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Genre Station of Black metal

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    Mayhem - Wolfs lair abyss Full Album


    - The vortex void of humanity
    - I am thy labyrinth
    - Fall of seraphs
    - Ancient skin
    - Symbols of bloodswords

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    Buried by Time and Dust


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Buried by Time and Dust · Mayhem

    De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

    ℗ Voices Music & Entertainment

    Released on: 2002-11-29

    Author: Mayhem
    Composer: Mayhem

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Graveland - Thousand Swords


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    Temple of Evil - The 7th Awakening


    Country: Cyprus | Year: 2015 | Genre: Black Metal

    CD & Shirt available here:

    Digital Album available here:

    - Temple of Evil -
    Metal Archives:

    - Deathhammer Records -

    1. Initiation 00:00
    2. Illvminatio Tenebrarvm 02:39
    3. ...on Devil's Wings 07:33
    4. Chalice of Impure Blood 12:33
    5. The Book of Shadows 21:11
    6. Necromancer's Mystical Conjuration 26:45
    7. The 7th Awakening 31:36
    8. One Last Breathless Sigh for Everlasting Rest 41:25

    This video is for promotional use only!

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    Abbath - Harvest Pyre


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    Taken from the forthcoming album Outstrider. Release date: July 05, 2019. Order here:

    Video credits
    D.O.P/Co-Director: Francisco Muñoz
    Screenwriter/Co-Director: Simon Dancaster
    Editor: Carolina Lokøen

    Follow Abbath:

    Follow Season Of Mist:

    Mastered By Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angeles

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    Gorgoroth - Antichrist


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    Sabbat - Evoke Full Album


    All rights reserved: Sabbat / Evil Records & Iron Pegasus Records.


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    Nagelfar - Hünengrab im Herbst


    Country: Germany | Year: 1997 | Genre: Black Metal

    CD (with bonus track) available here:

    - Nagelfar -
    Metal Archives:

    - Ván Records -

    1. Intro 00:00
    2. Seelenland 00:23
    3. Schwanengesang 05:47
    4. Hünengrab im Herbst 20:04
    5. Bildnis der Apokalypse 25:34
    6. Srontgorrth (Das Dritte Kapitel) 31:58
    7. Der Flug des Rabe (Ein Jammerschrei in Traurig' Nächten) 41:30

    This video is for promotional use only!

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    Burzum - Burzum


    1 - Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown 00:00 - 7:29
    2 - Ea, Lord Of The Depths 7:30 - 12:24
    3 - Black Spell Of Destruction 12:26 - 18:07
    4 - Channelling The Power Of Souls Into A New God 18:08 - 21:36
    5 - War 21:37 - 24:08
    6 - The Crying Orc 24:10 - 25:09
    7 - A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit 25:11 - 36:03
    8 - My Journey To The Stars 36:05 - 44:16
    9 - Dungeons Of Darkness 44:18 - 49:11


    Producer : Pytten, Count Grishnackh( Varg Vikernes), Euronymous(with ideas{and blood/burning churchxxx xxss sss....}, losers, deal with it
    Recorder: Deathlike Silence Productions
    Count Grishnackh(Varg Vikernes) - vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, production
    Euronymous - guitar solo in War, co-production
    Pytten - production, engineering and mastering
    Jannicke Wiise-Hansen - cover

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    Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Sun!


    O Father O Satan O Sun! - a full production video from 'Messe Noire' & the final clip from 'The Satanist' cinematic archive. Get 'Messe Noire' here: Video produced by Grupa 13

    Polish black/death overlords Behemoth have released their new live DVD/Blu-ray, Messe Noire, worldwide!

    Messe Noire includes the band's victorious shows in Warsaw, Poland on October 8, 2016 and Brutal Assault 2016, as well as The Satanist cinematic archive featuring all official videos associated with the band's globally successful record of the same name.

    For a preview of Messe Noire, a new full production video for O Father, O Satan, O Sun (from The Satanist cinematic archive - the last clip to be released from this album!) can be viewed now at:

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    Tsjuder - Desert Northern Hell


    BM from Norway.
    1 - Malignant Coronation 0:00
    2 - Ghoul 3:11
    3 - Possessed 9:41
    4 - Lord of Swords 13:35
    5 - Helvete 17:50
    6 - Mouth of Madness 21:05
    7 - Unholy Paragon 29:05
    8 - Sacrifice (Bathory cover) 34:44
    9 - Morbid Lust 38:16

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    SAOR - Bròn


    Taken from the forthcoming album Forgotten Paths.
    Release date: 15 February 2019.
    Pre-Order via Saor Bandcamp Here:
    Pre-Order via Avantgarde Music Store Here:
    Pre-Order via Avantgarde Bandcamp Here:
    Digital Downloads / Streaming:

    Subscribe to Saor's Channel:

    SAOR Official Links:
    Saor Official Website:
    Saor on Bandcamp:
    Saor on Facebook:
    Saor on Instagram:

    Avantgarde Music Links:

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    Immortal - Battles in the North 1995


    Immortal - Battles in the North


    00:00 - Battles in the North
    04:12 - Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms
    06:59 - Descent Into Eminent Silence
    10:09 - Throned by Blackstorms
    13:48 - Moonrise Fields of Sorrow
    16:12 - Cursed Realms of the Winterdemons
    20:12 - At the Stormy Gates of Mist
    23:12 - Through the Halls of Eternity
    26:47 - Circling Above in Time Before Time
    30:43 - Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)

    Recorded and mixed in Grieghallen Studio, September 1994.

    Label: Osmose productions.

    Line up;

    Demonaz Doom Occulta: Guitars, Lyrics (tracks 1-8, 10)
    Abbath Doom Occulta: Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitars (lead) (track 9), Lyrics (track 9)

    Other staff:

    Pytten: Engineering
    J. Van Valkenburg: Artwork, Cover art, Poster (slipcase edition)
    O.I.: Cover art photo, Photography
    Jannicke Wiese-Hansen: Logo


    If you like this album, please buy it.

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    Burzum - Burzum/Aske


    Burzum album + Aske EP by Burzum.

