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Genre Station of Black metal

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    Korgonthurus - Ristillä mädäntyen


    A personal favorite track from this mighty Finnish cult act! Korgonthurus! Black Metal of the highest degree!

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    Noenum - Cult of the black sun


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    Darkwoods My Betrothed - Witch Hunters


    Darkwoods My Betrothed - Witch Hunters
    Album: Witch - Hunts ( 1998 )

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    Alghazanth - With a thorn in our hearts


    Alghazanth - With a thorn in our hearts
    From the album Vinum Intus - to be unleashed 1.1.2011

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    Arsonist Lodge - Gegen Kristus!


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    Goatmoon - Fourth Reich.


    BM from Finland (2011)

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    BARATHRUM - Warmetal -


    BARATHRUM - Warmetal - (Jetblack Warmetal, 2014). Released by Saturnal Records ( Release date: 20.12.2014

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    Totalselfhatred - Sledge-Hammered Heart


    Band: Totalselfhatred
    Song: Sledge-Hammered Heart
    Album: Totalselfhatred (Full-lenght 2008)
    Genre: Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal
    Origin: Finland (Helsinki)
    Formed in: 2005
    Current label(s): Osmose Productions
    Status: Active

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    Förgjord - Sudeksi Syntynyt


    Raw Black Metal from Finland!
    Track from Sielunvihollinen 2012

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    Satanic Warmaster - Distant Blazing Eye


    A good song off of Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber.

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    Satanic Warmaster - The Vampiric Tyrant


    Carelian Satanist Madness Mountainsides clad in cold mist
    Damned land of mortal terror Ghastly temples of forests and ruins
    In the kingdom of evil souls In the blackest evil night� �Cursed for eternity As a gestalt of the vampire The pure perfect evil to be one with Satan
    The phantom of the night � Strigoi�

    Once these plains witnessed the impalements
    When sub-human life fell into decline
    The envoy of Satan, the son of the dragon
    Cruel tyrant for the living death to conceive

    In the blackest evil night�
    �Cursed for eternity
    As a gestalt of the vampire
    The pure perfect evil to be one with Satan
    The phantom of the night � Vrolok�

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    Nekrokrist SS - Talviyössä


    Track 6 from the Nekrokrist SS / Nattfog split. Released in 2011.

    I do not own the copyright for this track.

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    Behexen - Ritual of Flesh & Blood


    Horna / Behexen Split 2004, Finland.

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    Horna - Sinulle, mätänevä jehova


    Horna - Sinulle, mätänevä jehova
    suomi black metallia suomeksi.
    Finnish black metal in Finnish.

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    Sargeist - From the Black Coffin Lair


    Album: 2010 - Let the Devil In
    #3 Track.

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    WARMOON LORD - The Tragic Moon/Obsessing Darkness


    Album: Burning Banners of the Funereal War
    Genre: Black Metal
    Origin: Finland
    Release date: 02 February 2019
    Label: Wolfspell Records
    Preorder at:


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    Satanic Warmaster Wolves of Blood and Iron


    Archgoat & Satanic Warmaster (split)
    Lux Satanae (Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devil Worship)
    Black Metal

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    Kyprians Circle - Helvetin Pajassa On Miekkamme Taottu


    From Noitatulen Vartija EP

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    Blood Red Fog - Wounded


    Taken from album: Split with Blood Red Fog & Cosmic Church
    Band: Blood Red Fog
    Country: Finland (Kuortane (early), Jyväskylä (now))
    Genre: Black Metal
    Lyrical theme (s): Death, Darkness, Destruction

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    Behexen - Celebration of Christs Fall


    Behexen - Celebration of Christ's Fall

    From the album By the Blessing of Satan (2004)

    Black Metal from Finland


    And again is the easter night
    celebration of victory and absence
    year by year my heart delights
    the death of semitic Christ

    Gather the congregation of darkness
    witches and worshippers of grand evil
    in the cradle of gloominess
    we rise the overflowing chalice

    In this night we embrace
    the ways of the flesh
    and the wisdom of the serpent!

    Celebration of Christ's Fall!

    Rise! Rise up from the depths
    the beings of the night
    to celebrate with us
    All evil spirits rise!
    Rise from this magic ring
    to honour the true God
    God of all sorcerers, SATAN!!!

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    Sargeist - Satanic Black Devotion


    Sargeist' Satanic Black Devotion, My favorite song from them, it's pretty.

