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Playlist of [MMF2016] Old K

  • MMF2016 Old K-Pop Performance - BTS, Twice, B.A.P, Gfriend, EXID , K-Pop 리메이크 공연,


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부 20161231
    Old K-Pop Performance(Cover)
    BTS - Rainism(Rain) / Twice - U-Go-Girl(Lee Hyo Ri) / B.A.P - MIROTIC(TVXQ!) / Gfriend - So Hot(Wonder Girls) / EXID - Abracadabra(Brown Eyed Girls)
    방탄소년단 - Rainism(비) / 트와이스 - U-Go-Girl(이효리) / B.A.P - 주문(동방신기) / 여자친구 - So Hot(원더걸스) / EXID - 아브라카다브라(브라운아이드걸스)

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  • MMF2016 BTS - As I Told You, 방탄소년단 - 말하자면, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    BTS - As I Told You(original by. Kim Sung Jae), 방탄소년단 - 말하자면(원곡: 김성재)

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  • MMF2016 All musicians - To You, 전 출연자 - 그대에게, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    All musicians - To You(original by. Shin Hae Chul, Reply 1988 OST), 전 출연자 - 그대에게(원곡: 무한궤도, 응답하라 1988 삽입곡)

  • MMF2016 HaniXSeolhyunXTzuyu - To my boyfriend, 하니X설현X쯔위 - 내 남자친구에게, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    Rolling Music Box1 - HaniXSeolhyunXTzuyu - To my boyfriend (original by. Fin.K.L)
    하니X설현X쯔위 - 내 남자친구에게(원곡: 핑클)

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  • MMF2016 What 2076 - SHINee episode, 2076년 샤이니, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    What 2076 - ONEW+HOYA+Sungjong+KRY episode, 2076년 온유+호야+성종+키 에피소드

  • MMF2016 AOA X INFINITE - Tell Me, AOA X 인피니트 - 말해줘, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    Rolling Music Box2 - AOA(ChoA) X INFINITE(HOYA&Dongwoo) - Tell Me(original by. JINUSEAN)
    AOA(초아) X 인피니트(호야&동우) - 말해줘(원곡: 지누션)

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  • MMF2016 UP10TION - Barefooted Youth, 업텐션 - 맨발의 청춘, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    Rolling Music Box1 - UP10TION - Barefooted Youth(original by. Buck), 업텐션 - 맨발의 청춘(원곡: 벅)

  • BANGTAN BOMB Rainism Special stage @ MBC 가요대제전 2016 - BTS


    BTS Official Homepage
    BTS Blog
    BTS Facebook

  • MMF2016 Hong Jin Young X Tae Jin Ah - Thumb Up+Partner+Love Somebod One, 홍진영 - 엄지척, 161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    Hong Jin Young X Tae Jin Ah - Thumb Up+Partner+Love Somebod One
    홍진영X태진아 - 엄지척+동반자+사랑은 아무나 하나

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  • MMF2016 INFINITE - BTD, 인피니트 - BTD, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    INFINITE - BTD, 인피니트 - BTD

  • MMF2016 Twice - TT, 트와이스 - TT, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    Twice - TT, 트와이스 - TT

  • 소장각???? #12 세븐틴 & BTS & GOT7 & 여자친구 & 트와이스 & 다이아 나는 나비 - 대세 아이돌들의 스무살, 청춘


    대세 아이돌들의 스무살, 청춘

    작사 박태희
    작곡 박태희
    편곡 YB,박태희,Scott Hellowell,윤도현,김진원,허준
    원곡 YB

    내 모습이 보이지 않아 앞길도 보이지 않아
    나는 아주 작은 애벌레
    살이 터져 허물 벗어 한 번 두 번 다시
    나는 상처 많은 번데기

    추운 겨울이 다가와 힘겨울지도 몰라
    봄바람이 불어오면 이제 나의 꿈을 찾아 날아

    날개를 활짝 펴고 세상을 자유롭게 날거야
    노래하며 춤추는 나는 아름다운 나비
    날개를 활짝 펴고 세상을 자유롭게 날거야
    노래하며 춤추는 나는 아름다운 나비

    거미줄을 피해 날아 꽃을 찾아 날아
    사마귀를 피해 날아 꽃을 찾아 날아
    꽃들의 사랑을 전하는 나비

    날개를 활짝 펴고 세상을 자유롭게 날거야
    노래하며 춤추는 나는 아름다운 나비
    날개를 활짝 펴고 세상을 자유롭게 날거야
    노래하며 춤추는 나는 아름다운 나비

