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Playlist of 'Theory of Machines'

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    Ben Frost - Theory Of Machines


    Theory Of Machines (2007)

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    Jeff Loomis Arpeggio Section Miles of Machines From his Rock House DVD due out Winter 2010


    Rock House Instructor Jeff Loomis of Nevermore teaches you the beginning arpeggio section of his song Miles of Machines. Look for Jeff's Rock House DVD coming Winter 2010.

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    Theory of Machines - Bittersweet, Emotional Orchestral


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    A bittersweet, emotional string cue, somewhat inspired by a recent orchestral concert featuring some amazing Chinese composers and performers. This cue was also inspired by the art of Estonian digital artist Kuldar Leement - particularly his piece 'Theory of Machines' (

    My piece 'Theory of Machines' is freely available for use in any project (commercial or otherwise) under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, and can be downloaded from my library here:

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    Ben Frost - Theory of Machines


    Ben Frost Theory of Machines

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    Theory of Machines


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Theory of Machines · Ben Frost

    Theory of Machines

    ℗ Bedroom Community

    Released on: 2007-02-01

    Composer: Ben Frost
    Music Publisher: Mute

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Ben Frost - Theory of Machines FULL ALBUM CONTINOUS MIX


    I thought of some interesting ways to overlap the tracks on this album to have it play continuously with no breaks.

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    Theory of Machines


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Theory of Machines · Scott Buckley

    Library Songs 1

    ℗ Scott Buckley

    Released on: 2019-05-21

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Jeff Loomis playing Miles of Machines live Nanjing 10-14-11


    another video I filmed of Jeff playing. Stop your fucking complaining if you don't like my videos. I was trying to record and headbang and watch him myself, all at the same time. I was also very close, as you can tell, so the sound might be a tad spotty. It was an awesome night though. Best of luck in the future, Jeff!

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    Ben Frost — Theory of Machines


    Re-uploaded for promotion @Collectables:

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    Theory Of Machines - Ghosts


    Video created by Hiroki Furutani

    Snenes taken from Onibaba

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    Ben Frost - Theory of Machines


    Bonus track from By The Throat.

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    Theory Of Machines - Medley


    Here we go. A little medley from a Theory Of Machines gig we did a few months back in London...its pretty much loud grooves, big crashes and a couple of paradiddles...Enjoy, Gx

    They Transmit

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    Jeff Loomis Miles of Machines Euroguitar Clinic


    Jeff Loomis playing his solo project Miles of Machines at Euroguitar, Guitar Clinic, 10-17-2009

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    Partitura grafica del brano “Theory Of Machines” di Ben Frost


    Partitura grafica del brano “Theory Of Machines” di Ben Frost

    Corso di: Analisi della musica elettroacustica
    Docente: Giovanni Cospito
    Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi di Milano

    Rosario Grieco

    Anno accademico: 2016/2017

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    New track from Instrumental London three piece Theory Of Machines. Mixed by Dave Pemberton. Video Hiroki Furutani. Theory Of Machines are: Richard Burge, David D'Andrade and Paul Stone.

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    Ben Frost-Theory Of Machines


    Picture can be found at:

    Please support the artist by purchasing his music on itunes, just search for Ben Frost Theory Of Machines.

    If the artist of the song does not want this song up, please message me and I will remove it.

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    Vellum – Theory of Machines


    ● Inspected:
    There is a beat in all machines.

    We are happy to announce that Vellum scores our final collection of the year with a raw, forward-thinking, experimental piece of music to accompany our most popular collection to date. Unleash the beast.

    Download →

    Theory of Machines Collection →

    ● Vellum
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    ● Inspector Dubplate
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    Jeff Loomis - Miles Of Machines


    performed in Namm 2008

    edited by me

    original video :

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    Theory of Machines


    Provided to YouTube by DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbH

    Theory of Machines · Utroit Thrust

    High Tech Soul

    ℗ 2014 Musikpropaganda Label And Booking

    Released on: 2014-03-14

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Theory Of Machines - Absence


    Here's a track we demo'ed awhile ago that we played live a lot.. doubt it'll make it with the new tracks. Never been a fan of posting demos, but this is still a cool track/video.

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    Ayreon - Sea Of Machines 2017


    Sea Of Machines from the new Ayreon album The Source.

    Order your copy of The Source:

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    Ben Frost - Theory of Machines


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    no copyright music Scott Buckley – Theory of Machines


    Creative Commons Licensed. Free to use. (Royalty Free - No Copyright - Unlicensed)

    © If you use this track in a video (YouTube/Facebook/Instagram), please provide the following attribution in your description/comments/caption:


    Title: Scott Buckley – Theory of Machines
    Artist: Scott Buckley
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    Scott Buckley – Theory of Machines Cinematic from Royalty Free Planet™


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    Song: Theory of Machines
    Artist: Scott Buckley
    Direct Download:

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    License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 -
    This license states that the material can be shared, remixed and used commercially as long as you give appropriate credit to the creator.