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    Windir - Likferd - 2003


    1. Resurrection of the Wild. 00:00
    2. Martyrium. 05:52
    3. Despot. 10:52
    4. Blodssvik. 16:54
    5. Fagning. 22:40
    6. On the Mountain of Goats. 31:13
    7. Dauden. 36:36
    8. Ætti mørkna. 40:56

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    Naglfar - As the Twilight Gave Birth to the Night


    Naglfar - Vittra - As the Twilight Gave Birth to the Night

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    Obeisance hailz from Hell Paso Tx, album was unleashed on 2015 by Headsplit Records on cassete and Old Cemetary records on Cd

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    Satyricon - The Shadowthrone



    Full Length - 1994

    00:00 Hvite Krists død
    08:26 In the Mist by the Hills
    16:29 Woods to Eternity
    22:43 Vikingland
    27:58 Dominions of Satyricon
    37:23 The King of the Shadowthrone
    43:38 I en svart kiste

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    CELTIC FROST - Morbid Tales


    01. Human (Intro) 0:00
    02. Into The Crypts Of Rays 0:41
    03. Visions of Mortality 4:19
    04. Dethroned Emperor 9:09
    05. Morbid Tales 13:47
    06. Procreation (Of The Wicked) 17:15
    07. Return To The Eve 21:20
    08. Danse Macabre 25:27
    09. Nocturnal Fear 29:18
    10. Circle Of The Tyrants 32:56
    11. Visual Aggresion 37:24
    12. Suicidal Winds 41:37

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    HERESIARCH - Death Ordinance


    Band: Heresiarch
    Album: Death Ordinance
    Type: Full-length
    Release Date: July 7th, 2017
    Genre: Black/Death Metal
    Country: New Zealand (Wellington)
    Label: Dark Descent Records

    1- Consecrating Fire 00:00
    2- Storming upon Knaves 03:57
    3- Harbinger 07:08
    4- Ruination 11:15
    5- The Yoke 16:41
    6- Iron Harvest 19:34
    7- Lupine Epoch 26:34
    8- Righteous Upsurgence 28:34
    9- Desert of Ash 33:06


    Official Facebook Page:

    All rights reserved to the band, i just want support and make know these amazing bands! If the label want to delete this video contact me by inbox and I'll remove it.


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    Valkyrja - As Everything Rupture


    Song: As Everything Rupture
    Band: Valkyrja
    Album: The Invocation Of Demise (2007)

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    DIMMU BORGIR - Gateways


    Forces of the Northern Night - Double-DVD available at
    SUBSCRIBE to Dimmu Borgir: / SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast YouTube:

    Nuclear Blast:
    Amazon Digital:
    Google Play:

    2017 marks the year of the great return of Norwegian symphonic black metal giants, DIMMU BORGIR. The band's highly-anticipated double-DVD, Forces Of The Northern Night, is out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records.

    Available in different formats, the release will contain two live rituals:
    Their legendary concert in Oslo, showing DIMMU BORGIR on stage with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a bombastic choir as well as the entire performance at Wacken Open Air with almost 100 musicians in action from the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra.

    Photos (Shagrath):
    Photos (Silenoz):

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    Burzum | Det Som Engang Var


    01 - Den Onde Kysten 00:00
    02 - Key To Gate 02:22
    03 - En Ring Til Aa Herske 07:38
    04 - Lost Wisdom 14:51
    05 - Han Som Reiste 19:31
    06 - Naar Himmelen Klarner 24:24
    07 - Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn 28:17
    08 - Svarte Troner 37:56

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    Bestial Summoning - Birth of the Antichrist


    Artist: Bestial Summoning
    Album: The Dark War Has Begun
    Song: Birth of the Antichrist

    The antichrist has bee born, the son of satan
    he will bring death and terror to the world
    no one can stop him, he has the power
    he is evil, he is the king
    the birht of the antichrist
    the birth of the antichrist
    give hail to satan's son
    he will gladly take your obedience
    if you disturb him with his cause you will die
    you will fell his wrath
    the birth of the antichrist
    the birth of the antichrist
    the antichrist will take sacrifices
    so kill humans if thou want to stay alive
    the dark one will rise if the antichrist made
    a path of blood for his father satan
    the he takes over and victory is complete
    the birth of the antichrist

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    Cradle of Filth - Dusk..... And Her Embrace Full Album


    Music For Nations 1996
    00:00 1. Humana Inspired to Nightmare
    01:34 2. Heaven Torn Asunder
    08:27 3. Funeral In Carpathia
    16:51 4. A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for the Devil's Whore)
    25:26 5. Nocturnal Supremacy '96
    31:25 6. Malice Through the Looking Glass
    36:56 7. Dusk And Her Embrace
    43:04 8. The Graveyard By Moonlight
    45:33 9. Beauty Slept In Sodom
    52:05 10. Haunted Shores

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    DIMMU BORGIR - Council Of Wolves And Snakes


    DIMMU BORGIR's tenth full-length album, EONIAN, out worldwide via Nuclear Blast. Order at Subscribe to Dimmu Borgir: Subscribe to Nuclear Blast YouTube:

    Nuclear Blast:
    Google Play:

    Apple Music:

    Instagram (Band):
    Instagram (Shagrath):
    Instagram (Silenoz):



    Nomads plunging into the vast abyss
    Unattached, fleeting through the chasm
    Naked in pure darkness
    Embracing the new dawn

    We are gods here for the taking
    Yield to the dragon's embrace
    We are gods
    Yield to the dragon's embrace

    As pawns in this secret game
    No one knows nothing
    Yet, in the realm of sacred play
    Everyone knows everything

    A winged and secret flame
    Leaving this paradigm
    A dimension we are set to flee

    We are gods in the making
    We are here for the taking
    Yield to the dragon's embrace
    We are of transcendence
    We are wolves and snakes

    A winged and secret flame
    Leaving this paradigm
    A dimension we are set to flee
    The arrival is in the departure
    We are sculpted into life
    By the hands of death

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    Primordial - To the Nameless Dead


    All music, images & words in this video do not belong to me. It is used merely for the purpose of entertainment.

    It's great that you like this album. But it would mean a lot more to the band if you'd support them by buying a legitimate, physical copy of this album. Use the internet to get a preview. For the real experience, buy physical copies and support your favourite band.


    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.


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    ENSLAVED - The Rivers Mouth


    Official music video for The River's Mouth from ENSLAVED's fourteenth studio album, E, out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records. Order album at
    Subscribe to Nuclear Blast YouTube: / Subscribe to Enslaved YouTube:

    Music video by Josh Graham of
    Sign up to the ENSLAVED newsletter at to get firsthand information on limited and exclusives.

    Nuclear Blast (WORLD):
    AISA (USA):
    AISA (EU):
    Band Store (Norway):

    Amazon Music:
    Google Play:
    Nuclear Blast (FLAC):

    Apple Music:

    On Tour:

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    Beherit - Drawing Down The Moon Full Album


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    Satanic Warmaster - The Vampiric Tyrant


    Carelian Satanist Madness Mountainsides clad in cold mist
    Damned land of mortal terror Ghastly temples of forests and ruins
    In the kingdom of evil souls In the blackest evil night� �Cursed for eternity As a gestalt of the vampire The pure perfect evil to be one with Satan
    The phantom of the night � Strigoi�

    Once these plains witnessed the impalements
    When sub-human life fell into decline
    The envoy of Satan, the son of the dragon
    Cruel tyrant for the living death to conceive

    In the blackest evil night�
    �Cursed for eternity
    As a gestalt of the vampire
    The pure perfect evil to be one with Satan
    The phantom of the night � Vrolok�

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    Bathory - Hammerheart Full Album


