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Playlist of 3rd Scottish Jumpstyle Meeting Official Video

  • 3rd Scottish Jumpstyle Meeting Official Video - Scotland Jumpstyle


    The 3rd jumpstyle meeting of the scottish jumpstyle community.

    We had all styles there, jumpstyle, tek, tecktonik, shuffle, hardstep, and even 3 seconds of the hakkuh/hakke.

    It was a great day, we got some great footage and had a lot of fun in the process. Thanks everyone for coming. And i apologise that I'm a day late with the video. I've had problems rendering and uploading the video, but at last it's done :)

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  • Jump Meet 5 - First jumpstyle meeting of 2010 - Scotland Jumpstyle


    Intro clip taken from Still Game which is a copyright of the BBC and full rights belong to them.

    A fair few people couldn't make it because of the snow. It was the worst weather we've had so far. It didn't snow in Glasgow but the rain was ice cold. Never the less we did manage to get a few hours, a good burger king and plenty of good footage.

    Thanks to those that came, and i'd also like to say its good to see Ryan back out of hospital and recovering. His jumps were very good for someone who's been unable to practice.

    We have more jump meets planned for the rest of the year in different locations so keep checking the bebo for updates and announcements, we'll try to post the information as far in advance as possible.

    Our 2010 Community Video will be up next week if all goes well, so once again check the bebo for that, or subscribe to this account if you have a youtube account. Or even get a youtube account, so whenever you log in you'll see the latest video as soon as its up.

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  • Third Italian Jumpstyle Meeting in Brescia || 19/02/12


    seguici sul nostro nuovo gruppo di facebook:

    thanks to all the partecipants!

    edited by Dany

  • Scotland Jumpstyle - 2nd Jumpstyle meeting HD



    we held a 2nd jump meet on the 4th of july 09. Went pretty well and we now have a shuffler and a few who can do tecktonik. So all styles are welcome.

    If you want to learn jumpstyle watch this video by Patrick Jumpen

    If you want to learn shuffle then watch the famous tutorials by BigMilan

    BigMilan - Running Man Tutorial

    BigMilan - Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial

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  • Jumpstyle Meetup 3 HD - Scotland Jumpstyle


    The 3rd scottish jumpstyle meet up from august 2009.

  • First Ever Scottish Jump Meet HD 21.03.09


    This was the first ever Scottish Jumpstyle Meeting. It took place in George Square, Glasgow.

    There were at least 16 jumpers in attendance (plus friends).

    Renegade Master
    Jumpin' G
    (let me know the names and i'll update this)

    Very pleased with the turnout, it was a great day and was very good to meet everyone. There is already a video online, if you search bezzar91 jump glasgow it should come up. I am told there is a 3rd video in the making by Stewart's (Jumpin' G's) cameraman. So I will post a link to that soon.

    Big thanks to DAVE! for helping with the filming. That was teh pwnage.

    If you were at the jump meet add me as a friend and I will keep you posted on the next one.

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  • Jump Meet 4 - Last of 2009 - Scotland Jumpstyle


    The 4th jumpstyle meeting of 2009. Held once again in george square. I think you'll agree the lights are really something when it gets dark, and proved a worthy setting for the final meetup of the year.

    We have some good times this year, and hope for much more of the same in 2010, thanks to all who have shown up and taken part, and even those who just came to watch, we hope you've enjoyed what the Scottish Jumpstyle community has done so far, and we hope you've enjoyed the videos. We've certainly enjoyed it.

  • Jump Meet 6 - Scotland Jumpstyle - 1080p


    Back once again with another jump meet video. Went for a more colourful approach with the editing this time, hope you enjoy.

    Subscribe for more, and we are performing again in the near future, so subscribe to see that video when it's released.

  • Scotland Jumpstyle - First Ever Scottish Jump Meet HD 21.03.09


    The first ever jump meet we had in March 2009.

    It was an excellent day, and now we've had 8 jump meets in total.

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  • Renegade Master - Freestyle Dance at Jump Meet 5 - Quality Test - Scotland Jumpstyle


    a solo at the 5th jump meet which took place on the 27th of february 2010 in George Square in Glasgow. the official full video will be up soon.

