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Genre Station of Black metal

  • Batushka - Litourgiya Full - HD


    1. Yekteniya 1 00:00
    2. Yekteniya 2 05:45
    3. Yekteniya 3 10:08
    4. Yekteniya 4 14:59
    5. Yekteniya 5 20:19
    6. Yekteniya 6 26:19
    7. Yekteniya 7 30:33
    8. Yekteniya 8 36:07

    Important announcement!:

    Video version:

    My name is Krzysztof “Derph” Drabikowski. Most of You know me by the moniker Христофоръ, the leader and creator of the musical project Batushka. I am recording this video because I have lost control over Batushka’s website, Facebook page, webstore and as of Tuesday, even the Instagram account. This is the only way I can tell You what is happening and how my former vocalist is trying to take the band away from me. I created Batushka in the spring of 2015. I am the author of the music, lyrics, the name, the painting that you know from the album cover and the overall monk image idea. I have made the musical arrangements, wrote the melodies and recorded most of the instruments on the Litourgiya album in my private home studio. Before the finishing touches I invited Bartłomiej Krysiuk to do the vocals according to my guidelines, and Marcin Bielemiuk to re-record my drums parts on acoustic percussion. Batushka was meant to be an anonymous musical project, and from the beginning the idea was to keep the line-up unknown to the public so that the listeners could focus their attention on the musical experience itself. The album, released by Krysiuk’s underground label, became a hit. The demand for live shows from all over the world was enormous. So, I decided to, with the help of my friends, bring Batushka's music on to the live stage. During the past two years I have written and recorded the material for the second Batushka album, and Krysiuk pressed me to release it as soon as possible. As I wasn't satisfied with the results yet, I postponed the release of the follower of Litourgiya which followed with Krysiuk declaring he is leaving the band. On the Friday of the 21st of December I learned that Krysiuk hired musicians to produce an album that he planned to release as the new Batushka record, behind my back! He also registered Batushka as his personal trademark. Before I managed to do anything, he cut off my access to all Batushka's media platforms, and tries to enforce some kind of censorship on all media interested in the band situation. In response I have taken legal action and have been advised by my lawyer to not say anything further. All the new pictures you see on the website and Facebook page are of Krysiuk and random people like his son pretending to be Batushka. Every upcoming festival claiming to have Batushka in their line-up has made a deal with Krysiuk and not me. I would like to kindly ask You to copy and share this message wherever You can. Let the truth be heard. As of now the only true Batushka will be that without Krysiuk behind the mic. Thank You for watching and thank You for Your support.

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    TOXIC HOLOCAUST - Silence from the album 'Chemistry Of Consciousness'

    Order at Relapse:
    Order at iTunes:

    Available NOW on CD/ LP/ Deluxe LP/ Digital via Relapse Records.

    Official links:

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  • Black Metal Guitar Technique Lesson With Examples


    My Ultimate Black Metal Guitar course is available here:

    Here's a guitar lesson on the most popular guitar techniques for playing black metal. I'm using a Vigier Excalibur Supra, a Fender Blues Deluxe amp, and a Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion pedal.

    To get my black metal album go here:

  • Mgła - Groza Full - HD


    1. Groza I 0:00
    2. Groza II 11:22
    3. Groza III 18:38
    4. Groza IV 26:25

    More info/Buy:

    No copyright is intended. The rights to this video are assumed by the owner and its affiliates.

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  • Abbath LIVE Debut @ Tuska Open Air 2015- Part 1


    LIVE Debut of the band ABBATH (Ex- IMMORTAL) @ Tuska Open Air Festival in Helsinki Finland 2015. (Recorded by Richard Cadaver)

    Songs on Part 1-

    01. Warriors (I cover)
    02. Battalions (I cover)
    03. Fenrir Hunts (new song)
    04. One By One (IMMORTAL cover)

  • Bathory - You Dont Move Me


    Cancion You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck) de Bathory del disco Jubileum Vol. I (1992).La cancion se grabo en 1983 como una demo y no se publico antes.Para mi es,si no la mejor,una de las mejores canciones de Bathory en todos los aspectos.Una lastima que fuese una maqueta y tenga tan poca calidad.

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  • Svartidauði - Revelations of the Red Sword


    Country: Iceland | Year: 2018 | Genre: Black Metal

    Order CD & LP:

    Digital Album available here:

    - Svartidauði -
    Metal Archives:

    - Ván Records -

    1. Sol Ascending 00:00
    2. Burning Worlds of Excrement 07:07
    3. The Howling Cynocephali 12:33
    4. Wolves of a Red Sun 20:17
    5. Reveries of Conflagration 25:53
    6. Aureum Lux 35:43

    This video is for promotional use only!

  • Hell-Born - Natas Liah


    Country: Poland | Year: 2021 | Genre: Black/Death Metal

    HELL-BORN returns 12 years after their last album, with the new full length Natas Liah. The band was started in 1996 by Behemoth co-founder Baal and Les, also a former Behemoth musician as well as a member of Damnation. There are also some guests on the album, including Adam 'Nergal' Darski.

    Available formats:
    ▶ CD digipak
    ▶ LP regular black
    ▶ Deluxe Wooden Box (limited to 40 copies) containing:
    - Die Hard, white, heavy vinyl, gatefold, with silver ink, hot stamp with poster A3, 66 copies made.
    - 6-panel digipak with 16-page booklet, silver ink and hot stamp.
    - T-shirt
    - Patch
    - Button
    - Sticker
    ▶ Digital - Bandcamp

    Pre-order CD, LP, Merch & Digital Album:

    - Hell-Born -
    Metal Archives:

    - Odium Records -

    1. When You Are God 00:00
    2. Axis of Decay 05:06
    3. Ye Olde Woods Devil 09:57
    4. Uroboros 15:28
    5. The Butcher 21:28
    6. Son of Earth 27:08
    7. In God's Death 32:01
    8. Soulrape 37:34
    9. Blakk Metal 40:37

    Upload on behalf of Odium Records!

