Need not point it out
    Need no sayin exactly that

    Exactly where was the line
    It cant be that far behind
    I dont remember weve been stepping over it

    If I sold out to the underway
    Than its really hard to say
    And anyway I got nothing to show for it

    I know you
    In to this and out of that in seven seconds flat
    Whatever you do
    You take it to the to point where it's me
    Not you, and you really did not attack

    Whatever you do, youve got to cut it out quick
    If this is some kind of trick
    Ive got no way to see you trough it, no

    Yeah whatever you do, youve got to cut it out quick
    If this is some kind of trick,
    Ive got no way to see you through it

    I know you
    In to this and out of that in seven seconds flat
    Ah got on the road
    Need not spell it out
    Need not saying exactly that

    Ah yeah, yeah, yeah

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    Neneh Cherry & Youssou NDour - 7 seconds


    Neneh Cherry & Youssou N'Dour - 7 seconds from 1994

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    7 Seconds - Y.P.H


    Mi tema favorito y primera cancion en ingles que subo a esta wea! del disco Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!

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    Youssou NDour & Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds 1994


    CD audio-track.
    Original (live) sound-track:

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    7Seconds - Trust


    Artist: 7Seconds
    Song: Trust
    Album: The Crew (1984)

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    Youssou NDour 7 Seconds ft Neneh Cherry COVER by Albert


    Love this song !!
    download mp3 file :

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    Youssou NDour featuring Neneh Cherry 7 Seconds live performance for TOTP.


    Full uncut video: Filmed in NYC.

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    Thomas D - Million Voices official music video


    Thomas D - Million Voices official music video

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    Neneh Cherry & Yousou NDour- 7 Seconds


    ✔ Darkon’s

    ✖ Original Release by : Columbia Records

    ✔ Columbia Records

    ✔ Neneh Cherry

    ✔ Yousou N'Dour

    ✖ Buy Track Original Track -
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    Annie Lennox / Youssou NDour- 7 Seconds


    Annie Lennox / Youssou N'Dour- 7 Seconds (46664 Cape Town)

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    LaLa Band presents Andrada - 7 Seconds


    Andrada, member of LaLa Band sings our cover of the song of 7 Seconds performed by Youssou Ndour - Neneh Cherry.

    Visit our blog
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