  • Glasgows 6th Jump Meet In George Square 29/5/10


    Yes I Uploaded This Very Late Because I Didnt Have Sony Vegas When The Meet Was. But Now I Do Thanx To Twist XD. In George Square As Usual.
    Was A Good Day

  • 8th Swiss Jumpstyle & Hardstyle Meeting


    9. April 2011 @ Zürich - Ein absolut unvergessliches, herrlich sonniges Jumpstyle Meeting in Zürich :-D

  • Jumpstyle Meetup 2 - Scotland Jumpstyle


    Our second Jumpstyle Meetup in early summer of 2009.

    We had shuffling, jumpstyle, tekstyle in this one :)

  • 1st Swiss Jumpstyle Meeting: Like Flames


    1st Jumpstyle Meeting

  • 4th Swiss Jumpstyle & Hardstyle Meeting part 1


    Waisenhausplatz, Bern

  • Jumpin all over Hamilton


    david o'donnell and karl duncan back again, we were a bit bored so we took a trip out to hamilton and made this *update* stephen was coplaining that i was uploading too many jumpstyle videos so from now on i will be uploading them on my new channell divod2k9 all my vids will now be on this new channell

  • 7th Swiss Jumpstyle & Hardstyle Meeting


    7th Swiss Jumpstyle & Hardstyle Meeting, 18. September 2010 @ Schachen, Aarau

  • Solo Jump at the 3rd jumpstyle meeting


    My solo jump at the 3rd scottish jumpstyle meeting in George Square.

  • 3rd Swiss Jumpstyle and Hardstyle Meeting: Groupjump


    3rd Swiss Jumpstyle and Hardstyle Meeting
    13. Juni 2009
    Schachen Aarau

  • scottish style shuffler


    malaccarian kids doing shuffle for fun..

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  • Just the three of us - Renegade Master - Scotland Jumpstyle


    Practicing for the jumpstyle meeting on saturday. Edit turned out really well, just as i pictured it :)

  • Ryan and Renegade Master dancing Tecktonik at the 3rd Jumpstyle meeting


    I thought this clip was pretty good so uploaded the whole clip raw.

    The official video for the jumpstyle meeting will be up in the next few days.

  • Alan Scottish Jumpstyle in HD


    My first high definition jump video. I'm out of practice but i think it turned out alright, and it was good to finally edit some high definition footage.

  • Trailer - Jump Meet 6 - Scotland Jumpstyle


    The 6th Scottish Jumpstyle Meeting is this Saturday, 1PM in George Square. If you know hard dance, whether that be Jumpstyle, Electro, Shuffling, Tekstyle or Hardstep(Krocha) it would be good to see you there.

  • jump style scotland


    faye and ashley dancing

  • Fifth Italian Jumpstyle Meeting in Brescia || 10/06/12


    Edited by Cesco


  • Jumpstyle Duo - All Four of Us - Renegade Master and Existence - Scotland Jumpstyle


    All Four of Us is basically the sequel to Just the three of us. And if you haven't seen that yet i suggest you click on my name and check it out, as the effect is a little cooler in that video.

    This was more of a mess around one evening in the Strathclyde Country Park. We'd been travelling for 2 hours in the car, so were pretty glad to get out and do some jumpstyle.

    Keep up to date with the community

    (If rumours about bebo shutting down are true there will be announcements about a replacement site soon. Also a new Jumpstyle Meeting will be announced soon, so check that out.

  • Big Kirov spring JUMPSTYLE meeting 2011.mp4


    THANKS ALL =***
    Tracklist :
    Abject - In Our Memories (Wizeguy Remix)
    A-lusion - Don't Wanna Know _Preview
    Ambassador Inc - Inner Joy
    Atmozfears - Adrenaline [Preview
    Dave Mind & The Samplerz - Northleads
    Djanny - Da Place
    Jajox - Extermination

  • Alan - Jumpstyle Tekstyle Shuffling


    each clip was filmed in 1 attempt.

    History of Jumpstyle
    - jumpstyle basics were invented in belgium, this is where the dance originated from. Over time it moved to the netherlands, where the hardjump emerged (which is what i do in the first clip). And later Tekstyle also known as complex style and star style came along, which is the most interesting style as its unique to the individual, and has no set moves.

