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Playlist of [Collaboration]

  • AD BEAT & NEIL | 1st Beatbox Collaboration


    Hi, everyone. This is our Beat box Collaboration with AD Beat (Adrian Ferrer). He is a friend of mine, a Beatboxer from Manila.

    This video is quite late upload due of some problems. I hope you guys like this beatbox collaboration that we made.

    Hello and Hi to all the fans and followers of AD Beat. Hope to meet you soon. God bless :)

    Leave a comment below and don't forget to subscribe and share this video. :)

    Peace! Spread the love :)

    Never Exit In Life :)

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  • 【Collaboration】 Blessing 【World Edition】


    【Thank you for the miracle you managed to gather here.】

    (Note: Please watch in HD w/ headphones for highest quality!)

    T/N: The English translation is from Japanese to English and served as a base translation for singers to use to translate into their own languages. As such, the English subtitles may not be the most accurate translation for each language.

    1:58 - the lotus flowers will bloom comes from a cultural idea that lotus flowers bloom from the bottom of the lake, pushing through the mud on top. It means that if you try hard enough, you will succeed in the end.


    Organizers: Fuji & Tune

    Mix: Fuji [Japan] (

    Harmony Guides: Gumilk [Japan] (

    Illustration: Hazano [Japan] (

    Animation: Ringo [Japan] (

    English Translation: Tune & OccasionalSubs [Australia] (


    Tune/チューン [USA] (
    Sumashu [France] (
    MastaH [Italy] (
    Kiro [Chile] (
    Chalili/茶理理 [China] (
    Len/蓮 [Russia] (
    Ehmz [Phillipines] (
    Un3h [Sweden] (
    Enae [Korea] (
    cheeseman [Poland] (
    Paperblossom [Germany] (
    Toriko/鳥子 [Japan] (
    Howl [Brazil] (

    If you can read Japanese, Fuji wrote a post about how our project came to be o u o)b:

    Hazano's high resolution ver of the illust:

    NND ver (ニコ動):
    Bilili ver (b站):

    For those interested, here are the lyrics to Blessing ~World Edition~:

    Update: CC subs for languages involved in the song!
    we have two Tagalog translations so here's Kenta's:

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  • ▷Blessing -New World Edition- Collaboration


    『 こ こ に 集 え た 奇 跡 に あ り が と う 』

    ▷Nico Nico Douga: [
    ▷Original: [
    ▷Music: halyosy

    ▷Organizers: えなえな, れいれい [JP & PH]

    ▷Mix: えなえな
    ▷Chorus Guide: Arianna
    ▷Illustration: ゆぅち [Japan]
    ▷Movie: 鈴 [Japan]


    □ JoyDreamer [Denmark]
    □ れいれい [Philippines]
    □ ギリンカ [Korea]
    □ レナ [France]
    □ iLK [Turkey]
    □ Arianna [Italy]
    □ yuyechka [Poland]
    □ Acca [Brazil]
    □ えなえな [Japan]
    □ datenkou [Indonesia]
    □ ゆんゆんさえ [Mexico]
    □ Xandu [Sweden]
    □ iWiinter [Belgium]
    □ Kal [Germany]
    □ Toma [United Kingdom]

    ▷Lyrics: [
    ▷Singers & Staff (Full links): [

    - - - - - -

    Please refrain from using the original illustrations as icons/headers/profile pictures/etc. and from uploading the Blessing video/audio in other sites. Thank you.

  • Connecting / halyosy feat. Vocalist



    Vocaloid ver.→


    [halyosy, Rib, Soraru, Lon, KK, Reol, Shakemii, OtoutoNoAne]

    Music, Lyrics & Arrangement:halyosy
    English Lyrics Editing & Translation:Mes

    Instrumental Data:

    2014.12.10 Release『Upload feat.Vocalist(sm24955610)』収録曲

    LIVE DAMでカラオケ配信決定! [Karaoke in the delivery]
    Connecting / halyosy feat.Vocalists(リクエストNo.5947-10)

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  • 【Collaboration】 꿈의형태 KOREA EDITION ✬


    ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????​

    # Original : sm16999365 (ふわりP)
    # Translate : 휴복 (@HUB0G)

    # Vox
    휴복 (@HUB0G)
    요이 (@yoidaaaa)
    Min (@Meta_min0)
    이라온 (@raon_lee)
    하코소라 (@hakosora_)
    JeeE (@JeeE0327)
    뮬 (@Myulee33)

    # Mix〃Mastering : 스퀘어뮤직 (@SQUAREMUSIQ)
    # Instrumental Copy : Soochan (@K1m_SC)
    # illustration : 오뜨미 (@yora5789)
    # PV〃Design : 밀크초코 (@mkcc_kim)
    # Chorus Guide : JeeE (@JeeE0327)


    ♪ COMMENT (´▽`)ノ
    2014년 12월 부터 준비해왔는데, 드디어 투고하게 됩니다
    기대해주신 여러분 감사합니다!

    그 희망이 모여 만든 별들을 꿈이라 부르고 희망이라고 불러

    instagram *
    twitch *
    mail *​​​

  • Awit ng Bayan by Victory Worship | Independence Day Collaboration | Worship Together |


    We are SO honored to share this special rendition of Awit Ng Bayan with over 25 amazing artists and churches across the Philippines. Together, let's continue to believe God's promises for our nation.

    Mapalad ang bansa na ang Dios ay Panginoon.
    At mapalad ang mga taong pinili niya na maging kanya.
    (Salmo 33:12)

    PUSO Movement | Karel Honasan | @barbiealmalbis | Pao Santiago | Julianne Tarroja | Hamish Arellano | Eboy Refuerzo | GCF Youth Live@Acel Bisa van Ommen | @gloryfall | @Gary Valenciano | JAYA | @Moira Dela Torre | Jason Hernandez | @Regine Velasquez | @Ogie Alcasid | @officialQUESTtv | @Dave Lamar | @Yeng Constantino | @Rommel & Susan Guevara | @Exalt Worship | @His Life TV | @Musicians On Fire Davao | @Ryan Cayabyab Singers | @Upper Room Worship Manila | @The Juans | Life Giver Worship |

    Si Yahweh ang tanging Diyos
    May gawa ng lahat ng mabuti
    Ang lahat ng nilikha Mo'y sumasamba Sa'yo
    Ang aming baya'y pinupuri Ka
    Itinataas dinadakila
    Ang aming puso ay iisang umaawit Sa'iyo