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    4th track from Road To The Octagon released in 2010 by Osmose Productions of France.

    Angel rectums under attack
    Angels are crying
    As I penetrate
    Rectums pulverized
    Black blood flows
    Rectal juices running
    Rape them violently
    Angels keep on weeping
    As I cum on their wings
    Angel rectums under attack
    They are born whores
    Sluts of heaven
    Now that they have tasted cum
    They will burn in hell
    Finally the judgement day has arrived
    Angel rectums must be destroyed
    Angel rectums under attack

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    Nattfog - path of the white wolves


    Mustan Auringon Riitti (2012)

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    Beherit - Gate Of Nanna


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    Enochian Crescent- Muisto Sorkasta


    Enochian Crescent - Muisto Sorkasta

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    Mortualia - In Bleak Loneliness


    from Mortualia (2007)

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    Azaghal - Mustamaa


    From the EP Harmagedon released in 1999 by Aftermath Music.

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    Impaled Nazarene-I Al Purg Vonpo


    I Al Purg Vonpo / My Blessing (The Beginning of the End)

    Teloch Torzul Quash Baltoh
    Teloch Torzul Quash Baltoh
    Christeos Cnila Oxex Vonpo
    Christeos Cnila Oxex Vonpo

    Vohim Ol Giz Y Ax Ge Iad Torzul

    [Repeat from the beginning]

    Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz



    Death Shall Rise Destroy Righteousness
    Death Shall Rise Destroy Righteousness
    Let There Be Blood Vomit Out Wrath
    Let There Be Blood Vomit Out Wrath

    With A Hundred Mighty Earthquakes
    Our Lord And Master Arises

    [Repeat from the beginning]

    You All Shall Be Numbered Six Six Six

    MY BLESSING (The Beginning of the End)

    Thy souls shall be taken over by the master Abaddon
    It shall be the new age of Belial
    Thy souls shall be taken over by the master Dagon
    It shall be the new age of Leviathan
    Thy souls shall be taken over by the master Kali
    It shall be the new age of Lucifer
    Thy souls shall be taken over by the master Sekhmet
    It shall be the new age of...Satan!!!

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    Barathrum - Saatana


    DISCLAIMER: The following song, and all its contents does not belong to me.
    It is property of Barathrum & Spinefarm Records and all its subsidiaries.
    The purpose of the post is to share the music
    without any economic or social intentions.
    All copyrights are holded by label and the band.

    Band: Barathrum
    Album: Saatana
    Year: 1999
    Format: Full-lenght
    Origin: Finland
    Label: Spinefarm Records ( )


    Leather and bullet belts
    Spikes, blades and chains
    Sinister black metallers
    It's time for feast tonight

    Vomit, blood and semen
    Headbanging metal men
    Gloomy, dark and dim
    Ready for the sin

    Spirit and the breath from hell
    Smoke and chants released from hades
    Tolling of the doom bell
    Christian slaves, sacrifices

    The brave and the strong
    Filled with fury
    The bold and powerful
    Filled with rage

    Wearing inverted crucifixes
    Wearing inverted pentagrams
    Tattooed marks of the beast
    Six hundred and sixty six

    Saatana, saatana, saatana
    Headbanging for saatana
    Saatana, saatana, saatana
    Hails raising for saatana

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    Barathrum - Last Day In Heaven


    Barathrum - Last Day In Heaven

    Audio + Lyrics only.

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    Barathrum - Angelburner



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    Impaled Nazarene - The Horny & The Horned


    From their album Ugra Karma, one of the best bands in the whole scene, like it or not...

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    Enochian Crescent - Igne Natura Renovatur Integra


    Enochian Crescent
    Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
    Omega Telocvovim

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    Clandestine Blaze - Psychopathia Sexualis


    Taken from Deliverers Of Faith. 2004 album.

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    HORNA - Black Metal Sodomy


    Black Metal Sodomy

    Nazarene, nazarene bastard child!
    You were born from a whore and you
    will bleed like she before!
    Sodomy, sodomy, raping you
    with my horns and hellish steel,
    agony and pain to feel!

    Suffering, suffering baby cries.
    You may reach Gethsemane but not with
    your virginity!
    Carpenter, carpenter - not your seed!
    Now you know the whore she was -
    dead, defiled and bloody mass!

    Sodomy, sodomy, impurity!
    Hell will come without a doubt and
    you will not be helping out!
    Crucifix, crucifix in your ass!
    Rotting, dead, defiled and gone - so
    is said so be it done!!!

