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Playlist of 2-step garage

  • Oldschool 2Step - UK Garage Mix


    100 minutes of some of my all time favourite UK Garage tunes!

    Due to Corona I have a massive lack of income. Wanna help me out? You can find a support button on my soundcloud page to donate a bit thorugh paypal. Thank you very much!
    Upzet on soundcloud:
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    01. 00:00 | DJ Luck & MC Neat - A little Bit of Luck | Red Rose | 1999
    02. 03:40 | DJ Luck & MC Neat - Ain't no stoppin us | Red Rose | 2000
    03. 08:08 | Angel 21 ft. Rose Windross & MC Kie - Flow (Sunship Vocal Mix) | W Records | 2003
    04. 11:56 | Active Minds ft. MC DT - Hobson's Choice (Redzki Don's Vocal Mix) | Klub Kuts | 2000
    05. 14:05 | Artful Dodger ft. MC Alistair - Are you ready | Warner Music | 2000
    06. 17:38 | Wookie - Battle (MJ Cole Remix) | S2S Recordings | 1999
    07. 20:30 | Sisqo - The Thong Song (Artful Dodger Remix) | Def Soul | 2000
    08. 23:17 | A.K.A. - Warning (Sunship Mix) | Milkk | 2000
    09. 25:57 | Artful Dodger - Please don't turn me on | FFRR | 2000
    10. 29:56 | Shut Up & Dance - Action | Shut Up And Dance | 2000
    11. 32:52 | Active Minds - Hobson's Choice (Remix) | 2002
    12. 35:32 | DJ EZ - Voodoo Magic | White Label | 2002
    13. 37:29 | Lynden David Hall ft. Artful Dodger - Forgive me | Cooltempo | 1999
    14. 40:04 | Sweet Female Attitude - 8 Days a Week (Sunship Mix) | Milkk | 2000
    15. 43:22 | 2 Smart - Rudeboy Business | Ladies And Gentleman | 2001
    16. 45:16 | Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers (Sunship Remix) | Milkk | 1999
    17. 49:10 | Phaze One - Nicole's Groove (Full Length MC Mix) | Relentless | 2001
    18. 52:58 | Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta get thru this | Relentless | 2001
    19. 56:09 | Oxide & Neutrino - Shoot to kill | EastWest | 2002
    20. 1:00:03 | Oxide & Neutrino - Bound 4 da Reload | EastWest | 2000
    21. 1:01:57 | Artful Dodger ft. Michelle Escoffery - Think about me | FFRR | 2001
    22. 1:04:44 | So Solid Crew - Oh no (Sentimental Things) | Relentless | 2000
    23. 1:08:31 | Brandy & Monica - The Boy is mine (Architects Remix) | Atlantic | 1998
    24. 1:10:32 | Nordstadt Union - Try harder | Draft | 2000
    25. 1:12:11 | Artful Dodger - Rewind | Relentless | 1999
    26. 1:14:26 | Paul McCartney - Silly Love Songs (Artful Dodger Remix) | White Label | 2001
    27. 1:17:22 | De La Soul - All good (MJ Cole Remix) | AOI Records | 2001
    28. 1:20:16 | Another Level - Guess I was a Fool (MJ Cole Mix) | Maximum Prod. | 1998
    29. 1:23:06 | N´N´G ft. Kallaghan - Right before my Eyes (MC Neat Remix) | Urban Heat | 2000
    30. 1:26:37 | Lovestation ft. Fayleina Brown - Teardrops (Pure Garage Mix) | Fresh | 1998
    31. 1:29:13 | Wiseguys - Oh la la (Remix) | Wall of Sound | 1999
    32. 1:30:54 | Baby D. - Let me be your Fantasy (Trick Or Treat Remix) | Systematic | 2000
    33. 1:32:47 | Sunship ft. Anita Kelsey - Try me out | Filter | 1999
    34. 1:35:31 | K Warren & Richie Dan - Call it Fate (Underground Mix) | Pure Silk | 2000

    The mix is download-able on soundcloud:

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  • Sesion Clasicos Uk Garage 2 step Tenerife Dj Andrex vol2


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  • UK Garage Mix - Old Skool 2 Step Anthems


    download the mix here

    01 N'n'G ft MC Neat - Right Before My Eyes
    02 K Ci & Jojo - Tell Me Its Real (Club Asylum Mix)
    03 Jahiem - Just In Case (Dubaholics mix)
    04 Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This
    05 CeCe Peniston - Finally Scratched
    06 Desert Boots Vol 3 - Pull The Feeling

  • G.E. - Vocal 2 step Garage Vol. 3


    G.E. - Vocal 2 step Garage Vol. 3
    A Delve Into The Archives
    2-step garage white labels/promos/forgotten gems
    Mixed by G.Elias

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  • UK Garage Mix The Classics - Part 1 - Back In the Day


