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  • New amazing life hacks | watermelon hacks |experiments | HAND made | 5 min craft


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  • Top 17 new ways to make animal cakes ! Beautiful Cakes Animal


    Top 17 New Ways To Make Animal Cakes ! Beautiful Cakes Animal

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  • Get creative with old paper and bottles. Smart creation


    Get creative with old paper and bottles. Smart creation

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  • Food Cravings and Emotional Eating with Denisa Ratulea


    RAW TALKS presents Food Cravings & Emotional Eating with Denisa Ratulea

    Hosted by RAW FEST UK

    How to Deal with Food Cravings and Emotional Eating


    Have you ever wondered why you can't control yourself around specific foods? Sugar, coffee, chocolate, crisps?

    Do you find yourself overeating when stressed and tired? It's time to take control over your body and mind and stop beating yourself up for it.

    Learn about your cravings, what triggers them and why you can't stop eating specific foods with health coach and plant-based chef Denisa Ratulea, during this exciting and entertaining Raw Talks session.

    You will learn why you crave specific foods, how your cells, as well as emotions, are strongly connected to the way you eat and vice-versa and what you can do about it.

    Denisa will be sharing simple ways of dealing with cravings, what foods to introduce more of and how to take control over what you eat without making it confusing. A well-balanced lifestyle shouldn't be complicated and Denisa will show you how to do it in a balanced and delicious way.


    Denisa Ratulea is a Health Coach, Plant Based Chef and Reiki Healer. She is the founder of Second Nature and the author of Cooking from your Heart, as well as the co-founder of Raw Transylvania Adventures and The Health Connection Retreats.

    After years of living in pain, due to severe scoliosis, Denisa started her journey in order to heal her back, reduce inflammation and prepare for spinal surgery by adopting an alkaline, plant-based lifestyle that transformed her life. She went from being sedentary and often in pain, to a complete makeover, losing over 15kg, performing various sports and finishing her first Triathlon while still having metal rods and screws in her spine. Denisa embarked on a learning path, with a mission to explore and experiment with food and nutrition in order to find what works best for us and the planet in the 21st century and she is now helping others rediscover their health potential and fall in love with good food and healthy eating.



    Welcome to our monthly series RAW TALKS. Expert speakers and time to mingle with like minded people and each talk will cover topics including:

    Raw Food
    Plant Based Diets
    Wild Food Foraging
    Natural Health
    Healing & Consciousness


    There will be some free raw, vegan taster food and nibbles on offer and then you can buy meals and drinks yourself from the venue Paradise Unbakery, they serve wonderful food, all vegan and mostly raw and there is some healthy cooked vegan food.

    THE CAFE - Paradise Unbakery
    Healthy cafe offering cooked and raw vegan dishe, salads, raw cakes, treats, smoothies, and cold pressed juices. Good food and good vibes. They serve the best raw pizza in London! ;-)

    Follow them here:

    Address: Paradise Unbakery, 59 Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Rise NW10 3ND

    Closest Stations is Kensal Rise, then Kensal green, Queens Park & Brondesbury Park.Check out their website here:

    Filmed by

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  • KELEWAT KREATIF.! Kreasi Unik dan Kreatif KEMASAN PALING JENIUS dan MENARIK Produk Dunia


    Inovasi KEMASAN PRODUK MAKANAN PALING JENIUS Kreasi Unik dan Kreatif
    Content tema budaya, fakta unik dan berita menarik adalah bagian dari pendidikan dan hiburan di channel ini, update setiap hari.

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    Jorong Production 2017
    Perlu Rental Sound System? 081351997790
    Perlu Video Shooting? 081349498594


    Music in others language:
    musiek, muzikë, ሙዚቃ, موسيقى, երաժշտություն, musiqi, musika, музыка, সঙ্গীত, muzika, музика, música, musika, nyimbo, 音乐, 音樂, musica, glazba, hudba, musik, muziek, muziko, muusika, musika, musiikki, musique, მუსიკა, μουσική, સંગીત, mizik, aloha, מוסיקה, संगीत, zene, tónlist, ceol, 音楽, ಸಂಗೀತ, музыка, តន្ត្រី, 음악, mûzîk, музыка, ດົນຕີ, mūzika, muzika, musek, музика, mozika, muzik, സംഗീതം, mużika, waiata, संगीत, дуу хөгжим, ဂီတ, संगीत, musikk, موسيقي, موسیقی, muzyka, ਸੰਗੀਤ, muzică, музыка, pese, ceòl, музика, mino, mumhanzi, موسيقي, සංගීතය, hudba, glasba, muziki, musik, мусиқӣ, இசை, సంగీతం, เพลง, müzik, музика, موسیقی, musiqa, âm nhạc, cerddoriaeth, umculo, מוזיק,

