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Playlist of 1.6 Band

  • How to TUNE an EVERTUNE Bridge with a Solar Guitars A 1.6


    Today I explain how to tune your evertune equipped guitar. I use my Solar Guitars A1.6 Artist which has an evertune bridge. I go over the 3 zones of the evertune as well as how to set up the bridge to allow for bends. I hope this helps some of you out there.

    My Band | The Partisan Component

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  • 1.6 Phish - Reba - 8/9/97 - Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI


    Notes: This super, Summer '97 version received recognition when released via Live Bait Vol. 11. Trey ignites a bouncy, infectious groove, which, in time, morphs into more metered jamming. Mike's playing is particularly strong, offset by great percussion, which bleeds into a heightened breakdown, the band working through an effects-laden passage. A stunning bit of improvisational majesty. Reba did not have the whistling ending.

    Fan Reviews:
    Then they dive into an absolutely ridiculous Reba. They are all over this one. Trey is immaculate on this reba. in fact, I must say, this is my favorite one since nye 95, which puts it in my top 2 of all time.
    During Reba, I remember looking up at my friend Jota and he was singing to me...for some reason that is vivid in my head.
    ..and then once again Reba is an inspired call. And this Reba delivers, patient and powerful.

    (FOB) Neumann km140=Sonosax SX-M2=Tascam DA-P1 (@ 44.1 kHz)

    Sony PCM-R500=Tascam HD-P2=CF card=usb=pc=WaveLab 5.01b (fades)=CD Wave v1.95=FLAC v1.1.2 (Level 8)

    recorded by Jim Cowan
    transferred by Jason Sobel (
    seeded November 26, 2006

    Clones from the master DATs were used in this transfer.
    Thanks to Jim for making a great recording, and thanks to Dave Flaschner for letting me borrow the DATs.

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  • Hendrix Style Guitar Lesson - Combining Rhythm & Lead Over


    Gain access to TABS, exclusive tutorials and other awesome supporter perks at

    Hello friends,
    welcome back to Swiftlessons for another lead guitar tutorial. In today's session I'll be breaking down a routine that will hopefully shed some light on Jimi Hendrix's unique approach to combining rhythm and lead elements through the use of pentatonic double stops. We'll begin by reviewing four pentatonic positions, before apply them to licks over a standard pop chord progression. Let's get started!

    Tabs for this lesson at:


    Request a song at:

  • Sudden Weather Change - 1.6 Facilitate Access


    Icelandic band Sudden Weather Change perform 1.6 Facilitate Access live at RUV Radio in Reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves. Recorded 10/14/09.

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  • Counter Strike 1.6 - Main Theme Piano Tutorial


    How to play cs 1.6 - Main Theme (Instrumental MIDI + Synthesia)

    Hello, friend! You're on the YouTube channel MIDIes Mus. Here is the largest collection of instrumental video lessons. Our team daily publishes new Synthesia piano tutorial . We want to create the largest library of MIDI. Here you can find your favorite song. If it is not, then write in the comments. We are not asking for money, but you can help us, if you do click on videos, repost, or subscribing)

  • 1.6 Band - s/t


    01 - These Giants
    02 - Threads
    03 - Cancer In My Backyard
    04 - Keeping Me From Killing You
    05 - Plastic Bags
    06 - Squelched
    07 - Throwing Rocks
    08 - One Eye Open
    09 - Adult Hitler

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  • Back In Church by 1.6 Band


    1.6 Band mini tour with Hell No - 1993
    Song by 1.6 Band

    Directed & Edited by Rob Porta (raindogg)

  • 1.6 band - pimpin aint easy 7


    1.6 band - pimpin' ain't easy 7

    1. Pushing Shit Back Into My Ass (0:00)
    2. Bullet To The Brain (2:48)
    3. Back In Church (5:16)
    4. Lollipops (8:15)

    released on wardance records in 1993

  • 1.6 BAND- Lollipops


    From Pimpin Ain't Easy 7 in 1992.
    Add some water,
    Add some sugar
    Dip your stick in it
    You don't own it
    You can't control it
    Dip your stick in.
    Yeah, I know, I know.
    Alternate trick or treat
    They think they've turned a trick.
    Alternate trick or treat.
    They think they've fucked my life.

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  • 1.6 Band The Pets Still Think Hes Coming Back


    1.6 Band rehearses for up and coming June 2010 shows in NYC and Massachusetts .

  • 1.6 Band - Let Me Breath


    1.6 Band - Let Me Breath

  • 1.6 BAND


    Burning Coal

    reunion show from 6/19/09

    source video:

  • 1.6 Band - Squelched


    From 1.6 band Album (1992)
    Gern Blandsten ‎Records.

