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Playlist of 12 Bar Blues

  • 12 Bar Blues for Beginners - 100s of Rock n Roll songs; ONE chord sequence



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    We've done a lot of lessons on how to play a slower 12 bar blues in the key of E. Here' we're covering how to play a rockin' 12 bar blues in A, as used in 100s of rock n roll songs!
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  • Want a Killer 12 Bar Blues to Get Out of a Rut?


    12 Bar Blues Tips to Make You Sound Awesome:

    Tuesday Blues #280 -

    There’s more to the blues than the basic shuffle pattern. In this video, we’ll cover a cool rhythm pattern than you can play throughout an acoustic 12 bar blues tune that will spice things up.


    Good luck and...

    Play On!


    #tuesdayblues #acousticblues #playbetterblues

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    New Acoustic Blues guitar lesson posted every single Tuesday.

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  • 12 Bar Blues Backing Track In A Major


    A 12 bar blues progression in A Major for you to practice improvising over. I hope you find it useful. Click on the link above to visit my site where you can download the mp3 of this backing track.

  • How To Play 12-Bar Blues Shuffle | Fender Play | Fender


    In this lesson, Matt Lake teaches you how to play a 12-bar blues shuffle. To learn hundreds of other songs, skills, and exercises click here:

    #Fender #FenderPlay #BluesGuitar


    About Fender:
    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the world’s foremost manufacturer of guitars, basses, amplifiers and related equipment. With an illustrious history dating back to 1946, Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre: rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues, and many others.

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    How To Play The 12-Bar Blues Shuffle | Fender Play | Fender

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  • 12 Bar Blues Shuffle Lesson


    12 Bar Blues Shuffle Lesson, Acoustic Blues, Acoustic Shuffle. Easy guitar songs and easy songs for beginners. Step by step easy to follow. Loads more lessons on my channel!

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  • 6 Famous Songs Built on the 12-Bar Blues Progression - Guitar Lesson


    In this lesson you will learn all about a top 6 famous songs built on the 12 bar blues progression and how you can play them also!
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    Keep up the practice.




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  • Learn 12 Bar Blues for Super Absolute Beginner Guitar Lessons | Blues Guitar Lesson | Guitar Tricks


    Stop waiting and finally learn how to play guitar today:
    In this beginner blues guitar lesson, learn easy 12 bar blues in A with a backing track. BB King and Eric Clapton were notable blues guitarists and this is a great lesson to build yourself up to those artists.

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    Core Learning System is the award-winning step by step beginner guitar program from Guitar Tricks. Blues Level 1 is the first course in the after you get through both Guitar Fundamentals courses in the Core Learning System, a great place to start for absolute beginners. Here is a lesson from Chapter 1 of Blues Level 1 on how to play the 12 bar blues.


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  • Blues solo


    Having fun with a good old 12 bar blues

  • 12 Bar Blues Shuffle


    Marc Layton-Bennett demonstrates an easy 12 Bar Blues Shuffle piece on the drum-Kit.

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  • ???? Guitar Lesson: How To Play Old School 12 Bar Blues #1 EASY PART Beginners - Chords Key E 145


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    ???? My 12 Bar Blues YouTube Series
    HOW TO PLAY BLUES ON GUITAR YouTube Tutorials Series!
    600 EricBlackmonMusic HD YouTube Tutorials

    Newer HD Version! Old School 12 Bar Blues Tutorial
    4 Amazing Guitar Music Facts That Players IGNORE!
    EricBlackmonMusic Videos
    The #1 Electric Guitar Solo Tutorial On YouTube!
    12 Bar Blues #1 For Beginners
    10 Songs You Can Play With The 12 Bar Blues
    How To Play Easy Old Style Blues On Guitar
    Cara Bermain Blues Gaya Lama yang Mudah Di Gitar
    kayfiat allaeb alsahl albuluz alqadimat ealaa ghirar alghitar
    Как да играете лесен стар стил блус на китара
    Jak hrát jednoduchý starý styl Blues na kytaru
    Comment jouer facile Blues Old Style sur la guitare
    Paano Upang I-play Madaling Lumang Estilo Blues Sa Gitara
    Hogyan játszhatunk az Easy Old Style Blues gitáron?
    Wie man einfachen alten Art Blues auf Gitarre spielt
    कैसे गिटार पर आसान ओल्ड शैली उदास खेलने के लिए
    Como jogar blues de estilo antigo fácil em guitarra
    Cómo jugar Easy Old Style Blues en la guitarra
    Как играть в стильный блейз старого стиля на гитаре
    Jak grać Easy Old Style Blues On Guitar

  • C - Medium 12 Bar Blues Backing Track


    Download this track:

    Play all my backing tracks for free and get some soloing tips at:

    Cliff Smith is guitar, ukulele and music theory tutor who gives lessons from his London studio, or online via Skype.