  • Drudensang / Kalmankantaja / Hiisi - Essence of Black Mysticism


    Country: Finland / Germany | Year: 2019 | Genre: Black Metal

    CD & LP available here:

    Digital Album available here:

    - Drudensang -
    Metal Archives:

    - Kalmankantaja -
    Metal Archives:

    - Hiisi -
    Metal Archives:

    - Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur -

    - Worship Tapes -

    1. Drudensang - Raunen der Toten 00:00
    2. Drudensang - Sterbelicht 01:34
    3. Drudensang - Solstitium Ritual 09:19
    4. Drudensang - Geistes Fluch 12:19
    5. Kalmankantaja - Ruumiinvaellus 19:12
    6. Hiisi - Kaaos 30:31
    7. Hiisi - Verilähde 36:51

    This video is for promotional use only!

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  • Evilfeast / Uuntar - Odes to Lands of Past Traditions


    Country: Poland / The Netherlands | Year: 2020 | Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Pagan Black Metal

    CD, LP & Digital Album (soon) available here:

    - Evilfeast -
    Metal Archives:

    - Uuntar -
    Metal Archives:

    - Heidens Hart Records -

    1. Evilfeast - A castle enfolded in crimson twilight 00:00
    2. Evilfeast - In umbra refugiis luminem excecrari 13:12
    3. Uuntar - Zon op de boor 18:14
    4. Uuntar - De man van Mander 29:02

    Upload on behalf of Heidens Hart Records!

  • Inquisition - Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan HD


    - 01 - Embraced By The Unholy Powers Of Death And Destruction
    - 02 - Enshrouded By Cryptic Temples Of The Cult
    - 03 - Kill With Hate
    - 04 - Rituals Of Human Sacrifice For Lord Baal
    - 05 - Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan
    - 06 - Hail The King Of All Heathen
    - 07 - The Realm Of Shadows Shall Forever Reign
    - 08 - For Lucifer My Blood
    - 09 - Imperial Hymn For Our Master Satan
    - 10 - Outro


  • Amon Amarth - - The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA - 04.17.2016


    Amon Amarth - The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA - 04.17.2016 - (FULL SET) shot on my iPhone 6s

    0:00 intro
    1:31 the pursuit of vikings
    7:13 As Loke Falls
    12:38 First Kill
    17:10 The Way of Vikings
    22:32 At Dawn’s First Light
    27:30 Deceiver of the Gods
    31:56 Cry of the Black Birds
    37:15 One Against All
    40:53 Thousand Years of Oppression
    47:35 Destroyer of the Universe
    51:35 Death in Fire
    57:36 Runes to My Memory
    1:02:51 One Thousand Burning Arrows
    1:10:35 Father of the Wolf
    1:14:53 War of the Gods
    1:19:40 Victorious March
    1:29:55 Raise Your Horns
    1:34:35 Guardians of Asgaard
    1:39:25 Twilight of the Thunder God

  • Mgla - With Hearts Toward None Full Album


    I do not own any copyrights im just a fan, every album i upload is an album i own, plz buy the album if you like it thank you m/

    1. With Hearts Toward None I 00:00
    2. With Hearts Toward None II 05:07
    3. With Hearts Toward None III 09:41
    4. With Hearts Toward None IV 17:38
    5. With Hearts Toward None V 23:28
    6. With Hearts Toward None VI 28:53
    7. With Hearts Toward None VII 33:45

    i personally own the cassette version of this bought here ;

  • Ov Hell - Invoker


    3rd track from Ov Hell's debut, The Underworld Regime

  • KRATER - Flammen im Vakuum


    Flammen im Vakuum taken from the 3rd Krater full length Urere. More info & order:
    Video produced by Melanie Werner

    Concept, camera, editing: Melanie Werner

    2nd camera - Live part:
    Valerian Seethaler

    Follow Krater:
    Official website:

    Subscribe to our channel:


  • SATYRICON - The Pentagram Burns


    Official Music Video of The Pentagram Burns by Satyricon
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    Subscribe to Satyricon:

    From the 2006 SATYRICON albu, Now, Diabolical.

    Nuclear Blast:


  • GAEREA Transcending Obscurity


    STORE -

    Gaerea have turned the genre of black metal on its head. While most rehash the classic sound, this Portuguese band take it forward and seamlessly integrate influences from other genres like hardcore and sludge. Sonically defiant and cohesive, Gaerea smash preconceived notions and deliver music they can call their own. 'Unsettling Whispers' is the much awaited full length album coming after their universally lauded self-titled EP. Transcending Obscurity Records will be putting it out on multiple formats with excellent packaging that includes gatefold LP, alternate artwork box set and 8-panel digipak with a 20-page booklet. Artful, stirring and deeply immersive, Gaerea are a band to watch out for. Their treatment of the music is not only meticulous but also unforgettable.

  • Mgła Age of Excuse full album 2019


    Fourth full-length album of Mgła.

    00:00 Age of Excuse I
    07:29 Age of Excuse II
    14:27 Age of Excuse III
    20:43 Age of Excuse IV
    26:19 Age of Excuse V
    33:20 Age of Excuse VI


    Available at:

  • Scarab - Ankh


    Scarab is a Death Metal band from Egypt. They formed in Cairo in a year 2006

    Blinding the Masses(2009) is their first Full-length album
    Track 3: Ankh

  • Agathodaimon- Glasul Artei Viitoare


    Lipsa de ocupatie...

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  • Andras - Reliquien...


    Country: Germany | Year: 2019 | Genre: Black Metal

    CD, LP & Shirt available here:

    - Andras -
    Metal Archives:

    - Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur -

    1. Diabolical Christening (Re-Arrangement) 00:00
    2. Dunwich (Re-Arrangement) 05:25
    3. Thy Last Redeemer 11:49
    4. In the Shadow of the Light (Re-Arrangement) 18:51
    5. Das Schwert unserer Ahnen (Re-Arrangement) 24:23
    6. Flames of Hate (Re-Arrangement) 27:51
    7. Die Vorboten (Re-Arrangement) 31:30
    8. The Cry of the Banshee (Re-Arrangement) 34:45
    9. Aufbruch 38:42

    The re-arrangements are songs between 1994-2000 which were modified and recorded again by the current lineup. This is not a compilation of songs from former albums. The CD & LP also contain the track 'Man of Iron' (Bathory cover).

    Upload on behalf of Andras!

