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Playlist of ( गुंडाराज ) लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी हिंदी डब में |नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में |लव स्टोरी नरेन,भावना

  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी गुंडाराजहिंदी डब में | नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में | नरेन,भावना, ठण्डापनी


    Genre: Action-oriented Love Story
    Starring: Naren, Bhavana, Thandapani
    Director: Mysskin
    Music: Sunder C. Babu

    Raju (Narain) works as a henchman with Bahiji (Dandapandi). Bhaiji adores him and sees in him his own bravery and extraordinary fighting abilities.

    One day, Thiru stumbles upon Shalu (Bhavana), a local NGO, who fights injustice. A quarrel ensues between them. They soon realize that it was a meeting of heart and soon start to admire each other. Shalu works towards transforming Raju from an emotionless henchman to a lovable, kind-hearted guy. As a result, he and some of his gang members abandon their incorrigible life of gun culture and take up sales at the roadside hoping to lead a socially respectable life.

    Shalu sees a changed personality in Raju and decides to marry him, with the consent of her father. But her hopes shatter after seeing Raju clumped away in a police van from a brothel. She gives up her plans to become Raju's life partner. Notwithstanding the failure, Shalu's father commits suicide. Shalu blames Raju for ruining her life and for her father's death. Raju goes back to Bhaiji. Shalu decided to wed her own relative. Meanwhile, Bhai ji's son falls in love with Shalu and wants to marry her. Bhaiji deputes Raju to bring Shalu.

    Raju devices his own plans in an attempt to thwart Bhai ji's nefarious plans and save Shalu. How Raju saves Shalu from Bhai ji's and ultimately re-unite with her forms the remaining part of the story.

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  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी मेरी तक़दीरहिंदी डब में | नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में |स्नेहा, ब्रह्मानंदम


    Movie: Meri Taqdeer In My hands
    Starring: Manoj Mancho, Sneha Ullal, Riya sen, Nasser, Brahmanandam Sunil,
    Singer: Dharan
    Director: Ajay Sastri
    Producer: Wide Angle Ventures
    Editor: Raghunath Verma
    Lyrics: Ashok Sinha

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  • 2021 लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी क्रेजी 4 हिंदी डब में |नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में | ममता, दिव्यश्री


    Welcome 2 Sur Music World

    2021 Watch Full South Dubbed Hindi from the Movie (Punyathgittiru) Crazy 4 क्रेजी 4 | Exclusive Only On Sur Music World

    Starring: Mamatha Rahuth, Ishu, Divyashree, Sambramshree, Shobraj, Kuri Ranga, GG & Others
    Producer: Surinder Yadav
    Music - Peter M Joseph
    Director - S.Ramesh
    Producer - S.Ramesh
    Banner - Sri Banashankari Movie Creations

    Digital Managed By- Sp Digital Solution.
    Digital Manage :- Mahendra .Y
    Digital Email:-

    Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything - Plato.

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    #2021newreleasesouthdubbedmovie, #MamathaRahuth,#Ishu,#Divyashree, #Sambramshree

  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी भद्राहिंदी डब में | नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में |प्रज्वल , देस्य, संपथ


    Film: BHADRA
    Music: SHREE GURU
    Director: MAHESH RAO
    Producer: M.N KUMAR
    Record Sur Music World
    Bhadra (Prajwal Devaraj) is a happy-go-lucky youngster. His intelligence fools the inspector of his native place. That also becomes very costly for Bhadra. His father asks him to move to city for studies. Joining college Bhadra is strong enough to protect him. He becomes the darling of his college campus soon. When he turns as an approver for one of the killings in the streets and falls in love with Kavya (Daisy Shah) sister of cruel don of city - the problems prevail on his head.