    00:00 Zed Bias Ft Nicky Prince - Down (Dnd Remix)
    02:51 Dru Hill - How Deep Is Your Love (Groove Chronicles Full Mix)
    07:04 Dinamyte - Dynamite
    10:37 Suburban Lick - Here Come The Lick (Original Vocal Mix)
    13:06 Skinflint Ft. Beccie - I Love Your Smile (Dub Mix)
    15:43 Artful Dodger Vs Dreem Team - It Aint Enough (Dub Mix)
    17:57 TLC - No Scrubs (DYNK Remix)
    20:45 Usher - U Remind Me (Ghettofabulous Vocal)
    23:21 Mariah Carey - (Boy) I Need You (Agent X 4x4 Vocal Mix)
    26:25 BBMak - Still On Your Side (Artful Dodger Remix)
    28:18 Sunship feat Anita Kelsey - Try Me Out
    30:39 Lovestation - Teardrops (Sly and Ziggy Mix)
    33:48 Mariah Carey - My All (Dea Vocal Mix)
    36:11 Shola Ama - Much Love (Dreem Team Remix)
    39:07 Y-Tribe - My Favourite Girl (Original DHL Mix)
    42:24 Lickrish Music - Over With You
    46:57 Faith Evans - Love Like This (2 Step Remix)
    50:17 GodsGift - Mic Tribute
    52:38 Teebone Ft MegaMan & Romeo - Best Of Your Love (Full On Mix)
    55:55 The B15 Project Feat Mr Vegas - The Birmingham Crew
    59:56 Fierce - So Long (Bump N Flex X-Rated Dub)
    01:03:01 702 - You Don't Know (Reservoir Dogs Dub Mix)
    01:06:33 Two 1 Two - The Fone Tune
    01:09:12 Dea - Jerry Springer
    01:11:17 Mr Reds & Kalibre - Bring The Lights Down
    01:12:30 Amira - My Desire (Dreamhouse Remix)
    01:16:16 Youngstars - Pulse X
    01:17:28 DJ Oxide - Push Me 2 Hard
    01:21:15 Artful Dodger - Re-Rewind (Original Mix)
    01:24:32 Wookie - Scrappy
    01:26:03 Shaggy - It Wasnt Me (Unknown Remix)
    01:28:42 Shanks & Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate (Fly n High Remix)
    01:32:14 Scott & Leon - Shine on (original 12 mix)
    01:36:13 Todd Terry - Pulp Fiction
    01:39:22 Stanton Warriors - Bring Me Down
    01:41:17 Forbsey - Take That (4x4 Dub)
    01:44:02 Sticky - Triplets
    01:45:50 Roy Davis Jr. - Gabriel (Large Joints Remix)
    01:50:36 Dj Oxide - X Files
    01:53:43 Debelah Morgan - Yesterday (X-Men Vocal)
    01:58:01 Forces Of Nature - Jessies Song - Tell Me
    01:59:49 K-C & Jojo - Tell Me It's Real (Club Asylum Vocal Radio Edit)
    02:03:25 Chris Mack - Everyday
    02:06:03 Tin Tin Out feat Emma Bunton & Richie Dan - What I Am (K Warren Remix)
    02:08:12 Mis-Teeq - Why (Matt Jam Lamont & DJ Face Mix)
    02:11:19 Dionne Rakeem - Sweeter Than Wine (Asylum Vocal Mix)

  • Best of Classic Old Skool 2 Step & UK Garage - In the Mix! Hosted by Selekta EPhunk


    (TRACK LIST BELOW) Revisiting some of the finest moments in 2 Step and Breakbeat UK Garage from back in da day! Part 1 of an extended series, a bit more on the deeper tip with a blend of some obvious vocal classics. Watch out for Part 2, gonna get a little bit ruffer and tuffer on the next installment!

    01.) Phuturistix - Blind Faith 2000

    02.) D Base - Believe In Yourself 1999

    03.) Maxim Sinclair - Tina's Dream '98

    04.) Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Trick or Treat Remix)
    White Label 1999

    05.) Stylistic - People (Urban Myths Remix) 1999

    06.) Aaliyah - One in a Million (Flava D UKG Bootleg)

    07.) Heavyweight Kru - The Drea-MM 1999

    08.) The Rhythm Construction Co. - Come Together (Feel Free)
    (D Base Remix) 1999

    09.) Herb LF - Bouncin' Mary (Gush Collective) 2000

    10.) Tonka - Don't Be Afraid (Spring Break Mix) 2000

    11.) Concentrated Fruit Funk - Gotta Leave
    (SC's Stressed Mix) 2000

    12.) Kristine Blond - Love Shy (B-15 Project Remix) 2000

    13.) Club Asylum - Show Me Love (Unreleased)

    14.) DJ Love - Steady Fire 1999

    15.) Tonka pres. Chip Tunes - Fallin' 2001

    16.) B-15 Project / Chrissy D & Lady G - Girls Like Us
    (Original - Edit) 2000

    17.) TBC - Something About You (London Connection Mix) 2000

    18.) D Base feat. MC Fritz - Dreaming 1998

    19.) DGK feat. MC Spidey G - Crazy (Mix 1) 1999

    20.) Deekline & Bad Zuke - My Desire (Deekline Remix)

    21.) Ruffneck Revival - Movin' On Up 1999

    22.) Sugababes - Soul Sound (Medway City Heights Mix) 2001

    23.) Urban Myths - Makin' Me Feel (Original Mix) 2001

    24.) Urban Myths - I Just Can't Help Myself
    (DJ South Central Remix) 2000

    25.) Glide Recordings Vol. 1 - Destiny 2000

    26.) Ruffneck Revival - My Knight (V1) 1999

    27.) Strickly Dubz - Thinking of You 1999

    28.) Second Protocol - Brand New Style 2001

    29.) White Label - Untitled (2000)