  • 1.6 Band


    The Pets Still Think He's Coming Back.
    New stuff for 2009!

  • DUNIA // Ignition 1.6 // Band Playthrough


    DUNIA // Ignition 1.6 // Band Playthrough

    Saxophone Solo by Jeremiah Sormin

    Purchase/download Ignition 1.6 on Bandcamp
    [Semesta Fana EP]

    Also available on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, etc.

    Follow us on your desired social network(s)

    Mixed and mastered by Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana (
    Produced by Yutsi Surya Pratama and Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana

    Video Editor:
    Aion Production (


  • Day 3 Band Rehearsal 1.6


    Last Practice for the day!

  • Short Fictions - FULL SET • 1.6.19 • Philly, Pa


    Short Fictions full set from Super Wimpy HQ in Philadelphia, Pa on January 6th, 2019.

  • 창모, Hash Swan, ASH ISLAND, 김효은 - BAND 1.6배속 커버ㅣ김지비의 배속 라이브


    ♬ 배속 라이브란?
    →20초 마다 빨라지는 반주에 맞춰서 음정과, 박자를 맞춘 채 속도의 한계에 도전하는 컨텐츠!
    (본 영상은 음정과 박자를 편집하지 않은 원테이크로 녹음한 영상이기 때문에 음정과 박자가 듣기에 다소 불편하실 수 있습니다.)

    ▶배속라이브 모음 :

    ▶김지비를 만나려면!?
    - 아프리카 방송국 : 김지비

    - 오픈 채팅방 : 여기가 니 지비다

    - 김지비 팬카페

    - 인스타 : 1house2
    - 페이스북 : 김일집

    - 음향 : Ctrl Studio
    - MR :

    #배속라이브 #BAND #COVER

  • 1.6 Band These Giants/Pushing S**t Pittsfield Mass-6-26-10


    1.6 Band rocks Pittsfield Massachusetts at Rebel Records with These Giants into Pushing S**t Back Into My A** ...

  • 1.6 Band Philadelphia 9-27-09 Back in Church


    1.6 Band in Philadelphia Sept. 27th 09 opening for Rorschach

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  • 1.6 Band - Lambie Had a Little Mare.MOV


    Great song that hasn't been recorded, Lambie had a little Mare.

  • 1.6 Band @ First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia. 9/27/09 #2


    1.6 Band @ First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia. 9/27/09 #2

  • 1.6 Band @ First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia. 9/27/09


    1.6 Band @ First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia. 9/27/09

  • 1.6 - Un Pont vers la LOUISIANE - Sarah Savoy & les Francadiens - PONTCHARTRAIN 2010


    Lève Tes Fenêtres Haut et Jambalaya par SARAH SAVOY et les FRANCADIENS au Festival Musique et Danses Cajun & Zydeco de Louisiane à Pontchartrain, le 21 mai 2010. Plus d'infos sur et

  • Oz Noy Band Twisted Blues Opener 1.6.12


    The great guitarist Oz Noy brought his Twisted Blues Project to Iridium Featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble Bandmates Reese Wynans (Keys), Chris Layton (Drums), Roscoe Beck (Bass)

  • 1.6.2020_rehearsal_vlog


    Mirages The Band Goes To Practice

  • Angelo Kelly and the band in Krakow 1.6.2007


    child of God

  • ballast band practice 1.6


  • Gettin Groovy With LMMS - Lets Make Music #1.6


    LMMS teaches us that groove is in the heart. Life lessons, love.

  • Gregg Allman Band - I Cant Be Satisfied @ Georgia Theatre, Athens 1.6.2015


    Night 1 of Gregg Allman at the Georgia Theatre
    Athens, Ga.
    January 6, 2015

  • Practice Day 2 Band Rehearsal -1.6


    Just Practicing for the day!

  • Studio One 1.6 - Home Studio Headphone Routing


    Just some added info for further control of the headphone mixing and click track control, including turning the click on and off for each musician as well as volume control for the click, for each musician.

  • Air band at ancient notebook


    SDRSharp at Pentium-M 1.6GHz

  • Whit Spirit - Sixty Bars No Repeats: David Lawson 1.6


    In the first of our 'Sixty Bars No Repeats' series, we introduce David Lawson (Eb Bass) for one minute in the spotlight. Background music is an excerpt from 'True & Trusty', a march by JA Greenwood, pub. F Richardson Ltd (Gloucester), performed by Whit Spirit Brass Band 2020