  • తెలియక వారు సిలువవేశారు క్షమించమని ప్రార్థించాడు యేసు || GOOD FRIDAY SONGS || TELUGU CHRISTIAN SONGS


    #Teouguchristiansongs తెలియక వారు సిలువవేశారు క్షమించమని ప్రార్థించాడు యేసు || GOOD FRIDAY SONGS || TELUGU CHRISTIAN SONGS

    Audio Credits by-Calvary Temple Songs
    Video credits by-google photos

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  • Get Creative With old tires and porcelain vases . Smart Craft Creation


    Get Creative With old tires and porcelain vases . Smart Craft Creation

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  • تاجر البلح عينه فلقت الحجر لا تفوتك .فرفشه


  • 10 Perfect And Wonderful Fruit Platters Ever


    Fruit platter ideas for baby shower #Fruit Tray. Now, this isn't a recipe but I've always found it funny that ... Best 25+ Fruit platters ideas on Pinterest | Luau fruit #display, Fruit trays ... fruit tray pictures ideas fruit platter pictures how to make a fruit platter for a party Check Out! These Are The #Yummiest Fruit Platters Ever! - Virily World's Best and Easiest Fruit Tray... This one is (for the price) just ... simple fruit #platter 10 perfect and wonderful fruit platters ever How to Make A Beautiful Fruit Tray ~Brunch Fruit Platter! - YouTube Best 25+ Fruit trays ideas on #Pinterest | Fruit tray displays, Fruit platters ... fruit platter presentation ideas fruit platter ideas parties fruit platter dip This looks sooo good I have to prepare a fruit platter JUST LIKE THIS ... Fresh Fruit Platter Cake Ideas and #Designs | Lets do brunch | Pinterest ... 5 Ways to Arrange a Fruit Tray - wikiHow

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    Fruit platters The Perfect way Fruit Cutting-How to | Byron Talbott 10 Slicers Gadgets put to the TEST ☀ How to Make A Beautiful Fruit Tray ~Brunch Fruit Platter! How to Serve a Watermelon in Easy-to-Eat Slices Top 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World DIY: Clay Fruit #Bowls from Scratch - Watermelon, Orange, Lime How to make Edible Fruit Bouquet Arrangements! 14 Incredible Edible EGG Tricks! How to Make a Fruit Plate Triangle Garnishing made easy, channel #kerf spiral carving knife Chinese Street Food Tour in Shanghai, China | Street Food in China BEST Seafood #ChefSteps Nerd Alert: The Science of Fizzy Fruit How to Cook Healthy Food! 10 Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas & Snacks for School, Work! The stop motion guide to cheese plates 17 Most Unreal Rock Formations Book #21 Chapter 10: Realization Of Motherhood| Clean Up Fail!| When You Raise Them With Good Values Ryan's Banana Berry Smoothie Recipe Avoid Waste: Share and Preserve Your Fruit What Food Goes Well With Moscato? 10 Arts & Crafts Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier! Is Earth Actually Flat? Gardening Hacks - 10 Simple Tips for a Successful #Vegetable Garden The Ultimate JERUSALEM FOOD TOUR + Attractions - Palestinian #Food and Israeli Food in Old Jerusalem! Vlogtober #10 Part 2 : My Daughter Wants Her Hair Colored| That Went Wrong fast|| Mating or Fighting Vlogtober #10 Part 1: Kates Bad words-Dads House Or Mine| When Shopping Gets Too #Comfortable| Smiles Skittles Rainbow Cake! How to make a Skittles Cake - Cupcake Addiction & Cupcakes & Cardio! Perfect Kaju Katli - Diwali Special Recipe - परफेक्ट काजू कतली - Priya R - Magic of Indian Rasoi ????????????Fruit Punch Pond Manicure???????????? Weekly manicure tutorial Quit Your Job and Farm - PART 1 - 10 Small Farm Ideas, from #Organic Farming to Chickens & Goats.

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  • Father John Misty - Off-Key In Hamburg Full Album


    Father John Misty's live album, Off-Key In Hamburg, is available now.