    (1990) Full Album

    1. 00:00 Shores In Flames
    2. 11:10 Valhalla
    3. 20:43 Baptised In Fire And Ice
    4. 28:41 Father To Son
    5. 35:09 Song To Hall Up High
    6. 37:40 Home Of Once Brave
    7. 44:24 One Rode To Asa Bay
    8. 54:49 Outro

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    Thy Feeble Saviour - And Darkness Fell


    1. Corpse of the Crucified 00:00
    2. Engulfed in Abhorrence 01:35
    3. Torture Stake 04:01
    4. And Darkness Fell 05:24
    5. Provoked Crucifixion 08:02
    6. Procession to Calvary 10:02
    7. Destruction of the Holy Sepulchre 12:51
    8. Scourge Him 14:56
    9. Obscenity of the Cross 15:48
    10. Carrion for Beasts 18:43
    11. Disgrace the Throne 20:59
    12. Darkest Path to Death 23:49
    13. Crurifracture (The End) 25:53
    14. Mocked and Despised 28:21

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    Nabaath - Detonation 1961


    Tema del demo WAR BLASPHEMY 2008.
    banda rusa de la ciudad de Obninsk (2002).

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    Funerary Bell-Rhymes Of A Funerary Bell


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    BLACK WITCHERY - Lahti, Finland Oct 24th 2008


    Live at Nightlife, Lahti, Finland on the Kaoottinen helvetinmyrsky Suomen yllä minitour with Inquisition. Sound is from a soundboard recording which is raw and unmastered, so better crank up your speakers as loud as possible.

    UPDATE: February 3rd 2016 it was announced that the ex-guitarist Tregenda who plays on this show as well, died in a car accident. I will now tribute this video for him now! See you in hell!

    1. Darkness Attack
    2. Unholy Vengeance of War
    3. Crush the Messiah
    4. Command of the Iron Baphomet
    5. Heretic Death Call
    6. Holocaust Summoning
    7. Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
    8. Blood Oath
    9. Angelholocaust
    10. Ritual (Blasphemy cover)
    11. Demoniac (Blasphemy cover)

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    Akitsa - La Grande Infamie Full Album


    I do not own any copyrights Im just a fan, every album i upload is an album i own, plz buy the album if you like it thank you m/

    1. Le rite des cavernes 0:00
    2. Magie et vérités 2:18
    3. Silence 8:09
    4. Cultes vertueur 11:46
    5. Chthonos 15:57
    6. Origine mythique 18:47
    7. La grande infamie 23:15
    8. Forêt disparue 28:15

    BUY ;

    INFO ;

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    BELZEBUBS - Blackened Call


    BELZEBUBS - Blackened Call (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Get the single here:

    Hailing from the abysmal forests of the mystic North, Belzebubs has possessed a stealthy, cult status throughout their existence. Originally summoned together in 2002, the band has succeeded in creating a thrilling blend of melodic black metal, guttural growls and vivid solos, forged with progressive twists and cinematic soundscapes. Accompanied by a new drummer and a three-record-deal with Century Media, Belzebubs finally feels fit to take on the (under)world.

    “Blackened Call” is the band's first single, taken from their upcoming debut album, scheduled for a February 2019 release. It was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, who's also responsible for the sound of Dark Funeral’s The Secrets Of The Black Arts, Dissection’s The Somberlain and many more.

    “Blackened Call” will be available on all streaming and download platforms as a digital 2-track single and as a strictly limited 7inch vinyl (500 copies worldwide), available at, and, on June 29th, 2018.


    Hubbath - vocals, bass
    Obesyx - lead guitars
    Sløth - guitars, vocals
    Samaël - drums

    Director - Samppa Kukkonen
    Script- JP Ahonen, Samppa Kukkonen
    Graphics and character design - JP Ahonen
    Animation - Samppa Kukkonen, Kalle Rantakallio, Kari Pieskä
    Animation assistant - Emma Rautala
    Compositing - Samppa Kukkonen, Kari Pieskä
    Sound Design - Jani Lehto
    Producer - Terhi Väänänen
    Production assistant - Vilhelmiina Saine
    Production company - Pyjama Films 2018

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    HELLHAMMER - Satanic Rites FULL ALBUM 1983



    Band: Hellhammer

    Country: Switzerland

    Year: 1983


    Tom G. Warrior: Guitar/ Voice
    Martin E. Ain: Bass
    Bruce Denial Fiend Day: Drums


    01 ( 00:00 ) Intro
    02 ( 00:57 ) Messiah
    03 ( 05:16 ) The Third of the Storms
    04 ( 08:19 ) Buried and Forgotten
    05 ( 14:20 ) Maniac
    06 ( 18:07 ) Eurynomos
    07 ( 21:17 ) Triumph of Death
    08 ( 28:17 ) Revelations of Doom
    09 ( 31:19 ) Reaper
    10 ( 33:47 ) Satanic Rites
    11 ( 41:07 ) Crucifixion
    12 ( 43:52 ) Outro

    Rating: * * * * *

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    Primordial Stolen Years


    Order at:
    Commenting about the album’s first single, 'Stolen Years’, A.A. Nemtheanga added: “’Stolen Years’ may seem like a strange choice as our lead single, and on the face of if I guess it is. It’s not a blood and thunder epic about tragedy and might and the ruin of nations, nor is it 9 minute epistle of doom. Have no fear, the album does contain those also but to open this time we chose something different. This album has some surprises and this is one of them, a short and painfully simple song which almost didn’t make the final cut if you can believe so. The video, cut by Costin Chioreanu, is about the journey involved in finally getting to that moment where you walk on stage, the song itself about that last night on earth that comes to us all, sometimes we never know when that might be, hold your loved ones tight tonight, this could be it…

    Filmed by:
    Costin Chioreanu
    Gareth Averill
    Miluta Flueras
    Gina Sandulescu
    Edited by Costin Chioreanu

    Teaming with producer Ola Ersfjord, who worked on Primordial's 2016 live album Gods To The Godless and has also overseen releases from the likes of Dead Lord, Tribulation and Nemtheanga's Dread Sovereign, the record was tracked at Dublin's Camelot Studios, located adjacent to their rehearsal room. While this proved very convenient for all concerned, the recording process was anything but easy. Sessions were good and productive to start, but as we were thinking on our feet for some songs and getting to hear things for the first time, we had to reassess at times, and this caused a bit of tension, says MacUiliam. Also, we had gaps between recording sessions, so an idea which was good in week one didn't always sound so good in hindsight, and sometimes one person's vision did not match another's, and quarrels would ensue. Nemtheanga notes that the environment in which they tracked Where Greater Men Have Fallen was comfortable for them - based in an old farmhouse in the Irish countryside with time and space from each other, and having a big, open live room available to them. With the circumstances they found themselves in tracking Exile Amongst The Ruins almost the polar opposite, the vocalist feels that I had to pay for the last one with the stress and darkness surrounding this one. It was fucking hard, cold, nothing worked like it should and it was more or less a total endurance test filled with conflict and discomfort. However, he is quick to note, wryly, that while this adds up to a miserable experience, the results are unequivocally Primordial, and the record ultimately benefited from the trials faced. It all adds to making the music what it is - and if it was easy, we'd be a power metal band, right? Strife is life.