    날개를 활짝 펴고 세상을 자유롭게 날거야
    노래하며 춤추는 나는 아름다운 나비
    워우워워워 우우우 워우워어어어
    워우워어 우우 워우워워어어 워어

  • MMF2016 SHINee - Ring Ding Dong, 샤이니 - 링딩동, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    SHINee - Ring Ding Dong, 샤이니 - 링딩동

  • MMF2016 TURBO - AGAIN+White Love, 터보 - 다시+White Love, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    TURBO - AGAIN+White Love, 터보 - 다시+White Love



  • 《LIVE VER.》 SAF SBS GAYO DAEJUN Street Dance Team + Shinee’s Taemin


    More at

    ©SBS&SBS Contents Hub.
    2016 SBS 어워즈 페스티벌 홈페이지

    ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now looking for correspondents from around the world --

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  • BTS - Perfect Man , 방탄소년단 - Perfect Man 2015 MBC Music festival 20151231


    BTS - Perfect Man(Original by, SHINHWA)
    방탄소년단 - Perfect Man

    2015 MBC Music festival

  • 《MC Special Stage》 Seoung yeon X Jeong yeon X Minseok X TWICE @인기가요 Inkigayo 20160703


    SBS Inkigayo(인기가요) is a Korean music program broadcast by SBS. The show features some of the hottest and popular artists’ performance every Sunday, 3:40pm. The winner is to be announced at the end of a show.
    Check out this week’s Inkigayo Line up and meet your favorite artist!

    SBS Inkigayo 인기가요 EP870 20160703

    Seoung yeon · Jeong yeon · Minseok - Cheer Up & Who's your mama?

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  • BTS - Rainism, 방탄소년단 – 레이니즘 @2016 KMF - - G8briel


    Barcenilla reacts to BTS - Rainism, 방탄소년단 – 레이니즘 @2016 KMF
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  • MMF2016 BTOB - Ill be your man, 비투비 - 기도, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    BTOB - I'll be your man, 비투비 - 기도

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  • MMF2016 VIXX - The Closer+Fantasy, 빅스 - The Closer+Fantasy, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    VIXX - The Closer+Fantasy, 빅스 - The Closer+Fantasy

  • KOREAN CLASS Hyun A◈Babe


    ◈Let's learn with K-POP!◈
    Lesson 15. Hyun A - Babe (@Show! Music Core 20170902)
    Today's Vocab : ① na-doh mo-reu-ge (나도 모르게) ② yeah-ppeo-hae-jwo (예뻐해줘) ③ jahm ahn-oh-ne (잠 안 오네) ④ son-gil (손길)

    ※ It'll keep coming up, so look forward to it! If you guys have any song to learn, let us know! We're here to support your Korean language skill to grow! :)

    Want more Korean clss with K-POP? Click ☞

  • Top 10 Longest Lasting K-Pop Group Lineups


    I am finally redoing this old video of mine that I originally did back in 2015. I, of course, putting my personal voiceover touch on the vid now, and it's needed, because my original one was way too confusing for viewers. Hopefully I explained this concept much better. I wanted to make this a positive video overall and give props to all these amazing KPop groups. Do enjoy! :)

    Thank you all for watching! Please be sure to like, favorite, subscribe, and leave awesome commentary! Don't forget to check out my many other works, too! Follow me on Twitter & Instagram @DareDB

    Social Media - Share my videos, please! :)
    Twitter: @DareDB

    Instagram: @DareDB


    KPop Stars Songs, Debut. Music Videos (MV), Group Members (Alphabetically) Featured (Title Tracks):
    2PM - Heartbeat
    BIGBANG - Lies, Fantastic Baby
    Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra, Sixth Sense
    CNBLUE - Love, I'm Sorry
    Davichi - Don't Say Goodbye, 8282, This Love
    FTISLAND - I Hope, Lovesick, Paradise
    SHINee - Lucifer, Replay
    Shinhwa - Venus, T.O.P
    Supernova, Choshinsung - On Days That I Missed You, Stupid Love
    TVXQ / DBSK - Catch Me

    #KPop4Life #FriendsForever #DareDBKPop

  • My favorite Old School Kpop songs | pt.2


    Some more old school songs which I love. I think I will also make a video of even older songs like from the 70s-80s because those are fire too.
    *05:16 I'm not sure if thats the english title of the song and its quite hard to find it so the korean title is coco - 그리움으로 지는 너 if you wanna search it

    here's the link to the playlist:

    #kpop #throwback #90s

  • MMF2016 B.A.P - Young, Wild & Free, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    B.A.P - Young, Wild & Free

  • MMF2016 SHINee - Tell Me What To Do+1 of 1, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    SHINee - Tell Me What To Do+1 of 1, 샤이니 - Tell Me What To Do+1 of 1

  • MMF2016 ApinkXBTOB - The Angel Who Lost Wings, 에이핑크X비투비 - 날개잃은천사, MBC Music Festival 161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    Rolling Music Box2 - BomiXNamjooXEunkwangXChansub - The Angel Who Lost Wings(original by. Roo'Ra)
    보미X남주X은광X창섭 - 날개잃은천사 (원곡: 룰라)

  • Old Kpop VS New Kpop Part1


    No Copyright Infringement Intended

  • MMF2016 SISTAR X MONSTA X - Sexy Guy, 씨스타X몬스타엑스 - 섹시한 남자, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    Rolling Music Box2 - SISTAR(Hyolyn&Soyou) X MONSTA X(Jooheon&I.M) - Sexy Guy(original by. Space A)
    씨스타(효린&소유)X몬스타엑스(주헌&아이엠) - 섹시한 남자(원곡: 스페이스 A)

  • MMF2016 BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears, 방탄소년단 - 피땀눈물, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears, 방탄소년단 - 피땀눈물

  • MMF2016 Apink - Intro+Only One, 에이핑크 - Intro+내가 설렐 수 있게, MMF 161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    Apink - Intro(LUV+Mr.Chu+NoNoNo)+Only One, 에이핑크 - Intro(LUV+미스터 츄+NoNoNo)+내가 설렐 수 있게

  • 아재 감성 노래 모음 추억의 감성 노래 연속듣기 #8 old K-POP New jack swing 25min 寻找隐藏的名曲 韩国 感性的老歌


    알앤피(RNP)가 추천하는 추억의 감성 음악 #8 _ 프로듀서 이현도

    D.O A.K.A. DEUX 이현도

    이현도 작사/작곡/편곡


    01. 듀스(Deux) - 굴레를 벗어나 (Mo Funk ver.) 00:00:02

    02. 듀스(Deux) - 사랑. 두려움 00:03:27

    03. 이현도(=D.O) - 사자후(獅子喉) 00:07:21

    04. 김성재 - ...말하자면 00:10:54

    05. 김성욱 D.C - 너와 함께 (Feat. 이현도) 00:14:31

    06. 디베이스(D.Bace) - 모든것을 너에게 00:18:14

    07. 유승준 - 열정 (熱情) 00:21:25

  • Oli London - Heart of Korea


    The official music video for Oli London- Heart of Korea.

    © 2019, Oli London Entertainment Inc.

    Available now on:
    Google Play
    Amazon MP3
    and more.

    Directed & Edited by: Frostbite Films
    Videographer: Beanie Buck
    Single Cover: Frostbite Films/ Beanie Buck
    Produced by: Oli London, Scott Houzet
    Wardrobe: Fashion Crossover London

    Official Website:

    Sample Licensing from Sakamoto/ Pacific View Music courtesy of The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.

  • MMF2016 CNBLUE - Youre So Fine, 씨엔블루 - 이렇게 예뻤나, MBC Music Festival 2016123


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 2부
    CNBLUE - You're So Fine, 씨엔블루 - 이렇게 예뻤나

  • MMF2016 Girlfriend - Rough+NAVILLERA, 여자친구 - 시간을 달려서+너 그리고 나, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    Girlfriend - Rough+NAVILLERA, 여자친구 - 시간을 달려서+너 그리고 나

  • MMF2016 B1A4 - Soul Mates, B1A4 - 천생연분, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    Rolling Music Box1 - B1A4 - Soul Mates(original by. Solid), B1A4 - 천생연분(원곡: 솔리드)

  • MMF2016 SHINHWA - T.O.P+Touch, 신화 - T.O.P+Touch, MBC Music Festival 20161231


    MBC Music Festival 2016 - MBC 가요대제전 2016 1부
    SHINHWA - T.O.P(Rock ver.)+Touch, 신화 - T.O.P+Touch

  • HOT RANIA - DEMONSTRATE, 라니아 - 데몬스트레이트, Show Music core 20151114


    Music core 20151114
    RANIA - DEMONSTRATE, 라니아 - 데몬스트레이트

    ▶Show Music Core Official Facebook Page -




  • 20 Canciones de BAP que debes escuchar


    B.A.P Best Absolute Perfect ????