  • Abbath - Fenrir Hunts


    Available here :

    Artist: Abbath
    Track: Fenrir Hunts
    Label: Season of Mist

    The band states: We have performed 'Fenrir Hunts' live since our debut concert at Tuska Festival in Finland. This led to the decision to record a few live songs properly. With the aid of a camera team, we have recorded three tracks in a live setting at the beginning of September. Along with 'Fenrir Hunts', which you can see today, there will be two cover versions coming up soon. Now, here is 'Fenrir Hunts', the first glimpse from our upcoming debut album!

    Recorded & Mixed by Jamie Ward
    Director: Fraser West
    Camera: David Wilson Clarke, Nick Lee Shield
    Edit: Wetheconspirators

    Pre-order Abbath's first single 'Count The Dead' at

    Follow Season of Mist :

  • Rotting Christ - Rituals


    Composed and Produced by Sakis Tolis
    Recorded in Deva Sounds Studios-Athens, Greece by George Emmanouil
    Mixed and mastered in Fascination Street Studios-Orebro,Sweden by Jens Borgen
    Released by Season Of Mist-France
    Contact the band:

    01. In Nomine Dei Nostri 0:00
    02. Ze Nigmar 04:40
    03. Elthe Kyrie 09:36
    04. Les Litanies De Satan (Les Fleurs Du Mal) 14:26
    05. Apage Satana 18:20
    06. Tou Thanatou 22:11
    07. For A Voice Like Thunder 25:52
    08. Konx Om Pax 32:01
    09. Devadevam 36:24
    10. The Four Horsemen 43:42

  • Bornholm - Moonlight Wanderer |2013|


    Band: Bornholm
    Album: Inexorable Defiance(CD - 2013)
    Genre: Melodic Black Pagan Metal
    Country: Hungary (Budapest)
    - Label : NoiseArt Records

    - Order the album here:


    - Websites:

    - Tracklist :
    1. Fear of Wonders
    2. Swordbearer
    3. Flaming Pride and Inexorable Defiance
    4. Walk on Pagan Ways
    5. Archai Pale Visions
    6. Throne of Crows
    7. Moonlight Wanderer
    8. Equinox
    9. The Spiral Path
    10. Fiery Golden Dawn
    11. Towards the Golden Halls

    - Bonus Tracks:
    12.Valhalla (Bathory Cover)
    13.Feast of Fire

    This is for promotional purposes only.
    DISCLAIMER: All music and images belong to the their rightful owners.
    The credit is theirs alone. I do not own any of the music.Absolutely no copyright infringement intended.

  • I - Between Two Worlds


    I, The new band featuring:
    Abbath (IMMORTAL)
    TC King (SAHG, ex-GORGOROTH)
    Armagedda (ex-IMMORTAL)

    Band: I
    Title: Between Two Worlds
    Year: 2006

  • Zornestrieb Split 2018


    Out now! Pagan Black Metal and Black metal 4-Way-Split from Germany/Estonia.

    To be purchased on:


    1. Bestia - Idaviikingid
    2. Isgalder - Sirius Ablaze
    3. Urt - Uus ilma kord
    4. Zornestrieb - Erhabend, nicht klagend!

    Limited to 100 copies as CD/R
    All Rights reserved by Zornestrieb, Isgalder, Urt and Bestia

  • Drudkh - Only The Wind Remembers My Name



  • Rafael Léguas - Man of Iron


    7 de Março 2013 - 4:11 - Insonia - No beers

  • A Canorous Quintet - The Only Pure Hate


    A Canorous Quintet - The Only Pure Hate
    Origin: Sweden
    Genre: Melodic Death Metal
    Released Date: 1998

    1. Selfdeceiver (The Purest of Hate)
    2. Embryo of Lies
    3. Red
    4. The Void
    5. Everbleed
    6. The Complete Emptiness
    7. Retaliation
    8. Realm of Rain
    9. The Storm
    10. Land of the Lost

  • Vortex - Thrash Metal Holocaust


    Band: Vortex
    Album: Thrash Is Alive
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Year: 2009

  • Motorhead - Brotherhood Of Man


    Music and lyrics by Motorhead
    For more videos and song covers, visit my channel and subscribe
    For better picture and sound, see it in 720p HD.

    The gear that I used for this video:
    Guitars : Ibanez GRGR121EX
    Amp : Line 6 Spider 3 75 watt
    Microphone : Shure SM57
    Camera : Logitech HD pro WebCam C910

    I am NOT the owner and I do NOT claim any of the copyrights.....
    This video is made just for fun and to pay tribute to the artist......



    The heaviest D.I.Y. trio from Canada, Dopethrone, was born in 2008 in Hochelaga, Montreal’s trashiest Ghetto. They encompass the bleakness of black metal, the steadfastness of New Orleans-style sludge, and a heavier-than-thou doom mentality. The riffs are thick, punishing, suffocating and destructive. The Demonic vocals are harsh, visceral and animal-like. And the mood is heavy and oppresive

    3.VAGABONG 11:24
    4.SCUM FUCK BLUES 17:20
    5.DRY HITTER 22:00
    6.BULLETS 27:59
    7.RIFF DEALER 34:11

  • Liber Null - I, The Serpent


    Country: The Netherlands / Italy | Year: 2016 | Genre: Black Metal

    CD, LP & Shirt available here:

    Digital Album available here:

    - Liber Null -
    Metal Archives:

    - Osmose Productions -

    1. The Unrepenting Son 00:00
    2. Below and Beyond 08:17
    3. Dereliction 12:30
    4. Unholy Cosmogony 18:48
    5. The Heretic's Tongue 26:53
    6. I - The Serpent 32:14

    This video is for promotional use only!

  • Bathory - Witchcraft


    Witchcraft Recorded may 1984. I read in an interview with Quorthon that he had forgotten how to play this and had lost the tape with this on it. That's why it was never released before Jubileum Vol. III.

    the first picture is a picture with Quorthon and Vvornth the drummer. then theres a picture of the first 2 Bathory album covers (Bathory and The Return of the Darkness and Evil).