    Bhadra is asked to leave city after a furious attack on him by Naga brother of Kavya. Bhadra takes it as an insult and like any other hero on Indian screen he with stand the opposition. In the climax Bhadra asks Naga to put him down. Naga is given sharp edge weapon by Bhadra. The three chances Naga fail to make use. Bhadra indicates that love and affection is important and not rowdy activity

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  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी मेरा गुस्साहिंदी डब में | नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में |लव स्टोरी प्रियामणि


    New South Indian Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Mera Gussa - HD Full Movie (Mera Aakrosh)-| Hindi Dubbed Movies Full Movie | Latest Blockbuster Movies | Tamil Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2018

    Movie : Mera Gussa - HD (Mera Aakrosh)-
    Starring : Jeevan, Priyamani, Dhamu, Mallika, Livingston, Sampath
    Kumar, Raj Kapoor
    Directed : Selva
    Music : Srikanth Devar
    Genre : Action , Drama film
    Produced : Mariappa Babu Baskar,

    Mera Gussa - HD (English: Bullet) is a Kollywood film directed by Selvaa and produced by Mariappa Babu Baskar of Oscar Movies (a pioneer film production house in Kollywood). The movie, which has a critically acclaimed storyline, stars actor Jeevan as the protagonist with Priyamani playing a pivotal role as his lover. The movie, though ran for 100 days, later succeed at the box office.

    Mera Gussa-HD,Mera Gussa - HD (Mera Aakrosh) ( full movie in hindi dubbed,New South Indian Full Hindi Dubbed Movie,Hindi Dubbed Movies Full Movie, new south Indian movies dubbed in hindi full,south indian movies dubbed in Hindi full movie new, new hindi movies, New Hindi Dubbed Movies,hindi action movies, south dubbed hindi movies full movie,bollywood latest movies,latest hindi dubbed movies,hindi movies new , Jeevan,Priyamani, Dhamu, Mallikamovies in hindi dubbed

  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी मर मिटेंगे हिंदी डब में | नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में | दर्शन,रक्षिता,आशीष


    Movie Title - Mar Mitenge | Hindi Dubbed Movies Full Movie
    Starring - Darshan, Rakshita, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rangayana Raghu
    Director - Sadhu Kokila

    SYNOPSIS:Mar Mitenge (Suntaragaali) is a Indian Hindi Dubbed romantic action film directed by Sadhu Kokila and written by Ranganath. Besides direction, Sadhu Kokila has composed the music and also enacted in a supporting role. The main cast includes Darshan, Rakshita and Ashish Vidyarthi besides Seetha, Umashree and Rangayana Raghu in other pivotal roles

    Darshan lives along with his friends. They do some spare jobs for local political cum don Rangayana Raghu. Darshan falls in love with Raghu's daughter Rakshita. Raghu uses Darshan as a shield to do all sorts of things to win the election. Darshan will come to know that his father had double crossed his mother and killed his grand parents. Watch the full movie to find out what happens next. ------

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  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी पॉवर हिंदी डब में |नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में | सौंदर्या, ब्रह्मानंदम


    Watch the Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie Dum Man of Power Dubbed Hindi Version of Telugu Movie Jayam Mandera.
    Starring : Venkatesh , Soundarya, Bhanupriya, Atul Kulkarni, Ravi Babu, Brahmanandam, Ali, M. S. Narayana, Jaya Prakash Reddy.
    Producer: S.Altaf, Director: N.Shanke
    Lebal ; Sur Music World
    Manage By ; Mahendra Y

  • 2021 लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी एमबीरान हिंदी डब में |नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में |रेजित मेनन, राधिका


    2021 Exclusive Movie Embiran A Love Story Only On Sur Music World Channel

    Casts: Rejith Menon, Radhika Preeti, Mouli, Kalyani Natrajan, Kishore Dev, Manish
    Directed by Krishna Pandi
    Producer: Surinder Yadav
    Cinematography: M.Pugazhenthi
    Music : Prasanna B (a) Prasan Bala
    Editing: D.Manoj
    Art Director: Maya van
    Stunts: Don Ashok
    Lyrics: Kabilan Vairamuthu

    Digital Managed By- Sp Digital Solution.
    Digital Manager :- Mahendra .Y
    Digital Email:-
    Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything - Plato.
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  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी मैं हूँ काशी हिंदी डब |नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी |कीर्ति चावला ,ब्रह्मानंदम


    लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी मैं हूँ काशी हिंदी डब |नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी |कीर्ति चावला ,ब्रह्मानंदम
    Presenting South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie (South Movie, Hindi Movie, Hindi Dubbed Movies, South Indian Movie, Action Movies, Hindi Action Movies) MAIN HOON KAASHI Starring : J.D. Chakravarthy, Keerthi Chawla, Devan, Brahmanandam, Uttej, Shiva Reddy, Venu Madhav, Varsha, AVS, G.V. Sudhakar Naidu, Shanoor Sana & Other. Exclusively On Eagle Action Movies.