    0:00 Hangout At The Gallows
    4:52 Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
    8:14 Mr. Tillman
    11:44 Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest Of Them All
    14:14 The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apt.
    17:50 Strange Encounter
    22:09 Total Entertainment Forever
    24:57 Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution
    29:22 Ballad Of The Dying Man
    34:25 A Bigger Paper Bag
    39:00 I Went To The Store One Day
    43:31 Nancy From Now On
    47:24 Chateau Lobby #4 (In C For Two Virgins)
    50:27 Please Don't Die
    53:58 The Palace
    58:11 God's Favorite Customer
    1:03:46 Pure Comedy
    1:10:09 Holy Shit
    1:14:14 I Love You, Honeybear
    1:20:17 Leaving LA

    Proceeds from Off-Key In Hamburg will be donated to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund. The Relief Fund provides assistance to those in the music industry affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

    Visit Father John Misty online:

  • Dont Have A Clue What To Do With Chord Charts On Bass? Watch This Video


    ►► FREE: Get the Chord Cheat Sheets Pack so you’ll always know what’s going to work with every chord you come across in any chord chart →

    Do you use chord charts?

    If you have no idea what I’m talking about or avoid them because they’re crazy confusing, you’re not alone.

    Not too long ago, I got an email from Trevor, one of my subscribers. It turns out we had actually met in real life many years ago and he’d stumbled across some of my videos. He had played all of his life by ear, but had come up against a new challenge:

    A band he had auditioned for used chord charts - something he had never needed to use - and understandably, he had a lot of questions.

    “Do I use a ‘concert’ part or the ‘Bb’ chart? Do the 5 lines in the chart mean I have to use a 5-string bass? Do I focus on the notes or the chord symbols above the notes?”

    Using chord charts is a whole new way of playing music and requires a slightly different set of skills, so in today’s lesson, we’re doing a deep dive into chord charts and how to read them.

    You’ll get my personal secrets for taking the confusion out of reading charts so if you ever get a chart put in front of you, you’ll know exactly what to do.

    Once you CAN read and understand chord charts, you’ll find a new world of possibilities opens up for you and your bass. And this is exactly what I want for you; being able to show up and nail any song that uses a chart instead of fumbling around, getting lost and searching for the ‘good’ notes.

    Like I said in the video, some chord charts are very prescriptive in what they want from you. Others just provide the landscape and let you run wild with it.

    You need different skills for each kind of chart, but once you’re up and running things can get really fun really fast.

    For example, a jazz chart might require you to play a ‘walking’ bass line over a set of chords. If you don’t know how to do that, check out this video:

    Other kinds of charts, you may not need to play a walking line, but you’ll need to know how chords are constructed and the formulas for each of them. If you don’t know how to do that, check out these videos:

    If you already know how to figure out the root notes for your chords, then you can skip to the 2nd video and be just fine.

    To get the Chord Cheat Sheets Pack I talk about in these 3 lessons, just go here:

    And fill out the form on that page. You’ll get a super handy PDF guide to all the most common chord types in music. Once you know everything in the PDF, you’ll have no trouble when you come across any chord chart.

    As always, if you have any questions about anything in the lesson, just let me know. I’d be more than happy to help out however I can.

    Good luck with the lesson and happy playing!



    P.S. Here’s that link to get the Chord Cheat Sheets Pack again:

  • חיתוך אבטיח ברמה מקצועי שאוד לא ראיתם


    הפרויקט של בוזגלו

  • 23 easy ways to cut watermelon and cucumber garnish! Good fruit cutting tips . Super Chef


    23 Easy Ways To Cut Watermelon And Cucumber Garnish! Good Fruit Cutting Tips .Super Chef

  • Cool Things in Reverse 13


    I think that we are getting slower at making these because we are running out of ideas. If you have any ideas that would look cool in reverse please comment them below. Anyways, this is Cool Things in Reverse 13. This one was supposed to be kind of special simply because its number 13 (meaning it's the first teen number of the series). We weren't even expecting to make it this far with the series. Our beginning goal was 10 but when we got to 10 we decided we didn't want to stop. As we were making this video we saw that we were really close to 2 million views on our channel so we decided to make it our 2 million viewer video. Thank you for helping our channel get so far. We were not expecting a thing like this 5 years ago when our channel started. Please enjoy the video!