  • Robben Ford - 12 Bar Blues Improvisation | Relix


    Robben Ford digs in for some improv, live at Relix. The guitarist's latest album, 'A Day in Nashville,' Ford cut live during a single session.

    For more great music, check out these links:

  • 12 Bar Blues Turn Around Key E


  • 12 Bar Blues Shuffle | Guitar Backing Track | Key of E Major


    Download my Free Blues Soloing Guide at:

    Hello friends,
    In preparation for my upcoming lick of the week lessons, I'm bringing you a grooving backing track in the key of E major. This blues shuffling jam track makes use of the 12 bar blues progression and features a live performance on bass and guitar. Let's get started!
    Request a song at:

  • 4 Must know SUPER SLOW 12 bar blues guitar tricks & licks


    Please watch: Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson Tom Petty I won't back down How to
    Click here to learn a cool blues trick from Eric Clapton (FREE VIDEO SERIES): (You'll also learn signature moves from Stevie Ray Vaughan and B.B. King.)

    Here are your 8 FREE blues backing tracks click this link:

    Grab your 8 FREE blues backing tracks click this link: Love Blues Guitar like nothing else?

    So do we! But don't fall into some common traps. Too many teachers simply teach you a few licks and leave it at that. Big mistake! Marty Schwartz in the video above) is different. He teaches you how to actually make MUSIC with those licks, and more. Watch as many of his videos as you can and you will go very FAR on blues guitar. And now Brett is out to share his secrets with the entire world. Want proof? Then click here to see how he's giving away these five awesome-sounding jam tracks so that you can practice and sound like you've got an entire band behind you. It also comes with a free ebook on Blues Scales. Click here to get it now: Marty Schwartz teaches you the blues language, Communicate your blues via essential riffs and licks.

  • 12 Bar Blues in C


    -- Check out more of my improv here!

    This is me playing a basic 12 bar blues pattern I IV V in C major. I stray away from that pattern at times but tended to return to it again. I improvise the right hand using several techniques and scales (C Maj., Pentatonic, Chord Comping). Any comments good or bad would be greatly appreciated and thanks for listening!

  • Como tocar o 12 Bar Blues na gaita diatônica / How to play a 12 Bar Blues


    Olá pessoal, nesta video aula vou ensinar como tocar o tão famoso 12 Bar Blues.
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    Contato Profissional:

    12 bar blues:


    G= (-2-3-4)
    G7= (-2-3-4-5)
    C= (2 3 4)11 44 -3 4-34-3
    D= -1-1 -4-4 4 -44-44
    D= -2-2-1-1

  • 12 bar blues explained


    12 bar blues progression explained in somewhat detail

  • Chicago Shuffle In A - 12 Bar Blues Backing Track In A



  • Slow blues backing track in E minor for guitar solo



    Practice your blues guitar playing with this slow blues guitar backing track in E minor.

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  • 12 Bar Acoustic Blues Lesson in E by Jonesyblues


    Easy 12 bar blues pattern in the key of E shown here on my acoustic guitar.

  • Funky Jazz | Saxophone & Harmonica Blues, Slow Blues, 12 Bar Blues


    Mark Maxwell is a musician that loves playing soft smooth jazz saxophone instrumentals that are great for background music during any occasion. Mark’s music is great for dinner parties, cocktail parties, and small intimate get-togethers. His smooth jazz sound is both relaxing and romantic for many occasions.

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    ????Funky Jazz Playlist ????

    Track 01 – Bend It Blues – 0:00:03
    Track 02 – Papa’s Gotta Brand New Bag – 0:04:45
    Track 03 – Ain’t No Sunshine – 0:11:01
    Track 04 – Lickity Split – 0:15:23
    Track 05 – I’m Your Puppet – 0:18:44
    Track 06 – Shake, Rattle and Roll – 0:24:34
    Track 07 – Puddy Tat – 0:28:45
    Track 08 – I Need Your Lovin – 0:34:02
    Track 09 – Chuggin' – 0:37:45
    Track 10 – W@ng Dang Doodle – 0:42:47
    Track 11 – You Don’t Drink What I Drink – 0:47:07

    Musicians on this video:

    Paul Michael Meredith is a blues harmonica player from the San Francisco bay area. Dr. SaxLove (aka Mark Maxwell) is a Detroit area blues saxophone player. Together they make some killer blues magic!