    Mapalad ang bayan na Iyong ibinukod
    Mapalad ang bansang Sa'Iyo lamang sumusunod
    Maghari Ka't manahan sa aming pagpupuri
    Ikaw lang O Diyos

    Si Yahweh ang tanging Diyos
    May gawa ng lahat ng mabuti
    Ang lahat ng nilikha Mo'y sumasamba Sa'iyo
    Ang aming bayan'y pinupuri Ka
    Itinataas dinadakila
    Ang aming puso ay iisang umaawit Sa'iyo

    Mapalad ang bayan na Iyong ibinukod
    Mapalad ang bansang Sa'Iyo lamang sumusunod
    Maghari Ka't manahan sa aming pagpupuri
    Ikaw lang O Diyos, Ikaw lang O Diyos

    Aleluyah, Aleluyah
    Pinupuri Ka namin

    Mapalad ang bayan na Iyong ibinukod
    Mapalad ang bansang Sa'Iyo lamang sumusunod
    Maghari Ka't manahan sa aming pagpupuri
    Ikaw lang O Diyos
    Ikaw lang O Diyos
    Ikaw lang O Diyos

    Awit Ng Bayan by Victory Worship
    Words and Music by Charles Bautista, Lee Simon Brown and Joahnna Tubalinal
    © 2017 Victory

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  • Top 10 Unlikely Musical Collaborations


    Criteria: only songs that have been featured on an album or compilation. Collaborating artist contributes vocals or instrumental part. No remixes.
    For the release of the collaborative album, Wise Up Ghost, by Elvis Costello and The Roots on September 17, 2013, we're taking a look at some of music's most unlikely collaborations. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 unlikely musical collaborations. Special thanks to our user Conor Wade for submitting the idea for this video at :)

    To see the original voting page for this list, head to:

    If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our new interactive Suggestion Tool at :)

    We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out for more info.

    Help us caption & translate this video!

  • 【Collaboration】 ✿ Turning Up! ~Memory Edition~ ✿






    Vocal's Youtube::
    라온(Raon Lee)-



    우선, 2차 창작을 허용해 주신 스퀘어뮤직 감사합니다!

    이번 Turning Up! ~Memory Edition~은 꿈을 향해 힘차게 달려가는 청춘들,
    그 꿈을 향한 열정과 노력을 잊지 않고 기억하며 서로서로가 응원한다는 메세지로, 저희만의 이야기를 풀어내었습니다!
    부디 즐겁게 들어주셨길 바라며, 꿈을 향해 달려나가는 청춘들 늘 파이팅 입니다!


    Dreaming Up! ~Spring Edition~▼

    동경/Akogare (@DongGyeong_)
    뮬/Myulee (@Myulee33)
    모리앙/Moriang (@m_orimori)
    20120/NIJU (@nnn20120)
    스야/SUYA (@limilimi0515)
    셰피어스/Syepias (@Park_Dark1226)
    희호/Heeho (@heeeeeho)
    츤/Cheun (@cheu_n_)
    라온/Raon Lee (@raon_leee)
    한/Han (@1990Han)

    MIX:: 지한/J.Han (@holiczsia)

    ILLISUT:: 키에/KiE (@mia8692)

    VIDEO:: 닐레/nille (@nille207)

    ART WORK:: 삼치/Mayo (@tkrhkhat1)

    HARMONY GUIDE:: 리로나/Rirona (@rirororing)

    ORIGINAL:: SQUARE MUSIQ / Producer:: TMDC,M2U / Composed by:: M2U / Lyrics by:: DoubleTo / Guitar by:: 권남훈,M2U

    Thank you for watching!

  • 〈HENRYs Real Music : You, Fantastic〉 EP2. HENRY X Yiruma Collaboration River Flows in You


    Henry has prepared the fantastic project called
    'Henry's Real Music : You, Fantastic' which will show various aspects of Henry from the entertainer to musician :)

    판타스틱으로 컴백한 헨리가, '헨리의 Real Music : You, Fantastic' 이라는 판타스틱!한 프로젝트를 선보입니다.
    예능인 헨리부터 뮤지션 헨리까지, 다양한 헨리의 모습을 기대해 주세요 :)

    Ep. 2 : Henry x Yiruma Collaboration 'River Flows in You'

    Henry frequently crosses over the boundary of classical music and K-pop. Henry recalls the pleasure of meeting and working with Yiruma, the pianist, during the preparation of his first album. As always, new relationships build up new memories, and this one was special. This is how the collaboration of Henry and Yiruma began.

    'River Flows In You' (composed by Yiruma) has a delicate melody that touches your heart. Henry and Yiruma have created a new melody together with this repertoire. Take a deep breath now, and listen to their fantastic performance.

    클래식과 K-pop을 넘나드는 헨리. 그는 1집 앨범 작업을 함께 하며 작곡가 겸 피아니스트 이루마와 특별한 인연을 맺었다. 늘 그렇듯, 인연은 새로운 추억을 만들어낸다. 헨리와 이루마의 콜라보레이션 연주는 그렇게 시작됐다. 섬세한 선율로 감성을 어루만지는 'River Flows In You' (이루마 작곡). 헨리와 이루마가 함께 만들어 내는 또 다른 멜로디. 천천히 숨을 고르고, 환상적인 연주에 귀를 귀울여본다.

    Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music

    HENRY Official

    〈HENRY's Real Music : You, Fantastic〉 EP2. HENRY X Yiruma Collaboration 'River Flows in You' ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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  • Special 원어스 Collaboration


    [Special] 원어스(ONEUS) X 어썸하은 '발키리(Valkyrie)' Collaboration

    Listen and download :

    Follow 'ONEUS'

    #ONEUS #발키리 #Valkyrie
    #어썸하은 #Collaboration

    ⓒ 2019 RBW, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • Kalamkranti Cypher - The Biggest Hiphop Collaboration Ever


    Uniq Poet initiated the idea of Kalamkranti Cypher with Rohit Shakya and Dayjen J. Shrestha during the first lockdown. Due to the tight lockdown rules and regulations, the artists recorded the audio and video on their mobile devices. We want to thank all the artists for being part of this historic collaboration. Kalamkranti Cypher wouldn't have been possible without you all.