  • Theurgia - Transformation Full - HD


    1. TheTorch ov Creation 0:00
    2. ILV (The Verb of Waters) 0:54
    3. Transformation 6:49
    4. Transmutation (Of Synesthetic Formula) 14:48
    5. My Oeneric Dreams 21:08
    6. Procesio IV - Monotonous Chant 21:48
    7. Procesio V - Dolorvm 29:29
    8. Procesio VI - Mea Spíritus in Opium 34:53
    9. Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane (Dissection cover) 40:42

  • The Unforgiven Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - Metallica


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    Click here for my Metallica playlist featuring ALL parts to this lesson!

    In this guitar lesson I will show you note-for-note how to play The Unforgiven by Metallica.

    We will tackle all of the acoustic and electric guitar parts in this The Unforgiven guitar lesson series across 3 separate video lessons.

    In the first video lesson I will show you James Hetfield's acoustic fingerpicked intro. The second half of this intro uses the exact same guitar part James Hetfield uses during the chorus.

    The intro starts out with a very repetitive and simple fingerpicking pattern based around an A minor chord, but when it gets to the chorus part, the chords move around a lot quicker and recreating James Hetfield's exact fingerings can seem a little bit unorthodox.

    In the second video lesson I will cover all of the electric guitar parts including the clean guitar solo Kirk Hammett plays during the intro and chorus, and his clean guitar solo that leads into the main guitar solo. In addition, we will take a look at the heavy rhythms played during the verse and underneath the main guitar solo.

    The main guitar solo for Metallica's The Unforgiven is considered by many to be one of Kirk Hammett's finest, and in the third video lesson, I will show you how to play it note-for-note!

    In this classic guitar solo Kirk Hammett opts to ramp down the technique a bit and focus on melody and letting the solo tell a story of it's own.

    That isn't to say that this The Unforgiven guitar solo lesson isn't without it's challenges, there are plenty of them. It just means that here we seem to have Kirk Hammett thinking more about the song structure that he is playing over instead of playing all over the place with reckless abandon. Even though most Metallica fans love that stuff to. :)

    The techniques involved in learning this solo include double-stop bends, fast alternate picking sequences and shifts, large bends and so forth. Like I said before, he might of ramped down the speed with this solo, but there is still plenty to learn that will challenge most players.

    Depending on what your strengths and weaknesses are as a player you may find the bends the most difficult thing to master, or it may be the quick ascending scale licks. Either way, when you get to a section of the solo that is challenging for you to play, simply slow it down and break that section into smaller pieces that are easier to learn.

    That method of tackling a technical issue is far better than simply trying to play through the whole solo over and over again. Concentrate on the things that you can't play individually instead doing the whole solo which will probably contain many parts that are easy to you.

    If none of the parts are easy to you then perhaps you should wait a bit before tackling a guitar solo that is too advanced for you. Your playing will suffer in the long run if you try to do too much to soon. Good Luck!


  • Sleep


    My FB page:
    My band:

  • ragnarok - Blackdoor Miracle


    ragnarok - Blackdoor Miracle

  • Gaahls WYRD - Carving The Voices


    Subscribe to Season Of Mist for new releases :
    Taken from the forthcoming album GastiR – Ghosts Invited. Release date May 31, 2019. Release in Norway by Indie Recordings. Order here:

    Download/stream here:
    Video directed, shot and edited by Troll Toftenes

    Follow Gaahls WYRD:

    Follow Season Of Mist:

  • Thy Infernal - Satans Wrath


    Track 2 from Thy Infernal's 1997 demo tape - Satan's Wrath.

    -uploaded in HD at

  • Nocturnal Depression - Crystal Tears


    Black Metal from Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France; from demo Near to the Stars, re-recorded, re-arranged and re-mastered version, released March 27th, 2014 by Sun & Moon Records; originally released June 19th, 2004.
    The demo was performed by the original line-up: H.Suizid and L.Lokhraed.

    All rights reserved to Nocturnal Depression and Sun & Moon Records.


    Art by TheFoxAndTheRaven (Kaia Pieters); all rights and © reserved to TheFoxAndTheRaven (Kaia Pieters).

  • BORNHOLM - Acheron


    - The faceook page of the band!

  • Gorgoroth - Unchain My Heart Guitar Lesson


    Check out my Black Metal Guitar Course:

    Here's a guitar tutorial on how to play Unchain My Heart by Gorgoroth. I'm playing a Gibson Les Paul into a Marshall DSL100 Head, and a Blackstar S-1 2x12 cab. Distortion comes from a Tech 21 Sansamp GT 2.

    This video is purely for instructional and educational purposes only

  • Hypocrisy - Paled Empty Sphere


    (Hypocrisy) - Hypocrisy: It is the sixth album to us Hypocrisy, made in 1999, this time full of atmospheric environment, guitars, keyboards and synthesizers accompany this album.
    Hypocrisy at this stage shows and alien abductions issues, making his music pure Melodic Death Metal.

  • Sign Of An Open Eye Guitar Lesson by Gorgoroth


    Here's a guitar tutorial on how to play Sign Of An Open Eye by Gorgoroth. I'm using an Ibanez RG370DX with active EMG pickups, a Fender Blues Deluxe amp, a Fulltone Distortion Pro, and a Visual Sound Route 808 overdrive.


    C#, F#, B, E, G#, C#




  • Inquisition - Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult


    The band was formed in 1988 in Cali, Colombia by Dagon. The band started as a thrash metal act, and in 1994 evolved into raw black metal.

    Full-length Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult Sylphorium Records 1998.

    1. Unholy Magic Attack
    2. Those of the Night
    3. The Initiation
    4. Empire of Luciferian Race
    5. Summoned by Ancient Wizards Under a Black Moon
    6. Journey to Infernukeorreka
    7. Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult
    8. Mighty Wargod of the Templars (Hail Baphomet)
    9. Solitary Death in the Nocturnal Woodlands
    10. Hail the Cult

  • Bornholm - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi


    Bornholm - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (Carl Orff cover)
    Demo: Awakening of the Ancient Ones
    Black Metal

  • Ritual Day - Cursed Land | Chinese Black Metal


    Band: Ritual Day (施教日)
    Track: Cursed Land
    Album: Yamantaka Madness, 4 Track EP, self-released in 2016.
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: China

    For promotional purposes only.