    The band is righteous as well; look these guys up - you'll be impressed:

    Garth Webber: blues guitar
    Tony Lufrano: keys
    Endre Tarczy: bass
    Jimmy Sanchez: drums

    So if you like blues harmonica songs, jazz saxophone blues, guitar blues, fast blues, slow blues, 12 bar blues ... you're gonna love this music! It really is the best blues harmonica music.


    ~Dr. SaxLove, blues jazz saxofon

    Please check out our other YouTube channels for a more specific listening pleasure.

    Relaxing Music

    The Relaxing Music channel is a place for you to come and enjoy soft smooth relaxing instrumental music, primarily saxophone, guitar and piano based songs set to beautiful high quality images. Our videos consist of 2,4,6,and 8 hour long versions. It is perfect background music for many occasions. Put it on while you’re trying to relax, you’re while meditating, or even while you’re at the spa getting a massage. It will help center your energy with a Zen-like quality and realigning your Chakras while practicing Yoga or Reiki. Let it help take you to a deep relaxed state or put you to sleep at night or during a mid-day nap to reenergize your mind, body, and soul. Let it calm you while you study at home or while working at the office.

    Romantic Love Songs

    The Romantic Love Song channel is a place for you to come and enjoy smooth romantic instrumental music. These songs are primarily saxophone, guitar and piano based music set to beautiful high quality images for romance. It is perfect background music for many romantic occasions. Put it on while trying to relax or romanticize your loved one or while trying to set the mood for an intimate evening. It will help release the tension and excite your inner passion. It is great background music while making love or while having a during a candlelit dinner.


    The MusicSongsMusic channel is a place for you to come and enjoy soft smooth relaxing instrumental jazz. The videos here are full-length versions of songs and set to an image of its album cover. The videos are linked together in playlist to provide full-length versions of the album. These songs are perfect background music for many occasions. Put it on while having a dinner party, cocktail party or while relaxing with your loved one. The music is a mellow down tempo mix smooth jazz. They are a collection of old jazz standards from the 40's to current Pop music covers of Motown songs.

  • Rockin 12 Bar Blues Solo


    In this lesson you'll learn the first two licks of this Rockin' 12 Bar Blues Solo in E.

    For the full rhythm and lead lesson, Interactive Tab, and Backing Track check out the All Access Pass.

  • Variasi Chord 12 Bar Blues


    Progresi 12 Bar Blues dan Variasinya Bagian 1

    Teacher Profile :

    #gurugitar #kursusgitar #blues

  • Use More of the Fretboard with this 12 Bar Blues


    Tuesday Blues #254 -

    DOWNLOAD: 5 Essential Fingerpicking Exercises

    To me, playing solo acoustic guitar really helps sharpen your overall skills. When it’s just you and the guitar, there’s nowhere to hide!

    In this lesson, we’ll stretch your skills by using the well-known 12 bar blues chord progression as a platform to explore different parts of the fretboard.

    We’ll pull heavily from the concepts in Tuesday Blues #253, but we’ll really dig deep and go note-for-note through the example to get this into your playing.


    Good luck and...

    Play On!


    #tuesdayblues #acousticblues #playbetterblues

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    New Acoustic Blues guitar lesson posted every single Tuesday.

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  • 12 Bar Blues improvisation


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  • MHL 145 - How to count the 12 bar blues


    This was created for the online version of my MHL 145 American Jazz & Popular Music class at Phoenix College.

  • 12 Bar Blues Backing Track in A


    You can play A minor pentatonic scale over the whole track.
    A7 : play A mixolydian scale
    D7 : play D mixolydian scale
    E7 : play E mixolydian scale

    #84 12 Bar Blues Backing Track in A

    Download my tracks in Highest Quality formats :
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    One of the aspects of guitar playing that I love and enjoy is improvising.
    Through improvisation I can express myself freely, a way to escape from the world and forget about all my problems.