    The artists were provided the following topics to rap on:
    - Lockdown issues
    - Border issues
    - Encouragement to the government for transparency and honesty
    - The motivation we can make it through this attitude
    - Individual responsibility
    - Entrepreneurship
    - Self-sustainability
    - Environment
    - Post COVID life

    We also want to give a massive shoutout to Jholey bhai for creating the video.

    Music produced and composed by Rohit Shakya
    Video by Jholey

    Follow Rohit Shakya:
    Follow Uniq Poet:
    Follow Dayjen J. Shrestha:
    Follow Halla:

    Kalamkranti Cypher - The Biggest Hiphop Collaboration Ever

  • Cory and The Wongnotes // COLLABORATION Ep. 1


    Cory and The Wongnotes Variety Show Episode 1 - COLLABORATION
    SONG: Coming Back Around (feat. Cody Fry)
    MERCH →

    Cory and The Wongnotes was recorded August 2020 in a 'tested bubble'.

    Cory Wong - guitar/bass/vox
    Sonny Thompson - bass/guitar/vox
    Kevin Gastonguay - keys
    Negah Santos - percussion
    Petar Janjic - drums
    Eddie Barbash - alto sax/soprano sax
    Kenni Holmen - tenor sax/flute
    Sam Greenfield - bari sax/bass clarinet
    Steve Strand - trumpet
    Jon Lampley - trumpet
    Michael Nelson - trombone/horn arranger
    Cody Fry - lead vocals

    Produced by Cory Wong
    Mixed by John Fields
    Engineered by Jake Hartsfield and Caleb Fisher
    Mastered by Will Quinnell

    Executive Producer - Cory Wong
    Director - Ben Kadie
    Producers - Derek Tonks and Cory Wong
    Writers - Meg Sinick, Ben Kadie, William Gianetta, Lara Drasin, and Cory Wong
    Director of Photography - Matt Burke
    Production Designer: Tricia Robertson and Cory Wong
    Set Build by: Clint and Sharmon Scenic Fabrication

    Daniel Graulau
    Reece Raechelle
    Sara Lynn Holbrook
    Arcii Starr
    Alicia Ester
    Joy Todd
    Cory Wong
    Sam Greenfield
    Petar Janjic
    Kevin Gastonguay
    Ines Lopez

    full credits here →

  • Collaboration Blessing KOREA EDITION ✿


    ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????​

    Connecting KOREA EDITION ✿ :

    ※ 3분9초 쯤에 가사가 바뀌어있는데 그부분은 저희가 확인을 못하여 업로드가 되었습니다 양해 부탁드립니다
    ※ 개사/노래 사용하시는건 출처만 밝히시면 사용 가능합니다.

    [투고일] 2015.02.24. PM 6:00
    ✿원곡 : sm23304692
    ✿주최 및 개사 : 휴복(HUB0G)

    instagram *
    twitch *
    mail *​​​

  • 【이태원클라쓰 OST】 시작 【梨泰院クラスOST】


    SG(ソギョン)のSNS一覧 / SG's SNS ▽
    Instagram :
    Twitter :
    TikTok :

    お仕事, コラボなどのご依頼はこちら▽

    Mix & Mastering Engineer / JUGEM▽
    Instagram :

    所属バンドのSNS一覧 / Band's SNS ▽
    A11yourDays Official WEBSITE :
    A11yourDays Official Instagram :
    A11yourDays Official Twitter :
    A11yourDays Official TikTok :
    A11yourDays Official YouTube Channel :



    label: MOVIEBOX

  • Connecting / halyosy feat. Vocaloid


    「歌おう」 [Sing]

    Vocalist ver.→

    Pain Eraser [new!]



    [Miku Hatsune, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine, KAITO & MEIKO]

    Music, Lyrics & Arrangement:halyosy
    English Lyrics Editing & Translation:Mes

    Instrumental Data:

    2014.12.10 Release『Download feat.初音ミク(sm24995321)』収録曲

    LIVE DAMでカラオケ配信決定! [Karaoke in the delivery]
    Connecting / halyosy feat.Vocalists(リクエストNo.5947-10)

  • KPOP IN PUBLIC COLLABORATION #IDOL CHALLENGE- BTS dance cover by Oops!crew, B-wild&FG from Vietnam


    #BTS #IDOL #KPOPINPUBLIC #IDOLchallenge #방탄소년단

    Music: BTS (방탄소년단) 'IDOL (Feat. Nicki Minaj)'
    We do not own the music

    iKON - GOODBYE ROAD (이별길) Dance Cover by Oops!Crew From Vietnam:

    Bản cover IDOL- BTS siêu khủng bố với màn Collab của Oops! Crew, Bwild và FG Dance đã lên sóng rồi đây???? Và còn một điều nữa mà chúng mình muốn bật mí cho các bạn đó chính là để có được những góc máy đẹp và khác nhau như vậy là có sự kết hợp đặc biệt của các Cameraman Kpop số 1 Hà Nội đó. Có quá nhiều sự ĐẶC BIỆT ở một clip phải không nào!!!!!!

    ???? Oops! Crew xin chân thành cảm ơn 2 người bạn B-Wild và FGDance đã cùng giúp đỡ Oops để hoàn thành một bản MV siêu khủng này❤️ Một đội quân backup hùng hậu của các em nhà BLACK CHUCK cũng như của các nhóm. Và cả những người bạn cũng như thành viên của 3 nhóm đã đến ủng hộ và cổ vũ cho Oops! Crew???? Cảm ơn mọi người rất nhiều❤️????

    ???? Xin được dành món quà này tặng cho mọi người. Hãy cùng LIKE, SHARE VÀ SUBSCRIBE để ủng hộ cho chúng mình nhaaaaa????????????

    Cameraman: Caramen HN, Chung Pham, Hoang Do.
    Editor: Trương Tuấn Phong
    Supporter: FG Dance members, Bwild members , Black Chuck members, Oops! Crew members


    Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!

    #KPOPINPUBLICCHALLENGE #Idol #BTS #Dancecover #OopsCrew #Bwild #FGDance



    EXO collaborates with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”!
    Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music

    EXO Official

    EXO 'LIGHTSABER' (EXO | STAR WARS Collaboration Project) ℗ S.M.Entertainment

  • Hmoob Yuavtsum Hlub Hmoob - Hmong Artists Collaboration


    Hello everyone:

    After 7 months of a joint effort and hard work from Hmong artists/musicians; Project: Hmoob Yuavtsum Hlub Hmoob is officially done. We would like to thank all of the artists/musicians who contributed to this project to make it possible. Not only, but we would like to thank all of the supporters who shared the same vision as all of us.