    Primordial line-up:
    A.A. Nemtheanga - Vocals
    Ciarán MacUilliam - Guitar
    Michael O'Floinn - Guitar
    Pól MacAmlaigh - Bass
    Simon O'Laoghaire - Drums

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    Funeral Fog


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Funeral Fog · Mayhem

    De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

    ℗ Voices Music & Entertainment

    Released on: 2002-11-29

    Author: Mayhem
    Composer: Mayhem

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Pagan Fears


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Pagan Fears · Mayhem

    De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

    ℗ Voices Music & Entertainment

    Released on: 2002-11-29

    Author: Mayhem
    Composer: Mayhem

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Inquisition - From Chaos They Came


    Subscribe to Season Of Mist for new releases :
    Taken from the album Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith. Order here:

    Download / Stream:

    Produced by Videohammer Studios
    Directed by Tommy Jones

    Storyline content produced by Nader Sadek

    Follow Inquisition:

    Follow Season Of Mist:

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    Satyricon - Nemesis Divina


    like us on FACEBOOK:
    00:00 1. The Dawn of a New Age
    07:27 2. Forhekset
    11:59 3. Mother North
    Like Us On Facebook:
    18:24 4. Du som hater Gud
    22:46 5. Immortality Passion
    31:06 6. Nemesis Divina
    38:00 7. Transcendental Requiem of Slaves

    Type: Full-length | Release date: April 22nd, 1996
    Label: Moonfog Productions | Genre: Black Metal

    available At:
    * iTunes:
    * Amazon:
    * Discogs:
    * cduniverse:

    No copyright infringement intended. All pictures and videos are copyright of Satyricon and / or their respective owners.
    Satyricon (c) All Rights Reserved.


    Arranged By [Drums] -- Frost (11)
    Arranged By [Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths] -- Satyr*
    Arranged By [Synths] -- Bratland*
    Artwork [Cover Artwork By] -- Satyr*, Stein Løken
    Design -- Satyr*, Union Of Lost Souls*
    Drums [Battery] -- Frost (11)
    Engineer, Mixed By -- Kai Robøle, Odd H. Jensen
    Guitar [Guitars] -- Kveldulv
    Lyrics By [All Lyrics Written By] -- Satyr* (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 7)
    Music By [All Music Written By] -- Satyr*
    Other [Make Up By] -- Anne Cecilie
    Photography By [Band & Cover Photos By] -- Per Heimly Prod.*
    Producer, Engineer, Mixed By, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass -- Satyr*
    Synthesizer [Session Synth], Grand Piano -- Bratland*
    Typography [Logo By] -- Frost (11), Satyr*, Union Of Lost Souls*

    Under exclusive license from Moonfog/Tatra Productions Ltd.

    Recorded in Waterfall Studios January-February 1996.

    All music & lyrics written by Satyr between autumn 1993 and the winter of 1995, except for the lyric Du Som Hater Gud, written in June 1994 by Herr Nagell in honour of Satyricon.


    NO COPYRIGHT INFRIDMENT INTENDED THE CONTENT OF THIS VIDEO DOES NOT BELONG TO ME I'M NOT CLAIMING ANYTHING Disclaimer- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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    Sombre Chemin - Légion Des Brumes


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    Wargrinder - Tank Tread Doctrine full album


    A direct link is provided to purchase the album from Wargrinder on Bandcamp. Additional links are given for Wargrinder.

    'Tank Tread Doctrine' release date - October 27th, 2017.

    Warhead : drums, bass, guitars and vocals.

    Guest vocals on Vehement Slavekind by W.S.P.

    All music - Warhead
    Lyrics - Warhead
    Cover Art - Goddess of Impurity
    Layout - Zodiac

    Digital format (Wargrinder, Bandcamp)

    0:00 - 1. Extermination Creed
    4:54 - 2. Tank Tread Doctrine
    9:19 - 3. Ashes Rebuilt to Ashes
    15:02 - 4. Eradicate the Afflicted
    18:59 - 5. The Rites of Deception
    24:23 - 6. Vehement Slavekind
    29:12 - 7. Time Consumes Existence
    34:10 - 8. Collapse - Retribution
    38:13 - 9. Of Bliss and the Endless Void

    Facebook -
    YouTube -
    Metal Archives -

    Promotional purposes sanctioned by Warhead.

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    TRIBULATION - The Lament


    TRIBULATION - The Lament (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Order now! Pre-order „Down Below“ here:
    Tribulation’s webshop:
    Taken from the album 'Down Below' Out January 26th 2018.

    Directed and produced: Robert Piel

    Cinematography: Christian Edgar Scholz

    Editing: Daniel Schlichter, Robert Piel
    Actors: Lea Knoff, Anthony Arndt

    Production & Costume Design: Friederike Külpmann
    Dressmaker: Bettina Leber
    1.AC: David Seul (performance)
    Additional Cinematography: Robert Piel
    Production assistant: Christoph Erdmann

    TRIBULATION live 2018:

    ARCH ENEMY “Will To Power Tour 2018” w/ Wintersun, TRIBULATION & Jinjer
    12.01.2018 Munich (Germany) - Tonhalle
    13.01.2018 Stuttgart (Germany) - LKA Longhorn
    14.01.2018 Prague (Czech Republic) - Forum Karlin
    15.01.2018 Zurich (Switzerland) - Komplex
    17.01.2018 Milano (Italy) - Alcatraz
    18.01.2018 Lyon (France) - Transbordeur
    19.01.2018 Barcelona (Spain) - Razzmatazz
    20.01.2018 Madrid (Spain) - La Riviera
    22.01.2018 Toulouse (France) - Le Bikini
    23.01.2018 Paris (France) - Bataclan
    24.01.2018 Antwerp (Belgium) - Trix
    26.01.2018 Oberhausen (Germany) - Turbinenhalle
    27.01.2018 Geiselwind (Germany) - Music Hall
    28.01.2018 Tilburg (The Netherlands) - O13
    29.01.2018 Hamburg (Germany) - Große Freiheit
    31.01.2018 Malmö (Sweden) - KB
    01.02.2018 Oslo (Norway) - Rockefeller
    02.02.2018 Stockholm (Sweden) - Arenan
    03.02.2018 Gothenburg (Sweden) - Trädgarn
    05.02.2018 Berlin (Germany) - Huxleys
    06.02.2018 Wiesbaden (Germany) - Schlachthof
    07.02.2018 Saarbrücken (Germany) - Garage
    09.02.2018 Glasgow (UK) - O2 ABC *
    10.02.2018 Nottingham (UK) - Rock City *
    11.02.2018 London (UK) - Koko *
    13.02.2018 Manchester (UK) - O2 Ritz *
    14.02.2018 Bristol (UK) - O2 Academy *
    * without Jinjer