  • how to cut watermelon quickly


  • SITCOM. КОМЕДИЯ F Clowns Episode 17. The fullbody workout with a watermelon


    Hallo boys and girls. Do you remember what happened to Madge and Loose in the last episode? Yes - they got lost in the ocean of Bermuda Triangle. We still don't know where they are but our satellite received this video from an unknown location. Madge and Loose ended up on some desert island. And as they are F Clowns (Fitness Clowns) they are still desperate to train and keep their fitness level up. But what to do if there is no gym or equipment on that island? So they came to a great solution for a workout which they suggest to you as well in case you don't have any equipment or can’t get to the gym on time. Here’s ladies and gentlemen a full body workout with a watermelon.
    Enjoy - join us. Try it, not easy but fun to do.
    Thank you @maddytuslerfitness for a great suggestion.
    producer and story board Loose Screw & Madge @madge_ina
    camera Jerry Gabrielovich @jerrygabrielovich
    video editing Angel McKenzie
    driver Freddy Burns
    on line editor Samantha Brooks @keepcalmandmarieon
    #fclowns #fitness #fitnessmotivation #getfit #fitness#fitnessmodel #exercise #holidays #strongwomen#stronggirls #staystrong #fitnessgirl #fitnessfun#fun #smile #exercising #clowns #funny#workout#sparring #fit #fitfam#funnyvideo #fitnessvideo#watermelon
    #clowns #funnyvideos #funny #comedy #clown #lol #jokes #comedyvideos #humor #смешно #клоуны #юмор #комедия

    official site and more about fclowns at

  • 8 Gummiband LIFEHACKS


    Hi heute zeige ich mit meiner Nichte Minna 8 coole Dinge, die man mit Gummiringen machen kann. LIFEHACKS! :)

    Letzter Vlog:

    Folgt mir auf:
    FB Snapchat: Twitter:
    musically: emreezy


  • Watermelon Crawl


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Watermelon Crawl · Tracy Byrd

    Keepers: Greatest Hits

    ℗ 1994 MCA Records

    Released on: 1999-01-01

    Producer: Jerry Crutchfield
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Lynn Peterzell
    Composer Lyricist: Zack Turner
    Composer Lyricist: Buddy Brock

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Boys Noize - & Down


    Boys Noize - & Down

  • Water Me On



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    Hi guys! Today's video is a little mix collage! I really hope you guys enjoy! If you make your own collage please send me a picture on twitter or instagram! Thanks for watching!

    TWITTER: @gorgeous_niallr
    INSTAGRAM: @itscarlyyt

    Business Inquiries only:

    TITLE: Back In Summer

    Name: Carly
    Age: 17
    Camera: Sony a5000
    Editor: Cyberlink Powerdirector 10

  • DIY Summer Refreshments ♡ | AbigailR7 ♥


    Change To HD (:
    Thank you all for watching ! Hope you guys enjoyed ! ♡ LOVE YOU ALL(: ! I hope you guys make these ! Please leave questions for a Q&A
    Instagram : av_083010
    Twitter :
    Last Video :

    Frequently asked Questions :
    1. How old are you ? i'm 17 years old
    2.What editor do you use ? i usually use Adobe Premiere (:
    3. Are you partnered ? Yes I'm Partnered with Style Haul (:

  • Red Apple | Hopeless


    Audio recorded and mixed by Gaokerena records. Audio masterized by Influx Studios. Video recorded by Mario (Leviathan) and edited by Gaokerena Records.

  • Kyle Watson - Pop Up


    Pop Up by Kyle Watson. Taken from the album Pop Up / Camouflage Cat EP. Out now via This Ain’t Bristol.
    Enjoy | Share | Subscribe for more...


    Please, contact us via email or send a private message on YouTube
    and this video will be removed within 24 hours!

    RELEASE: Kyle Watson - Pop Up / Camouflage Cat EP
    RELEASE DATE: 2018-01-12
    LABEL: This Ain’t Bristol

    01. Kyle Watson - Pop Up (Original Mix)
    02. Kyle Watson - Camouflage Cat (Original Mix)

    #SeeTheMusic or #JustListen

  • Mosquito Repellent Chicken


    Provided to YouTube by Routenote

    Mosquito Repellent Chicken · Dead on Both Shoulders

    The Beginning of the Beginning

    ℗ The Beginning of the Beginning

    Released on: 2014-03-11

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Melon drop Experiment


  • I sell watermelons


    -Video Upload powered by





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    #small antique cannons for sale


  • stylish cutting of fruits


    sushi garnish, party garnishing, stylish cutting of fruits, stylish cutting of fruits, skin a banana party trick, party trick, fruit and vegetable carving, vegetable garnish, how to make, how to quickly cut and serve a watermelon (hd), dolphin cruise | lego friends | full episode, decoration of vegetables, vegetable carving art

  • носики курносики топ топ


  • ????Water Melone????