    Scooter helped make the dance known in other countries, but they are not in anyway the inventor.

    Search for 'Patrick Jumpen Tutorial English' or 'Jumpforce UK Jumpstyle how to' to learn jumpstyle.

  • Jump2Xpress: Jump Meeting Poznan October 2012


    Jump-o-mentary about the visit by Patrick Jumpen and Dion to the 24th local Jumpstyle meeting in the city center of Poznan, Poland - October 20, 2012. A 4 minute introduction followed by 20 minutes of individual Jumps and styles builds up t
    o a multiple climax with group Jumps of up to 40 Jumpers in formation and an after-party at the BE4 Club in nightly suburban Poznan.

    We learn about the city of Poznan, get a taste of Polish culture and we see how big, active and diverse the Polish Jump-scene is. From Oldschool to Tek to Hardjump & Ownstyle: they do it all. We see how a meeting between cultures starts with a bit of tension and a need to show off, but as the day goes by, turns more and more into one big outdoor party where all teams and nationalities mingle, share and play together.

    The day is initially planned as a meeting between Patrick Jumpen and Polish national team Bioharzard - but local Poznanian team Bring It Back decides to organize a local Jump meeting for the occasion: XXIV Lokalny Zlot Jumpstyle w Poznaniu. Soon it turns into a public event where Jumpers and teams from all over Poland join for what becomes an unforgettable afternoon supported by pounding bassdrums, blue skies and an unusual 22 degrees temperature.

    Things almost go wrong: Patrick can't find his passport, misses the Berlin - Warsawa - Express and ends up travelling without ID on regional trains.. He gets arrested by Polish police in Szczecin where he spends 6 hours in a holding cell. Rime - DJ/Jumper from Poznan takes control and negociates Patrick's release with the police who finally put him on a direct connection to Poznan where he arrives at 8 in the morning after 22 hours of travel and no sleep - only 2 hours before being picked up for the meeting.

    Patrick wants to build bridges, visit teams, regions and countries, remove boundaries and offer new generations of Jumpers a chance to show, share and shine by opening up his network of 10k's of followers as worldwide platform to others. Being labeled superstar and #1 Jumper in 2007/2008, Patrick finds himself used as mascotte by commercial marketeers and forced into a role he did not choose. Now he seems to have found new direction as ambassador for today's Jumpers who have further developed the dance style.

    To achieve this, Patrick launches Jump2Xpress - adopting the slogan jump to express, not to impress. This slogan is often used in social media to ease pressure - when interaction, discussion and healthy competition between teams, regions or nationalities turn into distrust, rivalry, arguments and hostility.

    Patrick continues to create tutorials on all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert) and produce new songs and albums. By recently teaming up with his original crew of Jumpers, Dion & Antwan and producers Flamman & Abraxas he is slowly picking up where they left off in 2008.

    Do you want Patrick Jumpen to come to your country or city and promote your scene? See if you can find some local funding to sponsor a meeting - perhaps your tourism authority, health-, sport- or recreational organizations, even local businesses may be interested to see your city promoted in a positive light of culture, tradition, music, dance, fun, health and play!

    More Patrick Jumpen videos:

    Patrick Jumpen photo-, video- & press archive:

    Biohazard Facebook page:

    Bring It Back Facebook page:

    Island Jumpers Facebook Page:

    Patrick Jumpen music downloads:

    Post your Jump videos, promote your page or team:


    Produced by Jeroen Flamman & Patrick J. Pereira
    (c) 2012 Lower East Side Records, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    info at lowereastsiderecords dot com


    jump-o-men-ta-ry (dʒʌmpəˈmɛntərɪ)
    1. a factual film or programme about a Jumpstyle event, person, etc., presenting the facts with little or no fiction in an informative manner and often consisting of actual news or interviews accompanied by narration

  • Gangnam Style meets Gangjump Style BWA


    29.09.2012 the Jumpcrew Bleen Wave Attack meet each other in Schwerin (Germany)
    We decided to made a Jumpstyle Meeting and here is the result!