    INSOMNIUM “Winter’s Gate” European tour part 2 with special guest TRIBULATION
    15.03.2018 Tallinn (Estonia) - Tapper
    16.03.2018 Riga (Latvia) - Melna Piektdiena
    17.03.2018 Vilnius (Lithuania) - Rock River Club
    18.03.2018 Warsaw (Poland) - Progresja
    19.03.2018 Cracow (Poland) - Kwadrat
    20.03.2018 Budapest (Hungary) - Dürer Kert
    22.03.2018 Bucharest (Romania) - Quantic Club
    23.03.2018 Sofia (Bulgaria) - Mixtape 5 Club
    24.03.2018 Thessaloniki (Greece) - Principal Club
    25.03.2018 Athens (Greece) - Piraeus 117 Academy
    29.03.2018 Zagreb (Croatia) - Klub Mochvara
    30.03.2018 Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Orto Bar
    09.04.2018 Porto (Portugal) - Club Hard
    10.04.2018 Lisbon (Portugal) - RCA

    TRIBULATION online

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    AOSOTH - Her Feet Upon The Earth, Blooming The Fruits Of Blood


    First single from Aosoth's fifth studio album V: The Inside Scriptures.
    Subscribe to Agonia for latest updates:
    Order the new album:

    Album painting by Benjamin A. Vierling.
    Layout by Somnyum.

    Order at:
    Agonia Records Webshop (CD/LP/MERCH):

    Amazon (Digital)

    iTunes (Digital)

    Bandcamp (Digital)

    Aosoth on-line:

    Agonia Records:

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    Sxuperion - Ardent Hymns Accumulating


    Black/death metal from California, USA. Cosmic Void is SXUPERION's third full-length album. It was released April 29th, 2016 by Bloody Mountain Records.



  • desc

    MANTAR - Age of the Absurd


    Taken from 'The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze' Out Now on Nuclear Blast Records: SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST: / SUBSCRIBE to MANTAR:

    'The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze' is out August 24th on Nuclear Blast!

    Nuclear Blast:
    Apple Music:
    Google Play:

    Production Company: Bears Calling
    Director: Paul Gerwien
    DoP: Mathias Schoeningh
    Producer: Christina Walther
    AD: Stevie Williams
    Edit: David Gesslbauer
    Grading: Mark Wagner
    Gaffer: Philipp Gerhardt
    Electrician: Dennis Schlegel
    Electrician: Rene Gamsa
    AC: Daniel Merget
    2nd AC/ DIT: Belek Wunderlich
    AL: Pierre Arnold
    PA: Selina Kaiser

    On Tour:

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    Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss


    00:00 - Det som en gang var
    14:21 - Hvis lyset tar oss
    22:26 - Inn i slottet ira droemmen
    30:18 - Tomhet

  • desc

    Freezing Moon


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Freezing Moon · Mayhem

    De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

    ℗ Voices Music & Entertainment

    Released on: 2002-11-29

    Author: Mayhem
    Composer: Mayhem

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • desc

    Moonblood - Blut & Krieg


  • desc

    Behemoth - Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica


    Get Album:

    Behemoth's music video for Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica' from the album 'I Loved You At Your Darkest' - out now via Metal Blade Records (North America) / Nuclear Blast (Europe).

    Video produced by Grupa 13


  • desc

    DESASTER A Touch of Medieval Darkness


    1. Skyline in Flames (Intro) 02:20
    2. In a Winter Battle 05:29
    3. A Touch of Medieval Darkness 06:02
    4. Fields of Triumph 05:38
    5. Devil's Sword 03:21
    6. Into a Magical Night 04:32
    7. Crypts of Dracul 08:51
    8. Visions in the Autumn Shades 06:17
    9. Porter of Hellgate 03:57
    10. Home for the Brave (Outro) 04:52

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    THECODONTION - Erythrosuchidae - 2018 - Gravplass Propaganda


    Preview track from the forthcoming demo 'Thecodontia'. To be released March 2018 via Gravplass Propaganda. Links are given for Thecodontion and Gravplass Propaganda.

    Heliogabalus - vocals
    Stilgar - bass, lyrics

    Francesco Powah Comerci - drum programming, mixing, mastering
    Artwork by Giulia Ajmone-Cat
    Logo by Andrew Cunningham (Malthusian, Wreck of the Hesperus)

    Erythrosuchidae (Vermillion Digigrade) is the second song on the demo.

    Lyrics for the song are provided below.

    Facebook -
    Bandcamp -
    SoundCloud -
    Contact -

    Gravplass Propaganda
    Homepage -
    Facebook -
    Bandcamp -
    Contact -

    LYRICS: Erythrosuchidae (Vermillion Digigrade)

    Chalishevia, Fugusuchus
    Garjania, Guchengosuchus
    Vjushovia, Shansisuchus
    genera Erythosuchidae
    the top of the food chain
    in the early-middle Triassic
    kannemeyeriid dycinodonts
    were their main prey
    hiding in the vegetation
    ambushing and scavenging
    a massive gigantic skull
    long half the size of their body
    potent jaws and teeth
    which put fear even in the
    eyes of the other predators
    Erythosuchus africanus
    a primitive crocodile
    vermillion digigrade
    clade Archosaurformes
    a Thecodont no more

    Promotional purposes sanctioned by Thecodontion and Gravplass Propaganda.

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    Veiled - Luminous


    Country: United States | Year: 2018 | Genre: Black Metal

    Track from the upcoming debut album 'Black Celestial Orbs'. To be released on CD & LP by Iron Bonehead Productions on March 16th, 2018.

    - Veiled -
    Metal Archives:

    - Iron Bonehead Productions -

    This video is for promotional use only!

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    Empaligon ‎– Black Dominated Annihilation Full Album 1999


    Band: Empaligon
    Album: Black Dominated Annihilation (Full-length)
    Year: 1999
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Germany
    Label: Metal Age Recordings
    The Metal Archives:

    1. Blackterror Of War 0:00
    2. Dimensions Of Blood 4:43
    3. Infernal Shadow 10:09
    4. Empire Of Satan 14:31
    5. Reign In Fire 20:43
    6. Unhallowed Spheres 24:43
    7. Storms Of Holocaust 31:00
    8. Lakes Of Lava 34:18
    9. I Am Universe 40:10

  • desc

    Occult Burial - The Ancient Returns


    'The Ancient Returns' from the forthcoming Occult Burial demo on Invictus Productions. Bathory worship at its finest and ugliest. Available soon from

  • desc

    DIMMU BORGIR - Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse


    Forces of the Northern Night - Double-DVD available at
    SUBSCRIBE to Dimmu Borgir: / SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast YouTube:

    Nuclear Blast:
    Amazon Digital:
    Google Play:

    2017 marks the year of the great return of Norwegian symphonic black metal giants, DIMMU BORGIR. The band's highly-anticipated double-DVD, Forces Of The Northern Night, is out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records.