    30.) First Steps - Holiday Da Vybe Part 2
    (Groove Chronicles Dub Mix)

    31.) Deep Cover - Sounds of Eden (Young Offendaz Remix) 2001

    32.) Rick Clark - Stand by Me (2 Step Mix) 1999

    33.) Mills & Boon - Long Time In Love (WL) 1999

    34.) Steve Silk Hurley & Sharon Pass - The Word Is Love
    (Kelly G's Mix) 1997

    35.) Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This
    (D'n'D Full Length Version) 2000

    36.) Stargate - Wilder (Reservoir Dogs Dub) 2001

    37.) White Label (Praxis feat. Kathy Brown) - Turn Me Out
    (Garage Remix 2) 2000

    38.) D-Stress Vol. 1 - My Love 1999

    39.) Raffles - Better than Nothing (2 Step Mix) 1998

    40.) Urban Myths - Without You (Dubwise Mix) 1998

    41.) Prizent vs. Y-Tribe - I'll Get Over You (Timbuk 2 Step Mix) 1999

    42.) Copasetic - Watergal (Original) 2000

    43.) D.C. - Day Creeper 1999

    44.) Crystal Clear - Live Your Life (2 Step Mix) 2000

    45.) Ruffneck Revival - Saturday Love (2 Step Vocal) 2000

    46.) Dreem Teem vs. Artful Dodger - It Ain't Enough
    (Full Vocal Mix) 2000

    47.) Active Minds feat. MC DT - Hobson's Choice
    (Redzki's Vocal Mix) 2000

    48.) Myron - We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix) 1998

    49.) Urban Myths - Lies 1999

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  • 2 Step /Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold


    Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold
    Garage/Deep House music tune from UK 1997.

  • The Best of Old Skool UK Garage: 90s 2-step by DJ eL Reynolds


    A selection of the biggest 2-step garage tunes of the 90's! Relive those memories from back in the day! This is Part One, hold tight for more classics in Part 2! Enjoy! Also, I have four other old skool garage mixes uploaded to Mixcrate, all FREE to download (free Mixcrate account needed)! If you like a mix of mine on Mixcrate, please click '♥LIKE' on the mix page & also share it around, thanks so much! ~DJ eL Reynolds
    Please also 'Like' my Facebook Page: And Follow me on Twitter, thanks so much!:

  • Rook Radio 15 // UK Garage & 2 Step Vinyl Mix


    ► All vinyl mix of 90s UK Garage, 2-step and vocal house gems. Mixed by Juby Rook.
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    00:00 US Alliance - Da Grunge (Original Mix)
    02:41 Sunship - Cheque One-Two
    05:32 Dem 2 - Desire 99
    08:37 Master Steps - Melody
    11:07 Kele Le Roc - Things We Do
    13:50 Roy Davis Jr. & Peven Everett - Gabrielle (Live Garage Mix)
    16:48 Lovestation - Teardrops (Flava Mix)
    20:08 Tina Moore - Nobody Better
    23:29 Todd Edwards- Saved My Life (Original)
    26:48 M.A.W. - To Be In Love (MJ Cole Vox)
    30:47 Wookie - Scrappy
    33:44 M-Dubs - Bump & Grind
    36:33 Lee John - Your Mind, Your Body, Your Soul (SAS Phantasy Mix)
    40:08 Dem 2 - Destiny
    43:15 Groove Connektion 2 - Club Lonely (Dem 2 Cry Dub)
    46:05 Ramsey & Fenn - Lovebug
    49:24 Colour Girl - Joyrider (Y-Tribe's Underground Remix)
    52:44 Angie Stone - No More Rain (Wookie Dub)
    55:38 Myron - We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix)
    59:44 Zed Bias - Neighbourhood

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    #RookRadio #UKGarage #Vinyl

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  • Press Rewind Vol. 2



    1. Seven Wonders - Crazy (The Original 99 Lick)
    2. R.I.P. Productions - Love Is What We Need (Original Mix)
    3. Indo - R U Sleeping (Bump & Flex Remix)
    4. Operator & Baffled - Things Are Never (Full Vocal Mix)
    5. Banana Republic - Catch The Feeling (London Underground Mix)
    6. Box Clever - Treat Me Right
    7. MJ Cole - Flava Fever (Original Mix)
    8. Strickly Dubz - Realise
    9. Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (Steve Gurley Mix)
    10. Zed Bias - Nobody Else (Zed Bias Bootleg)
    11. Box Clever - Talk To Me
    12. Danny J Lewis - Best Friends (Spreadlove Steppers Remix)
    13. Groove Chronicles - Faith In You
    14. Zed Bias & DJ Principal - Rudebwoy Jam
    15. El-B - Show A Little Love (Ft. Simba & Juiceman)


  • Jo Public - Underground Garage vol.04 1999


    Bumpin n steppin mix of underground UK garage, mostly 2-step with soulful & RnB vocal. Starts off upliftin n melodic b4 getting deeper n deeper - heavy subbass, interesting 2 step beats & rnb vocals. Recorded live from my radio show on UpFront 99.3 FM one Friday or Saturday night back in 1999, no talking just a few jingles.