    The goal of the project is to unite Hmong artists/musicians and send a message to the Hmong community. This song is a rendition of a song written by Dr. Nengzong Yang and Xa Lee in the 80's. This song This song was chosen for its strong message and words of wisdom. Also, thank you to Tsoom Hmoob band. We hope that this song can bring the community together.

    Please take the time to post this video and share it with your friends and family; Not only, but for the love of the Hmong community and in support of Hmong artists/musicians.

    We can become such a powerful force when we work, share ideas, help, and respect one another. We wish everyone well and may you be the change in the Hmong community, tomorrow.

    This project was presented at the 15th Annual Hmong National Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Friday, April 22nd, 2011.

    Contributing Artists/Musicians include:

    - Josh Khang Proto-J (Sacramento, California)
    - Koungla Vang (Merced, California)
    - Ciaj Sia Lee (Merced, California)
    - Yeng Vang New Breed Band (Oroville, California)
    - Kace Vang Destiny Band (Saint, Paul, Minnesota)
    - Tou Saiko Lee (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
    - Pagnia Xiong (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)
    - Pat Her Suddenrush Band (B.C. Canada)
    - Duce Khan (Winder, Georgia)
    - Nai Lor Reflections Band (Morganton, North Carolina)
    - Kong & Shu Lor The Kong & Shu Project - (Morganton, North Carolina)

    Producer/Composer: Shu Lor
    Research/Data: Kong Lor
    Song Lyrics: Dr. C. Nengzong Yang & Xa Lee
    Song Melody: Xa Lee
    Bass: Seng Xiong Reflections Band
    Guitar Solo: Long Heu

    Studio Space:
    EVO Sounds - Connelly Springs, North Carolina
    Shu's Studio - Greensboro, North Carolina
    Suddenrush Studio - B.C. Canada
    Charming Records - Saint Paul, Minnesota
    Ramada Hotel - Merced, California
    In Progress - Saint Paul, Minnesota
    Proto J Studio - Sacramento, California


    Title: Hmoob Yuavtsum Hlub Hmoob

    Kuv xav nrhiav kom tau txoj kev
    vam meej ib zaug nyob hauv lub neej
    Kuv xav kom muaj ib hnub twg
    peb cov lus no nrov mus ntoob
    plaws ntiaj teb

    Thiab kom peb nco qab txog
    Peb cov poj yawm txwv txoob
    Txoj sia ua lawv muab tso tseg
    Kom peb tau zoo

    Kuv xav kom cua tshuab
    Tej teeb meem ya mus
    Kom tag ib txhis

    Thiab xav kom lub hnub ci tuaj
    Rau peb kom peb lub
    neej loj hlob mus txog saum ntuj

    Kuv sawm tawm no rov kuv nco neeg
    Thiab ko peb sawmdawm los
    Koom ua ib lub siab
    Yuav tsum nco nqaj txhob

    Verse 1
    Peb hmoob lub neej tom qag
    Tsis sib pab..thooj siab koom ntsws
    Tsis sib fwm kho peb neej hmoob
    Peb thiaj poob puv thoob qab ntuj
    Tsis tsim nuj thiab tsis tsim qhi
    Tsis tsim nuj thiab tsis tsim qhi
    Tsis tsim nuj thiab tsis tsim qhi

    Verse 2
    Peb hmoob sawv daws ras mog
    Txhob xav txog txoj kev sib chim
    Txhob rov coj txoj kev sib khib
    Tig los pib moj tuam nqag kab
    Los loj npab nqis tes tsa hmoob
    Los loj npab nqis tes tsa hmoob
    Los loj npab nqis tes tsa hmoob

    Hmoob tsis sib hlub hmoob, leej twg thiaj
    Yuav hlub hmoob (4x)

    Verse 3
    Txawm tsis muaj nyiaj sib pub
    Los yuav tsum tig los sib hlub
    Peb txhob coj twm siab li thaum ub
    Tej neeg ntxub txog peb thiaj tsis luag
    Luag thiaj qhuas peb lub npe hmoob zoo
    Luag thiaj qhuas peb lub npe hmoob zoo
    Luag thiaj qhuas peb lub npe hmoob zoo

    Thov cov neeg nplua nuj, tig los hlub cov pluag
    Thov cov neeg ntse, tig los hlub cov ruam
    Thov cov niam thiab txiv thov nej hlub nej cov menyuam
    Thov hais lus zoo rau lawv thiab thov txhob hais lus thuam

    Thov cov menyuam laib, thov nej txhob sib tua
    Peb sawv daws yog kwv tij xwb peb tsis yog yeeb ncuab
    Ua neeg nyob ib zaug xwb yuav tsum ntshai txiv lub kua muag
    Ua neeg nyob ib zaug xwb yuav tsum ntshaw niam lub suab luag

    Thov peb haiv neeg hmoob, thov kom peb nco ntsoov
    Yog peb sib pab sib hlub ces hmoob lub npe yeej tsis poob zoo


    ***Due to copyrights, the instrumental will not be able to be release to the public. Thank you for your understanding.

    Music video by The Kong & Shu Project (P) (C) 2011 All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.

  • Myuk – 魔法


    Myuk – 魔法
    フジテレビ“ノイタミナ”「約束のネバーランド」Season 2 エンディングテーマ / Anime The Promised Neverland Season 2 Ending Theme Song
    Digital - URL:

    ・CD - 2021.3.24out
    期間生産限定盤 AICL-4000 ¥1,200+TAX ※2021年7月末まで

    Vocal: Myuk
    Lyrics/Music: Eve
    Arrangement: Numa

    Official site:

    Official site:
    YouTube channel:


    #Myuk #約束のネバーランド #Eve #魔法 #Mahou #ThePromisedNeverland

  • x
  • Sounds From The Corner : Collaboration #1 Efek Rumah Kaca x Barasuara


    Let me tell you about a show that leaves emotional footprint.

    Lights were off.

    Gerald Situmorang appeared from the side of the stage, quietly sat down, crossed his legs, showered by white - polite spotlight, started the show with the most elegant way you could think of. The big picture was pretty thorough in my head until today: the thick, concealed excitement on the air, anxiety among people - including yours truly - orchestrating expectation VS reality.

