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Playlist of [4K] Top 20 Population age 65 above, 1960

  • World Population through the Ages in visual form


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  • PEP 1: “Were we better off under the British? Eng


    Pol 341 - Political Economy of Pakistan with Dr. Taimur Rahman (LUMS)

    “Were the British better administrators or has decolonisation been beneficial to Pakistan and India? A broad overview of the political economy of Pakistan.


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    Zaidi, Akbar (2017) Chapter 1, “Understanding Pakistan’s Structural Transformation 1947-2014” in Issues in Pakistan’s Economy, OUP.

    Supplementary Reading:

    MUKHERJEE, ADITYA. “Empire: How Colonial India Made Modern Britain.” Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 45, no. 50, 2010, pp. 73–82. JSTOR, Accessed 26 Jan. 2020.



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