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Playlist of ᴴᴰ Hans Zimmer

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    ᴴᴰ Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal ALL VERSIONS


    ★The Da Vinci Code (Chevaliers de Sangreal) 0:02,
    ★ Angels and Demons (503) 4:08,
    ★ Inferno (Life Must Have Its Mysteries) 6:20

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    Hans Zimmer - Widows Soundtrack ᴴᴰ


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    01. Marcus 0:00
    02. We Have a Job to Do 3:23
    03. Money 5:57
    04. Perimeter Check 8:31
    05. The Calm Before the Storm 11:39
    06. The Job 13:20
    07. Race Against Time 18:18
    08. My Son 19:42
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    Hans Zimmer & Rupert Gregson-Williams - The Crown: Season One Soundtrack ᴴᴰ


    November 2016 - The Crown: Season One (Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series) - Hans Zimmer & Rupert Gregson-Williams


    01. The Crown Main Title 0:00
    02. Duck Shoot 1:24
    03. Sagana 5:31
    04. Government 10:03
    05. The Letter 14:09
    06. Limerick 22:06
    07. Edward Returns 24:56
    08. In This Together 26:59
    09. Margaret and Townsend 32:57
    10. The Anointing 36:11
    11. Someone Remarkable 41:24
    12. Where Does That Leave Me? 45:40
    13. Margaret Calls Elizabeth 47:20
    14. Bit of Fluff 51:21
    15. Dressing Down 53:52
    16. Mary is Dead 57:01
    17. Mary and Edward 58:47
    18. Chasing Margaret 1:02:18
    19. Head of the Family 1:03:46

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    Dunkirk - End Titles + The Mole - 1 Hour Hans Zimmer ᴴᴰ


    July 20, 2017 - Hans Zimmer - Dunkirk: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - WaterTower Music
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    Best Hans Zimmer Music #1


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    00:00 Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe - In The Beginning
    03:45 The Lion King - This Land (Hans Zimmer)
    06:40 The Thin Red Line (Hans Zimmer)
    10:27 The Dark Knight Rises - Main Theme – Hans Zimmer
    14:08 Interstellar - Main Theme - Hans Zimmer
    18:13 Pearl Harbor - Brothers – Hans Zimmer
    22:17 Injection - Hans Zimmer
    27:05 Lost but Won - Hans Zimmer
    33:17 Honor - Main Theme - Hans Zimmer
    36:14 Time – Inception - Hans Zimmer


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    Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard - Why So Serious?


    You're listening to the official audio for Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard - Why So Serious? from the album 'The Dark Knight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)'. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard composed the score of 'The Dark Knight', the second film in 'The Dark Knight Trilogy' film series directed by Christopher Nolan.

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    ♪ Lisa Gerrard e Hans Zimmer - Now We Are Free ♪ ᴴᴰ Tema do filme Gladiador



    Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free (Tradução) Tema do filme Gladiador (Gladiator), trilha do filme.Lisa Gerrard usa uma idioglóssia (uma linguagem idiossincrática) que ela desenvolve desde seus doze anos de idade (nascimento: 12 de Abril de 1961) é musicista, cantora e compositora australiana, que ganhou renome internacional como parte do grupo musical Dead Can Dance com o amigo irlandês Brendan Perry. Sua carreira começou em 1981 e continua até hoje, estando envolvida numa gama variada de projetos. Lisa Gerrard recebeu o prêmio Globo de Ouro e uma indicação ao Oscar em 2000 pelo seu trabalho no filme Gladiator. Além de cantar, Lisa faz música instrumental na como parte de seu trabalho, geralmente utilizando o Yangqin (uma cítara chinesa chamada dulcimer tocada com dois pequenos martelos)...
    #LisaGerrard #NowWeAreFree #Gladiador

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    ᴴᴰ 1988 Rain Man • Hans Zimmer ▬ Soundtrack/Movie Trailer


    ★ December 16, 1988 — © United Artists. Music by Hans Zimmer - Soundtrack Trailer

    Rain Man is a 1988 American comedy-drama film directed by Barry Levinson and written by Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass. It tells the story of an abrasive and selfish yuppie, Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise), who discovers that his estranged father has died and bequeathed all of his multimillion-dollar estate to his other son, older Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), an autistic savant whose existence Charlie was unaware of.

    In addition to the two leads, Valeria Golino stars as Charlie's girlfriend, Susanna. Morrow created the character of Raymond after meeting Kim Peek (★ November 11, 1951 - † 19 December 2009) a real-life savant his characterization was based on both Peek and Bill Sackter, a good friend of Morrow who was the subject of Bill, an earlier film that Morrow wrote. Rain Man received overwhelmingly positive reviews at the time of its release, praising Hoffman's role and the wit and sophistication of the screenplay.