    When Cholil Mahmud threw away first lines of Sebelah Mata, I began to find my own clarity while dealing with overwhelming empathy that I have for these bands on stage. I looked around briefly, irresistible sing-alongs decorated the whole venue. Nostalgic coherence: I retraced moments when I first listened to Sebelah Mata years ago. Such a cordial crescendo as well, ERK’s primitive yet traditional approach gained artillery of sound and energy from Barasuara

    My first instinct of scrutiny that I spotted during the performance was the seamless transition. Both bands fully acknowledged and embraced each other’s identity, allowing the audience time to boil down definitions and euphoria into exact reactions. To deliver even more intense synergy, the bands wrote some transitional pieces between songs (some of them sounded like Pandai Besi tho) to carefully guide the audience, to understand more what is happening on stage and in the same time dropped surprises. They were not trying to conquer each other’s songs, instead their characters coexisted tactfully.

    It’s not that complicated to elaborate the word ‘collaboration’ on the conceptual level, but when you put two bands with very distinct approaches, you have to consider one word, which is ‘balance’. ERK’s Cholil mentioned the fact that Barasuara hasn’t released anything so far, so there is no collective understanding of the songs structurally. As I mentioned before, the only thing that people have digested so far from Barasuara is digital debris (including our SFTC session with them), and hazy press coverage. So it was a tricky bet that they have to risk.

    But how foreign is Barasuara in the front of the audience? The distance didn’t stop the crowd to kickstarted Api & Lentera without any instruction from the band, leaving the band surprised with awe. On the other hand, ERK is being classic ERK: minimalist, deadly and extremely sentimental. Their songs are robust enough to conquer the crowd with zero gimmicks.

    They took the right path: both bands didn’t push experiments that potentially harm the original architecture, but smartly embedded vibrancy towards the songs and put what I called “toppings” in the right place. They ended the show majestically repeating the spell “Pasar Bisa Diciptakan”, which resonated as millennials’ melodious manifesto.

    Yang kau jerat adalah riwayat, tidak punah jadi sejarah, promised Cholil to the crowd, to Barasuara and to everyone watching Artwarding Night. There were many discussions around this particular performance, for many people it was quite clear that there was a torch being passed, collective nods among people. Sounds from the Corner is proud to archive this performance, ladies and gentlemen: Efek Rumah Kaca X Barasuara for Artwarding Night. Enjoy! - Teguh Wicaksono

    0:00:00 Sebelah Mata
    0:08:56 Sendu Melagu
    0:12:59 Tarintih
    0:18:20 Api Dan Lentera
    0:25:50 Nyala Suara
    0:30:27 Debu-Debu Berterbangan
    0:34:36 Kamar Gelap
    0:39:50 Lagu Kesepian
    0:45:42 Kau Dan Aku Menuju Ruang Hampa
    0:49:54 Bahas Bahasa
    0:57:09 Pasar Bisa Diciptakan

  • KANGOL REWARD × Pan Piano Collaboration


    KANGOL REWARD × Pan Piano コラボレーション
    KANGOL REWARD × Pan Piano Collaboration

    ????KANGOL REWARD × Pan Piano コラボレーションアイテム????



    使用BGM:Boardroom Theme by Unicorn Heads


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  • AD BEAT & NEIL | Beatbox Collaboration


    Hi, Everyone! Checkout our new video of AD BEAT! :)

    This is our second collaboration of AD Beat. Hope you will like it guys!


    Thank you, guys for watching this video do'nt forget to subscribe hit the like button & click the notification bell for more updates and videos. :) Hope to see you soon, guys!

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  • EXO / LIGHTSABER -Japanese version-







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    Follow us at:


    Stream/download the full album, 'burn the ships':

  • Blessing feat. VOCALOIDS


    「生きて」 [Alive!]

    ●Pain Eraser [new!]

    [It is a personal matter, but the nephew is now 3 years old.
    When I got lost he becomes large, we aim to songs like can push back.
    I am grateful to all of you who participated. Thank you.]


    [Another Version]
    [Niconicollabo] Blessing feat. SINGERS ver.A

    [Niconicollabo] Blessing feat. SINGERS ver.B


    Lyrics, Music & Arrangement : halyosy
    Assistant English Lyrics : Mes

    Vocals : 初音ミク, 鏡音リン, 鏡音レン, 巡音ルカ, KAITO & MEIKO

    Electric Guitar : 中西
    Acoustic Guitar : 193
    Bass : mao
    Piano : 紅い流星
    Sanshin : 530
    Programing : halyosy

    Illustration : shimano
    Motion Graphics : SenseFrame (iOS App)
    Movie : halyosy & sobomen

    Special Thanks : My Nephew, that, & You!

  • m-flo ♡ chelmico / RUN AWAYS collaboration MV


    m-flo 新”loves” 第2弾は”chelmico”とのコラボ!
    2020年、m-floが、多様なアーティストたちと、世代、国境を超えて共鳴する新たな”loves”サウンド!! 第2弾は人気上昇中の女性ラップユニット、chelimcoを迎えた高速ラップチューン!

    デジタルシングル 「RUN AWAYS 」 m-flo♡chelmico 配信中!



    【RUN AWAYS / m-flo♡chelmico リリック】
    「ド」がつくほどオリジナルな「RUN AWAYS」
    夜な夜なかけたら朝になってたパターン this!

    寝息が聞こえる 輪の中
    肩揺さぶる なぜ覚めないcircle

    あなたたち今新品 私には見える
    それとってみな 皆んな通電brain brain brain


    姉さん いつも無礼講
    RAVER メロディーメイカー
    FLAVOR 辛口で LAZERよりも鋭く
    セーラームーンの様に見参 そして
    Let me do what I do then FADE OUT… PEACE

    B-A-B-A 16文キック

    計画的 ノリ
    歴史に残る ノリ
    ワビサビ ノリ

    Bail! Bail!
    Get a way てやんでい
    Another day 終わらねえ

    Fail! Fail!
    あの手 この手
    ハマんねえ Run away

    新天地はココです 目が点
    傍観 そうか 消化か浄化

    Wow 夢じゃない 夢みたい
    I guess 見たことないもん見れる

    世界一周、到着→ マイアミ
    ルノアール、それともcozy corner?
    ワクワク・マフィア、baby baby

    経済揺るがす ご利用明細
    Come follow me
    切り裂く子連れ狼… CHAN!