    Here are my 10 improvisation tips to help get you started:
    1. Learn Pentatonic scales, this is the most used scale for soloing on guitar in rock and blues music.
    2. Learn Natural Minor scale or Aeolian, this is also the most used scale for guitarist.
    3. Learn Major scale or Ionian, this mode is the first of the 7 modes.
    4. Learn chord tones and triads. Targeting the right notes in the chords you playing over to make melodies. As the chord changes, you change the notes that you play. Ex: in C Major chords: target C - E - G to start or end your solo phrases.
    5. Learn Modes: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian.
    6. Learn licks from other musicians and playing it over various backing tracks to work on timing and feel, and make it your own. Good artists copy, great artists steal.-Pablo Picasso
    7. Sing what you play and play what you sing, let your heart creates the music.
    8. Learn songs and melodies by ear is a great way to develop your listening skills.
    9. Use phrasing, rhythmic and dynamic variations to make your solos interesting and I think learn to play blues is one of the best way to learn phrasing.
    10. Learn everyday, its better to practice everyday for 10 minutes than to play 10 hours on the weekend..consistency is the key and repetition is the mother of all skills.

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    ???????????????????????????????????? ENJOY!! ????????????????????????????????

  • Improvising over a 12 Bar Blues


    Learn how to improvise and choose notes that sound good over a 12 bar blues in this free video guitar lesson from John W. Tuggle of learning Guitar

  • 12 Bar Blues Backing Track In E Major


    A simple 12 bar blues backing track in E major for you to practice improvising over. I hope you find it useful. Click on the link above to visit my site where you can download the Mp3 of this track.

  • Beginner Bass Lesson 12 Bar Blues


    Today I'm back with another installation in my bass lesson videos! Today well be focusing on the fundamentals of the 12 bar blues and constructing blues bass lines that will get you on your way to slapping like Bootsy Collins!

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  • Bb - Medium 12 Bar Blues Backing Track


    Download this track:

    Play all my backing tracks for free and get some soloing tips at:

    Cliff Smith is guitar, ukulele and music theory tutor who gives lessons from his London studio, or online via Skype.

  • 12 Bar Blues in the Style of Stevie Ray Vaughan Lesson


    Check out my Musicisum guitar course -

    **Feel Free To Read This Lot**

    Hey Guys - I'm Rabea

    I'm the lead guitarist in Dorje and Toska, where i write music, make songs and have a great time with my mates.

    Toska -
    Dorje -

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  • 12 Bar Blues - Piano Duet with Peter the Elephant - Thailand


    Please read the description for more information about the content of this video.

    More videos: Music for Elephants

    Watch Peter the elephant discover/play the clarinet:

    Light-heated musical mayhem when Peter the elephant joins in a 12 bar blues on piano with his trunk -- entirely of his own accord.

    I've noticed elephants, such as Peter have moods at different times of day. Usually in the cooler early evening before nightfall (In Thailand) they are in a more relaxed and potentially playful mood.

    Peter the elephant lives at Thailand.

    Photos playing piano for elephants in Thailand here:
    There are other similar albums on this Goggle+ account.

    With reference to recent comments (19/11/2013)

    * The guy in the background is Pat, Peter's mahout. He is Thai. A mahout is a person that devotes his or her life to looking after an elephant, usually in Asia. This is a dangerous job.

    * Pat is responsible for Peter's well-being, day and night, all year round. Pat's daily duties include keeping Peter safe from other bull elephants as well as looking after visitors to Peter's home at the Royal Elephant Kraal in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

    * Pat and Peter have a special bond.

    * Pat is not reading a magazine in this video, he is filming with his tablet.

    * Pat is not prodding Peter, he is just reminding him not to get too carried away and smash the piano keys with his heavy trunk as he has, unintentionally, on previous occasions.

    * The chain around Peter's neck is flimsy. It is there so Pat can walk at Peter's side and guide him occasionally around vehicles or other potentially harmful bull elephants on the way to bath and drink in the river, for instance. Those with experience working with elephants in Thailand know this flimsy chain is no restraint to an elephant whatsoever. It is not there to cause Peter any harm, just the reverse.

    * Peter has NOT been trained to play piano. This video is Peter's spontaneous reaction to a piano during a brief encounter one evening between Peter and Paul Barton, a visiting pianist to the elephant Kraal where Peter lives.