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    Ben Frost - Theory of Machines


    Great song from Ben Frost. Album: Theory of Machines

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    Demo of Chemicals by London 3 piece Theory of Machines.

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    Jeff Loomis Super Shred - Miles of Machines Lesson


    Jeff Loomis Super Shred Instructional DVD

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    Jeff Loomis - Miles of Machines + Backing track


    Miles of Machines / Jeff Loomis //
    + Guitar Backing track - Thomas Kutik Studios

    Metal from Slovakia

    BASS Guitar - Mário Marko
    GUITARS / PRODUCTION - Thomas Kutik
    VIDEO - Erik Šimon

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    Theory of Machines


    música de Ben Frost | Theory of Machines

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    Daniel Pemberton - The Circus of Machines I - II STEVE JOBS, USA - 2015


    * The Circus of Machines I (Overture)
    * The Circus of Machines II (Allegro)
    * Music from STEVE JOBS (USA - 2015).
    * Composer: Daniel Pemberton (1977 - ).

    Soprano: Hanne Roos.
    Baritone/Bass: Piet Vansichen.
    Choir: The Flemish Radio Choir.

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    Kagamine Rin Slaves Of Machines Vocaloid


    Rice Records:

    Music & Lyrics: Shiromeshi (
    Illust: Uenotsuki (

    MP3 and Off Vocal:

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    Theory Of Machines - Karoshi


    Karoshi by Theory Of Machines

    Video created by Hiroki Kmst:

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    Ben Frost - Theory Of Machines


    Disclaimer: If you are the copyright owner of this track and wish for it to be taken down please email

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    Theory Of Machines - Obsidian


    Obsidian by Theory Of Machines:
    Video created by Hiroki Kmst:
    Track 1 from Promo/ep1:

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    Theory of Machines - Scott Buckley No Copyright Music


    Theory of Machines - Scott Buckley
    No Copyright Music

    Free Download :

    Artist :

    Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

    Free Picture :

    No Copyright Music :

    Theory of Machines - Scott Buckley :

    Playlist :


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    Nukleall & M-Theory - Smart Machines


    No copyright intended, for promotional use only! For any issues, please send me a private message and I will remove it in 24/48 hours.

    Album: Cosmic Catnip (EP) 2018
    Label: Blacklite Records

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    Ayreon - Sea Of Machines


    Arjen Anthony Lucassen
    The Source
    Mascot Label Group

    James LaBrie (Dream Theater) como Historiador
    Tommy Karevik (Kamelot, Seventh Wonder) como Líder de la Oposición
    Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me) como Químico
    Simone Simons (Epica) como Consejera
    Nils K. Rue (Pagan's Mind) como Profeta
    Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia) como Capitán
    Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) como Astrónomo
    Michael Mills (Toehider) como TH-1
    Russell Allen (Symphony X) como Presidente
    Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus) como Diplomático
    Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ex-After Forever) como Bióloga
    Zaher Zorgati (Myrath) como Predicador

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    Theory of Machines - Against The Sky


    Music by Theory Of Machines
    Video created by Hiroki Kmst

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    Theory of Machines - Exercise 1 - Question 3a


    PED 2016

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    Ben Frost - Theory of machines


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    Ben Frost - Stomp


    Taken from Ben Frost's release Theory Of Machines
    © Bedroom Community 2006

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    Jeff Loomis, Miles of Machines Lesson Sample, Rock House DVD



    In this guitar video lesson, Rock House instructor Jeff Loomis, shows you the main arpeggio lead section from Miles of Machines off his solo CD, Zero Order Phase. The guitar lesson comes from his 2 DVD set Extreme lead Guitar from Rock House. The DVD features over 40 lessons.

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    Altamura Demo by London 3 piece Theory of Machines.

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    Theory of Machines - Exercise 1 - Question 3d


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    THEORY OF MACHINES - Chemicals


    Video snippet of new track Chemicals by London 3 piece Theory Of Machines

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    Ayreon - Sea of Machines


    Hi everybody!

    I've decided to make a cover of Ayreon's excellent song 'Sea of Machines', from his newest fantastic album, 'The Source'.

    I've had a lot of fun working on this one, especially because of the powerful buildup in the middle of the song, that I love to sing along to :P (unfortunately, I am a less talented singer than pianist...). Arjen, if you are reading this - you are a true genius!

    This is the third time I've uploaded an Ayreon cover... any other Ayreon fans here? What next song would you like me to cover?

    Thanks for watching!
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    Ben Frost - Theory of Machines


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    Decent Sounds:


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    Reaction! Ayreon - Sea of Machines


    To support this channel:

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    Jeff Loomis - Zero Order Phase


    Enjoy lml


    00:00 Shouting Fire At A Funeral
    04:53 Opulent Maelstrom
    11:01 Jato Unit
    15:43 Azure Haze
    20:43 Cashmere Shiv
    27:00 Race Against Disaster
    33:13 Sacristy
    38:05 Devil Theory
    44:19 Miles Of Machines
    50:07 Departure
    54:01 Omega's Influence



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