    Es uno de los antiguos grupos del kpop que estuvo activo del 2012 -2019 pero sin duda haz escuchado al menos alguna canción de las 20 de este top.
    Fue un grupo muy talentoso y creo que recordarlos con este vídeo es una forma genial para alguien nuevo en mundo del kpop los escuche alguna vez. ????

    Como mencionamos antes es solo opinión personal y cada quien puede tener su propia lista pero te agradecemos el tiempo que te tomaste en verlo

    Seguimos recibiendo sus sugerencias en vídeos ????

    @ TS Entertainment @KBS @MNET @MBC @SHOWCHAMPION

    Visita los MV oficiales @ TS Entertainment

  • Wonder Girls - So Hot but its the covers


    Wonder Girls - So Hot Special stage / Idol Cover

    So Hot cover by Gfriend - Elris - Big Bang - Twice - Blackpink - SHINee - 2PM - Super Junior - Junjin Shinhwa - VIXX

  • S.E.S - Im Your Girl Lyrics Color Coded Han/Rom/Eng


    By - ksector ????

    The Song that never get old I'm Your Girl by S.E.S 1st generation of K-POP Girl Group!

    ???? Watch on youtube:
    S.E.S - I'm Your Girl Lyrics [Color Coded Han/Rom/Eng]
    Song: I'm Your Girl
    Artist: S.E.S
    Album: I'm Your Girl
    Year: 1997

    #ksector #SES #ImYourGirl
    Follow us on facebook:
    Subscribe our channel:

  • Top 200 Most Viewed K-Pop GROUP MVs | February 2020


    This is ONLY!! k-pop group music videos. No solo artists, whether they're in a group or not, are included. If a video is uploaded to 1thek or Stone Music etc and then an artist channel the views are COMBINED. BTS' music videos were uploaded on two channels up until about 3 years ago.

    Follow me on Twitter!:
    Get to know me!:


    I'd love to upload more videos more regularly on this channel! However, since my channel is not monetized in anyway, I cannot dedicate as much time toward the channel as I wish I could. For as little as $2 a month, you could help support me and my channel, and gain exclusive access to videos, polls, and many other benefits! Please check out my patreon, and consider become a patron today!


    Songs Included (Alphabetical, Not Video Appearance):

    A - GOT7
    As If It's Your Last - Blackpink
    Baam - MOMOLAND
    Bad Boy - Red Velvet
    Bad Boy - BIGBANG
    Bae Bae - BIGBANG
    Bang Bang Bang - BIGBANG
    Bboom Bboom - MOMOLAND
    Blood Sweat & Tears - BTS
    Blue - BIGBANG
    Bonamana - Super Junior
    Boombayah - Blackpink
    Boss - NCT U
    Boy In Luv - BTS
    Boy With Luv - BTS ft. Halsey
    Call Me Baby - EXO
    Cheer Up - TWICE
    Crazy - 4MINUTE
    Dalla Dalla - ITZY
    Dance The Night Away - TWICE
    Danger - BTS
    Ddu Du Ddu Du - Blackpink
    DNA - BTS
    Dope - BTS
    Don't Wanna Cry - Seventeen
    Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet
    Electric Shock - EXO
    Energetic - Wanna One
    Face - NU'EST
    Fake Love - BTS
    Fancy - TWICE
    Fantastic Baby - BIGBANG
    Feel Special - TWICE
    Fire - BTS
    Gee - Girls' Generation
    Growl - EXO
    Hann (Alone) - (G)I-DLE
    Haru Haru - BIGBANG
    Heart Shaker - TWICE
    I Am The Best - 2NE1
    Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet
    ICY - ITZY
    Idol - BTS
    I Got A Boy - Girls' Generation
    If You Do - GOT7
    I Need U - BTS
    Just One Day - BTS
    Just Right - GOT7
    Killing Me - iKON
    Kill This Love - Blackpink
    Knock Knock - TWICE
    Ko Ko Bop - EXO
    Latata - (G)I-DLE
    La Vie En Rose - IZ*ONE
    Let's Not Fall In Love - BIGBANG
    Like Ooh Ahh - TWICE
    Likey - TWICE
    Lil' Touch - Girls' Generation Oh!GG
    Lion Heart - Girls' Generation
    Loser - BIGBANG
    Lotto - EXO
    Love Me Right - EXO
    Love Scenario - iKON
    Love Shot - EXO
    Lucifer - SHINee
    Mic Drop - BTS
    Monster - EXO
    Mr. Simple - Super Junior
    Never Ever - GOT7
    NO - BTS
    No More Dream - BTS
    Not Today - BTS
    Oh! - Girls' Generation
    Overdose - EXO
    Peek-A-Boo - Red Velvet
    Playing With Fire - Blackpink
    Really Really - WINNER
    Red Flavor - Red Velvet
    Ring Ding Dong - SHINee
    Run - BTS
    Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
    Save Me - BTS
    Signal - TWICE
    Shine - Pentagon
    Sober - BIGBANG
    Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
    Spring Day - BTS
    Starry Night - MAMAMOO
    Stay - Blackpink
    Tempo - EXO
    The Boys - Girls' Generation
    Touch My Body - SISTAR
    TT - TWICE
    War of Hormone - BTS
    We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 - BTS
    What Is Love? - TWICE
    Whistle - Blackpink
    Wolf - EXO
    Yes or Yes - TWICE