    Big up all the family and all the private massive keeping the underground alive. Shout outs to DJ Roast (aka DJ Relay), to all the south London krew, Dee, Pypee, Chico, Para, Dexter, Risky, Spyder Gee, Mike Southcentral, and too many others to mention - great days.

    As always, all props to the producers and engineers that made these great tracks - I've listed all the names I can remember.

    0:00 - 4:50 - Special Love -Robbie Craig - Public Demand
    5:00 - 9:00 - To Be in Love - MJ Cole Dub mix
    7:30 - 12:15 - Lazy - MJ Cole Dub mix
    11:30 - 16:20 - Buddy X - Dreem Teem 'V' Neneh Cherry
    15:00 -18:30 - Ray Hurley just yourself remixes - confetti records
    18:15 - 22:30 - Joy Dub mix - TJ Cases
    21:40 - 26:30 - Got what I Need - DEA Project (big up Para, Pypee & all the krew)
    26:00 - 30:45 - Living Lie - white label (sounds like a SouthCentral bootleg - big up Mike)
    29:50 - 33:50 - Can't get enough - unknown
    33:50 - Got Myself Together - Bump & Flex Featuring Kallaghan
    35:30 - unknown - white label (Puff Daddy-Mace bootleg)
    39:30 - Hey Girl - white label
    43:00 - kemistry - Unknown - Public Demand
    46:00 - Hold Me - bootleg (sounds like SouthCentral again...)
    50:30 - Got to Have Your Love - white label
    54: 20 - Queen of the Night - white label
    57: 40 - Japanese Eyes - Whitney Houston Bootleg (SouthCentral ??)
    62:00 - Angel In Disquise - Brandy... love the subs n shuffling beat - TUNE
    66:20 - It's Like That - unknown
    68:50 - Everybody Knows - Brandi or Monika bootleg (I always get them mixed up) how low are the subs on this track & with that vocal - pure class.

  • Vocaloid DJ Mix - Future Pop Music


    Vocaloid songs that are reminiscent of late 90s/early 2000s music.

    No copyright infringement intended.


    0:00 I sing 4U | P∴Rhythmatiq feat. Hatsune Miku
    3:39 The Future Radio -pure2step remix- | Rin (Ginsuke) feat. Hatsune Miku
    6:26 Hello Planet (SuketchP 90's UK garage rmx) | すけっちP feat. Hatsune Miku
    9:44 ~Cry~ (2step Remode) | しの feat Hatsune Miku
    13:17 Kaleidoscope | Chiquewa feat. Hatsune Miku
    16:47 A Sound for Your Smile (BP mix) | PTaka feat.GUMI
    19:19 AM 10.30 | LOLI.COM feat. Hatsune Miku
    22:07 Hontou ni daiji nano wa Hitotsu dake | LOLI.COM feat. Hatsune Miku
    26:04 clouds | agrooveP feat Hatsune Miku
    30:00 百万石☆LOVE 〜※1,000,000LOVE〜 | miracle ryouichi feat. IA
    33:58 Angel Fish | パトリチェフ feat. Kagamine Rin
    36:53 Bye Bye Blue Memory | Mitchie M feat. Hatsune Miku
    39:04 LADY NAVIGATION | LOLI.COM feat. Kagamine Rin
    41:15 Dancing Love - V3 Remix - | MineK feat. V3 Lily, V3 Gackpoid (Power)
    46:23 May Girl (QururuMurakami Hypochondria Remix) | 村上くるる feat. Hatsune Miku
    51:09 Sweet Devil (SuketchP 2step rmx) | すけっちP feat. Hatsune Miku

    Image from:

  • Lady Legs - Everybody - Old Skool 2-Step UK Garage


  • Jo Public - Underground Garage vol.04 1999


    UK garage with dnb style 2-step beats n deep subs with RnB & soul vocals (110 bpm) - I'd forgotten how good these tracks are. Recorded live from my pirate radio show, UpFront 99.3 FM, one night in 1999. No talking just a few jingles. The full 75m set starts off more vocal n upliftin: This is the last 50m from the original 80m set, where it starts to get dubby & deep. Hope you got good subs as some of these tracks have seriously heavy low frequencies.

    Big up all the family and all the pirate massive keeping the underground alive. Shout outs to DJ Roast (aka DJ Relay), to all the south London krew, Dee, Pypee, Chico, Para, Dexter, Risky, Spider Gee, Mike Southcentral, and too many others to mention - great days.

    0:00 - Got what I Need - DEA Project (big up Para, Pypee & all the krew)
    2:00 - Living Lie - white label (sounds like a SouthCentral bootleg - big up Mike)
    6:10 - Can't get enough - unknown
    10:00 - Got Myself Together - Bump & Flex Featuring Kallaghan
    11:40 - unknown - white label (Mace - Puff Daddy bootleg)
    15:35 - Hey Girl - white label
    18:50 - kemistry - Unknown - Public Demand
    22:00 - Hold Me - bootleg (sounds like SouthCentral again...)
    26:40 - Got to Have Your Love - white label
    29:50 - Queen of the Night - white label
    33:40 - Japanese Eyes - Whitney Houston Bootleg (SouthCentral ??)
    38:10 - Angel In Disquise - Brandy
    41:00 - It's Like That - unknown
    45:00 - Everybody Knows - Brandi or Monika bootleg (I always get them mixed up)

  • Master 2Step Beats Programming - With CONNECT:D Audio’s Scott Diaz


    LA based producer Scott Diaz runs us through some great tips for using his new ‘2Step Garage Anthems’ ( pack, inside of Maschine programming up some classic 2Step Beats. In this video he offers up advice on what to look out for when building beats from scratch.