    Fan video of ????Water Melone????Thanks For Watching ????If You Liked Subscribe For More ???? Thanks Byeeeeeeeeee ✌️
    Created using Video Star:

  • the many uses for glad cling wrap


    Protect it with your life

  • College Level Cooking: Pizza Rolls


    VEDA Day 3 - Maggie puts her college level cooking skills (a microwave) to good use and makes pizza rolls.

  • I Dont Wanna Live Like That


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    I Don't Wanna Live Like That · Cory Wilkins and the TrainWreck


    ℗ None

    Released on: 2016-10-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Worlds Best Magic Fruit Salad


    Wayno Makes a pearler of a fruit salad and Tells it Aussie style . tips and tricks
    As he waffles on and gets through his first attempt of making a vid ! some swearing may offend some viewers because this is Australian made ! Reality.

  • Glass of Chocolate Milk in a Coca Cola Bottle


    The Tunesmiths Live Downtown Recording Studio

  • Watermelon Crawl


    Enjoy it ! We never have tasted Watermelon Wine. I prefer all other kinds of wine but, is there anyone who has tasted Watermelon Wine ???

  • तरबूज काटने का सबसे आसान तरीका - Very Easy Way to cut Watermelon


    तरबूज काटने का सबसे आसान तरीका - Very Easy Way to cut Watermelon

  • Watermelon Crawl


    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Watermelon Crawl · Done Again (In The Style of Tracy Byrd)

    Hits Doctor Music in the style of Tracy Byrd - Vol. 1

    Released on: 2007-04-28

    Writer, Composer: B Brock
    Writer, Composer: Z Turner

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • 3 Easy DIYs Using Acrylic Paint????


    Learn how to make the cutest, and easiest paint DIYs. You can use them for storage in your room, or just plain decoration! Please comment below and subscribe!
    ???????? Equestrian Heart
    Created using VideoFX Live:

  • 2012 Hodag Rhinelander Wis Watermelon Crawl Video


    After Neal McCoy concert July 15th 2012




  • Grävmaskin, kran, dumprar, anläggningsmaskin del 3


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  • Chinese Joplin - Strawberry Gun


  • Amazing fruit cutting and designs


    Its very amazing and interesting video of fruits cutting.

  • MYX International Top 20 June 13, 2020


    Copyright 2020 for all video contents

    myx philippines
    myx international top 20
    top 20 foreign songs
    top 20 songs of the week

  • Watermelon Superstition - On The Top - Anhangabaú 04/05/2013


    Watermelon Superstition no Anhangabaú da Feliz Cidade
    Palco Rock & Meio

    Thelio Romagnolo - Voz e Guitarra
    Alvaro Batistussi - Guitarra
    Fernando Lui - Baixo
    Adriano Revoltus - Bateria

    Denise Rodrigues - Imagens

  • ASMR Peel, cut, slice, dice Fruit


    Relaxing sounds peeling, cutting, and slicing fruit. No Talking. ASMR Fruit Sounds for Relaxation. Good visuals for watching.

    00:00 Peeling Apple
    04:20 Cutting Apple
    07:20 Peeling Tangerine
    11:25 Peeling Kiwi
    13:30 Cutting Kiwi
    15:35 Peeling Banana
    17:50 Cutting Banana
    20:05 Peeling Pear
    22:55 Cutting Pear
    25:20 Peel Orange
    27:10 Cut Orange
    29:40 Peel Apple
    34:50 Dice Apple
    41:55 Peel Tangerine
    45:35 Segment Tangerine
    46:45 Peeling Banana
    50:15 Slice Banana
    51:35 Peel Apple
    55:15 Slice Apple

    Acerting Art is a channel for relaxation, with music and sounds from the nature, indicated for meditation, stress relief and baby sleep.

  • मतीरे में निकला jio का मोबाईल full HD video comedy


    Comedy sl rajasthani
    मारवाड़ी comedy





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