  • Best Kpop Covers by Kpop Artists


    This is a chart of my personal fav covers by Kpop artists. I only chose Korean covers.

    Comment your favourite cover by a Korean artist:)

    -This is completely my opinion, these are all covers that i really enjoyed and thought paid a good tribute to the original artist/song-

    on the top row, i wrote who sings the cover and on the bottom row, i write about the original song and artist.

    I arrange my dates DD.MM.YY (Date.Month.Year)

    if you wish to submit chart ideas you can at

    if you wish to learn more about the groups on this chart you can see their profiles on my website




    Songs and videos used:
    BTS (방탄소년단) 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima
    B.A.P (비에이피 ) HANDS UP

    So I spent a lot of effort on this and I guess there are still things that I think could change, but I still hope you enjoy it as is. I guess I also am releasing it just before the ON mv release... which I didn't realise was going to happen lol... oh well, I look forward to the MV! Enjoy these 2 fab groups together with a strong message :D

    First time I ever did hard subs - I used a mixture of color coded lyrics, google translate, and my own translations, and I appreciate that I am not very good and so therefore apologize in advance if I've messed up any translations, I hope it's not too bad!

    #BTS #방탄소년단 #ON #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7 #BAP #비에이피 #KPOP_MASHUP #MASHUP #BANGTAN #7 #매시업



    W piosence chłopcy posługują się kilkoma dialektami. Nie widać tego w tłumaczeniu, ponieważ ciężko jest przełożyć dialekt, albo jest to wręcz niemożliwe. Przy wersach oznaczonych przypisem zostało wytłumaczone co i z którego dialektu pochodzi.

    Po angielsku piosenka nosi tytuł “Satoori Rap”, czyli “Rap w dialekcie” (Satoori oznacza dialekt). Jednak tytuł koreański 팔도강산 (Paldogangsan) oznacza tyle co “sceneria ośmiu prowincji”. (źródło: Jieun Kiaer, The Routledge Course in Korean Translation. ‘Sceneria ośmiu prowincji” - za czasów dynastii Joseon Korea była podzielona na osiem prowincji.)