    About CONNECT:D Audio

    CONNECT:D Audio was set up at the beginning of 2015 with the vision of bringing high quality, inspirational products to producers, engineers and music creators worldwide.

    They are a small, hard working group of studio junkies, musicians and gear geeks with a passion for all things music related. Their world-class team has worked on projects for a range of leading pro-audio companies including Native Instruments and Novation as well as being at the cutting edge of the industry courtesy of a range of roles across the music business.

    The emphasis will always remain on professional, royalty-free content that inspires creativity aiming to become one of the leading providers of sample libraries within the industry.

    For more info and pricing on the ‘2Step Garage Anthems’ pack visit:


  • Old School 2step Garage Sample Pack by Freaky Loops


    We are proud to present our latest release “Old School 2step Garage” groovy garage sounds against the 2step shuffled beats!!

    This smoothy sample pack delivers 600MB of loops and samples contains all the essentials you need to create your next killer from scratch. From shaky basslines to rumbling subby basses, 2step shuffle drums to garage flecked grooves, old-school organs to square basses, garage tech stabs to spacey pads, catchy lead melodies to lo-fi tops, swung hi-hats to percussion grooves, garage wobbles to gritty chords, deep chord movements to soulful poly-synths, dusty atmospheric textures to twisted vox and a lot more inside.. if you've been searching for all these kind of sounds for a long time now, this pack will help you..

    In detail this pack includes 259 Loops range from 123bpm to 130bpm and 180 Oneshots. Loops folder contains 50 Bass Loops, 21 Stabs, 20 Chord Loops, 133 Drum Loops, 16 Fx Loops, 10 Lead Loops and 9 Keys. Oneshots folder comes with 30 Bass Hits, 30 Chords, Keys & Pads, 15 Fx Hits, 5 Vocals and 100 Drum Hits consist of 25 Claps, 5 Cymbals, 25 Hihats, 25 Kicks and 20 Toms to create your own sequenced beat - All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility and ready to fuel your next treasure!!

    “Old School 2step Garage” is suitable for a multitude of genres including Garage, 2-step, 4x4 Bassline, Bass House, Deep House and Electronica.

    If you're into the 2-step influenced garage sounds then this pack could work for you.

    600 MB
    439 Loops & Samples
    050 Bass Loops
    021 Stabs
    020 Chord Loops
    133 Drum Loops
    016 Fx Loops
    010 Lead Loops
    009 Keys
    030 Bass Hits
    030 Chords, Keys & Pads
    100 Drum Hits
    025 Claps
    005 Cymbals
    025 Hihats
    025 Kicks
    020 Toms
    015 Fx Hits
    005 Vocals



  • UK Garage Mix 2020


    Im back....... the studio is coming along nicely so expect to see more mixes coming soon, I have been sitting on a pile of pure golden 2step and 4x4 madness since the summer and im ready to let you have it... thanks for staying with me, its very much appreciated... enjoy...


    01 Kobe JT - Reload Strategy
    02 Ododdnt - Matt's Opinion
    03Dinselektah - On Me
    04 Alex Lee - FBD DUB
    05 Perception - Want A Ride (Original Mix)
    06 Henry Sparkz - MISS YOU (Original Mix)
    07 Earthnut - Lilys Answerphone
    08 Minista - Medina
    09 Dmize - Garage Groove
    10 M.O.A.D - Wot U Want Bruv
    11 On1 - Aversion
    12 Minista - Hot Toddy
    13 Alex Lee - Bell Track
    14 Kobe JT - My Life
    15 47SOUNDS - Werk It (Original Mix)
    16 B Young - Gucci Demon (Movement Dub)
    17 Chris Brown ft Drake - No Guidance (Jeftuz remix)

    Mr D Social Links

  • UK GARAGE 2Step - Beenie Man & Chevelle Franklin - Dancehall Queen


    UK GARAGE 2Step - Beenie Man & Chevelle Franklin - Dancehall Queen (Remix)

  • UK Garage 2018


    UK Garage 2018 (Volume 2) thanks to each and every one of you who take time out to listen and comment on this channel, it is very much appreciated, this one lands hard.. wicked 2step and 4x4 beats... I love UK Garage....... enjoy..

    Tracklist Embedded..

    Social Links

    Twitter @mrdukg

  • 2Step Drum Beat Tutorial in Ableton Live 9


    Burial style beat in ableton live 9
    like this tutorial if u liked this sound
    If you want to write me a new lesson on what topic I will try to do it.

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  • DjSmasher 2Step Garage Mix - Lockdown Specials 2020


    DjSmasher 2Step Garage Mix - Lockdown Specials 2020

    This video is fair use under copyright law because it is noncommercial and transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work. My use of the content meets the legal requirements for fair use or fair dealing under applicable copyright laws. No money is being made by this video.