    - I didn't had enough Material, but my Friend Fabian helped me a lot with photoshop!
    - took many hours and was hard to decide, which scenes would be better in which place.
    - I used After Effects CS 6 and Sony Vegas Pro 11
    - Psy - Gangnam Style (JML Bootleg)
    - Psy - Gagnam Style

    - Gangnam Style Dance Moves
    - Jumpstyle, Ownstyle, Hardjump and Sidejump were danced.
    - Partymovements from Jerks like us :D

    - The material was not in a perfect quality so I apologize myself here
    - Filmed by Martin Lübs

    - S3
    - Niels seine xD.

    Hope you enjoy this Aftermovie!

    My Person:

  • Buchanan Street Jumpstyle - Scotland Jumpstyle


    Renegade Master and Existence take it to the streets once again :p

    but this time its 3 AM and we're on Buchanan street in Glasgow.

    Decided to upload this because Existence was in a bad mood, and i think thats funny :D

    Scottish Hard Dance Community

  • Renegade Master Freestyle Dance - Jump Meet 4 - Scotland Jumpstyle


    My freestyle dance at the 4th jump meet of 2009.

    Known by those present as The one with the spotlight, because of the way the spotlight behind me flashes with my movements.

    It included a mixture of jumpstyle, waving/liquid, pop locking, and tecktonik/electro.

  • Uks Finest Jumpstyle Crew - Official Video


    Uk's Finest

  • Leipzig jumpt!!! - Official video


    Versuch Nummer 3

  • Scottish Hardstyle, 2011


  • Hardstyle Frontliner - Ten Seconds


    I don't own anything in this video, especially Audio or Picture. Credit goes to their respectful owners.

    Artist: Frontliner

    Label: Be Yourself Music

  • 6 Jumpstyle Meeting in Berlin 3#


    Es war sehr voll würde meinen Ganz Deutschland war vertretten. Wünsche euch viel spass beim Watching :D

  • Jumpstyle Meetup 7 - Last of 2010 - Scotland Jumpstyle


    This jump meet took place on the 4th of december 2010. Which was 2 months ago during the christmas rush.

    George Square was occupied with ice skating, rides and christmas lights. So we took advantage of these unique lighting conditions and met up again to share our passion for Hard Dance.

  • Patrick Jumpen-What The Bleep


    This video is a tribute to the best jumper, PATRICK JUMPEN
    This song belongs the album One Man Army
    One Man Army was released in december 2007 and contains 15 songs

  • 2nd Swiss Jumpstyle and Hardstyle Meeting: The Jumpers


    2nd Swiss Jumpstyle and Hardstyle Meeting
    14. März 2009 @ Zürich

  • 2011. 12. 29. Jumpstyle Meeting in Százhalombatta HD


    Last meeting In 2011

  • 4th Swiss Jumpstyle and Hardstyle Meeting Part 3


    Waisenhausplatz, Bern

  • Jump Meeting In Kraków 02.05.2008 cz1



  • Dj VO-X - Back 2 The Jump Style


    Basado en el estilo Hard-House Bumpin bastante escuchado en discotecas de españa inglaterra rusia y australia, Back 2 The Jump Style una de mis primeras creaciones espero les guste...

  • Jumpstyle Duo - Renegade Master and Existence - Scotland Jumpstyle


    Renegade Master (me) and Existence (formerly Jumpin' G) recorded a jumpstyle duo at Motherwell town centre and Chatelherault Park.

    We had been on stage at Hostile the night before, so do excuse the lack of power at times, it was very painful to do :p

    Join the Scottish Hard Dance Community...

    Renegade Master


  • Jumpstyle Meeting in Leipzig


  • 6 Jumpstyle Meeting in Berlin


    6. Jumpstyle Meeting in Berlin Hauptbahnhof

    Es war sehr voll würde meinen Gnaz Deutschland war vertretten.

    Wünsche euch viel spass beim Watching :D

  • Jumping style Ryan


    Jumping style Ryan

  • 6 Jumpstyle Meeting in Berlin 4#


    Es war sehr voll würde meinen Ganz Deutschland war vertretten. Wünsche euch viel spass beim Watching :D