    The film won four Oscars at the 61st Academy Awards (March 1989), including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actor in a Leading Role for Hoffman. Its crew received an additional four nominations. The film also won the Golden Bear at the 39th Berlin International Film Festival.

    Rain Man was overall positively received by critics. It garnered an 89% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an average score of 7.7. Vincent Canby of The New York Times called Rain Man a becomingly modest, decently thought-out, sometimes funny film; Hoffman's performance was a display of sustained virtuosity . . . [which] makes no lasting connections with the emotions. Its end effect depends largely on one's susceptibility to the sight of an actor acting nonstop and extremely well, but to no particularly urgent dramatic purpose.Canby considered the film's true central character to be the confused, economically, and emotionally desperate Charlie, beautifully played by Mr. Cruise,

    Rain Man debuted on December 16, 1988, and was the second on the weekend's box office receipts (behind Twins), with $7 million. It reached the first spot on the December 30 - January 2 weekend, finishing 1988 with $42 million. The film would end up as the highest-grossing film of 1988 with $172 million.

    Property of United Artists® and Guber-Peters Company

    Recorded by Hans Zimmer — 1988

    © All rights reserved.

    Budget: $25 million
    Box office: $354,825,435

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    Hollywood in Vienna 2015
    Keith Lockhart
    ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna
    Vienna Concert Hall

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    Hans Zimmer - Time


    Amazing soundtrack!

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    Interstellar Main Theme - Extra Extended - Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer


    Interstellar Main Theme - Extra Extented - Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

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    Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight OST - A Dark Knight - HD


    Last track of The Dark Knight score. Music by Hans Zimmer and characters by Bob Kane.

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    Hans Zimmer - Time


    Soundtrack of Inception. Music by Hans Zimmer.

    The movie name is Inception! :)

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    Hans Zimmer - Lost But Won


    Movie Rush.
    Unofficial Music video.

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    Hans Zimmer - Gladiator - Live



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    The Dark Knight - Hans Zimmer /J. Newton Howard - LIVE


    Producer/Conductor/Piano: Ciprian Costin

    Epic Mongolian Voice: Uyanga Bold

    Electric Cello: Tina Guo

    Technical Director: Andy Faulkner
    Photos by Sorin Onisor
    Video Editing by Pascan Vadim
    Live @ The Masterpiece Experience, March 23, 2013
    Mixing/Mastering: Andres Locsey

    Orchestra: Bucharest Symphony Orchestra

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    Hans Zimmer - Time - Live in Prague


    Hans Zimmer - Time - Live in Prague

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    Hans Zimmer - Aurora


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    Hans Zimmer: Live in Prague 2016


    Probably the best music event I've ever experienced. Hans Zimmer's concert in Prague where i had a honor to be.


    0:00:00 Driving Miss Daisy
    0:02:49 Sherlock Holmes
    0:04:51 Madagascar
    0:07:37 Crímson Tide
    0:12:16 Angels & Demons

    0:19:51 The Wheat
    0:20:58 The Battle
    0:26:57 Elysium
    0:28:12 Now We Are Free
    0:32:33 The Da Vinci Code

    0:36:56 Circle of Life
    0:37:28 This Land
    0:41:23 King of Pride Rock

    0:44:06 Jack Sparrow
    0:48:18 One Day
    0:50:54 Lift Off
    0:53:20 Up is Down
    0:54:29 He's Pirate
    0:56:03 True Romance
    0:58:16 Rain Man
    1:02:19 Man of Steel
    1:07:06 The Thin Red Line
    1:13:42 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    1:18:58 Why So Serious?
    1:23:47 Like a Dog Chasing Cars
    1:26:28 Why Do We Fall?
    1:27:11 Risen from Darkness
    1:28:13 Deshi Basara
    1:29:08 The Fire Rises
    1:30:51 Gotham's Reckoning
    1:32:03 Aurora

    1:38:04 Day One
    1:39:45 Where We're Going?
    1:41:16 No Time for Caution
    1:44:48 Stay

    1:50:24 Half Remembred Dream
    1:51:51 Dream is Collapsing
    1:54:02 Mombasa
    1:58:53 Time

    All music by Hans Zimmer and his band.
    I don't claim right, all ones belongs to the owners

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    Aurora - Hans Zimmer


    Aurora is dedicated to those who lost their lives and were affected by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. I recorded this song in London in the days following the tragedy as a heartfelt tribute to the victims and their families. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Aurora Victim Relief organization. The track is available on iTunes shortly and you can donate here: - Hans Zimmer

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    Hans Zimmer - Man of Steel Live in Prague DVD


    What are you going to do when you are not saving the world ?