  • 2 Step Garage: Vibe


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    2 Step Garage: Vibe · Uzma Shah

    Groove On

    ℗ 2000 Audiorec Limited

    Released on: 2000-08-01

    Music Publisher: Audiorec Limited

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • DjSmasher 2Step Garage Mix - Lockdown Specials 2020 Part 2


    DjSmasher 2Step Garage Mix - Lockdown Specials 2020 Part 2

    This video is fair use under copyright law because it is noncommercial and transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work. My use of the content meets the legal requirements for fair use or fair dealing under applicable copyright laws. No money is being made by this video.

  • Anton Romero - Games


    Majestic Casual - Experience music in a new way.
    » Facebook:
    » Twitter:

    Time for some fuckin garage! :3

    ✖ Picture

  • Modjo - Lady


  • 2Step Garage Mix


    Mixcloud Link:

  • Quick 2 Step Garage Beat


    A very quick vid on some of the basics on making a 2 step garage beat.

    Keep your kicks and snares steady as it's all about the shuffle on the hats and ghost snares.

  • 【Kawaii Garage / 2step】 I wanna miss you【Music Video】


    iTunes & AppleMusicにてアルバム&シングル楽曲配信中!

    #ミディ #DTM #VTuberオリジナル曲 #VTuber








  • uk garage 2-step megamix 2006


    4xsampaul ukg 2006

    01)intro (ft. leroy)
    02)Exemen - borrowed time (wookie mix)
    03)Rihanna Ft. B.I.G - If its loving u want
    04)Ed James - Eyes Off Me (Pr0t0n Remix) (One Wish Vocal)
    05)Monster Boy Ft. Gio - I'm Sorry
    06)Soundbowy Ft. Doctor - Never Wanna Say (Delinquent Remix) (If U Wanna
    Party Special)
    07)Wideboys - If You Wanna Party (Original 4x4 Mix)
    08)Wideboys Ft Vula - Naughty By Nature (Delinquent Remix)
    09)Special Dizzy Rascal - Stand Up Tall (Freestyle)
    10)John Legend - Ordinary People (Control-S Mix)
    11)Wookie - Sunshine in the rain (Put Ya Hands Together)
    12)Delinquent Ft. Kcat - My Destiny (2-Step Remix)
    13)Gemma Fox - Boxers (Delinquent Mix) (special Missy Elliot Freestyle)
    14)Fonti Ft. Hotsound - Kontroversy (Freestyle)
    15)MASK - Hot 2 Handle (Delinquent Remix)
    16)Mj Cole Ft. Laura Vane - Watertight (Pr0t0n Remix)
    17)Special Busta Rhymes Freestyle
    18)Ne-Yo - So Sick (Control-S Mix)
    19)Nu Beez - This Is How We Do It (Original Mix)
    20)Montal Jordan - This Is How We Do It (2-step Mix)
    21)Ashanti - Still On It (Juicy Joints Remix)
    22)Warren G - Regulate (Robbie T Remix)
    23)Mr.Pud - Pass The Dutchie
    24)Gwen stephani - Hollaback Girl (Freestyle)
    25)Donaeo - Falling (Delinquent Remix)
    26)Pr0t0n - Phill It
    27)Pharell Ft. Mr.Pud & Dj Solution - Can I Have It Like That
    28)Usher - Confessions (Tremorefire Dubz Remix)
    29)Kano - Nobody Don't Dance No More (Special 2-step Edit By 4xsampaul)
    30)Michael Jackson Ft. Artifact- black or white (4xsampaul mahup)
    31)Sunship - Try Me Out(Let Me Lick It) (Special Michael Jackson Vocal)
    32)Young Offendaz Feat Mc Spee & Rads - Love Life (Summer Mix)
    33)Special Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like Its Hot (Freestyle)
    34)Wideboys Ft. Errol Reid - I Think U Like It(Original Mix)
    35)X Presidents - Diamond rings (Nu Beez Remix)
    36)Craig David - All The Way (Control-S Remix)
    37)Hittem In a High (Freestyle)
    38)Jam And Face Ft. Aspira - Mr. Right (Delinquent Remix)
    39)Solid Grooves - Always be There
    40)Lain And Estelle - Believe (Delinquent Remix)
    41)Chunky Ft. Caz - Some Kind of Fool
    42)Gemma Fox - Gone (Delinquent Remix)
    43)Pharell - Angel (Dragon Remix)
    44)Ashanti - Only You (Juicy Joints Remix)
    45)Shad - Radio (delinquent)
    46)Qualifide - See The Light (Qualifide Step 2 Remix)
    47)One Dark Martian - It Doesn't Have To Be (Dub)
    48)Shaolin Master - Friends (The Wideboys Remix)
    49)Whill Philips - Im In Love With You
    50)50 Cent - Disco Inferno (Juicy Joints Remix)
    51)Outro. Craig David - Freestyle

  • UK Garage & 2Step Mix 60mins Part.1 of 2


    Part 1 of 2, An Hour Of Old School Garage & 2Step beats. OLD SCHOOL MEETS NEW SCHOOL.......Enjoy!!!
    Another mix by Andrew Browning for ManDemz Media

  • Mr Distance - 2 Step & Speed Garage Classics Mix


    90 Minute 2 Step & Speed Garage Classics Mix

  • Seven Wonders - Crazy 2 Step Garage


  • 30 min Vocal 2-Step Garage mixed by DJ OPIUM HD/HQ


    A selection of some 2-Step Garage classics. I recently got some decks and im still getting used to the decks and my records that haven't been played for many years. I missed timed one of the mixes towards the end but couldn't be bothered doing the whole thing again I'll get better as time goes on!