    Available in different formats, the release will contain two live rituals:
    Their legendary concert in Oslo, showing DIMMU BORGIR on stage with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a bombastic choir as well as the entire performance at Wacken Open Air with almost 100 musicians in action from the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra.

    Photos (Shagrath):
    Photos (Silenoz):

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    Sadistic Intent - 1994 - Resurrection FULL EP


    Band: Sadistic Intent
    Album: Resurrection
    Released: 1994
    Genre: Death Metal
    County: USA

    Track List

    00:00 Resurrection
    02:45 Asphyxiation
    08:27 Conflict Within
    11:54 Dark Predictions
    16:59 Condemned in Misery
    22:18 A Mass for Tortured Souls

    **All the rights belong to their respective owners**

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    Havohej - Unholy Darkness and Impurity FULL EP


  • desc

    Auðn - Í Hálmstráið Held


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    Taken from the forthcoming album Farvegir Fyrndar. Release Date: Nov 10th, 2017. Order here:

    Follow Auðn:

    Follow Season Of Mist:

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    Darkthrone- Under A Funeral Moon 1993


    Darkthrone- Under A Funeral Moon
    Label: Peaceville Records
    Country: Norway
    Ripped directly from the vinyl. Support the band!

    Side One:
    1. Natassja in Eternal Sleep 0:00
    2. Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust 3:23
    3. The Dance of Eternal Shadows 8:29
    4. Unholy Black Metal 11:56

    Side Two:
    5. To Walk the Infernal Fields 15:19
    6. Under a Funeral Moon 22:59
    7. Inn i de dype skogers favn 27:54
    8. Crossing the Triangle of Flames 33:09

    [I do not own this music and artwork]
    **No copyrights infringement intended in this video**
    **All the rights belong to their respective owners**

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    Sadistik Exekution - 02 the magus


    Esta banda pues me la volvieron a pedir son muy buenos y aunque no me gusta subir discos completos pero pues me lo pidieron completo aca dejo el Myspace de la banda

    Si quieres que suba alguna rola en espesifico (Metal Bueno)que no este en el youtube mandame un mensaje privado y con gusto la subo

    If you want to upload any song(Good metal no nú no core no cradle) which is out on youtube send a private message and I upload it

    **All Great music used in these videos is property of the artists who recorded this material. No copyright infringement intended. If any artists are offended by me posting their music, let me know and it will be immediately removed**

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    Sabbat - Hellfire


    Gaze at it,
    Burnin' burnin' fire,
    Destruction world,
    I'm possessed it,
    Black Satan's power,
    I'm bursting with it,
    Hellova burning my body,
    I wanna burn out all.

    * Black magic night,
    You must want them,
    Evil demon's soul,
    We give it to you !
    Hellfire ~ !

    Light death candle,
    Chant the spell of curse,
    Back from the beyond,
    Sons of Satan,
    Burning in the night,
    With your death power,
    Angel is fall in hell,
    Sheep struggle and die.

  • desc

    Enslaved - Mardraum: Beyond The Within


    Osmose Productions 2000

    1. Større Enn Tid - Tyngre Enn Natt
    2. Daudningekvida
    3. Entrance - Escape
    4. Ormgard
    5. Æges Draum
    6. Mardraum
    7. Det Endelege Riket
    8. Ormgard II - Kvalt i Kysk Høgsong
    9. Krigaren eg Lkkje Kjende
    10. Stjerneheimen
    11. Frøyas Smykke

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    MYRKUR - Juniper


    Order Juniper EP via Here:
    Digital Downloads / Streaming:

    Subscribe to Relapse Records Channel:
    Subscribe to Myrkur's Channel:

    Director: Philippe de Grenade
    Cinematographer: Jarret C. Egan
    Produced by Fortune Films
    *Shot on super 16mm film
    *All animals were eaten in the making of this motion picture

    Vocal intro: Vedergällningen by Garmarna.
    Music: Stefan Brisland-Ferner
    Lyrics: Traditional
    Performed by Myrkur

    Official Links:

    Myrkur Official Website:
    Myrkur on Bandcamp:
    Myrkur on Facebook:
    Myrkur on Instagram:

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    Behemoth - Wolves ov Siberia


    Pre-order Album:
    Pre-order Merch:

    The official music video for Behemoth's Wolves ov Siberia' from the album 'I Loved You At Your Darkest' - out October 05 via Metal Blade Records (North America) / Nuclear Blast (Europe).


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    Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters



    Full Length - 1995

    00:00 I Sang for the Swans
    07:01 You, That May Wither
    11:56 It's Magic
    17:21 Den saakaldte
    26:11 Carrier of Wounds
    33:51 Coiled in Wings
    40:56 Autumn Leaves
    46:04 Remembrance of Things Past
    54:59 To Swarm Deserted Away

  • desc

    Evilfeast - Funeral Sorcery Full Album HD Remastered Reissue 2008


    2008 CD version reissue
    0:00 Funeral Sorcery
    11:11 I Reach the Winter Twilight
    18:35 Krone aus Kalten Sternen
    28:14 Tale of Carpathian Wind
    37:04 Iconoclast Eminence
    44:11 Im Schatten der Majestät des Eistodes

  • desc

    EMPEROR - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk


    Emperor - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk, available on Candlelight Records.

    Buy the album here:

    Alsvartr (The Oath) (0:00)
    Ye Entrancemperium (4:21)
    Thus Spake the Nightspirit (9:36)
    Ensorcelled by Khaos (14:05)
    The Loss and Curse of Reverence (20:46)
    The Acclamation of Bonds (26:54)
    With Strength I Burn (32:49)
    The Wanderer (41:02)
    In Longing Spirit (44:00)
    Opus a Satana (49:56)
    The Loss and Curse of Reverence (live) (54:14)

  • desc

    Sarcofago - The laws of scourge Full Album 1991


    Thrash/Death/Black on Facebook:
    Sarcófago | Death Metal | Brazil | 1991
    1.The Laws of Scourge 0:00
    2.Piercings 3:18
    3.Midnight Queen 8:16
    4.Screeches from the Silence 14:32
    5.Prelude to a Suicide 18:21
    6.The Black Vomit 22:15
    7.Secrets of a Window 24:36
    8.Little Julie 31:16
    9.Crush, Kill, Destroy 35:53

    Wagner Lamounier - Vocals (lead), Guitars
    Gerald Incubus - Bass, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals (backing) on Tracks 3-4
    Fábio Jhasko - Guitars
    Lucio Olliver - Drums

  • desc

    ULVER - Nattens Madrigal- Aatte Hymne til Ulven i Manden | 1997 |


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    People who would like to suggest any artists, bands, songs or albums, feel free to leave a message.
    I would be happy to upload it!