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    Goatmoon - Alone


    Finnish Steel Storm (2007)


    Everyday empty shells of human around me,
    Still I am alone,
    I was born into this winter deep alone!

    I am the last of my kind,
    Like this beautiful landscapes before my eyes!

    Poisoning impurity,
    Parasite of my home land,
    If no one is willing to stand beside me,
    Then proudly, I fight alone!

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    Beherit - Axiom Heroine



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    IC Rex -Tuli Kylmästä Jäästä


    IC Rex -Tuli Kylmästä Jäästä

    Olen Hänen kylmää kosketustaan hakenut
    Sillä itseni karrelle polttanut
    Olen Hänen liekkiään palvonut
    Sitä lietsomalla itseni jäädyttänyt

    Olen julistanut sodan kaikelle turhalle
    Pyhästä vihasta veisuni olen vääntänyt
    Tuskasta synnyttänyt kärsimykseni timantit
    Niitä kylmyydelläni ravinnut, tulellani hionut

    Tuli kylmästä jäästä - Viha jäisestä tulesta
    Se tuli kylmästä jäästä - Kalmanhohkainen kristallihenki

    Tuli kylmästä jäästä - Tulisielun jäätävä katse
    Se tuli kylmästä jäästä - Poltti jälkensä ikiroutaan

    Kylmän kuoleman
    Voi sen saavuttaa vain ehdottomalla tulella
    Pitkät ikuisuudet palan tulessani
    Ei mikään kylmyys voi tultani koskaan jäädyttää
    Pitkät ikuisuudet jäädyn vuorellani
    Ei mikään tuli voi jäätäni koskaan sulattaa

    Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia

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    Behexen - Fist Of The Satanist


    True Finland Black Metal
    Suomi Black Metal

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    Sargeist - Black fucking murder


    cancon: Black fucking murder .... SARGEIST .... del disco, SATANIC BLACK DEVOTION ... 2003

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    Wyrd - Ashes Of Man And Oak And Pine


    off Wyrd's 2002 masterpiece Huldrafolk
    i dont own anything in this video, including the audio. I just wanted to have it up on youtube for everyone to enjoy

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    Song Kiviseen Syleilyyn taken from FÖRGJORD's Uhripuu album.
    Out in February 2017 through Werewolf Records.

    Video by Werwolf.


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    Satanic Warmaster - Rotting Ravens Blood


    Track 07 from the album Nachzehrer
    Black Metal

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    Barathrum - Bleeding Sky


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    Enochian Crescent - Väkisinkastettu


    Enochian Crescent - Väkisinkastettu
    Omega Telocvovim (2000)

    On vihastaan veistänyt nyrkin
    Verellä punatun
    Vieraista valheista koostetun

    Ristin kiesus
    Ja mustakaapujen lauma
    Kiroten heitetään
    Kuolemaan ulos pakkaseen

    Järven jäällä kirves soi
    Teräs lauloi ja verta joi

    On lihastaan poistanut myrkyn
    Betlehemin saastan
    Korppikotkien hylkiman haaskan

    Raadon löyhkä
    Ja pastorin likaiset valheet
    Hurmeella huuhdotaan
    Silmä, Perkele, silmästä!!!

    Järven jäällä kirves soi
    Teräs lauloi ja verta joi

    Herramme Saatanan nimeen
    Kastan itseni uudelleen
    Tuhansien Kristittyjen verellä
    Pesen itseni puhtaaksi
    Mätänevän Kristuksen löyhkästä

    Syleile minua kylmyydelläsi ja
    Oi pimeyden musta valtias, olen orjasi
    Raiskaa minut vihallasi ja raivollasi
    Oi herramme Saatana, olen huorasi

    On vihastaan siittänyt koston
    Tuonelle vihityn
    Totuuden voimalla siunatun

    Ja Kristitty lammaslauma
    Hurraten mestataan
    Ja Suomi takaisin lunastetaan

    Järven jäällä masturboin
    Ja pyhän miehen verta join

    Järven jäällä masturboin
    Ja kuolleen Kristityn verta join.

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    Satanic Warmaster- Carelian Satanist Madness


    Carelian Satanist Madness by Satanic Warmaster off Carelian Satanist Madness

    Carelian Satanist Madness is probably one of the, if not the, best Black Metal album to ever be created. All Black Metal fans must have this album.