    I hope you like listening as much as I enjoyed playing sub and like if you do.

    I do not own the rights to the music the mix is purely for your listening pleasure

    I also don't own the picture i downloaded it from Google images and edited it a little.

  • Sunday Garage Selection


    Decided to go digital with this one, since I don't have many garage tracks on wax. Do you think it's okay if I mix up the equipment? Or should I keep this as a purely vinyl thing?


    Romina Johnson - Never Do (Matt Jam Lamont Mix)
    MJ Cole, The Wideboys - Nothing But Trouble (MJ Cole Remix)
    Romina Johnson - Coming On Strong
    Box Clever, Sara Garvey - Questions (Box Clever Dubb)
    Captain EO - Summertime (Phonetix 2-Step Mix)
    Guy S'mone - You're Mine (Vocal Mix)
    Crimzon, Maron - Shower Your Love (DJ Beenie Special)

    Mixed on:
    1 x Technics 1200
    1 x Technics 1210
    1 x Traktor Kontrol S8
    Traktor Scratch + Timecode Records

  • UK Garage 2 step -old and new-


    Track list:
    Never Gonna Let You Go (Tuff Jam Classic Vocal Mix) / Tina Moore
    Last Love - Todd Edwards Remix / Toni Toni Lee, Todd Edwards
    Do You? - Urban Myths Remix / Mike Millrain
    Large Flash / Falty DL
    Love Shy (Tuff Jam Dub Mix) / Kristine Blond
    Tom Shorterz - Unit For Change (Side B) / Tom Shorterz
    Crazy Dub (Original Mix) / Dub Syndicate
    Hold On (Original Mix) / Jammin
    Runnin (Myka Rose Uk Garage Remix) / X5 Dubs
    Get Away (Side A) / Tom Shorterz
    Don't U Wanna Be (Original Mix) / Club Asylum
    Desire (Dub Mix) / Ramsey & Fen
    Don't (4x4 Garage Mix) / Mokujin, Lil Fewcha
    How Far Are You From Anywhere? (Original Mix) / Roof Light
    Step a Little Closer (Club Asylum Dub Vocal Mix) / Troy Denari
    Hear My Answer (Tuff Jam Vox Dub Remix) / Envelop
    Shut T F Up (Original Mix) / A.T.T.O.S
    Got My Mind (Phonetix Deeper Than House Mix) / Para
    Deep Inside (Shadow Child Remix) / Hardrive

  • Drum Groove Of The Week 22/10/2019: 2-Step Garage


    Always loved this feel, and living in Croydon 1999-2003 this type of groove has a little piece of my heart :)

    2-step garage or 2-step” wiki page:

    This kind of ting:

    Or this:

    Thanks for watching, have fun please let me know if any questions, cheers!


    Mike’s Kit

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    Tama John Blackwell 6.5 x 13” Snare

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    Mike :)

  • Redski Bad Boy - Deep In The Underground - Old Skool 2-Step garage


    1999 Klub Kuts 008

  • UK Garage 2-Step Bass Mix Part 2 Lockdown 2020 - DJ Ricky Bee


    Please note the Technics mk5G im mixing on have digital pitch speed they are worst turntables to beat match on im going replace them soon with pair Technics mk2 or mk5
    This only 3rd time ive mixed 2-step UK Garage some those tunes takes me back to the 1990's
    & living in Bury St Edmund's in Suffolk England Mixed in Cambridge England 9th may 2020

  • Freedom // Del Gibbons feat. Miss Roberts


    DJ Promo requests e-mail

    From 15th Jan 2011 on KISS 100, Saturday Night Kiss, Steve Smart // RTE 2 National radio, Best of Pulse, Ireland, WORLD EXCLUSIVE play

    Written, Composed, Produced and Performed with Lyrics Written by // Derek Gibbons
    Vocal and Vocal Harmonies Performed by // Racquel Roberts
    Remix and Additional Production by // Wez Clarke @ Pushin' Sound, London
    Original Production and Engineering by // Neil Williams, Clive Knightley, Derek Gibbons
    Mastering by // Wez Clarke, Streaky for Streaky Mastering, Chris Alexander for Fullrange Mastering, Brighton
    Del's 12 Club Mix Mastering by // George Lambert for Massive Masters, Brighton
    Produced @ CasaDelGibbons Studios, London and Limehouse Studios, London
    Special Thanks to Neil, Rupert, Clive and all @ The Limehouse Recording Studios
    (c) 2010 Derek Gibbons NewMedia Limited, All Rights Reserved, International Copyright Secured.


  • Clear Sky | 2-Step Garage Music



    This is my finale remake for my groups first volume album that was released a few years ago. I hope everyone enjoys and stays tuned! Thanks for listening!


    My Soundcloud: @z-style (Follow me if you can please! Really appreciate it!)