  • Watain Waters Of Ain


    Band: Watain
    Song: Waters Of Ain
    Album: Lawless Darkness
    Released: 2010 by Season Of Mist
    Track: 10

    Take me home
    Ye beckoning ocean waves!
    My vessel is prepared
    Eagerly, my spirit yearns
    Through the gates, Transylvania calls

    Anointed am I
    Exalted on a course to man averse
    Cloven-hooved my footsteps be
    The self withdrawn
    Expanding as the rays of death illuminate
    The bridge and the path to the waters of Ain

    Where no corner's define
    To the waters of Ain
    Where no circles confine
    To the waters of Ain
    To the twilight of time
    To the Death

    To unmask the featureless face and know its numbing beauty
    To remove the fig leaf from her cunt and enter
    To pluck the fruits forbidden
    Ye grapes most ripe, ye blessings of the underworld
    Unleash your bitter rivers
    Burn this tongue of mine
    Oh wormwood sweet
    Damnation's infernal wine

    From the waters of Ain
    Where no corner's define
    From the waters of Ain
    Where no circles confine
    Flow, ye waters of Ain
    As wormwood and wine
    To the Death!

    Their waters as one water in a stream against all streams
    Sweet and salt now intermingle in the waking veins of Kingu
    The havens tower in the yonder now
    Where my vessel shall set sail
    A voyage without end across the ageless waters
    To shine beyond!
    Do not mistake me for a star
    Though I'll shine like them at night
    But behold instead the darkness in between them
    The Devil's light

    Fearless I tread at the outpost
    The brilliant abode of the dark
    At the bridge from the known to the great unseen
    I shall not linger

    Saturh, great dark in the yonder
    I give you my soul to devour
    So that I may be judged in your deathlike glare
    And purified
    For thou art the wisdom's keeper
    The shoreline where truth shall unwind
    A truth that in life I am doomed to search
    But shall die to find

    And so his burning ship departs out from these shores
    Never to return
    And so he sets his sail
    Towards the setting sun at the end of the world

  • Monarque - Le Vent Du Nord


    From: Fier Hérétique -2007-
    Atmospheric Black Metal
    Country: Canada

  • Burzum - Jeg Faller Cover


    My Equipment:




    Audio Interface



    Burzum Wear

    Hails from Germany

  • Bathory-Valhalla



  • Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - The Dead Hate The Living


  • Hegeroth - no halo, no tiara Polish Black Metal 2019


    apple music:

    -- English below --
    Utwór pochodzi z albumu Degenerate wydanego przez Mara Production.

    Hegeroth rozpoczął działalność w 2010 roku grając melodic/symphonic black metal.
    W tym klimacie oscylowały dwa pierwsze wydawnictwa: EP Spectral Fear (2012) oraz debiut Three Emperors' Triangle (2014).
    W 2018 postanowiliśmy reaktywować zespół w typowo gitarowym składzie. Wraz z powstawaniem kolejnych kawałków muzyka i pomysły ewoluowały.
    Partie melodic zaczłęły ustępować surowszym i mroczniejszym klimatom. Po miesiącach prób, sprawdzania różnych kombinacji analiz:) powstała koncepcja na album 'Degenerate'.
    Mamy nadzieję, że taka formuła spodoba Wam się równie bardzo jak nas pochłonęła. Wierzymy, że płyta ta wniesie troszkę świeżości i innego spojrzenia.
    Na Zdrowie!

    -- English --
    The track comes from the Degenerate album, released by Mara Production.
    apple music:

    Hegeroth was founded in 2010 and the band started by playing melodic/symphonic black metal.
    Their first two releases (EP Spectral Fear - 2012 and the debut Three Emperors' Triangle - 2014) were kept in this style.
    In 2018 we decided to reactivate the band in traditional guitar line up. With the creation of new tracks our ideas evolved.
    Melodic lines started to give way to rawer and darker climates. After months of rehearsals, testing different combinations and analysis the idea of the Degenerate album was born.
    We are optimistic that such a formula will appeal to you as much as it absorbed us. At the same time we hope that this album will be a breath of fresh air for this genre.
    Na Zdrowie!


  • AMORPHIS live at Reggies Chicago, Sun March 26 2017 part 1


    AMORPHIS live at Reggies Chicago, Sun March 26 2017 part 1

  • Nargaroth - Herbstleyd


    Black Metal from Germany (Eilenburg, Saxony) Lyrical Themes: Hatred, War, Misanthropy

  • Agathodaimon - Banner of Blasphemy


    Album: Blacken the Angel
    Jahr: 1998


    Trei cruci de lemn, trei cruci enorme de lemn
    Vopsite cu trei culori, pzesc pe marginea soselei
    Fntna celor... crediciosi!
    Trei cruci pe marginea soselei
    cu gesturi largi de mini bolnave
    Opresc din drum pe cltori
    si parc-s trei spnzurtori
    De care atrn trei crisosi...
    ntr-o zi mpinsi de-acelasi funerar ndemn
    Ca dou-armate puse una-n fata alteia
    Cumintii se-ntlnir cu nebunii
    Copiii mortilor de mine se-ntlnir cu printii..

  • DIMMU BORGIR - Sorgens Kammer - Del II


    Official music video - Dimmu Borgir's Sorgens Kammer Del II.
    Order at:
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    Subscribe to Dimmu Borgir:

    Nuclear Blast:
    Amazon MP3:

    From the 2005 re-recorded version of, Stormblast, out now worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records.


    © Nuclear Blast Records

  • Dia De Los Muertos - Las Calaveras Del Terror


    From the album Satanico-Dramatico

  • Mgla - Exercises in futility - 2015 full album


    Third full-length album of Mgła, available at :


    Exercises in futility I 00:00
    Exercises in futility II 07:58
    Exercises in futility III 15:47
    Exercises in futility IV 20:25
    Exercises in futility V 25:10
    Exercises in futility VI 33:26

  • MAMMON - Phosphoros


    Phosphoros, taken from MAMMON's first release PHOSPHOROS.
    Visit MAMMON on Facebook:

    Recorded by Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger (check out:

    Artwork by Chrsitina Voit (check out:

  • VAMPIRE - Howl From The Coffin


    VAMPIRE - Howl From The Coffin (Album Track). Taken from the album Vampire. Century Media 2014. Pre-order now:

  • Darkthrone - Quintessence


    From the 1995 album Panzerfaust.