    * This video is one of a series in Music for Elephants. There are 23 videos with piano and elephants in this playlist

    * Piano keys are no longer made of ivory. The piano in this video has plastic keys. All piano keys are made from synthetic polymers and plastics. The use of ivory for piano keys decreased dramatically after World War II and thankfully stopped altogether in 1989 with the CITIES worldwide ban on ivory trade.

    For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)

  • Blues BASS LESSON with TAB - 12 Bar Bass Lines in A


    ✅ Download BACKING TRACK (MP3) + TAB (PDF):

    ⚡️ How to play complete 12 BAR BLUES SHUFFLE BASS LINES in A.
    Come suonare GIRI DI BASSO SHUFFLE BLUES di 12 MISURE in LA.
    The video contains the performance and the slow version with TAB on screen.
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    Every week new GUITAR & BASS lessons on riffs, solos, rhythm, lead, techniques, songs...!!!
    #bass #blues #tabs
    MATT 10

  • 12 Bar Blues Jam Track in the key of G - Backing Track For Blues Solos


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    Here's a nice slow blues jam track that I filmed live. Hope you have a nice jam with me and thanks again for supporting MartyMusic

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  • 12 Bar Slow Blues Backing Track in Am


    This is a 12 bar slow rock blues backing track in Am, made for improvisation in any kind of instrument.

    Chords are:
    Am / Dm / Am / Am
    Dm / Dm / Am / Am
    F7 / E7 / Am / Am

    Scales you can use:
    A Natural Minor (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A)
    A Minor Pentatonic (A, C, D, E, G, A)

    We won't stop making educational videos for you.
    Buy us a cup of coffee if you like! :-)

    Subscribe for more amazing videos.
    Have fun! :-)

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  • The Twelve Bar Bluesband - Life is Hard - live at bluesmoose Café


    The Twelve Bar Bluesband - Life is Hard (when you play the blues) - live at bluesmoose Café specially recorded for Bluesmoose radio 17-12-2014.

    JJ. Sharp (Jan Scherpenzeel) - Vocals/Harp
    Kees Dusink - Guitar
    Randy Pears - Rhythm Guitar
    Jeffrey van Duffelen - Drums
    Patrick Sideburn Obrist - Bass

    Live at Cafe bar de Comm- Netherlands

    Soundengineer Bluesmoose - Piet Buitendijk - Wim Slebus

    Camera's -- Jan van Eck - Jan Nas - Dylan
    Regie: Rob van Elst - John lelieveldt

  • Guitar Lesson: All About the 12-Bar Blues Form


    The blues is a place where musicians from a wide range of backgrounds and styles can find common ground. It provides a predictable musical backbone, yet allows for countless iterations, variations, and creative liberties. In this lesson, we will look at the foundational 12-bar blues form, and then explore the minor blues scale.

  • How to play 12 BAR BLUES on Piano | Boogie Woogie Basslines Tutorial


    A Piano tutorial explaining how to play 12 Bar Blues, teaching the harmonic formula using 3 different left-hand bass lines in 3 different key signatures. First video in its series for Blues Piano for beginners.

    Bitesize Piano tutorials are FREE - If this was of value to you, please consider supporting the channel by contributing here:

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    How to play the Blues Scale & Improv Tips:

    12 Bar Blues: 1:27
    Boogie Woogie Bassline 1: 2:18
    Boogie Woogie Bassline 2: 5:50
    Boogie Woogie Bassline 3: 7:42

    CHORDS IN A SCALE (highly recommended):

    #12barbluespiano #bluespiano #bitesizepiano

  • Spice Up a Boring 12 Bar Blues


    Tuesday Blues #220

    If you want to play blues, you've gotta know the 12 bar blues progression. BUT, don't just learn the shuffle pattern and call it a day. There's so much that you can do to expand the sound of 12 bar blues.

    In this lesson, we'll take a look at one way you can spice things up: bass passing notes. We'll use a couple of simple bass moves to walk into the next chord. This is the easiest way that I know of to help you go beyond that plain sounding shuffle sound.

    Don't know the 12 bar pattern yet...


    These are certainly not the only things that you can do to punch up a 12 bar blues. You can add MicroLicks, chord moves and so much more. Check out the related lessons to help you step up your blues game.

    Good luck and...

    Play On!


    #tuesdayblues #acousticblues

    ► Lesson Page:
    ► Free Mini Course:
    ► Pentatonic Blender Quickstart:
    ► BGI Premium Membership:
    ► TRUEFIRE COURSE Fingerstyle Blues Roots:


    Learn the 12 Bar Blues Progression:
    Micro Licks:
    Easy to Play Chord Moves:


    New Blues focused guitar lesson posted every single Tuesday.