  • Magnet Band _Liên khúc tết thiếu nhi 1.6.2011


  • The Spirit Lives to Set us Free 1.6i


    This is the instrumental version 1.6i of 'The Spirit Lives to Set Us Free' (Walk in the Light), recorded by Whit Spirit Brass for Saddleworth Churches Whit Morning Service online video, part of our lockdown project for educational purposes only. 'The Spirit Lives to Set Us Free' (Walk in the Light) is Anon, with lyrics by Damian Lundy and arranged for Concert/Brass Band by Geoff Kingston, pub. Safemusic Publishign Limited 2013 (Ceredigion) and lyrics pub. Kevin Mayhew Ltd

  • Rhythm tracks with Styx 1.6, Battery, Vocoder, Trash, Xils,


    How to combine Xils Styx 1.6 with other tools to get innvovative Rhythms and Inspiration

  • Blues Street Band - Moje já - Hudební klub U Zvonu - Valašské Meziříčí 1.6.2012


    První koncert s novým zpěvákem Richardem Hausmatzem

  • roots rock reggae bob Marley jam- Minus 5 band - 1.6.16


  • Robert Ray: Gospel Magnificat - Vokalensemble MOSAIK & Band


    Robert Ray: Gospel Magnificat,
    sung by/gesungen von:
    Vokalensemble MOSAIK Puchenau, Austria,
    Piano/Klavier: Michael Kreuzer,
    Bass: Bernhard Fürpaß,
    Percussion: Thomas Engelberger,
    Solo: Wolfgang Filzmoser, Thomas Baum,
    Conductor/Leitung: Andrea Engelberger.
    Konzert zur Langen Nacht der Kirchen 2012 in der Martin-Luther-Kirche Linz.

  • Pedal 1.6R. Mountain Bike. Single track. Frango Assado Band


    My MiniMovie - Sport for 2017 (ZenUI)

  • Secret Weapon Live at Jakcloth MoshXpit Stage 1.6.14


    Jakarta Clothing Expo
    Parkir Timur GBK Senayan Jakarta


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  • Zdenka Kovačiček & Greenhouse Blues Band: Frka @ Jedinstvena vrtna zabava 2019, 1.6.2019.


    Jedinstvena glazbena zvijezda na Jedinstvenoj vrtnoj zabavi 2019, naša žena za sva vremena - Zdenka Kovačiček i Greenhouse Blues Band!

    Izvedba legendarnog Zdenkinog hita iz 1980-ih - Frka

    Vokal: Zdenka Kovačiček
    Gitara: Lovro Šicel
    Klavijature: Jurica Hotko
    Bas gitara: Igor Flajhar
    Bubnjevi: Kristian Orešić
    Saksofon: Oliver Ereš

    Video: Igor Mihovilović

  • ???? DRUMLINE Spielmannszug TSV Malente 1.6.2019 HD


    Die DRUMLINE des Spielmannszug TSV Malente beim 37. Internationalen Musikfest am 1.6.2019 in Malente

  • Moonshine Rhythm Club live at The Westport Saloon 1.6.17


    The small stage at The Westport Saloon hosts live music every night of the week with multiple band bills every weekend. Best of all, there is never a cover charge! Enjoy American Roots acts from honky tonk, bluegrass, blues, and everything in between! Check our calendar at for upcoming shows. We also livestream every show and archive it to our YouTube channel. Subscribe and follow your favorite acts.

  • Magnet Band - Liên khúc thiếu nhi 1.6.2011.mp4


  • Lyuba & bands - Live 1.6


    Bar Anormal, Sofia, 2014 12 27 Люба и Порто

  • Heikki Salo & FMEJ - Mystinen metsätyömies


    Freud Marx Engels & Jung Ever Changing House Band solistinaan Heikki Salo.

  • Andy Timmons Band - Crossroads - IridiumLive! 1.6.2013


    Presented by

    Watch for ANDY TIMMONS LIVE CD/DVD later in 2013!

    IridiumLive Records -- Holiday special, 2 Limited Edition IridiumLive CDs for $25! Available at the club and @

    For exclusive content, subscribe to our YouTube Channel -
    And join us on Facebook -

    IridiumLive! 1.6.2013
    Andy Timmons Trio

    The world's new home of guitar, forever the home of Les Paul - The Iridium - Webcasting live from Times Square several nights per week! With select performances available for sale worldwide via our new audiophile record label, IridiumLive! 2012 releases include DONNA JEAN GODCHAUX, GREGG ROLIE, ARLEN ROTH, CORKY LAING & THE MEMORY THIEVES and more! For schedule and exclusive live content, visit

    Produced, Directed and Mixed live by Doug Yoel
    Cameras by Matt Kehoe, Greg Zemalkowski, Ron Sturm and Kirk Yanow, equipment and support provided by DV Depot, lights by Alex Beaulieu.

  • 2009 Big Island Band Fest 1.6: Little Champ - Kam-Hawaii Middle




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