    Origin: Norway (Kolbotn)


    Eight miles deep the well forgotten by mortals
    Oh, I drank it empty in one single sip
    Eight miles wide the valley beyond all hope
    Oh, I filled the whole with one single fist

    Five million shristians on a ride towards us
    Oh, I slaughtered the bunch with one single hit with my spear
    Five million women so alone in the night
    Oh, I had them all satisfied profusely every night by myself

    Ten thousand trolls hard as rock cold as ice
    Oh, they ran when I rose to face them
    Ten hungry waves they swallowed my ship
    Oh, I steadily walked home and I only got wet on my feet

    No single book were behelden by me
    Oh, no question I cannot do answer
    Only one single lamp do show me this way
    And that is the eye of Satan

    Varg Vikernes (Burzum) wrote the lyrics for this song.

  • Ragnarok - Collectors Of The King Guitar Lesson


    Here's a guitar lesson on how to play Collectors Of The King by Ragnarok. I'm playing an Ibanez RG370 DX with active EMG pickups. Amp is a Fender Blues Deluxe, and distortion comes from a Maxon OD808 going into an AMT Electronics M1.

    This video is purely for instructional and educational purposes.

  • Ketzer - Satans Boundaries Unchained


    Band: Ketzer
    Album:Satan's Boundaries Unchained
    Year: 2009
    Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
    Country: Germany
    Label: Kneel Before The Master's Throne Records

    Infernal Destroyer - Vocals
    Desecratör - Drums
    Necroculto - Bass
    Sinner - Guitars
    Executor - Guitars

    1. Witchcraft 0:00
    2. Satan's Boundaries Unchained 2:12
    3. The Fire To Conquer The World 6:42
    4. Warlust 12:09
    5. I Am Your Unholy God 16:26
    6. To Each Saint His Candle 20:39
    7. Inverted Cross 26:01
    8. Crushing The Holy 31:02
    9. My Triumph 36:00

    Thanks for watching!

  • Mora Prokaza - My Awakening HD. Black Metal band from Belarus.


    You can support the band

    Videographers: Dmitry Andreev, Mikhail Zharsky.
    Dylan Production

    Social networks:

  • Vampire - Vampire


    01. At Midnight I'll Possess Your Corpse 00:00
    02. Jaws of the Unknown 03:01
    03. The Night It Came Out of the Grave 06:15
    04. Under the Grudge 09:06

    No copyright infringement intended. Uploaded for strictly informational and/or promotional purposes. Copyright belongs to original owners. If you'd like to support the band, buy their album.

  • Aghast-Hexerei im zwielicht der finsternis full album


    Este gran disco de Dark ambient creado por Andrea Nebelhexë Haugen quien fue esposa de Samoth (Emperor) y Tanja Nachthexe Stene esposa de Fenriz (Darkthrone) también encargada del arte de varios discos clásicos (Burzum, Ulver) canciones atmosféricas, minimalistas y llenas de oscuridad grabado en los bosques de Noruega, iglesias y santuarios abandonados, se rumora que se grabó con el micrófono perteneciente a DEAD vocalista de Mayhem que se suicidó de un escopetazo dejando una nota que decía Sorry for all the blood, después de todos estos ingredientes el resultado es un gran disco donde se invoca a todo tipo de demonios y espíritus malignos.


    3.Enter The Hall Of Ice
    4.Call From The Grave
    6.The Darkest Desire
    7.Das Irrlicht

    Only promotional purposes. No copyright infringement intended of this song/video/perfomance. Sólo con intenciones promocionales. No se pretende la infracción de los derechos de autor de ésta canción/vídeo/actuación

  • Austere - Towards The Great Unknown


    Artist: Austere
    Album: Only the Wind Remembers
    Song: Towards The Great Unknown


    I feel so cold,
    As the soil below...
    I feel so old,
    As the rivers that flow...

  • Drowning The Light - Tears of a Dead God


    Minùscula muestra del gran compositor y mùsico que es Azgorh

    A World Long Dead ((2007))

  • Inquisition - Desolate funeral chant (Guitar cov


    Record with Line6 ux2 and cubase mix with two guitars and original track.
    Not perfect, leave your comments and enjoy !!!!
    Hail Inquisition !!!!

  • Gris - The Cold Wind Of My Breath Is Always Blowing


    Copyright Gris. m/

  • † Atmospheric Black Doom Metal Songs


    00:00:30 Liveride - In The Russian Night
    00:06:00 Summoning - Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes
    00:13:20 Coldworld - Suicide
    00:18:36 All the Cold - Nurman ( Hymn of Cold Northern Town )
    00:25:26 Summoning - Land of the Dead
    00:38:45 Agalloch - ...And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth
    00:45:57 Öröm - Csöndben
    00:54:48 Nyctalgia- Lost In Timeless Horizons
    01:01:40 1000 Funerals - Your Fancy
    01:06:44 Saturnus - All Alone
    01:13:02 Sólstafir - Fjara

  • UADA - Cult of a Dying Sun Official - HD


    Subscribe to our channel for all new releases:
    Full stream of UADA's second album Cult of a Dying Sun:
    Pre-save the new track 'Djinn' for streaming sites (out June 12th):

    1. The Purging Fire 0:06
    2. Snakes & Vultures 6:04
    3. Cult of a Dying Sun 15:41
    4. The Wanderer 23:59
    5. Blood Sand Ash 29:37
    6. Sphere (Imprisonment) 37:33
    7. Mirrors 45:32

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    OUT NOW :

    Originally formed in 2013, Norway's legendary ORDER band members pledged to the task of restoring a form of filthy, raw Nordic black death metal.

    They have all been original members of the very first wave of Norwegian Black/Death Metal scene : Maheim ( ex-MAYHEM ) / Billy Messiah ( ex-MAYHEM, COCKROACH CLAN ) and Anders Odden / René Jansen ( CADAVER ). Stu Manx from Scandinavian hard rock wave finest band GLUECIFER, took over the bass duties in 2014 to replace original member René Jansen to fulfill ORDER's undeniably repugnant and massive sound.
    Anders Odden has been the live guitarist for CELTIC FROST and now also handles the bass duties in SATYRICON.