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  • Rock 12 Bar Blues Guitar Backing Track In A


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    Original instrumentals and backing tracks in a variety of popular genre's! Listen, Jam, Sing, Enjoy! :)

    Tom Bailey owns all the copyright to all of the tracks on his youtube therefore you may only use them with prior permission.

    Any unauthorised use of Tom Bailey's music will be removed immediately and legal action may take place.

    If you would like to sell or earn profit from using one of Tom Bailey's tracks/beats you will need to acquire a licence agreement that allows you to do so. More info:

  • How to Create Walking 12-Bar Blues Rhythms


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    Relevant Lessons:

    1.)How Chords and Scales are Created Using Formulas -

    2.) Blues Theory 101 - Major, Minor and Hybrid Approaches to Soloing Over a 12-Bar Blues Rhythm -


  • Slow Acoustic 12 bar Blues backing track in E


    Simple and slow 75 BPM 12 bar Blues backing track (loop) in the key of E

  • Bb - Slow 12 Bar Blues Backing Track


    Download this track:

    Play all my backing tracks for free and get some soloing tips at:

    Cliff Smith is guitar, ukulele and music theory tutor who gives lessons from his London studio, or online via Skype.

  • 12 Bar Blues For Total Beginners - FREE Piano / Keyboard Tutorial -


    Tom Horton takes you step by step though the popular 12-bar blues style. Add cool bass lines to the right hand chords!

    Many, many thanks for taking time out of your day to watch this video!

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  • C - Fast 12 Bar Blues Backing Track


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  • KILLING FLOOR: ALBERT King Style Medium Tempo Straight 12-Bar-Blues Key of A - 100 BPM


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    12 - Bar - Blues in A

    It seems like everyone has their own way of playing over the 12-bar-blues. Mostly it ends up being some combination of minor pentatonic and major pentatonic, with a few chord tones added here or there. Watch the scale grids for ideas. Top left is the blues scale, top right are the chord tones (arpeggios), and the modes (in A) are on the bottom! Happy shredding, shredders!

    When shredding: stuff to keep in mind:

    Keep it simple, and repeat good ideas and sounds you like.

    Try to play what's in your head, not what you're looking at (like those chord grids up there) or what your fingers have memorized.

    Be expressive! Try to add hammer-ons, string rakes, palm mutes, pull-offs, bends, slides, vibrato, or whammy bar to as many notes as you can! Listen to the pros, I guarantee that's what they're doing, unless they're shredding at a million notes a second.

    Most importantly: Learn some useful vocabulary! You must either copy some phrases from someone else, or come up with your own phrases to play. Music is a language with MANY dialects - you MUST learn the basics of the language to sound good, AND a the idiosyncrasies of the dialect to sound hip! That, or you're some kind of genius who automatically knows what do do (doubtful) so don't be lazy! Learn some basic blues licks, they will take you far! I learned some Dave Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix licks 20 years ago and I still play 'em all the time!

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    KILLER Albert King Style Medium Tempo Straight 12-Bar-Blues [Key of A - 100 BPM

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  • 12 Bar Blues with a Country Twang - Guitar Lesson


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    Lesson ID: A0148; Key: G

    In this country guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a variation of the 12 bar blues that has a country & bluegrass twang. In both country blues arrangements below, we’ll use triplets to spice up our country fills and we’ll also replace strumming with country crosspicking in certain measures to make our rhythm sound even more country. These country 12 bar blues progressions are in the key of G and you can use the country fill riffs that we’re studying in this guitar lesson with a bunch of other country & bluegrass songs. Pay close attention to how we’re structuring each country guitar lick around the rhythm chords.

  • Fingerpicking 12 Bar Blues in A |Tuesday Blues # 010


    For Tuesday Blues #010-we'll take a look at an option for the V Chord in the key of A.

    We'll link up our A7 Chordy Lick from Lesson 002 and the D7 Melody from Lesson 009 and work in this little melody in E.

    If you haven't gotten the A7 or D7 down, go check out those lessons and then hop back into lesson 10. This is where we bring it all together into a nice fingerpicking 12 bar blues in A.

    Remember to keep your alternating bass going strong throughout!

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    Good luck and PLAY ON!