    Jours Etranges

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    Hans Zimmer - The Classics - 2017


    1. Main Theme (From 'The Dark Knight Rises') 00:00
    2. Main Theme (From 'Pirates of the Caribbean') 4:24
    3. Gladiator Rhapsody (From 'Gladiator') 10:45
    4. Main Theme (From 'Crimson Tide') 15:25
    5. Time (From 'Inception') 19:28
    6. This Land (From 'The Lion King') 24:12
    7. Now We Are Free (From 'Gladiator') 28:10
    8. Flight (From 'Man of Steel') 32:21
    9. Light (From 'The Thin Red Line') 36:55
    10. The Battle Scene (From 'Gladiator') 44:00
    11. Mombasa (From 'The Inception') Feat. 2CELLOS [Bad Image] 50:49
    12. The Docking Scene (From 'Interstellar') 54:27

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    Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal


    From the movie The Davinci Code, here's Chevaliers de Sangreal by Hans Zimmer.

    Disclaimer: I do not own the music by Hans Zimmer.

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    Hans Zimmer - The Da Vinci Code Live In Prague DVD


    Chavaliers De Sandreal

    Jours Etranges

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    Hans Zimmer - Time Extended Version


    Credit: Hans Zimmer.

    Extended version: 14 min of OST Time from Inception.

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    Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal - The Da Vinci Code Soundtrack


    Theme song from The Da Vinci Code by Hans Zimmer.

    If you have any copyright issues, please contact me.

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    Blue Planet II - Soundtrack Score OST - Hans Zimmer


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    Hans Zimmer. Amazing Czarina Russel in Now we are free


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    Hans Zimmer performs INCEPTION Time - The World of Hans Zimmer


    at Hollywood in Vienna 2018
    The World of Hans Zimmer

    Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
    Martin Gellner, conductor

    Hans Zimmer, guitar
    Amir John Haddad, guitar
    Eliane Correa, piano
    Juan Garcia Herreros, bass
    Rusanda Panfili, violin
    Marie Spaemann, cello
    Pedro Eustache, flute
    Aleksandra Suklar, percussion
    Lucy Landymore, drums
    Luis Ribeiro, ethnic percussion

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    Hans Zimmer - Planet Earth II - Suite


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    Hans Zimmer - A Small Measure of Peace


    Full song by Hans Zimmer from the Last Samurai OST. The most beautiful classical song ever created.
    For those who prefer high quality videos, I have reuploaded this in HD. Click this link:

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    Now we are free - Joslin - Gladiator Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard


    Please visit For more info on bookings and live performances.

    Written and composed by Hans Zimmer. Music inspired from 'Gladiator'. Arranged by Joslin. Recorded and produced by Joslin in his private Studios.
    All artwork done by Joslin

    Final Mix and Master by : Martin Baird (

    Piano - Joslin (

    Violin - Emily Burak

    Drums - Josh Phillips (
    Percussion - Jonah Leonard (

    Guitar - Scott Stine (

    Strings by Burak Strings :

    Hair done by Sonia Trevino

    instagram: @sonia_trevino

    Video Directed and edited by Joslin
    DP - Anh Nguyen (
    and special thanks to Trenten Williams

    Filming locations:
    Meyers' Park, Mckinney, TX. (
    Lakeland RV Ranch, Farmersville TX (
    Erwin park, Mckinney TX (

    Social media links to connect to:
    ★ Facebook :
    ★ Instagram:
    ★ iTunes at :
    ★ Spotify :
    ★ Youtube :

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    - God Bless America -
    - Promise me - Beverly Cravern Cover :
    - Perhaps Love - John denver cover -

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    Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe - In The Beginning


    Composers : Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe
    Title : In The Beginning

    Album : The Bible (Original TV Series Soundtrack)

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    Soundtrack Rush. Hans Zimmer. 23.- Lost but Won


    Gran banda sonora compuesta por el gran Hans Zimmer, el tema 23.- Lost but Won de la pelicula de Rush muestra una vez mas la rivalidad entre el tricampeon Niki lauda y el campeón del mundo James Hunt en 1976, comienza con tono dramatico y consigue la potencia y esa cercania al riesgo que requiere la escena.
    Great soundtrack composed by the great Hans Zimmer, the theme 23.- Lost but Won of the Rush movie shows once again the rivalry between the three-time champion Niki Lauda and the world champion James Hunt in 1976, begins with a dramatic tone and achieves the power and the risk that the scene requires.

    Yo no tengo ningún derecho sobre la música. Todos los derechos pertenecen a sus respectivos propietarios.
    I don`t own any rights to the music. All rights belong to their respective owners.