    -Disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectful owners. I do not earn any money with this video. This video is for enjoyment purposes only and the video will be removed if requested to by the producer.-

    This channel was created in order to share our favourite music.
    No copyright permission has been requested from copyright owners (company, artists etc.)
    In case anyone is bothered for this reason, please contact me.

    01.Of Wolf and Fear
    02.Of Wolf and The Devil
    03.Of Wolf and Hatred
    04.Of Wolf and Man
    05.Of Wolf and the Moon
    06.Of Wolf and Passion
    07.Of Wolf and Destiny
    08.Of Wolf and the Night

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    GRAVELAND - Thurisaz



    Video material recorded in 03.06.2017
    RED & BLACK Club (Chorzów, Poland)

    Music taken from the album:
    Graveland 1050 Years of Pagan Cult

    1. The Night of Fullmoon
    2. At the Pagan Samhain Night
    3. Born for War
    4. The Gates of Kingdom of Darkness
    5. Hordes of Empire
    6. Thurisaz
    7. For Pagan and Heretic's Blood
    8. Thousand Swords
    9. Black Metal War!

    Mixed and Mastered by Mikolaj (Mgła)
    Heritage Recordings 2017

    Digital version:
    CD and LP version:

    Official Graveland website:

    Produced and directed by DR SILESIA :

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    Haemoth - Slaying The Blind


    Great Black Metal band from France From the 2011 Album In Nomine Odium

  • desc

    Carach Angren - Blood Queen


    Subscribe to Season Of Mist for new releases :
    Taken from the forthcoming album Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten. Release Date: June 16th, 2017. Order here:

    Video Creation: Costin Chioreanu.

    Follow Carach Angren:

    Follow Season Of Mist:

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    Abruptum - Evil Genius Full Album


    *All rights belong to Hellspawn Records

    1. Honores Vultus Mutares Ex Aeris Campi. 00:00
    2. Aerge Facere Alci. 03:13
    3. Icendio Fulminis Telis. 04:40
    4. Calibus Frontem Tumeo Acidus Abcessus. 07:01
    5. Corpus In As Trahere Abincere. 09:26
    6. Vis Semina Dies Hora Dea Membra Corpora. 13:57
    7. Feci Factum Sanguine Gladios Made Fieri Factus. 17:50
    8. Tortus Torquero Colla Tumentes. 20:08
    9. Turannum Bellux Eventus Alci Exeo Sivium Vitae Carthaginis Integra. 23:45
    10. Hostes Orco Hostium Legiones Dis Manibus Pacis Ruptores Ultioni. 27:17
    11. Animum, Mentem Alcis Juventutem Largitionibus, Hostes Ad Dimicandum, Commotis Exita Sacris Thyias. 32:59

    Just for promotion.
    Please write me a direct message if you have complains about this upload concerning copyright issues. In that case, I will delete the video immediately.

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    DARKTHRONE A Blaze in the Northern Sky Full-length 1992



    Country of origin: Norway
    Location: Kolbotn (early), Oslo (mid), Vinterbro/Trysil (later)
    Status: Active
    Formed in:1987
    Genre: Death Metal (early), Black Metal (mid), Black/Heavy/Speed Metal (later)
    Lyrical themes: Anti-religion, Satan, Occultism, Rebellion, Metal
    Current label: Peaceville Records
    Years active: 1986-1987 (as Black Death), 1987-present

    A Blaze in the Northern Sky

    Release date: February 26th, 1992
    Label: Peaceville Records

    All the releases of A Blaze in the Northern Sky have a note saying This album is eternally dedicated to the king of death/black metal Euronymous.

    1. Kathaarian Life Code 0:00
    2. In the Shadow of the Horns 10:37
    3. Paragon Belial 17:38
    4. Where Cold Winds Blow 23:02
    5. A Blaze in the Northern Sky 30:27
    6. The Pagan Winter 35:24

    Nocturno Culto Vocals (lead), Guitars (lead)
    Zephyrous Guitars (rhythm)
    Fenriz Drums, Vocals (spoken lines, intro), Lyrics

    Recording information:

    Recorded at Creative Studios, August 1991, but released in the beginning of 1992.

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    Tormentor - Anno domini



    First up i think... Very good song!


    Oh and the song's name is Tormentor in Anno Domini album of band Tormentor ^^ To be accurate...

    download mp3:

    (Remove spaces)

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    Mayhem - Live In Leipzig


    Band: The True Mayhem
    Album: Live In Leipzig
    Release date : July 1993
    Line Up:
    Dead (vocals)
    Euronymous (guitars)
    Necrobutcher (bass)
    Hellhammer (drums)

    Track list:
    1. Deathcrush 1:01
    2. Necrolust 4:37
    3. Funeral Fog 8:29
    4. Freezing Moon 15:07
    5. Carnage 22:04
    6. Buried By Time And Dust 26:23
    7. Pagan Fears 31:48
    8. Chainsaw Gutsfuck 38:39
    9. Pure Fucking Armageddon 43:49

    Recorded in November 26th, 1990, at the Eiskeller club, today known as Conne Island from the district Connewitz, in Leipzig, Germany.

  • desc

    Moonblood - Taste Our German Steel!


  • desc

    Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse subtitulado


    Colabora con una donación para más videos subtitulados.

    Intérprete: Emperor.
    Álbum: In the Nightside Eclipse (1994)
    Label: Candlelight Records.

    1. Intro [00:00]
    2. Into the Infinity of Thoughts [00:54]
    3. The Burning Shadows of Silence [09:09]
    4. Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times [14:45]
    5. Beyond the Great Vast Forest [20:51]
    6. Towards the Pantheon [26:51]
    7. The Majesty of the Nightsky [32:49]
    8. I Am the Black Wizards [37:42]
    9. Inno a Satana [43:43]

    emperor in the nightside eclipse subtitulado

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    Abruptum - In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo...Full Album 1994, High Quality


    Evil - Drums, Guitars, Piano, Noises
    It - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Violin, Vocals

    (Ripping From The Original Album)

  • desc



    Nine Centuries is the 2nd video clip off Bulletbelt's new album 'Nine Centuries'

    Director/Producer: Amber Beaton

    Music: Bulletbelt

  • desc

    Darkthrone - Total Death 1996


    This video is for promotional use only!

    Country: Norway | Year: 1996 | Genre: Black Metal

    - Darkthrone -
    Myspace: ...

    Track list:

    01. Earth's Last Picture 00:00
    02. Blackwinged 05:12
    03. Gather for Attack on the Pearly Gates 09:39
    04. Black Victory of Death 14:39
    05. Majestic Desolate Eye 18:33
    06. Blasphemer 21:39
    07. Ravnajuv 25:40
    08. The Serpents Harvest 30:01

    Line up:
    - Nocturno Culto (vocals, guitars, bass & lyrics)
    - Fenriz (drums)

    Recorded in the Ancient Spectre Ruins in August and October 1995.