    Bail! Bail!
    Get a way てやんでい
    Another day 終わらねえ

    Fail! Fail!
    あの手 この手
    ハマんねえ Run away

  • Journey - Dont Stop Believin


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  • Island Style - ʻŌiwi Ē Medley | Song Across Hawaiʻi | Playing for Change Collaboration


    “Island Style - ‘Oiwi E” is a massive all-star, intergenerational collaboration featuring John Cruz, Jack Johnson, and many more of Hawai’i’s top ʻMana Mele Collectiveʻ artists across many genres, alongside over 1,000 Hawaiian Charter School youth. Recorded live across 15 locations, this medley is dedicated to the Cruz ‘Ohana and Kumu John Keola Lake.

    About this collaboration: Mana Maoli, a Hawaiian nonprofit, teamed up with Playing For Change and 4 Miles LLC as part of their Mana Mele Project . Mana Mele features a Music & Multimedia Academy, and a Solar Mobile Studio that serves youth, as well as businesses, artists and the public - as a means to feed its programs.

    About the Collective: Alongside the youth - on campus, in real world settings, and in this video, is the “Mana Mele Collective” - over 200 artists, engineers, and filmmakers
    who donate their time and talents to mentorships, recordings, concerts, and ‘social enterprise’ services in support of these schools.

    For more information about these dedications, songs and our Mana Mele Project, please visit For a personal digital copy of this video, simply make a donation of any amount at the page linked above and email us at requesting the Island Style Oiwi E video. Mahalo!

    Connect with us!

    A special mahalo to:

    * Playing for Change, 4 Miles, LLC, our Mana Mele Collective artists, and the staff, parents and youth of our partner Hawaiian charter schools for creating and presenting another epic all-star intergenerational music video!
    * Jack and Kimʻs Johnson ʻOhana Foundation, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Ward Village Foundation and all individual donors for funding the Mana Mele Project and making these unique learning opportunities available to Hawai’i’s youth.

  • Hawaii Aloha | Song Across Hawaii | Playing For Change Collaboration


    Hawai’i Aloha features dozens of Hawai‘i’s top artists across many genres, and over 1,000 youth from 10 Hawaiian charter schools in one epic song. Recorded live across 27 locations, this is Hawaiiʻs most widely known song, used to close important gatherings of all sizes. It is a song of unity and Aloha ‘Aina (Aloha for one’s birthplace, land and home).

    About this collaboration: Mana Maoli, a Hawaiian nonprofit, teamed up with Playing For Change and 4 Miles as part of their Mana Mele Project, which features a solar mobile studio and a Music & Multimedia Academy. Alongside the youth - on campus, in real-world settings, and in this video, is the Mana Mele Collective - over 200 artists, engineers, and filmmakers who donate their time and talents to mentorships, recordings, and concerts in support of these schools. We hope you enjoy watching this collaborative effort as much as we enjoyed creating it!

    For lyrics and a bit of history behind Hawaiʻi Aloha:

    Join us as a YouTube Member here:


  • Alip Ba Ta, Kenang, Pro Violinist Collab


    Sesuai permintaan, lagu asli Alip Ba Ta, Kenang, dengan iringan biola. Ini direkam dalam satu kali pengambilan, seperti semua rekaman Alip. Saya berharap Alip suka dan menyetujui kolaborasi ini.

    Rekaman asli tanpa biola dapat dilihat di sini:

    As requested, Alip Ba Ta's original, Kenang, with violin accompaniment. This was recorded in one take, as is all of Alip's recordings. I hope that Alip likes and approves of this collaboration.

    The original recording without violin can be seen here:

    In case you’re wondering, I’m a violin instructor and performer, with a Masters degree in performance from the University of Ottawa :)

    • Samurai Kid Music Instagram:

    • Alip Ba Ta- Violin Collabs:

    • Alip Ba Ta- Top Ten Reactions:

    • “Discovering Indonesia” series:

  • ▷Smiling -New World Edition- Collaboration


    『 Smiling together, will be together 』

    ▷Nico Nico Douga: [

    ▷Original: [
    ▷Music: halyosy

    ▷Organizers: れいれい [PH]
    ▷Mix: Xandu [SE]
    ▷Rap lyrics:
    datenko [ID]
    Ashley [US]
    Spiral [UK]
    lineart kato [ID]
    color ミey Y之 ミ*Yuki [MY]
    ▷Movie: Anri [JP]
    ▷Encode: AkyM [JP]


    □ iWiinter [BELGIUM]
    □ Mai [BRAZIL]
    □ Vicho [CHILE]
    □ Caine [CHINA]
    □ Marie☆FD [COLOMBIA]
    □ JoyDreamer [DENMARK]
    □ Finnip [FINLAND]
    □ Kaneïra [FRANCE]
    □ Kal [GERMANY]
    □ datenkou [INDONESIA]
    □ Arianna [ITALY]
    □ なしゆろ [JAPAN]
    □ ギリンカ [KOREA]
    □ Patrick [NORWAY]
    □ れいれい [PHILIPPINES]
    □ yuyechka [POLAND]
    □ Abby [SCOTLAND]
    □ Xandu [SWEDEN]
    □ [RUSSIA]
    □ Bookiezz [THAILAND]
    □ iLK [TURKEY]
    □ Ashley [USA]

    ▷Lyrics: []
    ▷Singers & Staff (Full links): []

    - - - - - -

    Please refrain from using the original illustrations as icons/headers/profile pictures/etc. and from uploading the Smiling video/audio in other sites. Thank you.

    한국의 파트에 대해 :
    동영상을 만들어 준 사람이 인트로에 가수 이름 등을 넣는 잊었다 때문에 죄송합니다. 가수의 숫자가 너무 많아 새로운 참가자를 위해 Blessing에서 참가자의 파트를 적어졌습니다. 한국 가수뿐만 아니라 다른 Blessing에서 참가자의 파트도 줄었습니다.. 다음의 콜라보레이션 기획에서는 이런 일 다시는 일어나지 않도록 노력합니다. 실례합니다.

  • Collaboration


    Provided to YouTube by Warner Records

    Collaboration · George Benson · Earl Klugh


    ℗ 1987 Warner Records Inc.

    Writer: Harvey Mason
    Writer: Randy Goodrum

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    Collaboration is a smooth jazz studio album by George Benson & Earl Klugh released in 1987. The album was certified gold in the United States in February 1988.