    © 2017 Z-Style Productions

  • Free Jorja Smith x UK Garage x 2Step Type Beat 2020 Dvazhdy Sad Electronic x EDM Instrumental


    [ Free ] Jorja Smith x UK Garage x 2Step Type Beat 2020 Dvazhdy Sad Electronic x EDM x DNB Instrumental by Placcebo Beats

    ???? Purchase | Download Link : (Instant Delivery)
    ???? Beatstore :
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    ✳❗ USAGE ❗✳

    Absolutely ANY USE of my beats (Including leased beats) REQUIRE CREDIT IN THE TITLE (Placcebo Beats). There are NO exceptions.

    The free version of this beat is available for subscribers for non-profit only.
    This means YouTube use with NO monetization. The free version of this beat is NOT available for streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and other similar services. For that you will need to purchase the beat on my website -
    By buying the beat you will also receive it untagged and in high quality.

    Thank you

    [ Free ] Jorja Smith x UK Garage x 2Step Type Beat 2020 Dvazhdy Sad Electronic x EDM x DNB Instrumental

    [ Free ] Jorja Smith Type Beat x UK Garage Type Beat x 2Step Type Beat 2020 Dvazhdy Sad Type Beat x Electronic Type Beat x EDM Type Beat x DNB Type Beat

    [ Free ] Jorja Smith Type Beat x UK Garage Type Beat x 2Step Type Beat 2020 Dvazhdy Sad Type Beat x Electronic Type Beat x EDM Type Beat x DNB Type Beat Instrumnetal 2020

    Tags (Ignore)

    sad type beat,joria smith type beat,uk garage type beat,garage type beat,electronic type beat,edm type beat,house type beat,dnb type beat,drum and bass type beat,pop type beat,joria smith type beat 2020,garage type beat 2020,uk garage type beat 2020,2step type beat,2 step type beat,edm instrumental,electronic instrumental,dnb instrumental,drum and bass instrumental,house instrumental,free type beat,free type beat 2020,free beats sad,free beat

  • Jameson - Take It Easy - Old Skool UK Garage/2-Step


    wicked 2 stepper from jameson on the b side of 'Always Be Around'

  • The Method S.1 | Ep:4 CONDUCTA | On the 2-Step Revival & UKG Scene


    In the 4th episode of 'THE METHOD', Conducta talks about the changing sound of the Bristol music scene and being at the forefront of the UKG scene and 2-Step revival.

    Directed by Alex Thompson
    Producer - Akua Ofei
    Executive Producer - Marium Raja
    Photography - Zekeria Al-Bostani
    Graphics - Euan Shuji Allardyce
    Music by Conducta

    Read more about Beat Culture here:

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    A Nation of Billions is a platform dedicated to music & culture – for the people who love & live the culture, and don’t follow anyone but their native instinct.

  • 2step garage + LAD WICK


    Ballet Dance Company です。

  • Something In Your Eyes - 2step Garage - Mixed by Nicholls


    Tend not to play the garage really, only a handful of sets over the years and usually by request but when I do fuuuck me!!! Done this one in the summer of 2012 and took the fucking roof off.

    The biggest and best 90's Oldskool, Jungle, and Happy Hardcore you will hear. Classic live sets as well as my own mixtapes will be added regularly for your listening pleasure. Reminisce on the best era of the UK rave scene right here.

  • Girls of the Internet - Humble 2-Step / Garage


    ARTIST: Girls Of The Internet
    TITLE: Humble
    LABEL: Drab Queen
    RELEASE DATE: 26th April 2019
    FORMAT: Digital

    With a hype bubbling around Girls of the Internet’s output, from 2017’s debut single 'When U Go' on Classic, to their work with legendary Chicago vocalist Peven Everett on 'Love Delicious', this playful outfit turns up the heat to boiling point with a new EP of garage and ghetto tinged cuts.

    Taking cues from the heydays of UKG, 'Humble' skips off with a shuffling 2 step rhythm that provides the flavour for floaty pads and a subby bass to blend beneath crisp hats and crunched, metallic claps. Girls of the Internet’s desire to produce 100% of their own material, with a clear penchant for a slice of hardware and real instruments, welcomes you into a rich and powerful platter of sounds - take those breathy recordings, chopped, pitched and programmed into their own melody as just one example. Fusing that with Linda Muriel’s soul- laden, relatably wise words, further cements the sense of depth and meaning found within.

    The flip houses 'U Changed', a club ready 4x4 bumper that nods to the output of Dance Mania, marrying Olivia Louise's R&B styled vocal refrains, with a catchy sliding synth line, bouncing kick and live bass riff. Filtered cowbells ring on the offbeat making for a distinctive mentronomic flow that touches on ghetto house whilst having a real air of London's streets. Soft yet strong in the same breath, it's an empowering cut that doubles down on Girls of the Internet’s ability to craft engaging, polished club tracks.

    Two classics in the making, inspired by the '90s, yet built from the ground up and dished out with a distinctly fresh feeling for today's dancefloor.

    For track submissions or takedown requests email:



  • B15 Project - Lover In You - Old Skool 2 Step Garage


    big bassline 2 stepper from 99 ish

  • 8th Note - Alone - Original Mix - NEWSKOOL 2 STEP GARAGE - HYPE MUSIC 2010


    Forthcoming on Hype Music

  • Pink - There You Go




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