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    Hans Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean Medley - Hans Zimmer Live - Köln - 28.04.2016


    Hans Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean Medley (Jack Sparrow, Love Suite, One Day, Up Is Down, He's a Pirate) - Hans Zimmer Live - Köln - 28.04.2016

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    Batman Begins - Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard


    Full OST from Batman Begins by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard


    00:01 Vespertilio
    02:32 Eptesicus
    06:43 Myotis
    12:24 Barbastella
    16:54 Artibeus
    20:53 Tadarida
    25:48 Macrotus
    33:15 Antrozus
    37:05 Nycteris
    41:22 Molossus
    46:05 Corynorhinus
    51:06 Lasiurus

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    Hans Zimmer - S.T.A.Y.


    Interstellar Theme Cover by Efisio Cross STAY!
    Original Music by Hans Zimmer
    Cover by Efisio Cross
    Album: S.T.A.Y (Single 2019)

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    Hans Zimmer: Solomon


    Solomon by Hans Zimmer

    From the original soundtrack to 12 Years a Slave.

    Another beautiful, melancholy composition by Zimmer. Chord progression is almost identical to that of Zimmer's Time from the soundtrack to Inception (though slower and mournful).

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    Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal


    Producer/Conductor: Ciprian Costin

    Vocals: Uyanga Bold
    Synths: Juan Carlos Enriquez
    Co-Producer: Vadim Pascan
    Live @ The Masterpiece Experience, March 23, 2013

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    The Fire Rises-Aurora by Hans Zimmer Live In Prague


    I am not the owner of this video.If you want more Hans Zimmer please Buy the original release Bluray Hans Zimmer

    Live in Prague (2017).

    Guest Star

    1. guthrie govan (Guitar)
    2. Mike Einziger (Guitar)
    3. Jhonny Marr (Guitar)
    4. Tina Guo (Cello)

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    Chevaliers De Sangreal


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Chevaliers De Sangreal · Hans Zimmer · Richard Harvey

    The Da Vinci Code

    ℗ 2006 Universal Music Classical

    Released on: 2006-01-01

    Producer: Hans Zimmer
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Geoff Foster
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Alan Meyerson
    Studio Personnel, Mix Engineer: Al Clay
    Editor: Simon Charger
    Associated Performer, Orchestra Leader: Gavyn Wright
    Associated Performer, Violin: Thomas Bowes
    Associated Performer, Viola: Peter Lale
    Associated Performer, Viol: Fretwork
    Composer: Hans Zimmer

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    The Last Samurai - Soundtrack Suite HD


    A suite with the best themes from The Last Samurai soundtrack.

    The score was composed by Hans Zimmer and produced by Edward Zwick and Danny Bramson.

    Label : Elektra Records

    The Last Samurai is a epic war film directed by Edward Zwick.
    Studio: Radar Pictures; Bedford Falls Company; Cruise/Wagner

    Picture: Warner Bros.

    Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, 2003.

    Do you want more film music? Click right here:

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    Hans Zimmer - S.T.A.Y.


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    Hans Zimmer - The Last Race / Days of Thunder


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    Hans Zimmer - Tennessee


    Composed by Hans Zimmer
    Soundtrack from Attack Pearl Harbor
    Hans Zimmer - Tennessee

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    Soundtrack The Prince Of Egypt Hans Zimmer Full Album HD


    Soundtrack The Prince Of Egypt Hans Zimmer Full Album HD

    0:00 The Prince of Egypt (When You Believe)
    5:03 Deliver Us
    12:18 The Reprimand
    16:25 Following Tzipporah
    17:25 All I Ever Wanted (With Queen's Reprise)
    20:17 Goodbye Brother
    25:50 Through Heaven's Eyes
    29:32 The Burning Bush
    36:49 Playing With the Big Boys
    39:41 Cry
    43:31 Rally
    44:14 The Plagues
    46:55 Death of the First Born
    48:02 When You Believe
    52:58 Red Sea
    58:13 Through Heaven's Eyes (K-CI & JOJO)
    1:03:20 River Lullaby
    1:07:14 Humanity
    1:11:48 I Will Get There

    1998 DreamWorks Records.

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    HANS ZIMMER - BLUE PLANET II - Special - Soundtrack Score OST


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    Feel free to contact us if you would like me to remove a song.

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    Now we are free - Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard


    Hi. I only extended this amazing song.

    I got the video from here:

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    Hans Florian Zimmer - 2) Medley: Crimson Tide / 160 BPM


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    Hans Zimmer - God Save Us


    Angels & Demons: 6m28 God Save Us

    This is a complete orchestral rewrite from scratch of one of the greatest pieces of music Hans Zimmer has ever produced.

    Alternate Key:

    99% Samples.
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