  • Soul Remnants - Dead Black Heart of Ice


    Music, merchandise and news at

    Dead Black Heart of Ice - from Soul Remnants - Black and Blood (2013)

  • Gorgoroth - Rebirth


  • fred bear lesson example


    brief demo of fred bear lesson.

  • Dissection - Maha Kali


    Dissection - Maha Kali (Single Version)

  • Black metal band Thy Antichrist - Destruction Times - Live at Cobra Lounge June 6 2014


    Thy Antichrist first live appearance in Chicago, IL at The Cobra Lounge as part of their 2014 US tour. The song is from the album Wicked Tedtimonies and is titled Destruction Times -Supporting acts included Hellfire Deathcult, Empyreus, Luciferium and The Cold Beyond

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    About Artemorbid
    I'm a photographer and musician from the midwest. The gear I use include Canon T3i, Sony A6300, Yi 4k action camera, Panasonic GH2, Ricoh Theta V, Sony lapel mic, AKG condenser mic, Line 6 UX1, PreSonus pre Amp, Schecter Guitars, Marshall Amps, I also film with my Samsung J3. My main choice editor for photos is Lightroom 6. My main choice editor for video is PowerDirector 15.

    For editing on the go, I use Powerdirector mobile. For my 360 videos and photos I use Ricoh Theta V plus App for Android.

    The majority of the content you will find on my channel is music concerts and live performances. There's also unboxings and reviews and included are how to videos for various things pertaining to video and audio. My weekly stream are Wednesday at 8AM and random stream for Friday night between 5pm to 11pm depending on if I'm available. Follow me on all the other socials including FB, IG, and Twitter.


    Take a moment and browse through some of these playlist and support the bands that are featured

  • Order Of The Ebon Hand - Dreadnaught


    New song of Order Of The Ebon Hand (Black Metal band from Greece)

    Album VII: The Chariot is out on 27.06.2019

    Format: Jewel case, CD; 500 copies; 12-page booklet

    Catalog number: SAT254 / MHP 19-326

    Labels: Satanath Records (Russia) / More Hate Productions (Russia)

  • Rotting Christ - Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy full album 2013


    Rotting Christ - Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy [full album 2013]

    01 - In Yumen-Xibalba
    02 - P'unchaw kachun- Tuta kachun
    03 - Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
    04 - Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy
    05 - Cine iubeste si lasa
    06 - Iwa Voodoo
    07 - Gilgameš
    08 - Русалка
    09 - Ahura Mazda-Azra Mainiuu
    10 - Χ ξ ς
    11 - Welcome To Hell (bonus track)

  • Crown of Twilight - Altar of the Sun Black Metal


    From the Timeless Wisdom EP, which can be downloaded for free at

  • Murdryck - Antologi MMXV, 2016 atmospheric black metal





    Follow our link to Bandcamp to order! **

    Band : Murdryck
    Country : Sweden
    Genre : Semi-melodic necro-inspired black metal
    Title : Antologi MMXV
    Label : Leviaphonic Records
    Code : LEV666-3
    Type : Full album
    Release date : 2016-JAN-25

    Homepage :
    Contact : band[at]
    Bandcamp :
    Spotify :
    Facetwat :
    Twitflaps : No Twitflaps page
    Instacum : No Instacum page

    Official members : Skärseld (guitar, bass, music). Gast (vocals,lyrics)
    Session guitar : Peste track 2,3,6

    Antologi MMXV Tracklist

    01 - Intro - The Sombre Angel (Skärseld) (02:00)
    02 - As The Moon Bleeds... (Peste/Skärseld/Gast) (04:15)
    03 - The Ascension (Skärseld) (04:17)
    04 - Swallowed by the Ages (Skärseld/Gast) (05:16)
    05 - Slaves Under a Dying Sun (Skärseld/Gast) (05:07)
    06 - Metamorphosis (Skärseld/Gast) (05:07)
    07 - Blood on the King's Hands (Skärseld/Gast) (04:55)
    08 - Hymnens Svarta Toner (Skärseld/Gast) (05:36)
    09 - Under Torn Constellations (Skärseld/Gast) (05:40)
    10 - Throne of Shattered Divinity (Skärseld/Gast) (07:05)

  • RHYTHM GUITAR: Picking Hand Ideas for Speed Metal




    Search Andrew for FREE lesson Handouts.
    This Video: October 21, 2011 | Search Videos by Title/Date.
    GO TO:

    Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question...

    Q: I am 15 yrs. old and heavy into guitar. My favorite music to play is Speed Metal. So, I was wondering if you could do a video about the rhythm guitars super-fast speed picking that the guys do in this style. And, also speak of the way the rhythm riffs are composed. Just to help you to understand what I mean, I'm mainly into the older American bands like Slayer, Exodus and Razor. Hope you can help me out.
    Bernie -- Norway

    A: Speed metal is certainly one of those styles where the picking hand has to be able to shred-out at extreme speeds. You'll mostly be playing a ton of sixteenth-notes at around 140 b.p.m., (and above), so a top-notch picking hand needs to be developed to attain this crucial technique. As well, the compositions are pretty much 100% in minor keys, so you'll need to understand those minor key concepts and they also utilize a good deal of diminished intervals as well, so that factor is another important element to fully comprehend with Speed Metal.

    The complete lesson article for this video will be available on the Creative Guitar Studio website shortly. Follow me on Twitter for lesson posting announcements:

    The NEW Zazzle Products page:


    Andrew's Official Q & A Guitar Blog Website:

    (the weekly Podcast is posted here)

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  • Omega-Evil Rock n Roll


  • TEZCATLIPOCA - Ipehualtiyayohually


    TEZCATLIPOCA - Ipehualtiyayohually (Full Album 2015).
    Great Prehispanic Black Metal from Mexico.

    Buy it:

  • Ode Guitar Lesson by Bathory With Guitar Solo


    Here's a guitar tutorial on how to play Ode by Bathory. I'm playing a Yamaha PAC 611HFM guitar and using a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde distortion pedal.