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    Satanic Warmaster - Black Metal Kommando


    Track 4 of the awesome album by Satanic Warmaster Black Metal Kommando

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    Preview song from Morgal's self-titled EP, to be unchained in 2018 as a joint aggression of Werewolf Records and Illuminating Void on compact disk and vinyl.

    0% MORAL - 0% LAW - 100% FUCK YOU



    From the shadows of the night
    I rise like a moon
    Veiled In crimson robes
    which once were white
    Hunger of The Dark Gods
    I satisfy with a combat knife

    I came through the tunnel of knives
    The path of Scars
    Fanatic Devotee of the Queen of Night
    No Moral No Law
    Acausal blood flow
    I Live By the Code
    Under the sickle of the mistress of blood

    I’ve crossed the point of no return
    Bags packed, They'r acting through me
    Nerve gas, Pipebombs
    White horse and Death Sword
    Sarin! The Scent of rotting meat

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    ARCHGOAT - Day Of Clouds


    You can order the album here :

    Website :
    Facebook :

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    Impaled Nazarene - 1999: Karmageddon Warriors - YourMetalTv


    Impaled Nazarene - 1999: Karmageddon Warriors - YourMetalTv

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    Sargeist - Black Treasures of Melancholy


    From the album Disciple of the Heinous Path (2005).

    Sargeist is a Finnish black metal band formed in 1999.
    Originally created as a solo project by Shatraug of the Finnish black metal act Horna, he was joined by other members since 2000, who were subsequently released from the band. After the demo recording Tyranny Returns (2001), the line-up was augmented by Hoath Torog and Horns, both from the Finnish black metal outfit Behexen, and this line-up has remained stable to this day.

    Both musically and lyrically, Sargeist stays close to the roots of Scandinavian old school black metal. Lyrical subjects thus often deal with Satanism and anti-Christian blasphemy, as well as darkness, depression, misanthropy and hate. The band's name combines the two German words, sarg (coffin) and geist (spirit, ghost), and derives from the song The Old Coffin Spirit by the black metal band Rotting Christ. All members go by pseudonyms.

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    Mortualia - Death Serenity


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    Satanic Warmaster - Raging Winter


    ill post what the first pic says once i get....when im not so lazy

    **All music used in these videos is property of the bands who recorded this material. No copyright infringement intended. If any bands are offended by me posting their music, let me know and it will be immediately removed.***

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    FÖRGJORD MAAILMA PALAA official video


    Förgjord's Maailma Palaa song, taken from their upcoming album, entitled Ilmestykset. To be released by Werewolf Records.


    Tässä viimeinen rintama, tässä loppumme paikka
    Tähän paikat hautojen kunnes viimein loppumme aika
    Maahan on piirretty verellä viiva se maailman jakaa kahteen
    Toisella puolen on ikuinen rauha ja toisella helvetin lieskat
    Maailma palaa sen loimussa kuljemme kohtaloomme

    Maailma palaa

    Tämä maa on lapsiemme isiemme kansan
    Kaikki palakoon sen ympärille täällä on ikuinen rauha
    Kasvavat liekit sen ympärillä ja polttavat kaiken alleen
    Maailman puu on tuhoutuva ja me tuhoudumme sen alle
    Maailma palaa sen loimussa kuljemme kohtaloomme

    Maailma palaa

    Tämä kansa tuon korpimaiden viimeisen rintaman
    Nämä metsämme metsästäjille ja pellot syvän roudan
    ...maailma palaa
    Maahan on vuodettu verestä virta se virtaava vehreään laaksoon
    Pian on liekit nielleet sen alleen ja tyydymme kaikkeuden tahtoon

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    Archgoat - Goat And The Moon


    The torch of Baphomet
    Brightest in the sky
    The eternal fire
    Of terrestrial life
    Invocation rite
    Seven gradual psalms
    Appear with flames
    Praise to the true god
    Make no Christian signs
    Speak no Christian words
    Funeral trumpet winds
    Black torches flare
    Goat-headed prince bounds
    Forward among us he ascends
    This is my worship
    This is my path
    Goat and the moon

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    Beherit-Pagan Moon


    From Album Engram(2009)

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    Impaled Nazarene - Blood Is Thicker Than Water


    Finland Black Metal

    Blood Is Thicker Than Water

    Lost in memories, of forgotten love
    On hot summer night we were swimming naked under a moon
    Lost in dreams, deep pain inside
    The picture of deep love burning in my mind