    © Darkthrone | Moonfog Productions

  • desc



    YEAR : 1999


    1. Min trone står til evig tid
    2. Maanes natt
    3. Uten liv ligger landet øde
    4. De mørke makters dyp
    5. Under ein blodraud maane
    6. Til kongens grav de døde vandrer
    7. De Mørke Makters Dyp (1993 demo)
    8. Under Ein Blodraud Maane (1993 demo)
    9. Maanens Natt (1994 demo)
    10. Dansen Gjennom Skuggeheimen (1994 demo)
    11. Uten Liv Ligger Landet Øde (1994 demo)

  • desc

    Shade Empire - Anti-Life Saviour


    Join Shade Empire on Facebook to get the latest news from the band.

  • desc

    Sodom - Obsessed by Cruelty


    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


    1. Intro
    2. Deathlike Silence
    3. Brandish the Sceptre
    4. Proselytism Real
    5. Equinox
    6. After the Deluge
    7. Obsessed by Cruelty
    8. Fall of Majesty Town
    9. Nuctemeron
    10. Pretenders to the Throne
    11 .Witchhammer
    12. Volcanic Slut

  • desc

    Enslaved - Eld


    Country: Norway | Year: 1997 | Genre: Viking/Black Metal

    CD, LP & Shirt available here:

    CD & Digital Album available here:

    - Enslaved -
    Metal Archives:

    - Osmose Productions -

    1. 793 (Slaget om Lindisfarne) 00:00
    2. Hordalendingen 16:10
    3. Alfablot 21:30
    4. Kvasirs blod 28:08
    5. For lenge siden 35:54
    6. Glemt 44:03
    7. Eld 52:08

    This video is for promotional use only!

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    Inferno - Eaten by Rats Forever


    Taken from Black Devotion album. The track is originally called Navěky požírán krysami which means the same translated on czech.

  • desc

    Carach Angren - Charles Francis Coghlan


    Subscribe to Season Of Mist for new releases :
    Taken from the album Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten. Out now! Order here:

    Produced by Carach Angren & Backstage Film Productions
    Directed by Rick Jacops & Carach Angren
    Actress: Amber Delahaye
    Sound Design by Clemens Wijers Music Productions & Backstage Film Productions
    Team: Brendan Gijzen, Stefan Wijers, Julien Wijers
    Special thanks: Paul Kops, Ria Hendriks, Transportbedrijf Chris Wijers, Het Leukermeer, Merith Rooden.

    Follow Carach Angren:

    Follow Season Of Mist:

  • desc

    Windir - Sóknardalr - 1997


    1. Sognariket sine krigarar. 00:00
    2. Det som var Haukareid. 05:36
    3. Mørket sin fyrste. 11:19
    4. Sognariket si herskarinne. 18:48
    5. I ei krystallnatt. 23:07
    6. Røvhaugane. 28:24
    7. Likbør. 34:00
    8. Sóknardalr. 42:09

  • desc

    EISREGEN - Satan liebt dich


    Satan liebt dich is featured on EISREGEN's upcoming Satan liebt dich EP - out on June 8, 2018 via Massacre Records. Get the EP here:

    Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel:

    Eisregen on Spotify:

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    Farsot - The Antagonist official video clip


    The Antagonist is taken from FAIL·LURE, out on April 21st 2017.

    More info & purchase:

    Online shop at

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    Old Funeral - The Older Ones


    Old Funeral (NOR) - The Older Ones (1999)

    I do not own this music, copyright goes to Old Funeral!
    This video was published in order to divulge the work of the band. I have no financial interest on it!
    If the band or the record label are interested in removing it, send me a message and I'll remove immediately!

    1 - Abduction of Limbs - 00:00
    2 - Annoying Individual - 04:16
    3 - Skin and Bone - 07:10
    4 - Haunted - 10:59
    5 - Incantation - 14:35
    6 - Devoured Carcass - 19:26
    7 - Forced to Be Lost - 22:58
    8 - Alone Walking - 27:14
    9 - Lyktemenn - 34:04
    10 - Into Hades - 37:14
    11 - My Tyrant Grace - 39:41
    12 - Devoured Carcass (live) - 44:53

    Old Funeral (The Older Ones) are:

    Olve Eikemo (A.ka Olve) - Bass and Vocals (1-3)
    Jan Atle Åserød (A.ka Padden) - Drums and Vocals (Vocals 4-12)
    Tore Bratseth (A.ka Tore) - Guitars
    Thorlak Sigvaldason (A.ka Thorlak) - Bass (4-12)
    Varg Vikernes (A.ka Christian) - Guitars (4-6 and 12)
    Inge Tunsberg (A.ka Jørn) - Guitars (8 - 11)

    Tracks 1 - 3: Abduction of Limbs Demo
    Tracks 4 - 7: Devoured Carcass 7 EP
    Tracks 8 - 11: September 1992 Advance Tape
    Track 12: Live in Hulen, Bergen, Norway 1991

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    BEHERIT - The oath of black blood 1991 full album HQ


    Pure evil and hate. Raw daemonic music! Enjoy !

    01. Intro: Temple 0:00
    02. Metal of Death 0:58
    03. The Oath of Black Blood 1:52
    04. Grave Desecration 4:33
    05. Witchcraft 6:36
    06. Goat Worship 9:49
    07. Demonomancy 11:46
    08. Black Mass Prayer 14:08
    09. Beast of Damnation 15:25
    10. Hail Sathanas 19:31
    11. Dawn of Satan's Millennium 21:30

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    IMMORTAL - Northern Chaos Gods


    IMMORTAL return with the title track to the album, NORTHERN CHAOS GODS, out July 6th via Nuclear Blast. Order at Subscribe to Nuclear Blast: / Subscribe to Immortal:

    Nuclear Blast Records:
    Google Play:

    Apple Music:


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    Helheim - Ymr


    Video by Guilherme Henriques for the track Ymr from HELHEIM's 2017 album landawarijaR out on Dark Essence Records.
    Get your copy of landawarijaR and Helheim merch here:

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    Root - 666


    666 je 666

    Toto číslo Rootan nosí hrdě na prsou
    Je to číslo nejmocnější
    The Beast
    Jej všichni zvou

    Utvořme kruh s pěti body
    Skloňme dolů hlavy
    Uvidíme věci mocné
    Žádné bludy, žvásty, klamy

    Je to mocnost nejmocnější
    Bez konce, ach, bez konce
    Uvnitř křišťálové koule
    Končí všechny hranice

    Prohlédne vás jednou provždy
    Rootan - Temnot mocný Pán
    Neskryjete před ním nic
    Nejste pro něj hlavolam

    Tak pomněte, že tuto sílu
    Z hlubin země prýštící
    Nezastaví nikdo, nikdo
    Je to síla smrtící

    666 je 666

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    Bathory Bathory Full Album




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