    Tuning is in C Standard - C, F, Bb, Eb, G, C

  • Ziggurat - Ritual Miasma Full - HD


    1. Ritual Miasma 0:00
    2. Summoning the Giant Serpent 1:32
    3. Blind Faith 6:26
    4. דִּבּוּק 10:25
    5. Death Rites Transcendence 15:32

    Cassette/digital purchase:
    LP and CD versions incoming

  • Gorgoroth - Sign Of An Open Eye


    Title: Sign Of An Open Eye
    Band: Gorgoroth
    Album: Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
    Year: 2006
    I apologize for the silence at the end. It looks like sloppy work but my windows movie maker has screwed up all of the song lengths (It said it was 6:23) so i shortened it way i saw fit. I wasn't far off.
    By no way are we claiming any music uploaded as our own. These videos not for commercial use. We only promote these bands to make fans of bands that need more fans. All images and music used in these videos are not our own and we don't claim is as our own. We only do it for viewing purposes only. And each image and song used belongs to the artist displayed above.

  • Hordak - Under The Sign Of The Wilderness Full Album


    Band from Madrid, Spain. Formed on 2002 and still active.
    Plays pagan metal.


    00:00 Intro
    02:30 722
    09:37 Spreading The Firewings
    15:24 Under The Sign Of The Wilderness
    23:05 Monoliths
    27:19 Towards The Cold Eternity
    32:31 The Song Of The Distant Waves
    38:24 The Rising Of The Warhammers
    44:06 We Are The New Power To Rise
    51:05 Lugar Entre Montañas

    All the content on this video, meaning music, art, and names aren't propierty of mine. This video is only made with entertainment purposes, no selling nor trying to get money from it.

  • Abazagorath - Night Of The Cloven Hoof


    Song: Night Of The Cloven Hoof
    Album: Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus (1997)
    Genre: Black Metal
    Origin: USA
    Formed in: 1995

  • Naglfar - Horn Crowned Majesty Guitar Lesson


    Here's a guitar tutorial on how to play Horn Crowned Majesty by Naglfar. I'm playing an Ibanez RGT6EXFX with Fishman Fluence pickups. Amp is a Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 on Lead Channel.

    This video is purely for instructional and educational purposes.

  • BlackShore - Kaiserschnitt Replikant


    BlackShore - Kaiserschnitt Replikant, Album: Legion (2011), Düsterwald Produktionen

    Video by Dima Worona Perunow,, 2011 Hamburg

    all rights reserved by BlackShore

  • God Seed - I Begin


    Country: Norway | Year: 2012 | Genre: Black Metal

    CD, LP, Merch & Digital Album available here:

    - God Seed -
    Metal Archives:

    - Indie Recordings -

    1. Awake 00:00
    2. This from the Past 04:43
    3. Alt liv 10:01
    4. From the Running of Blood 14:09
    5. Hinstu dagar 18:29
    6. Aldrande tre 23:25
    7. Lit 28:10
    8. The Wound 33:27
    9. Bloodline 38:12

    Upload on behalf of Indie Recordings!

  • Watain-Lawless Darkness


    Watain-Lawless Darkness Taken Lawless Darkness...Pure Unrelenting Black Metal From Sweden.......Al Hail The New Gods(Or Demons) Of Black Metal.....All Hail Watain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horns Up!!!!!!!!

  • Ergot - LEssenza Del Proprio Essere Italian Black Metal


    7th Track From The Debut Full Lenght Victims Of Our Same Dreams DTP030 - ITALIAN LYRICS

    You can order your copy here:



    Io, immerso nel buio
    Come un ombra o un sussurro
    E il tempo, che avanza…E noi..
    Lenti, moriamo
    Col ricordo del passato
    Fuori il vento incatena
    Il mio lamento

    Il veleno che annebbia i miei ricordi
    Tra ruggine e menzogne
    Ormai son tutti morti
    L’ignoranza a volte è assai cara
    Permette all’individuo
    La selezione umana
    Il rimorso che induce ogni uomo
    Affligge il sentimento
    Senza alcun perdono

    Lento Io osservo la luce in fondo alla via
    Ricorda la gioia che un tempo
    Riempiva il mio cuore
    Rinnegato dall’essenza del dolore
    Il cammino è ancor lungo da percorrer
    E ogni volta che ripenso al passato
    Un sorriso si cosparge sul mio viso

  • Inquisition Obscure Verses for the Multiverse 2013 full album


    Inquisition Obscure Verses for the Multiverse 2013 full album

    1. Force of the Floating Tomb (00:01)
    2. Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons (04:38)
    3. Obscure Verses for the Multiverse (08:36)
    4. Spiritual Plasma Evocation (14:13)
    5. Master of the Cosmological Black Cauldron (19:41)
    6. Joined by Dark Matter, Repelled by Dark Energy (24:21)
    7. Arrival of Eons After (30:30)
    8. Inversion of Ethereal White Stars (40:22)
    9. Infinite Interstellar Genocide (45:49)

    Season of Mist

  • Rotting Christ - Athanati Este


    Best song ever made....

    Title: Athanati Este
    Album: Sanctus Diavolos
    Year: 2004
    Track: 03
    Artist: Rotting Christ
    Genre: rocks....unique metal

    Μακαριοι εστε οι
    Μακαριοι εστε οι
    Μακαριοι εστε οι
    Εουσου δοκει
    Μακαριοι εστε οι
    Μακαριοι εστε οι
    Ενός ονειρου

    Αθανατοι εστε οι
    Αθανατοι εστε οι
    Αθανατοι εστε οι
    Εο σου δοκει
    Αθανατοι εστε οι
    Αθανατοι εστε οι
    Οδοιποροι των

    And when the bells of fate sound
    Digging your soul deep into the ground
    Setting your sense to the bound
    Spreading your eminence all around
    And when the bells of fate sound
    You walk in pathless ways till the dawn
    Screaming for salvation so loud
    Spreading your indulgence all around

    And when the bells of fate sound
    Then you immortals stand up and shout
    Then you blessed martyrs doubt
    Here comes a new age's blow

    Slaves of fate instigate
    And feel your sword's blazing edge
    Your section to the enemy
    Wound for the sleepy age
    Slaves of fate instigate
    And feel your sword's blazing edge
    Your section to the enemy
    Wound for the sleepy age

    Text and Enjoy!



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