    [CHORUS 1:]
    And heavens cried for my love
    The night was still as I lifted her body on shore

    Nothing to live for, I'm better off dead
    I can't bear the pressure living without you my love

    [CHORUS 2:]
    And heavens opened for myself
    The night was black as I pulled the trigger of my gun

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    Clandestine Blaze - Praising The Self


    Goat - Creative Alienation - 2002

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    Barathrum Night Of The Demon Lord


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    Horna - Baphometin Siunaus


    Band: Horna
    Song: Baphometin Siunaus
    Album: Sanojesi Äärelle [Full-length]
    Year: 2008

    Country: Finland
    Genre: Black Metal

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    Behexen - The Land Of The Trolls


    Taken from Behexen's first demo - Eternal Realm (1997)

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    Horna - Kun lyömme jumalan kodin liekkeihin


    Horna - Kun lyömme jumalan kodin liekkeihin
    suomalaista Black metallia suomen kielellä.
    Finnish black metal.

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    Behexen - My Soul for His Glory


    Behexen - My Soul for His Glory

    From the album My Soul for His Glory (2008)

    Black Metal from Finland


    I believe in the one clandestine
    and the unspeakable Lord,
    and in the star amongst stars,
    of which black flame
    we all have been created,
    and in to where we all will return.

    The secret of secrets in his name, Lucifer!
    I believe in the one convenant
    of the darkness, light, life and death.
    In the temple of the black star,
    and in its mysteries.
    And I believe in the sepent,
    the poisoner of the lion, in his name, Satan...

    The hands squeezed in to the prayer of devotion,
    The wind directed in to the black triangle,
    The mystery of the matter.
    With ceverence I kneel...
    my soul for his victory...

    A father of man, bring your bright torch for us,
    and fill our temple with your infinite wisdom.
    Guide us to you, in to the dark walls of the cosmos
    Away from life, away from light, under your wings...

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    Goatmoon - Blackmetal Winter


    Great raw black metal from Finland! I posted the lyrics for this one in the description, because I am sick and tired of pro and anti NSBM people arguing. Also want to state that I am in no way or shape affiliated with National Socialistic Black Metal. I uploaded this song because of its almost unheard loud and rawness and the general atmosphere of the song. Check the lyrics down below and see that politics have nothing to do with this song.

    Artist: Goatmoon
    Album: Death Before Dishonour
    Song: Blackmetal Winter
    Origin: Finland
    Year: 2004


    Black forest
    Torches blaze
    Altar of evil
    Dagger of sacrifice in my hand

    Black robe
    Lust in my eyes
    Virgin flesh
    I sodomize

    Black metal winter

    Black night
    Bowl of blood
    Drink my blood
    Before you die
    Drink from me
    You wear whore of Christ

    Black snow
    Beneath me
    Occult moonlight
    Embraces me
    On this night
    Of satanic winter

    Black metal winter

    Black goat
    Come forth and see
    Ritual for you is done
    Bless me with your horns
    Fill me with your honour!

    Black metal winter

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    Horna - Kirous Ja Malja


    Album: Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne (2005)
    Genre: Black Metal

    Padassa suden myrkky
    Tulella murhatun lapsen rasva
    Kiehuu lepakonveri
    oopiumi - rohto sydänyön

    Kuun kylmän siunaamana
    liemen kammottavan ylleni kaadan
    sieluni kiroan
    Suden käpälän jäljistä veren

    Maljasta kurkkuuni kumoan
    Häpäisyn ristin rinnalleni raatelen
    verisesti lihaani kynsillä riistäen

    Suden vyö
    nahkani nyljetty
    Talja harteillani
    sylissä syysmetsän
    Pimeyteen yön loitsuni huudan

    Surua vanhan suden laulan
    Tulkaa luokseni sielut ulvoavat
    Vihan lauma
    kutsuni herätti


    The wolfs' poison in the cauldron
    Fat of the child murdered with fire
    Bat blood is boiling
    Opium - the elixir of midnight

    Blessed by the cold moon
    I pour the horrifying potion on myself
    I Curse my soul
    The blood from the wolf paws

    I pour down my throat
    The cross of desecration I carve on my chest
    Clawing my blood-soaked flesh

    The wolfs' belt
    My flesh skinned
    The fleece on my shoulders
    Embraced by the autumn forest
    I scream my spell into the darkness of the night

    I sing the sorrow of the old wolf
    Come to me the souls roar
    The swarm of hate
    Evoked my call

    thanks vanhaomena for translation

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    Pest - Possessed Wolves Howling


    Finnish Black Metal.