  • Collaboration


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Collaboration · Oumy · Luca Masotti · Oumy Jole Ndiaye · Luca Masotti


    ℗ Bounce Records

    Released on: 2021-02-23

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Hey You collaboration


    Collaboration of a darkish yet wonderful Pink Floyd tune from the album The Wall.
    Ewan, Simon and Jason joined in for this one. Cool musicians working hard!

    In Hey You, Pink (character) realizes his mistake of shunning society and attempts to regain contact with the outside world. However, he cannot see or hear beyond the wall. Pink's call becomes more and more desperate as he begins to realize there is no escape.

  • How to get started with REMOTE MUSIC COLLABORATION!


    We've been getting a number of inquiries from people this week on how we put together the previous remote collaboration video for In Christ Alone. Here's a brief tutorial on the process behind planning it out!

    There's nothing too technical in this video but if you're thinking of doing a music collab with friends and aren't sure where to begin, I hope it gives a rough idea of how we went about the planning and execution so that you can figure out a method that works for you.


    Enjoyed the video? Support here :)

    #remotemusiccollaboration #remotecollaboration

    0:00 Introduction
    0:41 #1 - Have a vision in mind
    1:59 #2 - Get your team together
    4:32 #3 - Write out the rough structure
    6:19 #4 - Record a guide track
    7:35 #5 - Get everyone to record their parts

  • Alip Ba Ta & Dave Does Feat TruthSurge - Hotel California Collaboration Cover


    Special thanks to Truthsurge for allowing use of his vocal cover for this performance. Please check out his channel for more vocal performances.

    The Dave Does.... channel is about reactions,cover songs, changing up classic tracks and so much more.

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    If you would like to make a song recommendation via the non pay channels please leave your comment on the the “Dave Does....Requests” Video or leave your comment in the section below.

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  • BTS Wants To Collaborate With Ariana Grande, Brad Pitt + More!


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  • Collaboration Connecting KOREA EDITION ✿


    ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????​

    ✿ 원곡 : sm25055817
    ✿ 주최 및 개사 : 휴복(HUB0G), 유한달 (ssmchlduddms)


    ✿ Singer
    Luna K
    휴복 (@HUB0G)
    JeeE (@JeeE0327)


    ✿ Mix
    타라맛스 (@dkshkdkseho)

    ✿ Engineering Support : 999 (@theequalizer_0) , 아토 (@theonlypys)

    ✿ PV
    다솜 (@dasom_chu)

    ✿ Illustraion
    삿므 (@01_bluefox)

    ※ 개사 사용 여부는 출처를 밝혀주시면 사용하셔도 좋습니다.
    [여러분들이 질문을 하기에 적어놓습니다. 개사 사용은 괜찮지만 2차수정은 불가능합니다.]

    instagram *
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    mail *​​​

  • 【Collaboration】 またあした


    ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????.
    ✉ sub, fan-art : ✉

    ■ original #ふわりP

    ▼ Vocal
    ・ HUBOG
    ・ dongdang
    ・ makiymagi
    ・ 422

    ​​・​ inst : tsukikage
    ・​ translate : HUBOG
    ・​ illustration : MODA
    ・ ​mix : Natsu
    ・​ video : TEMACA
    ・​ chorus guide : 422

    instagram *
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    mail *

  • 17 Kirtanis Stay Home Collaboration | Aavoh Sikh Satguru Ke Pyareo | Shabad Kirtan | N.S. Khalsa


    This video is posted with permission from N.S. Khalsa @NS Khalsa
    Our respected mentor, Bhai Sahib Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa Pipli Wale, has created a stunning and unprecedented Stay At Home Collaboration.

    17 esteemed Kirtanis have come together to demonstrate solidarity and strength as we all pray for this turbulent time to pass ????????


    Aavoh Sikh Satguru Ke Pyareo is a Stay Home Collaboration among 17 Kirtanis. The Sangat's unwavering love for Shabad Kirtan and the fact that nobody can go out to Gurdwaras to listen to Kirtan, spurred us on to bring your favourite Kirtanis to you! From their homes to your homes! We hope you enjoy this! Please like, comment, share and subscribe for more!

    A big Thank You to all the Kirtanis for their invaluable contribution and to the entire Sangat for their support! May we get through this time with a prayer for strength through Gurbani.

    Like on Facebook --
    Subscribe on Youtube --
    Follow on Instagram --

    Shabad - Aavoh Sikh Satguru Ke Pyareo (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji : Ang 922)
    Label - N.S. Khalsa
    Vocals -
    0:18-1:01 Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa Pipli Wale
    01:01-1:10 Bhai Satvinder Singh Ji, Harvinder Singh Ji Delhi Wale
    1:11-1:22 Bhai Jaspreet Singh Ji Fatehgarh Sahib Wale
    1:22-1:31 Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji Jawaddi Kalan Wale
    1:32-1:42 Veer Manpreet Singh Ji U.K
    02:00-02:09 Bhai Onkar Singh Ji Una Sahib Wale
    02:10-02:20 Bhai Hajara Singh Ji U.K.
    02:20-02:28 Bhai Sarabjit Singh Ji Patna Sahib Wale
    02:30-02:43 Bhai Balpreet Singh Ji Ludhiana Wale
    02:43-02:48 Bhai Baljeet Singh Ji
    02:48-02:57 Bhai Atamjot Singh Ji USA California Wale
    02:58-03:08 Bhai Gurpreet Singh Ji Shimla Wale
    03:08-03:15 Bhai Satpal Singh Ji Delhi Wale
    03:15-03:18 Bhai Mohinder Jeet Singh Ji Delhi Wale
    03:19-03:29 Bhai Anantvir Singh Ji USA L.A. Wale
    03:31-03:40 Bhai Arjan Singh Ji Parwana Pipli Wale
    03:40-03:51 Bhai Gagandeep Singh Ji Sri Ganganagar Wale
    04:12-04:20 Bhai Premniwaj Singh Ji
    04:21-04:27 Bhai Premhans Singh Ji
    04:28-04:32 Bhai Guransh Singh Ji, Bhai Gurtaj Singh Ji
    Music - Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa ( N.S. Khalsa )
    Dilruba - Bhai Sandeep Singh
    Piano - Bhai Sarabjeet Singh Pianist
    Mix - Sangeeth Ji
    Video- Amarjyot Kaur Ji