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  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी मेरी लड़ाई हिंदी डब में |नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में | नितिन, साधा ,सयाजी


    Watch Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie Meri Ladai Dubbed Hindi Version of Telugu Movie Takkari.
    Starring: Nithin, Sadha, Sayaji Shinde, Chandra Mohan, Raghu Babu, Venu Madhav, Ali.
    Producer: Chandra Verma, Director: Amma Raja

  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी हिंदी डब में | मई हु ज़ोरदार नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में | सुंदर सी, नमिता


    Vetrivel is a person who lives as a temporary driver in Rishikeh, Uttranchal. Annamalai is the owner of Annamalai Transports but not the building-cum-residence of the transports and the staff. He is very innocent and funny. Vivek always arranges a marriage bride for himself but in one way or another Sundhar C. will stop the marriage. Anjali is an ardent fan of MGR and she feels her husband should also be like him. She is the very beautiful and attractive daughter of the Annamalai Transport building owner and she comes to Rishikesh to check the building's condition and to collect the yearly rent. She meets Sundhar C. and falls in love. Sundhar C. also falls in love with Anjali and reveals his past to her. Sundar C. was a highly accomplished district collector and was transferred to Tanjore. He gets himself in a cat-and-mouse chase with local goon Naachiyaar. Naachiyaar's son kidnaps Sundhar C.'s friend's sister who was engaged to another man & tries to rape her. But Sundhar C. comes in and saves the girl and destroys Naachiyaar's son's reproductive capacity. Naachiyaar's son dies in hospital. The marriage of the girl happens happily. Naachiyaar kills Sundhar C.'s friend brutally for revenge. Then the governor comes to Tanjore and CBCID informs that an attempt will be made on governor's life at a Tanjore meeting. Sundhar C. is told to protect the governor as he trained for IPS first and was an excellent shooter. But the governor is killed and Sundhar C. is framed by the DGP himself. The rest of the film shows how Sundhar C. proves himself (he does) and again stops another marriage of Vivek after returning to being a collector.

    Movie Title - Mera Zor (Vaadaa) - Dubbed Hindi Movies 2014 Full Movie
    Starring - Sundar C, Sheryll Brindo, Vivek
    Director - A. Venkatesh

  • नई रिलीज़ सुपरहिट साउथ डब एक्शन मूवी इंस्पेक्टर | पूर्ण मूवी हिंदी में | एक्शन मूवी, लव स्टोरी


    Movie: Khaidi Inspector,
    Cast: Suman, Rambha, Maheshwari
    Genre: Action
    Released on: Apr 1, 1995
    Director::B Gopal
    Music Director::Bappi Lahiri, Devi Sri Prasad

    Songs List :
    1.Komma Chatu
    2.Kottamandi boni
    3.Papa papa pandistava
    4.Pattairo Palakollu
    5.Pattuko Pattuko

    Story :
    The story opens with Seetharamaraju(suman) who produced in court under murder case.Court gives Death Sentence as judgement to seetharamaraju.Before few days remained to hang him, a lady asked him to kill RamiReddy and helped him to getout of jail to do that task.
    Seetharamaraju planned and killed RamiReddy,when he is taking oath as minister. Then he escapes from police and went to his home when he lived once. Then the flashback reveals that he is a strict police officer who cannot bare illegal activities and murders done by Ramireddy and want to stop his activities. Rami Reddy killed everyone of his family and sent seetharamaraju under that murder case to jail.Rest of the stroy you can see in the movie.

  • लेटेस्ट नई रिलीज़ मूवी मेरी चुनोती हिंदी डब में | नई साउथ एक्शन मूवी हिंदी में | श्रीकांत,सौंदर्या


    Meri Chunouti Short movie - Watch this Bollywood Hindi action movie Meri Chunouti” online (dubbed from Telugu movie: Naa Manasista Raa) starring Srikanth, Soundarya, Richa Pallod.

    Soundarya disrobes Richa Sharma in the broad daylight at a public marketplace. It's a triangular love story. Richa and Srikanth love each other. But Soundarya's love towards Srikanth is just one-sided. And she firmly believes in the old adage - 'Anything is fair in love and war!'



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