    1) Gangwon - jedna z ośmiu prowincji za czasów Joseon; przed podziałem w 1945 roku tworzyła z Kangwon (obecnie na terytorium Korei Północnej) jedną prowincję.
    2) Gyeongsang - jedna z ośmiu za czasów Joseon. Obecnie podzielona na Gyeongsang Południowy i Północny (stolicą północnego jest Daegu). Obecnie należą do niej takie miasta jak Busan, Daegu czy Ulsan. Dialekty Gyeongsang różnią się od siebie.
    3) Chungcheong - jedna z ośmiu prowincji za czasów dynastii Joseon, obecnie podzielona na Chungcheong Północny i Południowy
    4) Jeolla - jedna z ośmiu prowincji za czasów dynastii Joseon, obecnie podzielona Jeolla Południową i Północną.
    5) Hej, hej, co ty gadasz? - Dialekt Gyeongsang.(standardowy koreański: Mweo (뭐) - dialekt Gyeongsang: Mo (머) (머라카노; morakano?). Dodatkowo w mowie nieformalnej w dialekcie Gyeongsang pytania szczegółowe zakończone są na -o (오)
    6) Daj znać, że przybyliśmy - w zakończeniu czasownika w formie kauzatywnej w standardowym koreańskim dodaje się końcówkę -nikka (니까), a użytkownicy dialektu Jeolla używają zakończenia -ngkkei (응게)
    7) Wiecie, że moim miastem rodzinnym jest Daegu? - końcówka -니꺼 jest charakterystycznym zakończeniem pytania w dialekcie Gyeongsang (używanym również w Daegu)
    8) [...] nie martwiąc o chłopaków i dziewczyny - chłopiec/mężczyzna użyto w dialekcie, tak samo jak określenia na młodą dziewczynę
    9) Omo - reakcja w stylu Ojej
    10) Potomkowie Hwarangów z Silla - w wielki skrócie elita młodych w królestwie Silla
    11) Ej, hyung-nim - W tym dialekcie wymawiane “sung-nim”
    12) Też tu jesteśmy - w sensie “nie ignorujcie nas”
    13) Proszę, nasz bibimbap jest najlepszy - bibimbap z Jeolla jest uważany za najsmaczniejszy
    14) Obiła ci się o uszy fraza “gaga, gaga?” - w dialekcie Gyeongsang jest krótką formą od “geuai ga, geuai inga?” w standardowym koreańskim, co znaczy “Ten dzieciak, ten o którym wspomniano?”
    15) A któż powiedział, że Gyeongsang jest brutalne? - tradycyjnie w Gyeongsang jest wiele społeczności portowych ze srogimi żeglarzami i region uważany jest za trochę surowy. Dodatkowo dla samych Koreańczyków dialekt Gyeongsang brzmi szorstko.
    16) [...] jak na chłopca z Daegu przystało, nie będę się powtarzał - poza byciem macho, mężczyźni z tego regionu znani są ze zwięzłości wypowiedzi, ale lojalności w relacjach. Nie posługują się kwiecistym językiem w przeciwieństwie do stereotypowych “chłopców z Seulu”. Może to również tłumaczyć różnicę w stylistyce Sugi i RM’a.
    17) płaszczki z Heuksando - Heuksando to wyspa od brzegu prowincji Jeolla sławna z pełnych smaku płaszczek. Ryby z tej wyspy mogą kosztować nawet kilkaset dolarów. Istnieje też sfermentowana wersja płaszczki znana w tym regionie. Ma bardzo wysoką zawartość amoniaku i może sprawiać, że łzawią oczy. Czasem po zjedzeniu czegoś bardzo mocnego (np. ostre jedzenie) czuć jakby nos się wyczyścił. Powąchanie takiej sfermentowanej ryby może przyprawić o podobne symptomy.
    18) To wciąż poetycka piosenka o sierpniu i wrześniu - dosłownie rodzaj poezji o porach roku/środowisku/zbiorach w sierpniu/wrześniu.
    19) Arbuz z gór Moodeung - sierpień (8. msc) i wrzesień (9. msc) to miesiące zbioru arbuzów w górach Moodeung. Dziewiąty miesiąc to tez ostatni miesiąc ciąży. A teraz metafora zbiorów. Góry Moodeung leżą przy metropolii Gwangju w prowincji Jeolla i uprawia się tam specjalny rodzaj arbuzów, które często ważą po 20 kg. Chwali się największą uprawą owoców w tym regionie i porównuje zbiory do “__kg i mocny”, co jest często frazą używaną do opisania nowonarodzonych, zdrowych chłopców.
    20) [...] jest oczywistym BTS, przez które dziewczęta wylewają łzy - gdy zdrowi, ładni chłopcy się rodzą, sąsiedzi często mówią “jak dorośnie to dziewczyny będą przez nich wylewały łzy”. Ta fraza ma być też samochwalstwem BTS. J-Hope brzmi w tej piosence jak rolnik starszej daty przez swój ton i ciągłe nawiązania do agrokultury.
    21) Satoori z Gyeongsang sprawia, że każdy mężczyzna chciałby go używać - powszechnie dialekt z Gyeongsang uważa się za męski przez swoją szorstkość i stanowczość
    22) A mowa z prowincji Jeolla brzmi bardzo przyjaźnie - dialekt z Jeolla ma powszechnie opinię, że brzmi miło
    23) Od Moonsan po Marado - Moonsan to północna część Korei Południowej, która graniczy z linią oddzielającą Koreę Płd od Płn.
    Marado to wyspa położona najbardziej na wschód, od strony południowego wybrzeża wyspy Jeju.

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