    For more Kirtan, follow me on

    ਆਵਹੁ ਸਿਖ ਸਤਿਗੁਰੂ ਕੇ ਪਿਆਰਿਹੋ ਗਾਵਹੁ ਸਚੀ ਬਾਣੀ ॥
    Aavoh Sikh Satguru Kae Pyareo Gaavoh Sachee Baanee ||
    Come, O beloved Sikhs of the True Guru, and sing the True Word of His Bani.
    ਬਾਣੀ ਤ ਗਾਵਹੁ ਗੁਰੂ ਕੇਰੀ ਬਾਣੀਆ ਸਿਰਿ ਬਾਣੀ ॥
    Baanee Th Gaavoh Guru Kaeree Baaneeaa Sir Baanee ||
    Sing the Guru's Bani, the supreme Word of Words.
    ਜਿਨ ਕਉ ਨਦਰਿ ਕਰਮੁ ਹੋਵੈ ਹਿਰਦੈ ਤਿਨਾ ਸਮਾਣੀ ॥
    Jin Ko Nadhar Karam Hovai Hiradhai Thinaa Samaanee ||
    Those who are blessed by the Lord's Glance of Grace - their hearts are imbued with this Bani.
    ਪੀਵਹੁ ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤੁ ਸਦਾ ਰਹਹੁ ਹਰਿ ਰੰਗਿ ਜਪਿਹੁ ਸਾਰਿਗਪਾਣੀ ॥
    Peevahu Anmrith Sadhaa Rehahu Har Rang Japihu Saarigapaanee ||
    Drink in this Ambrosial Nectar, and remain in the Lord's Love forever; meditate on the Lord, the Sustainer of the world.
    ਕਹੈ ਨਾਨਕੁ ਸਦਾ ਗਾਵਹੁ ਏਹ ਸਚੀ ਬਾਣੀ ॥੨੩॥
    Kehai Naanak Sadhaa Gaavahu Eaeh Sachee Baanee ||23||
    Says Nanak, sing this True Bani forever. ||23||

    #AavohSikh #GurbaniKirtan #ShabadKirtan

    2020 N. S. Khalsa Ⓒ Copyright
    All Rights Reserved

  • Paintër / halyosy feat. VOCALOIDS


    「描け!」 [Draw a dream!]
    ●SINGERS ver.

    ●Pain Eraser [new!]


    [ If you as a last resort alone, may be drawn with someone. I felt again. I am glad if you do draw future together with everyone. ]

    ●この動画はSound Only Ver. ( のMusic Video Ver.です。
    [Another Version]
    Coming Soon


    Lyrics, Music & Arrangement : halyosy @halyosy

    Vocals : 初音ミク, 鏡音リン, 鏡音レン, 巡音ルカ, KAITO & MEIKO

    Electric Guitar : Rio.T @RioT_Clover
    Piano : 事務員G @ZimuinG
    Bass : mao @mao_alpaca_love
    Koto : いぶくろ聖志 @bsmpl
    Violin : てっぺい先生 @teppei_sensei & ゆさ @yusa_vn
    Programing : halyosy @halyosy
    Illustration : 5月病マリオ @5mario

    ●OffVocal→ (準備中)

  • 【Collaboration】 첫소리 KOREA EDITION ✾


    ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????​


    ▼ vocal

    ・​translate : 휴복
    ・​illustration : 휘월
    ・​mix : BLOODMOON
    ・editing : 오렌진
    ・​video : 트란큘
    ・​chorus guide : JeeE
    ・design : 크리앤탈
    ​・Reference cover : Project NDN ver.13 ハジメテノオト (첫소리)

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    twitch *
    mail *​​​

  • GarageBand iOS Collaboration - Importing audio tracks


    GarageBand collaboration - Importing audio tracks in GarageBand iPhone or GarageBand iPad

    In part one of this new series, I reveal some violin tracks that have been recorded by fellow musician Dan Baker, and show how I can bring these in to my updated project in GarageBand iOS.

    Subscribe to the channel for future videos where I will be mixing and mastering this song in iOS.

    == Related Videos ==

    Dan's original video where he records these violin parts -
    Dan's collection of GarageBand tutorials -

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  • Nightwish - Ghost Love Score | Full Band Collaboration Cover | Panos Geo


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    Full band collaboration cover of Nightwish's Ghost Love Score (from their 2004 album entitled Once) by Angel Wolf-Black (vocals), Agordas (guitars), Becky Baldwin (bass), and Panos Geo (drums).

    Music and Lyrics by Tuomas Holopainen

    Meet the band:

    Angel Wolf-Black - Vocals:
    Instagram |
    YouTube |
    Facebook |

    Agordas - Guitars:
    YouTube |
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    Instagram |

    Becky Baldwin - Bass:
    Official Website |
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    Panos Geo - Drums

    Vocal Recordings by Angel Wolf-Black
    Guitar Recordings by Agordas
    Bass Recordings by Glyndwr Williams
    Drum Recordings by Panos Geo

    Vocal Filming by Angel Wolf-Black
    Guitar Filming by Agordas
    Bass / Drums Filming by Panos Geo

    The bass parts were filmed at Southampton Solent University.

    Mixing and Mastering by Agordas

    Video Editing by Panos Geo

    Panos Geo logo by Vasilis Georgiou of Halo Creative Design Lab:
    Instagram |

    Special thanks to:
    Yannis Papadopoulos
    Glyndwr Williams
    Stavros Giannoulis
    Mike Nikolaou
    Southampton Solent University

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    Alperious Pickguards
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    Please watch in HD.

    Music: ICY - ITZY
    We do not own the music.

    Special thanks to
    Camera & Edit: Xn Phong

    Outfit by:
    Trang phuc bieu dien Mimi
    Oops! Crew's Xop & Cong

    Support: Huy Bi, HL, Linh Ruoi & friends








    Japanese guitar players have got gathered over the internet to make this video of Canon Rock. Each of 39 players played a part of the song.

    [Canon Rock JAPANESE COLLABORATION 2nd] is here.

  • Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face - collaboration cover


    Hammer Smashed Face
    Album: Tomb of the Mutilated

    Vocals - Andreas [Norway]:

    Guitars / Mixing - Lorenzo [Italy]:

    Bass - A.J. [USA]:

    Drums - Patrik [Finland]:

  • Most Epic Internet Collaboration


    1. Tsukumoya(DRUM)

    2. Kumakitirou(BASS)

    3. sasuke(PRODUCE)

    “ichika Guitar Loop Pack vol. 1” 20 Loops Get it now!

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