    From Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial Best of/Compilation, 2003

    Satanic Tyrant Werwolf aka Nazgul - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
    Iskariot - Guitar
    Nigrantium - Drums
    Skratt - Bass, Keyboard

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    Horna - Marraskuussa


    Horna - Marraskuussa
    Musta Kaipuu

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    Satanic Warmaster - Legion Werewolf


    The original lp version of Satanic Warmaster's Strength and Honour comes with a bonus track, officially untitled, also
    referred to as Legion Werewolf.

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    Cosmic Church - Täydellisen Valon Äärellä


    Black Metal from Finland

    From the Ylistys album released in 2013

    Order it here:

    Band: Cosmic Church
    Album: Ylistys
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2013

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    Clandestine Blaze - Icons Of Torture


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    Behexen - Intro The Summoning/Sota Valon Iumalaa Vastaan


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    Enochian Crescent - Ghost of Saturn


    IODA made a false copyright claim about this video. Should any adverts appear this video goes immediately offline.

    Enochian Crescent present their first video. It is made for the song Ghost of Saturn from the album Black Church, released by Woodcut Records. Directed by Tommi Lind.

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    Korgonthurus - Sade


    From the 2010 split with Musta Kappell

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    Satanic Warmaster - My Dreams Of 8


    Satanic Warmaster
    Carelian Satanist Madness
    My Dreams Of 8

    The age of tragedies, my vision of a fallen empire
    Like a lantern that burned out in ecstacy
    Lighting the path of blood and honour into time
    For eternity, forever reminding me... Forever changing time...

    The man against time, in scorn against decline
    One state, one folk, one leader, a true revelation
    The purest essence of the cult of our blood
    For infinity, flowing inside me... Forever binding me...

    My dream of your empire
    Fills me with joy
    For it is also my fate
    To end this life of strife in tragedy

    Live by the sword they say, thus I shall live
    Let my words be my blade, let my songs be my spear

    My dream of your empire
    Fills me with joy
    For it is also my fate
    To end this life of strife in tragedy
    ...or supremacy.

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    Horna - Synkän muiston äärellä Sudentaival LP Re-Issue, 2017


    The first track of Horna's 3rd full length album, Sudentaival, originally released in 2001. To get the best possible result for the sound of a planned vinyl-reissue, the original master tapes were obtained from Asta Studio, to completely re-mix & master the album.

    Horna's mastermind Shatraug adds:

    Back in the late 90's and year 2000 when I wrote Sudentaival I knew the material was strong, as it still is, yet the album itself became a sum of bad production choices and a foreword for change. While it was the best work up to date, none of the members who were with me back then participated on any future full-length albums. Many of it's songs are still in our live repertoire and to me they sound as fresh as in the time they were written. However, how the album was mixed and mastered always bothered me until I took the time to obtain all the original files and had it remixed entirely - this is the vision represented here: full, rich and without unnecessary digital additions.

    Horna Facebook:
    Horna Webpage :

    W.T.C. Prod. Webshop:
    W.T.C. Prod. Facebook:
    W.T.C. Prod. Bandcamp:

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    Horna - Verikammari.


    BM from Finland.

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    Temple of Prevailing Darkness taken from the upcoming MØRKETIDA (fin) debute album.
    To be released on compact disk and vinyl under the pestilent banner of WEREWOLF RECORDS in 2017 A.S.

    Fragile shell
    Shivering temple of flesh
    To bleed the voice of thousand tongues
    Prominent labyrinth of rival streams

    Pours into my hands, vessel of thine majesty

    Liquid shrine that leads to greater life, isolated of anything inferior to God
    Fill the heart empty of pain, empty of blood
    Drink of the goblet, and hark!
    Witness the breath of one’s truth

    Intoxicated eyes gaze to beyond this world
    Where hallow light of His radiating darkness borns
    Shout the words, law of fraternal initiation
    And stab the flaming heart, to thrust it into abyss of no-thing...

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    Horna - Ars Laternarum


    Legendary Finnish Black Metal Horde. One of their best songs...
    Album: Viha Ja Viikate EP - 2003.

    Shatraug - Guitars, Lyrics
    Gorthaur - Drums
    Infection - Bass
    Corvus - Vocals
    A.T. Otava - Guitars

    Iltaan jokaiseen
    Saa lämmön vieraakseen
    Paikkaan entiseen
    Saa liekin seurakseen
    Tornin pimeään
    Tuo kolkon hämärän
    Luokseen etsimään
    Saa vanhan ystävän

    Sivut kirjojen
    Saa jälleen elämään
    Loitsun piirtojen
    Saa mieleen siirtymään
    Näyttää mysteerin
    Ja turhan paljastaa
    Antaa avaimen
    Ja käyttöön valjastaa

    Sydän sylissään
    Ja lasi kaapunaan
    Rautaa sänkynään
    Ja rautaa huppunaan
    Aina mykkänä
    Ja silti tulvillaan
    Tarinoita näitä
    Elon tunteinaan

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    Impaled Nazarene- Hate


    Impaled Nazarene-Hate
    From the Ugra-Karma album
    Unholy Finnish Hate Metal

    Dark Evil Black Death Metal Hail Satan

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    BARATHRUM I Am Very Possessed Okkult 2000)


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    Satanic Warmaster The Chant of the Barbarian Wolves


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    Alghazanth - As Nothing Consumes Everything


    Song: As Nothing Consumes Everything
    Album: Wreath of Thevetat
    Band: Alghazanth

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    Beherit - Demonomancy


    Compilation: The Oath of Black Blood
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Finland
    Year: 1991

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    Barathrum - Necromantical Ritual


    'Devilry' Demo Tape 97

    Here I Am For Nocturnal Necromancy
    For The Dark Magick To Perform My Rite
    Ancient Knowledge Studied From Those Old Books
    Written By Sorcerers, Written In Blood

    I Am Necromancer, I'm Questioning Deceased
    Magick Of Necromancy At Night On The Graves
    Living Human Beings I Can Not Trust To Them
    As I Trust To Dead Ones, Raised From Their Graves

    Soil Of The Graveyard Moved By Shovel
    Oaked Lid Of Coffin, I Find From That Hole
    At The Dead Of The Night Cross-Screws Open In Moon Light
    I Move The Lid Of Casket, There's Whiteheared Dead

    Those Magic Circles Around This Grave
    And Casted Spells In The Air
    My Magic Wand On Dead I Lay
    Wake Up, You Dead, And Obey
    Answer For My Questions Now
    With Your Grim Voice Speak Out Loud
    I Command You By Infernal Names
    For You To Obey My Orders
    Necromancer That's What I Am
    I Raise The Dead By Magic Spell
    I Ask The Questions From The Dead
    I'm Nocturnal Necromancer

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    Goatmoon - Bitter Winter of Depression


    Goatmoon - Bitter Winter of Depression.
    (Finnish Steel Storm, Full-length, 2007)
    Country of origin: Finland.
    Lyrical themes: Satanism, Hatred, Winter, Misanthropy, NS.
    Genre: NS Black Metal.
    Status: Active (2002 - Present)
    *Sacado de Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives.
    *From Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives.

    This theme is not of my authorship, we recommend purchasing physical musical material in an original and authentic way... No piracy is intended to.


    Este tema no es de mi autoria, se recomienda adquirir el material musical en físico de manera original y autentica... No se pretende hacer apología a la piratería


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    Archgoat - Eternal Damnation of Christ


    Taken from the 2017 7 EP Eternal Damnation of Christ from Debemur Morti Productions

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    KORGONTHURUS - Vuohen Siunaus


    Long-awaited 2nd full length album of band led by legendary ex Horna frontman Corvus. “Vuohen Siunaus” sounds completely different compare to slow, simplistic and repetitious debut Marras, now Korgonthurus returned to the way the Finns are known. KAAOS!

    CD´s/LP/shirt/bundle purchase [Woodcutrecords]

    Korgonthurus was born into this decadent world in the late 2000, by Corvus, Kryth and Sedit. This trio released demos “Root of Evil” and “Black Wings of Hate“ with new bassist Fyrgo on bass for the second demo. Kryth departed from the group in 2001. Sedit and Corvus decided that there is no sense continue Korgonthurus without Kryth, thus Korgonthurus was buried.

    2002 was the year of resurrection of Korgonthurus. Corvus and Kryth gathered totally new line up for Korgonthurus. Necron on guitar and U666 on bass, though U666 duty on bass was short time before he decided to depart from the group. After this Necron switched from guitar to bass.

    Many years Korgonthurus worked as a trio and recorded several split releases, self titled MLP and full length “Marras”. In the year 2008 Lunatic joined in session drums and was later added as a permanent member as Kryth switched from drums to guitar. With this line-up “Tapa Itsesi“ ep was recorded. During the year 2011 Lunatic decided to part ways with rest of the group and focus on his own projects. After the departure of Lunatic, Kryth was back behind the drum set.

    Year 2012 was the year of change for the group, a new line up was born. After years of working as a trio, Korgonthurus decided to include two new guitarists, Incisura and Saturnus. After the years of silence in live performances, this line up made it possible to activate on stage. Second full length titled “Vuohen Siunaus” was recorded during summer 2015 and will be released on May 27th 2016 through Woodcut Records.

    Cover artwork and logo artwork by Daniel Nekronikon Corcuera.

    Vuohen Siunaus

    1. Kaaos 4:58
    2. Puhdistuksen Tulet 5:54
    3. I.K.P.N. 6:44
    4. Vuohen Siunaus 5:10
    5. Inho 4:35
    6. Ihmisyyden Raunioilla 6:47
    7. Lux 14:18

    Recording line up

    Corvus - Vocals, Guitar
    Saturnus - Lead guitars, acoustic guitar
    Incisura - Guitars, acoustic guitars
    Kryth - Drums
    Necron - Bass

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    Sargeist-Empire of Suffering


    Black Metal Band from Finland
    Album:Let the Devil In (2010)

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    Saturnian Mist - The Manifestation


    Repellings - 2009

  • desc

    Horna Kuoleva Lupaus



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    Beherit - Salomons Gate


    Drawing Down the Moon (1993)

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    Behexen Mouth Of Leviathan


    Band: Behexen
    Album: Behexen & Satanic Warmaster (Split)
    Song: 01- Mouth Of Leviathan
    Year: 2008
    Genre:Black Metal ,Unholy metal

    Now, open wide the mouth of Leviathan
    and free Your wrathful shadows the formless beasts
    of Your flame.

    Like a fog they rise from the face of the earth
    as your cold and freezing hand
    Faithfully haunting the souls.

    The disciples of your path prepared for your magnificent coming
    momumental era of chaos the inverted dawn of creation
    Hungry God of the depths...Release the death.

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    Korgonthurus - Epätoivo Seuranasi


    Artist: Korgonthurus // Album: Salvation through Despair // Country: Finland // Genre: Black Metal // Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions // Year: 2008

    All music by Korgonthurus
    Like the song? Support the band, buy the music!

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    Behexen - Night Of The Blasphemy


  • desc

    Satanic Warmaster - The Burning Eyes Of The Werewolf


    Suscribete a mi canal


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    Cosmic Church - Kuinka Lehdet Putoavat Temppelin Pihalla


    Taken from album: Syysauringon Vihkimys
    Band: Cosmic Church
    Country: Finland (Tampere)
    Genre: Black Metal
    Lyrical theme (s): Space, Occultism, Nature, Satanism

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    Impaled Nazarene - Never forgive


    Finnish Black Metal band Impaled Nazarene

    Mika Luttinen - Vocals
    Jarno Anttila - Guitar
    Teemu Somnium Raimoranta - Guitar
    Taneli Jarva - Bass
    Reima Kellokoski - Drums

    Recorded at Astia Studio by Anssi Kippo.
    Assistant engineer: Sauli Impola

    Mixed at Finnvox Studio by Mikko Karmila.
    Mastered at Finnvox Studio by Mika Jussila.
    Produced by Anssi Kippo and Impaled Nazarene.


    When you choose the path of vengeance
    Be prepared to sacrifice everything on the way
    Keep the flame of hate burning forever
    Do not hold back at all for the cause
    Keep in your mind that revenge is all that matters
    Do whatever it takes to get it done

    Cho: Never forgive, never forget
    What they have done for you

    Petrify the helpless before you strike
    For they must suffer before they die
    Kill the oxygen wasters for good
    Do not let any of them escape alive
    Keep in your mind that revenge is all that matters
    Do whatever it takes to get it done

    Repeat chorus

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    Horna - Tappakaa Kristus


    Awesome Black Metal song from a finnish band, Horna.

    Tappakaa Kristus = Kill Christ

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    Ride for Revenge - The Gutter and the Grave


    from Under the Eye (Kvlt, 2011)

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    Beherit - Nocturnal Evil


    From album Drawing down the Moon.

    See my other videos too.



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